MD 144 - Titus versus Tony Mancini [Eurasian Championship]

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    RP Deadline Monday 2nd October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline is extended by 24 hours.
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    The camera turns on and we see the outside of Tony's house. As it gets closer we can hear Tony screaming from inside the house.

    Tony: Damnit Xaitlyn, I know I messed up last week in that triple threat match! I know I can't let anything like that happen against Titus! I know everything you're gonna say because you've said it all before, it's all you've said since Keystone.

    The cameraman slowly opens the front door and walks into the kitchen to see Xaitlyn standing stoically across the table from Tony, who himself is sitting down glaring at Xaitlyn.

    Xaitlyn: I keep saying it because you do not seem to be listening. Titus is not to be taken lightly. You took Ace Stevens lightly and he beat you.

    Before she can say anything else Tony slams his fists down on the table and practically flings his chair behind him as he jumps to his feet.

    Tony: I can't take this crap. Back in San Jose when Gino said we should go out to unwind you said no and since then it's been non stop with the training. I'm all for being prepared but sometimes people need to unwind otherwise they snap.

    Before Xaitlyn can respond Tony storms out of the house and slams the front door behind him. He spends the next ten minutes or so wandering aimlessly around Yonkers until he decides to call Gino down in the city.

    Gino (over the phone): About time you tried getting ahold of me asshole. I haven't seen or heard from you since you chose that snake chick over your best friend back in San Jose. Did you call for a reason?

    Tony: I called for a couple reasons. The first was to apologize for not calling you sooner. Xaitlyn has been running me ragged with what she calls training for my Eurasian Championship match against Titus coming up. I call it a waste of time and a giant headache.

    Tony stops for a bit and leans against a tree as he watches cars drive by. As he listens to his friend talk he waves at a few people he knows as they walk by him on the sidewalk.

    Gino: At least we can agree on that last part. You said there was a couple reasons, what's the second?

    Tony: I do want to prepare for Titus. I'd be stupid not to. I just want to do it my way, a way that may actually beat him. To help with that you wouldn't know of any underground fights going on down in the city tonight would you?

    Tony hears nothing but breathing for a few minutes while Gino thinks about it.

    Gino: Yeah I think so, just let me make some phone calls. Come pick me up and I'll take you where we need to go.

    Tony: All right man I'll be there as soon as I can.

    Without waiting for an answer he hangs up his phone and puts it in his pocket as he walks back to his house and gets in his car as the camera fades to white.

    ****3 hours later****

    The camera comes back into focus as Tony pulls up in front of Gino's apartment and honks the horn to get his attention. After a minute or so Gino comes out and hops into the passenger seat.

    Tony:Jeez Gino I thought I was gonna have to come in and find you.

    Gino: Shut it and drive Ton'. I called a guy I know who sets these fights up down at the Port so he's expecting us.

    Grinning at Gino Tony pulls into traffic and drives towards the Port of NY as he and Gino talk and joke around like they used to. It takes them a half hour to get there and by the time they do the conversation gets around to the fight Tony is about to take part in.

    Gino: You do have a plan right Ton'? I've been to a few of these fights before and these guys look like they could chew on coal and spit out diamonds.

    Tony: Yeah Gino I have a plan. My plan is to go in there win whatever fight they've got for me and then go beat Titus and become the first new Eurasian Champion since Kingdom Come VII.

    When Gino looks like he's going to say something Tony puts his hand up to stop him.

    Tony: Before you call me a ****** let me tell you something. People have tried everything to beat Titus for that belt he has. Vee A.D.Z. is one of the smartest people I've ever met but his intelligence wasn't enough to get the job done. Wren and her technical prowess in that ring came closer than anyone but she failed too. Hell you remember the Lethal Lottery, even superior numbers weren't enough to beat him. But since becoming #1 contender I've thought long and hard and I realized something. There's only one singles division that no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't dominate like he has all the others. That's the Mayhem division.

    Gino nods his head as he tells Tony to park the car behind an abandoned warehouse.

    Gino: That's awesome Ton' but I see two glaring problems with that. The first is that Titus is a Hollow One now. He's buddy buddy with the king of Mayhem, one Tyrone Blades so I'm sure he'll learn a thing or two real quick. The second problem is that this isn't a Mayhem Rules match. If you're not careful you'll get disqualified and you won't become champion.

