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    4 men battled to become #1 Contender. But only one stood tall in the end.

    Shots of the Semis and Finals are shown as well as Ricky Runn winning.

    And he was swagtastic all the way.

    Ricky: I told you! I got the swag, now I got just need the bling!


    Matt Tastic looked to prove SHIT was just a gimmick.

    Highlights of the Elite X title match are played with SHIT pinning Tastic

    But the mechanical menace managed to outlast his “super” human foe.


    Strikeforce imploded. Best of friends turned to rivals.

    Shots of the match are played as well as Dustin Hunters interference.

    And a champion fell.

    Klamor: Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you, that Sam “Chris K.O.” Masters has disappeared in a plane crash. We pray for his health as we speak, but we have no further information.


    A historic reign ended, as Saboteur fell.

    We see Big Dave attempt to get in the match, the match itself, and Saboteur losing. Celeste's win is highlighted the most.

    But history was once again made. Celeste has won gold alongside her lover.

    Celeste: Finally! I finally did it! YES!!


    The classic battle of good versus evil.

    A video package of the vicious match between Vega and Titus is played with Vega barely coming on top

    Sometimes, fairytale endings don't come true.

    We see a shot of Titus backstage with a towel over his head hunched over. He's trying to catch his breath and just shoots a look at the camera.


    And the clash of titans. For the prestigious WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    The battle between Barbosa and Showtime is shown with Barbosa winning. We see Barbosa holding the title as confetti falls with Showtime looking on disappointed in the background.

    Has Barbosa taken the torch by force from Showtime?

    We see the same shot but from Showtimes perspective as he shows the disappointed look at Barbosa.


    Times are changing. New champions. New faces. And new management.

    Tonight, the road to Apocalypse begins. How will Europe fare?

    Meltdown starts now:


    Pyro ignites the arena as the crowd screams in delight for the start of the show. Though that's all interrupted by unfamiliar music.

    Copeland: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Meltdown! I'm Sebastian Copeland alongside my eccentric partner, Jack Cohen, bringing you the action from ringside.

    Cohen: I feel the winds of change blowing, Seabass. New champions and a new owner. Things might start to look upward now. I hear this guy is one hell of a businessman.

    Mr. Banks makes his way down to the ring and has the ropes opened for him by a cameraman before making his way in. The crowd is silent, not knowing what to expect. Mr. Banks strides around the ring with a slight smug look to his face before his music dies down.

    Mr. Banks: * Ahem * Hello. For those unaware, I am now the majority stockholder of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling & Entertainment. Therefor, I am it's rightful owner. Now I know some of you may feel a bit uncomfortable with that news seeing as the last person who did such a thing drowned the company with his crazy satanism. Well, rest assured I am here to contribute and invest in my new venture. Not corrupt it for my own pleasure. With that said, I would like to get to a few things and make a few announcements. First, it has come to my attention that this company spends a lot of money on medical bills. Concussions, fractures, blood loss, etc. Wrestlers fall to injury very constantly because of things happening in the ring and one major source of this problem is what is referred to as the Mayhem Division.

    Copeland: What's he implying?

    Mr. Banks: I have discussed this with the rest of the board of directors and the decision has been settled. Effective immediately, the Mayhem Division is being DISBANDED!

    Copeland: WHAT?! That's insane! Does he know how much history the division has?

    * BULL-SH*TE! BULL-SH*TE!! *

    Cohen: Hallelujah!! No more garbage wrestling. I like this guy already.

    Copeland: But what about the title?

    Vega rushes down to the ring with a furious look on his face and dragging Alexis by the arm who is barely able to keep up.

    Vega: WHAT?! Listen, I don't know who you are and I don't really care either. Just what gives you the right to end the Division I am a champion for? Do you not know who I am? I'm Vega. The longest reigning champion of any kind in this company's history. I am your biggest asset. You are jeopardizing your biggest asset!

    Mr. Banks: Ah. Mr. Vega and Ms. Alexis. It's a pleasure to meet you two in person. I've seen great things from you. I am quite impressed. I see a great future ahead for you.

    Vega: Um....... Really? Wow. Well..... What about--

    Mr. Banks: Mr. Vega, I do know the significance of the title you hold as well as your stature in this company. Believe me, I've taken all that into account. I won't just simply shut down the division and throw it away. This is wrestling and in this field everything ends with a bang. Therefor next week there will be no Aftershock. No. In it's place will be...... TOTAL MAYHEM. The grand finale for the innovators of violence. And you..... The Mayhem Champion, will headline the show in your final title defense.

    Vega: Hahahahaha...... I am so glad you've recognized my talents, Mr. Banks. I had you pegged the wrong way. But..... Who's the victim?

    Mr. Banks: I'm leaving that decision to you.

    Mr. Banks' music plays as he powerwalks out of the ring. Vega looks on elated, clutching his title with a large smile in his face.

    Copeland: What? The Mayhem Division ends next week? This guy is making major moves. In his first show alone!

    Cohen: Oh, this is exciting. Guess what the best part of that show will be? I won't be calling it! Hahahaha!
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    Mr. Banks is seen sitting on his desk thinking as Johnny Klamor walks in for an interview.

    Klamor:Hello, Mr. Banks. My name is--

    Mr. Banks: Ah, Mr. Klamor. It's a pleasure to see you.

