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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The camera pans around a sold out arena of Milan faithful as the pyro erupts. The crowd roars, with the camera picking up a sign that reads "Welcome Home Eve" among others supporting their WZCW favorites.

    Copeland: Welcome and thank you for joining us here tonight ladies and gentlemen! I'm Sebastian Copeland alongside as always Jack Cohen, and Jack, tonight as a very European feel as we are coming to you live from Milan, Italy!

    Cohen: Buongiorno! Welcome to the one forty ninth edition of WZCW Meltdown! We have a big card here tonight in Italy, but I'm ready to hear this crowd in a few moments when new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Eve Taylor walks through that curtain. It will be like an air raid siren going off!

    Copeland: But first, let's look at how Eve Taylor was triumphant at Lethal Lottery.


    The crowd applauds as Eve Taylor walks through the curtain. She poses on the ramp before she admires her newly won title. She throws it over her shoulder and heads down the ramp and climbs into the ring. She grabs a mic from a ringside attendant.

    Eve: It feels sooooo good to be home here in Milan!

    The crowd roars their approval at the name of the town.

    Eve: At Lethal Lottery I finally managed to win the WZCW world title. After months of trying. Match after match. I left my blood, sweat, and tears in that ring. And it was all for this!

    Eve thrusts the title belt above her head with her left hand as she parades around the ring. The fifteen pounds of gold glistening in the glare of the overhead lights.

    Eve: This had been my dream. My passion and drive that I have as a wrestler has carried me to this moment, and I plan to be champion for a long, long time.


    She's cut off as the sound of a now all too familiar beat cuts through the arena. The crowd explodes as Tyrone Blades walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. Eve looks annoyed to see him, as he looks around, basking in the energy of the crowd. He walks down the ramp, climbs the stairs, and gets into the ring.

    Copeland: Oh my! It's the winner of the Lethal Lottery. And the only man in history to win two of them.

    Cohen: Yeah, but what is he doing here? Can't he see that the world champion is giving her victory speech in front of her home town fans? The nerve of this guy. Blades should have waited until she was finished.

    Tyrone raises his hand to shush the crowd, as as Eve looks on flabbergasted.

    Blades: I came out here to congratulate you, Eve. You did it. You finally made it to the big time. You're at the top of the mountain. And I'm happy for you. Really, I am. But if you didn't notice, at Lethal Lottery, I made history. I am the first and only man to win the Lottery twice!

    The crowd erupts, as chants of "Ty-rone Blades!" fills the arena. Eve grits her teeth in frustration. Thanks to the high def cameras, one could see the veins popping in her forehead.

    Eve: So what, do you want a parade or something? If you hadn't noticed, we're in my home town. And I'm the new world champion. And you just interrupted my victory speech. I know all about our date at Kingdom Come, but right now, this is my moment. So could you please do me a favor and leave my ring?

    Tyrone smirks, and holds the microphone to his face.

    Blades: It's your moment all right, and you've earned it, but honestly, I don't give a damn about your speech. I came out here to challenge you, Eve. I want my world title back. But I'm willing to fight fairly for it. No tricks. You think you're the best? Prove it. Defeat me at Kingdom Come, if you can!

    Eve laughs, and holds the mic up to respond, but the crowd starts to cheer even louder for Blades.

    Eve: Really? You of all people are going to come out here and talk about fairness? Don't think I've forgotten who you really are, Ty Burna! You're a snake. A liar. A manipulative bastard! You wear this obvious facade and you talk about honor. And respect. You don't have the first clue about those things!

    The crowd begins to boo, as Tyrone just shrugs. Eve looks around, not even believing what she's hearing.

    Eve: And to make things worse, you've brainwashed my fans into cheering you. Over me!

    The crowd boos eve louder, as Eve tries to calm them down, but to no avail. She stops and glares daggers at the man in front of her.

    Blades: You seem to have me confused with someone else, Eve. This is no facade. This is the real me. I told you that I would fight you fairly, and I mean that. I respect your abilities, but I could care less about your ambitions, or your dreams. You want to stay on top of this mountain? Beat me! I can smell the blood that you've spilled, and I can taste the salt in your tears. I can sense your fear. Even if I offered you my hand, it's clear that you'll just see me as the monster that I used to be, and not the man that's going to kick your ass at Kingdom Come!

    Eve's eyes go wide as the crowd erupts. She clutches the title to her chest and lowers the microphone. She looks around, stunned that her home town was supporting her opponent over her.

    Eve: I'm not scared of you! You want a fair fight? Fine! I'll give you a fair fight. I'm going to walk into Kingdom Come the WZCW world champion, and I'm going to walk out still the WZCW world champion!

    Eve drops the microphone and leaves the ring, as Tyrone plays to the crowd.

    Copeland: Strong words from the challenger, who wants a fair fight at Kingdom Come. What do you think, Jack?

    Cohen: If I were Eve, I would trust that man one bit. It's the same man that once held the entire company hostage just to further his own goals. And he wants to talk about honor and respect? I don't buy it.

    Copeland: Blades really does seem like a changed man, but is still as intense as ever.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Easterhoose, Scotland. Weighing in at 221 pounds, PC Stevie Broon!

    The crowd claps a little as Broon makes his way through the curtain and onto the stage. He scans the crowd, almost paranoid, as he keeps an eye out for trouble. He slaps hands with a few fans in the front row as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Once inside he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and scans the crowd for threats one last time.

    Copeland: Stevie Broon, making his official one on one debut here tonight after a Lethal Lottery debut. Jack, how do you see the career going of the former police officer?

    Cohen: Disgraced former cop Seabass. Don't forget that part. Look at the guy, he is here for a wrestling match and he is scanning the crowd, paranoid, as if something is going to go down. He needs to be focused on his opponent, Mancini is no slouch.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, 'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    The crowd boos, though some pockets of cheers for the Italian pop up as Tony, with Gino in tow, make his way onto the stage. He takes a moment to admire his title belt, before he makes his way to the ring, eyes focused on Broon. Gino is more interested in soaking in what cheers he can as Tony rolls into the ring. He hands the title off to Gino and preps for the match.

