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    We open with the arena crammed full of WZCW fans who are keen to see what the post-KC IV shows can bring for WZCW, especially as the Master of Chaos is in charge but is not the World Champion after the big show. The atmosphere is electric and to say the crowd is hyped is an understatement.

    Copeland: “Good evening and welcome to the 74th edition of Meltdown!”

    Cohen: “We have a huge show that will deal with the fallout from Kingdom Come IV but also sets the path to Redemption.”

    Copeland: “KC was widely praised as our best show ever but it doesn’t stop there. Ty Burna isn’t hesitating to make his intentions clear as he has brought his Apostles together in a four on two handicap match.”


    Copeland: “This man deserves all the praise and admiration that we can give. By beating Ty Burna, he retained his World Championship and that means Ty doesn’t have the keys to the kingdom”

    Cohen: “I am sure that the professor is all too aware that if Ty wants another shot, then he can take one, whenever he wants. Maybe that is why Ty has set up the handicap match, to soften his opponent up for the future.”

    Copeland: “With a match against Showtime David Cougar looming, maybe Ty is looking to play the long game.”

    Kurtesy quickly enters the ring. He looks happy but his walk to the ring portrays someone who is battered and bruised from his last match. He takes a mic from ringside and when he goes to speak, he has to wait for some time as the pop from the crowd has to die down. When he does speak, he does in a calm and emotional tone.

    “I want to thank everyone who has been so great to me. If it wasn’t for the support of you all and the guys in the back, I would not have this prize after Kingdom Come. This means everything to me so thank you!”

    Kurtesy raises the belt up in the air to a great pop. Again, he has to wait for the noise to calm down.

    “So no matter what or who comes next, I am ready and waiting. Anybody who wants a shot has to know that I am not going down without one hell of a fight. Showtime David Cougar next week is going to be a great challenge but I am looking to go into Redemption with this championship because being a champion for your people is the biggest honour I could ever have and...


    The charismatic new number 1 contender Showtime David Cougar makes his way down the stage ramp and enters the ring. He goes to the side of the ring and grabs a microphone. He takes off his shades and stares around at the crowd before looking at Kurtesy.

    Showtime: Well... you're not the person that I was expecting to be standing here waiting to defend his title against me. I can't say that I'm disappointed. Would've been thrilled under normal circumstances. I look forward to not having to face Ty Burna again for the millionth time and once again wage this endless war that he and I have been having. I guess I'm just... surprised is all. I'm sure you felt at times that the whole world was stacked against you. Not only did you have Ty Burna to deal with... a man who has only been beaten by a few handful of people, you and me included in that now of course, but you have also had to deal with his cronies. Chris K.O., James King, Mister Alhazred, Alex Bowen, S.H.I.T. Even Barbosa and Toyota have at times worked for Ty Burna and been apart of his little game to control WZCW.

    And you... survived. All the beatings that you incurred. All the times when a lesser man, or hell maybe even a smarter man, would've just laid down for him already and handed over the belt that consumed a whole years worth of Ty Burna's existence in WZCW. Funny how you survived while the whole landscape around you has been destroyed.

    And what have you got to show for it hmm? That shiny title belt that you have on your shoulder huh? That belt means nothing now that Ty Burna has full control of WZCW. At a moments notice it could be stripped from you. At a sick desire, Ty Burna could put you in a 10 on 1 handicap match and easily walk all over you and regain that belt. You did absolutely nothing for the good of this company at WZCW. You won nothing.

    The words are heard loudly by both men in the ring and the fans in the arena. They are supportive of Steven Kurtesy and chant his name.

    Showtime: Ty Burna was the only person who won at Kingdom Come and he won everything. The only thing you did for yourself was delay the inevitable. You say that you were in this to fight the evil that Ty Burna was bringing into WZCW. You spoke about stopping the Chaos and ending the terror once and for all... and you let it happen... and all for selfish greed.

    You know, I thought Ty was just blowing a whole bunch of smoke and trying to make you second guess yourself when he talked about you being selfish and wanting to remain WZCW Champion more than protecting the WZCW Franchise. Well... it turns out Ty Burna was right. The minute that you won that title belt, you put protecting WZCW from evil to the back of your to do list and focused all of your attention on keeping that belt. All of this... all that has happened and will happen now is all your fault because of your selfishness.

    The crowd is booing and cheering as Kurtesy looks around at the audience. Showtime paces a little around the ring and then continues.*

    Showtime: I hope that by beating Ty Burna in a match at Kingdom Come, I hope that you are happy with yourself, that you are to the freaking moon, because that happiness is not going to last. Not when Ty Burna's shadow is fully cast over WZCW. Kurtesy I respect you as an opponent, but as a person, my respect for you has diminished. You be proud of yourself for as long as you are champion because I'm here to tell you it ain't going to last. Consider this a warning, whether Ty Burna rips it from your cold dead body or he kindly grants me my title match I won at Kingdom Come, you will lose that World Heavyweight Title belt and then you will be right where you put the rest of us. In hell with nothing.

    Showtime lowers his mic. The crowd is very shocked by the harsh words Showtime had for Steven Kurtesy. The champion looks like he's about to respond when:

    Cohen: “Oh dear! I have a feeling this is not going to end well.”

    The familiar music of Ty Burna plays as the new owner of WZCW walks out on stage, his Apostles of Chaos standing behind him.

    Burna: What is this squabbling I have in my ring now? *Showtime... I was wondering when your teeth would come out. Rather than chew our World Champion apart, why don't you celebrate what is to come in WZCW. We are entering a new era, one where we will see WZCW rise to new heights, even if they have to come from the ashes of those who dare get in my way.

    Kurtesy, I must congratulate you on your victory at Kingdom Come. I honestly didn't think that you had what it took to pull it off, but you proved me wrong. Granted my mind was then on more important things to come during our match, still I'm proud to call you our companies champion. Unlike the man who has earned the right to face you next for your title. Showtime, don't think of me as some sick or twisted evil mad men. A deal is a deal Showtime and I will honour your right to face the World Champion at his next title defense. However, if you're looking for redemption I can assure you that you will not find it, nor will this match take place at out next PPV called Redemption. For that I have a very special plan for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Instead... we have a very special show coming up that's called Ascension 50. Ahh yes... it feels good to be in control of both Meltdown and Ascensions cards, and to celebrate this milestone show, it will be headlined by a WZCW World Heavyweight Title Match. Steven Kurtesy will defend against Showtime David Cougar in two weeks time. Now I hope that this settles all of your matters and I ask that you leave the ring so we can begin my show. I would hate to have to send my Apostles to remove my two biggest stars.

    A smile curls on Ty Burna's face. Steven Kurtesy and Showtime Cougar stare up the ramp at Ty and then turn to each other. They have a long stare off before Showtime straddles through the ropes and leaves the ring.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Already in the ring, Krypto!

    Cohen: “Who is this guy?

    Copeland: “He...errr.....showed up and Myles gave him a job.”

    Cohen: “Tell me why I should care? Ty is going to fire Myles for being a crook and then fire this weirdo for being insane.”


    And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, this is Derek Jacobs

    Cohen: “Well maybe Jacobs can save Myles after all?

    Copeland: “How?”

    Jacobs walks to the top of the ramp and eyes up his weird looking opponent. He walks down to the ring and stalks him. He stops by the announcers table. He then storms to the ring and immediately confronts his confused opponent.

    Cohen: “By beating this guy so badly, it will look like Myles did Jacobs a favour this week.”

    Jacobs punches him in the face and Krypto barely reacts. Jacobs shoves him to the ropes and swings with a lariat as he comes back but Krypto ducks and his momentum takes him to the other side of the ring. Jacobs tries to tackle him but Krypto jumps onto the second rope and springboards off, he collides with Jacobs and they both crash to the floor. With Krypto onto top of Jacobs, the ref counts the pin, 1.....2....Jacobs kicks out.

    Copeland: “Jacobs is the only real wrestler in this match and nearly lost to this new guy!”

    Cohen: “This is a joke right? Krypto or whoever this guy isn’t even fit to lace my boots!”

    Jacobs yells at the ref while Krypto looks bemused and confused by this turn of events. The “alien” picks up Jacobs and puts an arm around his shoulder. In return, Jacobs puts his hand around Krypto’s neck and lifts his entire body above his head with a moderately impressive military press. Jacobs drops Krypto face first onto the turnbuckle and he crashes to the floor as Jacobs walks away.

    Cohen: “This is more like it! This is the kind of offense Derek Jacobs is capable of.”

    Copeland: “He looks pissed off and fired up!”

    Jacobs signals for the Payday and lifts Krypto but the helpless “alien” desperately wraps his legs around Jacobs’ neck and slowly pulls back into a hurracanrana but he has no momentum and Jacobs gets back up! Jacobs grabs Krypto by the neck and hits the Payday, dropping him hard on his neck! Jacobs covers him with a lazy swagger! 1....2....3! Jacobs wins easily!

    Your winner by pinfall, Derek Jacobs!

    Copeland: “That was somewhat dominant by Jacobs.”

    Cohen: “If this Krypto can walk after this, then he has got lucky.”


    We see Alex Bowen backstage stretching. He stops to look up when Ty Burna moves into the picture.

