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    We open the show with Chuck Myles standing in the center of the ring, a smattering of boos coming from the crowd. He nods his head to the crowd before bringing the mic up to his mouth.

    Myles: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Meltdown!

    The crowd pops loudly despite their indifference to Myles. He walks around the ring taking in the cheers from the crowd before continuing.

    Myles: Now tonight we have some big matches. First of all the Mayhem Championship will be on the line as Alex Bowen takes on Sean Cruz. The six members of the All or Nothing tournament will be in action in a six man tag team match, and of course you great fans have voted on who will continue on towards a World Title shot at All or Nothing. We'll find out the results a little later on. Finally Big Dave takes on Mr. Baller in a preview of what we have in store for Unscripted. Now thank you all for coming and enjoy the show!

    The lights suddenly go out and the crowd boos instinctively. When they come on Myles finds himself sharing the ring with Ty Burna's associate Serafina. The crowd jeers at her, yet she remains unfazed by the crowd. She stares at Myles for a few moments before speaking.

    Serafina: What was to be a celebration last week, ended in a way that leaves a sour taste in my master's mouth. He is making a demand tonight Mr. Myles, and it's a demand you need to hear.

    Myles: So he wants a rematch? He should know that Saboteur is involved with the tournament, and Ty has his own problems to deal with. The answer is no.

    Serafina stares at Myles again, then suddenly smirks and begins laughing maniacally. The lights go out once more and her voice rings out around the arena.

    Serafina: This is not a choice Mr. Myles. In fact you shall all discover my master's wishes soon. The pain such a edict will bring will be glorious, my master once again proving his dominance in this wretched company. Long live the King of Darkness!

    The lights come back on and Myles is standing in the ring alone, looking frustrated by the situation. He drops his mic and makes his way out of the ring and storms up the ramp.

    Copeland: What is it that Ty wants? We'll find out eventually, possibly tonight as we kick off Meltdown! I'm getting word that Big Dave has just arrived at the arena.


    We cut backstage where Big Dave is seen arriving at the arena. He walks into the locker room area where Kurtesy is conversing with Sandy Deserts. Kurtesy and Dave lock eyes and a respectful nod is shared between the two. Dave walks past and suddenly the lights dim for a moment and Dave looks around expecting someone.

    Dave: I know you're there Ty, reveal yourself!

    No response from the empty area. The lights dim once more before returning to normal. A whispered female voice echos suddenly throughout the hall.

    ???: The time has come for your reckoning David. You shall fall sooner than you expect.

    Dave closes his eyes for a few moments before opening them again. A determined look forms on his face as Kurtesy and Sandy walk into the picture after hearing the voice themselves.

    Kurtesy: Everything alright Dave?

    Big Dave: Pointless mind games Steven. He's trying it again with me but it's not going to stop me this time. He built up my ego last time and led to my fall. I won't let it happen again.

    Dave walks off as we go to commercial.​
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "I Am All of Me" begins playing as King makes his way out to boos from the crowd. He raises his fist into the air as he walks down the ramp. He stops at the bottom and looks at the crowd, a sneer forming on his face before sliding into the ring. He climbs up to the second turnbuckle and stares out to the crowd as boos rain down on King once more.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 250 lbs, James King!

    Cohen: These fans have no respect. King loses his partner Dr. Alhazerd due to a scary car crash and this is how they treat King?

    Copeland: He hasn't exactly been endearing to the fans Cohen.

    Cohen: You haven't exactly been endearing to me Seabass.

    "Becoming The Bull" hits and the crowd pops as the returning Brad Bomb makes his way out to the stage with a wide smile on his face. He walks down the ramp slapping hands with the fans before taking his hoodie off and throwing it into the crowd. He climbs into the ring and raises his arm up as the crowd cheers again.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 261 lbs, Brad Bomb!

    Copeland: Brad Bomb returns from injury tonight. Will ring rust be a concern for him?

    Cohen: I think being an idiot is always a concern for him Copeland. I'm just not sure he realizes it.

    The ref signals for the bell and the two lock up. King gets a quick knee to the midsection and follows up with a side headlock. He wrenches on the neck until Bomb sends King into the ropes. The two men crash into one another and King is sent to the ground. Bomb quickly bounces off the ropes again but is met with a spinning elbow from the rising King. King with a quick leg drop across the throat and he covers Bomb, 1.....2...Bomb powers out. King applies a rear chin lock and keeps Bomb grounded. The ref checks on Bomb who reaches out towards the ropes but King applies a body scissors and falls back, pulling Bomb away from the ropes. The crowd cheers for Bomb as he rolls over and gets to his knees. King desperately tries to keep the hold locked in but Bomb gets to his feet and backs into the corner, crushing King against the turnbuckle, releasing the hold. King stumbles out towards the center of the ring and Bomb lifts him up, dropping him down with a sidewalk slam. He hooks the leg, 1.....2.....King kicks out.

    Copeland: Good back and forth action here. King showing some good submission skills, nearly getting Bomb to tap out with that chinlock and body scissors combination.

    Cohen: Bomb may be an idiot but I will admit he doesn't go down easy. King still should be able to take advantage of a mistake and pick up the win.

    Bomb pulls King off the mat and sends him into the corner. Bomb backs up and rushes forward, connecting with a splash in the corner. He pulls King from the corner and hits a snap DDT, driving King's head into the mat. Bomb flips King over and covers him, 1.....2.....King kicks out again! The crowd cheers as Bomb gets to his feet and poses for the crowd before connecting with a leg drop of his own. King rolls away after the leg drop and drops to the outside. Bomb follows him out and grabs him by the head, slamming him head first into the steel steps. Bomb goes to whip King into the barrier but Kin counters and drops Bomb face first into the steps with a drop toe hold. Both men are down as the ref's count is to 3. King slowly pulls himself up and stomps away on Bomb repeatedly before sliding into the ring and then out to break up the count. He pulls Bomb up and connects with a head butt before slamming Bomb's head into the announcer's table. King pounds away on Bomb before sending him back first into the ring apron as the crowd boos loudly. King rolls Bomb into the ring and slides in himself, covering Bomb, 1......2.......Bomb kicks out!

    Copeland: King takes advantage of a rest on the outside and is now in firm control of this match.

    Cohen: A very savvy move by King. Take advantage of the environment and turn the match in your favor. This man is going to be something big in WZCW at some point.

