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    The year closes. But people march on in life.

    Tonight, WZCW feels the luck of the Irish.

    Which Superstars will find it?

    Will it be Mikey Stormrage? Who faces the silent World Champion, Barbosa?

    Or perhaps its at home with Blade as he tries to defeat the final Mayhem Champion.

    Or maybe Bobby Adams can dig deep and defeat the #1 Contender, The Lord Of Swag himself, Ricky Runn and lay claim to being WZCW's most swagging?

    Saboteur may need it facing Triple X. The new general manager is not pleased.

    Baez and Ace Stevens will search for the proverbial 4 leaf clover as they both look to continue shaping their careers.

    Tonight we honor the sacred Irish tradition of a good old fashioned bar brawl.

    Though someone may carry their horseshoe to battle. Who will walk out winning and their pint raised high? Meltdown starts now.



    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The O2 in Dublin, Ireland! The host of WZCW this week as we make our final stop on the road to Apocalypse!

    Cohen: Lets see what Ricky Runn will do to make Barbosa see how he lacks swag tonight.


    Ricky saunters out of the entrance ramp, with his posse in tow. Ricky poses, and the Swag Pack cheers him on. He's wearing an oversized rhinestone shirt, and posing in front of the fans, giving thumbs up as they vociferously boo.

    Copeland:Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Meltdown. As always, I'm Sebastian Copeland, joined by my partner Jack Cohen. And Jack, I wonder if Ricky Runn has forgotten Barbosa is actually here, and wrestling tonight!

    Cohen:Ricky doesn't care, he's ready for Barbosa, and is here to call him out!

    Ricky walks through the ropes, as the Swag Pack poses behind him. He calls for a microphone, and goes to speak in it. He holds the mic up, but before doing so, he holds his index finger up, as if to say "one minute". Ricky pulls off his shirt, to reveal an English soccer jersey. The crowd showers Ricky with thunderous boos, and the stadium shakes at how loud they boo the Swagtastic leader of a generation. This lasts for thirty seconds, as Ricky stands in the middle of the ring, smugly smiling.

    Ricky: Sup?

    The crowd boos once more, and starts up a chant.

    Ricky Sucks! Ricky Sucks! Ricky Sucks!

    Ricky:Now I know y'all ain't got swag like me, but the least you can have is a little class! It's like the only good thing you British are known for!

    The crowd boos, as Ricky's posse claps for him in the background.

    Ricky: I know... I know... You guys didn't have your anthem sung for you, did you? Harrys does that over in America, but you know what? We're here in the United Kingdom!

    The crowd boos at this, as Ricky smiles

    I feel like I should bless you with my wicked singing abilities. So, please rise for the singing of your national anthem!

    Ricky clears his throat, and does some throat exercises


    God save our gracious Queen,
    Long live our noble Queen,
    God save the Queen!

    The crowd boos, as Ricky continues on.

    Land where my fathers died!
    Land of the Pilgrim's pride!
    From every mountain side,
    God save the Queen!

    The crowd has gotten vulgar, throwing debris into the ring. A chant arises from the bowels of the arena.

    Ricky's a cunt! Ricky's a cunt! Ricky's a cunt!

    Ricky:Now, that was swagalicious. And it's a shame, too. Because you're not the only one that should learn respect; Barbie-osa should learn him some respect, too. Well, I'd love to call him out, and show him what Swag's all about. But unfortunately, we all know Barbie-osa isn't here tonight!

    The crowd goes silent; some cheer a little at Ricky's mistake, as he bows for the audience.

    Cohen:Does... Does he... Does he realize...

    Copeland:I'm not telling him

    Ricky: But you know what? I'll humor you all, and let you all at least get to hear his music. So, Barbie-osa, if you're back there... Come on, fella. and show me-


    Ricky turns his back and celebrates, but Barbosa storms out of the entranceway! The crowd roars with approval, as Barbosa marches down the aisle. Ricky is too busy soaking in what he believes to be the fan's adulation, and when he turns around, he finds Barbosa stomping down the aisle. His eyes grow big, as he mouths, "Oh Hamburgers", and throws his posse out to attack Barbosa in the aisle.

    Copeland:Well, now he knows. And Barbosa is on his way to get Ricky!

    Cohen:Swag Pack, stop that maniac!

    The Swag Pack meet him in the aisle, as Barbosa starts throwing punches. Ricky Runn leaves the ring, and jumps the guardrail, exiting through the fans. It seems the numbers game is too much for Barbosa, as they keep pounding on him. Barbosa flings all three men off of him, however, and roars in anger! He rushes into the ring, but Ricky has already escaped. Joe Mason gets into the ring, but Barbosa is in a rage already. He belly to belly suplexes Mason, and then starts hitting Calculated Manic Fury! Barbosa gets up, and screams, as the Swag Pack goes to get their unconscious brother out of the ring.

    Cohen:Too slow, Barbosa. Ricky's just too fast for you.

    Copeland:There's still plenty of show left to go, partner. This may not be the last time Ricky sees Barbosa. And folks, stay tuned, because up next, Ace Stevens and Matt Tastic wrestle for a chance at King for a Day! Don't go away!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and if a King for a Day qualifying match!


    Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York. Weighing in at 228lbs, he is The American Paladin, Ace Stevens!

    The Irish crowd gives Stevens a warm welcome despite his overly pro America antics. He heads to the ring, stopping at the foot of the ramp to slick back his hair. As he slides into the ring he pops off his leather jacket to reveal his t-shirt, which reads "Ace Stevens: So American he pisses Budweiser.

    Cohen: Is there a greater American than Ace Stevens, Seabass?

    Copeland: Let me think. Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther King.

    Cohen: Yeah yeah commie.


    And his opponent...

