MD 145 - Yemrez Reqonic & Ace Stevens versus War Zone & Milenko

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    On Ascension last week Mr. Banks made a huge announcement when he named four superstars competing in a fatal four-way match at Unscripted with a future title shot on the line. This week, all four of those superstars will collide in a tag team contest. Yemrez Reqonic will team with Ace Stevens to take on War Zone and Milenko in what is sure to be a hotly contested match. At Unscripted the fans will determine the prize they fight for but on Meltdown it’ll be up to the superstars to decide who has the momentum leading into the match? Partners this week but enemies the next… can the teams get along?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 24th October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Before the camera can come into full focus we hear Milenko scream in a furious rage at the top of his lungs.

    'The Great' Milenko: NO, NO, NO, NO! No one is allowed to touch you but me! That referee had no business picking you up, especially when that damned bear wouldn't shut the hell up!

    It's at that point the camera comes into focus on Milenko furiously rubbing the crystal skull with a dry cloth as if it's covered in filth.

    'The Great' Milenko: I'll get that ref the next time I see her I promise but until then I need to concentrate on Unscripted. I am in a match where the winner of the match is the #1 contender to one of the three lower tier championships.

    All of a sudden Milenko's voice trails off and a sick smile creeps on his face as he remembers the all to short time he was Mayhem Champion those many years ago. A look of rapturous glee appears on his face as he pictures once again becoming Mayhem incarnate.

    Just as quickly both the smile and look in his eyes are gone as he once again listens to the voices only he can hear.

    'The Great' Milenko: Yes I know I'm teaming up with War Zone. It won't interfere with any of my Master's plans, in fact it may actually speed them up.

    Milenko stares at the crystal skull with a look in his eyes that say he just heard the most ridiculous thing imaginable before giving it a hard shake.

    'The Great' Milenko: You're joking right? The man is so full of rage and instills so much terror into people's hearts he is undoubtedly doing the work of my Master whether he is aware of that fact or not. I can't wait to meet him and look into his soul.

    Milenko jumps when the tent flaps fly open and a man dressed in a business suit walks in amidst a swirling gust of dead leaves.

    ????: I should be able to help with that.

    'The Great' Milenko: What? Wait, who are you and how did you get past my hatchetmen? No one is allowed to walk the hallowed tents of The Dark Carnival without me proclaiming them worthy.

    Troy E: My name is Troy Excellence and how I got here isn't important. What's important is why I'm here. You say you want to meet War Zone and I can make that happen if you agree to my proposal.

    Intrigued Milenko puts his fingers up to the skulls face and hushes it like one would a small child.

    'The Great' Milenko: Hush now, let's hear what the man has to say before you blow him off. His offer might be perfectly reasonable.

    Unfazed that the man in front of him is having a conversation with an inanimate object Troy continues talking like nothing is out of the ordinary.

    Troy E: As you are probably aware this week on Meltdown you will be teaming with my man War Zone against the Olympian Yemrez Reqonic and another former Mayhem Champion Ace Stevens.

    As he hears Troy mention someone else holding the Mayhem Championship Milenko's eyes narrow and fill with rage as he starts caressing the skull in his hands and whispering to it.

    'The Great' Milenko: Mr. Stevens has felt the same ecstasy from drinking from the Fountain of Mayhem as I have. You're right though I can't let that get in the way of what needs to be done. For my Master's rebirth he must be destroyed.

    Troy E: And we can help with that. War Zone has faced Ace Stevens before and he may have lost but even in defeat a soldier is able to pick up valuable Intel. We will share that intel with you on one condition.

    Milenko stops talking to the skull and simply stares at the man in front of him with a crazed look in his eyes.

    Troy E: Help, that's all we want. Agree to help War Zone this week as he brings Nuclear Winter to both Estonia and Brooklyn and Ace Stevens will be yours. Then come Unscripted neither of your opponents will be at their best and your chances of winning go up fifty percent.