    King drags Bomb up to his feet again and whips him into the corner. He rushes forward and hits a big splash in the corner, following up with a quick European uppercut as Bomb drops to the mat. King presses his foot against Bomb's face and breaks at the count of four from the ref. King backs away from the corner but rushes forward with a knee to the side of the head. Bomb hits the mat and King covers him, 1....2.....Bomb kicks out! King looks frustrated as he can't put Bomb away. He signals for My Mystery and pulls Bomb out of the corner. He sets him up for the alpha bomb but Bomb counters with a back body drop. King bounces off the mat and is to his feet but is met with a clothesline from Bomb. Bomb connects with a few more clothesline until King stays on the mat. King reaches out to the ropes and slowly begins to pull himself to his feet. Bomb waits for King to stand and Bomb tries to lock in the De-Activated! King slips through and rolls to the outside. He paces outside before slamming his fists onto the announce table. He grabs a chair from the ringside area and slides into the ring. He swings for Bomb but Bomb ducks under and bounces off the ropes. King connects with the chair to the midsection, as the ref calls for the disqualification. Bomb drops to his knees as King lifts the chair up and slams it down across Bomb's back. King tosses the chair aside and drags Bomb up for My Mystery again but Bomb breaks off and suddenly hits the Detonator! King is sent flying across the ring and rolls to the outside. Bomb gets up and raises his arm as the crowd pops loudly. King slowly gets up and looks to the ring momentarily before making a hasty retreat up the ramp.

    Harrys: Here is your winner due to a disqualification, Brad Bomb!

    Copeland: Bomb picks up the victory in his return, but probably not the way he wanted to.

    Cohen: King didn't need to bother with Bomb anymore so he decided to end the match his way. What's the problem Seabass?

    Bomb plays up to the crowd as King disappears into the back. The ref raises Bomb's hand as the crowd cheers once more for him.

    We go backstage where James King is walking through the hallway to his locker room after his match. He opens the door and walks in, slamming the door in a fit of rage. He sits down and holds his head in his hands. He suddenly stands up and slams his fist into the locker, blood suddenly pouring from his knuckles. He stares at the blood when he notices a note taped to the back of his locker. He grabs the note and opens it, reading over it silently. Suddenly a masked voice can be heard behind him.

    ???: Come, let me ease your pain. I will help you focus your rage.

    King turns around and a shocked look forms on his face as we go to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

    End of All Hope hits and Hiraku Susumu emerges. He walks straight down to the ring, ignoring the fans.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 160 pounds, Hiraku Susumu!

    Susumu gets into the ring, showing no emotion as he turns to the ramp. Dvorak’s New World Symphony hits and Alexander Stark struts out onto the ramp, a slight smirk on his face.

    Harrys: And his partner, weighing in at 225 pounds, Alexander Stark!

    Stark walks down to the ring and slides in. He walks toward Susumu and the two exchange a few words.

    Copeland: This team will have a chance to make their mark against two proven wrestlers.

    Cohen: One proven wrestler and one whiney child. I’ll let you decide who’s which.


    The crowd pops as Titus emerges onto the ramp , looking focused for the challenge before him.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 225 pounds, Titus!

    He gets into the ring and poses for the crowd on the second rope before walking to his corner and sizing up his opponents.

    The crowd boos loudly as they wait for Titus’ tag team partner, Baez, to come out. Several second pass with no sign of Baez. The music cuts and Titus looks annoyed at his partner’s desertion. Susumu and Stark smirk to themselves, anticipating the apparent handicap match. The referee shrugs and apologises to Titus before ringing the bell. Stark starts against the former world champion and the two lock up in the centre of the ring. Titus takes him down with a Headlock Takedown and transitions into a chinlock, putting pressure onto the neck of Stark. Stark manages to twist himself onto his knees and eventually get to his feet. He elbows Titus, who breaks the hold, before running off the ropes and going for a clothesline. Titus ducks under it and hits a series of right hands before Irish Whipping Stark across the ring. Stark bounces back off the ropes and Titus hits him with the Spinning Heel Kick. Stark goes down and Titus hits a few stomps as he gets back to his feet. Titus gets him in the Front Facelock for the DDT, but Stark lifts up Titus and hits a modified Shinbreaker. Titus goes down and Stark goes for a cover, 1.... Kick out by Titus. Stark tags in Susumu, who quickly gets Titus in a Sleeper Hold, wearing him down. Titus manages to work his way to his feet and elbows Susumu in the gut. With the hold broken, Titus turns around and goes for a DDT but Susumu reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex. He floats over into the pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Titus.

    Copeland: Titus is finding it hard to keep up against these two rookies.

    Cohen: Hopefully this will teach him some humility.

    Susumu picks up Titus and hits a European Uppercut, sending his opponent stumbling backwards into the corner. Susumu backs up into the opposite corner before running at his opponent but Titus dodges. Susumu collides with the turnbuckles and hits a series of right hands on Susumu. He tries to Irish Whip Susumu across the ring, but it’s reversed and Susumu sends Titus into the turnbuckles. Titus bounces off them into Susumu who locks in an Abdominal Stretch. Titus’s face shows his agony as he attempts but fails to reach the ropes. Susumu leans back, twisting Titus’s mid-section until finally Titus untangles himself and hits Susumu with a hip toss followed by a quick Dropkick as Susumu gets up. Both men are down and Susumu crawls towards his corner, but Titus has nowhere to go. Stark is tagged in and goes for Titus, hitting him with a kick to the head. Titus goes down as Stark gets control of the match back. He picks up Titus, who is barely conscious and hits a Hurricane DDT before going for the pin, 1.... 2.... Titus kicks out! Stark looks irritated and argues with the referee before getting up and bouncing off the ropes and hitting a Double Kneedrop. He goes for another quick pin, 1.... 2.... Kick out by Titus. Stark punches the mat with his fist, certain that it was a 3 count this time. He gets up and picks up Titus before lifting him up and attempting a Samoan Drop but Titus drops behind Stark and Dropkicks him in the back. Titus bounces off the ropes behind him as Stark falls foward into the opposite ropes. They meet in the middle and Titus uses his momentum to hit a deadly Bulldog.

    Copeland: This could be the beginning of Titus’ comeback!