    Ty: "Alex, remember what I said. You can do what you want to Ricky when we are done. But you know the plan. Do not move on him. Focus on Crimson and Kurtesy."

    Bowen: "Of course boss, I remember what you said. We can wait."

    Ty: "Exactly."

    Bowen: "Look, something came for you earlier. I found it in my locker but it has your name on it."

    Bowen hands Ty a cream envelope and walks off. He leaves and Ty cautiously opens the envelope. He opens it to find a photo of a white rose inside. Ty grimaces with a furious anger but his gaze doesn't leave the photo. He brings the photo closer but then tears it in two and screws it up before throwing it to the floor. S.H.I.T. walks in.

    S.H.I.T.: Master?

    Ty glares at the robot. Nothing is said and the Master of Chaos walks away.
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall!

    Copeland: “This should be great!”


    On his way to the ring for Chicago, Illinois, he weighs 225lbs, Ricky Runn!

    Copeland: “Young Ricky didn’t have the greatest night in Dallas but he played his part in a great match.”


    Cohen: “I want to know why this fat chump and that monkey are facing each other!”

    Copeland: “I have to assume that Ty is assuming the tag teams taking each other out is a good idea?”

    And his opponent from Indianapolis, Indiana, he weighs 315lbs and he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Copeland: “Oh boy does Mikey look happy!”

    Cohen: “I’d say the belt suited him but I’d be lying.”

    Ricky and Mikey tie up in the ring and Mikey easily pushes him back into the ropes. The ref forces a break and Ricky escapes and crawls through Mikey’s legs. Ricky grins and his friend returns the smile. Ricky sprints toward Mikey but the larger man lifts him up easily above his head. Mikey spins around with Ricky still unable to move until Mikey stops. Ricky falls but lands on his feet as Stormrage has become dizzy from the helicopter spin.

    Cohen: “You have got to be kidding me...”

    Copeland: “Well you can’t deny that they are having fun out there.”

    Stormrage goes to swing at Ricky but clumsily misses; Ricky goes to spring board off the ropes but Mikey somehow does the Matrix duck and forces Ricky to miss him. He barely lands on his feet. Mikey gets to his feet and Ricky meets him to a stand off. They smile widely at each other and give each other a big handshake. Mikey raises his hands and gyrates a little to a pop. They back off each other again until they are interrupted by:

    Austin Reynolds moves out to the top of the stage with a mic in hand. He shakes his head and looks disappointed.

    AR: “You two just don’t get it. You’re out here on comedic relief when I’ve been risking my neck every time I get in the ring! What a waste of time this is.”

    Ricky looks surprised and upset as Austin continues to seethe.

    AR: “Don’t give me that puppy dog look Ricky. You were supposed to be a firecracker, someone who does anything to entertain. It looks to me like you sold out to yourself when you decided to play the fool. Because I know you are much, much better than that! I thought I had been nurturing the future of this company, not being an expensive babysitter.”

    Ricky protests but Austin is having none of it.

    AR: “Look Ricky, you could learn a bit from watching Ascension tomorrow night, you too Mikey. Howard and I are going to have a proper wrestling match. It’s going to be everything that this debacle so far wasn’t and I can’t wait! I’m going to do what has needed to be done for a long time now, these young pups need to know how harsh this business can really be.”

    Ricky has climbed out of the ring and begins to remonstrate with his friend but Austin is having none of it and he walks off with the Daredevil left in his wake. The crowd boo and show their displeasure as does Mikey who is left with no idea what has happened to his match.

    Copeland: “I wonder if the relationship between Austin and Ricky has gone sour. What does that do to a potential rematch?”

    Cohen: “It’s pretty clear Austin doesn’t appreciate how goofy Ricky is when he is around Mikey Stormrage. The guy is a fat clown and he disrupts everyone around him.”

    Copeland: “Well that fat clown is a tag champion and played a big part in winning that match so he can’t be all bad.”
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    Harrys: the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd boos as Bomb slowly walks out on stage, keeping his head down. When the screams of the vocalist hit the speakers, Bomb pumps his arms out and then walks down the ramp with a serious look on his face.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from the United Kingdom, weighing in at 261 lbs, Brad Bomb!

    Bomb enters the ring and immediately starts yelling at the fans that are seated around the ring.


    The crowd erupts as the green and red strobe lights go off and Matt Tastic jumps onto the stage full of energy. He points his arms into the crowd and nods his head as he digs the audience. He walks down the ramp clapping the hands of fans before he gets near ringside.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Puerto Rico, weighing in at 225 lbs, Matt Tastic.

    Matt Tastic slides into the ring and stares at his opponent for a few moments before ascending the nearby turnbuckle and posing for the fans.

    Copeland: Both these men were unsuccessful in their attempt to win King For A Day. Tonight both will try to regain some momentum heading towards our next PPV. Jack, who do you think wants the win more?

    Cohen: I can tell you Brad Bomb needs the win more to certify himself as a dominant competitor, but not many people put there bodies more on the line in the ring than Matt Tastic. This will be a physical bout.

    Copeland: Neither man saw any action against each other inside the cell. Matt Tastic picked up a win over Brad Bomb in a tag team match not long ago. Let’s see if Brad Bomb can even the score tonight.

    The bell rings and Brad Bomb stands over Matt Tastic looking down upon him. Bomb laughs at Tastic and reaches with his and arm pushes Matt’s face to the side. Tastic laughs off the teasing push by the taller Bomb and suddenly slaps him hard across the side of the face. Bomb holds his face as Tastic yells at him to bring it. Bomb with a raged look, boots Tastic in the gut and starts raining forearms across the back. He backs him up against the ropes and then Irish Whips him across the ring. Tastic bounces off the ropes and is about to be hit by a Big Boot from Bomb. Matt just ducks under the kick. Bomb places his foot down and Tastic grabs at Brad’s hair and pulls him backwards into a Backbreaker. Bomb rolls in the ring and crawls towards the corner. He grabs his hair and turns back to Tastic who stands ready in the centre of the ring. Bomb grumbles to himself as he gets to his feet, but pays no attention to Tastic who runs at him with a Dropkick. Bomb is against the turnbuckle as Tastic hops onto the second rope. Matt holds his fist up as he stares at the audience. He then starts driving fists into the face of Bomb, the crowd counting every shot.


    Bomb pushes Tastic off the second rope and he crashes to the mat. Matt quickly rolls back onto his feet and runs at Bomb. Brad pulls himself just out of the way as his opponent runs into the corner. Bomb runs to the ropes and comes charging off them as Tastic backs away from the corner and turns around. Big Boot connects. Bomb goes for the cover. 1.... Tastic kicks out. Bomb cant believe he only got a one count and gets up. Bomb lifts Tastic off his feet and runs to the corner, slamming Matt’s back against the top turnbuckle. Bomb doesn’t let Tastic out of the corner and drives several shoulder thrusts into the abdomen of his opponent. Bomb stands up and Backhand slaps his opponent across the face. He yells at him that this is how it’s done and slowly backs up. Bomb charges at Tastic and leaps for a Stinger Splash. Bomb misses as Tastic just moves out of the way. Bomb bounces off the top turnbuckle and backs up slowly. Tastic tucks his head under Bomb's arm and uses his momentum to hit a Back Body Drop. Tastic jumps to his feet and shakes his arms as the crowd starts to get loud.

    Copeland: Tastic hits a big Body Drop on his opponent and has the crowd coming alive now.

    Cohen: He’s wasting valuable seconds in there Seabass. A big man like Brad Bomb can easily turn this match back in his favour.

    Tastic goes over to the nearest corner and climbs up to the top rope. Brad Bomb stands up and turns to face Tastic. Matt jumps off the top rope and hits a 450 into a Clothesline, Screw Attack! Tastic with the cover. 1... 2.. Bomb kicks out! Bomb gets up to his feet too quickly and throws a wild punch at Tastic. Matt ducks the punch and grabs Bomb. Judo Sweep sends him straight down to the mat. Tastic leaps up and hits an Elbow Drop square on the face of Brad. Tastic stands up and signals again that he is going to the top rope. Tastic climbs to the top as the ref checks on Brad who is on his knees. Bomb gets to his feet and then purposefully stumbles into the ref, knocking him back into the ropes. The force shakes the ropes enough that Tastic loses his balance and crotch himself on the top rope. The ref accuses Bomb of doing that on purpose to which Bomb naturally defends himself. He turns his attention back to the slumped over Tastic. Bomb lifts him over his shoulders and turns around to face the middle of the ring. Alabama Slam by Bomb shakes the whole ring as Tastic is slammed into the mat. Brad cracks a smile for the first time since the beginning of the match and goes for the cover. 1... 2.. Tastic kicks out! Bomb sits up on his knees and grabs the head of Tastic and starts punching his face. The ref gets up to a 4 count when Bomb pushes Tastic back to the mat. Bomb stands up and picks Tastic up to his feet and pushes him into the corner. Bomb delivers a loud knife edge chop across the chest of Tastic. Bomb backs up again to the opposite corner and runs at Tastic. Stinger Splash connects this time. Bomb steps back to centre as Tastic slowly stumbles from the corner. Brad bends down and lifts Matt up. Leviathan Spinebuster again shakes the ring. Bomb goes for the cover without hooking the legs. 1... 2.... Tastic kicks out, much to Bombs displeasure. Bomb again goes for the cover, this time hooking both legs. 1... 2.... Tastic just kicks out again! Tastic rolls towards the ropes, but doesn’t quite reach them as Bomb steps on his back. Bomb puts his other foot on as well and stands on Tastic’s back, using the ropes to apply further pressure. the ref gets up to a 4 count again and Bomb steps off.

