MD 147 - Tyrone Blades vs. Kagura

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    RP Deadline Tuesday 16th January 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Jones: Maaaaaan we are in Hawaii son! Let's hit the clubs homie. We been stuck in that frigid ass city of Cleveland when we ain't on the road.

    The scene opens to Tyrone and Jones sitting outside their hotel, Jones with a cigar between his fingers, Tyrone taking a drag from his cigarette as Tyrone yawns loudly leaning his head back as he stares up at the gorgeous star filled sky.

    Tyrone: Jones I'm fucking exhausted man.

    Jones: Exhausted? Man don't tell me Batti been keeping y'all up all night.

    Tyrone: Nah ain't seen her since Christmas. She had some things going on, you and I had business to attend to. Hell where the fuck has Titus been?

    Jones: Some movie thing going on. We had a long break after the Roulette Rounds. Called him earlier he was taking a tour or some **** on the islands tomorrow and needed his thirteen hours of sleep.

    Tyrone audibly groans as he takes another long drag from his cigarette. He leans his head forward and rubs the side of his forehead, closing his eyes in the process. Jones lifts his cigar to his lips as he crosses his arms, quirking his eyebrow up.

    Tyrone: Roulette Rounds. More like give me the ****tiest match possible every fucking year. Don't even know why I bother with that **** Jones.

    Jones: Y'all didn't wanna punk out Cooper and Keaton again?

    Tyrone: Nah, they had other business with that girl. She been too busy running her mouth like she did something worth mentioning against them fools. Disrespectful to what happened between us, so I let them boys knock some sense into her. Simple as that.

    Jones: Y'all know what they gonna say about it.

    Tyrone: Jones do you think I really fucking care? Nah we on to the next one. Lethal Lottery is what we focusing on now. Ain't no one stood in that ring longer than me in that match. Ain't no one eliminated more than me. And so on and so on and so on.

    Tyrone mocks snoring as his head goes limp, causing Jones to crack up laughing as he shakes his head. Tyrone sits back up opening his eyes wearily as he laughs as well.

    Tyrone: Y'all get the point. So if they thinking I'm gonna be spouting off my work in that match for the next two shows, I'm finna just take a vacation until the Lottery. Or nah, I'll just keep showing up, knocking these chumps out one by one with that Click Clack. With Love.

    Jones: Yooo Tyrone this ain't promo time homie.

    Tyrone kinda snaps out of it as he looks around for a camera, shaking his head free of cobwebs as he yawns once more.

    Tyrone: Wait we ain't doin' the usual?

    Jones: Nah mo'fucka I'm finna try getting yo ass up so we can go get some liquor in us and party it the fuck up. Y'all been working too hard homie, y'all don't sleep, y'all busy putting in twelve hours every day. Let's go man.

    Tyrone: Ight, ight. Let's go. God damn you're persistent.

    Tyrone pulls himself up to his feet, brushing his shirt off and adjusts his fitted hat. They walk over to their vehicle and get in, driving off into the evening. Jones grips the wheel while Tyrone leans his head against the window, fitting in whatever sleep he can get. His eyes pop wide open as Jones cranks the music up, the sound system hitting heavy. Tyrone slowly turns his head towards Jones, anger flashing across his eyes as Jones grins widely and cracks up laughing.

    Jones: Wake up mo'fucka! Ain't no sleeping tonight.

    Tyrone: Jones I swear to fuckin......

    Tyrone's words drown out as Jones cranks the music up even louder. He throws his hands up as he leans the seat all the way back and pulls his hat down over his face. Jones shakes his head as he stares forward, driving deeper into the city until he pulls up outside a raucous club. His eye lights up as he sees all the people gathering outside. He reaches over and backhands the hat off Tyrone's face before turning the sound down.

    Jones: Yoooo Tyrone we here homie.

    Tyrone mumbles something as he reaches and grabs his hat off the floor, leaning the seat back up before exiting the vehicle. He lands feet first from the SUV, rubbing his eyes as some people outside the club recognize him and begin going nuts, snapping pictures and yelling out for him. Jones catches up to Blades and the two Hollow Ones make their way to the door. Jones walks ahead and talks to the bouncers outside. Soon the rope is pulled back and the two are ushered in, Tyrone giving a quick wave to the people recognizing him outside. Just as they walk in, Tyrone bumps into a guy which leaves Tyrone doing a double take.