    Stark starts crawling towards his corner but Titus gets up and gets to Susumu first, hitting him with a big forearm shot to the head. Susumu falls off the apron to the ground as Stark looks on. Titus turns to Stark, who gets up and goes for Titus but Titus hits him with an Armdrag followed by another. He climbs up to the top rope and waits for Stark to get up before hitting a Flying Clothesline. Titus works the crowd who are cheering loudly for him. Stark gets up and nails him with the Tit Drop! Suddenly, Baez starts running down the ramp towards the ring! Meanwhile, Susumu is back in the ring and Titus clotheslines him over the top rope. Baez jumps onto the apron and tags himself in before going for the pin. Titus looks on in shock and then anger as Baez poses for the booing crowd before he goes to pin Stark, 1.... 2.... Kick out by Stark! Baez gets up and starts shouting at Titus, blaming him for the kick out. Titus stands on the apron, standing his ground before Susumu hits Baez from behind with a Dropkick. Baez falls forward through the ropes to the outside, hitting the crowd barricade head-first. Titus gets down off the apron and watches Baez slowly get up before hitting him with a Tit Drop on the outside! The crowd go wild as Titus picks up Baez and rolls him into the ring, where Stark crawls towards him and covers him, 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Hiraku Susumu and Alexander Stark!

    Copeland: How’s that for irony, Baez came into to steal the pin and ended up getting pinned himself!

    Cohen: Only because Titus is a coward!

    Susumu and Stark celebrate in the ring as Titus walks up the ramp. Titus shows know joy at getting one over on his rival, knowing that this war isn’t over.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a Mayhem Rules match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!

    "Spiderman" begins blaring through the speakers that signals the crowd to cheer with females in the audience to whistle. Sean comes out wearing a belt carrying a sheath, protecting his sword. He looks around the arena before taking a deep breath and proceeding down the ramp, clapping the hands of fans.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, from Galveston Island, Texas, weighing in at 236 pounds... Sean CRUZ!

    Copeland: Things seem to be going the way of the "Billionaire Playboy" recently. A championship opportunity and the rumored return of a certain somebody.

    Cohen: You could almost say that Cruz is headed to... paradise!

    Cruz is in the ring fist pumping with the audience on the turnbuckles as his song changes into "The Hills Have Eyes." The crowd continues to cheer but with more masculinity as the champ Bowen slowly walks onto the top of the stage. He has the championship in one hand and a toolbox in the other, raising the former before heading down to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 247 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion... Alex BOWEN!

    Cohen: I'm interested in what "tools" Mr. Bowen has decided to bestow upon on this time.

    Copeland: Considering big things come in small packages, I'm just going to assume this isn't going to end well.

    Bowen gets inside the ring and places his toolbox underneath the bottom rope next to the steel steps. He gives the championship to the referee who holds it up and shows the crowd before checking on the competitors and signalling for the bell.

    Bowen tells Cruz to come get some and gets ready to fight but Cruz takes out his wooden sword and wields it. Bowen looks very confused as Cruz stands their ready to duel, which prompts Bowen to chuckle at the sight. Cruz goes for a couple of swings as Bowen laughs but he manages to dodge both shots. He sees that Cruz is serious with the sword and is on the ready as Cruz goes on the offensive. Cruz channels his inner swashbuckling as he goes for multiple jabs and swings with Bowen evading every hit before blocking the last shot with both hands. Cruz uses all his strength to push the sword done but Bowen turns 180 degrees and flips the sword, both disarming and flipping Cruz. He quickly gets up and goes after his sword but Bowen takes one swing and smacks Cruz in the face, knocking him down to the ground. Bowen discards of the sword as Cruz rolls to the outside clutching his face. Bowen follows suit and hits a double axe handle to the back of Cruz, knocking him into the barricade. Bowen lines Cruz up and begins delivering a series of jabs before pumping a discus clothesline, sending Cruz into the fans. The crowd goes in a frenzy as Bowen climbs over and goes after Cruz who tries to create distance. Bowen picks up Cruz and hits a hard backhand chop. Cruz clutches his chest and tries retreating but Bowen keeps up and hits another chop at every opportunity. The two men eventually work their way to the opposite side of the arena near ringside where Bowen lifts Cruz up and uses the barricade to deliver an atomic drop. Cruz holds his groin as Bowen grabs one of the fans' chairs and smacks Cruz in the side of the face to knock him down.

    Copeland: Bowen is on fire starting up this contest.

    Bowen grabs a marker from another fan and signs the chair before giving the weapon back to the fan and climbing over the barricade. The front row cheers from Bowen's actions as he goes over to his toolbox and pulls out a wrench. He turns to Cruz who is still getting up and pummels him in the back with the wrench. Bowen tosses the wrench into the ring and locks underneath the ring for more weapons, where he grabs a kendo stick, a steel chair & a garbage can. He throws them into the ring and tosses a recovered Cruz into the ring. Bowen goes back to his toolbox and takes out a hammer and a pocket tape before heading into the ring. He goes over to Cruz and attempts to hit him with the hammer but Cruz kicks Bowen in the front of knee cap, forcing him to lose balance and drop head first into Cruz's knee. Cruz sees this opportunity to grab his sword once more and grabs Bowen, using the sword to deliver a jawbreaker. Bowen grabs his own throat to try and breath as Cruz dives on his chest with a knee drop, kicking the wind of out Bowen. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Bowen. He tries creating distance so he can breathe properly but Cruz doesn't allow Bowen and whacks him across the back with the sword. Cruz puts the sword around the throat of Bowen and pulls him up into a standing position before dropping him with a white Russian legsweep. He goes for another cover on Bowen... 1... 2... kick-out again.

    Cohen: I think Cruz has just taken Bowen's breath away with his wooden sword! Although, this isn't the way I'd imagine Cruz doing it.

    Cruz puts his sword away back in its sheath as Bowen tries getting up, struggling to breathe. Cruz grabs a garbage can and puts it over the head of Bowen and lines him up. He hits a high angle dropkick on Bowen who stumbles as he stands. Cruz gets back up and hits a picture perfect crescent kick that knocks Bowen into the corner. He follows up with his signature kicking combination before moving back and hitting a spinning wheel kick. Bowen is groggy by the shots as he slowly moves out of the corner. Cruz positions Bowen as close to the ropes as possible and uses the ropes to hit a pendulum kick, knocking Bowen backwards. He tries pushing the can off him but his hands are stuck and tries getting up with the can on his head. As he does, Cruz readies himself and hits his finishing superkick to Bowen, with the force denting the garbage can, making an imprint of the side of Bowen's face. He drops to the ground and rolls to the outside of the ring before Cruz can go for the pin. Cruz grabs his head in frustration but quickly thinks of an idea and goes to the apron. He aids Bowen to his feet who still has the garbage can on top of him and Cruz climbs onto the apron, springboarding off the ropes to hit a crossbody onto Bowen. The two crash into the barricade and both come off hurt. Cruz takes a short breather before getting to his feet and eventually bringing Bowen into the ring. He climbs into the ring and positions Bowen in the centre. He goes over to the corner and slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle as the fans get on their feet and cheer for Cruz. He balances himself on the top and leaps off to hit a leg drop to the garbage can. The impact dents the can enough to create sharp edges that tear into Cruz's skin on the back of his legs. The crowd watches with unease as Cruz slowly unpeels his legs from the garbage can, leaving a little skin on the can. Bowen does not seem to be moving from the shot as the referee tries checking on him but can't due to the damaged trash can.

