MD 147 - Callie Clark vs. Lynx [Elite Openweight Championship]

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    Backstage After Meltdown 147: Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

    It was such a rewarding moment, pinning Tastic and taking back MY Elite Openweight Championship. I knew I was far from done with Tastic, surely he'd come for his rematch but now that I know for a fact I can beat him, that was the least of my worries. For now I had things to do, first thing I had to do was scrub my face clean after that disgusting pig spit soda in my face, then I had to change the name on my baby back, it looked awful without my name on it and I couldn't bare to see it that way anymore. Now I had one last thing to do before I got out of this terrible country, and lucky for me the person I needed to talk to was standing down the hall.

    Callie: BECKY!!!!

    I could see the annoyance on her face from 5 feet away, but I didn't really care. I had business to take care of and since she decided to follow me to Meltdown, it was her problem to deal with. I walked right up to her, ignoring Backstage Bob standing next to her.

    Callie: Becky! Good news, you don't have to keep that disgusting pig Tastic around here, because with the Elite Championship exclusive to Meltdown...I'M exclusive to Meltdown!

    I grinned and pushed my championship towards her face, I know she was rooting against me so this was my way of telling her to suck it for being a hater, without saying it. Becky took a step back and nodded her head, it's about time she shows me some respect.

    Becky: Yes I suppose that's true, even if you didn't exactly win fair the fact is you did win and are the new Elite Openweight Champion, for now at least. Congratulations. Don't get too ahead of yourself though, because...

    I didn't care what she had to say, I'm a very important person with very important things to do and listening to her ramble was not one of them. So I put my hand up, and shockingly she actually shut up, I need to remember that trick for the future when dealing with Becky!

    Callie: I don't need your warnings Becky!

    I shook my head and put my hand down, ignoring whatever reaction Becky might have to the situation and continued what I wanted to say.

    Callie: I'm here to tell you that I DEMAND you fine Tastic for spitting soda in my face! It was disgusting and just unsanitary! If you don't fine him, then I'll sue you and him both!

    Becky raised an eyebrow, seems I caught her offguard with that, good. If I'm being honest I know a lawsuit probably wouldn't hold up, but I was furious over Tastic's actions and he needed to be punished. So I was going to do it one way or another, by using my money or by Becky doing the right thing for once in her life. After a minute of silence, Becky finally spoke up.

    Becky: Now now there's no need for lawsuits Callie. I happen to agree with you, that was a little gross and unprofessional.

    I was shocked, did Becky just say she agreed with me about something!? Between Becky finally seeing the light and agreeing with me and me beating Tastic, this could be the greatest night of my career yet!

    Becky: I will inform Matt Tastic of his fine, on the condition that you leave now.

    A smug smile crept across my face, everything was going awful just a few days ago in my life, and suddenly everything is back to the way it should be, going great for me and bad for anybody who stands in my way.

    Callie: Well I'm glad you see things my way, I was worried I would have to call up my lawyer and make things get messy. But it looks like you finally realize that I'm the best and biggest star in this company and your number one priority should be to keep me happy. Have a good night Becky, I'll see you next week.

    I started to walk away, well more like strut. But then of course it was too good to be true, as I heard Becky call out to me. I stopped walking and whipped my head around, if she thinks she can change her mind now she has another thing coming.

    Becky: Oh Callie, before you interrupted me I had something to tell you. Something I'm pretty sure you'll wanna know.

    I glared at her, what did she want?

    Becky: Don't get too used to the Elite Championship being back in your possession, because next week you'll be defending it against a tough challenger and someone who's beat you before, Lynx.

    I wasn't sure how to react, Lynx did prove to be worthy competition but he's not one of the two people to have pinned me in this company and the only time I faced him was in a tag team match.

    Callie: Well at least it's not Tastic, but for the record Lynx did NOT beat me, he just happened to be on the same team as Eve Taylor when they beat Logan, and beating that fat loser is NOT the same as beating me! But I'll right that wrong in the record books next week anyway, that Doc Brown wanna be is just going to be another name to add to the list of people I've beat.

    Before Becky could say anything else I walked away, I just got my championship, my baby back. I'll be damned if I let Lynx or anybody else take it away from me just as quick. Of course what I didn't hear after I left was what Becky said to Bob.

    Becky: Bob, do me a favor and inform Matt Tastic he's being fined one cent for his actions tonight.

