Meltdown Madness 7 (Ep. 119)

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    Copeland: Welcome, everyone, to the most anarchic shows in the WZCW calendar! Meltdown and Ascension will emanate to you from the United Kingdom over the next set of shows and we start off with Meltdown Madness in bonny Scotland!

    Cohen: In Paradise, no less!

    Copeland: We are live in the heart of Glasgow, I am Sebastian Copeland and I am joined at ringside by my long term broadcast partner, Jack Cohen!

    The camera finally settles on the stage where a host of people stand motionless. They are dressed head to toe in kilts and Scottish dress as the Scottish fans seem rabid for their entertainment.


    Copeland: Wow! That was really something! The Glasgow crowd are white hot here tonight and it is absolutely no wonder. The Roulette Randomizer has kicked into high gear once again for the WZCW superstars and, as always, some amazing matches await us.

    Cohen: We've seen so many shocks in these rounds in the past and no one is safe.


    The crowd burst into life as the new WZCW Heavyweight Champion apparel for the first time since his remarkable win at Unscripted. With the Championship slung over his left shoulder, Dorian Slaughter cuts the figure of an impressive man with an impressive reward. Almost snarling at the crowd, Dorian begins his slow March towards the ring; the fans greeting him with a feisty reception of their own.

    Copeland: Speaking of someone who has everything to lose, you're looking at the man who has undoubtedly got the most to lose.

    Cohen: Seabass, the last time we seen Dorian Slaughter, he was ripping Matt Tastic limb from limb at Unscripted; finally redeeming his destiny and ridding the world of Tastic in the process. He's untouchable.

    Copeland: I guess we'll see about that, Jack.

    Once Dorian makes it to the ring, he mounts the steps and enters the ring as the hatred from the crowd continues. Completely unfazed by the tea to him, however, Dorian summons a microphone from ringside and goes to address the crowd. The rapturous booing from the crowd cut him off as Dorian birds him time...

    Dorian: Your complete lack of respect for the man who has plunged WZCW into an era of untold darkness is nothing more than what was foretold to me...

    The fans at ringside meet the words of Slaughter with yet more booing but Slaughter is less than bothered as he continues.

    Dorian: But your lack of respect will stand as nothing when your false idols burn by my fires! Matt Tastic thought that he could conquer the darkness and was the first to fall into the shadows. And now, standing before you, is the man who will continue to crush all that stand before him.

    Slaughter looks to his right, spying the Heavyweight Championship that lies over his shoulder. He lifts it and clasps it with both hands as he looks down upon it longingly.

    Dorian: No one thought it possible to challenge such a fierce Champion and defeat him at his own game. But here I stand, victorious and unafraid of the future. If Matt Tastic was the best that you had to offer, then consider me unimpressed!

    The hateful and furious words of Slaughter echo around the arena.

    Dorian: And just like the day welcomes the night, I welcome the, so called, Roulette Rounds. There is nothing I fear as the world plunges into darkness; my playground! Bring me your best and I shall strike them down with fiery vengeance! I am Dorian Slaughter! I am The Deceiver!!

    At that, the lights in the arena begin to flicker in almost typical fashion!

    Cohen: Someone call the electric company! This happens far too frequently in WZCW!

    As if by magic, the arena is plunged into darkness. But it is only for a few seconds before the titantron springs into life. On the screen, menacing pictures of a cabin in the woods can be seen in black and white. After a few seconds, eerie music begins to play as broken images of the destruction of, what looks like, Ty Burna from Unscripted begins to play through static. In the middle of the ring, Slaughter waits for the end result but just as the picture becomes more clear, the lights go up and the music stops suddenly. Dorian snarls in the direction of the interruption but simply rolls out of the ring and onto the ramp, smiling as though nothing happened...

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, this night will be full of shocks and surprises; a little like Dorian just witnessed. The most unpredictable show of the year is upon us so let's get the show on the road!
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    Backstage we see Ramparte getting ready for a match. His tag team title by him on a bench. As he gets ready though, he senses he's being watched. He turns to spot none other than Steven Holmes. Carefully looking at him.

    Ramparte: I see a gleam in your eye. Is there something intriguing you here?

    Steven looks on some more before responding.

    Steven: Where are your partners?

    Ramparte: Not important. Is there something you want with Cerberus?

    Ramparte grabs his Tag Team title belt and puts it on his waist as Steven looks on thoughtfully.

    Steven: No reason, really.I've heard so much about the great three-headed beast, I wanted to see it for myself. But I'll move on. There's more to see in this company as far as talent goes.

    Steven marches on as Ramparte looks on callously. He pats his World Tag Team title belt as the scene fades.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Ramparte walks out with the championship on his shoulder, looking out to the crowd who gives him a mixed reaction. He gives a smirk before continuing down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from No Page Left Unturned, weighing 190 pounds... "The Catalyst of WZCW" Ramparte!

    Copeland: We will have to see how one half of the tag champs performs in singles action tonight, especially after Steven Holmes may have gotten in his head.

    Cohen: I think he will be just fine, no matter who his opponent turns out to be tonight. He is the brains to Flex's brawn, and he can outsmart almost anyone.

    Harrys: And his opponent...


    ...From the Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone, Garth Black!

    The crowd cheers as Black makes his way onto the stage. He takes a drink of water before tossing the bottle into the crowd. He stops and looks into the camera "Anything can happen tonight." He take off his Celtic Football Jersey and gives it to a young fan in the front row before he rolls into the ring and throws his hands high in the air.

    Copeland: So the randomizer has drawn Garth Black as Ramparte's opponent tonight. So he is in there with the one man who may have the intelligence advantage over Ramparte.

    Cohen: At least he is smart enough not to wear a Patrick Thistle kit and show off that terrifying mascot.

    The two men stare each other down as the randomizer shows up on the screen and begins to tick through a series of matches. It begins to slow...

    Bra and Panties match is shown. The crowd groans, but the randomizer makes one more tick and stops and begins to flash


    The crowd cheers this time and both men nod their heads in agreement. Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell and both men immediately slide out of the ring and rummage under the ring for a table. Each man pulls out a table and slide it into the ring. Black is quicker, and is able to get into the ring before Ramparte, and connects with a couple of punches to the back while Ramparte stands. The two then lock horns and jockey for position with neither man able to gain an advantage. They break and Ramparte swings with a wild punch, which Black ducks. He uses it to get behind his opponent, and secure a waist lock. He lifts him in the air, and plants him with a quick belly to back takedown. They scramble for position on the ground and Black ends up keeping the waist lock on a seated Ramparte. He decides to throw a couple of elbows to the shoulder area, before he rolls away and connects with a dropkick to the back of the head. He looks like he is going for a quick cover, but remembering the rules, grabs one of the tables and props it up in the corner. By this time, Ramparte is back on his feet and connects with a quick right hand to Black, catching him off guard. A swift kick to the midsection by the champ doubles over Black, and the champ tries to end it early by throwing Black into the table. Black fights it though, and Ramparte has to settle for throwing him into the ropes instead. Off the rebound, the tag champ connects with a flapjack, Black hitting the mat hard. Ramparte scrambles to his feet and kicks the spare table out of the ring, and lines up Black for an Irish whip into the table. Black reverses the whip, but Ramparte manages to slide before hitting the table. He quickly bails out of the ring to catch his breath, while Garth watches from inside.