    Cohen: I think Sean just killed Bowen!

    Cruz goes over to the toolbox and grabs a pair of pliers and begins hacking away at the garbage can, allowing enough room to easy slide off the can. The crowd become horrified at the face of Bowen as blood is gushing from multiple spots. As the can is removed, Bowen begins coughing and gasping for air, trying to crawl away. Cruz looks a little horrified at what he's done and goes for the cover to try and put him away......... 1.............. 2.................. kick-out by Bowen. The crowd and Cruz look very surprised that Bowen is willing to continue.

    Copeland: The heart and determination of Bowen cannot be outmatched, although with the damage already done I don't know how long he can last.

    Cruz has no idea what to do as Bowen continues to bleed and tries for air until he looks down at his sword. Cruz takes the sword out of its sheath once more and looks at it and then back down at his opponent. He hoists his weapon into the air and looks for one final blow but Bowen quickly grabs a hold of the nearby wrench and manages to throw it in the face of Cruz, causing Cruz to drop his sword and hold his face. Bowen moves towards the kendo stick and grabs it, getting to his knees and swinging it at Cruz. Bowen continues to swing with adrenaline and attacking all points of Cruz. Eventually, Bowen gets Cruz on his hands and knees with the kendo stick before switching with the wrench and knocking him to the ground. An exhausted Bowen drops the wrench and tries catching his breath before heading over to the beaten can and placing it over Cruz's head. Bowen grabs the hammer and starts bashing the can's out rim to fit the body of Cruz so he can't escape. He puts the hammer down and grabs the pocket tape, unraveling it around the legs of Cruz so he can't stand up or move. Bowen has a wicked smile on his face as he grabs the kendo stick and begins bashing the garbage can wildly. He does this multiple times before he grows tired and drops the stick. Bowen then assists Cruz to his feet and allows him to stand in the middle of the ring. Cruz tries moving but realises his feet are bound together and cannot move. Bowen grabs the steel chair in the ring and flattens the top of the can with one shot, causing Cruz to fall and lean on Bowen. He decides to end it and drops the steel chair on the ground and hits his finisher Ride The Lightning on Cruz, driving the impact onto the chair. Bowen puts an arm over the fallen Cruz and covers him....... 1........... 2............... 3!

    The referee signals for the bell and the crowd slowly but surely begins cheering as Bowen's music blasts through the arena.

    Harrys: Here is your winner and STILL, WZCW Mayhem Champion... Alex BOWEN!

    Copeland: What an intense match between these two! Cruz nearly had Bowen's number in this match but the champ yet again pulled through the end.

    Cohen: I still can't believe Cruz had it in him to do something like that.

    The referee raises the hand of Bowen and gives him the championship before going over to Cruz to try and help him. Bowen raises the title to the fans as they cheer and checks on his opponent. He helps the ref remove the trash can to see Sean bleeding from the nose. Cruz looks up at Alex and tries defending himself but Bowen just puts out his hand to help him up. The crowd cheers in appreciation as Cruz accepts the hand and Bowen helps Cruz to his feet. Bowen slaps the back of Cruz and nods at him before leaving the ring with Cruz having trouble standing on his feet.

    Copeland: A sign of respect shown here by the Mayhem Champion. He must have impressed Bowen somewhat tonight.


    We go backstage where Leon Kensworth is standing by with Mr. Baller.

    Leon: Baller, tonight you face Big Dave in an Unscripted preview. What are your thoughts going into tonight's match?

    Baller: Dave is overrated Leon. What else do you want me to say? He's had every opportunity handed to him and he wastes each and every one. I take advantage of my opportunities. Just like with Ricky I took advantage of him being an old failure and I'm 4-0 against him.

    Leon: You mean 3-1?

    Baller: 4-0 Leon. Without the shoddy ref work I would have won that match. Besides I'm getting a world title shot and he isn't so there, I win again.

    Leon: Speaking of your World Title shot, would you have seen yourself in this position a year ago?

    Baller: I should have been in this position when I walked into this company Leon. I'm the most entertaining star on this roster and I'm going to put that boring martial arts wannabe on blast just like Ty and Kurtesy are at Unscripted. And you better believe that!

    Baller walks off as we go to commercial.
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    The arena boos heavily as the EurAsian Champion, Blade, emerges from behind the curtain. His gold EurAsian Championship looking comfortable around his waist as he takes in the negative energy and just feeds on it by provoking the crowd. He smirks as he heads down the ring.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 235 pounds. He is the WZCW EurAsian Champion, Blade!

    Copeland: Blade comes in after only just escaping with the title after a draw with Scott Hammond, of which received a week off, thanks to Blade. What is the motive behind the EurAsian Champion?

    Cohen: Can't a guy be nice and civil to offer a man a week off without suspicion? You're better than this Seabass!

    Copeland: This is Blade we're talking about!

    Blade climbs up and through the ropes as he paces around the ring, stopping and staring at random parts of the crowd, taunting certain members that catch his eye. He removes his championship belt and raises it high to a wave of boos, before placing it over his shoulder as he eyes up the stage where he came from.

    The crowd roars in anticipation of the legend associated with the music roaring throughout the arena as Steamboat Ricky enters the arena with his high level of enthusiasm. He gives gun notions and quick salutes to the fans as he heads down the ramp before he's knocked to the floor along with the cameraman. The crowd starts booing heavily as Blade looks bemused with a small satisfied grin at the same time, seeing Ricky getting assaulted. The figure's head is blocked from view as grabs Ricky, dragging him to the steel steps and slams his head hard into them. He does it again before pacing away a couple of steps, and we see it's James King doing this heinous act.

    Copeland: What the hell is King doing out here?! Why are the legends getting attacked like this?!