    Copeland: Brad Bomb has hit so many big moves in a row now. I don’t Matt tastic will be able to recover from this.

    Cohen: Bomb has been quite literally walking over Tastic for the past while. Time to detonate him and move on to the next victim.

    Brad Bomb picks up Tastic and hooks his head in a Suplex position. He lifts Tastic off the ground and holds him in the air with a Stalling Suplex. After a good 8 seconds Bomb falls back and send Matt crashing to the mat. Bomb doesn’t go for the cover, but instead turns around to face the audience and taunts that this match is over. The crowd boos Brad Bomb heavily to which he just smiles back. He grabs his opponent by the head and lifts him to his feet. Tastic falls back down to the mat and Bomb laughs at his opponents weak exhaustion. Bomb lifts his opponent back up to his feet and tucks Matt’s head down into a Powerbomb position. Bomb signals that this match is over and lifts Tastic up and goes for the Detonator. Tastic flips over Bomb’s shoulders and rolls him up into a surprise pinning situation. 1... 2... Bomb kicks out! Bomb gets up first and throws Tastic into the ropes. Bomb Irish Whips him across the ring. Bomb bends down to lift Tastic up for another Spinebuster as he comes back. Tastic grabs the head of Bomb as he is being lifted up and hits a perfect DDT. Both men lie still in the ring as the ref starts a 10 count. At 4 both men still have not moved. 6 Brad Bomb has begun to move. 7 Tastic is moving and almost to his knees. 8 Bomb is on one knee and Tastic is almost up near the ropes. 9 and Bomb is standing. He charges at Tastic with a clothesline. Tastic ducks the move. Bomb comes bouncing back off the ropes and runs right into a Dropkick from Tastic. Bomb gets back to his feet and stumbles towards Tastic. Matt lifts him up for a Flap Jack and drops him onto the top rope. Bomb bounces off the top rope and stays on his feet bent over. Tastic puts him on the mat though, following up with a Running Neckbreaker. Tastic with the cover. 1... 2.... Bomb kicks out! Tastic grabs his opponents head and helps him to his feet while having him trapped in a headlock. He then moves behind Brad and drops him to the matt. Twisted-T! Tastic is slow to get up, but he signals to the crowd that he is going to go for the Treble Boost. Matt holds his ribs as he straddles through the ropes. Tastic stands on the apron and raises his arm which gets loud cheers.

    Copeland: Tastic looking to put this match away with the Treble Boost.

    Cohen: He’s taking far too long Seabass. The wind is just about out of his sails. If doesn’t put Bomb away here no he will not win. i guarantee you that.

    Tastic gets ready to jump as Bomb has rolled onto his stomach. Bomb surprises Tastic by springing up onto his feet and driving a shoulder into Tastic’s abdomen. Brad grabs Matt’s head and walks him to the corner post. He goes to drive Matt’s head in, but Tastic gets a foot up. Matt pulls Bomb’s head into the corner and smashes it into it. The blow sends Bomb falling back into the ring. Tastic leaps onto the top rope and drops an elbow, Treble Boost. Matt goes for the cover. 1... 2.... 3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Matt Tastic!

    Matt looks pumped about the victory if also a little relieved that it’s over. The ref raises his arm and Matt stands to a loud ovation. Tastic climbs onto the nearby corner and points to the crowd who chant his name. Matt hops off the corner and rolls out of the ring and starts giving high fives to the fans at ringside.

    Copeland: An exciting contest between two men looking to regain some ground lost at Kingdom Come. Matt Tastic again picks up the victory and I think Matt is due for something big to happen in his career.

    Cohen: Hold on there a minute Seabass. Now I know Tastic picked up the victory and that’s all well and good for this AfterShock Main Eventer, but let me tell you Brad Bomb was a force to be heard in that ring as well. A little more focus in his ring work and he would’ve been victorious here tonight.

    Copeland: Well Jack, everyone always has a chance to win, but tonight Matt Tastic won and I think he showed just how tough a competitor he really is here tonight.


    We see Showtime backstage in his locker room who has changed into his ring attire, tying up his last boot. He is interrupted however when the door opens and another person walks in, appearing to be Steven Kurtesy. Show stands up and looks ready to confront Kurtesy but Steve shows that he comes in peace by holding up his hands.

    I see that you came here to my locker room to tell me your rebuttal to my statement in private.

    Kurtesy smiles, as well as Show.

    If our bested buddy Ty didn't intervene, I was going to let you know everything but let me say this: everything has a purpose.

    Kurtesy continues to smile as he backs out of the room. Show shakes his head and leans back down to continue tying his shoes.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall.

    After a solemn moment in the arena, as flames shoot from the stage and the lighting becomes slightly reminiscent of lightning, Phoenix appear atop the ramp. He looks very focussed on the task ahead as he quickly scans the fans who line the arena. With a shrug of his shoulders, Phoenix finally begins moving down the ramp, much to the annoyance of the fans who sit to his immediate left and right.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 223 pounds, from Kobe, Japan... The Eternal One, Phoenix!

    Copeland: Here is a man who will a point to prove this week after missing out on a spot at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: You said it, Seabass. There is nothing more infuriating in this business than being snubbed when it comes to the big matches. Phoenix will want to prove to everyone why he is one of the longest serving members of the WZCW roster.

    Phoenix slowly walks down the remainder of the ramp and gives a sneer to the fans that surround him. He quickly climbs the steps and gets into the ring. He mounts the far turnbuckle and scans the crowd once more. There is a flurry of booing in the arena now as Phoenix drops down to the mat and awaits his opponent.

    Harrys: And now introducing his opponent for this match, weighing in at 235 pounds, making his competitive return to WZCW... Sam Smith!

    There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the familiar name sticks in their ears. Some of the fans have not become wise to the new and adopted persona that Smith has employed but are made all too aware of it as Smith appears on the stage, sneering angrily into the masses. Smith launches his arms into the air now as the fans seem to turn on him almost immediately. Far from being annoyed by this though, Smith allows a smile to appear on his face.

    Cohen: Oh, here we go! Smith is back in WZCW and seems to be leaner and meaner. This could get very interesting in a hurry.

    Copeland: Let's not forget that Sam Smith is a former Elite X Champion. Having been bested by Steven Holmes and John Constantine's alliance, Smith took some time away from the business. He looks to have come back as a different person entirely and that could spell bad news for Phoenix.

    Smith continues down the ramp and then slides under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet and then climbs the turnbuckle closest to his opponent. Sam gives Phoenix a lingering look before looking out to the fans who are mercilessly booing him. Smith finally drops down to the mat again as the referee makes his final checks and calls for the bell.

    Copeland: I think this match has come at the right time for both of these men, Jack. Phoenix has taken a lot of criticism from the fans as he struggles to show people that he is still a major player here in WZCW. Meanwhile, Smith seems driven to make himself a household name once more with his more destructive persona. I think, ultimately, it means that we are in for a Hell of a match right here.

    The bell rings as Smith and Phoenix tie up in the middle of the ring. Both men jostle for position in the early goings. It is Phoenix, however, that gets the better of his opponent by landing a knee to the gut of the former lawyer. Smith beds over double as he suffers the effects of Phoenix attack. Phoenix takes this time to further his advantage by landing an excellently placed kick to the back of his opponents neck and head. Smith hits the canvas for the first time in the match as Phoenix attempts to follow up this strong start. Smith gets back to his feet quickly as Phoenix rushes him, landing a splash as Smith falls into the turnbuckle. Smith quickly rolls under the bottom rope as Phoenix lauds his start over the newly-returned Smith. Smith checks his face for blood as Phoenix tells him to get back into the ring. Smith, however, is more than content to bide his time for just now. The referee begins his count as Smith begins to circle the ring to a volley of boos from the crowd.

    Cohen: It seems that Smith is having a hard time adjusting to the pace of WZCW again, Seabass.

    Copeland: You hear it all the time, Jack, ring rust will stop the momentum of any man and almost nullify his chances of success if he can't remedy it.

    The referee reaches a count of 8 before Smith crawls back into the ring. Phoenix is quickly on him, however, as he lands a barrage of stomps that seem to be finding their mark on Smith. Smith is finding it hard in the early goings of the match and scurries into the corner on his hands and knees. He grips the ropes as the referee comes to his aid. Phoenix is irate that Smith is being protected as his head is outside of the ring. Smith gets to his feet as the referee warns Phoenix not to cross his authority, As Phoenix notices that Smith is on his feet, he quickly pushes past the referee, only to be met with a devastating right hook from the ever-dangerous Smith. The fans boo again as Smith begins to mount an offensive of his own. He back Phoenix up with some chop blocks before Irish whipping him into the far away ropes. On his return, Smith attempts to land a clothesline but Phoenix is too wise to it and ducks under the flailing arm of his opponent. Just when Phoenix thinks he is out of the woods, however, Smith follows up with a devastating dropkick. Phoenix hits the canvas this time as Smith rolls him over and covers him. With an elbow forced into the face of his opponent, Smith can only manage a quick one count on Phoenix as this match rumbles on.

