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    RP Deadline is Tuesday the 3rd of April at 23:59 EST. Extension available on request.
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    Deadline has been extended 24 hours
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    For the first time in a very long time, Eve Taylor stared into the pull-down mirror inside the limousine and admired what she saw in the reflection. No longer was there a person from a different dimension or alternate reality peering through the looking glass to capture a glimpse of what life could've been if they made the right choices. It wasn't a disgraceful and disgusting human being who looked defeated wanting to reach out towards the wall and smash what they saw into a thousand pieces. Eve did not feel the urge to immediately put it back up, pull out her own personal mirror and begin padding heavy make-up with an accompanying attire that was popular with the current fashion trends. What Eve saw was an accomplished, powerful woman glaring right into her eyes with a wide smirk plastered across her face. The glare itself was both mesmerising and intimidating. The hair was meticulously straightened and slick back to make sure no hair follicle was unaligned with any other strand. The popular dress that normally flowed long from her legs was replaced with a professional suit, which was still trendy, of course. Her head was held high and her posture pristine. But the most salient feature within this frame that caused the smirk on the face was what adorned the shoulder. The one thing that had always been missing from this shot, causing Eve to seethe hatred inside of her heart for 4 long years. The one thing she had wanted for so long but every time the opportunity arose to get her hands close to even consider touching, the opportunity slipped out of her reach. Yet, the one time she finally earned her opportunity to get close, she reached out with both arms and held onto it with everything she had until it became hers. Eve Taylor's gaze slowly transitioned from looking at herself in the mirror and towards the thing that tied this whole image together.

    That thing was the WZCW World Heavyweight championship.

    It was the image that Eve Taylor had envisioned for so long in her dreams and thoughts; Eve believed this was something she was only able to manifest in her own head. However, at the ninth Lethal Lottery event, it was made a reality. She finally did everything she dreamed of accomplishing. She rose to the very top of the professional wrestling world by winning the most prestigious prize in the industry. The WZCW World Heavyweight Championship is the one achievement that cements a wrestler in the history books. It turns stars in superstars. The beginning of a WZCW Legend never truly starts until they win the World championship. Everyone who is inducted into the Hall of Fame has held this championship at one stage in their career. Everest, Steamboat Ricky, Vengeance, Big Will, Showtime Cougar and Big Dave: the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot into the WZCW ring... and the name Eve Taylor ranks amongst them...

    ... merely thinking about this almost cracked the stern, upstanding expression Eve held on her face. She tried her hardest to hold back the tears of joy. She wanted to cry about this achievement because it still did not feel real. After everything Eve went through to get the WZCW World Heavyweight championship, it still doesn't feel like this should be happening. But the reality is that it did happen because Eve Taylor achieved her dream. She did it. The time for crying was in the ring when the sweat was still pouring down her face to mask the tears. She was the champion now. She had just done her make-up and she had places to go and people to see in her hired limousine. Tears would only ruin her image. Eve couldn't let that happen. Instead, Eve turned her smirk into a genuine smile for a brief moment.

    And for that brief moment, for the first time in a very long time, Eve Taylor was happy.

    No more did Eve Taylor have to hide behind a face she put on herself and lie to people's face by saying she felt great. No longer did Eve Taylor have to instil false hope into the fans who followed her career every step of the way and wished for the WZCW World Heavyweight championship to be around her waist. This was real. As everyone lived and breathed in this crazy world, Eve Taylor stood atop the highest peak of the tallest mountain holding into the air the greatest and most beautiful piece of jewellery gold could ever create. She was the best in the business. Eve Taylor IS the WZCW World Heavyweight champion.

    As much as Eve Taylor wanted to stare at herself in the mirror admiring her reflection, she quickly reminded herself that this was only the beginning. There was no reason to get cocky yet. Whilst she had won the championship, she still had to prove herself as a fighting and resilient champion. Eve Taylor had to create another reign similar to her time as Elite Openweight championship and avoid reliving the horribly short reign that was her seated as the Eurasian champion. She needed at least one championship defense under belt. At least. And as far as she was aware, that first championship defense was to come against the Lethal Lottery winner Tyrone Blades in the main event at the biggest stage of them all, Kingdom Come. Eve shuddered at the thought of having to face Tyrone Blades, one of three legends alongside Matt Tastic and Titus Avison, who was still around as an active member of roster leeching the spotlight from those who've yet to attain the level of success they've reached. Whilst Eve adored her name being associated with many Hall of Fame legends, being in the mix with those three made her scowl and scream internally. Those wrestlers had their time, it was time for new legends to arise.

    And it was also time to pick up her friends. Eve and her friends did have places to be and people to see. They were to attend a fashion show in the heart of the fashion capital: Milan, Italy. The timing of it all made Eve chuckle to herself. The first televised shows removed from the Lethal Lottery took place in her home. The place where she grew up and the place she made her initially made her name reach global levels of fame and success. Oh how apt it was that she would to return home and attend the first ever fashion show as the WZCW World Heavyweight champion since she was disqualified from practicing her profession as a model. She relished the anticipation of having the home crowd unanimously greet her with a standing ovation at the San Siro and the look on her former colleagues faces when she arrived at the fashion show with the championship in her possession and threw all of her own success back in their faces for the atrocity of booting Eve Taylor out of that industry. Eve was a damn legend who brought the fashion industry to a whole new level and they tossed her out when she did all she could achieve. Because of their irrational and spiteful decision, she was forging her legend in the wrestling world and became a bigger name than the fashion industry could ever provide.

    "This fashion show is going to be so fun." Eve said with a smile.

    On Eve finishing her sentence to herself, the limousine pulled up to where her friends, Stacey Madison and Selena Anderson, were standing on the outside. She was originally going to hire a taxi or do a ride share but Eve had to put that World championship winnings cheque to good use, after all. Both Stacey and Selena were ready to go, awaiting the arrival of the champion who was fashionably late, of course. Eve expected Stacey to be ready for this kind of event as she kept herself updated with the fashion, much like Eve. Selena was the one who stunned Eve. She had never seen Selena so well-dressed in her life. Selena did not put this much effort into her attire on the nights she ring announced for television and Pay-Per-View's, and that was her life's work. Selena was absolutely stunning her dress and it caught Eve off-guard for a moment. It was only until the driver had opened the door for her friends so they could get in that Eve snapped back to reality.