    Cohen: Cops and robbers in Milan, who is going to come out on top? The upstart rookie or the Mayhem champ?

    Copeland: Love him or hate him, and most people fall into the latter category, Tony is coming off a successful defense of his Mayhem Title and that can only bode well for him here in the home country of his ancestors.

    Referee Keith Morse checks both men for foreign objects, paying special attention to Tony. Satisfied, he calls for the bell.

    *DING! DING!*

    The two briefly circle before they lock up in the center of the ring. They fight for position but neither man can get a dominant position. They separate and Tony tries to catch Stevie with a quick right hand, but he blocks and nails the champ with one of his own. He follows up with a couple more rights and backs Tony into a corner. The ref is quick to warn of the five count, but Stevie is quick to Irish whip Tony across the ring to the far corner. Stevie charges and splashes the champ and allows him to fall to the mat. He takes a moment check his proximity to the ropes and decides to kneel next to his foe and nail Tony with a couple of short right hands before the referee warns him of the closed fist shots. Stevie throws his hands up and allows Tony to get to his feet, the champ placing his hand to his head to check for blood. Stevie charges at Tony, but Tony ducks a clothesline attempt. Stevie bounces off the ropes though and connects with the second attempt, putting the champ back on the mat. The crowds cheers a bit and Stevie stops to scan the audience, ever vigilant.

    Cohen: Broon needs to keep his eyes on Mancini.

    Just as Jack finishes his sentence, Stevie turns around and walks into a swift kick to the midsection from Tony.

    Copeland: Yup, just a flat out rookie mistake there by Broon.

    Tony clubs Broon across the back before lifting his face and catching him with a stiff punch. He wastes little time, tossing him into the ropes. Off the rebound Tony connects with a back bodydrop to put Broon on the mat. The Mayhem champ paces around, making sure he is fully recovered from the punches earlier, before he begins to stomp away at Broon. The rookie crawls to the ropes, forcing the break. Tony continues to stomp away until the count of four, when referee Keith Morse pulls him away. Gino, on the outside, uses the distraction to sneak a cheap shot in on Broon, much to the dismay of the crowd. Broon uses the ropes to stand as Tony approaches. The champ uses another kick to double over Broon before he connects with a quick DDT to drop his opponent. He goes for the cover....1!...2!...but Broon kicks out. Tony smiles down at Broon and connects with a couple of forearm to the downed man. He keeps hammering away, the crowd booing, Broon trying to cover up. Out of desperation, Broon bites down on the arm of Mancini as he comes down with a blow. Tony recoils in pain, the referee warning Broon. He gets to his feet and is firing off punches, backing Tony into the ropes. He pushes Tony and let's the ropes bounce him back. Off the rebound he connects with a sidewalk slam and plants the champ. He goes into the cover...1!...2!...and Tony kicks out. Not to be deterred, Stevie nods and runs to hit the ropes. Tony rolls, so Stevie leaps and hits the far ropes. Tony grabs the foot of the ref, allowing Gino to trip up Stevie. Stevie turns and yells at Gino, allowing Tony to run up and roll up Stevie...1!...2!...Kick out just before the three count for Stevie.

    Copeland: Tony and Gino almost stealing a win there. Despicable tactics by a champion.

    Cohen: It was heads up by Tony and Gino. Gotta keep your wits about you all times. Stevie will learn that or he won't last.

    Back on their feet and Tony connects with a reverse atomic drop and a follows it up with a clothesline. He slaps on a chinlock and after a brief struggle, transitions to a sleeper. Stevie kicks and fights, but starts to fade. The referee slides into place and checks on Stevie. The crowd comes alive with chants of "STEVIE! STEVIE! STEVIE!" and he begins to fight. He fights a kneeling position, throwing elbows into the midsection of the champ to try to break the hold. Back to his feet and a few elbows more and the hold is broken. Just as soon as Stevie gets the momentum swinging in his favor, Tony rakes the eyes, unseen by the referee. Tony calls for the end and whips Stevie into the ropes. He sets up Riposa in Pace, his sitout spinebuster, but Stevie leapfrogs the champ. Once behind the champ, Broon hits Clean Up In Aisle 9! His patented Olympic Slam. He crawls into the cover and hooks the leg...1!....2!....3! Stevie has knocked off the Mayhem champ in his Meltdown debut.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, PC Stevie Broon!

    Copeland: Stevie Broon with a big W in his debut, proving good will prevail over evil.

    Cohen: This proves nothing. This was a fluke. Tony will be back and even meaner than before.

    Stevie allows the referee to raise his arm as Gino pulls Tony from the ring. He hands him his Mayhem title and helps him up the ramp as the crowd applauds the effort from the rookie.
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    We cut to Becky Serra's office as we see her in her desk when Triple X barges in and closes the door. Serra does not seem pleased as he approaches her.

    Serra: What can I do for you, Triple X?

    Triple X: For months I've been working towards a World title match. And I want one. It doesn't have to be on Kingdom Come of course. But I feel I deserve an opportunity.

    Serra: You just barged in here demanding a World title shot after failing to win the Eurasian title and the Lethal Lottery. Had you asked for an Elite title match, I gladly would've considered that. But you had to come here aiming too high. The answer is no. Now leave, please.

    Triple X: What?! Then tell me what I have to do to get on that line? What will make you change your mind?

    Serra: Change my mind? You already had an opportunity. You want more of those, you have to earn them. You can go out there and look good beating Lynx but what you want in return is a bit too much. Try again after doing something more impressive. You know. Like you did to win your Eurasian title opportunity. Make an impact. You should know this by now.

    Triple X stares down Serra with a very serious look before nodding and quietly leaves her office, slowly closing the door.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is an Openweight League match! Introducing first, already in the ring from The Ashen Jungle, weighing 220 pounds, "Red Hot" Blazing Tiger!