    Tony: I'm aware of both of those things Gino but over the years we've learned that there are many ways to skirt the rules and cause maximum mayhem.

    Tony turns off the engine and tosses Gino the keys as they both get out of the car. The walk up to the door as Gino talks to the bouncer at the door, who eyes Tony up and down as he listens. When Gino is done the bouncer opens the door and steps aside as Gino and Tony walk past him.

    Once the get inside they are immediately met with a lot of noise and hundreds of people placing bets on the fights. Gino ignores them and goes right to a guy with flame red hair and burn scars all over his arms.

    Gino: Hey Pete do you have any spots left open? My friend Tony here wants to get in on a fight.

    Pyro Pete: Hey Gino, good to see you man. It just so happens some punk kid ducked out of a fight when he saw his opponent. If your friend wants it he can have it. I gotta warn you though Gino this guy has been here every time I've set up a fight for over a year and he's never lost. Your friend is gonna have a tough time walking out of this in one piece

    Tony looks around and sees a man standing in the middle of the giant circle of people and he blinks in disbelief. He always thought of himself as a fit and muscular man but this guy had the look of someone who bench-presses army tanks in between rounds of steroids.

    Cage from Lucha Underground for anyone who's wondering.

    Gino notices what Tony is looking at and although he winces slightly he looks back at Pete and shakes his hand.

    Pyro Pete: Thing is Gino that fight starts now so he needs to get in there before people start to get even more pissed than they are already.

    Hearing this Tony takes his shirt off and everything out of his pockets before handing it all to Gino and pushes his way past people so he can get in the circle. As soon as his opponent sees him he starts circling and everyone starts screaming and placing new bets. Tony looks for an opening but before he can find one the guy closes the distance between them and throws a right hook that lands directly on his ribs, making him gasp in pain.

    Tony (To Himself): Son of a...I guess they're still bruised from the Battle Royal the other week. I can't let that happen again.

    As if he can read Tony's mind Gino starts yelling at him from somewhere behind him.


    Narrowing his eyes Tony moves forward as he throws jabs, which cause his opponent to go on the defensive. He reaches the edge of the circle and trips over the feet of the people standing there, giving Tony an opening to land as solid left to the guy's nose.


    As he feels the cartilage and bone give way underneath his fist something in his brain clicks on and all Tony sees is red. He doesn't let up as he lands body shot after body shot, not even feeling the blows his opponent lands in return.


    Tony backs up and blocks a flurry of punches that are tinged with desperation. When he sees another opening he throws a thunderous right hook to the guy's temple causing him to stumble and lose focus. Tony sees his chance to end the fight and lands a stiff kick right to the kidney of his opponent. As his opponent involuntarily grabs his side Tony lands one final hook to the temple and watches in satisfaction as the guy's eyes roll back in his head and he falls to the floor.

    He looks down at the unconscious body and lands one last kick to the face before turning around and raising his arms in victory. He looks around for Gino and sees him talking to Pete when all of a sudden he gets blasted from behind. As the person lands kick after kick to his already bruised ribs, kidneys and spine he looks up and sees that it's a petite Asian woman doing all this damage. After a kick that causes his own nose to gush blood she finally stops and walks away as the few people who bet on him to win go to collect and the rest just walk away. He sees a hand through blood soaked eyes and goes to grab it. When he sees it's Gino Tony jumps to his feet and grabs him by the throat.

    Tony: What the hell was that Gino. I see you talking to Pete when all of a sudden I get ambushed from behind by some Asian chick? If this was a set up to get back at me we're gonna have some serious issues.

    He gives Gino's throat a hard squeeze to emphasize his point until he's only able to say a single name as his face turns beet red.


    Tony looks at Gino and lets go of his throat as Gino falls to a knee and coughs before he gets back up and explains what happened.

    Gino (with a slightly raspy voice): Kagura is Queen for a Day man. Once you become Eurasian Champion you'll have a huge target on your back. She can challenge for any title and who's to say she doesn't have her eyes on the Eurasian title still?

    Tony takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes to calm down and when he opens them he grabs the towel offered by Gino and starts to mop up the blood that's all over his face and hands.

