MD 144 - The Beard versus Matt Tastic [Mayhem Rules]

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    RP Deadline Monday 2nd October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    The scene opens as Beard sits at a coffee shop, sipping on a macchiato. The foam absorbs into his mustache as he patiently awaits his guest. The door swings open and to Beard’s surprise it is Backstage Bob

    Backstage Bob?

    Bob is startled at a rare appearance from outside the backstage area. He stands straight as a board in hopes Beard ignores him. However Beard stands from his chair and walks over and slaps Bob on the back, almost knocking him to the ground.

    Put your order on my tab you sumbitch and join me at my table.

    Bob seems confused as he grabs his drink and heads over for his “man-date” with The Beard.

    Whatcha drinkin’ Double B?

    Pumpkin spice with a hint of foam.

    I guess Double B can stand for basic bitch as well.

    Beard bursts out laughing as Bob sits there, still confused as to what is going on.

    That was a joke Bob, laugh.

    Bob laughs nervously as Beard shakes his head at Bob’s odd actions.

    Wh-what’s going on? You seem jolly.

    I’m relatively jolly these days. I’ve had life shot back into my system and I’m on my fourth cup today.

    You’re not upset about Matt Tastic?

    Look. Matt made me look like a fool. But the majority of my career I looked like a fool. Go watch my highlight reel with The Local Talent or my tag team stint with Le Gentleman Masque or my feud with Grizz. Being a fool made me a lot of money. And I made Matt Tastic a lot of money.

    Can I say I love your stuff with TLT? You guys were the best. But how have you made Matt a lot of money?

    I don’t like to toot my own horn much. But when I left, they had no choice but to throw the belt to Matt. He was the hot act. I felt the company was doing a great injustice and that is why I left with the championship. But for some reason they overlooked all that and just went on with their day. That’s why I came back to destroy Matt. And I failed. And like I do best, I bailed.

    But it made me realize. I’m replaceable. We are all replaceable. This place will go on with or without me. With or without you. With or without Matt. We all bring something to the table, but the minute we’re gone they will have someone ready to step up and take our spot. It’s really that simple.

    That’s really deep.

    But I’m not sure Matt Tastic sees that light. He sees himself as Mr. WZCW. He sees himself as the man who makes the company work. And he thinks anyone that has done the company wrong has done him wrong.

    A fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. You know who said that Bob?

    You just did sir.

    It was my pal Willy Shakespeare. And it applies to me and Matt. I said earlier Matt made me look like a fool during our last outing. But Matt sees himself as this wise man, giving himself a rub, talking about his historical career. But not once has there ever been credit to me from Matt. It took me walking away for Matt to get the top spot.

    Matt is going down a dark road. He might not see it, you guys might not see it, but I see it. I’ve been down that road. It’s a scary, scary road and most don’t come back. Matt Tastic needs to be stopped before he spirals down that dark road. And I’ll be the man that stops him. Matt and I will come face to face with Mayhem. It could be the final battle in our historic feud or it could be the beginning of a fight to the death feud. For I will kill Matt Tastic. Not the man, but this version of the man. I will do everything in my being to destroy him before he destroys himself. I owe that to me. I owe that to him.

    Just be careful Beard. Thank you for the coffee, I have to go.

    No Bob, thank you. Thank you for hearing my words. Pass on my message. Pass on that on Meltdown, I will kill Matt Tastic or I will die trying. Neither of us will be the same. Mayhem changes a man. There will be more than Mayhem though Bob. There will be destruction. And with you and this coffee parlor as my witness...There. Will. Be. Death.
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    ?: Dude, did you watch Ascension last week?

    Speaks a young man sitting on a table.

    ??: Yeah, man. Matt Tastic won another match.

    Retorts another young man right across.

    Mark#1: It's a miracle. They have him winning again. I thought they were just gonna dump him in Jobber City after the Hall Of Fame.

    Mark#2: I mean, who cares? Whatever they do with him, it never sticks. He's always stale.

    Two know-nothing know-it-alls talk about what happened at Ascension. Me defeating The Beard. A former World Champion. But they talk about it in such a way. No hope. No faith. No confidence in their words.

    Counter Guy: Do you want a refill?

    The person in the counter asks a man covered with a hood and a hat, but very familiar.

    Matt Tastic: Yeah. Coke.

    Counter: That's your sixth glass. Don't you think its too much?

    I'm sorry. I thought I paid for the free refill cup. I didn't know it came with an opinion.

    Counter: Well sir, the kidney stone is on you.

    Tastic: Gimme a break. A damn kidney stone. I've taken chairshots to the head that have left me with migraines to die for. Cuts so deep in my legs that just moving my arms was painful. I've taken falls that leave normal men paralyzed for life. And I'm supposed to worry about a damned kidney stone.

    Mark#1: Dude, Clarke is fuggin' hot. I get a boner just thinking about her.

    Mark#2:Dude, gross. We're in public. We don't need to know that.

    The marks are still spewing non-sense. People have been criticizing how I beat Beard. But I couldn't care less. Beard is just one of the many sacks of trash that come into this company, litter it and then leave leaving me to pick up after them. I still hate him for ditching after winning the World title. Even if I won it because of that.

