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    We open up Meltdown without the regular entrance titantron or pyrotechnics but rather the Greek fans of the WZCW Universe booing as the World Tag Team Champions Ramparte & Flex Mussel stand in the middle of a decorated ring wearing tuxedo's, Ramparte in all white and Flex in a modified tux to showcase his muscles.

    Copeland: Welcome everyone to the P.A.O.K. Sports Arena in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, Greece where we have two thirds of Cerberus in the ring and it seems like they've got something planned for us to kick off the show, Jack.

    Cohen: I cannot wait: I love surprises. I also love the Tag Team champions as well, Seabass. They always make everything special, especially wearing those immaculate suits!

    Ramparte politely tells everyone in the audience to quiet down as Flex grabs a microphone, looking slightly nervous as he takes a couple of deep breaths. Ramparte comes up and consoles him, taking the microphone away from him for a moment.

    Ramparte: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to ask all of you to please be considerate towards Mr. Mussel for the next few minutes as he's got something very important he'd like to address... so show some damn respect for the man!

    Naturally, the crowd boos in response which garners some ire from Ramparte but he quickly shakes it off before handing back to Flex, giving him a couple more words of advice before giving him center-stage. He takes a moment before he talks.

    Mussel: Thank you, Rampy. Before I begin, I'd like to kindly ask if Amber Warren would please make her way to the ring. What I'm about to announce involves her being out here. If you'd like to bring El Califa as well, you are more than welcome but we swear to you by the three heads of Cerberus that this will be a moment of truce. Please Amber, come out here.

    Everyone seems to be very confused at the request as Flex puts the microphone down, wiping some sweat from his forehead and taking a couple more deep breaths. Ramparte consoles him some more as they await the Los Magnificos Dragones.


    The crowd cheers as Amber Warren slowly walks out in her street clothes, followed by El Califa. They look just as confused as the fans and make their way slowly down to the ring. Cerberus throws their hands up as a sign of them not looking for any trouble.

    Copeland: This doesn't feel right to me.

    Cohen: Why? Just because two teams will be fighting each other at the biggest stage of them all doesn't mean they can't get together every once in a while for a time-out.

    Copeland: When have Cerberus ever extended peace without an ambush occurring somewhere in the process? This definitely feels like a trap.

    Warren & Califa stand at ringside before Ramparte comes over to the ropes, opening them up for the tag team. He assures them that nothing will happen and entices them into the ring. Califa goes up first, slowly approaching the apron and gets into the ring unharmed. Warren follows suit and also remains untouched. Ramparte thanks them and goes to stand behind Mussel, who remains in the middle. He faces Warren who is backed up by El Califa. Ramparte offers a microphone to Amber and hesitates before taking it.

    Mussel: Thank you for agreeing to some small time of civility. I know the four of us haven't exactly been very friendly towards each other in recent times and normally, we should be beating your heads in with my fantastic muscles thanks to the very effective Flex Fitness but... this is something that I need to do before things progress further between us.

    He turns to Ramparte who puts his hand in his pocket, handing something to Flex. Warren & Califa get on their guard but Cerberus tells them to calm down. Flex takes another deep breath.

    Mussel: Amber Warren... we may not know each other very well but I've kept my eye on you ever since you joined WZCW for your first match, as well as your very impressive story prior to wrestling when you were as overweight as these stupid people in the audience.

    The crowd boos in response.

    Mussel: It was an amazing feat achieved by an amazing and gorgeous human being. There is no-one on this planet, or any other planet in fact, that outshines your beauty... ever since I laid eyes on you Amber I instantly... fell in love.

    Stunned for a couple of seconds, Warren looks at Flex with confusion before turning to Califa who is also as shocked as Amber. Flex looks very nervous and gets a little fidgety.

    Mussel: ... it has taken me a long time to muster up the courage to tell you how much I love you, even though in the past it may not seem like I expressed those feelings. I was nervous; anxious; worried about your reaction but I don't care now. I needed to tell you that... and I also need to ask you this...

    Flex gets down on one knee, causing a big reaction from the crowd as Flex reveals what Ramparte gave to him: a diamond wedding ring! He looks up to Amber.

    Mussel: Will you marry me Amber Warren?

    Everyone does not know how to react as Flex remains on one knee with a genuine look of love on his face. Warren stands still, frozen after hearing what she heard. Ramparte puts his hands over his heart, feeling all warm and fuzzy. Califa slowly shakes his head.

    Copeland: Oh my God! Flex Mussel just proposed to Amber Warren! I cannot believe!

    Cohen: I knew this wasn't a ruse but I didn't expect Flex to pop the question! This is a genuine heart-felt moment to be had by everyone. C'mon Amber! Say yes and become the happiest woman in the world!

    Copeland: You can't be serious, Jack? After all the things that Cerberus has done? This is like Amber Warren joining the Pale Rides all over again!

    Warren tries to raise the microphone to her mouth but all that comes out are repeated mumblings. Flex does his best at deciphering what she is saying but he cannot her properly. However, Califa grabs the microphone from Warren before she can answer. Cerberus look surprised at his actions.

    Califa: El Califa doesn't believe this one bit! The two of you have something planned to ambush us. Califa has seen some very underhanded tactics used to distract the fiercest of opponents but this is a new low: using love as a distraction to attack us weeks before our championship match. How dare you.

    Angry, Ramparte rips the microphone out of Flex's hands and gets almost in Califa's face.

