MD 143 - Randy Studd versus Yemrez Reqonic [Mayhem Championship]

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    RP Deadline Monday 11th September 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Randy Studd stood alone at a bus stop with his Mayhem Championship in hand. He didn't appear to have let it go since he won it, presumably seeing it as some sort of validation of his lifestyle. Studd was tired of being without a woman to share it though, so he needed to try and find someone with whom he could spend enjoying the finer things in life. Studd was not Johnny Bravo. He could see that his recent escapades had led him up the garden path, but not towards the bushes, if you know what I mean.

    Tucked into his coat jacket, surrounded by the title belt, Studd had a tattered old copy of a book. In his desperation he took it out and began to read. The title, now visible to anyone who could see him read "The Pick-Up Artist's Manual. 7 Steps to guarantee that she'll be gagging for you."

    Before the bus came, a number of people walked past. Two teenage young men s******ed to themselves upon seeing the title, an old lady tutted and shook her head. Randy didn't care though as he was going to get the job done.

    Finally the bus arrived, and he embarked. Immediately, his attention was drawn to a beautiful young woman sat alone. He moved to sit next to her, all the while he was still reading the book.

    Step 1. Highlight your best asset, whether its your abs or your chequebook

    Studd lingered over the words before deciding that the best asset was his Mayhem championship, tied around his waist. He subtly flashed the title by opening his jacket.

    No response.

    He opened up the jacket fully, to show the entire title.

    No response.

    He started to point at the title.

    No response.

    He said, as loudly as was reasonably possible "wow, this belt is so heavy"

    No response.

    He was sure she must have noticed though, the bus was absolutely silent and he made his way towards the empty seat.

    Step 2. Assert your physical dominance

    Studd sat slightly too close to the girl so that she was unable to avoid human contact. She moved closer to the window. Job done.

    Step 3. Initiate conversation

    Studd knew he needed to be subtle, and show off his own brilliance but without being too much of a big head.

    "Have you seen my massive title?" He said.

    No response.

    "Do you know I'm a famous wrestler?"

    No response.

    "Hey, would you like my autograph?"

    No response.

    She hadn't even looked at him, but he was sure that she must now be engaged.

    Step 4. Negging

    This made him uncomfortable, but he knew the book wouldn't lie to him.

    "That dress you've got on makes you look less fat, you know"

    No response.

    "Your makeup looks good too - you can't see any of your blemishes."

    No response. She just stared out the window. Had he offended her? Of course not, she was just digging into her inner psyche, doubting herself and preparing to be swooped off her feet by this knight in velour trouser armour.

    Step 5. Demonstrate your own vulnerability

    Studd had to think about this for some time. He wasn't a very vulnerable person at all, such was his copious successes with the ladies. Such was his heartthrob status. And he held the Mayhem title, by now resting across his lap, as the girl stared out of the window. He finally thought of something to say.

    "You know, ever since winning THIS MASSIVE CHAMPIONSHIP, I've felt like there was a crosshair on my back. I've barely got it in the kit bag, and yet now I have to face Yemrez. She's a tough nut to crack, and I feel threatened by her status as a powerful woman. Now, don't get me wrong, I can tame any powerful lady, and respectfully, but she is a formidable opponent. I intend to use this to my advantage and lure her into a false sense of security by showing my caring side, my vulnerable side, dare I say my feminine side, before unleashing my furious lustful anger upon her. It's frightening but, I can do it, with your support, I can do it."

    No response.

    By now Studd was sure that this woman knew the inevitable and was just resisting all temptation. She couldn't look out of the window forever, she must be taking it in - her ears were right next to him as he spoke.

    Step 6. A final opportunity to pay a compliment

    Studd didn't know much about her. He'd already complimented her looks, albeit without her knowing that he was secretly putting her down. He hadn't heard her say anything to him, so he couldn't really compliment her ideas or personality. Then it hit him.

    "You're such a good listener, you've taken in everything I've said and helped me to process it all, you're a wonderful individual."

    With that, two friends appeared and tapped the girl on the shoulder. They then signed at each other, before getting off the bus at the current stop, silently communicating as they went.

    Perhaps she wasn't such a good listener, after all.

    Step 7. Seal the deal

    The bus rumbled on. Randy Studd looked forlorn, there was to be no tryst just yet.

    "I'll put it down to practice" he said, before writing into the book, on page one, "CHECK IF THEY ARE DEAF FIRST"
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    ~Chapter 9: Woman Of Mayhem!~

    In the glamorous city of Venice, a shadowy figure walks down amidst all the lights while sharing its darkness with none. The figure continues walking on and on without getting distracted even a little bit. After a long period of time, the mystical figure finally reaches the destination. The figure checks the name plate of that particular house and then slips a letter under the door. It knocks the door and then walks away in the same awe, leaving the house and therefore, the city where WZCW Mayhem Champion Randy Studd lived.

    " Randy Studd
    WZCW Mayhem Champion. It feels good to be a champion, no? Especially when one becomes champion without earning it? Like you! At Meltdown 143, I will fight you once again. This time, for the WZCW Mayhem Championship.

    Isn't it funny that a man like you has to defend his title for the very first time against a woman itself? You know, for a man who likes woman so much that he tries to impress each and every one of them.

    I've defeated you once. But now the circumstances aren't in my favor. Instead, they are in yours. I've been losing while being on the brink of a victory. Be it Gold Rush, King For A Day Qualifier or EurAsian Championship No. 1 contender match. On the other hand, you have become a champion in a pretty short time. Everyone knows that there's something wrong with WZCW when you have champions like Justin Cooper or you yourself. Those who have become the champion due to some external factor instead of earning it. So in this era of Paper Champions, I've gotten a title opportunity. Rather a chance to dethrone 1 Paper Champion. And the odds are still against me. Because of my recent close losses.

    But trust me, Randy. I might have lost a lot recently. Not just in WZCW but in other aspects as well. Heck, I've lost it all. But you know what's fun about losing it all? You have nothing left. Just imagine, Who's more dangerous? A woman with nothing to lose or A man with everything to lose? I'll help you. It’s the former. Just like me. I have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. While you've everything to lose. You've just gotten the Championship glory. You've everything to lose.

    Unfortunately for you, this match will be a Mayhem match and Mayhem will give me an extra advantage. Just like you used Mayhem to defeat the former Champion Obi Okafor. We all know that you couldn't have defeated him on just skills. So, you misused Mayhem and gave the match priority over humanity. And then won the Championship. You might have won the title but you lost the most important battle of humanity. And you shall pay the price for it!

    But that's expected from a so-called man like you. You're the epitome of what's wrong with today's men. And I know that you're proud of being such a boastful man. But you should rather be ashamed of yourself. That's not what you'll be able to do on your own. I'll help you. By beating the heck out of you along with a special Mayhem service. Because that's what you deserve. And I won't do so just for myself. I will become the first ever woman to become WZCW Mayhem Champion. But not just for myself. For every rape victim out there. For every victim of molestation. For every victim of acid attacks by desperate men like you. For every victim of eve-teasing by the so-called man like you. You like messing up with women, right? This time, a Woman Of Mayhem will mess up with you. So bad that you'll be taught how to respect a woman. For lifetime. At Meltdown 143, justice will be served along with Mayhem!
    - Yemrez Reqonıc

    P.S. Mayhem awaits you, Randy. Stay Safe!

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