    Copeland: So a little back and forth thus far, but neither man has been able to gain the upper hand for long.

    Cohen: That will all change soon Seabass. Watch my man Ramparte take over.

    Garth decides he isn't waiting on his foe, and climbs to the top rope, shades of his former self. He leaps and connects with a flying splash to Ramparte, causing both men to tumble into the barricade. Black is back on his feet first, much to the approval of the crowd as he throws his arms high in the air. He hammers a couple of punches to the downed champion, before he drags him to his feet. He drags him closer to the entrance ramp, away from the barricade, giving him enough room to set up for a Russian leg sweep on the steel ramp. Both men grab their back in some pain, but the brunt of the impact was taken by the tag champ, so again Black is first on his feet. He goes to grab the table that was kicked out of the ring earlier, and with some trouble, sets it up next to the ring. He prepares for a belly to belly to put his foe through the table, but Ramparte blocks and starts to throw headbutts to break the hold. Eventually, after a series of headbutts, Black has to withdraw. Ramparte sets up for a Book End to end the match, but Black throws elbows to the head and breaks it up. The two men tie up and Black, being the slightly larger man, is able to power Ramparte into the ring apron, again targeting his lower back. He connects with a belly to belly, but Ramparte only connects with the edge of the table, and it doesn't break. It does however open a nasty gash on the back of Ramparte.

    Cohen: Looks like that table is going to get some shots in of its own before it breaks.

    Copeland: And it has gotten a good shot in indeed, as Ramparte is cut wide open.

    The ref rushes over to check on Ramparte, but he shoves him away and rolls from the table and Black. Black advances on him, but Ramparte kicks him away long enough to get to his feet. Black grabs Ramparte, but some slick jockeying allows the champ to secure a headlock. He uses the hold to drag Black to the table and after a big elbow to the head, rolls him onto the table. He then climbs onto the ring apron, and readies himself to jump and splash himself onto his opponent. The table however, gives under the weight of Black. The buckling legs cause the table to fall and while the splash connects, the table doesn't break.

    Copeland: This table is causing all sorts of trouble for these two men.

    Cohen: Must be a Japanese table.

    Ramparte smacks the mat on the floor in frustration. He then hammers a couple of punches onto Black before he drags him to his feet. He rolls him back into the ring and then climbs onto the apron. He awaits Black to stand, and then he launches into the ring with a springboard leg lariat. It connects and puts Black on the canvas. He then uses his foot to choke the life out of Garth, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Black reaches up and grabs the leg. He manages to remove the foot from his neck, but Ramparte simply stomps down on the chest area. He continues to stomp away until Black is forced to cover up and retreat. He gets to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up while Ramparte adjusts the table in the corner. He then grapples and Irish whips Black toward the corner. In an impressive display of athleticism, Black runs up the table and back flips off. He is unsteady on his feet as he lands, so Ramparte takes advantage and throws him into the table face first. With Black leaned against the table, Ramparte takes a run and tries to spear Black through the table. Black moves at the last second and Ramparte crashes into the table, breaking it. Black stares at the ref, checking to see if he has won, but the ref waves it off. You can hear the ref speak to Black.

    "You didn't force him through the table."

    Black looks around and sees no table, so he rolls out of the ring. He looks at the blood covered table from earlier and ignores it, opting for a new table from under the ring. He slides it into the ring and climbs onto the apron. Ramparte is on his feet, but is using the turnbuckle to hold himself up. Black climbs in and sets the table up, near the ropes. He then looks at Ramparte, who is leaning against the turnbuckle. Black begins to clap his hands, getting the crowd behind him and runs toward the cornered champ.

    Copeland: Looks like Garth is getting back on the wagon.

    Just as he leaps, Ramparte sprays a black mist into the face of Black. This causes Black to miss his target. As he wonders around blinded, Ramparte connects with a European Uppercut that sends Garth stumbling toward the table. This allows him to get control of Black, who he lifts onto the table and sets up for The Denouement. It connects and the table breaks. Ramparte rolls away, still bleeding from his lower back as the ref calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Ramparte!

    The crowd boos as Ramaprte raises his arm with the referee. He rolls out of the ring and collects his tag title belt and holds it high as he walks back up the ramp and the referee checks on Black.

    Copeland: So a solid match goes the way of Ramparte thanks to some Asian mist. It could have gone either way, but Ramparte used some deceitful tactics to pick up the W.

    Cohen: Black had his moments, but in the end Ramparte outsmarted his foe and showed why he is one half of the tag team champs.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and per the Roulette rolled stipulation, the loser will enter the Lethal Lottery match first overall!

    Copeland: This match could effectively eliminate someone from winning the Lethal Lottery!


    Constantine enters the arena, the burlap sack over his head. He slowly walks from side to side of the stage; every now and then putting his hands to his head.

    Harrys: Introducing first. from The Depths of Despair, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    Constantine slinks under the bottom rope and removes the mask; revealing his tired features. He goes and sits in the far corner of the ring, waiting for his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent...


    Max Steele charges down the ramp, American flag in hand.

    Harrys: Making his WZCW debut, from *CENSORED* America, weighing 280 pounds, Max Steele!

    Steele waves the flag in the ring for a few moments, before handing it carefully to a ringside attendant.

    The bell rings with Constantine slumped in the corner. Steele gestures at him to come lock up, but Constantine shows no interest in getting out of the corner. Max yells at his opponent, but still no reaction. Steele decides that he’s tired of waiting, balls up his fist, and charges at Constantine. As he charges, the former politician rolls out of the corner and kicks Steele’s leg out, sending the patriot face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Constantine gets to his feet and stomps away at the back and the back of the head of Max. He refuses to stop until referee Elizabeth Prince threatens a disqualification. Constantine backs away, arms in the air, while Steele tries to regain his bearings. He does manage to get back to his feet, and the two men lock up. Max manages to get the advantage, putting Constantine in a side headlock. The former World Champion backs Steele into the ropes. Constantine shoots the patriot off, but before he gets too far away, Constantine grabs his opponent’s thinning hair and pulls him to the mat. Constantine stomps away before dropping a knee and going for a pin, 1…2., Steele kicks out.

    Copeland: This is akin to two new debuts here, as this seems to be a brand new Constantine, and he is taking it to the newcomer Max Steele.
    Cohen: Steele seems to be brawn over brains, and Constantine is more than able to use that to his advantage.