    Before Harrys can finish, Baez hops the barricade and slides into the ring, ambushing Stevens.

    Copeland: Oh what a blatant cheap shot by Baez, but nonetheless this match is under way.

    Baez keeps up the assault as Keith Morse calls for the bell. Stevens does his best to find the ropes but the former Mayhem champ is all over him, pounding away. The crowd boos every clubbing blow across the back as Baez seems to revel in it. He drops a big elbow to the chest and hooks the leg..
    Stevens kicks out with little trouble. Baez kicks away at Stevens as he tries to stand, letting up just long enough for him to stand, before he ties him up. Baez works to secure a hammerlock, before he clotheslines Stevens across the back of the head. Stevens clutches the back of his head and Baez takes a minute to taunt the crowd, soaking in the boos. He grabs a handful of Stevens hair to pick him up, but slaps the hand away and stares daggers into Tastic.

    Copeland: Uh oh.

    Cohen: He should have never messed with Steven's hair.

    Stevens begins to fire away with right hands, the full power of John Stamos behind each shot. He backs Baez into the ropes, before he grabs an arm and shoots him into the opposite rope. Off the rebound he connects with a slick powerslam, and the crowd begins to come alive. Stevens gets to his feet and measures an elbow up, dropping it right into the heart of Baez. He drops a second, then a third, a fourth, a fifth, The crowd begins to count along.

    Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!

    Before he hits the tenth elbow, Stevens takes a moment to slick back his hair. The tenth elbow drops hard into the chest of Baez and Stevens Hooks the leg...
    And Baez gets the shoulder up at two and a half!

    Copeland: A surge of offense, and Stevens nearly put it away.

    Cohen: Did it take too much out of him though? You can see Stevens breathing heavily.

    Stevens bends at the waist, hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath, allowing Baez to get to his feet. Stevens, still in control, connects with a short combo of punches before he lifts Baez onto his shoulder for an airplane spin. He is only able to make two rotations before Baez is able to slip out, with Stevens nearly collapsing from exhaustion. Baez is feeling the effects from the few spins Stevens was able to execute, trying to gain his footing. He spins and connects with a jaw rattling spinning backfist, knocking the gel from Stevens hair, putting Stevens on queer street as he stumbles around. Baez drops to a knee, regaining his balance before he calls for the end. He walks over Stevens and hoists him over his shoulder. He plants him down hard, The Headache Driver! He hooks the leg as Morse slides into position...

    Here is your winn...

    Baez gets out of the ring and orders the time keeper and Truman Harrys off their chairs. He also takes Truman's mic and throws the chairs into the ring before heading there.

    Copeland: What the heck is he doing?

    Ace gets up to leave but before he can, Baez grabs him. Realizing what Baez is trying to do, Ace begins to punch out on him and pushes Baez away, but Baez bounces back and hits him over the head with it.

    Copeland: The match is over! Why is he doing this?!

    Baez opens one of the chairs and sits on it while holding the other over Ace.

    Baez: Testing.......... Testing........... One, two, three.......... Mr. Banks. Paging Mr. Banks. I don't know if you've noticed, but your company is a horrid mess. You have a champion that is not a living being running around. I don't know about you, but I don't see that as a very good business move.

    Baez gets up and stands by the ropes facing the stage.

    Cohen: Wait a minute. Baez, you just got into the King For A Day match. Win that and you get a World title shot.

    Baez: As a matter of fact, I see it as a total mockery. An insult to this profession. Mr. Banks, I'm pretty sure you purchased a wrestling company. I do believe every single Olympic and amateur wrestler in history being a living breathing human. Why is professional wrestling different? Is it because the people like seeing a wrestling cereal box? And where does that leave us? Your hard working employees? Just look at me? I've busted my ass here for four years and the one enjoying the benefits doesn't even know what joy is. It's a travesty to hard workers like you and me. I dream of success. That stupid thing doesn't think outside one's and zeroes. I demand one more chance to get rid of it.


    Mr. Banks emerges on stage with a mic at hand for his response.

    Mr. Banks: Well that's a nice thought, Mr. Tastic. Or Baez. I do appreciate your enthusiasm to prove you're better than a machine and quite frankly I would grant you the title shot you want seeing you're performing solidly and technically "you" haven't challenged SHIT. But you now have another job and that's to compete in the Elimination Chamber match. I suggest you focus on that.

    Mr. Banks turns to leave as a frustrated Baez paces the ring pouting and shouting about the issue.

    Baez: I want it!! Dammit, I demand you give me that piece of crap at Apocalypse!

    Ace gets back up and attack Baez again with fists and Baez staggers. Ace goes for one of the chairs and grabs it but as he turns to use it, Baez hits him over the head with the mic and beats on him with it.

    Baez: You're telling me I can't do both things? FINE!!

    Baez grabs the chair again and heads towards the official just outside the ring.

    Baez: Reverse my decision!! Reverse it or I'll bash your freakin' skull!! DO IT NOW!!

    The official gives orders to Truman Harrys and Baez gives him the mic.

    Copeland: My God. It's as if Matt has tunnel-vision. He's turning his back on a potential World title shot!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, due to unnecessary roughness following the match, Baez has been disqualified. The winner of the match, qualifying for King For A Day, Ace Stevens!

    Mr. Banks nods and smirks at what's happened in the ring before making his own announcement.

    Banks: Congratulations to both men. Ace Stevens for qualifying for King For A Day. And Baez. For showing you are deserving of challenging SHIT at Apocalypse. Good luck gentlemen.

    Banks leaves as the officials check on Ace Stevens. Meanwhile Baez removes his mask to reveal a depraved, angry face. After a short while though, a small smirk forms.

    Cohen: What have we just seen? He just... Gave up a chance to be King For A Day. That's unreal.