    Blazing Tiger poses in the corner as he's introduced. The fans seem apprehensive not really knowing him but there is a level of support. After all, he looks cool.

    Copeland: Odd issue with the PA system.

    Cohen: Yeah. Turns out it can't play Soundcloud.

    Copeland: But more to the point, this is Blazing Tiger's big debut. How will he fare against someone who debuted at the Lethal Lottery?


    And his opponent from Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303 lbs pounds, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!

    The stage blinks blue and gold as Harald makes his way down the aisle as fans don't know what to make of him.

    Copeland: It's first for WZCW. A Swedish wrestling. And yet another tall boy here in WZCW. A good amount debuted in the Lethal Lottery. Now we see the first of those to go one on one.

    Cohen: A proud Swedish man. And a big one at that. Lets see what he can do.

    The two circle the ring, getting set as referee Katie Shepard has the bell rung to start things.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    A collar and elbow tie up opens things up between the two rookies as they lock up. They measure strength. Unfortunately, the size difference between Harald and Blazing Tiger becomes apparent and Harald tosses Blazing Tiger across the ring. The red and black clad Tiger aficionado flies from one corner of the ring to the other, his back bouncing hard off the canvas as gravity brings him crashing down. The impact and distance garners a level of attention from the fans as they pop in growing excitement. Blazing Tiger gets back up and dusts himself off as Harald cautiously looks on. Tiger offers to try again which surprises Harald. But he obliges, somewhat confused. Tiger attempts to move Harald but has great difficulty doing so. He tries various maneuvers, from just pushing forward to trying to pull back and use his size to his favor, but nothing works. After a while, Harald just looks annoyed and tosses his adversary once again across the ring. Once again, the crowd shows some growth in interest from the impact. Blazing Tiger seems irritated now. Clearly the fun is gone for him and he's quick to reply with a Dropkick to Harald's leg. That gets to the big guy who's leg buckles upon impact. Seeing his chance, Blazing Tiger does it again to the same leg adding more damage to it. The Tiger doesn't let up and goes for a third Dropkick but before he can deliver it, Harald intercepts with an impactful Lariat. His arm stretches far and wide on to an oncoming Blazing Tiger. His biceps wraps around the chin, throat and chest, the blow brushes across Blazing Tiger, pushing him over as he goes from vertical to horizontal to diagonal, the back of his head smashing against the canvas as his legs fly back. Tiger ends up backrolling and falling flat on his face as Harald brushes off his hurt leg and thinks up on how to follow up.

    Copeland: Now there's a big wake up for Blazing Tiger. He's gonna need a better plan of attack if he wants to win this one.

    Cohen: He's got the right idea going for the leg. Take out the big guys base. Tiger just needs a more concrete strategy.

    Harald goes to give chase but despite the impact, Blazing Tiger is getting back up before Harald can get his bearings back. Tiger doesn't think about it for a single second. He charges in and attempts Headscissor Takedown. It has no effect though as Harald does not budge while Tiger ends up standing following the execution of the maneuver. Tiger looks surprised but stops hesitating and heads towards the apron, quickly springboarding with a Missile Dropkick that manages to knock Harald down. Tiger makes a beeline for the cover, foregoing the leg and just deadpressing him. 1....... 2........ 3-But Harald just tosses him away and staggers back to his feet. Tiger does so too and climbs the top rope. Harald turns towards him to see him perched and standing on the top of the corner. Before he can react however, Tiger leaps off with a Flying Shoulder Tackle but Harald is ready this time and tackles right back at Tiger, knocking him plain off the air. The crowd groans from the uncomfortable fall as Tiger is almost literally swatted off the air.

    Copeland: Tiger has the right idea but just tossing himself around like that is leaving him wide open for big hits. He's not gonna last long like that.

    Cohen: Let him do his best. If that's what he's got, sure why not?

    Harald grabs Tiger straight off the ground and drops him across his knee with a Backbreaker. Tiger's back bends across Harald's knee as he's dropped onto it. He goes for a second one but Tiger manages to slip off. He trips, clutching his back but does not stay still and retaliates with a Pele Kick. Harald clutches his face after Tiger's foot bounced off it. Tiger tries to follow up and dashes across the ring, he leaps onto the ropes, placing his feet on them and letting the momentum send him flying upward and backward, hitting a Quebrada. Unfortunately, Harald doesn't budge. Instead he halts Tiger's momentum, holding him on his shoulder. Harald does stagger back, the leg giving him issue as well as Tiger's momentum moving him but it's not enough. Harald charges forward and hits a big Powerslam. Bouncing Tiger off the canvas. Harald makes his own cover and does hook the leg to secure it. 1.......... 2.......... 3-But Tiger kicks out.

    Copeland: I won't lie. Blazing Tiger is showing a lot of heart right now. He is not backing down from the challenge.

    He also got flattened like a pancake, Seabass. Heart can get you far but you know what gets you farther? A brain. Or muscle in this case.

    Harald looks on, thinking of his next move as Tiger clutches himself with pain following the painful Powerslam. Harald looks towards the corner Tiger leaped off with for the Flying Shoulder Tackle earlier and marches towards it. The crowd coming alive as they realize what's going on. Harald goes between the ropes and then climbs up through the corner, perching himself on the top rope. He very slowly stands up, while still holding on to maintain balance. Tiger slowly staggers back up. Not knowing the major surprise awaiting him.

    Copeland: It seems Harald is taking a page out of Blazing Tigers playbook. He's going high risk!