    Constantine quickly grabs a rear chinlock. Max begins fighting back to his feet, but Constantine rakes the exposed eyes to keep control. Steele, rather than trying to get up again, decides to scoot a bit and make contact with the bottom rope with his foot, forcing a break. Max starts climbing back to his feet. Constantine charges it, but is hit by a wild overhand right. Constantine stumbles back a bit, which allows Steele to get back to his feet without rope support. He swings away with a second and then a third overhand right before lifting Constantine for a powerslam. He slips out the back and shoves Steele off the ropes. Max rebounds and drops Constantine with a clothesline. After a quick elbow drop, Steele hooks a leg, 1…2, Constantine kicks out. Both men get back to their feet with Constantine trying a quick right hand. Steele manages to duck it and score with a reverse STO. Rather than trying another pin, he signals for Constantine to get up, while trying to start a USA chant, which doesn’t really work in Scotland. Constantine gets up and is lifted into a vertical suplex. Steele holds his opponent up for thirty seconds before driving him to the mat. Max picks Constantine up once more, this time lifting him for the Little Boy! Steele screams “This is for America!” but Constantine bites down on the hand of Max. Constantine escapes, hand still in his teeth, while Steele cries out in pain.

    Copeland: Steele was a bit cocky, but what a dirty move by Constantine. This is not something we would’ve seen the Constantine of old do.
    Cohen: Constantine wants a chance to regain the WZCW World Championship and the Lottery could give him that and it’s not going to happen if he enters first.
    Copeland: If he is willing to resort to biting, who knows what else he’ll do.

    Constantine lifts Steele and hits him with a backbreaker, but doesn’t drop the former operative to the mat. Instead, Constantine hits another backbreaker, followed by another, and continues until he hits a total of seven backbreakers. After the seventh, he tosses Steele overhead, the Isolation. Constantine wipes his face and then points at Steele with an intense look on his face. He lifts Max, tosses him into the ropes, and hits the Cabin in the Woods! Constantine makes the cover, 1…2…3!

    Harrys: The winner of the match, Constantine! By the stipulation of this match, Max Steele will enter the Lethal Lottery at number one!

    Referee Prince goes to raise Constantine’s arm, but he pulls away. He rolls to the floor and makes a beeline for the timekeeper’s area to get his burlap sack. Constantine places it back onto his head and slowly walks to the back.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    General Manager of Meltdown Vance Bateman is in his office doing paperwork as per usual when gets a knock at the door. He calls the person in as he continues his work. This person is none other than the new WZCW Eurasian champion Chris K.O. who walks in with a smile on his face and a beard still scruffy.

    KO: You wanted to see me, sir?

    Bateman puts down the paperwork and looks directly at Chris.

    Bateman: Yes I did, Chris. Now, you know this round is completely decided by the official WZCW Roulette, right? Well, I happen to know exactly what is happening which is why everything tonight has flown as smoothly as any WZCW show can... but I'm not here to explain how it works, Chris. You should know how it works. However, I'm here to give you something special... a clue! Or should I say, early warning!

    Chris looks confused as Bateman smiles.

    Bateman: Tonight Chris, the Roulette has decided you'll be competing in a match against more than one competitor and it will be for the WZCW Eurasian championship. Who these competitors are: I cannot say. I've already spoken too much. I suggest you get ready Chris. Your match is the one following the next match.

    Chris holds onto his title a little bit more tightly and looks down at it. He nods his head as Bateman waves.

    Bateman: Good luck, champ!
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    In the backstage area, we see Leon Kensworth readying himself for an upcoming interview when a big noise can be heard.


    Leon looks around to investigate before seeing something off down the corridor.

    Leon: HEY!

    Leon runs over to see a fallen Backstage Bob, knocked out on the ground. Leon looks around to catch the assailant but it seems they are long gone. Leon stays with Bob and tries waking him up but he isn't responding.

    Leon: Someone help me over here!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    We cut to a picture of both commentators at ringside, both of whom look very pleased with the night as it rumbles along.

    Copeland: The fans of WZCW know this roulette round as one of the most unpredictable rounds of the entire calendar year. As we have already demonstrated, anything can happen.

    Cohen: And anything will happen, Seabass!

    Copeland: Absolutely right, Jack. And it's time, once again, to fire up the patented randomizer and see what surprises it has in store for our roster.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match will be scheduled for one fall.


    Copeland: Well there you have it, folks, another big match courtesy of the WZCW Roulette Rounds.

    Cohen: I like this guy!

    Copeland: Johnny Scumm has been making quite the name for him in the last few weeks since his return to WZCW. We've seen a much more serious side to him and he has set out with lofty ambitions, even going so far as to attack Garth Black at Unscripted in a temper tantrum.

    After a moment or two, Scumm makes his way out onto the stage, a vindictive and sick smile across his face. He raises his arms out to his sides as he lets the hate of the Scottish fans rain down upon him. After a moment or two, Scumm begins moving down the ramp, giving the one finger salute to anyone who has the audacity to boo him from the sides of the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 223 pounds. From London, England... Sadistic Johnny Scumm!!

    The continuation of booing from the Scottish faithful intensifies at the mere mention of the fact that Scumm emanates from their south-of-the-border cousin. Scumm, however, could not care less about whether the fans like him or not; the same sick smile stick plastered to his features. He reaches the ring and climbs the steps into the arena. He moves over to the ropes and spits his chewing gum into the nearby crowd, much to his amusement and the hatred from the fans.


    Again, the anticipation builds as Logan fails to appear for a few seconds; the lights in the arena flashing shades of red and green. After a moment, Logan appears on the stage, this time on his own. He stares down at the challenge that awaits him in the middle of the ring and gives the fans a smile in thanks.

    Copeland: This ought to be a very good match but perhaps very punishing for both men. Lets not forget that McAllister took Mikey Stormrage all the way at Unscripted in his debut PPV. And what's even more, lets not forget that it was the result of that vote that caused Scumm to take drastic action.

    Cohen: His first PPV and he took Stormrage all the way, like you said. Let me tell you this, Seabass, Logan McAllister has all the attributes to make a big impact in WZCW. As he gains more and more experience, he'll get better and better. Scumm needs to be careful here tonight, anything can happen.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds. From Boston, Massachusetts... The Sadistic Logan McAllister!!

    To say that Logan is met with resentment from the Scottish fans would be an understatement; the booing continuing to pour upon the two men. Logan looks less than pleased with the lack of affection though, talking smack to the fans who he passes on the way to the ring. As he enters the ring, he immediately gets in the face of his unflinching opponent; continuing to volley verbal barbs at Scumm. The face off between the two is quickly split up by the official, However, who pushes them into their respective corners.

    Copeland: These two men share the "Sadistic" moniker and will likely want to live up to that billing in this match. But as you pointed out, Jack, it won't be an easy task for either of these men.

