MD 151 - Tony Mancini vs Eve Taylor

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    RP deadline is Wednesday May 23 at 11:59pm PST

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    The Camera turns on as we see Tony and Gino walking through the streets of beautiful Milan, Italy. Tony is enjoying himself while Gino does nothing but complain.

    What are we doing back here man, he asks with an irritated huff. Don't we have to get to Newcastle for Meltdown?

    we had to make a pit stop first, Tony tells him as they turn onto the Corso Venezia and walk past a bunch of high end shops.

    Gino snorts in disgust as he turns his nose down at the items in the windows they pass.

    Another pit stop, Gino says in exasperation. we've been having a lot of those lately.

    Tony looks over at Gino with a flash of anger in his eyes as they stop in front of the Palazzo Serbelloni next to a big group of people about to start a tour of the Palazzo.

    The hell are we doing here, Gino asks Tony after he comes back from bribing the tour guide to let them join the group.

    Do you know who I'm facing, Tony asks him as they fall to the back of the group.

    Gino shakes his no as they walk through the threshold of the building and past security. Once they get further along the tour Tony answers him.

    I'm facing Eve Taylor, Tony says slowly. You know, the World Champion.

    That's a great opprotunity Ton', Gino says as they sneak down a side hallway. But what are we doing here at the Palazzo?

    Eve used to be a model you idiot, Tony said with a rueful shake of his head. This Pallazo holds one of the biggest events in fashion, Milan Fashion Week, twice a year. They just got done with their Fall/Winter show a couple months ago and their. Spring/Summer show is coming up in September.

    Gino snorts in laughter as he hears Tony talk about fashion before they walk into an empty women's dressing room.

    Glossing over why you decided to look this up, he says with a smirk. what does that have to do with wrestling?

    On the surface nothing, Tony admits with a shrug. But if you look deeper it means everything. I already know everything I need to know about Eve the wrestler. What i want to do here is get a feel for Eve the model. Hell if I knew where they were in this damn city I'd go talk to her family and find out why they hate her so much.

    Tony sits down in front of the giant make up mirror and goes quiet for a few minutes while Gino keeps an ear out for approaching security.

    You know what Gino, Tony says in a thoughtful tone. Eve and I actually have a lot in common. Both of us are Italian. Both of us have scratched our way up from the bottom to hold champinship gold in the biggest wrestling company in the world. Both of us will do whatever we have to do in order to win.

    Tony gets up and walks in the direction of the main show room. They get into the backstage area and walk around some more until they come upon the catwalk.

    yeah Ton' but she's a woman, Gino tells him There is no way a 156 lb girl has a chance against you.

    Shut the fuck up Gino, Tony says with a little heat in his voice. What she's got between her legs doesn't mean a damn thing when that bell rings. Eve Taylor is the World Heavyweight Champion and has earned that title by beating two of the best in this company who also happen to be women.

    Still irritated at his best friend Tony turns and looks at the catwalk, imagining Eve Taylor walking it in whatever frilly dress was the fashion trend of the season as Gino talks to him, not knowing he isn't paying attention.

    Ton' are you even listening to me, Gino asks him after a bit. I was trying to tell you something important.

    Not really, Tony says to him as he turns back around. I was wating for you to get your sexist comments out of your system and got to thinking more about my match coming up.

    Well did you come up with anything important, Gino wants to know as they walk out another side door and heads towards the back of the palazzo.

    A couple things actually, Tony tells him as they open a door and enter the maintenance area. First thing is that an even match against the World Champion will open so many doors that the Family will be back to it's former strength in no time.

    That makes Gino perk his ears up as Tony continues to talk.

    I also figured out a weakness we could exploit, Tony says with glee as he starts to talk faster. Eve may be World Champion but what else does she have?

    Tony doesn't even wait for Gino to respond as he continues without even taking a breath.

    Nothing, Tony says as he raises his voice slightly in excitement. She lost everything & everyone important to her in order to become champion. I mean all she ever does is hang out with a ring announcer and a bitch of a backstage interviewer. They might as well be a lame Sex in the City rip off or something stupid like that.

    Gino laughs loudly until Tony shuts him up and listens to see if anyone hears the noise.

    Damnit Gino if you get us caught I swear i'm going to kick your ass.

    They reach a door to the alley behind the Palazzo and Tony pulls out an old credit card and slips it between the door and the frame until he gets just the right spot and slowly opens it listening for any sign of alarm.