    King looks under the ring and drags out a baseball bat and swings it around a couple of times as he waits for Ricky to stagger up off the steps. He takes a step towards the legend before going full force and hitting Ricky's stomach with the front end of the bat. Ricky leans on the ring edge for support for a moment before King takes a hit at Ricky's head. Ricky's down and out on the floor as King gives a notion that he's hit a home run before dropping down and using the baseball bat to choke Ricky. He stops after a while and gives him a couple of stomps. He begins to slowly step back and looks towards Blade who's expression hasn't changed, staying rather observant about all of this. King's about to continue on his way, but Blade then extends his hand, gesturing to King to place Ricky in the ring. King stares at him before smirking back and proceeds to carry out Blade's wish. He pulls Ricky up and rolls him into the ring before heading off.

    Cohen: Such a cunning move by Blade. He sees opportunity whenever he can.

    Copeland: I can't believe he just stood there and did nothing!

    Cohen: Watch closely because he's doing something now!

    Blade places the championship belt down and heads towards Ricky, he motions to the ref to start the match. The ref looks disgusted but does so anyway as he lifts Ricky up and drops him with The Halo. Blade places a single foot on Ricky as the referee gives a three count in disgust.

    Harrys: The winner of this match, the EurAsian Champion, Blade!

    Blade gently removes his foot before giving Ricky one big shove to roll him back to the outside of the ring. He does nothing but smirk at what just happened.

    Copeland: Unbelievable, Blade was due to face Ricky. He got what he wanted, but that wasn't even a conscious Ricky out there. Whatever James King's problem is, he's got a lot to answer for!

    Cohen: Just like how Everest couldn't defend himself against K.O. Ricky can't even look after himself with this situation. We must give credit to our EurAsian Champion for not disappointing the fans by giving them the advertised match. That is a dedicated champion right there, Seabass!

    As several referees help Ricky up the ramp, Blade asks for a microphone and his title. He smirks as the crowd boos the events that have transpired. He throws his title over his shoulder before speaking.

    Blade: Hammond... I know you’re watching back at home. What just happened should prove to you that I’m right, the younger guys are rising up. But the difference between us and James King is that you and I are the very best, Scott. These fans, this company, this industry needs us but they don’t realise it. I am the greatest EurAsian champion in the history of WZCW, defeating everyone who has crossed my path. And you, Hammond, you are the person who came closest to beating me, you’re a warrior. But did we get a chance in the WZCW tournament? No, because those suits in the back know that we are a major threat to the World Champion and they are scared of what we would do if either of us were the World Champion. They cannot handle my unpredictability, and I have been held back as a result.

    The crowd give a mixed response as Blade looks directly into the TV camera.

    Blade: You’re just like me Hammond; you’re too ambitious for your own good. And you have to admit that it’s ridiculous that two of the best wrestlers in the whole damn company don’t get the shots that they deserve just because they’ve been in the EurAsian division.

    Blade takes his title off his shoulder and looks at it.

    Blade: Just because I hold this title does not mean I don’t deserve a chance at the World Title. I have beaten Titus, I have beaten Showtime and now I've beaten Ricky and yet still I don't get what I deserve! So Hammond, when you return next week, I know you will make the right choice because, just like me, you know we can rule this place and knock those greedy veterans off their thrones. It's destiny.

    Blade throws the microphone to the outside and raises his EurAsian title as Bliss hits, with the crowd not sure on how to take Blade’s speech.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a Six Man Tag Team contest scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd cheers wildly as Gordito emerges pumping his fist in the air. He then looks behind him and tells the others to come out, prompting Chris Beckford and the Internet Warrior to come out as well.

    Harrys: Introducing first... the team of Gordito, Chris Beckford & the Internet WARRIOR!

    The three men walk down the ramp and slide into the ring, doing their signature taunts before they begin talking strategy for the match.


    The crowd continues to cheer with women in the crowd fainting as Saxton comes out and pretends to spar as he makes his way down the ring.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 270 pounds... Action SAXTON!

    As Saxton climbs into the ring, the entire arena turns to darkness with the crowd cheering and the drum beat can be heard as Black Dragon emerges on the entrance, casting his cigarette away. Soul of the Shadow kicks in as Dragon heads to the ring.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 180 pounds... Black DRAGON!


    The crowd goes wild as Saboteur emerges from the curtain and is overly-hyped for the match and runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, pumped for action.

    Harrys: And their partner, weighing in at 198 pounds... SABOTEUR!

    Copeland: These six man have the chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at All or Nothing if they survive the first round of eliminations tonight.

    Cohen: Apparently after the match, Chuck Myles will be announcing which men will be advancing and who is going to be knocked out of the first round. I like it... it's a kick in the nuts, especially for those who are trying to gain some last minute voters.

    The referee handles all six men so that Chris Beckford & Black Dragon start in the ring as the other four get onto the apron. The ref checks on both teams before ringing the bell.

    The two men lock-up in the center of the ring with Beckford getting the better of Dragon by pushing him into the ropes. Beckford then quickly whips Dragon across the ring and he tries for a clothesline but Dragon turns it into a sleeper slam on Beckford. Dragon hits an enzuigiri kick as Beckford gets up, knocking him down again. Dragon locks in the sleeper hold quickly but Beckford is too fresh and gets to his feet and gets behind Dragon to deliver a reverse DDT. He keeps Dragon pinned down but Dragon immediately kicks out. Beckford puts a headlock on to subdue Dragon but it isn't enough as Dragon gets to his feet and hits some stiff forearms to the side of Beckford who lets go of the submission. Dragon sees the opportunity and hits a standing side slam on Beckford. Dragon tags in Saboteur to a cheer and he quickly kicks the back of Beckford's head who is still on the ground. He goes for the cover as Dragon gets on the apron... 1... kick-out by Beckford. Saboteur hits a European uppercut to Beckford as he tries getting up and brings him to the corner. He hits a couple of body shots before going for the finishing slap. Saboteur moves backwards and runs at Beckford for the stinger splash but he moves out of the way, causing Saboteur to hit the turnbuckles. He turns around to see Beckford who hits an Atomic drop on Saboteur before hitting his signature dropsault to take down Saboteur. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Saboteur. Beckford tags in Gordito to a large pop.

    Copeland: Fast-paced action here with some quick tags. Both teams doing well to stay on top.