    Cohen: Well, they are both unknown quantities and there is preparing for that. What's more, they both have a lot to prove. This will be a fight, pure and simple.

    True to the words of the commentator, as soon as the below rings, the two men lunge towards the other; exchanging heavy right hands to any part of the body that looks vulnerable. The crowd cheer for the high-energy start to the match but as soon as Logan starts to get the upper hand, the typical booing continues. Logan drives his knee into the gut of his opponent, following up with a heavy clubbing blow to the back of Scumm's neck. The more tenured Scumm hits the mat for the first time in the match as young Logan looks to continue the assault. As Scumm tries to get back to his feet, Logan nails him with a sudden clothesline that takes Scumm back to the canvas. Logan knows that their is absolutely no time to allow Scumm to recover and immediately drops a leg to the chest of his opponent and bouncing off of the nearby ropes. Scumm wheels away in pain as Logan gets back to his feet. It seems as though the veteran is in a bit of trouble right away as he struggles to get back to his feet. Stalking his opponent, Logan waits for the ideal moment before taking the back of Scumm and tossing him across the ring with a beautiful German Suplex. The crowd almost seem stunned by the fast and frantoc pace of the opening to this match as Logan crawls towards Scumm with haste and drapes himself over the carcass of his opponent for the first fall of the match. The referee gets into position. 1... Kick out from the former rocker!

    Cohen: That's impressive!

    Copeland: Absolutely, Jack! I must say, Logan has started this match tremendously well. I don't think that Sam was prepared for the sheer pace and brutality of the rookie. But if he didn't know he was in a fight at the start of this match, then he definitely knows it now.

    Cohen: Like I said, Seabass, it's very hard to prepare for these rounds because you don't know who you are facing off against. I guess Scumm didn't scout his opponent enough before the match.

    Logan gets to his feet once more and looks for a way to inflict yet more pain onto his opponent. But Scumm is a wily veteran and uses all of his experience to roll under the bottom rope and out onto the mats below. Logan looks completely apperplectic with Scumm's decision to run away from the fight that is being taken to him. However, with that comes the realisation that he can deliver a high-impact move. Logan looks out of the ring towards Scumm with a look of audacious intent as Scumm struggles back to his feet. Logan looks to seize his opportunity and runs off of the far ropes before tossing get himself over the top rope in an attempt to seriously harm Scumm. But Scumm barely manages to move out of the way in time, causing Logan to miss completely and crash to the mats below with devastating impact. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as they witness Logan almost break his neck with the move.


    Copeland: Jesus Christ! Logan McAllister really threw caution to the wind on that occasion. Unfortunately for him, it didn't pay off and he might be in a bit of trouble now.

    Cohen: If he's even conscious that is!

    Scumm moves over to where the prone Logan lies with his arms and legs spread out to his sides. Scumm is still nursing his back but allows a sick smile to cross his face as he beds over the fallen rookie. He follows it up with inaudible verbal barbs as gives Logan a hard slap to the jaw to rouse him. Scumm raises his hands above his head in celebration as Logan begins to move beneath him. Grabbing his opponent by the hair, Scumm manages to let him back to a vertical base and roll him under the bottom rope as the referee reaches a count of 7. Soon after, Scumm joins his opponent in the ring and looks to turn the match on its head. He continues to roll Logan further inside the ring before covering him for the first, and possibly last, time in the match. The referee gets into position as the stunned crowd look on. 1... 2... Kick out from the rookie with no time to spare!

    Copeland: I'll tell you what is sadistic, Jack. It's sadistic that Logan McAllister even wants to carry on with this match after a botch like that. He could have broken his damn neck there!

    Cohen: Maybe so, Seabass. But both of these guys have a point to prove and a broken neck isn't going to stand in the way of that, I guess...

    Instead of being upset that Logan kicked out of the pin, Scumm looks more than pleased that his onslaught may continue. He gets to his feet and immediately grabs the head of his opponent, twisting it with a sleeper hold that causes Logan to let out a yell of agony as it gets fully locked in. Scumm allows another sadistic look to cross his features as Logan struggles to deal with the offence of the veteran. The crowd offer no support to the man from across the pond as he struggled to find the bottom rope.

    Scumm: Tap, you stupid son of a bitch!

    Scumm laughs audibly as Logan pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes. With every passing minute, the hold seems to be deep and deeper as the big man starts to fade. The crowd hold their breath as Scumm lets out another manic laugh. But just as it seems as though the lights are going out, Logan's arm begins to wave frantically, reaching for the bottom rope and eventually finding it; eventually summoning a hearty applause from the crowd and breaking the hold. Scumm doesn't look pleased with the rope break but has no other choice than to break it. He waits for the referee's count before springing to his feet and landing a swift kick to the face of his opponent, sending him backwards and causing a multitude of impacts to the already damaged neck of Logan. Scumm seems pleased with his work as more booing greets his ring dominance. He picks up Logan and Irish whips him towards the far away corner. Logan hits the turnbuckle with a devastating impact and braces himself for the follow up. Scumm raises his arms out to his side in celebration before finally running at his incapacitated opponent. But the delay on his attack is enough for Logan to summon the strength for a beautiful clothesline of his own, causing Scumm to almost front flip with impact. Both men hit the canvas and it is anyone's game!

    Cohen: Wow! He nearly decapitated Johnny Scumm with that running clothesline!

    Copeland: A lesson for the more seasoned competitor there, Jack. Just when you think that you are in control of a match, any slight lapse in concentration is enough to take the wind from your sails... And the head from you shoulders, like you suggested.

    Cohen: Now get on him, McAllister!

    With both men down in the middle of the ring, the crowd seem divided as to where their loyalties lie. But it doesn't make a difference to the actual competitors who seem uncaring towards the lack of support for their plight. But it Johnny Scumm who manages to make it back to his feet first, unfortunately for his opponent. Scumm looks to re-establish control of the match but as he grabs at the head of Logan, Logan powers backwards and tosses Scumm face-first into the middle turnbuckle. The crowd take another sharp intake of breath as the painted features of Scumm make contact with the unforgiving corner and Logan follows up with a cover! The referee quickly shoots down to count the fall! 1... 2... Kick out! So close to an unexpected end there! As Logan rolls from the body of his opponent, you can see that the nose and mouth of Scumm has been burst open as blood pours consistently from the wounds. Scumm runs his hands through the blood and looks irate with the result of the impact. Pulling himself toward a vertical base once more, he waits for Logan to get back to his feet; who is turned away. As Logan finally makes it to his feet, Scumm approaches him, looking for the end of this match and possibly the FACE SMASHER! However, as Scumm grabs at the shoulder of his opponent, Logan anticipates it and nails him with THE PROVIDER! The impact of the move is exception with Scumm landing halfway across the ring. Logan slowly gets to his knees and crawls towards his opponent. He finally drops his arm over the chest of Scumm as the referee counts the fall! 1... 2...