    She had something good going with Mikey a while back but her desire to be Champion messed that up. Before that she was part of one of the best three-person factions in the history of WZCW in Cerberus but it was her desire to stay Elite Openweight Champion that drove her away from Ramparte and Flex.

    They walk out into the back alley and Tony quietly closes the door before they walk away. Once they get out into the street Tony relaxes and finishes talking.

    If we can get Eve to dwell on everything she lost she won't be concentrating on our match.

    They continue to talk as the camera loses them in the crowd and slowly fades to black.
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    Almost immediately after Eve Taylor had arrived in England for the next leg of the WZCW European Tour, she was booked to appear at multiple venues for signings, photographs and press conferences to promote the upcoming Kingdom Come PPV that was only weeks away. Eve's schedule for her first day in England on this tour even had her lunch and dinners booked. There was no time to rest from the jet-lag and no chance to check herself into the hotel she was staying. Hell, Eve even had to do her make-up and freshen herself in the bathroom on-board her flight. It was a ridiculously tight schedule but there was nothing Eve could do about it. She was the World Heavyweight Champion, after all: the 36th reign in history, the 26th person to win the title and the 2nd female competitor to become World champion. To remain the champion Eve had to fulfil her obligations and responsibilities that came with assuming the role as the face of the company. Yes, it was horrible at times, but all of scheduling horrors was worth being the greatest wrestler and the competitor who reigns supreme at the top of the wrestling world. This was everything she ever wanted so this was something she was going to force herself to get used to, even if it meant dealing with idiots.

    Despite the schedule, Eve's fan meet-and-greet and signing sessions weren't as busy as she had originally anticipated. It did bother Eve a little that the World champion did not have the biggest turn-out she'd seen previously, and it bothered her more so that she wasn't the only one today scheduled for a fan event; however, it gave Eve a little break in-between fans to catch her breath and the fans that did come to meet her became a little more intimate and personal. Instead of just saying hi and asking one question, she was able to strike up conversations with some of the fans. Most of the people she conversed with weren't exactly great conversationalists, and some seemed rather dull, but she felt she was doing an excellent service to the fans who'd never meet any wrestler as great as her, or even a woman as beautiful and elegant as the Fabulous One. Even though she was forced to be there by the company, it felt like charity or community service to Eve and it made her feel better that she gave these poor unfortunate souls a taste of real success. It truly was an amazing deed by an amazing person.

    After the meetings with fans, Eve had another one-on-one exclusive interview prepared with one of her best friends Stacey Madison. Whilst this wasn't specified in the itinerary she had received from headquarters for this British gig, Stacey insisted that those in-charge of scheduling made a massive blunder and informed Eve there was to be a personal interview with her. Eve had never any problem with the people who gave her an itinerary in WZCW before but this gave her an excuse to hang out with her friends during this busy time. Eve specifically asked if Stacey could get Selena Anderson to tag along so they could catch up for a coffee afterwards before her appointment with a photography agency. Stacey promised her she would be there and gave Eve the address. She was happy to have friends like Stacey and Selena who could put up with the hectic life that Eve was living.

    Upon arriving at the specified location, Eve was a little unsettled by how obscure the buildings were and how far they'd travel from the city centre. Eve had travelled to the United Kingdom before so she wasn't familiar with which city centre she came from - because honestly, who reads the location on the itinerary if you've got a personal chauffeur - but this didn't look like somewhere they'd set up an interview, unless Stacey was going for a theme. As Eve approached the building and went inside, she cautiously looked around and kept her guard up. It was dark inside the building and the quality of air was quite musty with dust mites in the air. Eve was confused at this but pressed on, knowing this was the correct location. Eventually, she found a room lit up with a couple of chairs, a recording camera and a table with a few coffee cups on it. In one of the chairs was Selena Anderson who waited patiently whilst browsing her phone, unaffected by the creepy nature of the place. Eve let her guard down when seeing the familiar face, approached her with a smile on her face and waved at Selena.

    "This is such an odd choice for an-"

    Before Eve could finish the rest of her sentence, she heard loud angry footsteps approaching from the darkness. She turned around to see Stacey Madison stomping towards her with a purpose. The smile on Eve's face quickly faded as she did not stop her pace and pushed Eve Taylor with all her strength, forcing her back into one of the chairs. Catching Eve off-guard, she had trouble adjusting from the blow and didn't know how to respond. Before Eve could do anything, Stacey put both her hands on each arm-rest of the chair and leaned forward right into Eve to make sure she couldn't escape.