    Ramparte: How dare us? How dare you! If this was an ambush, you would already be laying on the ground unconscious in a pool of your own blood... but you aren't and I'm holding back the urge to put you in your place all for the sake of the love that my best friend feels for your tag team partner. The same tag team partner whose life you have ruined and now continue to ruin by interjecting in this magical proposal. Now, move back before I make you.

    Califa: El Califa has no problem accepting that challenge right now and making you eat your own words, something a freak like yourself would find some way to inappropriately enjo-

    All of a sudden, Mussel comes in between the two as they look to go, trying to break things up. He does his best to plead with the two to restore some order. Warren manages to muster up some words, telling Califa to hold back whilst Flex pushes Ramparte back.

    Mussel: Look, this is getting out of control and will inevitably turn into another brawl, something that I do not want. So, we're going to leave the ring to make sure that doesn't happen. Amber, please think about it. It would mean the world to me if you said yes. I will give you until after your match tonight against SHIT to make a decision.

    Flex places the wedding ring in its box on the canvas before backing away with Ramparte, slowly exiting the ring with no shenanigans occurring. El Califa watches Cerberus' every move to make they don't try anything funny. Amber Warren looks at the ring and picks it up, holding it in her hands as she ponders over it. Califa turns around when Cerberus get to the top of the ramp, very shocked to see Warren staring at the ring.

    Cohen: That has to be the biggest decision in Amber Warren's life! Does she accept becoming Flex Mussel's wife in the midst of this World Tag Team championship feud? Never before has there been this much drama in a WZCW ring.

    Copeland: I don't mean to sound like the conspiracy theorist but I do not trust a word coming from the mouth of any head of Cerberus. How can Amber Warren take him seriously?

    Cohen: Love is a serious matter, Seabass. You don't just ask anyone to marry you.

    Copeland: And that's what I'm suspicious. Flex & Amber have had very little interaction with each other and most those have involved fights! How can he love her?

    Cohen: Well, to be fair, I've fought with all my previous wives. Love isn't a cut and dry issue. It is very complicated but unlike any normal marriage proposal, Amber practically has all night to think about it. I wonder what her answer will be? I'm hoping for a yes!

    We end the scene with El Califa having words with Amber Warren who seems to be ignoring Califa as the thoughts race through her head.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Buckinghamshire, England, weighing 235 pounds, "The Elite," Steven Holmes!

    The Elite walks down the aisle stretching his wrists and looking at the fans in disdain. He enters the ring and doesn't acknowledge the fans. He simply sits to wait for his opponent.

    Cohen: Look at that. Confidence and focus. This man is on a class of his own.

    Copeland: Well, he better be. Because at Kingdom Come 6 that class will be put to the test when he goes one on one with the survivor, Chris KO.



    Harrys: And his opponent, from Culiacan, Mexico, weighing 180 pounds, El Califa Dragón!

    El Califa walks out to the stage with his head hooded. He removes it before jogging to the ring, high fiving fans on the way.

    Copeland: It hasn't been officially signed yet due to Amber Warren still recovering from injury, but Elut Califa pretty much has a date with the Tag Team titles at Kingdom Come too. It's a matter of formality right now.

    Cohen: Why should they get the shot? They haven't won anything recently.

    Referee James Aubrey checks on the two competitors and starts the match when they say they're ready.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Califa quickly tries to sweep the feet of Steven Holmes, but Holmes drops to prevent it and quickly begins hammering away on the now floored Califa. Califa tries to get up, but Holmes nails him with European Uppercuts. An Irish Whip leads to Holmes shifting his stule from brawling to submissions as he locks the lucha libre star on an Abdominal Stretch. Holmes drives his elbow right into the ribs for added torture. Califa screams in pain as James Aubrey checks for the submission but he says no. Holmes screams intensely on his own end as he cranks up the hold.

    Cohen: If anyone can slow down that walking firecracker, it's Steven Holmes. He's so technically sound in the ring, he can just halt anyone.

    After some struggling though, Califa manages to shift his smaller body in better position and proceeds to Hip Toss his way out of the hold.Holmes quickly tries to regain his composure, but the super fast Califa lays him out with a Dropkick to the face. Califa picks up more momentum from the ropes and comes back with a Senton, but the English Elite rolls out of the way and stops Califa cold with a Chinlock.

    Cohen:See?! What'd I tell you? Cerberus needs to be watching this and studying this type of wrestling.

    Steven applies pressure and tries to keep Califa down, but the Mexican superstar manages to get to his knees. And that's good enough for him to maneuver himself and hit Holmes with a big knee right in the face. Holmes lets the hold go and tumbles down. Califa rolls him for the cover 1............ 2............... 3-No! But James Aubrey see's the shoulder up just before the 3. Califa measures as Holmes tries to get back up to his feet. He runs the ropes and goes for a Headscissors, but before Califa can snap the neck to send Holmes over, the aristocrat manages to stop the momentum. He tilts backwards, slamming the latino firecracker back down to the mat with what looks like a Sidewalk Slam.

    Copeland: It would seem Steven Holmes has indeed found the cure for El Califa Dragon's assault. Califa can't get anything going.

    Holmes surveys the field and turns his adversary over. He begins to stomp all over Califa's back as the crowd boo's him loudly. Steven taunts the crowd as he continues the assault before hooking Aristocracy Reigns on Califa. He locks the maneuver on tight as he pulls on the chin of El Califa for pressure. The crowd boo's louder as Holmes verbally berates them as he keeps the hold on. Califa tries to get up as James Aubrey checks for a submission, but Holmes simply sits lower on Califa's back. As that happens though....