    "Damn, Selena! You're beautiful!" Eve exclaimed as the door shut.

    "I feel weird." Selena admitted. "Stacey forced me to wear this and insisted to do my face. How the hell am I supposed to walk around in this thing?"

    Stacey chuckled as the limousine began moving. "You're not. That means the dress is perfect for this event. You should know by now with all those dresses you've got prepared for your Ascension gigs. And I don't believe I ever got a thank you from you. I had to cut into my own time to help you get ready. Do you believe she was going to wear jeans and t-shirt?"

    "I said shirt, as in buttoned shirt... and you can't tell my jeans are jeans."

    "You look great, Selena. You too, Stacey. People will be taking their eyes away from the models and looking in our direction with what we've going on... and speaking of direction, let me direct you as to how we are getting into the event."

    Eve pulls out two tickets and flashes them to her friends.

    "These are all-access passes into the fashion show. Backstage. Front-row seating. Dressing rooms. Everywhere except the runway, basically. Unfortunately, I only got two tickets because the stupid ticket outlets only allowed two per purchase and by the time I got to purchasing a second lot, they sold out so I was lucky to get these... but don't worry, everyone is still getting inside. I'm the former supermodel and the current WZCW World Heavyweight champion Eve Taylor. I can enter on the red carpet. The hosts and security won't have the balls to throw me off with all the paparazzi having a field day and granting free press for the event. I don't need a ticket."

    Eve hands one to Stacey.

    "I trust you can handle yourself, Stacey. You have enough knowledge to conduct yourself appropriately and you've got the skills to mingle with everyone whilst I make my way through the chaos." Eve turns to Selena. "You, however, you're coming with me, Selena. You'll be my plus one to the event. My suit and your dress will make for an excellent combination for the carpet concerning photos. Just pretend like your my manager or my agent or my assistant or even an up-and-coming model. Someone who would realistically accompany a model. And it is pretty easy, too. All you need to do is smile when anyone looks at you and say simple introductions and greet-"

    "But you bought two tickets to the event. Why can't I take the second ticket?"

    "Firstly, no self-respecting supermodel turns up by herself. That's an amateur move. But, more importantly, I'm giving this ticket to someone else so I have no other choice but to take you with me."

    "And who migh-"

    Selena stops her speech mid-sentence to stare outside the window as the limousine pulls up on the sidewalk. Stacey looks at Selena and follows her gaze to see the same thing. Eve turns around to confirm her suspicions.

    It was Kagura.

    Kagura is as professionally and gorgeously dressed as the three women. It was a rare sight for Eve who had normally seen Kagura only in her wrestling or training attire. She was indeed impressed with her fashion choices. She was extremely glad to not only see Kagura appropriately dressed for the occasion but that Kagura reaching out to meet up for discussions for their upcoming match was coming to fruition. Although the destination to do so wasn't ideal, Eve was glad Kagura came... but that did not mean she fully trusted Kagura. She remained staring at Kagura who patiently waited for the driver to get out and open the door for her. Kagura returned the stare back at Eve.

    "Uh... Kagura is our fourth?"

    "Yes. I am giving her this second ticket. Stacey, you'll be entering with Kagura. Selena and myself will meet up with the four of us later for drinks and hor d'oeuvres. Should be a really fun time." Eve says whilst maintaining eye contact with Kagura.

    Before either could question Eve's motives, the door opens and Kagura is slowly to get inside. Cautiously and carefully, she enters the limousine. Both women are on their guard to make sure neither takes a shot at the other. Selena and Stacey move to the backseat permanently whilst Eve & Kagura take a seat on each side. The two of them stare at each other for what feels like an eternity. There had been enough time for the stare that the driver closed the door, re-entered the driver's seat and continued on their journey. Stacey and Selena glanced at each other, waiting for something to happen, not paying attention the sights outside. Kagura breaks their gaze to look directly at the World title. Eve does exactly the same and readjusts it. The two of them look directly back each other before Kagura begins nodding at Eve and reaches out for ticket, grabbing it for herself. She motions towards the championship, suggesting that she can take the title without any issue just like she grabbed the ticket from Eve's clutches. Eve also gives a nodding gesture back at Kagura.

    "I know you and I have got our differences, Kagura, over this World Heavyweight championship. However, our careers have been on a parallel trajectory since we both joined the company back in 2014. When I won my first championship, you won your first championship. We wrestled each other in the only female champion vs. female champion match in history. I became the longest reigning Elite Openweight champion and you became the Queen for a Day. You won this World Heavyweight championship in your hometown and I get to celebrate my World Heavyweight championship victory in my hometown. Even though I hated the way you won the title, that hatred is no longer because the title is no longer in your possession, so the only thing I have for you is respect. I do respect you Kagura and one day, we will wrestle for this championship. One-on-one. Main event match. It'll be a glorious contest. We will find out once and for all who is the best in the company because we both know the answer to that question is either you or me. But until that day, we need to focus our efforts on facing Tyrone Blades and Batti, two dangerous competitors by themselves. Together, they are the toughest unit I've ever seen. Tougher than Cerberus and we were great... but they've only been together for a hot minute. We've been in this since 2014. Four years, Kagura. If we can work together, I believe we can beat them. I believe we can defeat them and they won't know what hit them. I believe together we will be unstoppable."

    Eve and Kagura continue to stare at each other. Kagura remains silent. Eve did not know if this was a power play, if Kagura had no words to respond or if she was making Eve guess until the last minute. She could not get a read on Kagura as they continued to stare at each other. It was at this point that the limousine stopped. Eve was the one to break the stare to see that they had arrived at the fashion show. Bright lights, camera flashes and red carpet: the works. It was a nostalgic sight to be sure, if only Kagura wasn't staring back. The driver had opened the door and motioned for the women to exit. Kagura merely smiled and was the first to exit the vehicle, fixing herself up before slowly making her way towards the event. Stacey, Selena and Eve took a second to recover before they began to shuffle out of the limousine.