    Cohen: You know what I find funny, Seabass? Sam Smith used to rally against people like Constantine and Holmes. And now, when I look at the way he wrestles, I can see traits of theirs creeping into his game.

    Copeland: You definitely have a point there, Jack. Smith seems a lot more dangerous here. Perhaps all that time he spent fighting against the natures of his opponents have finally caused something to snap within Smith?

    Cohen: No doubt about it, Smith seems like a different animal these days.

    Smith pulls Phoenix to his feet by the hair as the referee pleads with him to break his hold. Smith merely gives the referee a wry smile and then backs Phoenix into the corner again. Smith quickly lands a damaging elbow to the side of The Eternal One's head. Phoenix recoils out of the corner and Smith quickly follows up with a bulldog that smears the make up on Phoenix's face as his features as ground into the unforgiving canvas. Smith gets to his feet and looks down at the pained Phoenix before him. Not willing to give his opponent any time to rest, Smith bounces off of the ropes and lands a falling arm smash to the back of Phoenix's head. Phoenix immediately grabs the back of his skull and begins writhing around in pain as Smith gets to his feet before putting his arms out to his side as the crowd, again, boo him unmercifully. Smith doesn't care though and quickly gets down to cover Phoenix. The referee begins to count the fall but Phoenix lifts his shoulder as the referee's hand comes down for the 2 count. Smith gets to his knees and puts his hands on his hips as a look of anger begins to cross his features.

    Cohen: Phoenix needs to get going in this match soon. Or we could be looking at a flawless victory for Smith right here.

    Smith pulls Phoenix to his feet one more time as he looks to further extend his advantage in the match. Smith gets his opponent into position and looks to drive him back to the canvas, and the air out of his lungs, with a sidewalk slam. As he raises his opponent up, Phoenix lands a clubbing blow to the back of Smith's head. It isn't particularly damaging but it is enough to put Smith off for now. He quickly drops Phoenix as The Eternal One lands another stiff shot to the unprotected head of the former lawyer. Phoenix lands on one knee but is quickly up and running at the ropes. As he returns, Smith looks to nail him a lariat but Phoenix ducks under his arm and upon his return, nails Smith with a spinning heel kick that takes both men down. There is a silenced tone in the audience now as both men try to get back to their feet. It is Smith, however, who is quickest to a vertical basis. He is quickly followed by Phoenix, who runs at Smith and takes him back to the canvas with a beautiful enziguri kick. Smith rolls on the ground as Phoenix begins to press home his advantage, landing some excellently placed shoot kicks to the back and limbs of his opponent. Smith struggles to deal with the onslaught of Phoenix and this is illustrated as Phoenix locks in a camel clutch. Smith's expression turns to one of sheer pain as Phoenix levers back, doling out more and more pain to his brutal opponent.

    Copeland: After such a slow start from the Eternal One, we could be seeing the very rapid undoing of the returning Smith right here.

    Cohen: You've got that right, Seabass. Smith needs to get his head out of courtroom dramas and into this ring. He needs to realise that this isn't the People's Court, this is WZCW. You come in here taking it easy and you're going to take a beating.

    The referee asks Smith if he is willing to give up but a grunt from the former Elite X Champion signals his intentions to continue the match. The crowd boo and hiss as Smith slowly edges his way towards the ropes, reaching out a freed hand in the process. Phoenix, however, is not going to let his submission fade away that easy and pulls back further on the chin of his opponent. A dull and throbbing moan comes from Smith as Phoenix applies the pressure. The crowd lift out of their seats with excitement as Smith feels a world of hurt. From nowhere, Smith is shaking, his arms starting to move restlessly. There is some confusion as Smith begins to motivate himself. Phoenix's expression is priceless as Smith gets to to one knee, lifting the Eternal One off of his feet and into the air. The crowd stand in awe of Smith's strength as he tumbles back and onto the canvas, driving the air out of Phoenix's lungs, finally breaking the hold. Both Smith and Phoenix struggle to catch their breath as the action packed match begins to take it's toll on the bodies of the two men. The referee, again, begins his count as both men lie on the canvas, just trying to recuperate somewhat before the action takes place once again. As the referee reaches a count of 6, both men are on their feet. Phoenix attempts to catch the unsuspecting Smith with a lariat of his own but it is blocked by the former lawyer and followed up with a jaw-cracking punch of his own. The two men trade shots as they look to take control of the match at this late and exhausting stage.

    Copeland: What an effort from both men, you can tell that neither man wants to lose this one.

    Cohen: Both men have a lot to prove and this is where we'll see who has the guts or glory approach that you need in WZCW, Right now, it looks like both of them have.

    It is Phoenix who gets the better of the exchange as he lands a furious jab to the jaw of Smith, causing him to stumble backwards. Phoenix follows this up with a great shining wizard, which is then followed up with a bulldog of his own, extracting some revenge for the bulldog given to him some time ago. Smith lies motionless on the canvas as Phoenix rolls him over, trying to finish the match. The referee counts. 1... 2... Kick out as Smith finally rolls his shoulder out. Phoenix is now on his knees, questioning what he has to do to put this match away. It seems as though The Eternal One has lost patience with the match though and is looking to put this one to bed once and for all. Phoenix gets to his feet and allows Smith to recover somewhat. The crowd get excited as Phoenix signals that the end is upon us. It seems as though he is looking for some Redemption as Smith slowly gets to his feet. Phoenix waits and waits, looking for the ideal time to strike. With no hesitation now, he goes for Smith's back, looking to end this match. Smith is wise to it, however, and grabs the rope. As Phoenix attempts to pull Smith back and execute the move, Smith grabs onto the ropes for dear life. Phoenix stumbles back as Smith turns around and nails him with The Final Judgement. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as Smith slowly crawls on top of Phoenix as the referee counts. 1... 2... 3!

    Copeland: I cannot believe what I have just seen from Sam Smith.

    Cohen: Ha! I can't believe it myself, Seabass. Phoenix had this match in hand as Smith felt his might. But, I guess, in the end Smith was just too wily for the grizzled veteran.

    Copeland: Phoenix will have to be kicking himself for losing a match that he seemed so in control of until that final moment.

    Cohen: Well there is the idea right there, Seabass. Smith was in this match until the final moments. He didn't take his eye off of the prize and he eventually nailed Phoenix with The Final Judgement from nowhere to pick up the win.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Sam Smith!

    Smith gets to his feet, a little groggy from the previous match. He raises his arms into the air with some assistance from the referee and begins to scream at the fans. The fans are not too inviting of his words though as he yells about being the number one guy in the business and how the whole WZCW roster will fall to him. After a moment of further celebration, Smith rolls out of the ring, leaving Phoenix wondering what went wrong in that split second.


    Leon tries to catch up with Austin Reynolds backstage.

    Leon: "Austin, hey Austin! What happened out there?"

    Austin: "I'm sick and tired Ricky's BS. We lose the tag titles and he goes to Disneyland! That's....It just makes me sick."

    Leon: But what about you guys now? What's next for Runn Reynolds Runn."

    Austin: "Leon, just get out my face. I'm not in the mood."

    Austin walks off and Leon stops, surprised by the attitude of the Ratings Winner.
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    Harrys: The following is a Fatal Four Way match scheduled for one fall!

    The crowd cheers as the music of Keystone's hero plays and Titus walks out on stage. Titus points to the audience, but has a serious look on his face and we walks to the ring.


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing in at 225 lbs, Titus!

    Titus hops onto the apron and straddles through the ropes as "Over the Seas" by Alestorm cuts in. Steamboat Ricky staggers out onto the stage and raises one arm. Chants of Steamboat fill the arena as Ricky high fives some fans along the entrance ramp.


    Harrys: And his opponents, first from Tortuga, weighing in at 260 lbs, Steamboat Ricky!

    Ricky enters the ring and climbs onto a nearby turnbuckle and raises his arm. He removes his pirate vest as "Skeletons" by Dangerous New Machines plays. Big Dave walks onto the stage ramp wearing his protective face mask. Dave raises both his arms and then throws them down as he walks to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing next, from London, England, weighing in at 268 lbs, Big Dave!

    Dave slides into the ring and nods at both his opponents in the ring. Steamboat Ricky returns the nod, while Titus stares at Dave. Everest’s music starts to play, but there is no sign of Everest anywhere. The three competitors stare up the ramp, but the two time former World Champion does not emerge from behind the curtain

    Copeland: Everest does not look like he is going to show. Word backstage is that he hasn’t been seen all day.

    Cohen: I would’ve imagined someone would walk out on the new Ty Burna reign in WZCW, but I never imagined it would be someone who bleeds WZCW blood like Everest.

    Titus is in the ring looking rather upset by Everest not showing. Big dave and Steamboat share Titus’ displeasure. All three men walk up to the ropes and are about to leave the ring when Serafina appears on stage with mic in hand.