    The thought of causing pain and misery causes a fire to shine in his eyes but as he listens to the voices the fire dims a little bit.

    'The Great' Milenko: You're right I don't need any help in destroying Ace Stevens and Yemrez Reqonic. In fact I may take out War Zone as well, partner or not, and make my victory at Unscripted a sure thing.

    Troy E: I wouldn't advise that. You saw what War Zone did to Obi Okafor right? He single handedly wiped New Angola off the map. What makes you think he couldn't easily do the same thing to you?

    At the thinly veiled threat a look of fury appears on Milenko's face as he stands up and starts towards Troy. As Milenko gets in his face a gust of wind blows through the Big Top and two words can be heard on the wind.

    Disembodied Voice: Doooo iiiiit.

    A look of reverence immediately comes across his face as Milenko lowers the skull he was about to use to cave in Troy Excellence's face and bows his head.

    'The Great' Milenko: My Master has spoken and I cannot disobey. You have a deal Mr. Excellence but tell your man this. We may be working together on Meltdown but come Unscripted he will feel Terror only The Wraith can instill.

    With that said Milenko turns around and sits back in his chair. As Troy gets to the entrance of the tent Milenko calls out a final warning.

    'The Great' Milenko: And don't ever let me catch you here without my permission again. If I do you will be the next sacrifice made in the name of my Master.

    The camera fades to black as Troy Excellence leaves The Dark Carnival to meet up with his man War Zone.
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    Time: One day later
    Setting: Gym

    The sun rose high amongst the blue sky over the local gymnasium that War Zone was somehow still allowed to be in, today was supposed to be the day ‘General’ Troy had given him all the details on The Great Milenko. So far though, there had been nothing. But it was not like War Zone really cared or anything. War Zone had been through a long miserable night of drinking at Chappy’s and he was not in the mood for being messed with.

    But unfortunately for him, he was. And he was not enjoying it.

    Guy 1:
    Hey soldier, heard about your new girl; never thought you were so sentimental.

    War Zone grumbles at him as he puts his bag on the bench, he goes up to the weightlifting where two other guys are snickering at him. He hears their giggles and glares.

    War Zone:
    What is it that is so funny.

    Guy 2:
    Us? Oh nothing. Hey, congratulations on the girlfriend! It must’ve been hard warming your cyborg like heart to her, but you did it!

    Guy 3:
    Yeah, and no easy catch either! That Kimberly girl’s got quite the assets. And I should know, I’ve been following her career since she was around 16; that girl always had a body us men would kill for

    Some of the other guys agree quietly, others just nod their heads.

    War Zone:
    I appreciate your supportive viewpoint, but I can confirm that me and her do not and are not seeing relations with the other. The connection we have is simply business oriented.

    Guy 2:
    Heh, says the guy who said he was gonna beat everyone when he got to WZCW. How’s that working out for ya?

    War Zone:
    (Patience running low)
    It is going better now that I have a leader that is always with me.

    Guy 1:
    You mean Troy? Sheesh, what a jackoff. He wants you one moment, but once you falter, he dumps your ass and calls you deadweight. There’s a reason why Sam Spades is only working those lame indy shows with only 20 or so people watching, 12 of which are old and drunk as it is.

    Guy 3:
    Yeah, poor kid. Was such a talented guy as well. Then he had to go and screw it all up by wasting all of his money gambling it on coke, steroids and two baseball cards.

    War Zone:
    Well maybe Sam did not have the heart nor the passion to survive the battleground.

    Guy 2:
    (changing the topic, apparently it is too personal for them)
    Ace Stevens does though, he survived a North Korean prison, fled and actually lived to tell the tale. What kind of person does that?

    Guy 1:
    I’m more surprised as to why they haven’t been nuked to oblivion yet, I mean-

    Guy 3:
    (Playfully threatening)
    Boy sit your ass down, you don’t know jacks--t about foreign policy!