    Tyrone: The fuck?

    Jones: Yooo that mo'fucka looks like you homie!

    Tyrone: I mean they keep telling me I look like that Criss Angel dude, but that was just fuckin' uncanny man.

    Tyrone watches the man walk out the club, another shake of the head before the two make a beeline for the bar. After muscling through the crowd, Jones hollers at the bartenders for their drinks as Tyrone leans against a wall, scouting out the club as he crosses his arms waiting for Jones. Just then a familiar female silhouette walks up to Tyrone. Tyrone is slow to react as he turns towards the woman, a faint smirk forming on his face.

    Tyrone: Eve motherfucking Taylor. Seems it's a WZCW party after all up in here.

    Eve rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms, pursing her lips a bit as she stares towards Tyrone.

    Eve: Cute Tyrone, but you know that's not my middle name.

    Tyrone: Ight my bad my bad. So what's up, y'all on your usual night off with the girls?

    Eve: Yeah, we haven't seen each other for a few weeks now since we went on break. Kind of why I'm here Tyrone. Stacey's here, she doesn't know the same is true about you. Can we try and keep it that way?

    Tyrone: Eve, I'm honestly too fucking tired to care tonight. Y'all got my word that **** ain't gonna go down at least from my side. Look, Jones was all about hitting the clubs up tonight, I'm on wingman status for what it's worth. So I'm finna just have a few drinks, and try not to fall asleep.

    Eve: Good, I didn't want to start a brawl at the club tonight. And with your track record against the female competitors lately, I don't think you'd want to lose yet again.

    Tyrone: Man it is what it is. Y'all caught me napping the other night, but it got me fired up ready to wreck shop at Unscripted, and it's what I did. So thanks for that. Admiration and respect towards you so on and so on. Y'all know the drill Eve, I ain't gon' feed ya with the old speech because you don't care to hear it either.

    Eve: Well if you want to make this the shorthand version, I appreciate it. I still don't have to like you, and Lethal Lottery I'm getting revenge.

    Tyrone: You and everyone else Eve. Every night it's someone looking for revenge or retribution or a pound of my flesh for whatever the fuck wrong I did. Hell I'm surprised the cashier of the store I stole a candy bar from when I was seven hasn't come knocking at my door yet. Look, just go enjoy y'all night. I'm gonna post up in the corner here because if I don't, I'm gonna crash hard on the ground here.

    Eve nods her head as Tyrone does the same. Just then Jones walks up with the two drinks, handing one to Tyrone before turning towards Eve.

    Jones: Oh ****, what up Eve baby? I didn't know y'all were up in here. Let's hit up the dance floor girl.

    Eve: Yeah, no.

    With that Eve immediately turns and walks away, leaving Jones devastated as his jaw hangs down before disappointment forms on his face. Tyrone laughs hard as he leans his head against the wall.

    Tyrone: Props for the home run swing Jones, but you working with a Little League bat in a Major League stadium with that one.

    Jones: You miss every shot you don't take. Jordan said that ****.

    Tyrone: Mo'fucka that was Gretzky. And the only reason why he said that **** was because he actually scored when he took his shot unlike you.

    Jones: Got dayum man you gonna be that salty all night?

    Tyrone: Man, Eve told me Stacey's here. And if **** goes down Eve's made it very clear she's coming after me.

    Jones: Oh ****, y'all wanna vacate the spot?

    Tyrone: If we leave Jones you're taking me back to the hotel. I pay you to be backup, y'all gon' do just that if **** goes down.

    Jones: Yeah I got it, I got it. Look I'm gonna go see what I can find. I ain't gon' wait for you to limp along.

    Jones takes a long drink before turning and mingling into the crowd as much as a man of his stature can as Tyrone waves him off. He begins sipping from his own drink, his eyes darting back and forth through the crowd as he suddenly spots his girl Batti. A grin forms on his face as she sees her dancing with another woman, the two getting real close in the process. He looks up for a moment before he shakes his head as the wheels start to spin in his head.

    Tyrone: So whatever deity is up there, or under me, or whatever, forgive me for thinking this opportunity cannot be passed up.

    Tyrone pushes himself up off the wall, expertly making his way through the crowd towards the dance floor. He stops just outside it, finishing his drink in one go before rubbing his hands together with a carnivorous look forming in his eyes. Just then he feels someone tapping his shoulder, and as he turns around he comes face to face with Stacey Madison. Tyrone takes a step back, scanning the crowd behind her immediately for the setup. Stacey shakes her head, immediately recognizing Tyrone's concern.