    Copeland: This obsession with SHIT is getting out of hand. What'll become of Matt Tastic's mental state if he fails again?
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    Vance Bateman stoically makes his way to the ring, amidst a choir of boos. He walks to ringside, asking for a microphone and handling a chair in his hands

    Cohen:Well, a rare, but very welcome appearance by our general manager of Meltdown!

    Copeland:Needless butt kissing aside, I wonder why he's out here right now? This is supposed to be Saboteur and Triple X.

    Bateman:Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentleman, as the manager of Meltdown, I feel that you're entitled to fair, balanced competition. So, to keep Saboteur from cheating in this upcoming match, I've decided I will be sitting at ringside, to keep an extra set of eyes on the match.

    The crowd boos, as Vance unfolds his chair and sits near the time bell. Referee Keith Morse gives Vance a cross look.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Union City, New Jersey, weighing 198 pounds, Saboteur!

    As the lyrics hit Saboteur comes out and basks in the crowd's reaction by throwing his hands in the air, turning around 360 degrees, and then pointing towards the ring. As he walks down the entrance ramp, he hi-fives fans.

    Copeland: Well, good to know Saboteur is going to have to face two opponents.

    Cohen: Oh, come on, Seabass. You have no idea what Vance Bateman is here for!

    Saboteur walks around the ring, high fiving fans, and finally reaches Vance Bateman. He puts his hands on his hips, and stares at Vance, who returns the stare. After a few seconds, Saboteur puts his hand up for a high five! Vance looks to the fans, before standing up and smiling. He meekly raises his hand to meet Saboteur's... Which has already down, placed near his chin, as Saboteur gives the universal sign for "neener neener". Saboteur slides into the ring, as Vance sits back down, fuming.

    Cohen:Oh, come on, really?! Saboteur might as well have said, "na-na-na-na boo-boo!"

    Saboteur bounces around in the ring, waiting for his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 220 pounds, Triple X!

    Triple X emerges from the curtain, and stands center stage, taking in the vociferous boos. He drops to one knee and makes an 'X' across his chest, before standing up & throwing his arms out.

    Cohen: You can't deny this man's results, Seb He's the hottest star in WZCW right now.

    Copeland: No, but you can surely question his methods. He's one of the most talented men on the roster; he doesn't have to lash out like this.

    Triple X walks into the ring, and stares down Saboteur. Keith Morse looks to the time keeper, and calls for the bell

    Ding, Ding, Ding

    The two men come to the middle of the ring, and lock up. Triple X gets the upper hand, and puts a headlock on Saboteur. Saboteur flings Triple X into the ropes, and Triple X bounces off. Saboteur leapfrogs over Triple X, who bounces off the other ropes. Saboteur meets him in the middle of the ring with a spinning wheel kick, that hits Triple X in the mouth. The crowd explodes, as Saboteur celebrates. Triple X gets up, holding his mouth, and scowling at Saboteur. He goes to lock up with Saboteur again, and again gets the upper hand with an arm lock. Saboteur holds his arm in pain, as Triple X wrenches on the arm. Saboteur begins to flip onto the floor, in an attempt to reverse the hold, but is met with a short arm lariat that brings him down to the ground. Saboteur's head hits the mat, as Triple X lays over his opponent. He grabs Saboteur by the head, and places Saboteur over his shoulders for a Samoan drop. Saboteur attempts to fight out, but Triple X drives him back first to the mat, with authority. Triple X gets to his knees, and makes an X sign with his arms.

    Cohen:Triple X is really dominating Saboteur here.

    Copeland:It's way too early in the match to call it dominating, but this is rather impressive.

    Triple X goes for a cover.



    Kickout, right after two, and Triple X complains to the referee. On the outside of the ring, Vance Bateman can be seen looking on, smiling. Triple X allows for Saboteur to get up, and hits the ropes. He flies into the air for a flying forearm, but Saboteur ducks, and Triple X goes careening to the mat. Triple X holds on to his arm, using the ropes to pull himself up near the turnbuckle. But Saboteur is ready, hitting a stinger splash when Triple Xis least expecting it! Saboteur walks away from the turnbuckle, as Triple X stumbles. Saboteur hits a massive roundhouse kick, which sends Triple X down to the mat.

    Copeland: What's that about momentum?

    Cohen: Vance, are you watching this? Stop this cheater!

    Saboteur goes for the cover.



    Kick out by Triple X! Saboteur lifts up Triple X, preparing him for a suplex. But Triple X elbows Saboteur in the head, and hits a snap reverse STO. Triple X sits up almost surprised with himself, and begins to stomp a fallen Saboteur. Triple X hits an elbow on the fallen Saboteur, and then another, in rapid succession. As Saboteur makes it to all fours, Triple X taunts Saboteur to get up. Saboteur gets to his knees, and begins to hit some punches to the gut. Triple X holds his stomach, as Saboteur gains more momentum. The crowd gets a little more excited, as Saboteur makes it back to his feet. He hits a double leg takedown, and starts throwing punches, as Triple X tries to defend himself. The crowd is going wild, as Saboteur keeps hitting punches. Vance Bateman gets up to protest to the referee. Saboteur gets up, and stares down Vance Bateman, who sits down when Saboteur faces him. Triple X takes this chance to roll Saboteur up!



    Kick out by Saboteur, once again! Triple X is already prepared for Saboteur, as he hits a hurricanrana while Saboteur is on his knees. He picks up Saboteur, as he prepares to hit the Adrenaline Rush! But Saboteur gets his neck out of Triple X's arm, and hits the ropes. He bounces off, and hits the Super Saboteur! The lariat causes Triple X to flip, and hit the mat on his stomach. As Triple X gets to his knees, holding his stomach in agony, Saboteur is already running towards him, ready to hit the Death Blow! He hits, but Triple X rolls near the ropes. Saboteur hooks the near leg, and Keith Morse counts the cover!