    "Imagine if I had a camera crew with me for that. I could've made a great bonus this week on that exclusive confrontation."

    Stacey exits and smiles to everyone who greets her on the outside, going the same way as Kagura as they enter with their tickets. Selena is next and adjusts her dress a little awkwardly, not sure how to stand in her pose. Finally, Eve exits the vehicle and makes sure her World Heavyweight championship is visible for all the cameras. She turns to Selena and motions her forward onto the carpet. Selena takes a deep breath and puts an arm around Eve's arm, taking her by surprise. Eve goes with it and they walk down the carpet. It takes a few seconds but as soon as one paparazzo realises who Eve is, she exclaims her surprise and immediately begins taking photos. All of the paparazzi and film crews, including those who are currently involved in filming interviews with many notables from the fashion industry, turn directly to Eve Taylor. Everyone had all eyes on Eve. All the cameras were pointed at her. She was the centre of attention.

    This is exactly what Eve wanted. Eve was in the spotlight once again and she loved every second of it. A wave of ecstasy ran through her veins. She hadn't had a feeling similar to this since the last time she dominated the runway. "The Fabulous" and world's greatest supermodel Eve Taylor was back. This was a moment she wanted to live in forever...

    ... but she had some business to attend. Eve held onto her World Heavyweight championship tightly as she walked down the carpet with Selena over to a very familiar face. It was one she hadn't seen in a very long time. The expression on the familiar face was none too pleased to see Eve but remained professional by forcing a smile. Eve delivered the same courtesy.

    "Who is that?"

    "That's Maggie. An old friend from my former life as a model. We did many runways together. She's now a very successful manager and agent. One of the best in the business. I can only assume the person next to her is one of her models."

    "You two don't seem to be happy to see each other."

    "Last time I saw her, she offered me a modelling contract and ticket back into the fashion industry. I rejected her offer and that's putting it lightly. The interview we had put a very sour taste in her mouth. This'll be the first time we've talked since then."

    Selena takes another deep breath preparing for the upcoming conversation, putting a smile on her face. The two of them make it to Maggie, another female who looks to be a model and a couple of film crews who were interviewing the pair. Maggie stands tall and glares directly at Eve.

    "What the hell are you doing here? You're not allowed to be here."

    Eve looks around. "I don't see security telling me to leave."

    "I thought you didn't want to be back here."

    Eve turns back to Maggie. "I'm not here to be a model. Think of me as a guest of honour. The current WZCW World Heavyweight champion is here for cross-promotional reasons. Great exposure for both worlds. Former supermodel now professional wrestling champion. The headlines on the tabloids, magazines and websites will be amazing. Considering how the cameras are all pointed at me and stopped interviewing you, I'm inclined to believe I am right."

    "And the who the hell is she? How did she get in? Are you bringing her in to give this..." Maggie turns to Selena and points disgustingly at her. "... this gullible fraud some exposure?"

    "I'm her girlfriend!" Selena snaps back.

    Maggie and Eve both look at Selena surprised. Selena realised what she said and looks a little embarrassed.

    "I meant that I'm her good friend, not her actua-" Selena attempts to clarify.

    "Whatever." Maggie interrupts. "What the hell do you want, Eve?"

    Eve takes a step forward and gets close to Maggie, staring her down.

    "I want you to take a good look at me."


    "Take a look at me. Take the image that you see in. Take a moment to really understand what you are looking at, Maggie. Do you know what you are currently staring at? You are seeing a self-made woman who did not need your world to re-establish herself as a global success once again. I was chewed up by this fashion industry and spat out when my time was done. I was discarded like I was nothing. But I refused to take that for an answer so I went to professional wrestling and became a WZCW star. I did that four years ago. Today, I stand before you as the World Heavyweight champion. That means I'm the best in the industry. I am on top of the mountain just like when I was on top of the mountain when I was a supermodel. But the difference between then and now? I am actually respected by my peers, by the fans and by everyone involved in the industry. I finally feel like I have a purpose in life. I finally feel like I am happy for once in my life. I finally have friends who actually cared for me and didn't use me to get ahead in their career, which you have yet to thank me for helping you get to this position. Congratulations, by the way, on your successful career here. Good work riding my coattails to get this position."

    Maggie scowls. "You're full of it."

    "The only thing I'm full of is the confidence I have for myself to become one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history, just like I became one of the greatest supermodels of any era. This championship that I hold on my shoulder is proof that I am well on my way to do so. I plan to hold onto this championship for a very long time. Longer than I was at the top of the fashion industry. Nobody is going to oppose me on my rise to reach legendary status. Not Tyrone Blades. Not Batti. Not anyone."


    Eve forgot Maggie was an idiot.

    "Tyrone Blades. He was one of the greatest legends in wrestling... was. Imagine someone like Tyra Banks or Kate Moss... no, Tyrone Blades is the Naomi Campbell of wrestling: a legend during the golden years of their industry and a true superstar of their time who is trying to reclaim their lost glory. As big a name as they are and attaining a few successes along the way, they don't have what it takes to survive against someone in their prime such as me. It is simply embarrassing to see them even try. And as for Batti, she's a rising star with some promise. Somebody, she'll be great. Somebody, she'll be on the marque as the headline act."

    Eve looks over to the model standing next to Maggie.

    "Just like you. I don't hold any ill will against you, just like that Batti girl, but make sure you keep your head on a swivel as you rise to the top."

    Eve turns back to Maggie.

    "Someone is likely to bite you in the backside and take your spot away from you in a heartbeat. Someone close to you. Someone you trust. Maybe even someone you hold dear to your heart because there is always someone out there willing to do anything to take that spot from you. This time, I'm ready for it. I'm ready for anyone. Any person who feels like they can step up to me, stand in the ring and face me toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye, one-on-one and tell me they believe they have a shot at defeating me I will gladly give them that opportunity. I will give them that shot because I will always be ready for the competition. I will be ready for everyone. Personal feelings, insults and banter can come and go but when it comes time to put up, I won't back down. I want to be the greatest World champion. And if I can't become the greatest then I will die trying."