    Three Days Later: Callie's Hotel Room In Honolulu, Hawaii

    Finally a good place to travel to for this company! I didn't even waste time going home for a couple days first, I wanted to start my Hawaiian vacation as soon as possible. I took the first 2 days there to lay around on the beach and relax, after all a stressed out champ isn't a successful champ. I knew soon I'd have to begin prepping to how to beat Lynx, but first let me take a selfie, I needed to update my loyal followers on what's been going on with me. After all they are probably worried sick about me I had gone silent after what happened at Unscripted, and only posted a picture of my championship after Meltdown.

    I posted the selfie with that caption to all my social media pages, and obvi the likes just instantly started rolling in. Sometimes I think I actually like the fans, the ones smart enough to be a fan of me at least, the rest are losers.

    A Half Hour Later: The Hotel Restaurant

    I had settled into a private booth at the nicest restaurant I could find, thankfully there was a suitable place in the hotel so I didn't have to travel far. I had ordered a porterhouse steak, and was waiting for it to arrive as I placed my phone down on the table and took a sip of my margarita. By no means did I intend to get drunk, I am a classy woman after all, but I deserved drink or two for all my hard work lately and the emotional roller coaster the last two shows have caused for me. After a few more sips of my margarita, my phone went off, letting me know I received a text. I looked to see who it was, and was slightly surprised to see the name Harper flash on the screen. Harper Nash was my best friend in high school and pretty much my only friend before I smartened up and changed myself for the better, I always considered her my first and most loyal follower. But we hadn't talked in a couple months for whatever reason. I opened the text to see what she had to say.

    I smiled, even though Gabi is great I totes miss my bestie. Even if we haven't been as close as we once were, it'll be great to get back in touch with her. I quickly texted back.

    I put my phone down after sending the message, perfect timing too as my steak had arrived. As I was cutting the perfectly cooked medium well steak, my phone buzzed again. I put the fork and knife down to read her response.

    I laughed, jealously is sooo ugly, but I do always enjoy when people are jealous of me, and obvi everybody is. But I can't say I blame Harper, I am in paradise right now.

    I took a bite of my steak, it met my approval. I'll have to remember to eat here again before I leave, maybe room service next time though because there's so many gross looking people in here and it's almost enough to turn my stomach. I looked at my phone again after seeing another response.

    I put the phone down, and ignored the response back from Harper so I could enjoy my dinner. A champ needs to be well fed to compete at the highest level like I always do.

    The Next Day: Callie's Hotel Room, 10 AM.

    I had just finished getting ready after sleeping in, my hair perfectly done, my makeup perfectly done and dressed like a true champion, obvi. I knew someone would be here soon to interview me about my upcoming match on Meltdown, and I could never let people see me looking anything but my best. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, it took them long enough to get here. I walked over to the door and opened it, allowing Leon Kensworth and a camera man to walk in, I closed the door behind them as they began getting set up by the table in the room.

    Callie: This isn't going to take too long is it? I have better things to do, including a photo shoot to celebrate winning back my championship.

    I looked over at Leon, who shook his head as the camera man behind him finished getting set up. I walked over to them and sat down in an open chair, grabbing my championship off my bed as I went and putting it over my shoulder.

    Leon: No, shouldn't take too long. Are you ready to begin?

    I rolled my eyes in annoyance, he's stupider than he looks.

    Callie: I'm sitting here aren't I? Don't ask stupid questions Leon, or I won't let you get this interview.

    I glared at him, lucky for him he apologized or I might have kicked him out. Finally a couple minutes later he went through whatever preparations he had to do before beginning the interview.

    Leon: Ladies and Gentleman, I'm here with an exclusive interview with one of the fastest rising stars in WZCW, the brand new Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark. Callie, how are you doing today?

    Seeing the camera turn to me, I smiled at it and adjusted the championship on my shoulder.

    Callie: Now that all is right in the world and I have my championship back that the blood thirsty fans screwed me out of at Unscripted, I'm doing great Leon. Matt Tastic has been vanquished, and I even made sure he got fined for daring to spit soda in my face on Meltdown last week! But for the record, I'm not "one of the fastest rising stars in the company", I am THE fastest rising star in the company, hell in the entire wrestling business!

    I smirked a smug smirk, sure I was cocky but those are just simple facts of life, and everybody needs to learn these facts.

    Leon: Uhh, right. Sorry. Anyway, on the topic of Matt Tastic some say you wouldn't have won if you didn't grab the ropes for leverage during the pin. What do you say to that?

    I chuckled, god some people are so petty it's ridiculous.