    Guys 2 and 3 laugh at Guy 1 as War Zone shakes his head in disapproval of their behavior. Serious times called for serious measures, and why did they even change the conversation? Once a game of teasing the big man for his ‘relationship’ with Kimberly, it had devolved into a political game of which wrestler could win, with undertones of foreign policy.

    Guy 1:
    Didn’t stop Trump from winning now did it?

    Guys 2 and 3 groan, they know what’s coming next.

    Guy 2:
    Don’t even get us started with that Sam! It this kind of s--t right there that proves why you didn’t get a contract with WZCW!

    Guy 3:
    Next thing you’ll say is that Barrett Stratton did nothing wrong.

    But he didn’t!

    War Zone sighed, frustrated as he listened to three grown men argue about politics and wrestlers and whether War Zone was going to become a man-****e or something like that. He walked away from the conversation, feeling that it was the best thing to do; finally, after being away from all the noise and the heckling, he sat down on the bench and ran down last night’s procedures.

    He remembered some of it all so well, some of the boys at Chappy’s had noticed Kimberly was there and had gotten a little more than excited to see her. She didn’t seem to mind it. Apparently these were members of her fan club or something. They talked for a little while, or rather; those two men ******ed over how awesome she was while she basked into it. Egotistical twat.

    Then the conversation would get weird, one of the boys pointed to a strip pole that Chappy’s had. War Zone had never noticed it before hand, but on occasion there would be a dancer that would come up there and perform; maybe strip off their clothes and their dignity with it, but he had good reason. They usually wound up being...well, less than subpar to say the least. The two dared her to get on up there and show them how it’s done, she took on that dare and just like that; War Zone was treated to a last moment show.

    It was perhaps the weirdest thing War Zone had ever seen. He knew what poles were and he knew what women were. But never until today had he seen the two mix, at least; not in this fashion. This one...actually captivated him.

    Once she called on the D.J to ‘drop a beat’, she went all out and never went any less. As Ke$ha’s Tik Tok blared out for all of Chappy’s to hear, she swung her hips to the beat and moved around in perhaps the most fluid fashion he had ever seen. Not even a war plane could move the way she did, she spun and danced for all those men, infused with alcohol and testosterone. It was as if she had had a war with the pole and she beat it in a curbstomp battle. Nothing could stop her.

    The weirdest thing about the whole charade was that longer it went, the more people grew interested. And they too knew who she was, with curiosity they all wondered why she was here and they watched as she showed them what she was made of.

    And when it was over, the crowd that grew from two to many just shook with appreciation. They had loved it. Her raw sex appeal, her charisma, her movements, it was everything they loved about a Playboy model come to life. It was the most raw, unusual thing War Zone had ever seen. The very thought of the events that occurred that fateful yesterday made him sweat.

    War Zone: That is not on the agenda today.

    War Zone had to block out the memories for now, this was not something he wanted in his mind when the biggest opportunity he ever had was knocking on his door. And he was teaming up with the male equivalent of the Great and Powerful Trixie...except, he wasn’t a unicorn. And he was actually powerful...and he was probably insane as well. Nonetheless, unless plans had somehow changed; The Great Milenko was to be his partner for the tag match. And there was nothing he could do about it but accept it and respect him as a fellow soldier in the fight for the badge.

    He then thought about Ace Stevens once more, and thought about how hard it must have been to rot inside a prison where hard labor was the law and death by hanging, assassination, suicide or even by cannibalism were on the menu. The tenacity and resilience of that man to have survived this long inside what he knew was the palace of Satan himself was admirable, and the fact that he miraculously escaped without even a hint of being brainwashed by the glowing propaganda spat out by so-called ‘news reporters’ and flourishing ballads about how great their leader is every single day made him almost respect the man. Almost.

    But even so, he was a threat. A threat to WZCW, a threat to his country and a threat in his quest for his badge. And like all threats, he had to be taken out.