    Cohen:What? What was that?

    Saboteur jumps up with his hands in the air, as he celebrates his victory. Keith Morse goes to raise his hand.

    Harrys: Here is your winner...

    Vance Bateman is waving his arms in the air, and is standing right in front of Harrys. He rips the microphone right from his hands.

    Bateman: Stop, right now! Referee, when you counted Triple X down, you failed to notice that Triple X's left foot was underneath the ropes.

    Saboteur and Keith Morse look down at Triple X, to see that his feet are in fact beneath the ropes. The crowd boos at this realization, as Saboteur protests to the official.

    Bateman:This, this is why I'm out here. To make sure Saboteur doesn't get away with cheating like this. Therefore, I'm ordering for this match to be continued!

    A thunderous boos roars down on Bateman, as Saboteur shakes his head.

    Bateman:Furthermore, Saboteur... I'd like for you to meet a man I've asked to keep you in line. Perhaps you've heard of him... He's the last champion of the Mayhem Division... Vega!


    Vega comes out of the entranceway, carrying a pipe. A smug grin is on his face, and a pair of shades adorning his eyes, as he saunters down the ring. Saboteur looks down at Vega and trash talks, as Triple X gets his bearings.
    Copeland:Oh, what is this?

    Cohen:This is justice, partner. Can't you see that?

    Copeland:This isn't justice, this is just outright thuggery.

    Cohen: It's what Saboteur deserves.

    Bateman:Referee, restart the match, and check on Triple X!

    Keith Morse goes over to Triple X, to ask if he can continue. Triple X shakes his head for yes, and Morse rings the bell

    Ding, Ding, Ding

    as Vance calls over Morse, to reprimand him. Saboteur decides to bounce off the ropes, as Triple X gains his bearings.


    Vega hits Saboteur with the pipe, right in the small of the back! Saboteur holds his back, in absolute pain. Triple X has finally stood up, and goes to hit X Rated on Saboteur! He hooks the leg and covers!




    Triple X sits up, and raises his arm in victory. Saboteur lays unconscious on the mat, as Bateman and Vega share a smile.

    Harrys: The winner of this match, Triple X!

    Copeland:Now is that fair!

    Cohen:Who said anything about fair, Seabass? This is what Saboteur deserved!

    Triple X rolls out of the ring, as Vega rolls in. He looks down at the fallen Saboteur with scorn. Vance Bateman gets into the ring, and Vega looks to him. Amidst thunderous boos, Bateman gives the thumbs down sign. Vega continues to hit Saboteur with the pipe, five, six, seven times! Each shot more vicious than the next, with one final shot, right between the eyes. Vance calls for a microphone, and gets close to Saboteur.

    Bateman:Now listen to this, Saboteur. I think you'll realize now, you play in my world. And when it's my world, it's my rules! And those that play by my rules, succeed the most, here.

    Vega laughs at this, as Vance puts an arm over him. Saboteur is barely moving, only to hold the parts of his body that ache.

    Bateman:So get this, Saboteur... It's going to be you versus my new charge here, Vega, at Apocalypse! And whoever wins that match, earns a spot in the Unscripted Hell in a Cell match, for the WZCW Heavyweight Championship!

    Vance drops the mic, as Vega hits one last parting shot with the pipe. Medics attend to Saboteur, as Vega and Vance Bateman leave the ring.

    Copeland:Now, isn't that coincidental? How's Saboteur going to expect to be ready for Apocalypse, with the beating he just took?

    Cohen:Bateman's game, Bateman's rules. Saboteur doesn't have a prayer. Ha!

    We have to take a break, but coming up later, we have Ricky Runn and Bobby Adams, next!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Ricky Runn walks out to some intense heat from the crowd, though he looks happy to remain unharmed from his earlier confrontation with Barbosa.

    Copeland: It looks like tensions were going to boil over earlier when Runn and Barbosa faced off!

    Cohen: I’m glad Ricky wasn’t harmed by that monster Barbosa! He needs to be 100% for Apocalypse!

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 225 pounds, "The Swagtastic voice of a generation", Ricky Runn!

    As he walks down the ramp, past various unflattering gestures and insults from the fans, giving a completely unaware thumbs up in response. He gets into the ring and poses on the second turnbuckle for a moment.

    Bobby Adams emerges onto the ramp and looks out at the red hot crowd for a moment with a grin before heading towards the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Manchester, New Hampshire, weighing 240 pounds, Bobby Adams!

    He high fives some fans before sliding into the ring and turning his attention towards the number 1 contender. Referee Elizabeth Prince checks both men are ready to go and calls for the bell. The two men size each other up before locking up in the centre of the ring. Adams uses his strength advantage to transition into a Headlock and taking Runn down to the mat. Runn kicks Adams in the head to break free and kips up, before shouting “SWAAAAG!” to boos from the crowd.

    Cohen: Ricky is outwrestling Adams with relative ease here.

    Copeland: But if he slaps Barbosa like that at Apocalypse, he won’t live to tell the tale!

    They begins to circle each other again, and Ricky goes for the first move, going behind Adams with a Waistlock and taking him down before letting go and slapping him on the side of the head. Runn gets a warning from the referee while Adams looks irritated with Runn’s antics as he gets up. Instead of locking up, Adams goes on the attack, unleashing a series of right hands that catch the Swagtastic One off guard. Adams backs Runn into the corner and begins to knee him in the gut before Irish Whipping him across the ring. Ricky hits the turnbuckles so hard he bounces off them to the mat. Bobby Adams runs off the ropes and drops and elbow across Runn’s neck before flipping him over and going for a pin,



    Runn kicks out. Adams sits Runn up and slaps on a Chin Lock to try and wear the number one contender down. Runn twist onto his stomach to alleviate the pressure, but Adams is one step ahead, transitioning into an STF! But before he can lock it in, Runn manages to scuttle his way to the bottom rope and clings to it like a child holding a security blanket. Adams doesn’t wait; he grabs Runn’s legs, and yanks him off the rope. Runn hits the mat face first, to cheers from the crowd.