    Stacey: We need to talk. Meet me upstairs on the deck.

    Stacey then turns and walks off, brushing her platinum blonde hair back behind her as Tyrone turns back towards watching Batti and the other woman grinding close to one another. He lowers his head and mutters to himself as he looks back towards Stacey then back towards Batti. Tyrone screams out a loud God damn it but only his lips can be read as the bass hits at just the right time. Tyrone begins making his way through the crowd again towards the stairs that lead upstairs. Just before he reaches them, a hand reaches out and grabs his wrist. He turns towards Eve Taylor who stares a hole through him, motioning she'll slit his throat if he does anything. He shrugs her off as he looks around for Jones, the music and the crowd making it impossible to focus. He sighs to himself before making his way up the steps, pushing through the doors to the outside to fresh air and relative quiet. He immediately reaches into his pocket, withdrawing a cigarette and lighting it up.

    Tyrone: Shoulda drank that triple espresso earlier. Fuck me.

    Stacey: Not anymore loverboy.

    Tyrone looks up as he takes a long drag from his cigarette, looking at Stacey standing at the end of the deck overlooking the street below. Tyrone walks up slowly towards her, leaning on the edge but doesn't look at her while she looks right at him.

    Tyrone: Wouldn't want you to honestly.

    Stacey: You had to know I did it only to further my career Tyrone. I didn't mean anything personally.

    Tyrone: So you're just like everyone else in this god damn company. You want a fucking cookie for it? I'm fresh out hit up the store down the road.

    Stacey: So it's going to be like that Tyrone? Just lash out at me whenever we see one another. Whether you like it or not we do work together. We're in the same location every week. We stay at the same hotels, eat in the same areas, and I think it's time we act like adults with this. We need to get this over with so we can go back to being professional. My reputation has been wounded over this whole ordeal.

    Tyrone stands up straight, anger flashing over his eyes as he pulls the sleeve up on his right arm. He turns his arm toward her, his eyes still glancing out at the skyline. He refuses to give her the satisfaction of his gaze.

    Tyrone: Like fucking adults Stacey? Look at what they did to my fucking arm. Look at it! I got scars for the rest of my god damn life. And every day I see them, I have to be reminded of you. I have to stare at myself in the mirror and force myself to not curse your god damn name to whatever hell will fucking listen to me. You want to talk about being wounded? Every serrated edge of wire just digging deeper into my skin. Little fucking knives cutting my flesh. And then you come in with the fucking dagger right into my heart. So don't fucking talk to me about your reputation being dragged through the mud, I got dragged through fucking hell because of it.

    Stacey noticeably winces as Tyrone goes off. She tries to compose herself as Tyrone rolls his sleeve back down, taking another long drag from his cigarette as he continues to stare straight forward.

    Stacey: Look I'm sorry ok?! I didn't know they were going to do that to you, you can't blame me for that. I was told we were just going to humiliate you. Knock you down a few pegs and get in your head.

    Tyrone: Oh you got into my head Stacey. You got in so deep that you can't get the fuck out of it.

    Stacey: Tyrone please listen to me. I didn't mean to hurt you. Even after what I said in the ring, I thought about maybe swerving Banks. Try to cut the barbed wire off of you. Slap Banks in the face. I don't know Tyrone, but I fell back into old habits and looked out for myself. You don't know how much that hurt me Tyrone. It wasn't supposed to happen like this but...

    Stacey get's real quiet as she looks down, her hands fidgeting in front of her. Tyrone takes one last drag before flicking his cigarette down to the street below. He finally turns toward her, his eyes seem cold even as she tells him the truth.

    Tyrone: But what Stacey? You were just there to string me along? It wasn't supposed to be a massacre caused by you? Guilty about the bloodshed you caused? Come on Stacey, I don't believe a fucking word you're say..


    Tears stream down Stacey's face as she reaches out for Tyrone's arm. She burrows her head into his chest, trying to grab hold of him as Tyrone stares forward, the cold dead look still in his eyes as he doesn't react in any way. Stacey tries to talk through her sobbing, Tyrone tilting his head to the side as he sighs nonchalantly.