    Tiger turns around. Through the mask, you can see his eyes gaze upon Harald and stretch out wide, realizing what he sees. The 300 pounder lunges off the top rope, stretching his 6'7 frame across the air. Gravity driving him through the air, he hits Blazing Tiger with great force. Flattening him with the Diving Crossbody. Fenrir's Howl it's called. The impact causing Harald to rebound and roll through, bouncing off and reaching the ropes, which he uses for getting back up. The crowd cheers him on excited after the big move as he starts stretching his arms out and reciprocating the excitement. He screams out "Release The Kraken!" and measures the Tiger who just doesn't seem to know where he's at. Little by little, Blazing Tiger makes his way to a vertical base. And that spells disaster for him as Harald charges, running across the ring. Lifting the hurt leg from earlier into the air, but as he goes up, his opposite leg rises higher, reaching his chest. From there, it presses away. Hitting Tiger with a thunderous Bicycle Kick that hits the mark, right through the chest and Tiger is sent back flying. Left down and on the canvas, Harald places Tiger away from the ropes and hooks the leg. Katie Shepard dives down and makes the count. 1......... 2............ 3!!

    Here is your winner, and scoring 3 points, Harald Var Krigare!!

    What a dominant performance by the Swedish newcomer. Blazing Tiger truly showed heart and determination, but he was no match for the size and unexpected force of Harald.

    Nevermind all that, that big guy just flew like nothing. That was scary. I never want to turn around and find something like that perched up and about to jump on me.

    Harald gets his hand raised by Katie to declare him the winner as some assistants give an ice pack to Blazing Tiger who is clutching his chest after the kick.
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    The door to Becky's office flies open once more to reveal the former Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark. She doesn't seem to be her cheerful self, however, as she stares down the annoyed General Manager. Becky takes a deep breath before getting to her feet and welcoming Callie inside.

    Callie: You've got some nerve, Becky! After everything that we've been through! After everything that I've been put through in this company! How can you even stand there and look at me in the eye? You're pathetic!

    Becky remonstrates with Callie in a vain attempt to get her to calm down. The former Elite Openweight Champion is in no mood to calm down, however, her face is dark red and her eyes are filled with that trademark fire.

    Serra: Callie, if you-

    Callie: Save it, Becky! I thought you were different. I thought that with a women's revolution happening in this company, you would have tried to at least get behind it a little. But no, here we are, the same old problems that have existed in WZCW since the very start!

    Once more, Becky tries to calm Callie down but she is cut off.

    Serra: I wanted-

    Callie: It doesn't matter what you want, Becky! It's about what I deserve. I have beat Lynx more than anyone else has and yet he's getting a free ride against nobodies in the Elite Openweight Leagues. You've made a massive oversight in not putting me in there, Becky! You know as well as anyone that I would have won the league and gone onto Kingdom Come!


    Callie: I know I'm in the match but this... What?

    Callie has to stop herself from launching into another rant as Becky's admission registers.

    Serra: You're already in the Kingdom Come match, Callie. You're right, you deserve to be there. You don't have to qualify for the match. You're already in it!

    Callie: I... Uh... Yeah, quite right, I have to say... Thanks Becky!

    Callie offers Becky a smile before leaving.
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    Harrys: The following match is an Elite Openweight league match and its scheduled for one fall.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Boston, MA, being accompanied by Richard Goldman, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    The camerta cuts showing Brittany and Hayden in the crowd. Richard and Logan make their way out and down towards the two. Logan gives Hayden a hug and is given a kiss by Brittany. Richard stands nearby as Logan enters the ring.

    Copeland: Logan looking to show the world what he can do once again. Let's remember that Logan himself is a former Elite Openweight champion.

    Cohen: He didn't even last an hour and a half with the belt losing to Noah Ryder during the Lotter, why do we think he'll win this?

    Harrys: And his opponent residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Studd walks down to the ring and hands not one, but two roses out in the crowd.

    Copeland: A few cheers for Studd here.

    Cohen: He only resides 3 hours away, so you could say this is a homecoming for the Studd.

    Copeland: It seems as though Brittany and Goldman have gotten into an argument at ringside.

    Katie Shepard rings the bell as Logan and Studd look at each other. Out of nowhere Brittany jumps the barricade! The crowd go nuts as she brings down Richard Goldman.

    Cohen: Ah I thought she was jumping over to see Studd!

    Logan is livid, he turns and shouts at Goldman but Studd grabs Logan and hits the Hey Ladies! The Rude Awakening knocks out Logan. He covers. 1..2..3!

    Cohen: He somehow lasted less than he did when he lost the title.

    Copeland: You could say Richard cost him the match but really Studd has something about him that could take this league.

    Harrys: The winner of this match due to pinfall...Randy Studd!

    Studd celebrates on his way to the back as we head to commercial. Logan flat in the ring. Security splitting Brittany up from Richard and Hayden shouting in the crowd.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Elite Openweight Champion at this time... Lynx!!

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is a man right at the centre of a lot of going ons around WZCW. The Elite Openweight League has kicked off tonight in wonderful fashion. We already know that Callie Clark will be waiting for Lynx at Kingdom Come. I guess he wants to give us some thoughts before his match?

    Cohen: He will have a lot going on in his head for sure, Seabass. My sources are telling me that he has been in regular contact with Theron Daggershield since the Lethal Lottery match. Not a bad person to be giving you advice, surely.

    After a few seconds, Lynx makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage The fans welcome him warmly as he applauds them and nods his head in appreciation. A few shots of pyro go off behind the Elite Openweight Champion as he takes off his robe to reveal the Championship that he wears around his waist. After a few seconds, he begins making his way down the ramp towards the ring.

    Copeland: Tonight, Lynx has his hands very full as you would expect. Triple X has made an interesting mark on WZCW since his resurfacing recently. A win tonight ought to put the cat right amongst the pigeons.

    Once Lynx reaches the bottom of the ramp, he collects a microphone from the steel steps and gets into the ring. He offers the fans a warm smile as he looks around the massive stadium that greets him. The fans seem very pleased to see the time-traveller.

    Lynx: What's up, Milan!?

    The crowd yell as Lynx gets the cheap pop. He continues to smile as the cheering continues.

    Lynx: Tonight, I am sure that you will want to see your home town Champion, Eve Taylor. But for now, I just want to take a moment of your time before I take part in my own match.

    The name of Eve Taylor gets another massive cheer from the Italian locals.