    Copeland: Califa is trying to fight out of it. But he may have to call it quits this time.

    Cohen: Yup. Like I said, Holmes has it. He stopped- OUCH! HEY, who threw that?!

    A volleyball bounces off Jack Cohen's head knocking his headset down. The crowd chants for someone to throw it back as the commotion catches Steven Holmes.

    Copeland: I'll get it.

    Sebastian gets out of his chair and grabs the ball. Tossing it back at the audience. Steven Holmes goes from applying less pressure to Califa to letting him go looking at the volleyball. Reminded of the ball Chris KO carries.

    Cohen: We're selling these things now?

    Copeland: It's the official WZCW volleyba- Hey, wha- Holmes let go of Califa! Is the match over?

    Cohen: I didn't hear the bell.

    Holmes screams at the announce team and turns around. As he does that though, Califa is back up and hits the Rolling Fire! As soon as Holmes falls, Califa springs on the ropes and comes down on Holmes with El Dragon De Vuelo! The cover: 1.........2..........3!!!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, El Califa Dragon!!

    Copeland: Holmes isn't focused. A simple ball made him go from technical master to totally out of it. He's so angry about Chris KO, he lost track of what he was doing. Holmes needs to get his head back in the game.

    Cohen: Someone threw that over here, Seabass. It's a conspiracy. It was probably KO himself. There is no way Holmes would've lost if it weren't for a freak volleyball tumbling over here.

    Copeland: That was random. Who knows?

    As Califa celebrates and leaves the ring, an embittered Steven Holmes exits as well. But goes over to the crowd. He manages to catch up to the ball and demands it. Eventually taking it by force. He heads to the announce booth and flips over papers and drinks, spilling them all over Sebastian Copeland. Holmes grabs a pen and screams at the crowd before stabbing the ball with it. It deflates and as it does, he taunts the crowd with it. But as he does that, he's assaulted by dozens of volleyballs at once. The Elite is knocked down from the barrage as Truman Harrys gets on the mic.

    Harrys: Please stop throwing volleyballs. Stop! Stop the balls!

    The crowd dies down as Holmes walks away infuriated. Knocking one volleyball out of a kid's hands on the way out.

    Copeland: Well there goes my suit. Thanks, you cranky Brit.

    Cohen: What the hell is wrong with these Greeks?! They just beat Steven Holmes down with ball!

    A video package begins playing on the screen.

    Throughout WZCW history, one championship has been the crown of many successors. Nearly every holder of the illustrious Eurasian Championship has gone on to compete for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship, and many have indeed held it.

    The video shows a picture of Ty Burna holding the Eurasian Championship high over the fallen body of Drake Callahan, and then to a shot of the Triple Threat match between the two, and Showtime Cougar.

    Ty Burna was the inaugural champion, defeating Drake Callahan in the finals of the first ever Eurasian Tournament. Along the way he defeated another future Eurasian Champion in Showtime Cougar. Drake Callahan also claimed the Eurasian Title. All three men have gone on to hold the WZCW World Heavyweight Title more than once, combining for seven different reigns with the World Title.

    A picture is shown of Big Dave holding up the title now, staring up at Ty holding the WZCW World Heavyweight Title.

    A man who never truly lost the Eurasian Championship, Big Dave proved to be one of the best Eurasian Champions in WZCW. Defending against all comers, he dropped the title only to go after the World Heavyweight Title.

    A number of pictures rotate through, showing Blade, Chris Beckford, Triple X, Black Dragon, Rush, Chris KO, and Mikey Stormrage holding the title.

    Many have had great success with the Eurasian Championship, for some, the shining moment in their career at WZCW.

    It shows one final picture of Matt Tastic holding up the Eurasian Championship after defeating Mikey Stormrage at All or Nothing.

    Last but not least, our current WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Matt Tastic has shown that one can certainly take the next step immediately. Now at Kingdom Come, a ladder match will determine who will be crowned the next Eurasian Champion. Who will put their name up with the legends and greats of WZCW?

    The video ends with a picture of the Eurasian Championship hanging high over the ring, with a ladder set up underneath it. One more image appears before the screen fades as we go to commercial.



    We come back from commercial to see Mikey Stormrage throwing away some trash in a dumpster just outside the arena. He appears distracted as Matt Tastic approaches.

    Matt: You look busy.

    Mikey: Just throwing out some old garbage we don't need anymore.

    As he dumps things into the dumpster, a mask fall to the ground. Mikey quickly moves to pick it up and throw it away, embarrassed.

    Matt: Was that a mask?

    Mikey: No! Of course not! Only losers with small wieners wear masks. Guys like us would never do that.

    Matt: Speaking of, where is your tag along?

    Mikey: I haven't seen her since we got to the arena. I think she went out for food. I need to throw a few more things away, I'll meet you inside.

    Matt shrugs his shoulders and starts to walk back inside as Mikey starts to dump a box of E.T. Atari cartridges into the dumpster.
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    Harrys: The following triple threat Eurasian qualifying match is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, Derek Jacobs!

    Jacobs raises an arm into the air to very little reaction from the crowd.


    Bruce Irwin stands on the stage for a moment, before heading down the ramp and greeting the fans.

    Harrys: From Erinsborough, Australia, weighing 250 pounds, CROCOOOOOOODILE Bruce Irwin!