    Callie: Oh puh-lease! I didn't need to grab the ropes, and the ref could have counted to 10 and I still would have won! Those people who think I only won because of grabbing the ropes are simply jealous haters, and jealously is such an ugly thing. I guess that explains why most of the fans are so ugly huh?

    I chuckled again, if those haters wanna hate on me, I'm happy to insult them as a thank you for the motivation. Leon had an odd look on his face, I don't think he knew how to respond to what I said but oh well, sucks to be him if it ruins his interview.

    Leon: Now this week we've found out you'll be having your first title defense against Lynx, a fellow rising star who actually has a win over you on his record in tag team action.

    Before Leon could continue, I cut him off abruptly.

    Callie: No no no no, that does not count! Lynx did not pin me and I wasn't even the one pinned in that match! Logan lost that match, I just got screwed out of a win. If Gabi was my partner that week we would have destroyed Lynx and Eve! Now try again with your question.

    After being corrected, Leon simply nodded his head slowly and rephrased what he was going to say.

    Leon: Okay, so having been in the ring with Lynx before and not coming out with a victory, how do you plan on beating him this time?

    Much better. Leon might be the dumbest person in this room, but he's teachable at least.

    Callie: This time he has no tag team partner to hide behind Leon, that right there puts the advantage in my corner. Besides the fact only two people have been able to pin me since I joined this company, a hall of famer in Matt Tastic but only because he got to use weapons, and someone I hate to give credit to, but arguably the top female in the history of the company, Eve Taylor. Let me ask you Leon, do you think Lynx is on the same level as either of them?

    I looked at Leon waiting for an answer, he looked flustered.

    Leon: Well I don't think I'm the best person to judge that, I'm not a wrestler.

    I rolled my eyes, of course he won't answer.

    Callie: Then let me answer for you, no he's not. I've wrestled all 3 of them and he's not that good. Hell I don't even think he's completely sane, I mean come on he thinks he's from the future!

    I laughed and shook my head.

    Callie: If he wants to pretend to be Barry Allen and try to prevent the timeline being destroyed, then he can consider me Eobard Thawne, well a female version at least. Because I'm going to destroy him if I have to to make sure this championship doesn't leave me again.

    I patted my championship.

    Callie: In fact, that gives me an idea for my cosplay for the match, why not just go full on Reverse Flash on him?

    I laughed, and Leon looked unsure of what to say, I was hoping that meant we were done with this interview but sadly he had another question for me.

    Leon: Okay....and with Lethal Lottery quickly approaching, are you prepared for possibly pulling double duty that night? Defending your championship and competing in the Lethal Lottery Match?

    I thought about it for a second before answering, I haven't pulled double duty before and surely it wouldn't be easy, but I am in the best shape of my life and since I obviously will be champion going into Lethal Lottery, that is something I'll have to deal with.

    Callie: I'll worry about the Lethal Lottery Match when the time comes, but if I have to pull double duty not only could I do it, but I'd expect to win both matches. But like I said, right now my focus is on beating Lynx and continuing to prove that nobody can defend this championship except me, because I am the curse breaker. Now if you'll excuse me I have a photo shoot to do and much more important people to talk to. But you did okay today Leon, maybe if you're lucky I'll let you interview me again, maybe.

    I smirked, stood up and removed my mic before patting Leon on the head. The time was coming for me to face Lynx, and soon he'll be experiencing the end of the world if his stupid future he thinks he's from has him beating me. I'm twice as elite as I was before and the curse breaker won't suffer the same curse everybody else has.
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    The wait was beginning to get to him. Lynx had come no closer in finding Josh Browning, the mysterious individual who had determined all the matches for the Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy events. Lynx had been searching for Josh ever since the day he first found out about Josh from Snort at The Trend Of Time. He searched for Josh Browning in his spare time, as his priority was making preparations both mentally and physically for his upcoming Elite Openweight Championship opportunity against Callie Clark. A match that Lynx hoped Browning would not interfere in. Lynx took a deep breath as he sat on his couch in his apartment in Phoenix waiting for a confirmation from his cousin, Willy, who who Lynx had assigned to an important task on the computer. Willy was sitting at Lynx's desk in the office located in his guest bedroom. Lynx recalled a breathing exercise he had learned when he was young. Breathe in peace of mind, breathe out your stress. Inhale. Exhale. Lynx breathed in and out 9 times before shouting loudly to get Willy's attention.

    Lynx: Willy! Did you find it yet? It's been ten hours!

    Ten hours, seven minutes, and forty-six seconds to be exact.

    Lynx: Willy! You still awake in there?