    Gordito waits for Saboteur and chops him across the chest before smacking him down with a double axe handle. Saboteur gets up quickly and goes for a swing but Gordito catches Saboteur and traps him, going for his signature headbutts but Saboteur counters with a bell clap and follows up with a headbutt of his own. The impact isn't enough to knock down Gordito so Saboteur performs a roundhouse to knock him down. Saboteur goes over to Saxton and tags him in who gets into the ring and gives Gordito a taste of his own medicine with a backhand chop. Gordito delivers one of his own to Saxton and the two start a chopping war going one for one until Saxton gets the better of him and finishes it off with a Karate chop to Gordito. He mounts Gordito and delivers some punches before going for a cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Gordito. Saxton waits for his opponent to get up and traps Gordito, giving him some headbutts. Gordito isn't phased by these attacks much and delivers some headbutts of his own back at Saxton who releases the hold as he realises Gordito is well-versed in ass-kicking combat. Saxton tries using a spin kick to take down Gordito but he evades and manages to deliver a Russian legsweep to Saxton. Gordito goes over and tags in Warrior who climbs into the ring and quickly hits the Post Count. He goes for the pin but Saxton uses his power to press Warrior across the ring for a kickout. He gets up and goes to strike the head of Saxton with his knee but he pushes him back again. Warrior runs at Saxton who gets up and hits a discus punch, sending Warrior flying back. Warrior gets up and sees Saxton closing in. He hesitates for a moment before going for a dropkick which Saxton evades with one arm.

    Cohen: I think Warrior might be having some bad latency issues here.

    Saxton grabs Warrior and goes for a rolling snapmare and follows up with a shuffle side kick that knocks Warrior into his own corner, where Beckford makes a quick tag and heads to the top rope to hit a missile dropkick on Saxton, knocking the big man down. He goes for the cover... 1... kickout by Saxton. Beckford waits for Saxton to get up and goes for a hurricanrana, sending Saxton to his corner where Saboteur tags himself in. He gets in quick enough to hit a bicycle kick on Beckford who is knocked back by the hit but still standing. Saboteur kicks Beckford in the stomach and tries for a snap suplex but Beckford blocks the multiple attempts and switches it for a neckbreaker on Saboteur. He goes for the pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Saboteur. Beckford goes over to Gordito and tags him in who goes after Saboteur with a big hit to the face. Saboteur spins around and hits the pele kick to Gordito, making him stumble over. Saboteur realises what happened and hits a European uppercut on Gordito. He tries to retaliate with an attack but Saboteur does a baseball slide evasion and gets behind Gordito to hit a one handed bulldog. Saboteur goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out. Saboteur goes over to Dragon and tags him in as Saboteur is out of breath. The Dragon enters reluctantly and goes for a roundhouse kick on Gordito but he ducks the attack and catches him to deliver a Samoan Drop. Dragon goes over to the bottom turnbuckle and tries to recover. Gordito sees this and goes for the bronco buster but Dragon quickly evades the attack and Gordito gets nothing but turnbuckle. Dragon clutches the head of Gordito and hits a modified neckbreaker on him before dragging him into the middle of the ring and going for the pin... 1... 2... kick-out.

    Copeland: The momentum in this match is almost non-existent.

    Cohen: Much like the entertainment factor. Where's the eye pokes or referee distractions?

    Gordito uses the corner to hoist himself back up to his feet which Dragon sees an opportunity and tries to deliver a handspring back elbow to Gordito. Much like Gordito's attempt, Gordito moves out of the way and Dragon hits the turnbuckles. Gordito quickly tags in Beckford who rushes at Dragon and clotheslines him into the corner. Beckford picks up Dragon to the second turnbuckle and he follows suit, setting the two of them up for something big. Beckford brings Dragon to the top and is about to DDT him but Dragon counters the move by picking up Beckford and adjusting himself on the top to hit a Darkness Falls Avalanche. The two men crash into the ground and Dragon gets an arm over Beckford for the fall... 1... 2... 3!

    The referee signals for the bell and the match is over. Dragon slowly gets up as Saboteur gets into the ring to celebrate with the Dragon who has no interest.

    Harrys: Here are your winners: Saboteur, Action Saxton & Black Dragon!

    Gordito and Warrior help up Beckford and see if he is okay whilst Saboteur and Saxton celebrate their victory with Dragon exiting the ring and looking to head out of the arena before Finger Eleven blasts through the speakers and Chuck Myles emerges from the stage with a microphone in hand.

    Myles: Congratulations on the victory guys, it certainly was a very rushed type of match but it doesn't matter now because the real reason people are tuning into this segment is to see who is going to go and who is going to stay.

    The crowd gets ready with the competitors listening in intently to see who is going to be eliminated.

    Myles: Tonight, there will be two eliminations that will occur, so that means two of you will be kissing your title opportunities goodbye. We have tallied all the votes for those who logged on to and voted and we have the final numbers. Gentlemen in the back, if you please.

    A few seconds pass before the titantron reveals the numbers:

    Warrior has a disappointed look on his face as he knows he is eliminated. Dragon stares at the titantron whilst Saboteur doesn't know whether to be happy he passed or that Dragon beat him. Saxton, Beckford & Gordito all seem confused as they tied for second last.

    Myles: Thank you Warrior for participating in this tournament but it doesn't look like you have any supporters here tonight, or anyone hacking into our company computers to get you into this tournament. You see, I don't blame you, but we did some security checks and found out a member of the Internet forum you are apart of decided to alter the announcement on While we certainly were aware of it, such support cannot be ignored and if they were to go to such lengths to get you in here, they forgot to vote for you on top of it. After conferring with our consultants, it was decided to disqualify you from the tournament. Thank you for participating.

    Warrior nods at this announcement but lowers his head in disppointment..

    Myles: As for the actual elimination... there seems to be a tie. In the event of a tie I have the power to make the decision as to who is going to be eliminated. Unfortunately, the only way I can make a logical one without complaints is by saying goodbye to the person who lost the match and that is Chris Beckford. I apologise Chris but it's all I could do... sorry.

