MD 144 - Vis Imperium (Cooper & Keaton) versus Kagura & Eve Taylor

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    RP Deadline Monday 2nd October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    ---- Part 2 -----

    The Remarkable 80’s Bar and Grill -
    Toronto Ontario Canada
    8:35 PM.
    Partly cloudy, winds coming in from the north, chances of rain for Friday. ​

    The bar was hopping for a Thursday Night. The newly opened 80’s bar was a smash hit in downtown Toronto as the dance floor was crowded with attractive females dancing to the live band doing their best imitation of Poison. Over near the large window facing the street, two of the main stars of this RP sat, already with half a dozen beers killed each. Remarkable Mark Keaton slammed the empty beer bottle down on the table and wiped off his mouth.

    “This is boring dude. One of us should start a little trouble with these cocky looking goofballs running around here, stealing all my women. When I say-One of us- that means you, meatball.” Mark raised a finger to a passing waitress and she gave him another beer.

    Big Bad Roady smirked and took a long swig of his beer, “Well, what do ya think? How about dat guy by the bar?”

    The guy they referred to was impatiently waving at the bartender, who ignored him. He was dressed in a very obnoxious 70’s costume.

    “Nah,” Mark nearly yawned, “I was thinking you could punch that guy instead.”

    Mark pointed his half full beer bottle at a young, cocky jock wearing a football jacket with the team logo on the back. He was loudly making jokes to his friends and showing off for the ladies at nearby tables.

    “Burp! Ya. I could picture me punching him pretty hard.” BigRoad grabbed a chicken wing off of his plate and slurped the meat right off of the bone in one motion. He chewed for awhile then threw the bone on the plate. He reached for another one when Mark grabbed his wrist.

    “Shit! Shit, shit, shit. Don’t move a muscle. The Bitch is here!” Mark pretended to scratch his temple and looked towards the window. BigRoad was confused and tried to act natural, he picked up the plate and emptied the chicken bones off of it and covered the side of his face with the empty plate.

    Maria “The Bitch” Toscano made her way through the crowds from the entrance. She stood on the lip of the step that drops to the dance floor and scanned the crowds that surrounded the large area. Oh, I forgot to show you what she looked like….


    ….scary right? Anyway, she spotted Mark’s hair and Big Bad Roady’s terrible attempt at not being noticed and made a direct line of marching towards them. Maria ‘The Bitch” Toscano is the owner of the Grand Prix Wrestling League. The little talked about farm leagues for WZCW. The place where wrestlers dream to make it to the dark matches before the main shows start. Every once in awhile, one of the farm league talents get the attention of Mr. Banks and he will scout them for a possible opportunity to crack the main roster of WZCW. It hasn’t happened yet, but someday it just might.

    “I thought I might find you two here, drinking and wasting your goddamn lives away. It must be nice to make all that goddamn money and just piss it to the fucking wind.” Maria shooed Mark over in his booth and sat down next to him. She gave BigRoad a slight smile and the denim clad giant slowly lowered his plate.

    “You were right Mark, dis plate is dirty. Should get the waitress to get another one eh?”

    “Good one BigRoad,” Mark said dryly as he turned towards Maria,”and what do we owe the pleasure this evening Mrs. Toscano?”

    “I came here to make a goddamn offer to this walking truck sitting across from us. We have a dark match opening before Meltdown in the next set of shows and I want this goddamn denim wearing fuckface to take on our reigning Grand Prix Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion, Ghig The Barbarian.”

    Big Bad Roadies eyes lit right up and Maria had his full attention. Mark gulped, afraid of this moment coming, but he didn’t want it to come so soon.

    “Well, Ghig is hardly a worthy opponent Mrs. Bitch. BigRoad is 457 pounds, Ghig is 180 pounds soaking wet and has zero muscles. I don’t even know how you let the guy wrestle for your company, let alone give the dude the belt. If you call that weight belt with foil on it a championship belt to begin with. Ha ha ha! Ain’t that right big man?” Mark took a drink and stared a dagger at his Roadie/bodyguard giant.

    “Well Boss, I wouldn’t mind gettin’ a little exercise in for a change. I am startin a new diet.” BigRoad had trouble making eye contact with RMK, Maria seemed delighted with the reply.