    No response. Lynx got up from the couch into the guest room to check on his cousin. When he walked into the room he saw that sure enough, Willy was there and fully conscious. Willy is on facebook, scrolling downward past several status updates and posts in the newsfeed.

    Lynx: Did you not hear me?

    Cousin Willy turns the chair around, facing Lynx.

    Willy: Nope.

    He turns the chair back around, facing the computer again. He scrolls past a few more statuses and some pictures that Lynx's friends have posted. Willy is logged in as Lynx.

    Lynx: Well? What have you found out?

    He answers, still facing away from Lynx.

    Willy: Well, let's see.... Laura "liked" a photo you posted last night.... Lisa and Phil got engaged.... Oh, and your friend Roger saw a live chicken running around outside his neighbor's apartment in their apartment complex.

    Lynx: What!?

    Willy: I know, right? What's a chicken doing in an apartment complex in the middle of town several miles away from any farms?

    Lynx facepalms.

    Lynx: No, I wasn't talking about that.... I wanted to know if you found what you're supposed to be looking for?

    Willy: Not yet. Another friend of yours named Albert sent a Private Message asking if you could help him find a specific Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey, so I helped him out for a bit.

    Lynx: Dude! Don't read my PM's. You were just supposed to open the newsfeed and scroll all the way down to the bottom. What have you been doing all this time!?

    Willy: I scrolled down on the newsfeed for a few hours but then that got boring so I looked at some pictures Roger posted about that chicken and then I got the PM from Albert. After I wrote him back I started scrolling down your newsfeed again for you which was about 20 minutes ago.

    Lynx grabs the chair and pulls it away from the desk with Willy still sitting in it.

    Willy: Hey!!!!

    Lynx: This was important, Willy. Without that dimensional gate from Medina's Exotic Pet Store the only way to get back to The Trend Of Time is to scroll all the way to the very bottom of the newsfeed in facebook. I gotta find out from Snort where Josh Browning went. I'm worried he might interfere in my match against Callie on Meltdown and I can't find the guy anywhere!

    Willy: Man, you'll never get to the bottom of the newsfeed. It's impossible. That's why I gave up.

    Lynx: Unbelievable. I knew I should have asked Doreen to do this instead. Now I'll never find Josh Browning. You do realize he nearly started the Apocalypse with the matches he set for Meltdown Madness last month, right?

    Lynx places his hands over his eyes and slowly brings them down across his face, with a deep sigh.

    Willy: Wait.... Josh Browning.... Do you mean THIS guy?

    Willy rolls the chair back in front of the computer. He types in the name "Josh Browning" in the search bar and hits submit. One of Lynx's friends with a matching name pops up on the screen.

    Lynx: I've been facebook friends with him this whole time!? I don't remember adding him.... I guess Doreen might have found him and added him. Why wouldn't she tell me though?

    Willy: Probably not the guy you're looking for. That's just some football coach.

    Lynx: That's him! Open his profile.

    They look at his profile. There is no profile picture of him so all they see is that white silhouette thing that people have as a default avatar if they have no profile picture. The posts all appear to be a countdown for something. Each one with less time remaining than the last.

    Willy: Yeah his posts came up in your newsfeed a few times. At first I thought he was counting down to the new year, but that was two weeks ago. His timing is way off.

    Lynx looks at a few of the posts. He looks over at the calendar and it dawns on him. Josh is counting down to the Elite Openweight Championship match that Lynx is going to have against Callie Clark on Meltdown 147.

    Lynx: He's counting down toward my title match! Let's share his 4 most recent posts. I have an idea.

    Lynx makes Willy get out of the chair. Lynx sits down and begins typing.

    January 21st, 2018
    14:53 PM

    For the past week Lynx had been watching carefully on social media. Anytime Josh's account posted another status update with a revised figure of how much time remained until Lynx's Elite Openweight Championship match, Lynx would share the post himself as well. Nothing else was visible in terms of Josh's posts although he did find an email Josh had listed on the "About Me" section of the profile. Lynx had pointed out this email to Doreen, his Social Media Administrator to investigate. Today was the day he was going to go live to his fans, addressing his big match with Callie Clark. Lynx was hoping to have more information on Josh by now. Doreen enters the room.

    Doreen: Good news, Lynx. She found something that needs your attention.

    Lynx: Go ahead. Tell me.

    He puts the computer in sleep mode and faces her.

    Doreen: Doreen ran a search at The Grand Dream's forum database under that email on Josh Browning's facebook profile. There is a poster with an account registered at your forum using that same email.