    Klamor: Yo-You know my name?

    Mr. Banks: Of course I do. I have a thorough knowledge of this business.

    Klamor: Well, I was here to ask about a more detailed reason for the Mayhem division ending and Vega's last title defense. What's next if he wins?

    Mr. Banks: I don't deal with “if's”, Mr. Klamor. I deal with solid facts and Vega is still not the final Mayhem Champion. I do however see a solid fact in our upcoming PPV, Apocalypse, having a history of being our most poorly rated PPV each year. I intend to end that trend. Therefor I am officially announcing that Apocalypse will host the returning King For A Day, Elimination Chamber match. By virtue of their showings at Redemption, I am also announcing Krypto and Blade will be entered into a qualifier match automatically. The other spots will be determined later. Spread the word, Mr. Klamor. I also have some news for the general managers, but that's something I'll do later.

    Klamor: …

    The crowd pops as Theron Daggershield emerges, sword in hand. He raises it to a cheering crowd before heading down the ramp.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, from Stephenville, Texas, Theron Daggershield!

    Theron rolls the dice, which shows him a 20. With a grin, he rolls into the ring and poses.

    Tastic walks out to the stage, shaking his head but focused on his prey in the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Orange County California, "The Killjoy," Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: The man I personally believe should be the Elite X champion…

    Copeland: He lost, Jack, get over it. But his opponent might be in line for a shot sooner than later after a good showing in the Redemption Battle Royale.

    He gets into the ring to boos from the crowd and stares down Daggershield. Referee Elizabeth Prince calls for the bell and the two men lock up in the centre of the ring. Tastic gets the advantage, getting his opponent in a side Headlock. Theron pushes Tastic off, sending Tastic into the ropes. As returns, he knocks down Theron with a shoulder block. As Theron regroups, Tastic begins to laugh his maniacal laugh. Theron doesn’t get freaked out, staying focused as he gets to his feet. He tries to grapple with Tastic again, but Tastic pushes away the lock-up attempt and hits Theron square in the jaw with an Uppercut. Daggershield stumbles back into the corner, and The Killjoy goes on the attack with a series of kicks to the gut and chest. He pushes his boot into the face of Theron as the referee counts to five.

    Copeland: I think Tastic may be taking out some frustration here tonight.

    Cohen: Yeah, taking it out on Daggershield’s face!

    Tastic picks up his opponent and Irish Whips him across the ring. Theron hits the corner hard and bounces back into the waiting Tastic, who hits a Russian Leg Sweep with an added choke. Tastic hooks the outside leg for the first pin of the match,



    Theron kicks out! Tastic kneels over Daggershield and unleashes stiff right hands to the face. The referee has to pull Tastic off to make him stop, which Tastic is not happy about, as he begins to argue with Elizabeth Prince. He turns back around into a Northern Lights Suplex from Daggershield, with a bridged pin,



    Tastic kicks out. He’s clearly frustrated that he got caught, and gets up before Theron, kicking Theron in the gut as he tries to get up. He grabs Theron by the hair, pulling him up. Tastic runs off the ropes and goes for the Lariat, but Theron rolls under it. He jumps back up to his feet and as Tastic bounces off the opposite side of the ropes, he runs right into a Hurricanrana, with Theron hooking the leg as they hit the mat,



    Tastic kicks out!

    Theron is not staying down!

    Copeland: Well, neither is Tastic. Biased much, Seabass?

    With the crowd right behind him, Theron gets up and begins to measure up Tastic, who is slightly loopy from the Hurricanrana. Theron goes to the corner and climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, hitting Tastic in the chest with a Missile Dropkick! He hooks a leg,



    Tastic gets a shoulder up, causing a collective groan from the crowd. Theron keeps up the offensive, going back to the corner and climbing to the top rope. He poses for a moment before leaping off for the Dragon Jump, but Tastic gets a boot up, which goes right into Theron’s face!

    Copeland: Theron may have spent a little too much time posing on that top rope…

    Both men are down as the referee begins the count. At four the two men begin to stir, as the crawl to opposite sides of the ring, pulling themselves up almost simultaneously to break the count at 8. Theron goes on the attack first, charging at Tastic, but Tastic moves out of the way at the last possibly split second, and Theron goes shoulder first into the ring post between the turnbuckles! Tastic creates some distance as he tries to catch his breath, still recovering from the earlier knocks. Theron manages to pull himself out of the corner, his face showing the pain. Tastic stalks him for a moment before hitting the Swinging Reverse DDT! Rather than going for the pin, Tastic picks Theron back up and lifts Daggershield over his shoulder for the Headache Driver. But Theron pushes himself off Tastic’s shoulder, lands behind him and rolls him up,




    Ding ding ding!

    Copeland: He got him! What an upset!

    Theron rolls back up the ring. He favours his hurt shoulder but can’t help smiling as the crowd cheer for him. Tastic looks completely shocked as it sinks in, his face turning red slightly in anger.

    Mr. Banks is purposefully walking down the hall backstage, dictating something to one of his assistants. Vance Bateman jogs from down the hall to catch up to Mr. Banks, and he is carrying some sort of basket in his arms.

    Bateman: Mr. Banks, how good it is to see you again! Do you have a moment?