    Lynx: First off, let me start by saying that I am very glad that the Elite Openweight Championship is getting the spotlight that it deserves at Kingdom Come. I have worked hard, alongside many others, to make this Championship as credible as possible. Callie Clark and I have had so many brilliant back and forth matches that you cannot help but be impressed with the ambition of the leagues. Truly, the Elite Openweight League is once again open!

    Lynx gets another small cheer as he adopts a wide smile.

    Lynx: At Kingdom Come, I will go up against one of the toughest tests of my career when I face off against Callie Clark and the two winners of the Openweight Leagues. That task is enough to make anyone a little unsure of their talents. But not me. I will prove to everyone that I am the greatest Elite Openweight Champion that this company has seen. I welcome the task and I cannot wait to show you how much this Championship means to me.

    With that, Lynx tosses the microphone away as Triple X's music begins playing...
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing second….

    Harrys: from Hells Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, The X-Rated Superstar, Triple X!

    The lights go out in the arena as I Hope You Suffer begins with the quiet, uncomfortable opening. As the song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward. He gets to the ring and hits the apron, facing the hard cam. When the music hits the chorus (‘I HOPE YOU DO…’) he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, he enters the ring and paces around, eagerly awaiting Lynx.

    Copeland: Here comes Triple X, Jack. The man will be hungry to redeem his loss to Lynx after their last encounter. We all saw how close he came to ending the historic streak of Titus Avison’s Eurasian Championship. He’s a tremendous striker and very agile, this should be a great contest.

    Cohen: Triple X looks to be full of fight tonight, look at the man pacing around like a hungry lion. We could see a more vicious side of Triple X tonight!

    Referee Akiyama takes Lynx’s belt and hands it over to a ringside worker. He checks both men for illegal objects then calls for the bell..


    Lynx and Triple X walk towards each other right to the center of the ring. They stand there for a moment, jawing at each other, pointing at random things, the argument looks to get heated and Akiyama gets in between them and tells them to stop and get the match started. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, both men push against each other but there’s no advantage in either direction. They rip themselves out of the tie up and pace around. They lock up in another collar and elbow tie up but Triple X quickly falls to one knee and spins around Lynx’s hip to get his back, he pulls Lynx’s head into a headlock, the champion pushes Triple X off of the ropes and swings a clothesline that he ducks and bounces off of the far ropes, Lynx swings a chop that he also ducks and bounces off of the near ropes with speed, Triple X does a fast front dropkick to Lynx’s chest sending him to the canvas, Triple X does a quick kip up and stares at Lynx, who recovers as he slowly stands back up. Lynx nods and acts impressed by Triple X’s speed. Lynx comes in to lock up again but is hit with a quick forearm to the face that surprises him, he staggers back to the turnbuckle as Triple X runs in with chest kicks, over and over again he hits Lynx in the chest until the champion falls to the canvas.

    Referee Akiyama hauls Triple X off of the champion to restore order. Lynx tries to recover and stand up but Triple X charges in with another hard forearm shot to the side of the head, dropping Lynx again. Triple X hauls him to a standing position, he picks up Lynx and hits a sit out gordbuster quickly followed by a pin attempt, 1...2.. Lynx kicks out! Triple X grabs Lynx in a headlock but the Elite Openweight Champion slips out the back door and grabs Triple X in a headlock. Triple X lifts Lynx for a suplex attempt but Lynx kicks the second ropes and does a backflip out of his grasp. Triple X spins around with a spinning back fist that Lynx ducks, Lynx nails Triple X with a lightning fast dropkick, dropping him to the mat. Triple X quickly kips up but is dropped again with another dropkick! Triple X kips up again but Lynx nails him with another dropkick sending him sprawling through the second ropes to the outside of the ring. Lynx pumps his fists, he then runs off of the ropes and runs fast, he launches himself over the top ropes, but Triple X recovers, he catches Lynx with a flapjack launch to the barricade in mid air! Lynx falls to the mats holding his chest. Triple X slides in the ring.

    Copeland: Good move by Triple X, using Lynx's aerial momentum against him to slam him into the barricade!

    Lynx slowly climbs in the ring but Triple X catches him with an elbow to the back, he drags the champion to the center of the ring and picks him up, he hits him with a hard spinning round house kick, Lynx doesn't fall but wobbles to the ropes, Triple X runs off of the ropes and right at the champion, he clotheslines him hard while launching himself over the ropes as well by holding the top ropes! Lynx crashes to the padded mats on the outside but Triple X holds on to the top ropes, he skins the cat and lands back in the ring. He runs off of the far ropes, then fast towards the opposite ropes, he launches over the top and does a front flip, landing on Lynx as he tries to stand up. Triple X hops to his feet and slides back in the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle to taunt.

    Cohen: Triple X really showing his speed and tenacity! Look out! He's repositioning himself on the top!

    Akiyama starts his count, but Triple X is facing a downed Lynx on the outside way up on the top ropes. He takes a breath then leaps, he does a twisting pump elbow drop on Lynx! The fans gasp at the big move. Both men are down and Akiyama continues his count....


    Triple X gets up, he hauls Lynx to his feet.


    He throws Lynx in the ring and slides in after him. He hooks the champions leg for a pin...1, 2...Lynx kicks out. Triple X stands up, then quickly drops an elbow on Lynx. He hauls Lynx to his feet. He picks up the champion and nails him with a release tiger suplex. He drops down and hooks Lynx's leg, 1...2... Lynx kicks out again. Triple X slaps the canvas in frustration. He hauls Lynx to his feet and irish whips him off of the ropes, he swings with a clothesline but Lynx ducks, he jumps and springboards off of the middle ropes with a moonsault! Triple X catches him in a slam position, Lynx wiggles out from behind and drops for a roll up on Triple X....1, 2....Triple X kicks out. Lynx grabs him in a headlock.

    Copeland: Lynx has this match under control after the flurry of offence by Triple X. This is anyone's match here Jack!