    "What are you doing?"

    Shocked, all Eve could do was look at Stacey. Eve locked eyes with Stacey and what she saw was fury and hurt in them. This caused Eve to reel a little bit and study the eyes, causing Eve to look away slightly with a thousand yard stare. It was at that moment Eve knew Stacey had set her up: there was no interview and the itinerary she received wasn't botched. Stacey played Eve to get her in this situation so she could talk without having any excuse to leave.

    "I could ask you the same thing." Stacey responded angrily.

    Eve looked over to Selena. She didn't flinch at what Stacey had done to Eve. In fact, she got up without looking at Eve and pushed over the camera sitting atop a tripod. It landed on the hard floor with a thud. Selena then stood back and watched, realising that she was also in on this ruse. Even though Eve could overpower the both of them, she decided to remain in this position. She felt she could get out of this situation by talking.

    "Where would you like me to start? You're the interviewer who scheduled this exclusive meeting. I feel like you should know your questions."

    "Don't be a smart arse, Eve. I thought you were my friend."

    "You are my friend. Both of you are my best friends. You sound ridiculous saying something like that."

    "Best friends don't stab best friends in the back."

    "I didn't stab you in the back."

    "Then why do I feel pain coursing up my spine for something you did?!"

    Stacey became overwhelmed by emotions for a moment before attempting to reel herself back to the situation at hand. Eve took this time to think of a response.

    "What I did was never meant to hurt you. It was meant to teach Batti a lesson. A very valuable lesson that best happen sooner rather than later."

    Stacey shook her head at my response.

    "You cannot honestly sit here and tell me straight to my face that what you did was the only solution. I understood your position when it came to Batti and Tyrone Blades but to go to such lengths and do what you did to Tyrone Blades... after everything he and I have been through... after everything you and I said about the entire thing. You were the one who convinced me that Tyrone was nothing more than a piece of shit who does not deserve something like me and that I was in the right. You kept telling me that a relationship with Tyrone Blades was toxic and I made the right decision in giving him up. No matter how many times I told you it was my fault, you kept telling me it was not my fault. You convinced me that my beliefs were wrong. You convinced me, Eve. I trusted you. I fucking trusted you... and then you go and do something like that..."

    Stacey let one hand go of the armchair and threw it in the air before backing away from the chair altogether.

    "... I-I... I didn't do..."

    Eve was about to say something but she stopped herself. Instead, she decided to use this opportunity to take a deep breath and adjust herself in the chair to a more comfortable position. The initial shock of being pushed by Stacey had worn off as she began pacing back and forth across the room. Selena stood there watching the entire thing without much movement.

    "It did not occur to me that sleeping with Tyrone Blades would affect you so much. I thought you were over him. I honestly thought you did not care about him after all the discussions we had about that Vis Imperium situation. I mean, that whole group has disbanded and Kenneth Banks isn't around any more. Nobody from that era is around, and those who remain have moved on from that. Everyone has moved on."

    "That doesn't excuse you from fucking the same man I fell in love with, especially someone like my best friend who convinced me he was an evil prick. That same best friend who slept with him to intentionally hurt the feelings of another woman because she doesn't believe that woman is doing what is in her best interests. I mean, what kind of psychotic person does that? Sleeping with another's partner because hey didn't do something correctly?"

    "Look, I am truly sorry that I did what I did with Tyrone when it comes to your feelings. I know myself what it is like to love another and still have feelings for them years after the fact. Part of me still wants to quit everything, find Aubrey Sloan and live the rest of my life with her even though I've cast her out of my life forever. Another part of me wants to run into the arms of Mikey Stormrage, apologise for breaking up with him and ask him for a second chance. I know what it feels like and I should've known better when it came to Tyrone and yourself. I am honestly sorry for that."

    Eve's forgiving attitude slowly started turning into frustration and annoyance.

    "But I also know what it likes to get your heart broken. I know all too well what it means to become attached to someone and have your entire world cave in because that someone ruined your entire life. When Ramparte and Flex Mussel turned their backs on me, I was devastated. Seeing what happened with Tyrone Blades and yourself made me feel an anger I've never held before because I don't want anyone else to experience such horrible pain, not even Batti whom I believe will be the World champion of this company. I believe she is the competitor who will beat me and dethrone me. I didn't want her career being tarnished by the destructive force known as Tyrone Blades. The man who held chaos near and dear to his heart. She did not heed my warnings nor did she get the hints when she has failed to defeat me in recent weeks. So, I did the only thing I knew would do the job."