    Banks: Certainly. How can I help you Mr. Bateman? I hope that basket isn’t for me.

    Bateman forces a laugh.

    Bateman: Oh I’m afraid it is sir. I figured I’d get you a little something to welcome you to WZCW, and I heard about your legendary sweet tooth.

    Banks: My reputation precedes me I see!

    Banks starts to laugh at his own joke, and his assistant soon begins to laugh as well. Bateman, not wanting to be left out, forces another laugh but can’t help but roll his eyes before making the handoff.

    Bateman: Anyway, I got you a basket of chocolates from various parts of Europe. There’s some dark Belgian chocolate, Swedish milk chocolate, and the less celebrated but extremely underrated minimalist Latvian chocolate. Here, try some?

    Bateman opens the basket for Banks, and Banks grabs one of the chocolates near the top. As soon as the sweet hits Banks’ tongue, his face immediately sours and he begins to spit the chocolate out.

    Banks: Dear lord! That is the most foul tasting thing I’ve ever tasted! Get that away from me!

    Banks slowly stumbles away as he continues to gag, leaving Bateman standing alone with the gift basket.

    Bateman: I don’t see what could be wrong with this, I…

    Bateman leans down to take a whiff of the basket, and his face instantly turns green.

    Bateman: Dear lord, is that what I think it is…

    A passing by Saboteur clears the situation up.

    Saboteur: Yeah, I replaced all the chocolate with horse crap.

    Bateman drops the basket as Saboteur just keeps walking. Bateman growls vengefully.

    Bateman: Saboteur…
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    We cut backstage. We see El Califa Dragon standing just outside of the Los Magnificos Dragones locker room. The sounds coming from inside suggest that Amber Warren is still getting ready. Califa seems on edge, as if he is paranoid. He looks around, scanning the shadows until Warren emerges in her ring gear.

    Warren: Sorry about that, I couldn't decide which armbands matches my top.

    Califa doesn't respond, he sticks to checking the shadows.

    Are you still worried about The Altar?

    Without looking at his partner, Califa responds.

    Califa: Si.

    Warren slaps her partner on the back.

    We have bigger fish to fry, we have a shot to prove ourselves against the champs tonight. Focus, and lets go out there and make our mark.

    As Warren heads off to the gorilla position, Califa takes a final look around. Satisfied, he follows his partner. Just as he steps off camera and the camerman turns to follow the duo, the masked face of Grand Mystique comes into view.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Beard City, USA, weighing 285 pounds, accompanied by Ezekiel Hewitt, "The Manliest Man in Professional Wrestling" The Beard!

    The Beard walks out from backstage to an arena ringing with boos. The Beard pays no attention to his detractors as he hangs his towel-covered head and allows his new associate, Ezekiel Hewitt to guide him down to the ring.

    Copeland: Am I mistaken, or is The Beard in handcuffs?

    Cohen: Clearly Ezekiel Hewitt knows what a dangerous man The Beard is, and he doesn’t want to release this beast on this helpless crowd.

    The Beard is guided up the stairs by Hewitt and lead into the ring. He walks to a corner and has the towel removed from his head and his hands uncuffed by Ezekiel.


    Harrys: And the challenger, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, This is........Titus!

    The boos quickly turn to cheers as Titus makes a heroic entrance bursting into the arena. This is the extent of Titus’ showmanship as he sets his sights on the ring and makes his way towards it with a rather serious look upon his face.

    Copeland: Titus can’t be happy after the result of his match at Redemption. In fact, I’m surprised he’s able to compete after Vega blasted him in the head with a wrench.

    Cohen: I have to give Titus credit for showing up today, but I can’t say I agree with his decision. He’s risking his career here, and he’s facing one of our most reckless and dangerous performers.

    Copeland: How many times does Titus have to prove you wrong? If he can compete, he will. Titus is one of the most determined wrestlers in WZCW history, and he will fight until he can’t fight anymore.

    Titus gets into the ring and immediately goes to his corner. He nods to the crowd to acknowledge their support, but it is clear that he is entirely focused on the match.

    The ref rings the bell and the match is underway.

    The Beard explains out of his corner, knocking Ezekiel out of the way, and charges at Titus. Panic flashes in Titus’ eyes as he sees the disturbed looking mammoth barrels towards him, but instinct kicks in and Titus does an evasive roll to dodge Beard’s attack. Beard slams into the corner, but shows no signs of injury as he bounces off the turnbuckle and goes right back to chasing down Titus. Beard winds up and throws a heavy punch, but Titus ducks under the punch and hits Beard with a jab, but Beards seems unphased and throws another heavy punch. Again, Titus dodges the punch and hits Beard with an elbow to the ribs, but yet again, Beard no-sells the attack. Beard decides to go for goal with a headbutt, but Titus gets his elbow up and blocks the shot! Beard’s forehead is busted open, and the big man grabs his head in pain.

    Titus sees his opening and hits the ropes, rebounding high speed towards Beard. Beard blindly swings at Titus with a lariat, but Titus ducks it and rebounds off the opposite ropes. Titus launches himself of the ground and towards Beard with a flying crossbody… but Beard catches him! The Beard stalls for a moment while he displays his power to the audience, but he is caught by surprise when Titus sends an elbow into the side of his head, dazing the big man. Another elbow allows Titus to be released, and Titus finishes his attack with a swinging neckbreaker, taking Beard to the ground! Titus jumps on Beard for the cover.