    Irwin climbs into the ring, and after using it to pump the crowd up a bit, tosses his shirt to a fan.


    Daddy Mack comes out from behind the curtain, shaking his head disapprovingly about the entrance music.

    Harrys: Finally, from Boise, Idaho, weighing 280 pounds, Daddy Mack!

    After high-fiving with some ringside fans, Daddy Mack climbs into the ring. Before the bell can be called for, Bruce Irwin walks over and shakes the hand of Daddy Mack. Jacobs sees and opportunity and charges at his opponents, but they both duck. Jacobs turns around into a double big boot as the bell rings. Derek gets back to his feet, but turns right into Mack, who lifts him for an airplane spin. After ten rotations, Jacobs is put down but stumbles toward Irwin. Bruce pulls Derek’s legs out and begins turning him with a giant swing. After ten more rotations, Jacobs rolls to the floor. He tries to get to his feet, but instead vomits on the ringside mats and collapses.

    Copeland: Derek Jacobs tried to get a jump on his opponents, but instead is having the contents of his stomach jump out of his body.
    Cohen: I don’t think he’ll be putting this in any of his highlight videos.

    Both Mack and Irwin watch the scene on the floor, until the Aussie sees his chance and rolls up Daddy, 1…2.. Mack kicks out. The two men get back to their feet and lock up with Mack taking control with an armbar. Irwin backs into the ropes and Mack tries to shoot him off, but Croc reverses it and catches Daddy in a back body drop. Bruce grabs the legs, looking for another giant swing, but Mack rolls him up, 1…2… Irwin kicks out. Before either man can really move, Irwin grabs a front facelock on Mack and deadlifts him for a delayed vertical suplex.

    Copeland: What incredible strength by Crocodile Bruce Irwin!
    Cohen: Have we drug tested this guy? Who knows what’s in the water in Australia!
    Copeland: I will never understand how you come up with this stuff, Jack.

    After thirty seconds, Irwin drops Mack to the mat. Rather than cover, Bruce climbs to the top, setting up for The Dingo. When Daddy finally gets back to his feet, Irwin leaps, but Mack drops down. Irwin slams to the mat and rolls to the floor. At the same time, a woozy Jacobs climbs back into the ring. He throws a wild right hand at Mack, but instead gets lifted and dropped with the Big Mack. The crowd begins to stand as they know what comes next, and erupt when Daddy hits the Mack Attack! Irwin is stirring on the floor as Mack covers Jacobs, 1…2… Bruce is too late on the break up, 3!

    Harrys: The winner of the match, Daddy Mack!

    Mack jumps to his feet to celebrate while Irwin lies on the mat holding his head in disappointment. After a few seconds, Irwin gets up and congratulates Mack before heading to the back and letting the legend continue his celebration.

    We see Leon Kensworth backstage running after Amber Warren who is dressed to compete heading towards the gorilla position. Leon manages to catch up with her.

    Kensworth: Amber, I just wanted to ask you about your current state of mind after Flex Mussel proposed to you in the center of the ring to start the show? How will that affect your performance in your match tonight?

    Warren, not knowing how to respond, walks off leaving Leon behind.

    Copeland: Amber Warren vs. SHIT is coming up next!

    Cohen: And then Amber Warren's answer to Flex's proposal. I can't wait!
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    We return to see Amber Warren already in the ring, trying her best to do some last minute warm-ups and focus on the task at hand. She paces across the ring with referee Katie Shepard looking on with a worried expression on her face.


    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Amber Warren's opponent, from Mechanical Mecca, weighing in at 230 pounds, SHIT!

    The crowd cheers as SHIT walks out, making his way down the ramp not particularly interacting with the fans. He wastes little time getting into the ring where Amber Warren is pacing around. Katie checks on both competitors as the music dies down.

    Copeland: This is going to be very difficult for Amber Warren to concentrate on this match. A lot of thoughts have to be running through her head.

    Cohen: Hopefully the main one is "yes!"

    Katie Shepard signals for the bell and the two look to square off in the middle of the-


    The crowd boos as both World Tag Team champions walk out down the ramp still in their tuxedo's, heading to ringside. Warren turns around and watches them make their way out.

    Copeland: What are they doing out here?

    Cohen: Probably to cheer on the future Mrs. Mussel!

    However, instead of being on-lookers, Ramparte & Flex slide into the ring and begin an ambush on SHIT, taking him down! The referee Katie Shepard has no choice but to call for the bell, signalling a disqualification victory in favour of SHIT. It doesn't help his current situation as Cerberus mercilessly attack SHIT.

    Copeland: Oh c'mon! Cerberus up to their old tricks.

    Cohen: Flex probably doesn't want Warren hurt when they make their engagement official!

    Warren tries to intervene but Ramparte manages to hold her back as Flex takes out SHIT with the Full Body Fitness, kicking him to the outside of the ring. Flex goes over and requests a microphone.

    Mussel: Forgive me, my love. I couldn't wait for your answer, nor did I want to see that pathetic excuse for a destruction machine mess up your pretty face. Besides, everyone knows Cerberus is the ultimate destroying machine... but we aren't here to gloat. Amber, what is your answer?

    Flex puts the microphone near Amber's mouth with Ramparte backing up. The crowd chants at Warren to decline as she looks around, hesitating in answering Flex. Eventually, she leans forward.

    Warren: No Flex, I will not marry you.