    Cohen: Outta nowhere! Put a fork in Johnny Scumm, this is over!

    Copeland: He's got him!

    3! Logan gets to his feet in celebration of the win, the look on his face a reflection of his shock. He wheels away in celebration as the referee finally catches sight of Scumm's foot on the bottom rope. He gets to his feet and moves over to the side of the ring to speak to Truman Harrys on the outside. He gives a brief explanation to the ring announcer before heading over to where Logan is celebrating. He tries to remonstrate with the rookie but Logan is having none of it.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has noticed that Johnny Scumm's foot was on the rope during the fall. He has insisted that this match be restarted!

    A laugh of entertainment goes around the arena as Logan looks devastated in the middle of the ring. He falls to his knees in utter shock and hopelessness. The bell rings again as Logan looks towards his opponent who is now coming to on the other side of the ring.

    Copeland: What a turn of events here, folks! This match goes on!

    Logan moves towards his opponent with a look of sheer hatred etched upon his face. He grabs Scumm by the hair and pulls him back to his feet. He stares into the lifeless eyes of Scumm before signalling to the crowd that this match is just about over. He hoists Scumm onto his shoulders again, looking to finish him off with another PROVIDER! However, as Logan looks to execute the move, Scumm falls from his shoulders and rolls him up from behind; grabbing at the shorts of his opponent! The referee shoots down into position and counts the fall! 1... 2... 3! He's won it!

    Cohen: No way!

    Copeland: I don't believe that! From being beaten to picking up the win in a matter of seconds, Johnny Scumm has done the impossible.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Johnny Scumm!!

    Logan shoots to his feet after the fall but Scumm has already vacated the ring in fear of retribution. The crowd clap for the match but those at ringside still show Scumm the sum of their hatred for him as he passes; a smug smile on his face as he looks as the devastated and frustrated Logan in the middle of the ring. Scumm raises his hands in celebration as he walks up the ramp, leaving Logan to stew...
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    We cut backstage to where we see Garth Black standing with Leon Kensworth. Garth is still sweaty from his ferocious match earlier in the show but looks to be in high spirits following the amazing win.

    Leon: Garth, I gotta ask you, coming off of what happened at the PPV, you mustn't be pleased with another loss even after promising to make waves within the Roulette Rounds?

    Garth looks at Leon, studying the question for a moment and considering his choice of words.

    Garth: You know, Leon, The Roulette Rounds can be cruel and they can be kind. Tonight, I went through a treacherous match in the name of progress. And whilst I didn't get my shot at the Championship, or a shot at Johnny Scumm, I went out there and gave the fans a Hell of a show.... even if I lost.

    Leon: I have to agree with you, Garth. It was an amazing opening to the show and you've got to be happy to be back on this side of the pond for a while, huh?

    Garth: Absolutely, Leon. I'm focussed on bringing everything I can to the world of WZCW and prove a few people wrong. But it will be nice to be a little closer to home for a while.

    Leon extends his hand to bring a halt to the brief interview but is prematurely cut off as Johnny Scumm blasts through the set behind both Leon and Garth and lands a heavy clubbing blow to the back of Garth's head. Leon immediately shoots out of the way as Johnny Scumm takes the offensive to Garth, mounting him on the floor and landing punch after punch to the clearly startled Black. After a few more punches, Scumm gets off of Black and looks for another way to inflict yet more punishment on to Black. But he waits too long as Black pulls himself to his feet and begins to rifle back with heavy punches of his own. Right hand after right hand, Black drives Scumm back. But Scumm is quick to reclaim the advantage, driving a knee into the gut of Black and then unceremoniously tossing his face-first into the TV that stood behind Leon and Garth during the interview. With Black on the stone floor, Scumm stands over him; smiling widely. As Black begins to roll around, Scumm makes a break for it and leaves the scene; replaced by officials and medics.

    Copeland: What did that prove? Absolutely nothing! Someone needs to get Johnny Scumm under control, Dammit!

    Cohen: Now that is making an impact!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Harrys: The following contest is... a Submission Match for the WZCW Eurasian Championship! Introducing first, he is the current reigning and defending Champion, Chris K.O.!!

    The new champion appears on the stage holding Steve high with the title belt wrapped around him. Chris shows it off as he walks down the aisle ready for action.

    Copeland: It seems the roulette has deemed it. Chris KO defends in a Submission Match. But against who?

    Cohen: I can't believe a volleyball is wearing the title.


    Harrys: Introducing his first opponent, from Silicon Valley, California, he is the X Man, Kendrick Xavier!

    As the music begins, the lights dim down and a flickering gold spotlight forms on the stage. A few seconds later, Kendrick comes wheeling out on a Hovertrax vehicle dressed in a traditional boxer's robe with "X-Man" scrolling across the back of his robe.

    Copeland: "First opponent"? How many are there?

    Cohen: Wow. I know people were becoming more complaisant, but this is ridiculous. He's not even walking.


    Harrys: Opponent #2 is from Ise, Mie, Japan, she is Kagura Ohzora!

    Kagura appears on stage with a parasol she walks down to the ring with. She spins it slowly on her way down as she bows her head giving blessings to the fans.

    Cohen:So is this a 3 Way submission match? Or what?

    Copeland: I don't know, but look at the irony. Kagura lost a match at Unscripted where if she had won, she would be #1 Contender to the Eurasian title. Luck of the draw, she gets the opportunity anyway.

    Harrys: And the final participant.....


    The robot returns! He appears on stage to an enormous ovation from the Scottish crowd. The participants look on amazed as the squared cardboard machine makes his epic entrance. He is showered with streamers upon entering the ring as he scans the atmosphere.

    Copeland: This is massive, Jack! SHIT is back! And he's challenging for the Eurasian Championship! And with that Industrial Vice Grip, he may be the favorite going in!

    Cohen:I thought I was done hearing that dirty word. But the squared one is back.

    Referee Jurou Akiyama holds up the gold and signals for the bell to start off this 4 Way Submission match.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    All 4 wrestlers look each other down. Kendrick is the first to move and charges SHIT. But the Squared One knocks him down with the Piston Chop! Chris now follows suit and he's met with the Mechanical Madness. Kagura looks on studying her foe and picks her spot. She carefully approaches SHIT and locks a Sleeper. But the bulky robot lunges backwards against the corner to knock her off. SHIT immediately goes for the Industrial Strength Vice and drags Kagura to the floor. But Kagura is quick to get out of the hold. She exits the ring clenching her arm. Familiar with the strategy after dealing it herself at Unscripted. Chris KO is back in the mix after being knocked down. He hits a series of running knees to daze SHIT and hits a big Spinning Wheel Kick to take down the robot.

    Copeland: This match is all about preservation and picking your spots. Its not wise to jump in and just randomly brawl with the other participants as it may wear you out too fast.

    Cohen: Then SHIT is cheating because he doesn't get exhausted.