    Cohen: That was an illegal manoeuvre! You can attack someone who’s at the ropes!

    Copeland: The Irish fans seem to think Ricky had it coming.

    With the crowd firing him up, Bobby Adams goes up to the top rope as he waits for Runn to get up. Slowly, Runn gets up with some help from the ropes. He turns around as Adams leaps off the top for a Crossbody, but Ricky counters it with a dropkick! He crawls over to Adams and covers him,



    Adams kicks out! Runn gets up, stomps at Adams’ head a few times before running across the ring and coming off the ropes. He goes for the YOLO Roll, but as he’s rolling forward, Adams grabs his legs and rolls him up!



    Runn kicks out! Runn looks angry that he got caught off guard, so he gets up quickly and kicks Adams square in the face! The kick makes a sickening smack which seems to please Ricky. This time Ricky goes up to the top rope, waiting for Adams to get up. He gets to his feet and Runn jumps off and hits a Flying Clothesline! He soaks up the boos before running off the ropes and hitting the YOLO Roll successfully this time before going for the pin,



    Kick out by Bobby Adams! Ricky looks frustrated that it didn’t put Adams away as he pulls him up by the hair. Runn sets him up for the Ricky Runndown, but Adams goes behind Runn, trips him up and locks on the STF in the middle of the ring! Runn’s eyes show the panic and pain he’s feeling as Adams really pulls back on Runn’s neck!

    Copeland: Runn has nowhere to go! Adams surely has him beat!

    Cohen: Never underestimate the power of Swag, Seabass!

    With the crowd urging him to tap out Runn, slowly starts crawling towards the bottom rope. He inches closer… And closer… And closer… He’s millimetres away… Then Adams pulls him back to the centre of the ring! The crowd pop huge as Runn is stuck in the middle of the ring again! Runn lifts up his hand to tap, but he stops himself! Instead, he puts his forearm where Adams has his hands clasped and pushes his arm against Adams’ hands! Suddenly, he breaks Adams’ grip and wrenches his leg free before rolling himself onto the ring apron!

    Adams looks frustrated, having been so close to defeating the number one contender. He goes over to the ropes, grabs Runn by the hair and pulls him onto his feet. Out of nowhere, Runn his and Enziguiri with the help of the top rope! This knocks Adams down and Runn stumbles over to the corner and climbs up to the top rope. He takes a deep breath before leaping off and hitting the R&R!

    He hooks both Adams' legs,




    Harrys: Here is your winner, Ricky Runn!

    The winner gets his arm raised by Elizabeth Prince before rolling out of the ring.

    Well, if nothing else, Ricky Runn showed some fortitude to survive the STF!

    Cohen: Ricky is riding a wave of momentum, and come Apocalypse, he’ll be getting some bling in the form of the WZCW Title!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 185lbs, he was the final Mayhem Champion, Vega!

    As the strobe lights begin to pulsate, the crowd is booing at a defining level. Before Vega can even make his way into the spotlight at the top of the ramp, the crowd is at a fever pitch. A fan throws debris at Vega, prompting security to intervene. Vega taunts the man before rolling into the ring, further soaking in the boos.

    Copeland: Vega, sans title and Alexis tonight. At the request of WZCW management, Alexis stayed backstage to prevent any security incidents during the match.

    Cohen: And who can blame them? These drunken idiots have already showed the utmost disrespect to the man who retired the Mayhem division, and that trash, which is the perfect word to describe this crowd, could have easily been thrown at Alexis.


    Before Harrys can even begin to speak the crowd absolutely erupts.

    And his opponent, weighing in at 235lbs, Dublin, Ireland's own, Blade!

    A red light begins to pulse, the crowd cheering in unison. Just as the roof is about to explode, Blade emerges from behind the curtain, the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand as he gestures to him. As he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with everyone in sight, he grabs a sign from an attractive fan that reads "Blade Is A Fine Bit of Stuff" and signs it for her before sliding into the ring and hoisting his arms high.

    Copeland: Rarely do we see a homecoming crowd this explosive. Its as if Blade can do no wrong by this very partisan.

    Cohen: Only a group of drunkards would cheer a criminal like Blade. Fitting that we are in Ireland, because you have to be hammered to cheer a man who listens to Muse.

    Referee James Aubrey checks both men for foreign objects and signals for the match to start. Vega showcases his speed advantage off the bat, dodging any attempt from Blade to tie him up. All the while he connects with jabs to the face. None do a particularly large amount of damage, but they serve to frustrate Blade and further rile up the crowd. Blade is finally able to grab the arm of Vega to stop the onslaught of jabs, but Vega is able to connect with a sharp kick to the thigh. Blade does his best to fight off the pain, but a second kick softens him up enough for Vega to free his arm. He follows it up with a single leg takedown, and begins to pound away at the face of Blade with hammerfists. The ref steps in the stop the closed fist shots. Vega reluctantly stands and steps away. Blade shakes his head as he sits up. Vega decides he has given his foe enough time to recover, and charges in. He connects with a dropkick to the chest of Blade, putting him back down. Showcasing his agility even further, he rolls back and latches onto an arm. Blade fights it off long enough for both men to stand, but Vega is still in control. He goes for another kick to the thigh, but Blade uses his arm to block. As the hometown hero tries to shake out his arm, Vega grabs hold of of it and hits a rolling armbreaker. He stands and begins to stomp away at the arm, Blade screaming out in pain. He manages to get to the ropes to stop the attack, but Vega takes full advantage of the five count. As Blade uses the ropes to stand, Vega charges. A keen Blade is able to duck down and with his good arm, launch Vega over the top rope and onto the floor. The crowd begins to cheer as the ref begins the ten count...