    Triple X fights his way to his feet with elbows and punches to Lynx's ribs, he gets free and spins with a round house kick but Lynx catches his leg and hits a dragon screw! Triple X makes it to his feet holding his leg, Lynx gives him a snapmare take over then runs off of the ropes and dropkicks him right in the chest in a seated position. Lynx grabs Triple X's arms and performs a surfboard submission hold! Akiyama is close to Triple X now, asking if he wants to give up. After a moment, Lynx releases the hold and covers Triple X...1...2... he kicks out. Lynx waits for his opponent to make it to his feet, he quickly grabs him for The Dimensional Vortex but Triple X pushes him off of the ropes, he spins with a flying kick but Lynx does a front roll to avoid it and bounce off the far ropes, Triple X turns and springboards off of the near ropes and grabs a fast running Lynx into a spinning tornado DDT into a small package....


    No! Lynx barely kicks out!

    Triple X waits for Lynx to get up, Triple X throws the X rated Superkick that Lynx leans back and dodges in a matrix lean, he kicks with his own superkick kick to the future but Triple X spins to avoid it and hits a snap northern lights suplex with a bridge....1....2....Lynx kicks out! Triple X picks up Lynx, he goes for another northern lights suplex but Lynx leans forward and hooks his legs under Triple X's arms for a forwards roll pin...1....2....Triple X leans back to reverse 1....2.... Lynx rolls forward again...1....2... Triple X leans back again...1.....2.....



    Harrys: The winner of this match by pinfall...Triple X!

    Copeland: Triple X did it! Multiple pin reversals to end this fast paced match up! Triple X avenges his loss to Lynx with a clean win here on Meltdown!

    Cohen: Good match for Triple X, he really wanted it out there tonight. He has to be considered for some kind of title shot in the future, he just beat the Elite Openweight Champion!

    Triple X celebrates on the turnbuckle, Lynx rolls out of the ring, he's unhappy with the loss as he grabs his belt and makes his way up the ramp.
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    Backstage, Logan McAllister can be seen getting changed into his street gear after his match. Richard enters the room silently, looking around for Brittany as he moves inside. With no sign of Brittany, Richard walks over to Logan and pats him on the shoulder. Logan lifts his head but the expression on his face is not what Richard was expecting to see.

    Richard: Hey, Champ, let's get out of here, huh?

    Logan: Champ? You must be kidding me, right!?

    Richard adopts a look of shock as Logan gets to his feet and stands over him, looking him dead in the eyes.

    Logan: What have you evah done for me, Richard, huh? You gonna stand there and pretend that didn't happen out there, huh? That Brit didn't hop the barricade and beat your ass? That you didn't cost me the entire match? Get the Hell outta here, you joker!

    Richard: Come on, Logan-

    Logan: I said get out, Richard!

    Logan continues to stare through Richard until his manager raises his hands and walks towards the door. As he does, Logan gives him a parting shot.

    Logan: I am gonna win this league, Richard! With or without any help!
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is The Main Event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first....

    Harrys: From Neo Japan, weighing in at 115 pounds, Batti and her tag team partner, from Cleveland Ohio, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    The crowds cheer as Batti runs from one corner of the ramp to the next, raising her fists. A confetti explosion is triggered each time she does this. Tyrone Blades walks out with his bat resting on his shoulder, Mr Jones close by. She then runs and slides into the ring while Tyrone calmly walks up the steel steps. Her attention is on the fans as she gives them a smile and rests her back against a turnbuckle post. She smiles and waves at a young girl dressed head to toe as Batti. Tyrone climbs the turnbuckle and poses with his bat.

    Copeland: Here's Batti and Tyrone ladies and gentleman. What a duo here in WZCW, Tyrone is heading to Kingdom Come in the main event after winning the Lethal Lottery match, a match that Batti fought with all her might as well. She had a strong showing in the Lottery and the future is bright for her.

    Cohen: You know usually I'll scoff when we have a goody two shoes team vs goody two shoes team, but these two teams are going to be at each others throats! I can't wait!

    Copeland: I don't think so Jack, they'll have a respectable match here tonight.

    Cohen: I wouldn't be so sure about that Seabass! We have Kagura and Batti in the same match, a rivalry that has been ongoing since the KFAD match! Now add Tyrone vs Eve to that mix, they're just starting their new path of a rivalry here by Main Eventing Kingdom Come! I'm sure there's going to be no end to the one upmanships going on here before it starts to get ugly!

    Harrys: And their opponents....

    Huge, long cheers from the crowd before Eve even walks out to the ramp, the lights dim and a spotlight shines, Eve steps into the spotlight, smiling wide with her WZCW Heavyweight Championship around her waist. The camera shakes at the vibration of noise from the fans as she walks down the ramp. The noise drowns out Harrys as he continues to announce her arrival.

    Harrys: ....156 pounds, she is the WZCW Heavyweight Champion...Eve Taylor!

    Eve climbs the turnbuckle and poses with the title, now in her hand and raised over her head to show the world.

    Copeland: Wow! What an ovation for the champion! This place is really alive now for this tag team match.

    Cohen: Well how do you know all the cheers were for the champion? Maybe this place is filled with die hard Harrys fans!

    Copeland: With all due respect to Harrys, this is Eve Taylor's home, certainly this place is going to be pro Eve all the way.

    Cohen: I don't think Kagura is going to be happy having to play second fiddle to the champion here, I fully expect an attack coming!

    Copeland: Will you stop!?

    Cohen: Well she hasn't had her entrance yet! How do you follow that?

    Harrys: And her tag team partner.....

    The crowds cheer as her music plays, pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, and ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, she bows to Eve and they have a quick conference in their corner.

    Referee Akiyama checks all the wrestlers for illegal objects, Eve pats Kagura on the arm and steps through the ropes, she hands off her world title to a ringside worker and grabs the tag rope, she starts stretching her neck. Batti and Tyrone have a quick discussion on who will start, Tyrone steps in front, ready to start the match but Batti pulls his arm back, she's eager to start the match against Kagura. Blades nods and steps through the ropes. Akiyama signals for the bell.