    Lynx: Did you check their IP address?

    Doreen: She did. That account's posts are coming from Honolulu.

    At that moment it hit Lynx. This was no coincidence.

    Lynx: That's the city where I'm wrestling Callie Clark! Why's he counting down to my match from that very city? Try to track him down even further. I want to find him after my match and show him my new Elite Openweight Championship that I'll win from Callie. Even after what he pulled with the Meltdown Madness card he created, he can't stop me from winning my first championship.

    Doreen: She will do that for you, Lynx. Also in regards to your match, Doreen has prepared your account to go live later tonight for your big message about the match. Your fans will be waiting to hear what you have to say. Doreen anticipates the message herself as well.

    Lynx: Thanks.

    She exits the room and he turns the computer back on, spotting another countdown post, which he shares. Lynx's caption reads "Your time as Elite Openweight Champion is running out, Callie".

    January 21st, 2018
    23:58 PM

    Two minutes to midnight. It was almost time for Lynx to go live for his fans regarding his title match. He checked to see if Josh had posted anything else. Nothing on facebook. Not since the last post Lynx had shared 9 hours earlier. He thought to himself for a moment. This was his very first championship match. Sure, he had trained with Willy and Masamune much like his preparations for facing Triple X at Unscripted, but this was different. Mentally he had gone over this message to the fans many times, knowing the importance of addressing what could be the first championship he ever held in WZCW. He was ready. He got on his couch and saw the notification go on to signify that he was live.

    Lynx: Hello friends! So glad you're all here watching. I wanted to talk to all my fans tonight. It's about that big match I've got coming up against Callie Clark.

    He takes out an egg-timer resembling an hourglass only much smaller. All of the sand is at the bottom glass bulb. He turns it upside down and sets it back down on the table in front of him. The sand begins falling down from the top bulb into the bottom glass bulb. Lynx continues speaking.

    Lynx: You know.... Life is full of firsts. There's historical firsts such as George Washington. He was our nation's first president.... Then you have days like June 20th, 2007.... That was the day of the very first WZCW Meltdown episode.... Last but not least you have those milestones, moments in your own life that are the first occurrence of something big.... The first day of school... Your first kiss.... Driving alone for the first time.... I could go on. All are important first experiences for many people.

    He holds up a framed picture, but it is the back so the picture itself is not seen.

    Lynx: This picture has been on my shelf here at my home for nearly a year. Would you all like to see it? The picture depicts one of my own milestone "firsts".

    He turns the picture around and what can be seen inside the frame is Lynx getting his hand raised by a referee.

    Lynx: This was from my very first match in WZCW. It was 10 months ago at Meltdown 138. My opponent was Gabi Clark.

    He tilts his head to the left a little so that he too can see the picture. Lynx smiles as he remembers his victory at Meltdown 138. He goes and puts the picture on his bookshelf. There is an empty space on the shelf next to the picture, large enough to fit a second picture frame next to it. Lynx points to the empty space.

    Lynx: You see this empty place here? I have intentionally left it empty. That is a spot saved for a similar "first". When I win my first championship I will have a picture framed of it here. How ironic that both of the Clark Sisters will be involved in such major milestones in my career. Gabi was who I won my first WZCW match against. Now, Callie will be who I won my first championship from.

    He sits back down on the couch and looks at the egg-timer. Nearly all of the sand has fallen down in the bottom bulb.

    Lynx: Time is running out for the sand in this egg-timer. The sand isn't the only thing running out of time. You may have seen the posts I have been sharing on social media lately. Counting down to my Elite Openweight Championship match. My first title. Callie's time as the Elite Openweight Champion is running out.

    He cracks his knuckles.

    Lynx: The present never lasts forever. It is always doomed to become the past, due to the future always looming on the horizon. You may be the Elite Openweight Champion in the present, Callie.... But I am looming on the horizon. Your reign as Elite Openweight Champion will be a thing of the past. While I, the future of WZCW, will ensure there will be a better tomorrow. I'll defeat you at Meltdown just like I defeated your sister 10 months ago and when my hand gets raised as the NEW Elite Openweight Champion, I will look into your eyes when they hand the title to me.... And at that very moment.... I will have exactly two words for you....

    The last few grains of sand from the top falls down into the bottom bulb of the egg-timer.

    Lynx: Time's up.

    The live feed ends and he gets off the couch, exiting the room. The egg-timer is still there, every single grain of sand has fallen down into the bottom bulb.
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