    “It’s an opportunity to show the goddamn people that are taking their seats what kind of damage a monster like you can do in the ring. Plus, I want Ghig in the hospital for awhile so I can put the belt on Nester T. Houston. This big Texan sum bitch that’s been tearing it up lately. I reckon you’ll squash that goddamn Barbarian in about one or two minutes, barely work up a sweat!”

    Big Bad Roady opened his mouth to speak but Mark cut him off at the pass by holding his hand up,“Listen Maria. I’m sorry you had to waste your time by coming to this bar in Toronto just to pitch a dark match for BigRoad. But the answer is no. I need the big man focused as my bodyguard at the next set of shows as I’m tagging with the WZCW Heavyweight Champion Justin Cooper. Cooper and Keaton rides again baby! Ya! We’re taking on Kagura and Eve Taylor, a stiff challenge but one we can overcome. We took out The Phantoms of Chaos together so Kagura and Eve better watch out for us!”

    “But Mark….” BigRoad began to protest but Mark slammed the table with his fist.

    “LISTEN! By being my bodyguard slash roadie, you’ve agreed to become a member of Vis Imperium at the same time. When you become a member of V.I you have to make sacrifices. Don’t you think I’d rather be working out, maybe getting my abs in perfect shape for my tag team match? No! I have to make an appearance here at The Remarkable 80’s Bar and Grill because Vis Imperium pays the building taxes, the building permits, the electricity and whatever else. They own everything man! My big mansion just outside this amazing city, did you think I actually saved up my pennies, took all my empties back to the recycling plant to buy that place? Dude! The answer is NO! Stop making a yes motion with your head! You are making a sacrifice right now, in the name of Vis Imperium, by turning down that dark match so you can focus on being in my corner and supporting RMK instead.”

    Big Bad Roady grabbed a beer and downed it in one gulp.

    “That’s the biggest load of goddamn horseshit I’ve ever heard Big Fat Roady. If you were in Grand Prix Wrestling League I’d make you the Heavyweight Champion on your first goddamn day! Hell, I’d have you cut an interview and place the belt on you before the interview was over! Fuck sakes, don’t listen to this dogshit that Mark’s throwing at you. Come wrestle in the farm leagues and you’ll be an instant star! We’d have to change that goddamn name though, maybe somethin like Fat Face Bald Borris or something.”

    “Bah, sorry Mrs. Bitch. Like Mark said earlier, I’m Vis Imperium now. The best stable the wrestling world has ever friggin known. I’ll be watching The Boss’s match from outside the ring, making sure he ain’t gettin cheated by those no good cheaters Eve and Kagura. You can bet on that!”

    “Say that again meatball!”


    BigRoad’s bear scream startled the entire club, the music stopped and some people fell on the floor. Maria “The Bitch” Toscano put her fake eyelashes back on her eyes then stood up.

    “Perhaps some other goddamn time then.” She said then hurried away, eventually finding her way out of the club.

    “Don’t bet on that!” Mark tried to roar like BigRoad, he laughed and took a drink of his beer.

    Big Bad Roady smiled, but behind his smile there was contempt.

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    Sweet, sweet victory;
    Like the apple from Eden.
    It tastes so fruitless.

    Another victory in the books for the formerly Fabulous one. Another victory that gets forgotten in the end. This victory for Eve Taylor over Logan McAllister and Callie Clark in a tag team match served little purpose. Certainly, it did not feel that way after Eve had won when the adrenaline wore off and the figurative dust had settled. Yes, Eve got the pinfall to defeat her opponents. Yes, she celebrated in the ring with her tag team partner, Lynx. And yes, Miss Taylor began a new run of momentum for herself to show everyone that she would not go away quietly after her recent failures. Great. A vindicating moment. This is what someone in Eve's position would normally crave after suffering such great loss... but the thing about moments is that they only last for a moment. As quickly as it comes around, the moment fades away just as quickly and life continues as it were. You have the memory to access for later, but the feeling you have in that short period of time is a one-time experience. No matter how much you try to recapture that feeling, you'll always end up chasing it. In a way, those moments are like a drug. Unfortunately for Eve Taylor, she was a recovering drug addict.