    Eve takes a second to calm her emotions before taking a step back.

    "And my legacy will be forged because of my actions. Not anyone else's. I will become legend, I will do so on my own and I won't have anyone take that away from me."

    Maggie reels back and looks slightly away from Eve, not wanting to give her eye contact.

    "Enjoy the rest of your life, Eve."

    Eve nods and turns her back on Maggie, walking away from them. It felt great to get that off her chest but Eve wanted to get far away from that conversation as she possibly could.

    "Holy shit, Evie. That was intense. I think I need a drink."

    "Me too. Let's go find the others before I actually get ejected for punching her in the face."
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    Blog Post | Am I The Bad Guy?

    It's been ages since I've updated this thing. My workload just keeps piling on, honestly. But that's what's to be expected when you're out on the road all the time. Wrestling is not the easiest career. There are nights when there's nothing in the pantry but Ramen noodles. It is hard, but at least I have friends like Aquarius and the sweetest man to ever step into my life, Tyrone Blades. I've been lucky so far. Just got done touring Australia but didn't get to pet a wallaby. #disappointed

    I'm beating around the bush, I know. I only ever post here when something is bothering me. Well, the truth is I may not have a job in WZCW anymore. Just typing those words out throws me into a tailspin. This is all I've ever wanted to do. There are hundreds of rookies hungry for the opportunity I've been given, and I should have known better than to do what I did, but emotions make a fool out of us all.

    Before getting into it I want to defend my actions. It wasn't about losing the Triple Threat at Lethal Lottery. I am not a sore loser, no matter what is said about me online. I've been beaten several times in the ring. Sure, this time it was for the World Championship, the biggest prize in pro wrestling, and I said salty things about both Kagura and Eve Taylor before the match, but I take defeat like a professional. "You'll get 'em next time" is a quote every wrestler should abide by. No, I didn't put my hands on her because I was upset about losing. I put my hands on her because she provoked me.

    Two days ago, I knocked on Becky Serra's office door. It was being reported that I was facing Kagura and Eve Taylor again, this time in a tag team match with my boyfriend. I wanted to address how putting me up against other fan favorites for the third week in a row wasn't helping our image, a complaint I thought was valid. Was hoping to change it up a little, you know? So I was there and Stacey Madison came by with her microphone in hand to ask me what I was doing. I told her, and she scrunched her nose at me.

    "You have a problem with how Becky runs things?"

    "No of course not," I told her, "I just wanted to see if something else was available."

    "So you're ducking our new World Champ, my bestie Eve Taylor and Kagura."

    This wasn't the case, and I tried explaining it to her. In this business it's in everybody's best interest to put on the greatest show they possibly can, and I genuinely didn't think I could do that for a third time in a row against Eve Taylor, especially in a tag team match where there really wasn't much animosity between anyone. How can we put on a match without any heat? How many times can we say we respect one another before it loses all meaning?

    But Stacey wasn't listening. To her I was being a coward, a phony, and every other name she could call me while I stood by Meltdown's GM Office. I told her to take a hike, and she became belligerent.

    "You want out because you know you can't beat my homegirl. You could barely beat Kagura all those other times. And now your sugar daddy will be in the ring with you and he'll see first hand how green you are compared to World Champions."

    "What is Eve Taylor even doing being all buddy buddy with you anyways?" I spat. "It doesn't make any sense. You do nothing but put others down. You're a bitch and a liar yet our plucky World Champion cozies up to you. That's fucking weird!"

    I want to point out now that it was her that pushed me first. She called me a ****e, stating how I slept my way to the top with Ramparte and now Tyrone Blades. I'm not okay with being pushed around - I've been pushed around all my life. Wrestling was my escape, the one place where I could be me. And to bring up my relationships was low. So yeah I shoved her fake tan ass against a wall and told her not to fucking touch me again.

    Is it really all that bad? Am I the bad guy for not standing there and taking the punches? I read the Comments Section all the time on how if one of us get a teensy bit aggressive, we're now evil monsters. How is that fair? How is that normal? If someone pushes you, and you retaliate, are you now a horrible person? No. That's stupid, and you should stand up for yourself, but I digress.

    That day I did feel like the bad guy, though. I shouldn't have put my hands on an official, and it will come out of my paycheck for sure. Tyrone tells me it will be alright, but I still feel terrible. I'm not the same starry-eyed kid that was labelled a rookie anymore. It wasn't professional of me to do that. God it's been a tough road. I miss Action Saxton. I need more Wild Cherry Pepsi. I want a bouncy castle. I can't find the time for balloons and beach balls anymore. I need something to distract myself from these depressing thoughts.

    I'm not the bad guy. I'm not the bad guy. I'm not dodging Eve Taylor or Kagura. I'm not the bad guy.

    Posted: 10:34 PM, Thursday April 05, 2018

    Blog | My Lipstick Tastes Like Milk's Favorite Cookie

    Tyrone took me to the Fair yesterday. It was definitely the pick-me-up I needed. He's a good soul, he really is. He's been through so much in his career that I can't imagine what he sees in me that he doesn't see with the experienced girls in the locker room.

    There is a touch of danger to him, obviously, and yeah I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a turn-on. But there is a depth to him too. He's very sure of himself, yet always courteous of others. It's funny, because I've watched old WZCW TV and I know he has been a handful to management and wrestlers in the past, but even then he met every opposition with care. There was never a moment where he felt his opponents were beneath him. I admire that.

    But anyways, the Fair. He knocked over a bunch of milk bottles and won me a bear that looked a lot like Captain Claws, but I didn't mind. "Now ol' Cap got himself a lady friend," he joked, making me giggle. Charmer. We shared a funnel cake and some deep fried Oreos before he took my hand and led me to the Ferris Wheel.

    As we reached the top, I finished the cookies. Ty peered out at the city's skyline.

    "Milan truly is about its image," he said, captivated.