    And then there was Yemrez Reqonic, the girl who fought for the honor of the USSR itself. You see, having been built from the 50s and being frozen away until recently; War Zone was never able to see what had happened to Estonia or the USSR. He never learned about the demise of the Soviet Union or the many crises that occurred during it’s reign of terror amongst the East; such as the Cuban Missile Crisis or Able Archer 83. And most importantly, he never got to see what became of Estonia. As Russia continued in it’s path of authoritarianism, rebuilding its army and continuing some of the traditions the Soviet Union had left behind, Estonia blossomed into a strong and noble democracy; priding itself on prosperity and diplomacy.

    But War Zone only knew Estonia for what it was back then. A puppet state being run by the cruel communist rulers of Russia and their wicked allies. The thought of having to face Yemrez only made his bad mood even worse. And yet somehow, he couldn’t help but feel sympathy for her. Such a promising young girl she was, a former power lifter even. But her oppressive government was holding her back from the things she could do, she was probably restricted on what to wear and what she could say, she might have also been famished. In a communist state, everything belonged to the state. Even the food she should be eating belonged to them, poor Yemrez; all those cold nights wondering to herself if and when she will ever have a loaf of bread again.

    And lord help her if she had lost any Olympic challenge; even if it had been a silver medal. She would have been exiled by all the other girls like her, she would be ostracized by the public, maybe even executed for her failures. The very thought of such a prospect going to waste because of her miserable excuse of a government made his blood boil; and forced him to make an important decision.

    War Zone:
    If I am to beat her, it will be to liberate her from the communist region of Estonia and all of the USSR; heed my word, so help me McCarthy.

    War Zone sat silently to himself as the visions of his three opponents danced in his head. For the first time since arriving in WZCW, War Zone was at peace with himself.

    And then, he heard a knock...and then another knock. And from the very moment he shuffled his head to the window, he knew he had arrived with the details. Yes, Troy Excellence had a big smile on his face; which seemed to indicate that the meeting with Milenko had gone down well. Troy motioned for the big guy to head on out the gym, he acquiesced as he silently walked away from whence he once sat and away from the three heckling gym rats who at this point had gone into a lengthy discussion on snakes, pencil sharpeners and why glow in the dark underwear is a bad idea.

    Once he was outside, he met up with the proud manager and was prepared to hear the good word.

    War Zone:
    General Excellence. I have been expecting you. What is the word on The Great Milenko?

    Troy Excellence:
    He took up the offer, once we take down Estonia and Brooklyn, he’ll have Ace all to himself. And as for us, it puts the empire of war once step closer to ensuring total destruction.

    War Zone:
    Excellent. The news I have wanted to hear. A masterful job indeed.

    Troy Excellence:
    A pleasure it is to serve! (Beat) So, on a more personal was your night with Kimberly?

    War Zone looked at the curious manager/general with sheer disinterest. Here he thought that he was finally getting away from the chit-chat of last night and moving onto something he was more equipped to know. But no, he was back into that awkward feeling he never once felt. After spending some few seconds trying to figure out just how to put it in a way so Troy would feel no concern or worry, he decided to take the most responsible route he possibly could.

    War Zone:
    I’d rather not say.

    And he walked away, not wanting to escalate the situation further. As Troy watched War Zone disappear into the sunlight, he sighed to himself and shook his head in a doubting manner. For the first time in a long while, there was no confident swagger or smirk on his face: There was an actual hinge of hesitation.

    Troy Excellence:
    (quietly to himself)
    I knew she was trouble. Always was.

    Troy kept thinking about Kimberly and wondering about what possible snafu she could have possibly gotten herself and War Zone in.