    A moment like this is what Eve would previously look for: a way to get herself back into the fray. It was something she thrived to thrust herself back into the limelight. Take for example her loss against Flex Mussel. Immediately after, she faced Callie Clark in the first round of the Gold Rush tournament, and she pushed herself to the limit to defeat her. This would start her comeback after a devastating loss. However, after experiencing moments of loss in big matches time and time again, Eve had begun to grow numb to bouncing back, and the feelings associated with proving to yourself that you still mattered. Whatever feelings that normally pulsated through her body became subjected to Eve going through the motions. It was something Eve had done before, and something she did not care for any more. When Eve stood out in the ring celebrating with Lynx in her victory of the main event of Ascension to get back on track, and relish in the moment... she felt nothing. In fact, the celebrations she had in the ring were false: it was more for the fans, and for her partner, than anyone else. She wanted to show everyone she was still excited to wrestle for WZCW, and prove herself to the world. Furthermore, this feeling of nothingness was proven correct when the show promptly ended following her victory in the main event. The pinfall happened. The crowd cheered. The winners celebrated. The losers sulked. The commentators provided some final thoughts and the director called it a wrap. After her victory, there was nothing. After her victory, she felt nothing.

    This feeling of dissatisfaction should change however, considering her next match is quite important. Whilst it was another tag team match, she has been scheduled to partner up with the 'Queen for a Day' Kagura to take on the former World Tag Team champions and members of the illustrious Vis Imperium, Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper. That's right. THE Justin Cooper. THE current World Heavyweight champion of the company. THE man who held THE championship she had so desperately attempted to attain. This was a championship Eve had salivated over; dreamed about every day. She wanted it. She needed it. This obsession Miss Taylor caused many successive failures in capturing the championship, let alone getting into a position to challenge for it in a title match. Almost four years since Eve Taylor has been in the game and the closest she got to being involved in a World title match was in the Lethal Lottery match when Matt Tastic won the title in the actual match. Pondering over these facts upset Eve greatly in the past. Today, those feelings of sorrow and self-pity were also numb. Knowing that Eve would get so close to the World champion in this upcoming tag team match did not muster any excitement from Eve. Miss Taylor simply saw this potential golden opportunity to pin the World champion as just another tag team match.

    Why? Well, previously, Eve would look beyond the match in front of her, and assume the outcome. She would peer into the future as if she was staring intently inside a crystal ball, and she would foresee the fame and fortune being bestowed upon her. The conclusion was forgone. Every major match would end in her own victory was what she foretold. Yet, that never happened. Instead of peering through a crystal ball, she was merely looking back at herself in the mirror with the image she wished she would see. Instead of proactively going out to the ring to achieve her dreams, she merely dreamed of the achievements she could accomplished. This was an attitude she needed to change and this tag team match with Vis Imperium was the perfect place to test it: less dreaming, more redeeming. It was time to go out there, wrestle the bloody match, and simply focus on the present. Not the future. As far as Eve was concerned, the future was now of less importance than her own past, one she had been attempting to distance herself for many years. Eve would not force the future. She would wait for it to occur naturally. Her rise to the World championship would be organic, unlike some of the title reigns that have occurred over the years WZCW has been active.

    This is one reason why Eve Taylor is now glad she did not compete in the King for a Day elimination chamber match at the 10th Anniversary show, despite doing her best to qualify for the actual match. Carrying around such weight and power to pick a future date by yourself to become champion was the definition of an inorganic champion. The most advantageous use of the briefcase solidified a forced destiny. It was almost a foregone conclusion. This is exactly what Eve wanted to avoid. She wanted to earn the opportunity to challenge for the title and fight the champion in a fair singles encounter whereby the better competitor would walk out champion. Kagura can be gifted this opportunity. Eve did not care for this. If Kagura was happy with this accomplishment, then Eve would be happy for her, too. Should Kagura beat Eve to become the first-ever female World champion, the feeling would not change: Eve would celebrate alongside Kagura for such an accomplishment. As much as it would pain Eve to think about another female reaching the top before her, Eve now realised she was given enough times to complete that feat. It is time for someone else to rise to the occasion whilst she began rebuilding herself. She would be in support of Kagura, just like she will be there for their tag team match. This would be in spite of all their battles they've had in the past.