    Serafina: Per orders of the new owner of WZCW, Ty Burna, this match will still continue as a Triple Threat match, and if either of you three walk out on the match you will be suspended indefinitely without pay. Ty Burna expects you to put on a good contest, or else further consequences will be payed for Everest’s defiance.

    Serafina exits to the back as the bell rings. All three men turn around to face each other. Titus has not taken his eye off Dave since Serafina ordered the match to continue. Dave looks and notices Titus’ stare and nods his head. Steamboat senses the hostility in the air and backs off a bit. He goes to his corner where he left his vest and pulls out a bag of Lobster Chips and starts to eat some.

    Copeland: It’s been nearly 22 months since these two fought at Unscripted and Titus was forced to leave WZCW because of Big Dave. We may see things boil over here tonight.

    Cohen: And this is exactly what Ty is hopping will happen. Divide and conquer amongst his enemies.

    Titus steps forward and starts to taunt Dave. Big Dave turns his head slightly, drawing Titus to push him. Dave responds back with a right and the two are now trading punches. Dave brings his arms up to block the shots that are coming at his face and mask. Titus backs him into the ropes and drives a knee into his gut. The move lowers Dave’s arms and Titus hits a Kesagiri chop across the chest of Dave. Titus then Irish Whips him across the ring. Titus goes for another spinning chop, but Dave knocks him to the mat with a Running Spear. The two are on the mat striking each other. Dave stays on top of Titus and starts to stomp on him as Titus pulls himself to the corner. Titus in on the bottom rope as Dave drives his foot repeatedly on Titus. The offense is only stopped when Steamboat Ricky finally makes his presence felt. He hits Dave from behind with a running knee and then stomps him down to mat until he and Titus are both sitting up against the lower part of the corner. Ricky starts to back and raises his arm in the air to cheers. He then runs at both his competitors and leaps with a Diving Headbutt. Dave turns his upperbody to the side, narrowly missing the headbutt which connects solidly on Titus. Still, Steamboats sheer size lands on both competitors and does the damage. Ricky stands up and circles the ring. Big Dave gets to his feet first and Ricky quickly grabs him at centre. Belly to Belly Suplex. Steamboat with the first cover. 1... 2. Dave kicks out! Ricky wastes little time picking Dave up and has him set up for a Piledriver. He goes to lift Dave up, but Dave keeps himself on the mat. Ricky readjusts his grip and the seconds spent allows Dave to lift Ricky up and flip him back onto the mat. Ricky quickly rises to his feet, but holding his back. The weak defense allows Dave to grab Ricky by the waist. Northern Lights Suplex sends Ricky back to the mat. Big Dave gets to his feet and helps Ricky up near the ropes. Dave Irish Whips Ricky across the ring and slowly follows from behind. Ricky comes off the ropes and runs into a Big Boot. The moves spins Ricky onto the mat as he rolls under the ropes to the edge of the apron. Big Dave walks to the ropes and lifts Steamboat up to his feet on the other side. Dave grabs Ricky’s head and goes to suplex him into the ring. Dave tries to lift Ricky up, but Ricky stays on the apron.

    Copeland: Big Dave trying to put Ricky back into the ring, but you pear shaped brawler stays firmly planted on the apron.

    Cohen: Pear shaped brawler? You best be careful he doesn’t hear you Seabass. Ricky is in the best shape of his career.

    Dave can’t get Ricky back into the ring and Ricky looks like he’s going to try and Suplex Big Dave out of the ring. This is prevented when Titus stands beside Dave and clubs the back of Steamboat. Titus grabs the other side of Ricky and him and Dave together Suplex Steamboat into the ring. The crowd popped loudly at the loud boom of bodies hitting the ring. Dave and Titus stand at the same time and Titus immediately goes back to work on Dave kicking him in the midsection. Titus follows up with a European Uppercut that doesn’t take Dave off his feet. Titus again kicks the midsection and follows with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Titus goes for the pin attempt. 1... 2.. Dave kicks out! Dave sits himself up, but Titus follows with a swift kick to the back, putting Dave back down to the mat. Titus grabs Dave’s leg and kicks at it. He grabs Dave’s other leg and slowly puts him in a British Figure-Four Leglock. Dave cries out in pain as Titus tries to apply as much pressure as he can. Dave tries to reach out and break the hold on his legs, but Titus swings with his arms every time Dave reaches.

    Copeland: Submission hold is expertly locked in by Titus. Will Big Dave tap out?

    The answer comes in the form the 260 lb Steamboat who leaps onto the legs of both men. Titus releases the hold and grabs his leg as Dave rolls out of the ring to safety, also holding his leg. Steamboat lifts Titus to his feet and grabs onto his arm. He pulls Titus right into a Clothesline. Ricky grabs his opponent and lifts him onto his feet. Titus surprises Ricky with a chop across the chest, stunning him. Titus bounces off the ropes, but is met by a Running Dropkick from Steamboat. Ricky picks his opponent up and locks his arms up from behind. Full Nelson Slam! Ricky with the cover on Titus. 1... 2.. Titus kicks out! Ricky grabs his opponent again from behind and locks in Sleep hold. He has Titus seated up right and stands above him, cutting off as much oxygen as possible.

    Copeland: Titus is fading and looks pretty gassed.

    Cohen: The Pirate has seen little offense against him as Dave and Titus look to be settling a score between the two of them. The long breaks have allowed Ricky to remain well rested.

    Titus looks pretty out of it as the ref raises his arm. The arm drops limp the first time. The ref raises it again and the arm falls. The ref raises it a third time and Titus keeps it in the air. The crowd is getting louder and Titus uses that energy to bring himself to his feet. Steamboat as the hold still locked in and is refusing to let go. Titus tries to elbow free and can’t get a clean shot in. He pulls himself towards a corner and then falls forward, sending Steamboat head first into the top corner. Ricky is slumped in the corner. Titus grabs his head from behind and pulls him back a bit. Titus leaps onto the second rope. Springboard Bulldog! Both men lie still in the ring for a few seconds before Titus covers Ricky. 1... 2.. Steamboat kicks out! Titus gets to his feet and signals that this match will be over. He waits for Steamboat to stand up and goes for the Tit Drop. Steamboat pulls his head just out of the way. Titus stays on his feet but is met with a kick to the gut. Steamboat lifts Titus up for a Powerbomb looking to turn it into The Deck Swabber. Titus uses him momentum to roll over Ricky. Titus lands on his feet and kicks Steamboat from behind. He grabs his foot and locks in the Ankle Lock.

    Copeland: The Ankle lock! Titus has the Ankle Lock tapped. Will Steamboat tap out?

    Ricky is pulling himself towards the ropes. He is a few inches away as Titus tries to pull him back. Dave suddenly appears from behind Titus and Roundhouse Kicks him in the side of the head. Titus appears knocked unconscious as he hands drop and his body quarter spins and starts to fall to the side. Dave prevents Titus from landing on the mat, but instead put him there himself with the Checking Out! Titus and Dave lie down and out in the middle of the ring as Steamboat rolls out.

    Copeland: Lifting Side Slam. Is Dave going to check out with a victory?

    Cohen: Enough with your lines. Pin him.

    Both men are still out in the ring. The ref checks on both men to see if there are still okay. Big Dave is the first to move and he slowly crawls over to Titus and drapes an arm over him. 1... 2..... Titus just kicks out. Dave rolls over onto the mat and readjusts his mask. Dave slowly stands up and raises his arms to loud cheers. He stands hunched and ready as he waits for Titus to get to his feet. Titus slowly stands up and does a slow turn around to face Dave. Big Dave lifts Titus up onto his shoulders.

    Cohen: The Stamp of Authority. Dave’s about to put this match away.

    Dave goes to hit his finisher on Titus. Titus kicks his legs and squirms free as he slides down the back of Dave. He grabs Dave’s head and hits a Reverse DDT. Both men are down in the middle of the ring. The ref quickly checks on Steamboat still outside the ring and then looks back at the two men. Neither has has moved much. Titus slowly gets to his knees as Dave uses the nearby ropes to pull himself up. Titus and Dave both get to their feet at the same time. Dave goes to grab Titus. Titus hits a European Uppercut that pushes Dave to the ropes. Titus with an Irish Whip, Big Dave reverses. Titus bounces off the ropes and both men go for a Clothesline, both connecting. They fall down to the mat and lie side by side. Ricky hops onto the apron and turns to the crowd. He sees both men lying in the ring and climbs onto the top rope.

    Copeland: Titus and Dave are down. Steamboat looking to hit a big Elbow Drop and steal the match.

    Steamboat stands on the top rope and shouts out ‘Man Over Board’. He readies himself to jump when the crowd boos. Steamboat turns to look down the entrance ramp and sees Alex Bowen. Alex Bowen slowly walks to the ring, pointing at Steamboat Ricky. Ricky hops off the turnbuckle and walks up the ramp. The two meet near the entrance way and start to slug it out. A sea of referees and officials come out to break up the scuffle.

    Copeland: What is Bowen doing out here?

    Cohen: Bowen has a score to settle with Steamboat. I wonder how Ty will react to Bowen’s interference tonight?