    The crowd cheers loudly at the answer as the look of pure happiness on Flex's face turns into one of disbelief and shock. He cannot properly filter Amber's answer as Ramparte looks on, also shocked by Amber's response. Flex does his best to make Amber reconsider, grabbing her by the arm but she pulls back and slaps him across the face!

    Cohen: Oh my God! She just slapped Flex in the face after rejecting him in front of all these people! How heartless can you get?

    Copeland: Are you really surprised, Jack?

    Flex wipes his face and a look of pure anger overtakes his emotions. Warren tries to exit the ring but Flex grabs her arm again, pulling her in and punching her square in the face! The crowd boos heavily as Flex looks down at the fallen Amber with nothing but rage before they begin attacking her with a barrage of kicks.

    Copeland: And now here comes the true colours of Cerberus, resorting to their wolf-pack mentality of beating down anyone who doesn't agree with them. I knew this was a ploy!


    The crowd cheers loudly as El Califa comes bolting out from the back to the best he can, still carrying the wounds of battle from his match with Steven Holmes not too long ago.

    Copeland: Here comes El Califa to save Amber!

    El Califa slides into the ring and begins attacking both members of Cerberus, holding them off for a while with punches and kicks before Flex uses his strength to get behind Califa, holding his arms back. Ramparte begins a flurry of punches before they both bring him to the ropes, tying him up. Ramparte pulls out a set of handcuffs from his pants and secures El Califa's hands to the ropes, rendering him almost defenseless as Cerberus beat El Califa down.

    Copeland: And now they handcuff El Califa? What won't they stoop to?

    Cohen: This is between Flex & Warren. It has nothing to do with El Califa and they are reassuring he won't interfere again.

    Ramparte sends a wicked smile to a struggling El Califa who has no choice but to watch on thanks to Flex who keeps his head turned to Warren. Ramparte takes his championship and swings for the fences, knocking down Warren. The crowd boos heavily as Rampare picks Warren up slowly, licking her face before hitting an impactful Heresy right onto the championship, causing her to crumple on the canvas!

    Copeland: Warren just landed with a sick thud onto the gold! I don't think she's getting up from that... oh c'mon Flex! That's enough! Just because she doesn't want to marry you doesn't mean you have to put her out forever!

    As Copeland is commentating, Flex has decided to pick up the almost lifeless body of Warren and looks to set up for the Full Body Fitness, much to the displeasure of the crowd and El Califa who begs and pleads for Flex not to do it. Flex, with anger still in his heart, picks up Warren and looks to execute his finisher...

    ... until a recovered SHIT manages to stand up on the outside. Alarmed, Ramparte goes to the outside and tries to deal with the situation but Ramparte gets a Head Chop for his troubles, knocking him down! The crowd cheers as SHIT sets his sights on Flex in the ring. He slides in as Flex tosses Warren aside, causing Flex & SHIT to begin brawling with each other until SHIT gets the better of the tag team champion. He hits a nasty European uppercut before delivering a Head Chop to Flex Mussel as well! He rolls to the outside of the ring where a still groggy Ramparte grabs him, retreating to the back.

    SHIT goes over to El Califa and uses his powerful vice grips to rip apart the handcuffs, freeing Califa from his chains. SHIT then exits the ring and marches up the ramp, going after Cerberus who have since escaped. After a few seconds of venting and anger in the ring contemplating going after the champions, he turns to Amber and begins to check on her as well as referee Katie Shepard who had come back from retreating from the chaos. She holds up an X sign as medical personal come out from the back.

    Copeland: What a disgusting display by Cerberus. They just brutally assaulted Amber Warren for quite rightfully giving Flex Mussel an honest answer to a very difficult question. What kind of man who was madly in-love to someone he was proposing to would viciously attack them like that? You honestly cannot condone these actions, can you Jack?

    Cohen: ... I don't believe Amber Warren should've said no nor she should have slapped Flex but I also believe she didn't deserve this beatdown. I think this may be the end of Amber Warren, Seabass...

    The scene ends with the medical staff loading up Warren on a stretcher who doesn't seem to be moving. El Califa stays by her side as they take her up the ramp.

    Backstage we see Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage. Mikey holds a burrito wrapper while Matt has his hands tucked in a hoodie's pockets.

    Tastic: Mikey, I just don't feel like you're focused. Matter of fact, Serafina told me you were distracted lately.

    Mikey: Uff, I, wha, *gasp* Distracted? I'm focused. Matt, look at me! I. Am. Focused. Nothing gets past me.

    Tastic: OK, I guess.

    Mikey: No, you don't get it! I am Focused! I know my surroundings! I am aware of all that happens near me. OK?

    As that goes on, we see garbage workers in the background. One approaches the duo.

    Garbage man: Excuse me, sir. Can you hand me that piece of trash next to you?

    Matt grabs the bag the garbage man asked for, but Mikey turns and reacts as well without looking. He grabs the closest thing to him and takes it to the garbage man. Except that thing was a person. And that person was Derek Jacobs.

    Jacobs: Hey-hey-hey! What the hell!

    The garbage man lets Mikey pass as he throws Jacobs into the truck. Matt looks on in a mix of horror and confusion as Mikey comes back after his deed. The two continue walking as Matt tosses away the garbage bag.

    Matt: ............So you're sure you're focused?

    Mikey: Absolutely.

    Matt: How are you enjoying Greece?

    Mikey: The yogurt is good, but I've yet to meet John Stamos. That's disappointing.
    We go backstage where Stacey Madison is standing by with Ty Burna and The Beard.