    Indeed, Kagura and Eve were no strangers to each other. Many times over the course of history, these two women had thrown everything at each other. House shows. Meltdown. Ascension. On Pay-Per-View. Kagura and Eve competed in the only female champion vs. female champion in WZCW history. They've competed for championship opportunity. Despite every occasion Eve walking out the victor, it seems as if at this point in time that Kagura was ahead of the curve. She was seen as the better half of the two. Eve had won many a battle, but in the chase for the World title, Kagura was pulling ahead in this war. She was the better woman. She was beginning her momentum towards the title. Eve had to step back and let her take the leap. She wanted to see Kagura get better. She wanted to see one of her rivals to up her game and step up in competition because that would force Eve to get better as well. Eve had a feeling that, as long as WZCW stayed active and Kagura was still wrestling, they would have many battles still to come in the future. With the briefcase by Kagura's side, Eve hoped she would win the title, and the two could fight. Woman-to-woman. Competing for the greatest prize in the industry in a match first of its kind. Two women for the World championship.

    You're daydreaming again, Eve reminded herself. Focus, Eve, on the task at hand.

    Kagura was not the World champion. That championship still belonged draped on the shoulder of Justin Cooper, leader of the Vis Imperium stable that mostly contributed to the corrupted and poisoned state of WZCW. Without help from his boss and allies, Cooper was a tough individual, to his credit. Eve has yet to figure out how to defeat him. That victory has alluded her. The only victory that made the fruit of her labours taste sweet. Yet, the tag team partner that helped Cooper become the star he is today, Mark Keaton, was one she could always defeat. Polar opposites from the other, if you will. This would be a very interesting fight for Eve. She had faced them in singles competition, but never as a tag team. Former tag team champions at that, with Keaton being the final champion.

    Eve was no stranger to tag team champions. She had faced tag teams in the past with a strange bedfellow before. She had taken her former stablemates and potentially greatest tag team of all time, Flex Mussel and Ramparte, to the limit with someone like elegANT, when Cerberus were still the champs. Why should teaming with Kagura be no different in taking on Cooper and Keaton? In fact, this would be even better. Cooper and Keaton are not the team that Flex Mussel and Ramparte were, and elegANT was not the World title contender that Kagura is currently... and this was all before Eve Taylor was the longest reigning Elite champion of all time. Sure, Flex or Ramparte weren't the World champion with the boss in their back pocket, but realistically, this was a match Eve had wrestled before and performed well. She did not see any reason as to why Eve would simply lose outright. On the same token, though, there was not any reason she could muster which guaranteed her victory. As long as she fought, and she fought hard, she stood a chance. All she had to do was get along with Kagura in the ring, and be a team player.

    This match involved Eve Taylor, but Eve Taylor was not the biggest name in the match. She was not the focus. This was the hardest pill to swallow. For once, Eve Taylor was not the person in the match to watch, unlike the previous week. This week, the name of Eve Taylor was on the lowest pedestal. Justin Cooper the World champion. Mark Keaton of Vis Imperium. Kagura the Queen for the Day. And Eve Taylor... the choke artist? This realisation explained to Eve that she was not the person to shine in this match. It was time for Kagura to shine. She needed this opportunity more than Eve. Kagura is the competitor who needs to show the world that she can pin the World champion in this match, and gain the momentum, and the confidence, to destroy the world of Justin Cooper by taking his title away. Kagura needed to be the dominant force and dismantle Vis Imperium in this match. She needed to crush their fighting spirit, much like she had done to other competitors in the past. Eve simply needed to be the reliable partner for Kagura and help her achieve her goal. Eve had to do everything in her power for her team to get the win, and make sure Kagura would be the one to secure it. Maybe get a move or two in, but she needed to give Kagura this. Eve had to step out of the spotlight and move over for Kagura.