    Copeland: Ty has told Bowen he will get Ricky when he says so, but Bowen is defying him right now. Cracks are certainly starting to show in the once united Apostles of Chaos.

    As the fight continues on the stage rampe, Titus and Dave stand in the middle of the ring and start trading punch for punch with each other. Big Dave hits a big right as both men are very sluggish now and taking long pauses in between strikes. Titus strikes next with a big chop across the chest. Dave kicks low and catches Titus in the leg, causing him to buckle a little. Big Dave goes for a Roundhouse Kick. Titus ducks under it. Spinning Heel Kick from Titus connects. He falls on Dave for the cover. 1... 2.... Dave kicks out!

    Copeland: Both these men are completely exhausted. How much longer can this match possibly go?

    Cohen: All night I would imagine.

    Titus pulls himself and lifts Big Dave to his feet. He pushes him towards a corner and then lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Titus climbs up onto the second rope and grabs Dave’s arm. He drapes it over his neck and has Dave set up for a Superplex. Titus goes to lift Dave up but Dave grabs onto the ropes with his loose hand. Titus again tries to flip him over, but Big Dave again holds the ropes. Dave starts striking the midsection of Titus and wears him down enough so he lets go of Dave. Dave grabs Titus by the head and punches him in the face. Titus begins to teeter back and reaches out and grabs the head of Dave. Dave hangs onto the top rope and eventually Titus falls back to the ring, but not without ripping off Dave’s protective mask.

    Copeland: Titus has landed back in the ring and has accidentally pulled off the protective mask of Dave.

    Cohen: No way was that accidental Seabass. Titus wants to wreck Big Dave’s face.

    Dave hesitates for a second once he realizes his mask is off, but does what feels natural and leaps off the turnbuckle for a Big Body Splash. Titus rolls just out of the way and Dave’s face smashes into the protective mask lying on the mat. Dave rolls over, grabbing at his face. He slowly rises to his feet standing bent over holding his face. Titus bounces slowly off the ropes and leaps up with his leg over Dave. Tit Drop connects. Titus hooks Dave’s leg for the cover. 1... 2... 3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Titus!

    Titus gets up to his feet and the ref raises his hand. Titus stands there with his arms in the air and then wipes some sweat off his chest when he realizes there is also blood on him. He looks down at Dave who is still holding his face. Titus bends down to check on Dave and yells at the ref to grab him a towel. Titus slowly lifts Dave to his feet and the ref hands him a towel. Titus starts to wipe the face of Dave when....

    The owner of WZCW Ty Burna appears on the stage ramp.

    Burna: Well I must say gentleman, that was quite an exhibition you put on there. Big moves, near falls, and hey, even a little blood. You really covered all the bases there and.... Dave? Is that... is that really you underneath all that crimson.

    Dave removes the towel partially blocking his face. His forehead is completely red with blood trickling down his face.

    Burna: God lord man. Look at your face right now, it's grotesque. You’re a monster, a hideous monster. Dave I can’t have you competing in my company if this sort of incident can happen in any old match. There are children who are watching this right now and you... are scaring them. Monsters like you have no place in my ring, so effective immediately... you are suspended from competing until I deem that you are fit to compete again in the ring.

    The crowd boos loudly and Dave throws up his arms in protest.

    Burna: Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Enjoy your time away from the ring.

    Ty Burna leaves with a sick smile on his face as Titus restrains Dave from running up the ramp.

    Copeland: Well folks you heard it here first. By order of the new WZCW owner, Ty Burna has suspended Big Dave indefinitely from competing.

    Cohen: I feel for Big Dave. Ty is pulling a power move here, but I think this will be best for Dave’s health in the long run.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd gives a mainly positive reaction mixed with some boos due to his earlier statements for the man known as Showtime. He makes his way down the ramp with a single spotlight following him, walking with confidence as he hits the ring and ascends the second turnbuckle to do his signature pose.

    Harrys: Introducing first, Winnipeg, Canada, weighing in at 219 pounds; "Showtime" David Cougar!

    Cohen: Despite my opinion on David, I can at least say that he is someone who is never afraid to tell the truth. What he said tonight could not have been better explained.

    Copeland: Maybe so but Showtime has got to focus on an old rival of his who he has to face momentarily. He can't get too involved in another man's life when he's got such a big opponent to prepare for.

    Cohen: I wouldn't call that drunk something to worry about considering Showtime's the number one contender whereas Drake couldn't even earn himself a simple contract.

    Showtime remains in the ring standing in the middle, waiting for his opponent to enter. His music dies down and it takes several moments for anything to happen, which gets the referee and the audience a little anxious... until:


    The crowd gets on their feet for Drake Callahan as his music hits the speakers. However, Callahan is not as excited to see the audience as he walks out from the curtain and down the ramp with a purpose, his eyes not breaking contact with Showtime where it makes Cougar try to read this new look he hasn't seen before.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 215 pounds; Drake Callahan!

    Callahan gets into the ring and does nothing but stare at Showtime, continuing to erk the number one contender.

    Copeland: Is it me or does Callahan not look normal to you?

    Cohen: Drake never looks normal to me but this isn't the same guy I saw enter the elimination chamber at Kingdom Come.

    Copeland: My first guess was that he's prepared for Show but I don't think its that.

    The referee asks Show if he is ready and he says yes. He asks Drake and he says or does nothing, still staring at Show. The ref shrugs and signals for the bell.

    Almost immediately, Callahan pounces at Show and gets him in a collar-elbow tie-up, catching him off-guard to allow Callahan to back Show into the corner. He then whips Show across the ring. As soon as Show hits the turnbuckle with his back, Callahan hits a dropkick to Show in the corner. Show stumbles out of the corner, more from pure shock than damage, allowing Callahan to get a small package from Callahan... 1... 2... kick-out at the nick of time for Show. He cannot believe how close that first pin was but doesn't have time to follow up on anything else as Callahan has picked him up and has whipped him across the ring. Show tries going for a clothesline but Callahan reverses into a forward Russian legsweep. He flips over Show for the pin... 1... the initial shock from Show has allowed him to kick-out easier this time but Callahan locks in his patent scissored armbar, keeping Show grounded for the time being. Callahan looks to be inflicting a lot of pain through his stiff technique, forcing Show to act fast to get to his feet and make a modified pinfall... 1... 2... Callahan kicks out and subsequently lets go of the submission. Show shakes his arm as Callahan gets up quickly, trying to catch Show in his recovery state but Show is ready enough to counter Callahan's advances with a knife-edge chop. The impact can be heard throughout the arena and Callahan grabs his chest. He sucks up the pain however and doesn't clutch his chest, trying again at attempting an attack: another knife-edge chop, followed by another. You can see in the face of Callahan that he feels pain but he does not want to show this with body movements. Show uses this time to hit a standing spinning clothesline, taking down Callahan. Show then gains speed by running off the ropes as Callahan gets up, connecting with a running flying elbow. Show manages to get a pin on Drake... 1... a forceful kick-out by Callahan but Show stays on him by locking in a triangle choke hold. Callahan tries escaping quickly but Show has the submission clamped on. Callahan punches the mat as Show continues the pressure.

    Copeland: A little frustration coming from Callahan.

    Cohen: Maybe he's come to the realisation that he's over the hill in coming back?

    Although the aggressive attitude shown previously by Callahan, he takes his time getting to a vertical base as Show continues to hold on as most of the crowd cheers on Drake. He is on his feet but not standing straight due to the submission. He uses this as an opportunity to pin... 1... 2... Show rolls his shoulder off the mat to continue the hold. Suddenly, Callahan drops to his knees and begins choking Show. The referee has no choice but to intervene and try breaking up the illegal move... where Callahan stops at the 3rd count due to Show letting go of his submission. Show grabs his throat and takes deep breaths as Callahan bows his head and shakes it before getting to his feet, helping Show to his feet: belly-to-back suplex from Callahan. Drake pauses for a moment as he sees Show clutching his back, not satisfied with the damage to go for a pinfall. He again picks up Show, wrenching his arms behind his back as he does so to allow him to hit a Tiger suplex into a pinfall... 1... 2... kick-out again by Show. Callahan sits up and rubs his forehead and his face before pondering for a moment. He then sees Show trying to get up as he easily gets to his feet. Callahan looks at Show as he is getting to his knees to get up but Drake kicks Show in the gut and hits a snap DDT. He rolls Showtime over and pins him... 1... 2... kick-out once more. Callahan looks at the referee before looking back at Showtime, grabbing one of his legs so Show cannot go anywhere. Callahan locks in a single leg crab and sits down, allowing more pain to shoot through Show's leg. Despite being beaten down, Show's legs are still somewhat fresh so the urge to tap is not there, so much so that he is able to get to the ropes within a few seconds. The referee asks for a clean break and Callahan does so, although he drags Show back into the middle and tries going for it again but Show blocks. Callahan quickly stop the attempt so he can stomp his boot into the chest of Show, temporarily stopping him from his defenses and locks in a figure-four leg lock. With the balance being even, Callahan has more control and makes it easier for him to keep Show in the ring who is starting to feel the pain through his legs. He tries going for the ropes but Callahan is the fresher man and keeps him at bay.