    He signals for something as he stalks SHIT from behind. He grabs SHIT's arm, but the robot uses the ropes to flip out of the hold. Chris just lets go screaming out "You're Kidding Me!". SHIT uses the chance to hit a big Clothesline, but the champion ducks it. Chris counters with a Dropkick to stagger his foe again. SHIT is taken aback by the blow. Giving KO the opening to drag him by the arm to the mat and lock the Burning Crusade! SHIT feels his wiring coming loose in his arm as Chris applies the hold.

    Cohen: I'm so conflicted. The robot might be embarrassed. But it'll be by arguably a bigger embarrassment in KO.

    But before Jurou Akiyama can check for a submission, Kagura comes in and locks a Sleeper Hold on Chris KO! She pulls Chris away from SHIT, then kicks the robot away as she then falls into the Bodyscissors. The Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami as she calls it. Jurou check Chris KO, but before a decision can be made, Kendrick finally comes about and kicks Kagura in the back to make her let the hold go. He slams Kagura down with an Underhook Suplex. He then checks his surroundings before grabbing Chris' legs and wrapping them around his own. Kendrick then grabs the arms and pulls back. Stretching out the Eurasian Champion on a Sufboard Stretch. KO screams as Jurou Akiyama checks on him.

    Copeland: Kendrick might have it here. Both SHIT and Kagura are out.

    Cohen: It would be an impressive win for the rookie. But come on, Seabass. He doesn't even walk to the ring.

    Copeland: So?

    KO yells out that NO he does not want to tap as Kendrick pulls with all his might. He hold stays on for a bit with no way for Chris to fight back. But SHIT re-enters the fray. He stops and stares at Kendrick Xavier who is now wide open. He nods "no". But is powerless himself as KO is screaming at SHIT to hurry up. SHIT obliges. And hits another Piston Chop on Kendrick. Knocking him out and knocking KO down. SHIT see's the opportunity as the pain ridden Chris KO staggers back up to his feet. As soon as he does, SHIT tries to armbar him to the mat. But KO fights it. He grabs the ropes to flip his way out. But SHIT catches him mid-flip. SHIT cradles the champion between his arms for a few seconds before KO reacts "You're Kidding Me" The champion exclaims as SHIT places him on the ropes and hits the Industrial Breaker. SHIT gets back up processing his next move but Kagura comes in and interrupts.

    Cohen: Kagura does well facing men. But how's she gonna do with a robot made of cardboard?

    She hits a series of palms thrusts to push the robot back. SHIT goes for a Clothesline, but Kagura ducks and hits him with a solid Side Kick right to the jaw (?). SHIT tumbles down and Kagura turns to the groggy Eurasian Champion. She grabs and whips him across the ring to the turnbuckle. She charges at him, but Chris dodges and hits a German Suplex on Kagura. He quickly grabs the arm and locks the Burning Crusade again. He applies the pressure as he stretches the arm and face of Kagura Ohzora. He pleads for the submission, but Jurou says not yet. Kendrick Xavier gets back in the ring though, and breaks the hold up.

    Copeland: The rookie is showing great instinct. Getting in there to break those submissions as fast as possible.

    Cohen: I can see now why he comes to the ring in a moped with no handles. Great strategy to preserve stamina.

    He raises Chris to his feet and hits a couple of Uppercuts to stagger him. He then raises Chris up for the X Chip. But Chris slides through the back. Kendrick quickly catches Chris on the rebound though, and hits a Twist of Fate. SHIT gets back in the ring, but Kendrick see's him coming. He rushes SHIT and the two go over and out of the ring with a Cactus Clothesline. They keep brawling outside as Kagura gets back to her feet. She reaches out for Chris and tries to hook a Sleeper Hold again but he blocks it. He tries to fight Kagura off as he gets back to his feet. He Armdrag's Kagura off as he recomposes himself. She hooks a Trapezius Claw but Chris counters and locks the Burning Crusade on Kagura yet again! Chirs cranks on the hold as Kagura yells. SHIT tries to get in the ring, but Kendrick pulls him back out. Then Kendrick attempts to get back in. But SHIT pulls him out and knocks him down with another Piston Chop. Kagura can't hold on anymore though and taps out before SHIT can make the save.

    Harrys: Here is your winner and still WZCW Eurasian Champion, Chris KO!!

    Copeland: Unfortunately, Kagura wasn't able to hold on long enough. It was a hard fought battle and all 4 wrestlers went out there and did their best.

    Cohen:Agh. I'll admit it. KO handled himself very well.

    Chris lets go and is given the belt by Jurou Akiyama. He has his hand raised, but he celebrates very little. He turns to check on Kagura who nods at him to let him know she's OK. SHIT gets in the ring and goes face to face with Chris who is startled. The two stare each other down for a few seconds. Then SHIT extends his claw. The two shake and SHIT walks up the ramp. Kagura and Chris check on Kendrick on the outside.

    One has to wonder if we saw the last of SHIT here tonight. Or if he is coming back to WZCW.

    Cohen:I guess only time will tell with that.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Copeland: And don't forget that the second half of the Roulette happens on Ascension.

    Cohen: I can't believe I get all the fun! Have fun at the hotel and watching it from afar as I call the action.

    Copeland: Who knows? The Roulette might randomise the commentary team!

    Cohen: Don't say mean things!

    Copeland: Haha! Coming up next is our main event. Stay tuned, folks!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening!

    The crowd pops in anticipation.

    Cohen: Oh, boy! I can’t wait, Seabass! This is my Christmas!

    Copeland: I cannot either. We already had a spectacular card for the night so far. I don’t think anything can make it better than what it has already been.

    Harrys: Please look to the titantron as we see the randomizer do its work one last time for the night.

    The crowd grows into a giddy silence as the arena lights darken with only the titantron shining bright.

    Harrys: First, the number of participants.

    The screen shuffles through several match types until slowly stopping on 2v2, however it ticks over to 1v1 at the last second!

    Harrys: The following match is a singles match!

    The crowd slowly begins chanting “title match!”

    Harrys: Now, the stipulation.

    The screen scuffles through several stipulations until stopping hard on an Over-the-top-rope match! The crowd cheers in approval.

    Harrys: The following singles match will be contested in an over-the-top-rope match. You can only win by throwing your opponent over the top rope and having both of their feet hit the outside floor mat.

    Again, the chant ramps up.


    Copeland: We already had a EurAsian Title match. Was that not enough?

    Cohen: No!

    Harrys: Now, the first participant in tonight’s main event is…

    The screen shuffles through several pictures of superstars. We see Theron Daggershield, Matt Tastic, Mikey Stormrage, Noah Ryder, and Jack O' Lantern, but it slowly stops on none other than-

    Cohen: James Howard! We have an Elite X Title Match on our hands here for our main event!