    The crowd boos at the decision as Beckford looks a little shocked and disappointed from the result. Gordito checks up on Beckford as Myles shrugs his shoulders and heads to the back.
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    [YOUTUBE]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]​

    &#8220;Wasabi Toyota is looking to claim the King for a Day briefcase for his own.&#8221;

    &#8220;But Barbosa believes he can take it from him and he is the craziest competitor in WZCW&#8217;s history.&#8221;

    Wasabi Toyota comes out looking quite content as he strolls down to the ring. He is smiling and seems to be quite relaxed. He gets in the ring and gets a mic handed to him. He goes to speak but is interrupted by:

    &#8220;These two have a great deal of history and the briefcase is just adding another dimension to that. The briefcase presents a unique risk/reward opportunity.&#8221;

    &#8220;If Barbosa gets hold of the briefcase, then that will pose a significant threat to whoever emerges with the title at Unscripted. He&#8217;d be a much better champion than that fat chump.&#8221;

    &#8220;You can&#8217;t discount the threat of Wasabi Toyota.&#8221;

    &#8220;Why? Because he could sit on you? Well that would be one way of winning the title.&#8221;

    Barbosa comes down to the ring and is clearly a picture of uncomfortable tension. He eyeballs Toyota as he walks down to the ring and when he reaches ringside, he is very aware of Toyota already being within the ropes. Toyota backs off and Barbosa gets in while still being quite cautious. Both men refuse to leave their gaze and are ignorant to the table in front of them. The King for a Day briefcase stands in between them. Toyota goes to speak again but Barbosa cuts him off.

    &#8220;We know what you are going to say....You want to claim our briefcase and take the World Championship away from us. You want to show that you can vanquish our &#8220;evil&#8221;... You can call us despicable and dastardly but you have no idea what we can achieve when we put our minds to a task.&#8221;

    &#8220;You all can be as devious but I will be there at every turn. I may be nude, I may not but if you want to become King for a Day then you will need to find a way around the biggest obstacle in WZCW history. I don&#8217;t intend on letting you claim that briefcase because you are not worthy of holding that prize and the privileges that it contains!&#8221;

    &#8220;If you think you can stop us then you are sorely mistaken! You have no idea what we are capable of. We know how to beat you!&#8221;

    &#8220;Try it Barbie. I will beat the snot out of you and then the evil will follow!&#8221;

    Barbosa twitches at the Barbie comment, he then makes a dash to the briefcase but Toyota takes a huge step forward. The Manic One drops it and dashes to a corner out of his way. Toyota grins at Barbosa&#8217;s cowardice. He steps back and goes to the table. He grabs the pen and signs the contract. Barbosa is still in the corner, clearly unsure what to do next. Wasabi throws the contract to him and Barbosa signs it, with one eye on the giant threat standing across from him.

    &#8220;Neither man wants to give an inch!&#8221;

    &#8220;Toyota is just too fat for Barbosa to get around!&#8221;

    Somewhat bravely, Barbosa gets closer to the giant. They mouth off at each other but the mic doesn&#8217;t catch what is said. Toyota goes to exit for the ring but in the one second that he takes his eye off Barbosa, the Manic One sprints across the ring and attacks Toyota. But the giant fights back and Barbosa has no answer for it! He whips Barbosa off the ropes and drops with a belly to belly slam. Wasabi shakes his head. He picks up the King for a Day briefcase and raises it above his head to a massive cheer.

    &#8220;Safe to say that didn&#8217;t go to plan for Barbosa.&#8221;

    Toyota goes to leave as Barbosa is showing some signs of life. As Wasabi is leaving the ring, Barbosa springs to life and catches Toyota with a stiff kick to the right leg which was still inside the ring. He kicks the knee joint repeatedly and forces Toyota to move his weight back in the ring. He puts a tight, wrenching leg lock that contorts the knee in a painful awkward manner. Toyota screams but can&#8217;t pull himself away. Barbosa breaks the hold and crawls across the ring, reaching for the briefcase. Toyota instinctively tries to stop but Barbosa gets to it and smacks Wasabi around the head with it!!


    &#8220;He played possum! I love it!&#8221;

    He exits the ring but still doesn&#8217;t seem satisfied. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a ladder. He stands it up and gazes at it in wonder before shoving it into the ring. Without a moments hesitation, he opens up the ladder and drops it next to Toyota who is trying to crawl away with his injured knee but Barbosa wrenches it away and traps it in the rungs of the ladder, before slamming it shut. Toyota yells in blood curdling agony but Barbosa is relentless, repeatedly slamming the ladder down. He stops eventually but the damage is done and Barbosa grins maniacally as he observes what he has achieved. He looks for the briefcase, picks it up and clutches it tightly. His music starts and the crowd boos loudly as medics and backstage staff run down to the ring to tend to the injured Wasabi.

    &#8220;Barbosa has just taken a giant step towards winning at Unscripted.&#8221;

    &#8220;With this potential knee injury, Wasabi Toyota may not be in a fit state to even comepete at Unscripted. I think it&#8217;s safe to say that Barbosa is going into this match as the favourite, especially if he continues to introduce weapons and use them so effectively.&#8221;
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    There are slight murmurs, but the crowd is mostly quiet, until Mr. Baller booms out and the arena fills with pure hatred.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Miami Florida, weighing 230 pounds; MR. BALLER!

    As Baller cockily makes his way onto the top of the ramp, the crowd only increases it&#8217;s booing. Baller takes a perverse sense of satisfaction from this reaction.

    Copeland: Baller has come a long way since being the laughing stock of WZCW. He&#8217;s even in a PPV main event in a few weeks time!

    Cohen: It&#8217;s called improving Seabass, something you&#8217;re not well acquainted with.

    As Baller enters the ring, basketball in hand, Saliva&#8217;s Always blasts over the speaker system. The crowd responds with a big pop.

    Copeland: What a tremendous reception for Dave here!

    Harrys: And his opponent, from London England, weighing 268 pounds; BIG DAVE!

    Dave makes his way onto the stage. His reaction to the crowd is similar to Baller&#8217;s, only he&#8217;s actually appreciative of the crowd.

    Cohen: Ugh! Dave used to not care what people thought, but now he plays to them like a rat to a piper.

    Copeland: Dave&#8217;s only letting the crowd know he&#8217;s pleased with what they&#8217;re telling him. How&#8217;s that any different to Baller&#8217;s reaction?

    Cohen: Baller knows that the crowd can turn on you in an instant, Dave seems to have forgotten.