    Troy Excellence:
    I know she means well...but when she does things like this, it makes you wonder how she got popular in the first place. (sigh) I just hope that hiring her to be his second in command was the right decision. I don’t want to end up having yet another failure on my record…

    Troy looked at his watch and sighed again. And after showing his smarts, his majesty, his...well, excellence on just about any front; for the first time since taking up the position of War Zone’s general…

    He was worried.
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    The Narrator presents
    Ace Stevens
    "Ameerika ja Eesti"

    Paks Margareeta. Or, in English, Fat Margareeta. A beloved Estonian landmark and not - as Ace Stevens thought - an obscure Italian sex act. The building has a long, rich and deep history. Originally built in the early sixteenth century as a military fortification, it has also served the people of Estonia as a port of call for the nation’s fishermen and as a prison. And now, adding to the prestige of the noble structure, Ace Stevens is standing on its roof.

    In typical Stevens fashion, even when confronted with one of the most scenic views in Eastern Europe, Ace is simply staring at a woman. Yemrez Reqonic, to be precise. She too is on the roof of the Paks Margareeta, signing autographs and taking selfies with screaming fans and confused tourists alike.

    "They love her, don't they?"

    "Shut up, Bob. They love me. They're just mildly infatuated with her."

    "I'm just saying, she's the breakout foreign star of WZCW. Not a bad thing to be."

    "You're right. She's gonna be really useful when the fed decides to expand into that lucrative Estonian market."

    Ace folds his arms like a petulant child.

    "You know what? Go get me one of them deer sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches. And don't be skimpy with the sour cream. Say what you want about these Estonians, but they know how to eat."

    As Bob leaves to find the Estonian delicacy that Ace so politely requested, our intrepid and (moderately) successful protagonist turns to take in the view. Sightseers scuttle about old town Tallinn, a bird squawks in the distance. While originally nothing but a silhouette due to the bright, beaming sun, the bird gradually shows itself to be a bald eagle. That most patriotic of birds. In front of the iconic structure and behind the back of Ace Stevens, the bird hovers briefly before unfurling its wings and displaying its truly impressive wingspan. A double rainbow appears behind it. Fireworks erupt too.

    Of course, Ace saw none of this. He was on his phone.

    "Hi, tag team partner! What are you doing?" asks Yemrez, having finally left her entourage of admirers.

    "Just writing my pros and cons list."

    "Of what?"

    "Of who I'm going to face when I win at Unscripted. See, I could have the opportunity to break Titus' record reign, but he's really good and stuff. Or I could get revenge on Callie Clark for kicking me in my plums, but cosplayers weird me out. And... well... I ain't got any pros for Randy Studd. And the con is that I'd be up close and personal with some greased-up sex offender called Randy. Not an ideal combo."

    "This is assuming you will win."

    "It's no assumption, Yemmy."


    "It's inevitable. Like if The Beard wants to eat an entire chocolate cake like that fat kid in Matilda. It doesn't matter what you say - that cake is getting eaten."

    "Why do you think I invited you here, to Estonia?"

    "My charm, good looks and a outlook on life 'that balances melancholy and misandry for a 21st century audience'?"


    "Not my words. The words of a little publication called the New York Times. Four stars."

    "I invited you because I want us to bond."

    Ace's eyebrows rise instantly.

    "As a team."

    "And Skype wasn't an option or..."

    "Teaming up is about more than talking. I need to know who I am working with." Especially if we are going to defeat War Zone and Milenko."

    "Defeating War Zone? Uh yeah - been there, done that."

    "Take this seriously. War Zone is considered a national weapon."

    "Yeah, from the sixties. Before they had bombs and guns and stuff. I get that he's a tough guy. Trust me on that one" says Ace, touching his sore ribs. “But man, that moron probably thinks you're from the Soviet Union."

    "That 'moron' severely injured Obi Okafator. He has to eat through a tube now."

    "Yeah I saw. I heard he was suffering from anal bleeding too."


    "Nothing. Okay, point taken. He's big and strong.. But sister, I've beaten him before. You've just gotta wave something shiny in front of him. Ain't no thing but a chicken wing."