    Beard powers his way out and quickly gets back to his feet. Titus seems to be a little disappointed that he couldn’t get three, but is undiscouraged. Titus charges at Beard and leaps up into the air with his leg extended looking for the Tit Drop! But Beard manages to duck out of the way and retreat to the ropes. Titus lands safely and locks eyes with The Beard as the two reevaluate their strategies.

    Copeland: Beard’s power is on full display here, but so far he’s been unable to do any damage to Titus!

    Cohen: That’s how these power wrestlers work, Sebastian: they wait for their prey to tire himself out, and then pounce.

    Beard certainly looks ready to pounce as he and Titus circle the center of the ring. Streams of blood drip down both sides of Beard’s face, but Titus takes little solace in this victory. Beard bites first and lunges at Titus, but Titus quickly sidesteps the grapple and swings behind Beard, locking him in a rear waistlock, clasping his hands around Beard’s waist. Beard uses his tremendous strength to pry Titus’s hands loose and starts to pull Titus’s arms apart, and then throws his hips back to bump Titus off of him. Titus falls backwards to the ground, but rolls through the bump and gets right back to his feet in time to surprise The Beard with a spinning heel kick that drops Beard to the ground. Titus throws himself on Beard for the pin.




    The Beard shoves Titus off of his body, but Titus jumps back on and locks in a side headlock to keep Beard down.

    Copeland: I’m not so sure the Beard’s power strategy is going to work here. Titus is showing few signs of slowing down.

    Beard is fighting through the headlock and is now on his knees. Titus throws a few knees of his own into Beard’s ribs, but the big man is unfazed. Beard gets back to his feet and wraps his arms around Titus and hits him with a suplex! Both men are on the ground and are slow to get up.

    Cohen: Are you sure, Copeland? This looks like the window that Beard needs to take control of the match!

    Beard is back to his knees, but Titus is already back on his feet. He sees his opponent slowly regaining a vertical base, and Titus rushes in to prevent that from happening. Titus starts to run at Beard, but just as he is about to make contact, Beard springs to his feet and lifts his foot up, hitting Titus with a big boot! Titus falls backwards and his head bounces hard off the mat. The crowd reacts with a loud, “oooooh,” at the ugly landing, and Titus doesn’t seem to be moving.

    Copeland: One big boot shouldn’t be enough to drop Titus… why isn’t he getting up?

    Cohen: Clearly I was right and Titus was not ready to compete tonight. He’s still injured from Redemption!

    Beard stands over Titus’ motionless body, looking out at a hostile crowd. He bends over and grabs Titus by the neck and pulls him up to his feet. Beard angrily shouts at the crowd, and then hits Titus with Poetic Justice. Beard makes the cover on Titus.




    The bell rings Beard and waits patiently for Ezekiel Hewitt to join him in the ring to raise his hand.

    Harrys: You winner… The Beard!

    Ezekiel raises Beard’s hand, and while a proud, devious smile crosses Mr. Hewitt’s face, Beard still looks angry. Ezekiel drags The Beard back to the corner where he places the handcuffs back on Beard’s wrists, and starts to lead him out of the ring.

    Copeland: I’m not sure Beard is as dangerous as Ezekiel Hewitt has made him out to be.

    Cohen: What are you kidding? Look what he did to Titus! Titus hasn’t moved since that big boot!

    Copeland: Yes, but how much of that is thanks to the pair of bolt cutters that Vega struck Titus with at Redemption?

    Cohen: Beard knew that he could take advantage of Titus’ head injury, and he did! If you ask me, that just proves how dangerous he really is.

    Back in the ring, Titus is slowly stirring. The ref helps Titus to his feet, but Titus shrugs the ref off and manages to make it out of the ring by himself. The crowd gives a standing ovation to Titus who slowly walks up the ramp.

    Big Dave is walking down the hall towards his office, but upon arriving at the door he sees a stagehand moving his belongings out of the room.

    Dave: What the… what’s going on here?

    Vance Bateman walks out of the office to answer Big Dave’s quarry.

    Bateman: David! Good to see you, and with such perfect timing too. Our company’s new owner, Kenneth Banks… have you met Mr. Banks?

    Dave: Yes Vance, we met him together. You know that.

    Bateman: Oh of course, how silly of me. Well, Mr. Banks has informed me that after your questionable decision-making as of late, he is going to assign me to Meltdown.

    Big Dave takes a moment to respond, shocked over the news that he has just been handed.

    Dave: You’re joking… right? Is this some kind of late-Halloween prank?

    Bateman puts his arm around Big Dave.

    Bateman: I’m afraid not, old friend. I’ll be taking over Meltdown, and you will be given my responsibilities on Ascension. Take good care of my show for me, won’t you?

    Dave shrugs Bateman’s arm off of him and walks away, furious. Bateman smiles snidely and walks into his office, closing the door behind him and revealing that the plaque on the door now reads, “Vance Bateman.”
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen the following us a non-title tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Amber Warren and El Califa Dragon, Los Magnificos Dragones!!

    Amber and Califa emerge on stage before sprinting full speed to the ring. They slide in and jump on the top ropes opposite each other and play to the crowd before backflipping over. Pyro emits from each post as both land.