    Copeland: Blade, getting a much needed rest right now, as his arm can't be feeling well.

    Cohen: Not a bad display to dump Vega out with one arm, but it won't be easy going forward for Blade. Not many can overcome a hot start from Vega.
    As Blade eagerly awaits Vega's return to the ring, Vega plots his re-entry. Vega jumps onto the apron, prompting Blade to charge him. Vega drops down, before he slides back into the ring as Blade is draped over the rope, successfully baiting Blade. He kicks away at the legs of Blade as he turns around, but Blade fights through and floors Vega with a clothesline. The crowd pops as Blade goes on the attack. He throws a couple of shots with his good arm, then sets up Vega with a swift kick to the midsection. He grabs Vega around the neck and lifts him for a suplex. Blade holds Vega vertically, flash bulbs through the arena going off. Blade plants Vega down with a thunderous slam, floating over into a pin..
    But Vega is able to kick out before the three! The crowd voicing their disappointment.

    Cohen: I miss the old Blade. The ruthless, cunning Blade was a man worth cheering. A real combination of brains and brawn.

    Blade begins to pull Vega to his feet, the Mayhem legend still not all there. He super Irish whips Vega into the corner, and follows it up with a running elbow smash. Sweat flies from the face as Vega as the crowd oohs at the move. Blade pulls Vega from the corner and sends him to the opposite corner with a second very Irish whip. He pats his elbow, calling for another, but Vega slips out at the last second, causing Blade's bad arm to crash into the turnbuckle. Vega takes a moment to walk and collect his wits, before he begins to unleash a barrage of kicks to Blade's midsection. Many of the kicks connect with Blade's already damaged arm. As Blade slumps in the corner, Vega backs up to get a running start. He hits a vicious boot to the face, before pulling Blade out of the corner for a cover..
    Thr-No! The ref had called for thee, but Blade had managed to get his foot on the rope! The crowd sighs a collective sigh of relief.

    Copeland: Great ring awareness by the veteran Blade there. He knew he didn't have the strength to kick out, so he wisely use the ropes.

    Vega slams his hands on the mat in frustration before he stands and kicks Blade's foot from the ropes. Vega grabs Blade and drags him to his feet. Blade is almost dead weight, Vega struggling to get him to his feet. Showcasing his Muay Thai skills, Vega connects with all eight striking surfaces, a whirlwind of knees, elbows, punches, and kicks back Blade to the ropes. Mr. Aubrey jumps in, Vega unwilling to relent. While Aubrey tries to forcefully remove Vega, Blade sneaks in a low blow and the crowd goes wild! With Vega clutching the first set of jewels he hasn't stolen in some time, Blade sets up a fisherman suplex. His dead arm is problematic however, as he isn't able to set it up properly. Vega uses the opportunity to lock onto a triangle choke! Vega has the choke sunk in, Blade collapses to a knee, but he refuses to tap. The crowd does their best to will Blade out of the hold, but it remains in place. Blade's arm goes limp and the ref goes in to check the hold, lifting Blade's arm, it limply falls to the ground.
    The crowd beings to chant for Blade as the ref raises his arm a second time. A second time it limply falls.
    Vega urges Aubrey to finish the routine. He checks the arm a third time. Just before it hits the ground, Blade lifts it high into the air.
    Blade! Blade! Blade!

    Vega begins to slam his hands onto the mat, trying to squeeze the choke tighter, but Blade refuses to tap or nap. With the energy of the crowd, Blade musters the last of his strength and lifts Vega into the air, the choke still locked in. Blade power bombs Vega to that mat,breaking the hold! He manages to drape an arm over Vega...

    Here is your winner, Blade!

    To a roaring crowd, the referee lifts Blade's arm into the air as he tries to get oxygen into his lungs. He is handed a microphone and he raises it to his lips, but takes a moment to instead listen to the raucous Dublin crowd, a wide grin across his face


    Blade: In America, they have Chicago, and they have New York, and they have Philly. But tonight, we've shown that Dublin has the best damn crowds in Europe!

    The crowd cheer loudly for the hometown hero.

    Blade: Y'know, I've had a rough few weeks. I came to work today feeling sorry for myself, but you guys have changed that. Right now, I can't stop smiling, and that's thanks to all of you.

    The crowd cheer again. But before Blade can say anything more, he's interrupted by a familiar voice.

    Triple X: How heartwarming....

    Triple X is on the tron, with a smirk on his face. The crowd's cheers to into angry boos immediately.

    Triple X: I'm so sorry to crash your touching homecoming, but I've got some news that I thought you'd like to hear. For those of you that don't know, Blade is a wanted man because he robs from hardworking, decent people. Ladies and gentleman, your hero is a criminal. A common piece of filth, just like the vermin he tries to help, and just like the men that created this country.

    The crowd are furious, as is Blade.

    Blade: X, rather than talk crap, why don't you come down here so this "piece of filth" can kick your arse!

    The crowd pops again, but Triple X merely laughs and shakes his head.

    Triple X: I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, what I wanted to tell you before you interrupted me is that, like the good Samaritan I am, I called the police and I told them everything. They're coming for you right now, in fact.

    Indeed, several Irish policemen are walking swiftly down the ramp. Blade rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. As a few cops try to surround him, he cracks a chair over the head of the nearest one before making an escape through the cheering crowd.
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    Leon Kensworth is standing just in front of the gorilla position as Mikey Stormrage walks by, the jacket of his hood obscuring his face.