    I watched his face change from awe to awful in one fleeting motion. "Vain land. Vain people. Vain fucking World Champion, parading off with her ill-reputable besties to put on more mascara and drink more cocktails as the rest of us scrap by."

    "Please don't. None of that matters. It's all trivial."

    He turned to look at me, struck dumb by my aggressive tone.

    "Eve Taylor is just another person," I argued. "Yeah, she does questionable things, but then again so do we. For some it's odd for a couple so well liked by the fans to talk down at their opponents. We're supposed to set the example for decency. You know, truth, justice, and the American way. Suuupermaaan."

    "What a crock of shit," he retorted.

    We sat silently as the wheel began to move. When we hit the bottom, he asked the kid to let us go another round. The boy didn't put up a fight as we stayed on the wheel and went up into the air.

    "Do you think they respect us?" I asked bluntly.

    He laughed. "Fuck no. But they'll tell anybody who listens. Fake bitches. What, do you respect them?"

    In all honesty, I don't and I told him so. I've gone through so much between Eve Taylor and Kagura to start lying about how I've grown fond of them and that everything was hunky dory. It's not. That's not how the world works. Eve Taylor and Kagura can be good people and I still don't have to like them. I am not the bad guy just because I am not ready to shake their hands. I brought this up to my boyfriend and he nodded.

    "I think it's become downright cliche to talk about respect, or how good rivals are in the ring. Of course they're good in the ring. They work for WZCW, the biggest wrestling promotion this world has ever seen. They both have World Champion experience now, not something they just hand out around here. No we don't have to respect them to work with them. You and I don't have to do anything but plan out what we are going to do in this match, right?"

    "Right!" I replied, a bit happier that we had that conversation.

    We gazed down at the horizon again. This time I brought up Milan.

    "To give Eve credit, I can't imagine a more gorgeous place to call home."

    Tyrone and I kissed, and that was our last night in Italy before the Main Event.
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    Mr. Jones: Tyrone mothafuckin' Blades. Where you at homie?

    Mr. Jones' voice echoes out from Tyrone's phone as he and Batti find themselves in the familiar setting of a hotel room, life on the road never ending even after the exclamation point of Lethal Lottery just settling in. Tyrone groans as he falls back on the bed, noticeably naked as Batti lays her head on his chest, herself all natural as well. Tyrone wraps his arm around her as he closes his eyes.

    Tyrone: Not right now Jones. Kinda busy.

    Mr. Jones: You with Batti right? Aquarius there? I need to holla at her.

    Batti: She's in my hotel room Jones.

    Mr. Jones: Oh for real? Ahhhh shit ya room is 426, right?

    Tyrone looks over at Batti, raising an eyebrow towards her as she giggles quietly.

    Batti: Sure thing Jones. She's been expecting you. She also signaled she expects whip cream and cherries if you catch my drift.

    Mr. Jones: Oh shit she into that?

    Batti: Mmhmm I happen to know that from personal experience.

    Batti looks up at Tyrone and winks knowingly towards him as he tries to stifle his laughter. They notice the phone's gone quiet as Tyrone clears his throat.

    Tyrone: Jones keep my girl out of yo damn mind.

    Mr. Jones: Huh? Oh shit my bad homie. You know I wouldn't disrespect ya like that.

    Tyrone: Right....ain't y'all got some grocery shopping to do?

    Mr. Jones: Ay good lookin' out homie. And Batti, thanks as well.

    Batti: You're welcome Jones, have fuuuuuuuun.

    Click. Tyrone hangs the phone up immediately as the two break out in laughter. Batti moves her face down directly onto Tyrone's chest while he pushes his wild long hair back away from his face.

    Tyrone: Who is in room 426 by the way?

    Batti: Oh we'll find out soon enough.

    Tyrone: Devilish little minx. He's gonna kill us both.

    Batti: It'll be worth it. At least he won't bother us for awhile. Now, where were we?

    Batti lifts her head up and her lips find Tyrone's, passion erupting between the two of them immediately as she shifts and straddles his lap, her hands pressing down on the bed at the sides of his head before running her fingers through his hair while he firmly grasps her hips. Their breathing turns heavy as they begin moving together, and for the benefit of keeping this PG-13, a blanket is pulled around them both with the prototypical camera shots of just their faces when they pull away from the kiss. Batti closes her eyes as she leans her head back, Tyrone soon leaning up and kissing along her neck.


    Tyrone: Oh you've gotta be fucking kidding me.

    Batti: Leave it. I finally got you me for awhile.

    Tyrone looks conflicted as he stares towards his phone, then looks back at Batti, then back to his phone. He reaches over and grabs the phone, staring at the screen as Batti tries to pluck it from his hand.

    Tyrone: Oh it's just Myles. Fuck it.

    Tyrone tosses the phone across the room before flipping Batti in one deft move as their physical tango continues as we fade away for a moment. Costs money to see the rest but you can imagine it if you wish. It returns to Tyrone and Batti still lying in bed as Batti sighs deeply in satisfaction.

    Batti: We'll call that your Lethal Lottery celebration.

    Tyrone: Yoooo baby what we gonna do when I win the World Title?

    Tyrone winks at her, though a slight flash of disappointment forms in her eyes for a moment before she shakes it away, smiling widely towards her beau. She leans up and wraps her arms around his neck, kissing behind his ear before whispering something that can't be heard over the feed, though needless to say Tyrone is into it by the way his eyes light up.

    Tyrone: You'd do that for me?

    Batti nods her head as she bites her lip, her cheeks turning rose red from blushing.

    Batti: I mean, I've never done it, but I'm willing to try. And we could do it on Meltdown after Kingdom Come.

    Tyrone: The Meltdown after, we're drowning the ring in champagne?

    Batti: Shaken bottles and all. I'll get only the best. And then of course we'll fuck like wild animals while you wear just the title.

    Tyrone: You mean we'll do that after Kingdom Come or Meltdown.

    Batti: Uh...sure. Yeah that's what I meant. Note to self, scratch renting a king-sized bed for the ring.

    Tyrone: What was that?

    Batti: Nothing, nothing. Thanks for tonight Tyrone. I know we could have thrown a huge party for your victory, but...