    "Having a fucking one night stand with Tyrone Blades?"

    "It got her attention, didn't it?"

    Stacey was stunned at Eve's explanation.

    "I can't believe your actually defending yourself. You know how insane you sound right now? You screwed Batti's partner so she has a better career? If anything, you've made it worse! By screwing Tyrone, you've screwed Batti, too. Whatever happened to the whole 'she is the last good left remaining from Cerberus' spiel you gave to us? Even with Flex Mussel attacking Batti from behind, you still go and stab her in the back? I thought you hated Flex? I don't understand where your allegiances lie and what you say is truth or lie!"

    "And I don't understand what you are lecturing me on. You are throwing a whole lot at me that I genuinely don't know what you're made at. I've already apologised to you for hurting your feelings and I've explained my actions to the best of my ability. What more do you want from me?"

    Stacey stops in her tracks and confronts Eve.

    "I want you to stop whatever path you are taking, admit everything to this camera that you were wrong and find the Eve Taylor that I became best friends with before this shit gets out of hand."

    Selena goes to grab the camera and set it up. However, Eve has gotten up from the chair, gone over to Selena and gently take the camera from her grasp. She then throws it back on the floor and stares back at her. She turns her attention to Stacey before removing the World championship from her waist, raising it in her face.

    "Do you see this championship, Stacey? This is the World Heavyweight championship. I am currently the World Heavyweight champion. I am a respectable competitor who has scratched and clawed her way to the top of the mountain. I am a role model for this company and I will not stand for someone as chaos-driven and psychotic as Tyrone Blades trying to take this away from me. I do not want someone as dark and dangerous infecting the WZCW brand and the people like Batti who are here to make this a better place. I want to lead the charge in delivering a new era of WZCW that focuses on competition. I want people like Batti by my side and I want people like Tyrone Blades gone. For me to achieve these goals, I need to delve into the dark, sadistic, insane side for a short period of time to fight off the evil that remains within this company before I can get to the utopia that I envision for this place. If I have to sleep with the enemy to take crucial steps to get a spot where competition can happen between myself and Tony Mancini, then I will do that."

    Stacey looks confused.

    "What does Tony Mancini have to do with anything? This is about Batti and Tyrone Blades!"

    "Tony Mancini is the kind of competitor that I want to have around in the WZCW that I want to lead into the future. The kind of wrestler who will grind and grind for years in this business, giving everything they have to the squared circle and showcase exactly why they've become a champion. I want that Tony Mancini to be an integral part of my WZCW. I want the prestigious champion Tony Mancini to represent this company and be recognised for his efforts and ability to bring the best out of his competition... but until scum like Tyrone Blades remain rooted in WZCW and spreading evil and chaos everywhere, then I am left with a distracted Batti and a piss-poor excuse for a wrestler Tony Mancini.

    "You see, with Tyrone Blades taking up the spotlight, Tony Mancini is nothing more than forgettable wrestler in a long line of forgettable alumni who has done nothing to earn his championship. He is the lowest of the low who has turned a once sought-after championship into a title that is contested between the losers and the outcasts of this company. You see, someone like myself had to go through a series of challenges and great athletes to capture this title. I went through years of busting through the best competition to get here. The championship that defended to get to this position, the Elite Openweight title, has had someone like Callie Clark dedicate her entire career to obtain and has an entire tournament dedicated to deciding her next challengers. Hell, even the old hack Titus Avision has managed to keep the Eurasian championship for two whole WZCW calender years. But what has the Mayhem championship been? A nothing title where the people who haven't earned their spot at Kingdom Come get a freebie and pitted in a match with Tony Mancini.

    "As much as Tony Mancini likes to think we are similar because we are both fighting champions and hail from the same background, he is nothing more than an absolute fake. He is not a real champion. The people he defends the title against are not real challengers who deserve anything. And Tony Mancini is not even a real Italian! He's one of those idiot immigrants who believes putting on an accent, waving your fingers in the air and declaring the American-invented pepperoni as Italia's greatest sausage qualifies him as an authentic Italian. He's in for a terrible shock when the mobster playing pretend gets greeted by the godfather of the squared circle, the World Heavyweight champion, and puts him in his place... just like I'm going to put Tyrone Blades in his place and show to the entire world the facade that is the legendary Tyrone Blades. The man who has destroyed WZCW multiple times. The man who is greedy, sinister and selfish... and the man who has destroyed relationships...