    As much as Eve always wanted the spotlight and having all eyes on her, the darkness she was forced to become apart of was starting to feel a little less frightening than once previously thought. Being cast in nothing by shadow and pitch black felt like a welcome change. No-one can see what you were doing in here unless they were close. The people did not really stare at you intently, and had to really search to find you; to care for you. Right now in the wrestling world, the name of Eve Taylor was not something most people were interested in, so naturally, the darkness was a perfect fit. The best place to rethink her plans. So, when Eve was ready, she could jump back into the spotlight, and take the mantle she always wanted. Some might consider this defeat or fleeing from the battlefield. That may be true. Time will tell if this starts the beginning of the end for Eve Taylor. Right now, Eve saw it as a new and fresh opportunity to begin her ascent again. A win in this tag team match would help that cause and continue upon the momentum she received from her victory in the last tag team match.

    So that is all Eve focused on. Victory. She did not care for her surroundings. She did not wonder what she was doing at this current moment. In fact, Eve did not know what was happening. Despite turning her head around, blinking and attempting to gather information about the physical environment, Eve was blind to everything. Only her thoughts existed in this current moment. No descriptions were available. Was she in her hotel room? Was she out shopping? Was she in a bar with Selena Anderson watching her drink copious amounts of alcohol again? Eve did not know and she did not care. Because she was focused on this match. Focused on getting her thoughts together. Focused on getting herself back together. To bring back the Eve Taylor who was feared and revered.

    Eve had been kicked out of the Garden of Eden for trying to take a bite of the sweetest apple - by chasing the World championship - but this Eve was not going to wander lifelessly on the outside. Eve would find a way back into the Garden, take that apple, and throw her middle finger to the sky. Her destiny was the World championship but for right now, her destiny was to kick the arse of the World champion.

    'Twas the wrong apple.
    My Icarus reach too far.
    That sweet taste still waits.
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    The air is still, and the sound of silence fills the air. All is calm. The room is dark. There is no one here. Suddenly a door opens. A hand wearily reaches for the switch on the wall. A click. Light bathes the room in a soft warm glow. But there is nothing warm about this new presence. The temperature of the room drops a few degrees, practically bending to the will of figure in the doorway. As if her glance could produce ice as cold as the feelings felt by her heart. An angry silhouette with a face flushed with frustration and embarrassment. The door slams shut. The air becomes thick, as cold mist escapes from the refrigerator. Vodka. The bottle is placed onto a table and opened. The occupant doesn’t even bother with a glass and takes a sip straight from the source. A sigh breaks the silence. The temperature returns to normal. She is calm.



    It wasn’t an easy life having to travel all the time. Spending days or even weeks away from your loved ones. She hated that part of this job. Not only that, but she really didn’t have any friends. Or allies. At least not anymore. Sasuke was entering rehab. Derrick was still in Japan. She was alone. In a foreign place. In a foreign land. She barely spoke the native language. The only way she could really communicate with another person was by using her fists. In the ring. That was the only place where she could express herself. Her true feelings. Looking over her shoulder she spots the briefcase guaranteeing her a contract to challenge for any championship in the company. The champions all walked on eggshells. Or so she thought. She could read their body language. Or at least she tried. Their words? They didn’t matter. Their actions? Petty. Their struggles? Pathetic. They must have thought she was an idiot. Uncultured. They were wrong. She took another sip of alcohol. The liquid burning her throat like lava. Did they all just suddenly forget what had happened these past two years? She firmly places the bottle onto the table and begins to organize her thoughts.