    Stacey: It was just supposed to be a job. That's it. Another assignment that I could add to my resume. I could get into the head of the best at mind games. And then you showed me the man that was behind the curtain. The caring person you really are, the heart that's inside you, someone I could just sit and talk to for hours on end. The spark was there Tyrone, I wasn't supposed to see that. I was just supposed to see the vile vindictive bastard that you were supposed to be. Why couldn't you be the villain? Why did you have to be the martyr? It would have been so much easier.

    Tyrone: Because Stacey, unlike all these other jackasses that wanna play the world is black and white game, I'm all full of different greys. I'm the guy that knocked a billionaire out so hard his great grandchildren are finna feel that ****. I'm also the guy that's out there raising the streets up from the dirt they mire away in. I'm the one that leaves someone out to dry to take their ten lashings because they had to keep talking **** they didn't deserve to talk **** about. Now you wanna come here and say that you're sorry? Thinking that good side of the yin and yang gonna make everything all better? Nah, y'all want me to be the villain? I'm good with that. And I ain't hearing this little apology right now.

    Stacey pulls away a bit, her eyes trying to find his, but there's nothing there for her. She steps away from him completely as she realizes that it's all for not. She wipes the tears away before trying to compose herself, while Tyrone crosses his arms.

    Stacey: You *******.

    Tyrone: Ah there's that mask coming back. Been waiting for that.

    Stacey: I left everything on the table and it didn't mean one thing to you? Tyrone, let's try again. A clean slate, everything buried behind us. Forget about Batti and come with me.

    Tyrone stares towards Stacey as she flutters her eyes at him through the remaining tears as he looks as if he's considering it. He suddenly cracks up laughing as he leans against the ledge, shaking his head at the audacity.

    Tyrone: Forget about Batti? Nahhhhhhhh see here's the deal Stacey. She's the real thing. Now whether it's long term or not, I got someone that's been on my side since day numero uno. What was it I said to you when you got me out of jail that day?

    Stacey: Are you willing to ride or die with me?

    Tyrone: Y'all got it. She's the definition of ride or die. While you were gloating away in my face, she was rushing towards the ring to do the very fuckin' thing you trying to tell me you thought about. Save my ass from that wreck. Ready to take on the fuckin' world if it meant saving me one more second of pain. Wrapped my bandages, pulled me up from the bottom of the fucking well even when she was at her lowest. But even in my worst state of mind, I pulled her up above the water while leaving myself to drown. That's what it means to ride or die. We pull each other up when things don't go right. When things go right we right there with each other. You on the other hand, y'all were just a distraction. A method to hurt me. Another fucking razor at my throat the whole time. So get on your feet. Own up to what you fucking did, and move on. I got more scarlet fucking letters than I know what to do with, you can borrow one of mine if you want. Look, I'll be cordial if not indifferent, but I ain't running up to you for an interview slot any time soon ya hear me? And don't bother trying to get a story from me. I'll handle **** my own way ight?

    Stacey lowers her head and takes a deep breath before looking up at Tyrone and nodding her head.

    Stacey: Alright. I guess that's better than looking over my shoulder every day. I didn't even get that pay raise out of all this either.

    Tyrone: Word of advice, next time y'all wanna take on some shady work like that again, make sure to get your payment up front.

    Stacey: Do you think I could hire the Hollow Ones to go get it for me?

    Tyrone: Sure, we get half though.

    Stacey: Twenty percent.

    Tyrone: We finna just go take all of it if that's the case.

    Stacey can't help but laughing, their past conversations like this coming back to her. She wipes away the last of the tears as Tyrone smirks just a little at Stacey's laugh.

    Stacey: I should get back to Eve and Selena. For what it's worth Tyrone, I really am sorry.

    Tyrone: Yeah, me too. Goodbye Stacey.

    Tyrone unfurls his arms and walks away, leaving Stacey behind on the deck as he makes his way back into the club. He meanders down the steps and walks past Eve Taylor. The two look towards one another, a death glare from Eve and a sober nod from Tyrone. It seems to ease Eve's nerves but he knew fully well the spin was more than on for how that conversation went. He turns back towards the dance floor, noticing Jones had caught up with Batti and the other girl. Jones seems to be making progress talking to the one woman as Tyrone smiles weakly at the sight of it.

    Tyrone: About fucking time Jones. About fucking time.