    * BOOM!! *

    Cohen: Dammit all! I hate this team just because of their entrance! You're gonna give me a heart attack!

    Harrys: And their opponents, from London England, at a combined weight of 400 pounds, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Steven Holmes and Celeste Crimson, Magnatunidis!!

    The lights dim for a long while and smoke begins to emit from the stage with little to be seen. It goes on for a good while but when the lights finally come on, Steven Holmes and Celeste are on the stage sitting in thrones. Sparks fly from behind the duo as they look on before getting and clutching their titles and heading to the ring slowly.

    Cohen: An incredibly extravangant entrance for the first lady of WZCW who finally has gold around her waist. All hail Magnatunidis!

    Copeland: Sounds like some sort of medicine.

    Cohen: It's latin.

    Copeland: It's a dead language, Jack.

    The teams circle the ring before they pick who starts. Both ladies stay as the men head for the apron. Referee Elizabeth Prince rings the bell.

    * Ding Ding Ding *

    Both girls circle the ring for a bit but Celeste just stops and walks over to Amber. Towering over and shouting “I'M THE QUEEN OF WZCW!” at her. Amber tries to shove her but it's no good. Celeste laughs at her. Amber then runs under Celeste's legs and spanks her in the butt angering her as the crowd cheers on.

    Celeste charges and tries to grab Amber but she rolls out of the way and tags in El Califa. Califa runs and leaps on Celestes shoulders for a Huracanrana, but Celeste blocks it and throws him off her shoulders. With the momentum stopped dry, Celeste tags in Steven Holmes. Holmes circles the ring and both men lock up. Califa grabs a headlock, but Holmes pushes him off. On the way back, Califa hits a Spinwheel Kick to knock down the Tag Team Champion but Holmes quickly gets back up. He intercepts Califa and hits him with forearm shots to the face and follows up with an Irish Whip. On the way back, Califa leaps to try a second Huracanrana and gets it. Dragging Steven to the outside.




    Copeland: These two teams seem to be very evenly matches.

    Cohen: Well both are teams of a man and a woman. That's a heck of a coincidence, both are pretty paired off.

    As he turns though, Celeste is there and slaps him hard across the face.


    Elizabeth Prince pulls her away, but that gives Amber Warren the chance to slip in and attack Celeste knocking her off the apron.


    She then looks at Califa and the two begin to run the ropes on opposite sides before diving off to ringside with spectacular topes to take down their foes.


    Copeland: WOW!!


    Cohen: Holy cow! Look at this! We have a catfight at ringside!

    Amber and Celeste roll around the floor hitting and slapping each other while Steven and Califa are hitting each other with closed fists on the other side of the ring.


    Cohen: Hey-hey-hey, they're gonna get counted out!


    Both teams try to get back in the ring, but their opposite number pulls them back each time and......


    Elizabeth Prince rings the bell to end the contest.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of a double countout, this match has been ruled a No Contest!

    * BOOOOO!! *

    The crowd boo's loudly as both teams still go at it on the outside. Security runs down to separate them but have a hard time. Califa calms down as does Steven, but Amber and Celeste still try to get to each other. Suddenly, Steven charges and grabs his title before decking Amber with the belt and knocking her out cold. Califa tries to rush to her aid, but too many guards have a hold of him. Steven asks for a mic as he and Celeste are escorted out.

    Holmes: God Save.... My Queen.....

    The two are escorted out as Califa and others tend to the knocked out Warren.

    Copeland: That was a cheap shot by Holmes. What a classless act.

    Cohen: He was defending his woman, Seabass. It's what any fine gentleman would do.
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    The lights in the arena go dark

    Copeland: I don’t like this Jack, I don’t like it one bit.

    Cohen: Are you afraid of the dark?

    "Intro" by The XX begins to play as rises up around the entrance stage and all the lights in the arena slowly begin to dim out. Spotlights begin randomly shining down and moving around the arena about 20 seconds in every time the bass drum hits. About 40 seconds into the song, once the snares kick in, all of the spotlights combine into two extremely bright spotlights shining down from opposite sides of the arena. The two white beams shine down on the same spot on the entrance stage, creating a "V" amidst the fog.

    The music continues to play as the "V" shines. It isn't until a minute in that an opening slowly appears on the entrance stage right where the two beams of light meet. A couple of seconds later, white pyro rains from the top of the tron and gently falls down like a water fall. Finally, Vega slowly begins to rise up from the opening in the entrance stage standing on a platform, devilishly smiling, cascaded by the falling sparks around him.

    He turns to look behind him, and Alexis walks through the raining pyro and onto the entrance stage. Together, the two slowly saunter on down to the ring as Vega simply smiles at the seething fans that jeer him. Vega slides into the ring as Alexis calmly takes the stairs. Vega waits for Alexis to enter the ring to rise to his feet. They stand together as the spotlights shine down on them once again forming a white "V," this time in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Vega’s really pushing the boat out here. Do you think beating Titus has gone to his head?

    Cohen: A grand entrance for a grand champion. Too bad the crowd here in Germany are too dumb to appreciate it.

    Vega raises a microphone in his mouth.