    Howard walks out with his hoodie on and the hood over his head. The brand new champion boasts the Elite X Title around his waist. Howard starts shaking his arms to loosen up before unstrapping the belt and holding it high in the air. The crowd boos.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing 223 pounds, the Elite X Champion, James Howard!

    Copeland: We have an Elite X Title bout on our hands for the main event, folks. We already saw the EurAsian successfully defended by Chris K.O. earlier in the night, and now we will get to see if the newly crown Elite X Champion will be able to retain aswell.

    Cohen: After seeing what I saw at Unscripted, I would be hard-pressed to put any money behind whoever comes out as his opponent tonight. Howard proved at Unscripted that he is champion material.

    Howard is now in the ring as he glares up at the entrance stage. He patiently waits to see who he will be defending against tonight.

    Harrys: And the challenger for this Elite X Championship Match!

    The crowd roars in anticipation.

    The screen begins shuffling through various superstars again. The crowd goes silent as they sit on the edge of their seats. Slowly, it begins to stop until it reaches fellow former Strikeforce member-

    Mikey Stormrage, but it changes last second to DORIAN SLAUGHTER!

    The crowd goes nuts! Not in approval of Dorian, but for the sheer chaos that is about to ensue.

    Copeland: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

    The arena stays dark.

    Dorian Slaughter walks out of the gorilla position with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. Slaughter looks to the sky as he holds his championship high.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring from Hell, MI, weighing 295 pounds, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Dorian "The Angel of Death" Slaughter!

    Copeland: He started the show, and it looks like he is going to end the show! Dorian Slaughter vs. James Howard in our main event. It’ll be an over-the-top-rope match. Champion vs. Champion!

    Cohen: What’s on the line?! Both titles?! Are we going to get a dual champion!?!? A unification match?!?!

    Slaughter climbs into the ring and stands opposed to Howard.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, per the official rules of the roulette round, if two champions meet, the randomizer will decide which title is on the line!

    The crowd roars in approval.

    Harrys: Let’s find out what is at stake.

    Harrys gestures to the titantron as images of the Elite X Title and the World Heavyweight Title swap places back and forth. It slowly stops and lands on the……………….


    The crowd loves it!

    Cohen: It’s not an Elite X Title Match! It’s a WZCW World Heavywight Title Match! I love the roulette rounds!

    Copeland: What a main event!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is an over-the-top-rope match for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    A referee now has the big belt as he raises it near Harrys. The crowd pops.

    Harrys: The challenger, James Howard!

    The crowd boos. Howard’s hoodie and championship are now gone as he is ready for battle. He smirks at the opportunity.

    Harrys: And the champion, Dorian Slaughter!

    The crowd boos again. Slaughter just stares coldly at his opponent across the ring.

    Harrys exits the ring as the referee hands off the belt. He signals for the bell and the match is underway!


    Copeland: These people don’t like either competitor, but they love the stakes. How can you not be excited to see a world title match on live television?

    Cohen: It’s like the superbowl, Seabass. You may not root for either team, but you watch it because it’s the superbowl!

    Slaughter and Howard both step out of their respective corners and begin circling the center. They each go for an upper-grapple and start with a lockup. Dorian quickly turns it into a side headlock on Howard. However, Howard will have none of it as he forces Dorian to shuffle backwards and up against some ropes while still in the headlock. After hitting his back against the ropes, Dorian responds by taking Howard in the headlock and executing a headlock driver! Howard’s goes face-first into the ring mat. Dorian immediately climbs to his feet after hitting the move and begins stomping at the downed Elite X Champion.

    Dorian does this for a few seconds before picking Howard up by his hair. Slaughter grabs the arm of Howard and uses it to push his opponent back-first into a turnbuckle. Slaughter steps towards the ropes and raises a foot to choke Howard with his boot, but Howard pushes it out. The reversal causes Slaughter to pivot to where his back is against the ropes. Howard uses the opportunity and goes for the feet of the defending champion. He lifts Slaughter up and OVER THE ROPES! However, Slaughter recovers and lands on his feet on the outside apron. Howard takes a swing at Slaughter, but the demented superstar ducks. He sends a shoulder thrust into the gut of Howard. Howard backs away as he grabs at his gut. This allows Dorian to re-enter the ring through the ropes.

    Slaughter charges and grabs for his arm. Slaughter puts Howard in armbar, but Howard reverses it! Slaughter groans in pain as Howard wrenches the arm. After a few seconds, Howard releases the hold and pulls Slaughter in and pushes his head down as he begins delivering a series of muay-thai knee strikes into the gut and upper-torso of Dorian. One, two, three, four, five! The fifth one actually makes Slaughter elevate slightly before he crashes down on his stomach. Howard instantly picks him up and grapples his head while holding his tights. The Elite X Champion pulls back and hits a snap suplex!

    Copeland: Howard starting to slightly get the upper-hand. Remember folks, no pinfalls and no submissions. You have to win by throwing your opponent over the top rope. Also, both of their feet must hit the ground.

    Cohen: It’s a little bit of a teaser for the upcoming pay-per-view, Lethal Lottery, where 30 men will compete for a chance to fight the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion in the main event at Kingdom Come! One of these men could very well be defending at that event, Seabass.

    Copeland: That’s exactly right, Jack.

    Howard returns to his feet after hitting the suplex. He grabs Slaughter’ beard and pulls him up to a slightly-dazed standing position. Howard grabs his arm and throws him to a set of nearby ropes. Slaughter runs into them and hooks an arm over the top rope to halt his movement. Howard licks his chops at the sight of Slaughter hanging on the ropes. He runs at Slaughter and leaps for a dropkick….THAT CONNECTS! Slaughter eats it with his shoulder, but the blow only causes him to slightly slump against the ropes.

    Howard returns to his feet and steps back just a bit to gain some momentum. He charges Slaughter for an upper-strike, but the defending champion is ready this time. Slaughter drops down and forces Howard to flip over the ropes. Howard catches his footing on the outside apron, but Slaughter stands up from the inside. Howard goes for a punch, but Slaughter grabs his arm. He catches Howard in an armbar. Howard is focused on the pain in his arm, but Slaughter his focused on his opponent's feet. In a swiping motion, Slaughter catches the former tag champion’s feet and sweeps them out from underneath him. Slaughter lets go of the armbar in the process in hope that Howard will fall to the outside floor. One foot hits, but Howard grabs onto the bottom rope to keep his other foot from touching. The crowd is buzzing at the intensity of the moment.

    Cohen: Slaughter almost had him!

    Howard quickly pulls his other foot off the ground and grabs the bottom rope tightly with both arms. Slaughter holds onto the top rope as he begins trying to push Howard off the outside apron with his foot. Howard won’t budge as he clings onto the bottom rope. Slowly, Howard inches his way back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Slaughter stomps at him a few times before pulling him up and lifting him up on his shoulders. Dorian roars in the spirit of domination and hits a death valley driver on the Elite X Champion!