    Tony: I understand that Gino but right now I need to concentrate 100% on Titus. If I split my concentration there's no way I'll beat someone as good as he is.

    Tony tosses the bloody towel on the floor as Gino nods his head. They walk to the door as they continue to talk strategy. As they walk outside the camera pans over to the shadows where we see Xaitlyn sadly shaking her head as the camera fades to black.
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    “Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus”

    2 Corinthians chapter 7 verse 6. King James Version.


    Titus is shown on screen, he looks exhausted yet content. He is inside but you can see a window behind him and it's a dark gloomy night in Cleveland, Ohio. Knock, knock echoes round the corridors. Knock, knock again and a grunt of a voice is heard. The door opens it is Mr. Jones.

    Jones: About time, get the fuck in.

    The EurAsian champion steps into the room, in the middle is a table with three seats. On the table are three whiskey's and sat is the Hall of Famer himself. Tyrone Blades.

    Titus: Hey buddy! What's up?

    Blades' look says it all. He points to the seat and kicks it back. Titus sits down and pulls his seat up.

    Titus: What the f..

    Tyrone: This isn't you.

    Titus looks puzzled, he picks up his glass and drinks some of the whiskey. He pours some more from the bottle of MacCutcheon's. Jones steps forward and spins his chair round so he's sat on it with the back facing the chair.

    Jones: He's right you know.

    Jones nods to Blades and Blades continues.

    Tyrone: I get the reasons why you wanted to join us but if I'm going to have you with me it's Titus Avison NOT Titus. You don't swear and for fuck sake you're not that happy go lucky hero we saw you trying to be last week. We work well, but shit I need the real you.

    Titus: The real me eh?

    Tyrone: Yes! Fucking hell! Will the fake you extend your 666 day reign?

    Titus: 678, actually!

    Tyrone: Ha! Knew it, it's there the Titus Avison. Let's see him or you'll struggle against Mancini.

    Titus: Says you! You're going to struggle against Batti. Didn't you two get it on?

    Tyrone: The focus is Mancini. What pushes your buttons against him?

    Titus: Well he kinda is a bit of a try hard isn't he?

    Tyrone: That's it, the great Titus Avison thinks Anthony Mancini is a try hard. Call the match off now. What makes you tick with him?

    Titus: That bloody hat.

    Tyrone: A hat?!

    Blade stands up and pokes Titus in the chest. Jones looks pissed thinking a fight will break out. Avison stands up looks at Blades in the eye. Downs a whiskey.

    Titus: Where do I start?! For as long as he's been in this company, I've been the EurAsian champion. The man from New York has tried for almost two years and he's failed at every single hurdle. By the time I'd been here for two years legends were written about me. For him? Nothing!

    Jones: Tell me legends about Mancini!

    Blades laughs and sits down. Titus stands, although has had two whiskey's already, and continues.

    Titus: Did you hear the legend of the man who always wanted to be a wrestler? The time when the FBI turned up to the hallowed WZCW HQ and told Banks not to hire him because he was under investigation? That was for arson and murder! You all remember Agent Henderson who said he'd stick around in WZCW to keep an eye on yet lasted 1 show? Yet that is but the beginning of the legend.

    Jones: Oh that fucker!

    Titus: I heard legends of a man who was from the revered Mancini family. The famous family that gave us Henry Mancini . The composer of the Pink Panther and Peter Gunn was also a well known mobster. His family expanded and on the 11th day of September 1985 he had a little boy. Anthony was his name but he was a shame to the fathers side of the family. Why? He wanted to wrestle. Yet his mother saw the potential in him. Ah his sweet mother. Come tutti i buoni mafiosi, amava la madre! Ho sentito le leggende!

    Jones and Blades continue drinking. As Jones chips in again.

    Jones: What happened to his lovely ma and pa?

    Titus: The legends say...they're deed!

    Tyrone: Surely the legends would show that he was distraught by this?

    Titus: Quite the opposite my friend! For you see they died under suspicious circumstances and well the legends say that there was an explosion. Yet that was it. A change of character? Emotion? Devastation? Using it to his advantage and rocketing up the top of the card? The legends say he didn't get any of that. In fact he relied on some help.

    Jones: That the fucker who had the pizza place?

    Tyrone: Wrong Gino Jones.