    "Your American idioms confuse me."

    "He is an idiom, you're right. But I'll take care of him."

    "Ace! I am serious."

    "When are you not?"

    "My losing streak will not go to six. I assure you."

    "Oh yeah. Five losses in a row. That's rough. That's Ricky Runn territory."

    "Ricky Runn?"

    "Oh, he's a... um... prick. Anyway, look, don't worry about it."

    "I am not worrying."

    "Oh. Good! Um... why not? If I had five losses in a row I'd be throwing myself off this building right about now."

    “Well that’s the difference between you and I, Ace. What do you know about the history of Estonia?"

    "Used to be Russia and... I'm out."

    "Over the course of modern history, this land has been occupied. Occupied by Swedes, Germans, Russians. We, the Estonians, were oppressed. They stripped us of our music, language, food, symbols. Our culture. They stripped us of our identity. My grandmother could not even sing Estonian folk songs to my mother. Do you know what that does to people?"

    "I couldn't even imagine" says Ace, looking at the American flag pin on his leather jacket.

    "It made us stronger. They wanted to take our flag - we held on to it tighter. They wanted to take our songs and we sang them louder. On the 23rd of August 1989, we did just that. Two million of us formed a human chain and sang. Not just in Eesti. In Latvia and Lithuania too. We showed the Soviets the Baltic way. Do you see where I'm going with this?"

    "I think so?"

    "Like this country, I've experienced setback after setback. But Estonia found a way. And I will too. So next week on Meltdown, I am going to sing. And I'll sing again at Unscripted."

    "Awesome! What song? I like Journey."

    "It's metaphorical. Knock Estonia down nine times, we get up ten. Knock The Pride of Estonia down nine times, same thing. It is what happens when you work hard and you are dedicated."

    "Hard work and dedication, huh? What's that like?"

    "You should try it."

    "Maybe one day. But we should probably do the thing first."

    Yemrez nods her head in agreement.

    Ace turns to look at the camera. Yemrez follows. The fourth wall break reveals that this isn't some candid chat at all, but instead a set-up for yet another world famous Ace Stevens promo.

    "So there you go, War Zone. Milenko. The Radioactive Clowns. That’s our game plan. Yeah, I'm funny and she ain't."

    "And I work hard while he does not."

    "Yeah! Wait. What? Yeah. We got our differences but we're putting on that united front at Meltdown. Like Jay and Bey. Or Barry O and Joey B."

    "Stig Rästa ja Elina Born!"

    "Hell yeah. So what you got? Apart from half a gallon of Faygo and the world's crappiest tattoos. We don't have to hide in some dark, stinking carnival tent. We sure as hell don't have to hide behind some old, leathery looking agent neither. Our cards are on the table. Come at us.

    Sure, we’re enemies at Unscripted. It’s no biggie. But at Meltdown, we’re a team. And we are gonna be one hell of a team. I’m talking ’98 Yankees, ’73 Knicks, Stan-time. Try and stop us, bro. You got anything to add, Ms. Unorthodox?"

    "Minu nimi on Yemrez Reqonic. Pr. Ebatraditsiooniline. Eesti uhkus. Tulevane WZCW meister. Järgmisel nädalal ma seisan koos selle mehega teie vastu. Nädal peale seda, ma olen teie kolme vastu. Mõlemal juhul ma võidan. Ma olen vallutaja. Enda nimel ja Eesti nimel. Elagu Eesti!"

    "Yeah! What she said."
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    ~Chapter 11: A Weird Alliance!~

    Some Time After Ascension 121

    Yemrez Reqonıc rested in her room after losing yet another match but this time, her so-called partner WZCW Mayhem Champion Randy Studd was pinned. No wonder she found him the actual loser of the match. Just when she was trying to calm herself and resist the desire to fight Randy Studd, a message popped up on her mobile phone.