    Vega: At Redemption, I was redeemed. Not that I needed it, I was… vindicated. I stepped into the ring with a man who you all cheer for incessantly. I stepped into the ring with one of the all time legends of WZCW and walked out the victor. I stood in this ring and I made Titus stare at the ceiling whilst the referee counted 1… 2… 3… I defeated one of the best this company has to offer and I demand the recognition that I deserve. I defeated a man who would have you believe that when the bad guy comes along the hero steps up to the plate, saves the day and gets the girl. At redemption the hero didn’t slay me. He didn’t get the girl. At Redemption your hero faced me and tried to slay me and yet here I stand. Your hero is dead.

    Vega pauses as the crowd gets louder

    Copeland: Enough is enough Vega, you made your point.

    Cohen: Did he though?

    Vega: I killed the hero of WZCW

    Cohen: That’s more like it!

    The crowd goes crazy as Titus walks out onto the ramp, microphone in hand, as he makes his way to the ring.

    Copeland: Looks like Titus isn’t going to let this slide Jack.

    Cohen: Oh, not this guy.

    Titus: I can assure you Vega that I am very much alive. You just don’t get it do you? Heroes never die and the best heroes? They win after the bad guy has kicked their ass from here to next week. Heroes cannot die. I cannot die, certainly not at the hands of someone like you.

    Titus steps into the ring and points at Vega.

    Titus: Heroes certainly don’t need the help of a woman to distract their opponent, or worse send her into harm’s way because he can’t get the job done on his own. I think that it’s about time we took Alexis out of the equation. In two weeks at one night stand. Me, you, steel cage. The hero isn’t done yet.

    Vega and Alexis look stunned at the challenge however Vega quickly changes his expression to a qry smirk.

    Vega: Are you deaf Titus? I came out here to tell the world that I beat you already. I’m here to ask the new owner of WZCW what he has to throw at me and my title next to see if they can take it from me. You’re nothing Titus. You’re finished. As a hero you’re as good as dead. In fact, you are dead.

    Vega drops the mic and goes towards the edge of the ring before quickly turning and diving at Titus with the Mayhem Championship. Titus ducks out of the way and sets Vega up for the Tit Drop but he wriggles loose and scurries out of the ring, leaving Titus smirking as Vega and Alexis run up the ramp.

    Copeland: Titus really walked away from that with the upper hand.

    Cohen: Vega is toying with him, can you not see that. Vega beat Titus once already, doing it again would just embarrass the guy.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a King For A Day qualifying match!

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 235 pounds, BLADE!

    The crowd pops loudly as the arena flashes dark red before Blade walks onto the stage, he looks around at the crowd and slowly raises his arm before bringing it diagonally across him in a slashing motion. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring climbing the turnbuckle and repeating his taunt.

    Copeland: After Mr Bank’s announcement that King for a Day is returning we’ve got the two semi-finalists from the Gold Rush tournament taking each other on in a qualifier. Blade is determined to regain his momentum after coming so close at Redemption and here tonight he gets his chance.

    Cohen: How many chances is this guy going to get? He didn’t even make the final of the Gold Rush tournament! If Blade were a girl he’d be a permanent Bridesmaid.

    Harrys: And his opponent from Out of this World, Krrrypto!

    The lights in the arena go out as the music starts, a spotlight scans the arena as Krypto makes his way to the ring through the crowd. The lights come back up as he runs around the ring amping up the crowd before sliding under the ropes.

    Copeland: And here’s the other losing semi-finalist, this match should be one for the ages Jack.

    Cohen: Yeah, two perennial losers slogging it out for a chance at a chance to lose to Barbosa or Ricky Runn. Thrilling.

    Copeland: You say that Jack, but who would’ve thought that Ricky Runn of all people would be the number one contender? This is WZCW Jack, anything can happen.

    The bell rings and the two men quickly exchange blows. Blade gets the early advantage and hits some early blows on Krypto before unleashing a fierce uppercut, sending Krypto reeling. Blade steps forward looking to press the advantage but Krypto side-steps and throws out his legs hitting a low dropkick to the right knee, forcing Blade to the ground. The alien runs the ropes and leaps into the air to drop a running knee but the veteran sees it coming and gets clear, early enough for the alien to land on his feet. The two men smile at each other as they circle the ring, evenly matched.

    Copeland: Some impressive feats of athleticism in the early going here from Krypto.

    Cohen: All well and good but flashy tricks won’t beat a guy like Blade.

    Krypto steps in and hits Blade with an elbow to the face. Blade staggers backwards and shakes off the cobwebs just in time to see Krypto springboard off the ropes and hit a crossbody. Krypto immediately hops to his feet and sits waiting in the corner, waiting for his opponent to rise. Blade wipes his brow as he rises and charges towards the corner right into the trap. Krypto quickly hops into the air and launches himself up and over Blade who hits the turnbuckles with force. Krypto quickly rolls forward and launches Blade high in the air with a perfectly executed monkey flip. Krypto hops onto the top rope and amps up the crowd.

    Copeland: Wow! Blade needs to get out of there, Krypto looks like he’s setting up for the Flying Saucer!

    Cohen: Blade got rocked then Sebastian and he’s going to need a miracle to get out of this one.