    Tyrone: I prefer a private party anyway, and if it means just the two of us, even better.

    Tyrone leans over and kisses her forehead, wrapping his arms around her again as she wraps her own around his, her eyes closing and a smile on her face as she snuggles into his warmth.

    Tyrone: I know we're tagging against Kagura and Eve. And I'm sure shit's gonna get real ugly real quick between Eve and I, but for right now, let's just enjoy this moment. Before everything goes crazy again in our lives. Before we start crackin' skulls and bloodying up everyone around us, before they start spewing that same hatred towards us, I ain't worried about it right now. Kingdom Come's a good while away, and I'm afraid of us having to drift away for a minute. So Batti Otaku, i just want to say this...

    Batti looks up at him a bit confused by his words as he slowly slides out of bed, reaching into the night stand and withdrawing something as he soon drops to one knee, his head lowered as Batti's eyes go wide.

    Batti: Tyrone, what are you doing?

    Tyrone: Batti, I love you, and I have something very important to ask you.

    Batti: Right now?!?! We're really doing this?

    Tyrone slowly lifts his head up as he soon raises up a wrapped condom, a shit eating grin on his face.

    Tyrone: Batti, will you be my partner and work on our "stamina" together? Every night?

    Batti's slightly panicked face quickly melts into a blank look as Tyrone smirks up at her. She shakes her head as she leans forward and smacks in upside the head before snatching the condom out of his hand.

    Batti: Really Tyrone? You had to scare me like that?

    Tyrone: I said I loved you.

    Batti: And I love you too, but don't do something like that again.

    Tyrone: So is that a no then?

    Batti: Why are you still on the floor and not in here with me yet?

    Batti grins widely as she rips open the packaging with her teeth as Tyrone returns the grin in earnest.

    Tyrone: Girl I don't know what I'd have done without you around.

    Batti: You'd have invested in as much lotion as Stormrage does. Now are you gonna get up here or do I take care of myself?

    Tyrone grins as he almost glides into bed, a feat that seems to impress Batti as she giggles loudly before kissing him once more. Just then there's a pounding at the door to the hotel room as an enraged Mr. Jones can be heard.


    Tyrone and Batti crack up laughing, Tyrone falling face first on the bed next to Batti before looking up and calling out to Jones.

    Tyrone: So what's the problem Jones? You just told him it was the wrong room, right?


    Batti: .....already dressed?

    Tyrone: Ight I gotta see this.

    Tyrone and Batti quickly get out of bed, throwing clothes on quick before opening the door to reveal Jones standing there, thick heavy whip cream covering only his crown jewels....Batti covers her mouth as Tyrone grins wickedly, quickly grabbing his phone.

    Mr. Jones: Don't. You. Fucking. Dare.

    Tyrone: Payback's a bitch Jones. I gotta say the cherries on top were a nice touch.

    Tyrone quickly snaps a picture on his phone right before Batti slams the door quickly as Jones' one good eye bugs out wildly as he reaches for the handle.

    Mr. Jones: Hey, y'all can't just leave me out here!

    Tyrone: The fuck happened to your clothes?

    Mr. Jones: I uh...forgot the card to the room.

    Several moments pass as Jones tries to cover himself up as people pass by him in the hallway, looks of disgust and amusement on the people's faces. Suddenly a card comes sliding from under the door as it hits Jones in the foot. He quickly grabs it and takes off towards the room as laughter can be heard behind the door as the scene fades away. The feed returns to the next day, Tyrone stepping out of the hotel room, cigarette in hand as he goes to the benched area, sitting down and inhaling slowly. Just then a familiar presence sits down next to him, a suited-up John Constantine. Tyrone looks over at him and smirks.

    Tyrone: Thought y'all went home sly dog. No wonder why you didn't respond back to me.

    Constantine: What can I say? Had to take one more shot at it. Congrats to you old guard.

    The two friends bump fists as Tyrone inhales deeply, the smoke slowly billowing from his lips as he stares out at the Milan skyline.

    Tyrone: Don't let Eve hear you say that, she'll flip out about us taking spots again. So, you done then? Or you in Italy just for shits and giggles Johnny Boy?

    Constantine: Becky offered to fly my family over and let me just do some media appearances. Easy money, free family vacation, what's not to love?

    Tyrone: Shit yeah, good job if you can keep it. So y'all gonna be our brand ambassador for a hot minute then?

    Constantine: That would be the goal. But enough about me, seriously man, congratulations on winning the Lottery. I can't help but say I'm envious, but you had that goal in your head from the get go, and there's never been anything stopping you from that before.

    Tyrone: True, true, but Kingdom Come is where it's at now homie. Been there before winning the Lottery, and I lost to the upstart back then. I got it sorted this time. I was trying to run Meltdown, take over the rest of the company, run a stable of hungry madmen, oh and make everyone's lives miserable. Now? Now I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the journey to the show. Keep my mental game fresh, and not get burnt out trying to run a million miles an hour.

    Constantine: Experience will teach you that. Though it's odd to say you've gained in that department considering you had your year long reign just shortly before you won the Lottery the first time.

    Tyrone shrugs as he leans his head back, yawning loudly before finishing off his cigarette, ashing it into the ashtray nearby. Tyrone cracks his neck before turning towards Constantine.

    Tyrone: Honestly, it's gonna get ugly man. Eve's on a warpath. She hates you, she hates me, she hates anyone that's got success to compare against her. Even with that World Title now that she's reached the pinnacle like the rest of us, now it's finna be worse. And it's me she's gotta face at Kingdom Come? Y'all know how everyone talks about me. I'm finna play it off easily but she ain't gon' hear it. I'd love for just a straight up best fighter wins type match. Nah she's gonna talk a whole lotta shit on the way there, and I'm gonna respond in kind.

    Constantine: You're already hyping yourself up and we haven't even gotten to Meltdown yet Blades. So much for the easy way.

    Constantine chuckles as he looks up at the birds flying overhead, the sound of the city starting to become increasingly noticeable as Tyrone nods his head.