    Batti hops over to the ropes and starts a clap chant, Kagura smiles and hops on her toes, eager to engage in the contest. Both women charge at each other! Batti flys in the air with a double slapping crossbody smash, Kagura catches her and whips her sideways in a lightning fast hip toss. Batti rolls to her feet. She runs at Kagura again but she's kicked in the stomach then chopped in the back on the neck, Batti does a faceplant then quickly pushes herself back to her feet and recovers. Kagura smiles at her again, she makes a -come on- motion with her hand. Tyrone shouts instruction from the corner and Batti nods, seemingly calming down a little. They lock up in the center of the ring, Batti quickly pulls her arms away and slaps Kagura hard in the face, Batti spins around and sticks out her thumb, index, and middle finger and places them across her face all mysteriously for her Dio's Villain Pose. Kagura is standing behind her, a very pissed off expression on her face, that has a red hand mark on her cheek. Batti turns around and gets The Hundred Hand Slaps!! Kagura palm thrusts Batti over and over and over again with blinding speed in her chest and face area! The crowds eat it up as the smacking intensifies! Batti falls limp through the second ropes to the outside. Kagura climbs the turnbuckle to taunt. Tyrone rushes over to Batti to see if she's alright while Akiyama starts his count.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen! Not very often in this business do we see Hundred Hand Slaps, but that was the best version of it I've ever seen!

    Cohen: Batti looks like she's knocked out! Tyrone just rolled her back in the ring so she doesn't get counted out!

    Kagura walks over and drops on Batti, she hooks her leg...1....2...Batti kicks out! Kagura hooks both legs this time...1....2... Batti kicks out again. Kagura wraps her legs around Batti's torso and applies a hard scissors lock submission. Batti reaches out with her legs and hooks them in the bottom ropes. Akiyama warns Kagura to release the hold. He starts counting and she releases it at 4. Kagura stands up, she hauls Batti to her feet by her hair, Batti quickly grabs Kagura in a bearhug! She launches Kagura across the ring with a belly to belly suplex! Tyrone reaches out for a tag, Batti walks over but fakes a tag with a one handed cartwheel! The crowds laugh as Batti blows a kiss at Tyrone. He covers his face trying not to laugh. Batti turns and drops Kagura back to the mat with an axe kick followed by a dabbing elbow drop then a cover....1.....2...Kagura kicks out. Batti grabs Kagura in a headlock on the mat, Tyrone yells a resounding - NO!- from the corner. Kagura easily escapes the headlock and applies a hammerlock behind Batti's back. She hooks her other arm under Batti's free arm then stands both of them up, she suplexs Batti back and applies another scissors lock while keeping the half nelson applied. Batti is trying to wiggle free in the center of the ring but to no avail, she looks ready to pass out now. Tyrone rushes in and gives Kagura a kick to free the hold. Eve jumps through the ropes but Akiyama stops her. Tyrone grabs Batti's hand and hauls her over to the corner, he jumps through the ropes. Akiyama gets Eve to grab the tag rope then turns to see Tyrone tag himself in the match.

    Kagura makes it to her feet but is met with a flying knee to the shoulder that sends her sprawling over the top ropes, she lands on the apron, Tyrone grabs her legs and gives her a catapult making her neck snap on the bottom rope, Kagura holds her neck, she tries to haul herself away and her torso is inching closer and closer to falling right to the padded mats, Tyrone launches himself over the top ropes and catches her neck with a Guillotine Legdrop causing both wrestlers to fall on the padding. Tyrone gets to his feet, he picks up Kagura and rolls her back into the ring. Eve jumps down and stands in front of Tyrone. They jaw at each other for a brief moment before he rolls in the ring. Eve climbs back to her corner, she yells something else that gets his attention. Tyrone walks over and starts talking, Kagura comes up from behind with a roll up ...1.....2.....Tyrone barely kicks out!

    Copeland: Whoa that was really close to being over there! A sneaky pin by Kagura and that would've been the match!

    Cohen: Just like Batti earlier, Kagura is not showing much interest in tagging in, she's laying the boots to the Lethal Lottery winner in vicious fashion.

    Kagura has slightly snapped as she kicks Tyrone over and over on the canvas. She drops an elbow then locks Blades arm in a triangle submission hold, Tyrone quickly rolls up and grabs the second rope before any damage can be done. Eve leans her hand out for a tag but Kagura ignores it. Tyrone makes it to his feet but Kagura puts him back down with a Saito Suplex. Blades rolls through and crawls to his corner for a quick tag. Batti jumps over the ropes and charges at Kagura, but Kagura grabs Batti's arm and throws her with a Hane goshi judo throw across the ring right into Eve's corner. Kagura tags in Eve and the crowds go crazy, the noise is deafening as they both pick up Batti and Irish whip her off of the ropes, Eve and Kagura hold arms as they rush her off of the rebound, but Batti jumps and does a front flip to avoid getting double clotheslined and bounces off of the ropes, she NAILS both women with her own double clothesline! Eve and Kagura both kip up at the exact same time right after! Batti runs up the turnbuckle and meows loudly, she throws kitty jabs and licks both of her knuckles like a cat. Kagura gets hoisted by Eve on her shoulders, Eve walks over and climbs to the second ropes, Kagura grabs Batti from behind and Eve jumps back into a super double german suplex! Eve quickly covers Batti as Kagura rolls out of the ring. 1....2....Batti manages to put her foot on the ropes! Eve grabs Batti in a tight headlock.

    Copeland: Super German suplex and Batti survived! What an impact there! Look at this replay....

    Cohen: What a dangerous double team maneuver by Eve and Kagura!