    Counter:Sir, you know, you been staring at your sandwich for nearly an hour.

    Tastic: Whats the problem?

    Counter: I don't know. I worry about your state of mind if you're ordering food and just letting it go to waste.

    Tastic: I donated 2 million to Puerto Rico benefits and 1 million to Mexico and still have enough cash to live off. I don't think wasting a sandwich is gonna land me in a financial crisis.

    : You never know, sir. A dollar a day is $365 by the end of the year.

    Tastic: Thanks, Mr. Calculator.

    Mark#1: You think Matt Tastic is gonna win a title by Unscripted? Seems like they're going that way?

    Mark#2: Nah. I mean, why? What's that gonna accomplish?

    Tastic: I'm tired of these idiots talking. They seem to think this is all fake or made up.

    Matt gets up and takes his sandwich. He goes towards the two “marks” and slams both halfs of his sandwich into their faces before leaving the restaurant he's in.

    Tastic: Would you look at that. The sandwiches didn't go to waste.

    Matt walks off and drops a check in the tip jar. It reads “$100.00”. Which is a nice gesture. Except you're supposed to write the ammount in name and not number.

    Tastic: I guess it is the little things I need to think about. Beating Beard by grabbing his beard, it got me the win. A win has people talking about what good will come off that. People thinking of me deserving better things means I can get a title shot. And a dollar a day makes $365 by the year. Unless its leap year. There's always something that throws plans off. And I should watch out for that.

    As Matt leaves the restaurant, he gets a text message and looks at it.

    Tastic: Speaking of plans being thrown out.

    Matt saw who his opponent was. He thought he was moving forward and onward after last week. Turns out it was just a lateral move. He's facing The Beard. Again. The difference is that this time, its a Mayhem match. He was more confused than anything else. And decided to approach the situation as only he could.

    Why the fuck am I wrestling Beard again!? Shouldn't I be doing something else?! What the fuck!?

    Across from a desk at WZCW HQ stood a familiar face. The recently returning Chuck Myles. Re-assuming his position as Meltdown GM.

    Well, here's the thing. Last week's match was such a rousing success, I wanted to double-down it. And give the fans an even more exciting version.

    Tastic: So you repeat the match? What the hell?! What about what I want? I won, shouldn't I be, you know, moving up the ladder?

    Myles: There's still one more round of shows before Unscripted. There's still time to make an impression.

    Matt:Bullshit. This is sabotage. I beat him once. I proved Beard is a flake, which should've been obvious since he bailed on you when he won the World title. But not only do you let him come back, you also give him a chance to even his loss with me. You've gone soft. You let your wrestlers do what they want and don't punish them. They bail on you, they cause havoc. They try to take over the company, for God's sake. There's not even a real benefit to doing that but over and over again, there's an evil force trying to bring down the company that pays them. This business is the pits. And no matter how long I stand here, a nice little good ol' boy, this is the shit you do to me.

    Myles: I made it a Mayhem match thinking of you.

    Matt: Oh, goody! A Mayhem match! Yay me! I think I've shown I can do more than beat a guy in a match with no rules. I left that division 5 Goddamn years ago. If you were thinking about Beard, what were you gonna do? Slap us in a Tag Team match?

    Myles: Listen Matt, you can either take it, or leave it.

    Matt: That doesn't sound like a choice. It sounds like a threat. An empty one at that. I mean people leave or get fired from this place and come back like its an open house or something. I'm not sure how threatened I'm supposed to feel about “leaving it”. Beard surely didn't fear “leaving it”. But fine. If that's what you want, I'll be a good little boy and play your game. I will beat Beard within an inch of his life and push him two and a half centimeters ahead. You just have yourself a suitable prize for when I win.

    Myles: Sure.

    Matt: But more to the point. Speaking of flakes--

    Myles: Matt, no. Stop. I know where you're going. I did leave. And I did come back. I wanted time off, I got it.

    Matt: Oh, that's adorable. Just like Beard. Leave and come back whenever you feel like it! You're no different from him. You're not fit to lead Meltdown or anything in WZCW, Myles. Another quitter with no true sense of conviction!

    Myles: I will not have you question my conviction towards this company, Matt Tastic! Maybe firing you doesn't scare you, but I know what does. Drop the subject or by God, you'll go another year before you even sniff another Championship! Take the match and drop the subject, Tastic. Take or leave it.

    Matt leaves but not before shooting a subtle grin on his face. As if he was happy with what he just accomplished. As he exited the office, he stopped and turned to Chuck Myles.

    Matt: Well played, Chuck. Glad to see you haven't skipped a beat.

    Matt leaves the room as the tension leaves with him. Chuck sits back down on his desk.

    Chuck: Angry little bastard. What the hell got into him? I haven't seen him like that since..... since his early days. I was expecting him to flip the table or something. He's all salty now.

    Matt leaves. He knows what he's doing.

    Matt: It's the small things. Bit by bit. They make things bigger.

    With that, Matt went to the bathroom.

    Matt: it me, or does my kidney feel a little-OH MY GOD!
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