    "At least, I've a competent partner this week", Yemrez initially thought. Tagging with someone like Randy Studd was like a confirmation of another loss. At least this time, she has someone who she could depend on. But then she realised something that upsetted her.

    "No rematch against Randy Studd!? Even when I beat the heck outta him in our previous match? Damn!", Yemrez screamed in anger. Many would claim that Randy Studd won the right way. Since it was Mayhem match, everything was legal. But Yemrez didn't accept the notion that Mayhem is above humanity. What Studd did to win Mayhem Championship was inhumane. What Studd did to defend Mayhem Championship successfully was inhumane. Yemrez thought a lot before getting calm and trying to introspect.

    "Never mind, I should move on from the bitter past now. I've two big matches coming up. First, to gain some momentum for the second match. That second match is where I could get another chance at either EurAsian Championship, Elite Openweight Championship or Mayhem Championship. Each of those mean a lot to me with Mayhem Championship being more personal than ever."

    Yemrez stood up from the chair and started walking fastly in no particular direction as the focus was mainly on thinking. About her future.

    "Beating two wrestlers like War Zone and Milenko won't be easy. I've faced War Zone before although that was in a battle royal. However, when everyone else was getting destroyed by him, I eliminated him. It was nowhere near easy. But when have I ever done easy tasks? I've always preferred hard ones. So, War Zone can be conquered. But only with sheer determination and will power. With hard work and dedication."

    Yemrez left her room and then went on to the balcony. She covered her face with the hoodie so as to avoid any type of identification. She didn't stop talking to herself though.

    "That's enough for a rookie like War Zone. Who's more about fantasy than reality. Can't blame him though. His programming limits his thinking ability. And now onto Milenko. All I know about him is that he likes to be creepy and is a former Mayhem Champion. Also, that former Elite Openweight Champion Batti Otaku just defeated him. If Batti can defeat him, I can defeat him too. It's not like there's someone that can't be defeated in this company. Be it our so-called World Champion Justin Cooper. Or EurAsian Champion Titus Avison. Or [IElite Openweight Champion Callie Clark[/I]. And most preferably Mayhem Champion Randy Studd. Just like those, a former Mayhem Champion Milenko can be conquered by me. Again by the same determination and will power. Hard work and dedication as well. But this time, team work will also play a vital role. For that, I do need to contact Ace Stevens. As soon as possible!"

    Yemrez got Ace Stevens' number easily and then decided to call him. But she wasn't sure about where to meet. After a while, a perfect place was decided.

    "Hello, Ace Stevens!?"


    "Aha. Sorry. Wrong number, I guess."


    Ace's loud statement makes Yemrez somwhat restless.

    "Yeah, that's same as Ace Stevens."

    "No! It isn't, DAMMIT!"

    "Um, okay. Look, I'm Yemrez Reqonıc and as you already know, we both are teaming up against War Zone and Milenko at Meltdown 145."

    "Aha! You the chick from Estonia, right?"


    "The same with bunch of tattoos all over the body!?"

    "Ugh. Yes."

    Patience level getting low for Yemrez.

    "Getting a call from a girl is always nice. How about we become friends?"

    "Um. May be in future. But for now, I want to invite you to Paks Margareeta in Tallinn, Estonia to meet and strategise the plan for our upcoming match."

    Ace gets confused and doesn't hesitate to try to clear it.

    "What's that? I've never heard about it!"

    "It's a prestigious Estonian landmark. This way, you can also witness some real beautiful scenic views while we discuss our strategy."

    "That's not what I thought. Still, I will surely visit and meet you!"

    "I hope that you don't mind visiting my lovely country Estonia!"

    "I never mind in girl's matter!"

    "Aha. Meet you soon, Take care!"

    And Yemrez cuts the call while Ace was thinking about initiating some flirting with her. Yemrez seemed somewhat content. Not too much as a lot of that depended on the inevitable meeting of the partners. But still, beginning looked good enough. And the end could be blissful. That's what Yemrez hoped.

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