    Eve hauls Batti to her feet, she hits Batti with a hard knife edge chop followed by a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb! Eve runs off of the ropes and drops a leg on Batti. The champion picks up Batti and slaps her with a big open handed chop to the chest, Batti lets out a cry of pain and bounces off of the ropes, Eve quickly takes her back and whips her to the canvas with a northern lights suplex with a high bridge! 1.....2....3! NO!! Batti barely kicks out!

    Tyrone starts yelling from the corner, trying to spark a fire under his tag team partner. Eve picks up Batti, she tags Kagura back in, they Irish whip Batti off of the ropes then Kagura hits her with a shuffle side kick to the stomach, Batti stumbles and bends over to a soccor kick to the face by Eve then a knee right to the back of the head by Kagura, dropping Batti right to her face on the canvas. Kagura quickly covers Batti...1.....2....Batti kicks out! Kagura slaps the canvas in frustration. Tyrone claps and yells more words of encouragement. Eve climbs through the ropes, then holds out her hand, Kagura hauls a limp Batti to her feet, she tags in Eve, she picks up Batti on her back and grabs her legs, Eve runs off of the ropes fast, Kagura throws Batti with an Alabama Slam right into a running boot by Eve to Batti's skull! Eve falls on Batti for the cover....1.....2..... Tyrone boots Eve off of Batti!

    Akiyama gets in Tyrone's face and gets him to leave the ring. Eve holds her head then tags Kagura back in, they pick up Batti for a double suplex. They go to hoist her but Batti blocks it! Batti then heaves both women up for a double suplex!! All three women are down. Tyrone is hopping on the canvas now, begging for the tag.

    Batti's awesome! Clap! Clap! C-C-Clap! Batti's Awesome!

    Copeland: Unbelievable! Where does she find this power in that small frame?!?

    Cohen: Batti is like those Marvel Superheroes who have special powers! Her's is Surprise Strength! With a touch of crazy!

    Eve rolls out to the apron, Kagura grabs Batti's foot to stop her from crawling. Batti kicks Kagura right in the mouth to break the hold. Batti does a ninja roll to the corner for the hot tag! The crowds explode as Tyrone launches himself in the ring, he runs and clotheslines Kagura to the mat, then hits Eve off of the apron with a running high knee! Eve flies right off and hits her face right on the top of the barricade! Tyrone leans on the ropes and looks on in concern as she rolls around holding her mouth. Blades turns his attention to Kagura, he picks her up and hits a Pentagon Jr Driver, the pumphandle flipping slam bounces her off of the canvas. He quickly picks up Kagura, he picks her up and rests her legs on the second ropes, he snaps her down to the canvas with a hard DDT...Desolate Roads! 1.....2....Kagura kicks out!

    Copeland: Ohhh! That was so close! That's how Tyrone defeated Kagura in their last match, not this time though!

    Tyrone gets to his feet, he signals for the Click Clack. The crowds are on their feet. Kagura struggles to her feet, Tyrone flys with a superkick, but Eve pushes Kagura out of the way and takes to kick right to her face! Eve covers her face and staggers to the corner of the ring. Kagura chops Tyrone in the back of the neck, he stumbles forward and bumps into Eve, she still has her face covered and kicks out instinctively, right between Tyrone's legs!

    Blades falls to the canvas holding his privates. Akiyama has no choice but to call the match. Kagura looks frustrated with the decision as she shakes her head at the referee.


    Harrys: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification..Tyrone Blades and Batti!

    Copeland: What an unfortunate accident there Jack!
    Eve had her eves covered and kicked out in instinct, only to land a low blow!

    Cohen: That was no accident! Eve knew exactly what she was doing! Ha ha haaa! Get the man's privates sore before Kingdom Come! It's a smart move if you ask me!

    Tyrone rolls out of the ring holding his privates. Batti doesn't celebrate the win, instead she mouths off to Eve and Kagura stands between her and The Champion. Eve rolls out of the ring, she grabs her heavyweight championship and gives Tyrone a quick look before she starts walking up the ramp. Kagura shakes her head and climbs out of the ring. Batti yells something to Kagura, then something to Eve a little louder. Kagura shakes her head again as she walks up the ramp behind Eve.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentleman thank you for tuning in to another exciting Meltdown, until next week, I'm Sebastian Copeland with Jack Cohen!

    Cohen: Wait a minute Seabass! What's going on?!!

    The crowds are booing loudly as the camera pans around to look at what they're booing about, Flex Mussel hits Batti in the back of the head with a stiff forearm shot! She drops to the canvas hard. The booing intensifies and empty cups and garbage start littering the ring. Flex stands over the fallen wrestler, he's flexing his chest one after the other and smirking. He roughly hauls Batti to her feet then lifts her quickly, he runs and slams her down hard with a Mussel Bomb! right in the center of the ring! More loud booing.

    Copeland: Flex Mussel out of nowhere! Where the hell did he come from?!? He just flattened Batti with a huge running Mussel Bomb!

    Flex jumps up and flexes his arms. He hauls Batti to her feet again, he hoists her up and nails her with another hard Mussel Bomb!

    Copeland: Oh my god! Somebody get out here! Security! What the hell?! Do your damn job and get out here, stop this man!

    Flex lifts Batti by her hair, he laughs as her eyes are closed. He drops her to the canvas. He starts playfully kicking her around, she rolls to her back limp.

    Flex holds his finger up signalling - One more-

    Tyrone charges back in the ring to a huge cheer but Flex drops and rolls under the ropes before Blades can get near him.

    Copeland: Thank god! Thank god Tyrone recovered to save Batti! Flex was about to end her damn career!

    Tyrone leans on the ropes, screaming at Flex, who ignores him and walks up the ramp, smirking and jawing at fans. Tyrone turns and takes care of a passed out Batti as the WZCW logo appears in the corner.
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    Tyrone Blades & Batti vs Eve Taylor & Kagura - Jeff
    Lynx vs Triple X - Jeff
    Blazing Tiger vs Harald Van Krigare - KJ
    Randy Studd vs Logan McAllister Lee
    Tony Mancini vs Stevie Broon - Yaz
    Segments - Ech/Dave
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