Meltdown 128: M vs. Diabolos

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    Deep within the Oregon wilderness lies a creature known only as an "M". Many ancient cultures gave names to this creature - "Majestic" - "Mysterious" - "Magnificent" - but to save confusion, we in the scientific community simply refer to him as the common letter in his name - "M".

    The M often prefers to live underground, emerging only for wrestling matches, occasional trips to Milan, and sometimes a good old fashioned sit down at the local cafe. It is at that local cafe that we have been so lucky to see a glimpse of this previously thought to be mythical creature.

    The M appears to be writing a letter of some sort, possibly to one of his many fans. We'll call this fan "Hayden McAllister". Imagining that M has some sort of connection to this Hayden McAllister, we'll say that he's the son of a fellow wrestler. We'll call that wrestler "Logan".

    The M seems to be enjoying writing this letter to his fan, perhaps this could be nature's way of releasing the frustration associated with being knocked out of a hypothetical tournament of some sort. We'll call this tournament the "Gold Rush". Continuing on from our knowledge that the M emerges from time to time for the occasional wrestling match, let's say the hypothetical tournament was for some sort of glory. We'll call this glory "a shot at a world championship".

    Let's include another possibility. Imagine this M happens to have some close friends, maybe even a bride of some sort. Let's call this bride "Teru" and let's give him a friend called "General Green". Maybe M is frustrated that his friends are away from him? Maybe M wants his friends back, and to compensate for the time being he's writing a letter to someone he knows would like to also be a friend? From the outside looking in, we cannot tell.

    What we can tell, however, is that this particular M seems to shudder after writing a certain word in his letter. Using our knowledge of pen strokes we can conclude that this shudder comes after the notation of an 8 letter word. Combining that with the aforementioned knowledge that the M occasionally wrestles, we can make an educated assumption that the word is the name of another wrestler - maybe even the wrestler the M is to face at his next outing. Let's call this wrestler "Diabolos".

    Now we must ask ourselves, why would the M be shuddering at the mention of something related to a thing he is known to occasionally do? Let's assume it's related to the hypothetical Gold Rush tournament from before. Maybe this Diabolos also was knocked out in the first round, and maybe the M is scared of how they will react? But that is inconsistent with the fact that the M occasionally wrestles, of course he has encountered situations like that before.

    Let's try and use some of the other knowledge we have. Let's assume the Diabolos resembles the M in some way. Maybe this Diabolos reminds the M of himself? Maybe this Diabolos once lost their friends and loved ones too? Maybe this Diabolos was also frustrated, and maybe that turned this Diabolos into something that the M doesn't want to be?

    The M appears to have stopped shuddering at the mention of this "Diabolos". What could this mean? The resolve shown in the M's eyes would suggest he has come up with some sort of plan. Considering it is hard to believe he had some sort of epiphany regarding the location of his friends, let's assume it is related to Diabolos. In fact, let's go one step deeper and assume it is also related to the glory of a shot at a world championship that the M is missing out on. Maybe the M has resolved that in order to not fall into the darkness and become this Diabolos, he must defeat Diabolos himself? Maybe the M also believes that defeating this Diabolos is necessary to achieve the glory of a shot at a world championship?

    Let's treat this all as fact.
    Let's watch as M defeats Diabolos.
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