    Dave enters the ring and he glances at Baller, his smile now narrowed into a deadpan stare. Baller however, has his smile still intact. The music dies down with a great sense of anticipation from the crowd. The referee calls for the bell and we&#8217;re underway. The two potential future World Champions circle around each other. They prepare to lock-up when the crowd breaks into a big &#8220;Let&#8217;s Go Dave!&#8221; chant. Dave smiles slightly and acknowledges the crowd, raising a hand to a roar from the audience. However, the smile is quickly wiped away as Baller comes across with a big clothesline! He begins to stomp away on Dave. The former EurAsian champion backs away into the corner, but that certainly doesn&#8217;t stop Baller&#8217;s assault. He continues to attack while the referee warns him of his conduct. Baller halts the attack for a moment to break the referee&#8217;s count and to taunt the crowd. He imitates Dave&#8217;s acknowledgement of the crowd from earlier, holding his own fist in the air. The crowd pours the hatred onto Baller. He turns around to resume his beating of Dave, but instead, takes a vicious kick to the gut. Dave unloads a number of forearms and fists to Baller who scrambles away into the turnbuckle. He pleads with Dave not to assault him in the turnbuckle. Dave agrees and lifts Baller up to the crowd&#8217;s disappointment. But, Dave keeps lifting Baller up with a northern lights suplex into a bridge! 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Copeland: Dave completely outsmarted Baller there.

    Cohen: Only a momentary lapse in judgment from Baller. He&#8217;ll be back on the offensive before you know it.

    Dave doesn&#8217;t miss a beat and executes a snap suplex. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave quickly is to his feet, Baller in his grasp and puts him in position for the pumphandle slam. Dave has him up, but Baller manages to wriggle to safety. Having dropped behind Dave, it allows him to execute a swinging neckbreaker! 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave powers out, and begins to stir. Baller, bounces off of the ropes and delivers a bulldog. He realises this won&#8217;t be enough to win though and decides to take a gamble. He climbs to the top, preparing for a legdrop. He comes off the top, but Dave see&#8217;s it coming. Baller crashes hard, and Dave capitalises with a catatonic backbreaker. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave lifts Baller up, and whips him across the ring into the corner. The Englishmen goes after Baller, looking to whip him out of the corner once more. Baller however, has grabbed the top turnbuckle and won&#8217;t let go. Dave attempts to whip him again, but Baller still clings to the turnbuckle. Dave uses an immense amount of strength the third time as he tears Baller away from the turnbuckle which is now ripped, exposing the steel beneath. Baller is whipped off the ropes and into a powerslam. 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Cohen: Look at Baller&#8217;s incredible intelligence being displayed here.

    Copeland: What are you talking about Jack?

    Cohen: Do you not see the exposed turnbuckle? That will no doubt come in handy for Baller in the near future.

    At the moment however, Baller can&#8217;t quite capitalise on that as Dave prepares to deliver a spear. He runs right for Baller, but quick thinking proves useful as Baller dives out of the way and Dave smashes shoulder first into the steel support post. Baller takes his opening by dropkicking Dave right back into the post once more and rolling him up with a handful of tights. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Baller manages to maintain his advantage with a devastating DDT. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Baller is getting slightly frustrated. He to releases these frustrations on Dave with a number of stomps before hitting a standing moonsault. He looks to go for a cover at first, but decides against it, opting for something more. He drags Dave into position for the Buzzerbeater. He goes up, but Dave rolls out of the way as Baller comes back down. The basketball obsessive clutches his chest in pain as he turns around into a big boot. Baller struggles to his feet as Dave manages to nail the spear this time. 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Copeland: A great back and forth clash here as both these men are showing just why they are in the main event of Unscripted.

    Dave suggests that this one is all over by signalling for the Stamp of Authority! He lifts Baller to his shoulders and goes for the finisher, but Baller&#8217;s flailing is making it incredibly difficult for Dave to execute it. Dave takes a couple of elbows to the head, discombobulating him for a few moments. This offers Baller an opening which he seizes, escaping from Dave&#8217;s grasp. He hits Dave with a dropsault and follows up by running up the turnbuckle&#8217;s and hitting a Whisper in the Wind. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Baller stiffly kicks Dave in the back, positioning him for a standing leg drop. Baller takes the opportunity to taunt the fans however, which gives Dave a chance to regain his advantage. He kicks Baller&#8217;s knee and gets up. He then smashes Baller with a roundhouse kick. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave&#8217;s now had enough. He decides it&#8217;s time to finish this, and lifts Baller up once more. He twists Baller around with the Stamp of Authority, but it&#8217;s countered into a tornado DDT! 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Cohen: What genius on Baller&#8217;s part.

    Copeland: It was a fantastic counter as this match hangs in the balance.

    Both men are down, but the crowd only favours one; Big Dave. A chant has broken out and it seems to play a hand in reviving the former King for a Day. He&#8217;s to his feet first, though is shortly followed by Baller. Dave unleashes a stiff kick into Baller&#8217;s ribs. He follows it up by whipping him into the exposed turnbuckle. Baller bounces off the exposed metal and is nailed with a DDT. Dave now has full control of the match and knows now is the time to end it. He holds up three fingers to signal the third attempt at the Stamp of Authority. Once more Baller is lifted off of his feet and into position when...the lights go out? There is collective booing from the audience as it seems to herald the arrival of one man, and one man only. However, when the lights come back on, everything is as it was. The distraction has been sufficient though and Baller escapes Dave&#8217;s clutches once more. He shoves the stunned Dave into the exposed turnbuckle. He sees his opportunity and seizes it, executing the Buzzerbeater! 1...2...3!

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of the match; MR. BALLER!

    The fans are extremely angry with the result and show it with enormous amounts of boos. The basketball fan has his hand raised, but is also out of the ring quickly. He seems to only just realise what a big victory this was for him.

    Cohen: What did I tell you Seabass? Baller was triumphant, just as I had proclaimed he would be.

    Copeland: Indeed Jack, but if it wasn&#8217;t for that distraction--

    Cohen: Distraction? So faulty wiring is a part of Baller&#8217;s strategy now? Get a grip man!

    We see Dave sat in the ring extremely frustrated, with a slight trickle of blood running down his face from where he hit the turnbuckle. His expression is one of anger as Baller taunts him on the ramp.

    Copeland: Well, Mr. Baller was victorious tonight with a slight help from &#8220;faulty wiring&#8221; as Jack Cohen would say. But the question remains, can he do it when it&#8217;s for the World Heavyweight Championship?

    Mr. Baller plays us out as we get one quick glimpse of Baller celebrating before fading out.
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    Who wrote what:

    Numbers: Barbosa/Toyota Contract Signing
    Funkay: Big Dave/Baller
    Blade: Titus/Baez vs. Stark/Susumu
    Phoenix: Blade/Ricky
    Ty: Opening, Backstage, Bomb/King
    Falkon: Bowen/Cruz, Gordito/Beckford/TIW vs. Saxton/Saboteur/Dragon

    Rep and feedback is appreciated. Sorry for the late posting guys and thanks for being patient with us.
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