    Leon: Mikey, Mikey, a word please. You are coming off a brutal victory over The Beard, and now you head into arguably the biggest singles match of your career. How are you feeling?

    Stormrage: Let me ask you a question Leon. Is is true what I heard about the Son of God? Did he come to save? Did he come at all? Or are we all just monsters who hide our true faces, doomed to walk forever in a living Hell, devoid of beauty.

    I'm...I'm not sure what you mean. Is this another cryptic message?

    Stormrage pulls the hood of his jacket tighter, further obscuring his face.

    No Leon. I'm just a broken man. All I want is some salvation. I just want James Howard to look me in the eyes and say 'I forgive you, friend"

    Do you think he will forgive you?

    Stormrage pulls the hood from his head, revealing his mask for the first time.

    Yes Leon, I want him to forgive me. I want him to look up at me, with his black eyes and bloodied face, and I want him to say he is sorry for abandoning me.

    Stormrage grabs at his mask before he speaks again.

    And as he cowers from me, cowers from the beauty in this world, I will show him just how much of a monster I am.


    We cut to the parking lot backstage, where Blade has gotten away from the police and is trying to unlock his car. Suddenly, he hears revving from behind. Triple X is behind the wheel of his own car, and he's accelerating towards Blade!

    Blade manages to get out of the way just in time as Triple X crashes his car into the side of Blade's! X shakes the cobwebs from his head before slowly getting out of the car, but Blade is nowhere to be found.

    Triple X: WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?



    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Bedlam, weighing 237 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Barbosa!

    There is a loud pop from the crowd as Barbosa walks onto the stage, the World Championship draped over his shoulder and a wry smirk on his face. He practically struts to the ring filled with confidence.

    Copeland: Barbosa has been chasing after his opponent at Apocalypse all night Jack, but Ricky Runn seems to somehow always slip through his fingers.

    Cohen: Runn may not be the toughest guy Seb, but he’s shown several times now that he’s able to outsmart this frothing lunatic.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 315 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    There is a loud but decidedly mixed response from the audience as Stormrage slinks onto the stage, clutching his mask to his face as he avoids the crowd, he steps into the ring cautiously and begins staring at his opponent.

    Cohen: You know, I don’t know whether to love or hate this guy, when he started blubbing over his mask recently I lost a lot of respect for him.

    Copeland: You say that Jack, but his actions towards his former friend James Howard since Kingdom Come have been despicable.

    The two men begin slowly staring each other down before each reaches out with some jabs to feel out their opponent. They clinch and Barbosa quickly gets the upper hand, locking Stormrage into a side headlock and hitting the top of his head with three fast jabs. Barbosa goes to press the advantage and shifts his bodyweight but Stormrage pushes him hard in the back, forcing the madman towards the ropes. Stormrage shakes off the early cobwebs just in time to meet a returning Barbosa and pops him up into the air catching him with a fearsome uppercut as Barbosa begins to fall.

    Cohen: What a shot to the jaw of the champ!

    Copeland: Wow! Stormrage showing his strength here in the early going.

    Barbosa is relatively quick to his feet, helped by Stormrage who shifts his arm locking in an abdominal stretch. Stormrage doesn’t hold the submission for long, preferring to press the physical advantage and throw some elbows into the ribs before letting go and taunting the crowd as Barbosa sinks to the canvas. Stormrage bends down to grab the head of Barbosa and lifts him to his feet. He reels back for a large right hand but it’s blocked by the Champion! Barbosa begins to unleash on Stormrage, pushing him back towards the ropes. Stormrage is whipped across the ring as Barbosa bounces off the ropes behind him and lifts his knee right to the midsection of the big man.

    Copeland: What a strike by Barbosa, it looks like he knocked the air right out of Stormrage’s lungs.

    Cohen: I hope Ricky Runn is taking notes for shots like that, not that he needs to. He’s way too fast to be caught by something like that.

    Stormrage lands awkwardly on his side, his momentum rolling him out of the ring under the ropes. He leans on the apron trying to catch his breath looking up just in time to see Barbosa sliding across the mat towards him, feet first. He quickly sidesteps and grabs the outstretched foot, pulling Barbosa out of the ring and flat on his back on the outside. Stormrage begins stomping on any part of Barbosa that moves, he steps onto the champions left hand and leans over him, shouting incoherently at him as the champion grimaces at the 300 plus pounds grinding his hand into the concrete. The referee urges Stormrage to let the champ stand and get back into the ring before starting the count.



    Stormrage grabs the head of the champion and lifts him to his feet, he goes to whip Barbosa across the outside towards the steps but it’s reversed! Stormrage flies towards the steps, barrelling over them loudly.

    Copeland: What a sickening noise of bone meeting steel! I don’t think Stormrage is going to be able to answer the count Jack!

    Cohen: He’s a tough guy Seb, never count him out!


    Barbosa slides into the ring and leans over the ropes yelling at the downed Stormrage, telling him to get up and fight like a man.




    Stormrage is stirring.



    Stormrage slowly staggers to his feet just as the referee yells


    Barbosa has a look of shock on his face as he slides back to the outside, resetting the count. The referee slides outside to join them, pointing sternly at the ring as Barbosa obliges, rolling Stormrage into the ring before following him. Stormrage is still standing but looking more than a little punch-drunk. Barbosa steps in and spins for a roaring elbow but Stormrage ducks on instinct leaning in and lifting the champ over his head and falling backwards with a devastating Samoan Drop.

    Copeland: Where did that come from? I thought Stormrage was as good as finished!

    Cohen: Like I said, he’s tougher than he looks.