    Tyrone: Mission never changes Johnny Boy. Prove I'm the best by any means. But enough about work man, Batti and I are gonna hit up a local carnival 'round here. You and the fam wanna join up with us?

    Constantine: While the offer is appreciated, I don't believe Mia exactly is fond of you yet Blades.

    Tyrone: Fair enough, I ain't the easiest to warm up to after all. Maybe we can hit up the hotel bar later and have a few drinks, celebrate your career and all that jazz ya feel me?

    The two men stand up from the park bench as Mia soon walks up next to John, their little one in her arms. Tyrone nods and smiles towards them both, Mia forming a wary look on her face, as John shakes his head smiling. Just then Batti comes walking out of the hotel, bag in hand and soon joins Tyrone's side, her hand sliding into his.

    Constantine: Batti.

    Batti: Constantine. I hope there are no bad feelings over what happened.....

    Constantine smirks and begins laughing as he reaches his hand out, Batti reaching out with her free hand and shaking his, a nervous smile on her face.

    Constantine: My dear your significant other here has stabbed me in the back far worse than that. I'm proud to see that some good ol' villainy isn't out of the question still to this day.

    Batti: Villainy? Was I the bad guy?

    Constantine: Not at all, just an unexpected attack and it did its job to say the least. Tyrone, hopefully this isn't goodbye for too long, but if it is...

    Tyrone: Yeah yeah, go ahead and crack that whiskey open without me. I'll just buy my own and drink it for you.

    The two former Elite members crack up laughing as they shake hands, two men that had fought wars together and against one another. A friendship that was forged over the hot irons of battle, though Tyrone couldn't help but contemplate if things had been different if their own egos wouldn't have gotten in the way until the end.

    Tyrone: Until next time Johnny Boy. Take care.

    Constantine: Indeed, and good luck to you as well Tyrone. I'll be seeing you.

    And with a nod, Constantine turned with his family and walked off, him and Mia hand in hand. Tyrone watches them disappear into the distance, lost in thought until Batti gently pokes him in the side as she looks up at him. She smiles understandingly, leaning up and kissing him gently on the cheek.

    Batti: I'm sorry baby.

    Tyrone: It'll be ight. Just wish we found that friendship a long time ago. Who knows, maybe he's pulling the rug out, but if he isn't....well he's got his family, health, and happiness. That's all one can ask for his friend.

    Tyrone smiles as he looks back one final time before putting his arm around Batti and turning towards the waiting taxi, climbing in as the scene fades away.
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    Beep! Beep! Beep!​

    Wearily, Kagura opened her eyes. She turned her head towards her phone. The alarm had been ringing nonstop for almost ten minutes now. She sighed. Grabbing it, she swiped once and turned it off. She threw the covers off and stood. It was 6:00 in the morning and she had to be on a flight to Italy in an hour. Eyes heavy, she forced herself to move. Like a zombie, she washed up and began packing her things. She wasn’t tired from fatigue or exhaustion. It was depression. Looking down she noticed two things were missing that had normally been a constant in her life. Her KFAD briefcase, and the WZCW world title she had traded it for. Both were now gone. And yet, that wasn’t the cause of this sadness that she felt. This weight on her shoulders. This disappointment. This fear. There was one more thing that was missing...

    ...Turning, she gathered her belongings and walked down the hallway of the hotel. Alone.


    While Kagura had been disappointed that she had lost the world title, what had crushed her the most was losing him. Derrick had been more than just her lover. He had been her guide whenever they traveled to a new place, he had been her emotional support whenever she was feeling down, he gave her advice, trained with her, ate with her, he was her best friend. They were inseparable. And she relied on him. And now, he was gone.

    And this time it wasn’t her fault; he chose to leave. And for selfish reasons too! No. That wasn’t fair to say. Derrick left to chase his own dreams. For so long he had supported hers, that she wanted to return the favor. She had just wished he had waited a little bit longer. Or, that she had cashed in a little bit sooner. Maybe then she could have enjoyed living her dream with him a little bit longer. Fate was cruel. However, she was at least happy enough to have gotten to share that happiness with him. If only for a few days. And she couldn’t be bitter about that.

    Though now she had to face a new, and harsher reality. Navigating WZCW without a guide, without any friends, and without any allies.


    Standing outside the terminal, Kagura looked lost. Probably because she was. She didn’t speak Italian. Didn’t read it either. Could barely read English. To get anywhere she had to copy every phrase she saw in Italian into Japanese on her phone, and that was taking too long. Once she had made her way outside, she tried to get a taxi. Easier said than done. The first cab drove right by her without stopping. She had to stand in the middle of the street with her arms flailing about to get the second one to stop. Once inside she tried to translate directions on her phone, only to realize that the battery was dead. She had forgotten to charge the battery last night! Mentally, she cursed to every deity that would listen, as she apologized and exited the cab. With her only line of communication now dead, she was stuck at the airport.

    She stood there, looking about ready to cry, when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted two familiar looking women. They were Stacey Madison and Selena Anderson! Two of Eve Taylor’s friends. Kagura immediately perked up and made a bee-line towards them. Stacey turned at the sound of her name. Her eyes seemed to grow wide as the former world champion raced forward. Kagura began to speak in lightning quick Japanese, and then immediately stopped. Stacey watched the woman waved her arms, trying to describe her situation in broken English. She really didn’t get it, but Selena did. Somehow, Kagura had managed to convey that she had failed to get a cab and had no way to communicate because her phone had died. Out of the goodness of her heart, Selena invited her along, even though Stacey had protested.

    Selena surprising, was very nice. She had offered Kagura her phone charger and had given her directions to the arena. It wasn’t far from their hotel. Stacey grumbled and avoided eye contact. Though she did state during the ride that she had nothing against Kagura, just that she found the communication barrier to be off-putting. Though something that Stacey had noted to Selena was how shy Kagura seemed to be. In the ring, the woman seemed to be a fierce warrior. It could be frightening standing to her at times, but Selena remarked how she came across as a timid puppy, rather than a wild, rampaging animal. Neither of them had seen this side of Kagura before. Though they noted that neither of them had seen much of her at all. Kagura traveled alone, often with a man that Selena had assumed was her boyfriend. She wondered what could have happened to him.