    ... destroyed relationships."

    Eve stops her ranting for a moment. She stares off in the distance before looking at Stacey with a saddened look in her eye. She walks over to Stacey and slowly reaches out, grabbing the hands of Stacey and holding them tight. Eve looks down as she slowly caresses the fingers of Stacey, unable to look her in the eye.

    "I am sorry, Stacey. I am sorry for lying."

    Stacey is very confused at this.

    "Sorry for lying...?"

    Eve takes a moment to answer. She looks up and stares directly at Stacey. Eve is crying with tears running down her face. Eve is trying to hold them back but upon looking at Stacey, she can't do anything but burst out and lets out a stream of tears.

    "I lie to you, Stacey. I just can't. I can't keep up this lie."

    "What lie?"

    Eve tried to stop crying to tell Stacey the truth.

    "I didn't sleep with Tyrone Blades. That footage was edited to seem like I did. I just got really drunk and Tyrone escorted me to my room."

    "But the date..."

    "That was a mutual meeting. Nothing happened. I just wanted to see if my suspicions about Tyrone Blades were true."

    "Why did you not tell me before?"

    "I don't know... I thought if I sold it and explained everything that things will go smoothly. But it didn't and I don't want you to stay mad at me. You are my best friend. I don't want to hurt you. I'll do anything for you, Stacey."

    Eve squeezes the hands of Stacey tighter.

    "I love you, Stacey."

    Stacey takes a moment to process everything. Eve turns over to Selena.

    "I love you too, Selena. I mean everything I said. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you guys. You're my best friends."

    Finally, Selena pipes up.

    "You are my friend, too, Eve. I love you, too... but all this you've concocted... why?"

    "I am doing this because I feel it is imperative. I would not resort to such extremes if I didn't feel it was necessary. If you guys don't agree with me, that's fine. I'll take the hit. I'll take the criticism and backlash... but I have to do this. I need to get Batti away from Tyrone and I need to get Tyrone away from this title and this company. If this is the only way to do so, then so be it."

    Eve turns to Stacey to talk but Stacey lets go of the grip from Eve. She can't look Eve in the eye and shakes her head.

    "If this is what you feel is necessary, then I don't want to be apart of it. I don't want to know the Eve who is willing to manipulate reality to her ideals. That's not the best friend whom I love with all my heart. This Eve that is here today is not that Eve."

    And with that, Stacey Madison leaves, trying to hide away the tears herself. All Eve can do is watch as Stacey exits the building. She bows her head in shame as more tears begin to form. She quickly wipes them away before Selena can see them form. Eve turns to Selena but she sees that is about to leave. Selena picks up the camera and goes to follow but Eve stops her. Selena looks up with some concern.

    "Do you feel the same way?"

    Selena looks past Eve before looking at her.

    "Stacey is right. What you are doing isn't something we approve... but if you feel it is necessary to do this then as you said, so be it. You do what you need to do. If this is the responsibility you want to take on and the role model you want to be as World champion, the very title you've always wanted around your waist, then you pursue this path. I won't stop you... but please Eve, don't lose yourself in the process. If you and I can forgive Stacey for what she did with Tyrone, then Stacey and I can forgive you for what you're doing right now. But until you admit to the world that you were wrong and lied about the footage to push a particular narrative... well, this is going to be a very rocky time for the Three Sisters."

    Eve nods her head in acknowledgement.

    "Rough roads are the only paths I've ever travelled, Selena."

    Selena nods in response. Eve lets her go and steps aside so she can leave. However, as Selena takes a few steps, Eve calls out.

    "Hey, before you go Selena, can I ask you favour?"

    "What is that?"

    "Will you be my personal ring announcer and introduce me for my match at Kingdom Come?"

    Selena stops in her tracks. She turns and smiles weakly before leaving Eve Taylor all alone in a room with a single light and empty chairs. The only thing left in the room was Eve Taylor and the World Heavyweight championship. Eve looks around before taking a seat in one of the chairs, staring at her title.

    "It real is alone at the top of the mountain. I guess this is price I pay if I want the spotlight to myself."
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