    Krypto launches into the air but catches nothing as Blade desperately rolls out of the ring to safety. The miss doesn’t faze the alien though, as he quickly charges across the ring and slides under the bottom rope, kicking Blade full force in the back and launching him into the barricade. Krypto decides to capitalise and goes back into the ring hyping up the crowd before bouncing off the ropes once more and diving through the second rope towards Blade, who is just barely on his feet. Blade is aware enough of his surroundings to move out of the way, sending Krypto head first into the top of the barricade, snapping his neck backwards as he rolls onto the floor. The ref quickly runs over to check on the downed wrestler as Blade leans on the apron to catch his breath.

    Cohen: This is why I respect a guy like Blade. He doesn’t need any of these flashy risky moves to win a match.

    Copeland: Krypto looks to be in trouble here, he might have seriously injured his neck.

    Krypto waves the referee away as Blade makes his way to the fallen alien, stomping on his chest and pressing his advantage. Blade wraps his hands around Krypto’s head and rolls him into the ring, quickly following and wrapping up his legs into an Indian Deathlock. Krypto yells in pain as Blade applies as much pressure as he can, over stretching his right knee in the process and forcing him to release the hold. Blade slowly rises to his feet, heavily favouring his left as his opponent grasps his left calf, which has taken the brunt of the damage. Blade can be heard yelling at Krypto to stand as he stumbles and leans on the ropes.

    Copeland: Neither of these men are willing to quit so easily with so much at stake.

    Cohen: Blade is in control now though, he’s maybe not as flashy as the little green man, but you can bet your bottom dollar he’s twenty times smarter.

    Krypto finally stands as the crowd start to get behind him, but Blade quickly grabs Krypto and lifts him into a huge backbreaker. Blade goes for the pin!




    Krypto barely gets his shoulder up as Blade is already back to his feet and making a slicing motion in the air. He rolls Krypto to his feet and hooks his arms before flipping over and driving his knees into his opponents back.

    Copeland: THE HALO! This has to be it for Krypto!

    Blade goes for the pin.





    Harrys: The winner of this match and the second qualifier for the King for a Day match at Apocalypse, BLADE!!

    Copeland: What a display by Blade there, Krypto may have the style but Blade schooled him in fighting smart.

    Cohen: Absolutely, he had such control of this match and his recklessness gave it away and allowed Blade to show him how it should be done.

    Copeland: Huge win here for Blade who joins The Beard in the King for a Day match. We still have four open slots in the match Jack, and I can’t wait to see who else gets to take part.

    As Blade celebrates in the ring, there is a scuffle erupting by the barricade as a man from the audience wearing a hoodie and covering his face with a bandana has hopped over the railings. Blade hops onto the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring with his back turned to the crazed fan. He turns around just in time to see that the man has broken through security and take a steel chair to the face. Blade falls limply to the mat as the man makes his way onto the ramp and pulls down the bandana revealing a wide smirk. He turns to face the ring and holds out his arms as he reaches for his hood.

    Cohen: OH MY GOD! IT’S TRIPLE X!

    Copeland: Alright! Triple X is back and he looks like he’s set to take it out on Blade in a big way!

    Blade looks up and sees the man he injured a few months ago smiling as the crowd goes nuts, half cheering at the return of a well loved star and half booing because of how he made his return. Blade and Triple X stare at each other as Blade tries to get to his feet his hands holding his head which is bleeding heavily from the attack.
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    Becky Serra is backstage with a microphone in her hand.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me now at this time, the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Barbosa!

    The camera pans out to reveal Barbosa with the belt on his shoulder as the crowd goes wild.

    Serra: Earlier this week a poll was put out on to determine who would face the WZCW Champion this week. Your choices were Steven Kurtesy, Mikey Stormrage, or Saboteur! Barbosa, who are you hoping to face most tonight?

    Barbosa: It is not relevant. They represent an equal challenge. This poll is meaningless.

    Becky blinks once and ignores the comment, opening up an envelope with the results.

    Serra: Tonight, Barbosa will face...Saboteur!

    The crowd pops at the announcement and Barbosa remains impassive.

    Copeland: You heard it, folks - coming up after the commercial, Barbosa versus Saboteur!

    Harrys: The following contest is your main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Union City, New Jersey, weighing 198 pounds, Saboteur!

    Copeland: Saboteur lost the tag team titles to Steven Holmes and Celeste Crimson at Redemption when his plan to have Big Dave join him as his partner fell through. There's definitely a lot of voices saying that it was very unfair not to let Saboteur have the partner of his choice.

    Cohen: I say it wasn't fair that he tried to cheat the system! Think about that next time!

    Saboteur runs onto the stage and gives a quick bow, before straightening up and finishing his dash to the ring. He slides in before mounting the turnbuckle and waving cheerily to the crowd, all of whom welcome him with cheers.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Bedlam, weighing 237 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Barbosa!

    Copeland: Here he is, our new world champion! Barbosa defeated a true legend in Showtime to win this title for the second time, and it already seems like this one is going to be different.

    Cohen: It'll be different - until he runs into Ricky Runn! The hottest young commodity in WZCW is going to take that belt right off of Barbosa, so he better enjoy it while he still can!

    The crowd loudly welcomes the new champion as Barbosa emerges slowly onto the stage. The manic man walks with a determined step toward the ring, looking around at the crowd slowly as most of them cheer for his arrival. He reaches the ring and leaps onto the apron, taking one more look around. He enters the ring and slowly unbuckles his belt, holding it high for all the crowd to see.