    At the hotel, they started to part ways, until Stacey mentioned something about a fashion show and Eve Taylor, the new world champion. This caught Kagura’s attention, because Eve was going to be her partner against Batti and Tyrone at Meltdown 149. Kagura felt that she needed to let that woman know that there were no hard feelings between them, and to congratulate her. That might have been a strange thing to do, but Kagura felt some guilt too. Even though she wasn’t pinned, she felt as she walked to the top of the ramp, watching Eve celebrate in the ring that night, that she didn’t give the match her all. Her heart weighed heavy going to the ring that night, as if she knew she was going to lose. She felt all her motivation being drained out of her the moment she walked down that ramp. She wasn’t a proud champion that night. And she wasn’t a worthy challenger for Eve. And something just compelled Kagura to apologize. If only for her own sake. After much pleading, Kagura convinced them to bring her along.


    Three hours later, following a brief shopping spree to find her a dress and a spa treatment, Kagura found herself standing with Selena and Stacey waiting on the guest of honor. She watched as a long limousine pulled up to the curb. As the door opened, the new world champion stepped out in all her glory. She turned and greeted her two friends.

    Kagura watched from behind as the three women talk. She tugged nervously on her black dress that the other two women had picked out for her. It was western in style, and a bit tighter and shorter than anything that she had worn before. She was starting to feel a bit self-conscious. If Derrick had been here, she probably would have worn it in stride. Kagura tilts her head up as someone approached her. It was Eve! She had a smile on her face, and a ticket in her hand. Kagura watched as she motioned her to get into the limo.

    It was nice. The interior reminded her of the one that she was given during her trip to Japan. Since Eve was the hometown hero here, Kagura expected no less. Eve turned and handed her the ticket. As she reached for it, she caught a glimpse of something shiny. It was her world title! Though she supposed it was Eve’s now. It as a bit strange, watching it sitting on the waist of someone else. Now she understood what it felt like when Sasuke used to talk about champions envy. Kagura quickly snatched the ticket out of the woman’s hand, as Eve chuckled.

    Suddenly Eve turned towards her and began to speak. She spoke for a good minute without faltering, her tone never wavering. She sounded serious, but nostalgic, and sincere. Once she was done, Kagura watched as she gazed at her with pleading eyes. As if she was expecting a response. As the seconds ticketed by, and silence filled the car, Kagura could sense her soon to be partner growing more and more anxious. She didn’t want to be rude, but in all honesty, Kagura had only understood about half of what she had just spoken. Kagura understood English, but on a simple conversational level. Eve Taylor’s way of speaking was not on a simple conversational level. She had a very complex and intricate vocabulary, reflecting of someone that was obviously very educated and cultured.

    Instead, Kagura simply smiled and nodded. She exited the limo first and smoothed her long raven colored locks. She stayed close to the trio once they had entered the venue but kept to herself. She had never been to one of these events before. She was at a loss for words. This was Eve’s world after all. Eve had her own dreams, her own background, her own story that she was writing. Kagura began to wonder if she was taking her own story for granted. Regardless, she was happy that she came. She sat next to Stacey in the audience as the show started. She turned and watched as Eve walked down the red carpet. There was a smile on her face. She had all the confidence in the world. Kagura envied her. She wished she could be more confident. Or at least, be given a reason to have confidence.


    After the show had concluded, Eve seemed to be in a fowl mood. The aura around her had changed. It was thick and full of angst. Kagura could tell at least that much. Kagura approached her with a smile on her face. Eve returned the favor, and Kagura noticed her aura soften. Stacey and Selena stood next to her, and the three were mingling as Eve had taken a break from the reporters.

    “So, what did you think of the show?” asked Eve.

    “Good,” responded Kagura.

    She reached into her purse and pulled out her now charged phone, “I want to talk.”

    Eve raised an eyebrow and shifted her body to give the shorter woman her full attention. Kagura noticed just how imposing Eve could look in heels. And Kagura wasn’t exactly short. She towered over most girls in her homeland. But she straightened her shoulders and stood at her full height, the top of her head about eye level with Eve. Kagura spoke into her phone in Japanese and hit the translate button. She held it up and hit the speaker and play buttons.

    “I want to congratulate you, Eve. That night at Lethal Lottery, you were better than I was. You found something to make your dreams worth fighting for. You have friends to share your happiness with. Treasure that. I don’t really know much about you, but I want to say that we don’t seem to be all that different. We’re both lonely people at heart. Trying to find something to justify our existences. We are prideful, and neither of us like to lose. We’re both prideful. And when we crash, we crash hard.”

    Kagura watched as Eve’s mouth fell open in shock. She looked taken aback by her partner’s words. Beside her Selena nodded, as Stacey smirked. Kagura spoke into the phone again and translated it for Eve to hear.

    “Tyrone and Batti are a tough pair to beat. They trust each other. More than that; they love each other. They share a bond that goes deeper than just partners. And that’s something that you and I will never share. However, I want you to know that I don’t hold a grudge against you. At Meltdown 149, I’ll do my best to make sure that we come out on top. I want to say that I’m sorry for not giving you my best effort at Lethal Lottery, but I swear you’ll have my best effort as we gear up against those two. I want to get my losses back from those two. What do you say, partner?”

    Kagura extended her hand. Eve looked at it for a second. A moment passed, before she cracked a smile. Kagura eyes widened as Eve reached down and swept her up into a hug. Stacey began to laugh as Selena gushed. Kagura blushed, not used to this kind of physical contact, but slowly she began to return the embrace. As they broke away, Kagura spoke and translated on last thing.

    “But remember one thing. You didn’t pin me at Lethal Lottery. When I do find the thing that makes my dream worth chasing again, I will come for my rematch. And when that day does come, I hope your ready to give me your best shot.”

    Kagura lowered her phone, as Eve smiled. Kagura glanced as the taller blond held out her hand. Kagura smiled as the two rivals made peace.

    “Let’s give those two Hell, partner.”
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