    Stacey: I'm here with Ty Burna and The Beard. Tonight you two square off with your Kingdom Come opponents Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic. How important is this match tonight as you prepare for your big matches in the next couple weeks?

    Ty: It's very simple Stacey. Tonight The Beard and I make a statement.

    The Beard: The fake champion can't run from me forever. And with the "great" Ty Burna backing me up, there's no question that I'll be victorious tonight.

    The tone in Beard's voice is evident as Ty tilts his head slightly at the barb sent in his direction. Ty grabs the mic from Stacey and gets right up in The Beard's face.

    Ty: You forget your place Beard. While you did steal the title from me with the help of your now broken cronies, just remember that even if you do win at Kingdom Come, I will be waiting in the shadows to do the same thing to you.

    The Beard laughs right in his face but soon Constantine and Steven Holmes walks up behind Ty. The Beard's laugh dissipates as a smile slowly forms on Ty's face.

    Ty: Not so funny now that the ball is in the other court. Now I suggest you focus on the match ahead, and don't worry about me taking your head off after Kingdom Come.

    The Elite walks off as The Beard's face contorts into anger, visibly seething as he stares them down.

    Copeland: Can The Beard and Ty Burna coexist against Stormrage and Tastic? Our main event is next!
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    Harrys: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall!


    As the opening organs play the lights go completely out until static appears on the screen. The crowd boos heavily as Ty walks out and goes down the ramp slowly with flames rising behind him, staring into the ring the whole time with a cold expression.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds; TY BURNA!

    Cohen: As per usual, Ty seems very focused on the match tonight as evident in his interview with Stacey Madison despite not fighting alongside his Elite cohorts.

    Copeland: Given Ty's history, I think you'll find a lot of similarities between the Beard and himself although there is some tensions between the two with The Beard cashing in on Ty Burna to win the World championship. It'll be interesting to see how they'll cope together in the ring. But what he has to focus on is on his match with Mikey Stormrage. Win that, and the rematch he wants, he'll get.


    He climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. He stands in the corner, staring forward until raising his right arm into the air.


    Harrys: Next, his tag team partner, weighing in at 285 pounds; THE BEARD!

    The crowd continues to boo heavily as the Beard comes out with a slow, staggering walk. He grasps the World Heavyweight championship on his shoulders as he walks down the ramp, eventually getting into the ring. He comes face to face with Ty, giving off a smirk as he hands the title over to senior official Jurou Akiyama.

    Cohen: All things considered, they seem to be doing well thus far. I hope for our sakes they'll be on the same page for the entire contest so they can finally stomp out that stupid catchphrase!


    The crowd explodes with extremely loud cheers as the WZCW World Heavyweight champion Matt Tastic and his best friend Mikey Stormrage jump out onto the stage with big smiles on their faces. They go to opposite ends of the stage and play to the crowd before meeting back in the middle, doing their secret ench-hand-ilada-shake and walk down the ring chanting "Live Mas."

    Harrys: And their opponents, temporarily residing from 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California, at a combined weight of 563 pounds; Mikey Stormrage and the WZCW World Heavyweight champion Matt Tastic; TEAM LIVE MAS!

    Cohen: Now it's actually an official team name? Ugh!

    Copeland: Despite all the complaints I hear from you and everyone on the internet/social media, these crowds across the globes always get on their feet to greet Matt & Mikey, cheering loudly for their antics. How can you hate two friends who are fun to watch? And they've got big challenges ahead as Mikey faces Ty Burna and of course the World Heavyweight Championship match as Matt faces The Beard. Can Matt claim the belt that's rightfully his? Or will Beard snatch the belt again?


    Cohen: You're right. They are fun to watch, Seabass... fun to watch guys like Ty & Beard smash to pieces!

    Copeland: You say liking Mexican food is bad yet your blood lust for specific WZCW superstars is okay? You've got some weird obsessions, Jackie.

    Team Live Mas have entered the ring and the two side-by-side embroiled in a stare-down with their opponents. Ty & Beard step forward, taking the middle of the ring with Beard holding up his championship to the boos of the crowd. Tastic & Stormrage look at each other before stepping up with Matt holding up his title. Senior official Akiyama gets in-between these four competitors and separate them, demanding they get to their corners and start this match off traditionally. Eventually, both sides cave and prepare themselves.

    Copeland: There is no-one else better to call this match than senior official Akiyama. A former World champion in his own right, he'll know exactly how to handle these four intimidating men.

    Cohen: It's kind of sad when out of the four men and one referee in the ring, four of them have tasted what its like to hold a big gold belt at one stage in their careers... and the odd one out is a wrestler.

    Tastic & Ty look to start the proceedings as Akiyama signals for the bell.


    Ty stands in the middle of the ring, calling Tastic to start off things traditionally. Tastic obliges, looking for a lock-up but Ty immediately knees Tastic in the gut, shaking his head at how gullible the World champion is to trust someone. He points to Mikey before deliver a clubbing blow to Tastic who goes to the ropes. Ty whips Tastic across the ring and looks to go for a backbreaker but Tastic manages to reverse it into a quick headscissors takedown, surprising Ty. He gets up and Tastic delivers a hurricanrana (sans the pin), sending him to the outside of the ring. Ty takes a couple of seconds to gets his bearings and gets flustered from the offense of Tastic, slapping the apron. He looks to get back in the ring but Tastic is already on the move, hitting a suicide dive onto Ty on the outside! The crowd cheers as Tastic riles them up. The Beard jumps down from his position and looks to get involved but as quick as a flash, Stormrage jumps down too and stares down at Beard, making sure that if he gets involved he'd have to deal with him. Beard backs off as Tastic throws Ty into the ring, sliding in and going for the pin...