    Cohen: Interesting strategy here that Callahan is employing. He's actually got Show momentarily stuck.

    Copeland: Callahan is a professional wrestler for a reason, you know.

    The crowd starts to get themselves behind Show as he starts moving his arms to the beat of their clapping. He tries to look for the ropes but Callahan's position is still pretty well kept so he attempts to flip over Callahan. It takes a few seconds and some more cheers but Show manages to flip Callahan. Before Show can inflict pain, Callahan releases the hold and quickly gets to his feet to hit a standing shooting star to Show's back, followed up by a standing moonsault to Show's back. Show clutches his back as Callahan is on his knees catching his breath from the short burst of speed. He rolls over Show and pins him... 1... 2... kick-out. Callahan lets out a yell of anger at the referee, shocking some members of the audience at Drake's attitude. Callahan grabs Show and picks him up to a vertical base before whipping him across the ring. Callahan goes for a sidewalk slam but Show manages to counter by swinging around behind Callahan, doing a full 360 so he can hit Backstage. The impact of the DDT has a whiplash effect for Callahan whilst Show's total damage taken keeps him down: both men are on the canvas and the referee begins counting. As the numbers get higher, so does the crowd get louder in cheering for both men and along with the ref. We get to a count of 8 before Callahan is on his feet with Show one knee. Callahan goes over to Show but is caught off-guard with another knife-edge chop. This time, Callahan clutches his chest as it goes red once more and Show gets to his feet, hitting an enzuigiri on Callahan knocking him groggy for a moment to allow Show to hit a dropkick on Callahan. Drake stumbles to the ropes and rebounds off, allowing Show another opportunity to seize with the Ratings Crash. This isn't enough for Show to get a pinfall so he allows Callahan to get up, opening him up for the Showstopper. Show thinks about going for a pin but instead looks at the turnbuckle and points, getting the crowd hyped up. He goes over and ascends to the top.

    Cohen: Showtime going high-risk to end off Callahan. This could get dangerous.

    Copeland: It's a place he knows well, Jack.

    Showtime gets to the top and taunts for the fans who cheer him loudly but this costs him as Callahan is quick to his feet and climbs to the top rope, meeting Show on the turnbuckles. Callahan tries to throw him off but Show pushes Drake off instead, where he lands on his back. Show prepares and waits for Callahan to get up to his feet. Show jumps off and hits a spear from the top... 1... 2... kick-out barely by Callahan. Show and the crowd are shocked that this move didn't finish off Drake but Show gets up and continues, picking up Callahan with him. Show drags Callahan to the corner and slowly but surely, gets himself and Callahan up to the top preparing for his finisher Final Act. Show is about to set up Callahan for the finish but Drake manages to rack the eyes of Show, causing Show to grab his eyes and leaving Show open for Callahan to hit the Hangover from the top. As they crash to the mat, the crowd is left in shock as the two men lay on the canvas with Show almost out of it as Callahan is very slow to recover. The crowd chants holy shit as the two slowly move.

    Copeland: Oh my God! That was a huge impact from Callahan to Showtime. An avalanche brainbuster isn't something to take lightly: is Show okay?

    Cohen: Wow... I didn't know Callahan had it in him to do something that ballsy.

    Callahan manages to get to his feet and is breathing heavily. Whilst most of the crowd are still in awe of what happened, some boo Callahan's tactics he took to gain the advantage. He however does not care as he stares of Show, who is using Callahan to get himself to a vertical base. A small smile comes across the face of Callahan before Drake picks him up and nails another Hangover. Callahan sits up as Show is out, smile on his face and some laughing as well. Callahan turns to the ref who is checking on Show and pushes him aside, locking in the Last Call on Show. The ref has no choice but to immediately end the match to preserve the condition of Show.

    The match ends as the bell rings with Callahan letting go of the hold and getting to his feet, taking a deep breath as his music plays. A wide grin on his face indicates that he is happy with the victory although the crowd isn't.

    Harrys: Here is your winner; Drake Callahan.

    Cohen: This is a new, more assertive side of Callahan we've seen tonight. You think he's taking his Fluttershy character too seriously?

    Copeland: I'm not familiar with ponies but this isn't something I'd show my kids to learn from. What's going through the mind of Callahan to do something like this?

    Cohen: His history with Showtime, stress from Kingdom Come?

    Copeland: Whatever it is, I'm not liking this new attitude. Better keep an eye out on Callahan from now on.

    Callahan exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp as the ref still checks on Show, who is only just starting to stir.


    Stacey Madison is backstage with Celeste Crimson.

    Stacey: "So Celeste, you led the team that loses to the Apostles at Kingdom Come, you then threaten the man who will partner you in the main event, which is next up tonight. What is up with that?"

    Celeste: "I'm far from happy with what went down at the pay-per-view. We got beaten by the insane juggalo of death, a man-robot, two encephalitic clowns and I'm not going to mention the guy with the Oedipal issues. Tonight I get my shot at revenge. That's what I am focussed on. Kurtesy needs to know that."

    Celeste walks leaving Madison aghast at Celeste's attitude. We then go to Leon who is with Sam Smith.

    "Sam, I know you must be delighted to be back."

    "You don't know how I feel. Nobody does. Phoenix got just a taster of my wrath. I will walk through anyone I have to, to get the success I deserve."

    Smith glares at Leon with an evil stare.

    "Erm, let's go to our main event."
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    Harrys: The following three on two handicap match is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, representing the Apostles of Chaos, Alex Bowen, S.H.I.T., and the Owner of WZCW, Ty Burna!

    The lights dim and the crowd shows their disapproval furiously at the appearance of the Apostles of Chaos. Ty Burna, Master of WZCW, leads the way, a somewhat maniacal grin on his face, ignoring everything around him. Alex Bowen walks to his left, head hung slightly, no doubt somewhat worn after his earlier fight with Steamboat Ricky. The mechanical man S.H.I.T. walks to Ty's right, equally focused, and yet a barely perceptible glance over his shoulder betrays perhaps the slightest bit of doubt over the missing Alhazred. The three make their way to the ring where S.H.I.T. and Bowen sit on the ropes to allow Ty to make his entrance unimpeded to the ring, where soon all three stand, Ty giving brief, last minute instructions to his followers.

    Copeland: And here at last are the Apostles of Chaos, although somewhat less united than they might have been at Kingdom Come. Alhazred's dubious disappearance has cut their advantage somewhat tonight, Jack - is the loss of a fourth member to this team enough to give Kurtesy and Celeste an edge tonight?

    Cohen: Not even close, Seabass. They're still fighting down a man on the Apostles, and in my opinion, they're facing the very best. Alhazred and King are flakes, and K.O. frankly can't be trusted. They're up against the immortal Ty Burna and his two most trusted allies - there's just no hope.


    Harrys: And introducing their opponents, first, from Petersburg, Russia, weighing in at 165 pounds...Celeste Crimson!

    Celeste Crimson makes her way out to a mixed reaction. Many still cheer her vigorously, but some don't react so positively, recalling her broken promises at Kingdom Come and her recent attitude in WZCW promotional work. For her part, see apparently couldn't care less - she has a scowl on her face but gives no other outward reaction to just about anything as she makes her way to the ring, single minded and staring a hole through Ty Burna. She stops short of the ring and stares at him harshly, a stare he returns as he stands his ground in the ring. Celeste wipes a hand across her face and continues to stare furiously.

    Copeland: After failing to prevent the Ty Burna takeover at Kingdom Come, Celeste Crimson has apparently regressed psychologically, and many suspect we'll be seeing a little more of the old Celeste than we used to. She seems totally uninterested in any further alliance with Steven Kurtesy.

    Cohen: Not only uninterested in an alliance with Kurtesy, but entirely too interested in his world championship for his comfort, I'd say. Frankly, it'd behoove Celeste to walk out now and feed Kurtesy to the dogs.


    Harrys: And her partner, hailing from Syndey, Australia, weighing in at 228 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion...Steven Kurtesy!

    Steven Kurtesy appears on the stage to thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the crowd. He responds with a smile, a wave, and hearty patting of the WZCW World Championship around his waist. He makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on the way there, albeit with a weary look on his face, no doubt distressed over his rival gaining total control over the company. He avoids looking directly at Ty and instead steps next to Celeste and tries to have a word with her, but she shrugs him off and refuses to stop looking dead at Ty. Kurtesy looks half-confused, half-angry but shrugs it off. He makes his way into the ring and the Apostles concede the territory as the music stops and the lights come up. The ref steps in to separate the teams into their respective corners.

    Copeland: You'd think after retaining the world championship on the greatest stage in the world, everything in Kurtesy's life would be great. But with his greatest rival in charge of the company and his strongest alliance crumbling in front of his eyes, it has to seem like everything is falling apart for him.

    Cohen: It won't be long before Kurtesy snaps. The knowledge that your boss, a man that hates you with a passion, can do anything he pleases to you, and if you so much as say 'boo', he'll fire you, has got to drive a man insane.