    Barbosa is clutching his ribs on the mat as Stormrage rolls over and onto his feet. Stormrage climbs to the top rope and waits. The crowd are going crazy as Stormrage motions for Barbosa to stand. When Barbosa finally gets to his feet he is met by a diving Stormrage going for a senton but Barbosa catches him and falls forward, dropping Stormrage spine first into the turnbuckles with a remarkable powerbomb.

    Copeland: Oh my god Jack! We need a doctor out here! I think Barbosa just broke Stormrages back!

    Cohen: That was truly impressive, what a feat of strength we just witnessed.

    The two men are both on the canvas, Barbosa still nursing his ribs which took a further beating from the Powerbomb and Stormrage slumped barely conscious in the corner. The ref goes over to Stormrage who is barely moving, he starts to wave for a medic but Stormrage is waving his hands in front of him and saying no. Whilst his is happening Barbosa has risen to his feet and begins stomping in the centre of the ring. The referee barely gets out of the way in time as Barbosa comes flying in and grabs his opponent, standing him in the corner and driving his head into the mat with a thunderous bulldog. Stormrage is quickly lifted to his feet once again and dropped with a fearsome DDT, but Barbosa doesn’t let go. He hits a second, then a third. Barbosa is looking tired as he raises Stormrage to his feet a fourth time.

    Copeland: Multiplicity! Barbosa looks set to destroy Stormrage with a fourth vicious DDT!

    Cohen: This lunatic must be stopped!

    Barbosa hypes up the crowd as he goes for the fourth DDT but Stormrage falls to his knees. Unable to complete the move Barbosa tries a second time and once again, his opponent falls to his knees. Enraged, Barbosa lifts Stormrage clear off the ground and goes for the Doppelganger. Stormrage’s limp body rolls over Barbosa’s back and onto the mat. At this point Barbosa loses it, he stamps around the ring, grabbing one of the ropes and violently shaking it almost loose from the turnbuckles. After parading the ring he goes for the pin. The crowd chant along.



    THRE…NO! Stormrage just barely kicks out.

    Copeland: I cannot believe what I’m seeing Stormrage was unconscious. How did he manage to kick out?

    Cohen: The lunatic let his anger get the better of him. If he’d just gone for the pin after Multiplicity this would be all over but the crying.

    Barbosa kneels on the mat in disbelief as Stormrage begins, very slowly to get up. Unsure on his feet and swaying side to side the big man from Indianapolis stands toe to toe with the champion once more. Barbosa bounces off the ropes but Stormrage sees it coming and catapults Barbosa with a huge back body drop. Stormrage stumbles over to the champion and lifts him to his feet. Barbosa looks to spring to his feet but Stormrage catches him with a clothesline before whipping him into the corner. Stoormrage chases and embeds his shoulder into the champion one, two, three times before backing off and diving body first. Barbosa falls forward into the centre of the ring as Stormrage falls beside him. Both men begin stirring at the same time and stand facing each other. Stormrage unleashes a fierce right hand, stunning Barbosa. Stormrage raises his hands into an X in front of his face and throws them behind him as he shouts GAME OVER!

    Copeland: I can’t believe what I’m seeing Jack! Stormrage is going for the game over!

    Cohen: Nor can I! I never thought Stormrage stood a chance!

    Stormrage lifts Barbosa off his feet across his chest and jumps high in the air, dropping Barbosa onto his back and landing squarely on top of him.




    The referee calls for the bell!


    Harrys: The winner of this match! Mikey Stormrage!

    Copeland: What an upset! Stormrage really brought it to Barbosa tonight and I think the Champ was unprepared!

    Cohen: He’s the champ Seb, he should always be prepared.

    Stormrage climbs to his knees over the champion and raises his hands in the air.

    Ricky Runn walks onto the ramp and applauds Stormrage as the Swag Pack appear from the crowd and enter the ring, Stormrage looks on in disbelief as they proceed to beat down Barbosa in the middle of the ring. Stormrage begins to back away before stopping at the apron and turning around, he clears some space from around Barbosa and raises his boot before attacking Joe Mason!

    Copeland: What on earth? Stormrage is defending Barbosa?

    Cohen: He can see the writing on the wall, he beat the champ and he’s got to be in line for a shot. That makes him a target for Ricky Runn too.

    Stormrage continues to beat down on the Swag Pack before being smacked across the back by Ricky Runn with a steel chair. Runn turns to the crowd grinning when the crowd goes wild as James Howard charges down the ramp

    Copeland: Stormrage has backup! James Howard is here!

    Cohen: This is chaos Seb, Ricky’s gonna have to make a tactical retreat!

    To bail out Stormrage, Runn manages to flee around the ring and up the ramp. Howard and Stormrage clear house taking down all of the Swag Pack quickly.

    Copeland: Howard and Stormrage fighting side by side! Are Strikeforce back?

    As the two look around the people strewn out across the ring they, for the first time since Redemption, look at each other face to face. The crowd are screaming and chanting as the two slowly step towards one another. As soon as they get close Stormrage swings for Howard.

    Cohen: Hah! I guess not.

    Howard and Stormrage brawl out of the ring and into the crowd leaving a stirring Barbosa in the ring with the Swag Pack and a Steel Chair. Barbosa begins clearing house, cracking the steel chair against the skulls of Ricky Runns compatriots one at a time as they rise to face the champion. The WZCW logo appears as Barbosa shoots a thousand yard stare up the ramp as Ricky Runn disappears behind the curtain.

    Copeland: I would not want to be Ricky Runn right now!
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    Yaz-Blade/Vega, Stevens/Tastic, Segments
    Killjoy-Segments, opening montage
    Shotaro-Stormrage/Barbosa, show close
    Haiku-Saboteur/Triple X, segments, opening
    B-Lad Buttybox-Runn/Adams, segments, show formatting

    Hope you all enjoy. Look for Ascension on Tuesday as we march on toward Apocalypse.

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