    ... 1
    ... kick-out with power.

    Stormrage jumps back on the apron as Tastic drags Ty to the corner, pointing to Mikey which the crowd cheers as they want to see him enter the ring. He gives Stormrage the tag and he looks to go after Ty but he hits a quick elbow to the gut of Mikey before scrambling to tag in the Beard, which elicits a big boo from the crowd. Ty smirks in the corner as Stormrage beckons him to come back in.

    Copeland: That's not like Ty to run from a fight, not wanting anything to do with Stormrage.

    Cohen: You're right. Ty doesn't run. This all apart of his mind games to get his opponents frustrated.

    The Beard and Stormrage have tied-up with Beard behind Stormrage, looking to lift him but Stormrage is able to block, grabbing the arm of Beard to twist and and deliver a short-arm clothesline that causes Beard to stagger back to the ropes. Stormrage tries whipping Beard but he reverses, sending Stormrage for the ride. Stormrage goes for a running shoulder block but it doesn't knock down Beard. He tells Stormrage to go for another run which he obliges, doing another shoulder block but it only forces Beard back. Stormrage goes for one more but Beard runs at him as well, ducking Stormrage's attack and rebounding off the ropes to hit his signature running crossbody with a devastating impact. He covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Mikey.

    The Beard gets up and delivers a couple of stomps on Stormrage before looking up at Ty who has a smile on his face, looking for the tag. Beard nods and tags him in, causing the crowd to boo heavily as Ty begins stomping on Stormrage.

    Cohen: And now with Mikey getting his wish to fight Ty but worn down by The Beard, even more frustration settles in.

    Copeland: It was a big collision but one crossbody won't put away Stormrage from this match entirely.

    Ty hits a kick to the back of the head on Stormrage before following up with a running knee drop. He covers Mikey...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... another kick-out.

    Ty locks on a strait-jacket strangehold on Stormrage in a seated position, gaining extra leverage in the submission as he holds it on tightly. Tastic in the corner tries to rally the crowd behind Mikey as senior official Akiyama is in prime position to make the call. Stormrage refuses to give in and eventually makes it to his feet. Ty attempts to go for an X-Plex but Stormrage blocks it, sending Ty for an inverted snapmare. Stormrage takes a second to recover but it is too long as Ty runs at him with a high knee, knocking him down and allowing him to execute a reverse STO. He covers again...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... once again, Mikey kicks out.

    The Beard calls for the tag in the corner, telling Ty that he'll take over. Ty is a little offended but decides to make the tag, bringing in Beard. Ty holds up Stormrage and exposes his stomach, allowing Beard to hit a free shot. Akiyama is all over Ty to exit the ring as Beard whips Mikey into his corner. He hits a series of repeated elbows and a shoulder barge before following up with a corner splash. He holds Stormrage, bringing him into the middle of the ring for a belly-to-belly suplex. He pins...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... a fourth kick-out.

    Ty applauds the efforts from the corner, catching Beard's ire as he locks in a submission hold on Stormrage, applying the pressure.

    Copeland: A couple of pot shots are being dealt between the team of Beard & Ty as they try to put down the resilient Stormrage.

    Cohen: Nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly competition!

    Copeland: If they don't be careful though, their focus might slip and cause a fresh Tastic to enter the ring.

    The crowd gets behind Stormrage once again with Tastic in the corner begging for a tag. Stormrage manages to get to his feet and delivers a modified jawbreaker. Beard staggers back slightly but tries to pick up Tastic who hits another jawbreaker. He slips underneath Beard and makes the tag to Tastic to a big cheer from the crowd.

    Tastic hopes over the ropes and runs to Beard who looks to swing at Matt but he blocks the shot. He hits three punches to the gut before Beard pushes him back. Tastic runs at Beard, baseball slides underneath and channels the energy of the crowd to hit the Charge Shot on Beard, causing him to bend over in pain. Ty tries to run interference but Tastic does a low-bridge that causes Ty to fall to the outside. Tastic turns back to Beard and manages an inverted atomic drop followed by a spinning backfist, sending Beard to the corner. Tastic hits a series of corner kicks before whipping Beard across the ring, causing him to rebound out from the turnbuckles and allow Tastic to hit a spinning wheelkick. He looks out to the audience and the crowd is all behind Tastic.

    Copeland: And the crowd is fired up from Tastic's explosive entrance into this match.

    Tastic waits for Beard and sets up for the Kaioken but Beard slips out, hitting a back kick on Tastic. Beard moves away, looking to recover but Tastic charges at him. Beard manages to hit a sidewalk slam. Ty is back on the apron and Beard tags him in. He comes into the ring as Tastic gets up and hits a series of rib breakers before finishing off with a double underhook backbreaker. The impressive sequence causes an applause from the crowd for a couple of seconds as Ty locks in a backbreaker submission, firmly putting the control back in their favour. Stormrage has since recovered and is now back on the apron.

    Cohen: Even after a big comeback, Ty & Beard still have this match in the palm of their hands.