    The sides have gathered and separated into their respective corners now. The Apostles break smoothly, leaving S.H.I.T. in the ring. Kurtesy tries to step forward but Celeste puts a hand out and finally looks at him, coldly nodding to the corner. Kurtesy looks at her for a long moment, the two locked in a power struggle before the ref comes over to demand one of them get out. Kurtesy, looking exasperated, exits the ring. Celeste turns from him and looks at S.H.I.T. with venom. The mechanical man, for his part, gives little expression. The referee performs the customary checks of each wrestler for anything illegal before signalling for the bell and starting things off.

    Celeste closes rapidly and despite her size disadvantage, uses her experience and savvy in the ring to lock up S.H.I.T. in a headlock. S.H.I.T. fights out with an elbow to Celeste's gut and sends her into the ropes. She rebounds and surprises S.H.I.T. with a jumping enzuigiri that sends him crashing down to the mat. Celeste takes to the ropes again, but S.H.I.T. is up rapidly and meets her with a snap suplex. He goes for a quick pin but Celeste is out before two. S.H.I.T. stands and delivers a few kicks before backing up to the ropes and slowly coming in for a big leg drop. He pulls Celeste up to her feet now, and sends her into the ropes. He bends down, looking for a back body drop, but Celeste is too clever for that and takes him down hard with an Evenflow DDT. She goes for a pin of her own now, but S.H.I.T. is out before two as well. Celeste sets up S.H.I.T.'s arm so the elbow is sticking up and stomps on it furiously, causing S.H.I.T. to writhe in robotic pain. She kicks him on the ground a few times before setting S.H.I.T. up for the same move and once again viciously stomping on his arm. She then drops to the mat herself and locks in a Fujiwara armbar! S.H.I.T. struggles with the submission, confused as to how such a frail human could cause such pain to his person. It's not long before Bowen comes in to stomp Celeste hard in the gut and break up the hold. The ref pushes Bowen back out of the ring but the damage is done.

    Copeland: Celeste looks good so far - certainly more aggressive than she has been in recent months. But she'll need more crowd control to win this one.

    Cohen: But how will she manage that, giving up a man advantage? Kurtesy can't keep two men occupied by himself, can he?

    Celeste gets to her feet slowly, feeling the effects of the hard kick to her gut strongly. S.H.I.T. also is up slowly, but he gets over to the corner and tags in Bowen. With a conflicted look on her face, but knowing she needs to recover, Celeste tags in her partner as well and it's the world champion and the master of mayhem meeting one another in the ring. Kurtesy and Bowen meet in the center of the ring and Kurtesy quickly takes control, locking in a headlock and forcing Bowen to the ropes. The hold is broken and Bowen is about to go after Kurtesy but Ty yells at him and instructs him to bring him in. Bowen almost looks defiant but quickly obeys, bringing his master into the ring. Ty and Kurtesy share a long look across the ring before the two rapidly close and lock up in the center of the ring. Ty gets the better of it and works over Kurtesy's arm a bit before whipping him into a neutral corner. He chases after, looking for a running high knee to the head, but Kurtesy ducks out of the corner and leaves Ty to get caught up in the ropes. Ty staggers out, disoriented and hurting, where Kurtesy is waiting to meet him with a hard backhand chop that has the whole crowd grimacing. He hits several hard chops in the center of the ring before whipping Ty into the ropes. On the rebound he catches Ty in the gut with a spinning wheel kick and follows with a Butterfly Suplex! He goes for the pin and gets only two. Kurtesy picks Ty up and goes to his own corner where he tags in Celeste. Celeste orders him out of the ring, but Kurtesy hangs on to Ty, wanting to double team him. Celeste barks once more and the ref is already there with the five count, leaving Kurtesy to furiously toss Ty aside and exit the ring, fuming at the missed opportunity.

    Copeland: This alliance is breaking down before our very eyes, as Celeste refuses to even double-team an opponent with the world champion.

    Cohen: Are you surprised? Let's be honest, it was only a matter of time before she returned to her old ways.

    Celeste hits a German suplex on Ty and hangs on to bridge for a pin attempt, but gets only two. Celeste gets up and takes a moment while Ty staggers to his feet. She charges him, but Ty uses his devious savvy and weight advantage to lift her and drop her throat first onto the ropes. Winded, she staggers wildly while Ty catches his breath. Bowen calls for a tag but Ty ignores him, instead hip tossing Celeste to the ground, grabbing her legs, positioning her under the ropes, and launching her throat-first once more into the ropes. Celeste has great trouble catching her breath now. Ty picks her up to her knees and drags her to his corner, where he smashes her face into the middle turnbuckle. Bowen raises his hand, expecting the tag, but once again is denied, causing him great frustration. Ty takes Celeste back out and kicks her in the back of the head, sending her to the mat. He positions himself and locks in a Muta Lock! Celeste struggles and Ty doesn't have it locked in tight, letting Celeste soon struggle over to the ropes, forcing Ty to release the hold. Celeste gasps for breath and clutches her throat while Ty gets up and considers his next move.

    Copeland: Do you think Celeste is regretting not double-teaming Ty now?

    Cohen: You're damn sure she is. You never pass up an opportunity to deal all the damage you can to a man like Ty, and he's obviously making her pay for it.

    Ty lets Celeste struggle to her feet but gives her little respite besides, quickly sending her down with a double underhook backbreaker. He lifts her up once more for an apparent brainbuster, but Celeste latches on to Ty desperately and refuses to allow him to get the move off. The two struggle with Celeste on his shoulders before she slips off and somehow, incredibly, turns it into an Octupus stretch! With what strength she has she wrenches on it viciously, leaving Ty to struggle over to the ropes as quickly as he can. The ref forces Celeste to get off, leaving Ty to choke and gain his breath while she recovers. Celeste swallows her pride and tags in Kurtesy while Ty turns to face his opponent. It's right back to the big chops for Kurtesy that have Ty dancing around the ring from the impact. Kurtesy tries to whip Ty into a neutral corner but Ty reverses it, sending Kurtesy into the corner instead. He tries to follow quickly for something, but Kurtesy elbows him in the face and sends him sprawling. Kurtesy follows Ty out and sends him to the mat with a dragon screw! He goes for a pin but Ty kicks out at two. S.H.I.T. follows into the ring and is quickly met by Celeste, who spears him and the two roll out of the ring together. Meanwhile, the wrestlers are both up but Bowen has words for the referee, who is distracted by him. Kurtesy once again nails the Circle of Life and pins Ty, but the ref isn't there to count it! Kurtesy would have had it there but the ref is distracted by Bowen's shouting. Kurtesy gets up and goes to get the ref, a task he succeeds in doing. Ty, however, in the meantime, has gotten up, and when Kurtesy returns to his task, he's suddenly met out of nowhere by Consecrated Banishment! But Ty is too dazed to complete the pin! It's all he can do to stagger over to the corner looking for a tag, which Bowen is all to eager to give. S.H.I.T., however, also is back in the corner, as he and Celeste have been separated and have both returned to their respective sides. Celeste is waiting for Kurtesy's tag at the same time. The two Kingdom Come main eventers reach their corners at the same time, Ty at last tagging in Bowen and Kurtesy tagging in Celeste.

    Copeland: And we finally see Bowen in this match, and he's got a hopping mad Celeste.

    Cohen: I was enjoying the Kingdom Come rematch, to be honest with you. That's what we all paid to see, really.

    Bowen and Celeste have nothing for each other but punches and the two slug it out. Bowen, unsurprisingly, gets the better of that and tries to whip Celeste into his own corner. He does so and closes with a brutal high knee strike that seems to knock Celeste out. She's dazed for certain and Ty yells at Bowen to tag him in. He's calling the shots and Bowen obeys, grabbing Celeste by the arms and bringing her to the center of the ring. Ty measures her and nails Consecrated Banishment! He has a sick smile on his face as he tells Bowen to toss Celeste aside, and makes an odd decision to go over and tag S.H.I.T. in. He directs S.H.I.T. in his actions and S.H.I.T. nods affirmative. He climbs the top turnbuckle and flies off with his signature Frog Splash, landing hard on Celeste and covering her for a pin, getting 1, 2, and 3!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners...the Apostles of Chaos!

    Celeste is laid out in the middle of the ring as the Apostles stand over her, gloating. Kurtesy is still out of it on the ring apron. Darkness celebrates in the center of the ring, with the maniacal Ty Burna presiding over it all, congratulating his servants on a job well done.

    Copeland: And in the end, the numbers advantage was just too much. Once Kurtesy was out of commission, the three Apostles dominated Celeste with ease and took this one, cementing their dominance over WZCW.

    Cohen: This new era of darkness could be something, Seabass, if it ends with the nut and the blowhard laid out at the end of every show.

    Copeland: For Jack Cohen, I'm Sebastian Copeland, signing off for tonight. We'll see what Ty Burna has for us next time on Meltdown.
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    Who wrote what:

    Numbers: Opening, Backstage, Derek Jacobs vs Krypto, Ricky Runn vs Mikey Stormrage.
    Falkon: Drake Callahan vs Showtime, Backstage.
    Harthan: Celeste/Kurtesy vs AoC
    Showtime: Dave vs Titus vs Steamboat Ricky, Bomb vs Tastic
    Dave: Sam Smith vs Phoenix

    Enjoy the show guys. We'll try to get AS up as soon as we can for you.

    P.S. - Blame FalKon for the late shows (from FalKon)
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