    He continues his journey weaving through the crowd when Batti spots him. As he walks up he simply wraps his arms tightly around her, his lips finding hers as they press up against the wall as the girl seems to giggle silently as Jones cracks up laughing. Batti seems to be caught off guard by the intensity of the kiss as she pulls away, looking like she's won the race that night.

    Batti: Wow. Hello there. What was that for?

    Tyrone: I just really need you right now is all.

    Tyrone looks deep into her eyes as Batti smiles wide. He smiles back in return, but exhaustion hits him hard as he yawns loudly. He looks over at Jones and whistles, spinning his finger in the air.

    Tyrone: Yooo let's take this back to the hotel Jones.

    Jones looks over to the girl, asking if she wants to go with and she nods. Batti and Tyrone circle back towards the other two and they make their way out as the scene fades away. It returns to a few hours later, the hotel suite covered with bottles of various kinds. Jones and the girl from the club are sleeping against a wall, the girl, as Tyrone would find out is named Aquarius, is resting her head against Jones' chest while he has his arm wrapped around her. Batti lies sleeping in the bed while Tyrone sits up on the other side, a cigarette in hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. He stares forward, the bags under his eyes seemingly heavier.

    Tyrone: This would be the part where I'd talk about Kagura and how that's all gonna go down. But honestly, I'm too fucking tired. So if I gotta take the L, I'll take the L. See you at Meltdown Kagura. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Give in to the night's touch.

    Tyrone ashes his cigarette and lays down on the bed, bringing the whiskey bottle up as he takes a long pull from it before setting it on the night stand.

    Tyrone: And don't let the liquor flow too much. With Love, all that. Hollow Ones. I'm out.

    Tyrone wraps his arms around Batti before reaching over and hitting the light switch, the room going completely black and the feed cutting out.
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    The video opens to darkness. The only sound is the whirling blades of a large industrial fan. The cacophonic symphony is an offense to the ears at first, but it gradually mellows into a soothing melody that blends into the background. An overhead fixture buzzes, and illuminates the room with a soft pale light. It’s a small room in a warehouse. The location of which has been undisclosed. The expanse is run down and dirty. The floor appears to be concrete. The windows look to be old, and are covered with frost. It’s cold outside. There is snow on the ground. Suddenly the video feed dies…


    When the feed returns, the picture is completely dominated by the side of a metallic object. The camera pans. It’s the side of a briefcase. A hand appears and turns it, so that the front logo is facing forward. ‘WZCW Queen For A Day,’ is what it reads. The feed zooms back to reveal a woman sitting beside it. It’s Kagura. She stares absentmindedly at the case, and doesn’t make a sound. The only noise is still coming from the large fan behind her. Kagura turns and opens her mouth to speak. As she does, her words appear with English subtitles.

    “It’s amazing how much can change in a year. This time a year ago I was out with an injury. I made a surprise return at the Lethal Lottery. No one cheered for me. Why would they? I wasn’t at the top of anyone’s list of favorites. No one held any sort of high expectations for me at all. It was no surprise to anyone when I lasted about five minutes before being eliminated. After that, I flailed about on the card until Kingdom Come. I won the opportunity to face Titus for the Eurasian championship. I came up short, but the fans came to respect me. I was now on their radar. Big things were expected of me. Fast forward to the Gold Rush tournament. Of course, I was eliminated in the second round, but it was only to make my opponent look strong. Does anyone remember what happened after that? At Ascension 119, I defeated the then #1 contender to the world title; Flex Mussel. And then, I won the KFAD chamber at the Anniversary show. Winning this little baby…”

    She caresses the case, patting it lovingly. The metal glistens off the glow from the overhead light. The surface polished with such care that the reflection of the window was visible to the naked eye. Kagura gets to one knee. Slowly she stands, picking the case up and holding it out in front of her.

    “…And ever since then, I have become a major player. Many people wondered how someone like me could affect the waters of the main event scene. I had spent much of my career floundering in the mid card. I suppose it wasn’t too insulting when many people expressed surprise and disbelief when I did the unthinkable, and won this case. But was it really that surprising? Look at what happened after I won it. At Meltdown 144, I made Justin Cooper tap out. I submitted the world champion. Do I consider myself fortunate? Of course. When I drew my o-mikuji this year, it signaled that I would be blessed with a great fortune. But I already knew that. I had foreseen all of this the moment I won this briefcase.”