    Barbosa and Saboteur stare at each other from across the ring as referee Jorou Akiyama takes Barbosa's title belt and hands it off to a ring side worker. He signals for the bell and we are underway.

    Barbosa attacks right out of the gate. He corners Saboteur and delivers knife edge chops and jabs. Saboteur falls to the mat and Barbosa gets aggressive, jamming his foot into Saboteur's neck and pressing it up against the ring post, drawing a count from Akiyama. He whips him into the opposite corner and charges into an elbow, but Saboteur pops out of the corner and hits an axe handle, stopping Barbosa's momentum and knocking him to the mat. Saboteur pulls Barbosa to his feet and drags him to the corner, smashing him face first into the turnbuckle. Barbosa backs away and rears wildly, Saboteur hits the top rope and leaps off with a flying punch, connecting with Barbosa and knocking him to the mat. Saboteur puts Barbosa into the corner again and returns the chops to Barbosa. Saboteur backs off and Barbosa begins to stumble out of the corner; Saboteur kicks his leg out from under him and Barbosa drops to a seated position on the mat. Saboteur NAILS him with a kick to the head! Saboteur pulls Barbosa to his feet and the bigger man shrugs him off, heading to the side of the ring to try to regain his composure. Saboteur isn't deterred for long, however, as he targets the leg of Barbpsa and begins kicking it out from beneath him as he clutches the ropes; Barbosa crashes to the mat and he clutches his leg in pain.

    Copeland: Saboteur coming out swinging early on in this one.

    Cohen: He'll have to to beat Barbosa. Barbosa isn't just strong, he's well conditioned. Trying to beat him early is a decent strategy.

    Saboteur tries to pull Barbosa to his feet but Barbosa blocks him, grabs Saboteur by the tights and hurls him into the turnbuckle of the nearby corner. Barbosa takes a moment to breathe, then grabs Saboteur by the tights and throws him outside the ring. Barbosa steps onto the apron to follow Saboteur, but Saboteur leaps to his feet, leaps again and knocks the leg out from under Barbosa! Barbosa falls off the apron and crashes on the outside! Barbosa pulls himself up to his knees, but he gets only a roundhouse kick from Saboteur for his trouble! Saboteur pulls Barbosa to his feet and slides him back into the ring, before following him inside. He pulls Barbosa up to a seated position, he hits the ropes, HE GOES FOR THE DEATH BLOW! BARBOSA ROLLS ASIDE AT THE LAST SECOND! Barbosa rolls out of the ring and Saboteur tries to gain his balance after nearly putting away the champion. Barbosa rests with his back against the apron for a moment and Saboteur takes advantage, hitting a baseball slide that knocks Barbosa to the outside mat. Saboteur slides out of the ring once more, goes after Barbosa, but Barbosa gets to his feet and reverses it on Saboteur, lifts him up, charges, and PLANTS HIM INTO THE RINGSIDE BARRIER!

    Copeland: Huge strength from Barbosa here and he really just can't be taken out of a fight.

    Cohen: There's no more dangerous skill combination than pure strength and the wit to take advantage of it. That's exactly what Barbosa brings to the table.

    Barbosa takes a moment to breathe and then pulls Saboteur up and throws him into the ring for a cover. He gets one, two, but only two as Saboteur kicks out. Barbosa hits Saboteur with a back breaker and follows it up as he drops an elbow from the middle rope. He covers, getting one, two, but only two. Barbosa elevates Saboteur once more for a sidewalk slam before going for the ropes. He drops a knee off of the second rope and covers again, getting one, two, but only two! Barbosa pulls Saboteur to his feet but the masked man fights his way back with a series of chops to Barbosa's chest. Barbosa reverses a chop into a whip into the corner, but as he pursues Saboteur Saboteur merely elevates a leg and kicks Barbosa in the face. Barbosa backs away and Saboteur hits the top rope, FLIES OFF WITH A CROSSBODY - BUT BARBOSA DUCKS ASIDE! Saboteur hits the mat and both of them get to their feet, Barbosa getting the advantage as he charges and WIPES OUT SABOTEUR WITH A CLOTHESLINE! HE PICKS UP SABOTEUR AND GOES FOR THE DOPPELGANGER! HE NAILS IT! HE COVERS AND GETS ONE, TWO, AND THREE!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Barbosa!

    Saboteur rolls to the side of the mat and he holds his head in pain. Barbosa gets to his feet as Akiyama hands him his belt. Barbosa once again raises it to the sky and he raises his eyes to stare at it, the gold gleaming in his eyes as he regards his belt.

    Copeland: The explosiveness of Barbosa is enough to put away Saboteur and there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the world heavyweight champion.

    Cohen: Saboteur was one thing, but he's got the hottest commodity in the company coming up when he faces Ricky Runn! Just wait!
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    Did you like the show? Awesome. Did you hate the show? Fuck you.

    People who did shit:

    Blade - Tastic vs. Daggershield
    Killjoy - Opening, Segments, LMD vs. Holmes/Celeste
    Yaz - Segments
    JGlass - Titus vs. The Beard, Segments
    Shotaro - Blade vs. Krypto
    Harthan - Barbosa vs. Saboteur, Segments

    Ascension tomorrow. Aftershock Tuesday. More WZCW always. It'll be awesome.

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