    Titus: That's right. Who in the blue hell is Gino? For most legends they have a sidekick. Batman had Robin. Han had Chewie and Titus Avison had Ty...

    Tyrone: Watch it!

    Titus: Time to think of a better sidekick. Well Mancini had Gino. The legends say they met after his fathers death. They say they were friends from childhood. They say he's disgusted at how he treated the family. They say he was in favour of Mancini breaking out the family name. He encouraged Mancini to break the law. He told Mancini to stay on the right side of the law. Are their two Gino's? Three? More? Who knows. The legends are not clear.

    Jones: Didn't he nearly beat you for the tag belts?

    Tyrone: Fuck no. Tell us that!

    Titus: Well he wanted to rise to the top of the card. I've already stated that the legends have mentioned that but legends thought what's the best way to do it? Win the tag team belts. So he looked high and low and there we had it. The best wrestlers in the company but they were all busy. Xaitlyn Serpiente was the woman of choice and the legends say they did well. They took Vis Imperium...

    Titus, Jones and Blades all spit at the mention of their name.

    Titus: To the edge, they lost but you know the best thing to do is to try again. Right? The legends said they split for his chance was the EurAsian championship. Anthony Mancini 's chance at gold. He failed. So what do the legends say next? Well my brothers he turned to the Lord!

    Jones: Is this in spite of the Bible being against his murderous background? He most know a great priest, one who's ready to come to bars and fights.

    Titus: Oh legends say that forgiveness is easier than permission. In the good book of Psalms in chapter 127 and verse 3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
    The fruit of the womb a reward.” So what was next? Why it's little baby Mancini. I've forgotten the kids name but legends will tell me if I look hard enough.

    Jones: Wait Mancini had a baby? Wow! With his background? Who the hell did he knock up? Some sort of stripper druggie?!

    Titus: Exactly! A man who has a criminal background. Investigated for murder. Works away 52 weeks of the year. Is from the worst mob family in history. Who doesn't give a shit about anything is given a child because he knocked up some hooker. Yes Social Services let him have a baby.

    Tyrone: Now now, I'm sure he looked after her.

    Titus: Oh legends said he just dumped the baby with the next door neighbour. Sadly the baby days out guess I made didn't happen but as a whole that baby sucked. The man who was emotionless when his parents died showed no emotion with a baby. So yeah the legend is long but uneventful.
    Titus laughs his trademark laugh.

    Titus: He tries so hard he's lost all sense of identity. Yes lets bring Xaitlyn as a manager, why not? Just because he can. So, Tyrone, yes you will be seeing the true Titus Avison at work. The real me. You know why?

    Tyrone: Why?

    Titus: My name is Titus Avison and I am a five time Oscar winner. I'm a former Elite X champion. I'm a former World Champion. Twice. I'm a Lethal Lottery winner. I'm a Hall of Famer and for almost 2 years I have been the EurAsian champion.

    Whilst Mancini was losing to John Doe I was beating SHIT. When he was losing to Luke Manson I was beating Dagger Theronshield. When he was losing to Titus Avison I was beating Anthony Mancini. If there was a scale of how to do well in WZCW I would be top and he would be the bottom. So legends aside, let's look at the here and now. Jones you're a betting man, would you bet against me?

    Jones: Well no, that would be stupid.

    Titus: Why do you say that?

    Jones: Your history against his. You've done it all, he hasn't. Then there's the preparation.

    Titus: Exactly. Do you not think that since Gold Rush he's thought about this match every waking moment? For him it's like preparing for World War 2. This is the biggest battle of his life. Titus, EurAsian, belts, Avison, Meltdown, match, promos, practice, Kagura, repeat. The stress continually at him, what's next when he loses? Another reinvention? Another chapter in his legend?

    Jones laughs at this and nods.

    Titus: The odds are on me. Can you see Anthony Mancini with his 'legends' taking out THE legend? Ending the greatest reign in WZCW history? He can say everything he wants but once he steps into that ring his thoughts change. He realises who the legends are about and that it's my yard not his. It will be the fight of his life but for me, it's routine.

    Tyrone: Go beat him!

    All three men stand and chink their glasses.

    Titus: With love, the Hollow ones!

    They drink.

    Titus: What about Batti?
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