    After the move, both men are sprawled out on the ring. Slaughter breathes through the strands of hair that stick to his face via the sweat adhesive. Howard groans in pain as he grabs at his shoulders, which took the most damage from the move.

    Slaughter claws at the ring mat as he gingerly returns to his feet. He stumbles over to the downed Howard and grabs him by his head. He pulls him up into a dazed standing position. Slaughter pushes Howard back into a turnbuckle. He then begins deliver a series of stiff kesagiri chops to the neck of Howard! Each one causes the audience to cringe at the sound of impact. After half-a-dozen, Slaughter steps towards the rope and lifts up his leg to shove his boot into the face and throat of Howard. Howard gasps for air as Slaughter applies the pressure.

    Copeland: There are no DQs! The referee’s job is to only check and see if both feet hit the ground. Slaughter can choke Howard as much as he wants.

    Cohen: I’m sure he will take advantage of every second.

    Finally, after what seems like an eternity (for Howard), Slaughter releases the boot and lets Howard grasp for air. Howard drops to his knees as he grabs at his throat. However, Slaughter lets him have no time for relief. He pulls his opponent back up and shoves him right back in to the turnbuckle. A punch is thrown, but it is by Howard! The blow causes Slaughter to stagger back two steps. Slaughter grabs his chin and rubs out the pain before returning with his own punch to Howard. Howard eats it and mimics Slaughters’ reaction, but responds with another blow. A back and forth ensues and each blow has the crowd reacting. Dorian finally gets the upper-hand and shoves Howard back into the turnbuckle. Howard falls back-first into it roughly. Slaughter walks up to him, but Howard isn’t done yet! A right hook hits Slaughter in the jaw!

    The blow causes Slaughter to stumble backwards several steps and down onto one knee.

    Copeland: Slaughter is in la-la land!

    And Howard knows it. Howard positions himself up the turnbuckle until he his perched on top. He watches his opponent like a hawk as Slaughter returns to his feet in a daze. Howard leaps and flips over Slaugher’s head to hit a CHAOS THEORY! The crowd pops at the intensity!


    Both men are completely winded as they seem lifeless on the ringmat. The crowd is buzzing in excitement as they can sense the end is near. Howard is the first to budge as he slowly begins making his way to his feet. Finally, he stands. He stumbles over to Slaughter, who is still out cold. He lifts the lifeless body of the champion and drags him over to the ropes. Howard pushes him up against the ropes so that Slaughter is slightly draped over the top. Howard clasps his two hands to form a club that he sends to the upper-torso of his opponent. The first one isn’t enough. Howard steps back to catch his breath and muster up more strength for the second attempt. Howard runs at Slaughter for a second time, and it works!

    Slaughter flips over the ropes and drops off the apron! Everyone is going wild about the apparent end, but the camera shot changes reveals that Slaughter is clinching onto the side of the apron for dear life. Howard has already turned and dropped to his knees in jubilation. The crowd’s reaction has fooled him into thinking that he has already won. Slaughter grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself to safety. Howard looks behind his shoulder and realizes that the champ back. Howard returns to his feet and runs at Slaughter (who is standing on the outside apron). Howard goes for a club, but Slaughter slightly dips the top rope. The move causes Howard to flip over the ropes and land on the outside apron himself. Howard quickly recovers to his feet. Now, both champions stand next to each other on the outside. They begin delivering blows that go back and forth. Each one heightens the intensity of the situation.


    Slaughter finally hits a blow that causes Howard to nearly fall off, but the Elite X Champoin keeps one hand on the top rope as he flails his other arm and tries to keep his balance. Howard recovers and hits Slaughter with a shot that makes him do the same. Slaughter also recovers, but Howard won’t let this opportunity be wasted. He charges Slaughter with a makeshift spear attempt that sees Dorian shuffling backwards. He can barely keep his footing as one foot slips off the apron, BUT NO! The ring post shows up just in time as Dorian slightly turns his body to have his back press against the post. Slaughter uses this new-found support to regain his footing and lock on a deadly hold on the head and neck of Howard. Howard realizes he is trouble as he begins to flail and take shots at the sides of Slaughter Slaughter eats each one as winces at each blow. Yet, he won’t budge. He has Howard in a standing-variation of his finisher submission, TOMB OF THE MUTILATED!

    Cohen: Howard is in trouble!

    Copeland: Slaughter innovated his finisher into a standing maneuver. Howard has immense pressure on his head and neck! I don't even know if he can breathe!

    Howard continues sending everything he has into the sides of Slaughter, but the champion endures the pain as he grits his teeth and wrings the neck of his adversary. The punches from Howard begin to slow down to a point where they stop altogether. The camera shows Slaughter’s sides bruised with wicked shade of purple from the blows he had to endure. Howard is completely limp as Slaughter finally releases the hold. Both men still remain on the apron. Slaughter shoves the unconscious body of Howard, that is leaning against him, off of him and off the apron. The challenger hits the floor mat with a thud.

    The bell rings to signal the end of the match.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Dorian Slaughter!

    The is a mixture of boos for Dorian and cheers at the slug fest they just witnessed.

    Cohen: That was my type of main event! Two deserving champions duking it out. Howard almost had Slaughter, but Slaughter endured those stinging punches from the Elite X Champion to retain in a physical match.

    Copeland: It’s not very often that we get to see champion vs. champion in WZCW, but that match was nothing short of a brawl. Just look at the bruised sides of Slaughter.

    Slaugther is handed his belt as he slumps down into a sitting position on the outside apron with his back against the ring post. Slaughter’s music begins to play, but it cuts out, and the lights begin to flicker. They go out fully.

    Copeland: What in the world?

    The lights turn back on and the crowd pops. On the opposite side of the apron, sitting against the other ring post, is Constantine in the burlap sack mask!

    The unexpected sight catches Dorian off-guard as he scrambles off the apron. Slaughter runs over to the entrance ramp and makes his way up it. Constantine takes his time as he stands up on the apron and enters the ring. He stands in the middle of it as Slaughter makes it to the entrance stage. Slaughter breathes heavily as faces the direction towards the ring. He sneers at his former stablemate. Constantine slowly raises his hand and points a finger at Slaughter. The lights flicker before going completely out. They come back on and Constantine is gone. Slaughter looks around the entrance stage. He starts yelling out that Constantine doesn’t scare him. Slaugther says he knows no fear. The copyright info shows up on the screen and the show ends coldly.
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    Who Wrote What:

    Don't look unless you've read the shows. It'll spoil a few things.

    Dave - Opening, Scumm vs. McAllistor, Segments
    FalKon - Segments
    Kermit - Main Event
    Killjoy - Eurasian title match, Segments
    Thriller - Constantine vs. Steele
    Yaz - Ramparte vs. Black

    Hope you enjoyed the Madness but Anarchy is coming soon!

    Let us know what you thought of the shows!
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