    The crowd gets behind Team Live Mas stuck in a submission once more with Tastic deliver a couple of kicks to try and escape the hold. One big kicks stops Ty from applying the pressure and Tastic rolls off, trying to get to his feet but Ty goes for the surprise X-Plex... which Tastic reverses into a modified cross-armed shirunai! Both competitors are down on the canvas on opposite sides of their corners with both their tag team partners calling it out for a tag. Senior official Akiyama begins a count for both men as they slowly crawl to their partners. Ty gets to the Beard first, tagging him in with Tastic shortly tagging in Stormrage shortly after to big cheer.

    Beard runs at Stormrage but he ducks, running the ropes to come back with a big shoulder block that knocks down Beard. Stormrage runs again, hitting a kitchen sink knee followed by one more run and hitting his own version of a running crossbody. Stormrage gets the crowd fired up as Beard runs into a Samoan drop. Stormrage runs the ropes and hits a seated senton on Beard, pinning him...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... Ty breaks up the pin.

    Cohen: Great teamwork.

    Copeland: Lucky break from Ty & Beard.

    Tastic gets up and he begins brawling with Ty, eventually sending him to the outside. The World champion exits the ring and goes after Ty with Stormrage in the ring focused on Beard who has gone to the corner for some shelter... but he gets a Jump Man Splash for his efforts, followed by the Live Mas Slam that puts Beard down on the canvas.

    On the outside, the action has switched gears as Ty managed to get the upper hand by throwing Tastic into the steel steps who holds his back in pain. A little concerned, Stormrage goes over to survey the damage but Ty jumps on the apron, hot-shotting Stormrage and distracting him. Ty attempts to enter the ring but senior official Akiyama is having none of it, warning Ty that a disqualification is imminent. Meanwhile, Stormrage picks up Beard and looks for the end of the match but Beard hits Stormrage with a nasty low-blow! The crowd boos mercilessly as Stormrage hunches over with Beard hitting the Poetic Justice.

    Tastic has recovered and pulls Ty from the apron, knocking him down with the Beard covering Stormrage in the ring...

    ... 1, Tastic realises what is happening...
    ... 2, he slides into the ring and tries to break it up...
    ... 3, with Tastic only inches away!

    The Beard quickly rolls out of the ring and staggers over to the commentators desk to retrieve his championship belt where Ty is recovering. Tastic checks on Stormrage as Akiyama signals the end of the match.

    Harrys: Here are your winners; Ty Burna & The Beard!

    Cohen: An excellent victory for the clearly dominant team tonight. What great chemistry and teamwork these two have to pull off the victory.

    Copeland: Beard used a blatant low-blow to take Stormrage out of the equation whilst Ty distracted the referee. That's not teamwork, that's taking advantage of the situation illegally.

    Cohen: Well, if the referee doesn't see it, Seabass...

    Copeland: You'd think that the former World champions such as Ty & Beard wouldn't have to resort to such tactics.

    Cohen: You do anything you need to do to win. As former World champions, that is something you have to understand and embrace. Maybe if Mikey was a World champion at one point, he would've seen it coming.

    Matt Tastic is attempting to help Mikey Stormrage get up to his feet but he is still groggy from the finisher and low-blow. Suddenly Ty and The Beard attack from behind, and The Beard tosses Tastic out of the ring and follows after him, throwing him into the crowd. Meanwhile Ty stands over Mikey, kicking his head in a mocking manner as the crowd boos loudly.

    Copeland: This is despicable. The match is over, there's no need for this!

    Cohen: I don't think Ty really cares Seabass. He's sending a message tonight.

    Ty stares down Mikey who continues to struggle to his feet, as Ty backs up and sets up for Consecrated Banishment. Suddenly Serafina comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring. She stands in between Ty and Mikey, pleading with him not to do it. Ty yells at her to get out of the way, but she refuses, turning around and helping Mikey to his feet. Ty angrily walks over and grabs Serafina by the arm, pulling her up to her feet. Mikey gets a rush of adrenaline and gets to his feet, shoving Ty away. He turns back to Serafina asking if she's ok, but a smile is on Serafina's face. She winds up and delivers a devastating kick right to the crown jewels, and Mikey's face contorts in immense pain as Ty watches on, a smile slowly spreading on his face.

    Copeland: Oh my God.....Serafina, she just turned her back on Mikey!

    Cohen: I don't think she ever was in his corner Seabass. I think Ty cooked this genius scheme up!

    Serafina skips over to Ty and wraps her arms around his neck, and Ty laughs maniacally as Mikey tries to pull himself over to the corner. Serafina looks over to Mikey before turning back to Ty and begins sloppily making out with him, just one more insult to injury. Mikey's face grows red with anger as the scene plays out, unable to move from the low blow.

    Copeland: As much as I hate to leave you with that lasting image, we're out of time here on Meltdown. For Jack Cohen, I'm Sebastian Copeland. Good night.

    The camera focuses in on Ty as he stares over Serafina's shoulder, his eyes flickering just a touch of red as Meltdown goes off the air.
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    Falks - Main event, Warren/SHIT, opening
    Thills - Mack vs Irwin
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    Yaz - Nothing
    Ty - Booze
    Dave - Women
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    Yaz: segments

    Blame KJ and his stupid head for the delay. Ascension may be up tonight, I'm pushing for it. Reigns is supposed to be on RAW though, so surely we will all be fapping to that. Hope you guys enjoy Meltdown. Oh and rep us for the shows. Lately we haven't been getting enough of that and it makes me cry.

    Ty Ninja Edit: Yaz won't give me any fucking credit for the segments I did, so here we go:

    Ty: The Great Organizer of the show and producer of segments.

    Also please donate to the alcohol fund.
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