    ‘People must think that I’m a joke. Have they not been paying attention to me at all? It’s frustrating that people still think so little of me. Even after winning that briefcase which guarantees me a title shot of my choice, against any opponent. I could get rough with Randy Studd and fight for the Mayhem title. I could teach Callie Clark that’s she’s still just a little fish, and take the Elite Openweight title for myself once more. Or I could challenge Titus to a rematch for the Eurasian title, and right that awful blemish on my record. But no, everyone that has paid attention to me at all knows that I’m gunning for the biggest prize in the company, the world title. I hear what people say. Even though I can’t speak English all that well, I understand far more than I let on. And some things I hear piss me off. “Kagura is too timid, Kagura is too kind, Kagura is too naïve to ever be a world champion.” Others have called me a disgrace. Some still think that I’m a novelty act. And those that do support me seem to think poorly in my ability to win. Why…is it because of my poor track record? None of that matters anymore. I silenced them all. Really, I did. The only people talking trash now are the people that don’t want to see me succeed knowing that I probably will, because then they’d have to admit they were wrong about me. Wrong from the start. “Kagura needs to be more aggressive, Kagura needs to take the initiative, Kagura needs to grow a backbone." Really? Do none of you remember what I did to Ramparte last year? Or to my old manager? It’s no secret. The story is out. I am a terrible person that did terrible things. That’s what people should be saying about me. And yet no one hardly ever talks about it. About how dangerous I can be. And that’s a mistake. That’s what has me frustrated. To many I’m still that sweet, innocent girl that captivated the hearts of many with my exotic charm. Those people didn’t understand me then. And they sure as Hell don’t understand me now. On the outside, I just sit and smile at all the people and their snarky comments. I might be a foreigner to this country, but I am not foreign to the ways of combat. No. On the inside, I am just bidding my time until I can make my move. And when I win, I won’t gloat. I won’t say “I told you so.” I won’t let my ego get the best of me like some others have. I have morals. And values. And above all else, I still have my honor. That’s why I haven’t made my move just yet. I had a golden opportunity to take the title from Justin Cooper last week, during a moment of weakness, but I chose not to. I’m fighting for the type of gratification that a cheap win will simply not bring. I felt shame in a few of my past decisions, but I haven’t forgotten anything about the past two years. I remember the entire journey. Those that want to ignore all the hardships that I went through. The pain that I endured. How I struggled, clawed, and fought my way through countless obstacles. They can look at me while I look at them from the top of the mountain. I’ll hold that world title high above my head. I won’t have to say a single word.’


    The bottle of vodka falls to the floor. The liquid gushes out and begins to soak into the carpet. Kagura doesn’t care. She lays her head onto the cold desk. The hotel room is cramped and stuffy. She had been in the hotel lobby reviewing some footage from her last match against Wren. Some of the comments made by Cat Connors and Jack Cohen had irked her. But theirs weren’t the first. Ever since she had won the briefcase she had been hearing just how unworthy she was. “Eve Taylor should have won. Batti Otaku was robbed. Flex deserved a rematch.” She slams her fist down on the table in irritation.

    'I won. They didn’t. Eve Taylor is a formidable opponent. We have fought many times. Batti and I haven’t gone to war, yet. But I have a feeling that we might. Soon. Many fans still question my ability, and those think that this victory was a fluke. It wasn’t. I have another match coming up soon. This time a tag match against Vis Imperium. And who better to be my partner than my old nemesis, Eve Taylor? Seriously. I’d rather have her in my corner than against it. We were both chasing the same dream, and I was determined to get to the top of the mountain first. Of course, we had different reasons for wanting to climb that peak. Eve had an image to uphold. I wasn’t that vain. I don’t care about labels. I wanted this for myself. Just to see how far I could go. But, I suppose that particular trait makes us the same. We’ve both had to listen to people repeatedly tell us, “you can’t do that. You’ll never succeed.” I respect that. And I might be one of the few that doesn’t see Eve as a choke artist. Like me, she just needs one opportunity to turn a small wave into a tsunami. This is it. Our opportunity. Vis Imperium is hurting. Their morale is down. Justin Cooper, formidable champion he may be, is losing allies by the day. I’ll sit on the sidelines, watching him like a lioness stalking my prey. Waiting for him to make a mistake. The crazy thing is, he probably doesn’t even sweat me. Why would he, with a hall of famer breathing down his back. It was plausible that Cooper might not even be the champion for much longer. All eyes were glued to that feud. I was forgotten. So much so that people seemed to have no memory on how much I have changed. I’m sure Eve understands. I know Mark Keaton does, considering how many times I have defeated him in recent past. On Meltdown, I’ll send the message loud and clear. Forget me if you dare. It will cost you. Justin Cooper. Constantine. I am tired of being treated like a shadow in this company. “More aggression,” they say. “No mercy,” they say. Sure. Just don’t be surprised. Don’t ask, “where did THIS side of Kagura come from?” That feral nature of mine, it has been there all along. You all saw a glimpse of it at the Anniversary show. And now I plan to take it to an even higher level. This ferocious side of mine. This deep hunger driven by the desire to be the best that I can be, needs to be fulfilled. Get ready. I know that you aren’t. Justin. Mark. This is going to be your only warning.’




    A change is coming to WZCW. Very soon.
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