    Kagura sets the case down on the floor, and walks over to the window and leans against it. Her breath fogs the window as she glances into the distant nothingness. The snow on the outside was really beginning to accumulate.

    “I have only lost one match since the Anniversary show. And that was against Batti Otaku at Unscripted. Fate has destined that girl to be my eternal rival. I am sure that we will duel many times in the future. And I accept that. After all, our paths have been entangled ever since she came to WZCW. So, it’s no surprise that twisted trail we share has led me straight to my next opponent; Tyrone Blades. How do I describe Tyrone Blades? Hall of fame performer. Dominant world champion. Calculating. Brutal. Sadist. Merciless. The greatest of his time. A relic. Past his prime. An obstacle. He may think that he has me figured out due to the matches that I have had with Batti under his coaching. And he’d be wrong. Batti beat Blades, in what many considered to be a shocker, but I know better. He’s not the type of man that would go easy on any opponent. Allies included. Having been to war with Batti myself, and knowing just how far she can go, I realized that Blades did not let her win; like many assumed. Batti was just better wrestler than he was. Period.”

    Kagura presses her head against the window. The frame creaks. She balls her fist and taps it. Without warning, she headbutts the glass hard and holds her head against the cold surface. Her breath ragged.

    “A part of me should fear Tyrone Blades, and his larger than life persona. But I don’t. He represents a by-gone era of WZCW. Blades is still around because no one can step up to beat him. I watched from the side as nearly every single member of Vis Imperium - Mark Keaton, Xander LeBelle, Andrew Adonis - all failed to stop him. The owner of WZCW tried to rig matches against him. That didn’t work either. In the end, Vis Imperium fell. And Tyrone Blades played a huge role in their demise. He’s an intimidating man to many. The shadow that he casts over WZCW is still immense. But that doesn’t include me. Not anymore.”

    She snarls and slams her fists against the window, causing the whole frame to shudder. Without warning she kicks the window hard, knocking the whole pane loose. She kicks it again, as the glass falls to the ground below, landing in a patch of snow.

    “Blades! I’m not what you think I am. I’m not some rookie that’s terrified by your reputation. I’m not some mid-card level choke artist looking to get a trophy win over you either. Lock up with me. You’ll realize that I’m faster than you. You’ll realize that I have more stamina than you. You’ll realize that I’m more skilled than you. And You’ll realize that I’m tougher than you. You can punch me until blood pours from my skull. Kick me until my ribs are broken. It won’t stop me!”

    Behind her, the giant fan begins to sputter. Frost has accumulated on the interior, causing the engine to seize. The fan dies. Leaving the room in complete silence, sans for the sound of howling wind whipping through the now broken window.

    “You don’t know it yet, but you’ll soon learn that your era is over. Once that bell rings I am going to destroy you. Blades. Even if the assault that I receive in the process takes years off my life, I am going to decimate you in such a fashion that it will shock the wrestling world. The beating that I’ll give you will be so severe, that it will make Batti completely forget about Ramparte. I will make her completely despise me, for driving her back into your arms. To nurse you back to health. Once I’ve choked you out, and you turn purple, you’ll have no choice but to tap. Right before that happens, when your hand is in the air and you’re struggling, with nowhere else to go, you’ll realize what I am. I’m the future of this company! That briefcase is not for show. Blades. I’m aiming to become the world champion. How can I possibly do that if I can’t defeat you?”

    Suddenly, the power to the warehouse dies, killing the overhead lights. Leaving Kagura and the room in darkness, save from the light permeating from behind the blades of the dead fan.

    “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not planning to pummel you within an inch of your life because I hate you. No. It’s because I respect you. And I’m willing to go that far to prove my point. Through the pain that we’ll share in that ring together, maybe you’ll come to respect me too. And maybe you’ll see where I am coming from. When the bell rings, and the referee is holding my arm in victory, you’re going to be laying there, looking up at me with a dazed look in your eyes. As you struggle to breath, you’ll see my shadow looming over you. And right before your eyes glaze over, and you lose consciousness, maybe you’ll smile. You’ll smile because you’ll realize that this company is now in good hands.”

    Kagura stands in front of the fan and holds out her hand. She curls her fingers, save for her thumb and index finger, and folds them into the shape of a gun. She turns to the camera and holds her arm out in front of her. Kneeing down to eye level, she cocks her thumb...



    “With love,

    The next WZCW world champion.”


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