MD 137 - Callie Clark versus Wren

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    RP deadline is Monday the 20th of February at 23:59 EST.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Backstage At Kingdom Come:

    As we catch up with everybody's favorite sisters, Callie and Gabi Clark, they are looking at the match card for the show to find their spot.

    Callie: Ughhh pre show match?

    Callie shakes her head in disappointment and disgust as Gabi looks at the card to confirm what her sister said, then turns to her sister.

    Gabi: That is totes a bummer, but I guess it's cause we're still new.

    Callie shrugs at her sister.

    Callie: So? We are wayyy too famous for some pre show battle royal! Like do they want Kingdom Come to make money? Because putting The Clarks on the pre show is NOT the way to do it! Did we even get our costumes back from the designers yet?

    Gabi: Yes, but they are totes unwearable, we asked them to put 10 rhinestones on them and they put 9!

    Callie: What!? How are we supposed to compete without our costumes now that they destroyed our special ones we had planned!? We'll look sooo unfabulous without 10 rhinestones! That was the perfect amount for our costumes!

    Gabi nods her head in agreement as Callie keeps talking and venting her frustrations.

    Callie: I mean it was bad enough they wanted us to compete in front of these hillbillies and rednecks in New Orleans, but now they want us to compete in wrecked costumes? Like what? No, just no. Sooo not happening!

    Gabi waits for her younger sister to finish talking, then slowly nods her head before speaking up.

    Gabi: Yeah you're right, we spend a lot of time and money on our costumes and we have a reputation to uphold, we can't go out there in wrecked costumes our fans would riot! We need to do something to get ourselves noticed though, make this trip to this awful city be a little better...

    Callie nods in agreement, looking around in annoyance. But before anything else can happen, Batti walks up to them.

    A Week Before Meltdown, In Callie's Bedroom:

    The scene opens to the bedroom of the younger Clark sister, and we see her sitting on her bed with her laptop in front of her and many different costumes spread out across the floor and bed in front of her. Callie is sitting cross legged and as we get a glimpse of her laptop screen, which is on her instagram page. Callie scrolls through her photos of past costumes she's worn, and as she reaches a post of a selfie she took yesterday she reads through some of the comments.

    Callie smiles as she reads comments from her loyal fans, even throwing them a like since she's feeling generous due to the good mood she's in. Callie then goes back to the second comment she liked, about facing Wren on Meltdown this week.

    Callie: Pfft Wren, like I'm gonna be worried about some wanna be ninja!

    Callie shakes her head.

    Callie: I mean sure she's a good fighter from the looks of things in her debut match but she's totes a coward. I mean she hides her face first of all, like come on girl are you that ugly? I mean if she is maybe I could give her some makeup tips or something.

    Callie shrugs and continues with her train of thought.

    Callie: Anyway unlike her, I'm no coward, I put myself out there for the whole world to see with what I do, that takes guts, something she clearly don't have. Not only is Wren a total coward but she's also completely unoriginal. A loner who likes to fight and wears a mask? Um hello way to be generic girl!

    Callie rolls her eyes but before she can do anything else, we hear a "WOOF! WOOF!" coming from the room. Callie looks down to the side of the bed, where a small dog sits up looking at her, tail wagging.

    Callie: What's up boy? You wanna come up?

    Callie closes her laptop and puts it on the end of the bed, then reaches down and picks up the dog, bringing it up on the bed with her. The small Shih Tzu proceeds to bark again.

    Callie: What? You agree I'm gonna embarrass Wren?

    The small dog once again barks, almost as if it's responding to his owner's question. This causes a huge smile to cross the face of Callie as she gets up off the bed and stands in front of it, clapping her hands.

    Callie: Oh em gee I just got a great idea Sid! To decide what costume I wear on Meltdown this week I should poll my fans! I'll give them 3 choices and let them find out which one won the poll this week at Meltdown! After all what better way to make my fans feel appreciated than to let them choose my costume?

    Callie hurriedly walks to her closet, going through all the clothes in there before pulling out a Sub-Zero costume. Callie holds up the blue and black costume for a moment before changing into it and standing in front of the mirror in her room, and taking a selfie while striking a pose.

    Callie: This isn't one of my favorite costumes but it seems fitting for facing Wren. I'd hate to cover up any of this face but it does make me look like a ninja badass so the trade off isn't too bad.

    Callie shrugs and takes off the costume, placing it back in her closet before grabbing a Harley Quinn costume off a chair in her room and changing into that one, once again taking a selfie in her full length mirror while striking a pose.

    Callie: Ahh now this is more my style, a super villain who's a little unhinged. And it gives me a chance to show off my looks too, if I don't wear this on Meltdown I'm gonna have to make sure I wear this at some point in the future. It always was one of my favorites.

    Callie nods to herself and her dog as she takes off the Harley Quinn costume, putting it back on the chair she had it on before. She now goes back into her walk in closet and comes out with a Supergirl costume on as she walks over to her full length mirror one more time. Callie straightens out the skirt to her costume and adjusts the top a bit before snapping a third selfie while striking a pose.

    Callie: I may not exactly be a Superhero to the WZCW fans, but my fans sure do consider me one. And after all my fans are the only fans that matter.

    Callie smirks and puts her phone down on the small table next to her mirror.

    Callie: It looks good on me as well, I could kick some butt in this, and I do fly around the ring so maybe it's more fitting than I originally thought.

    Callie chuckles at herself while doing a hair flip before going back into the closet again, this time coming out in the black tank top and shorts she was wearing originally. She grabs her phone off the table and plops back down on the bed with it, as the Shih Tzu dog quickly climbs into her lap and with her hand not holding her phone, Callie begins petting the dog. With her hand holding her phone, Callie uploads the 3 pictures of her posing in the costumes to her Twitter and Instagram with the following caption.

    Callie: Well now that that's settled, I think it's time to go get some lunch. Don't you agree Sid?

    The Shih Tzu dog, now revealed to be named Sid wags his tail and barks in agreement.

    Callie: But first, let's take a selfie!

    Callie lightly grabs the dog's face, and looks down at it while making a kissy face as she holds out her phone to the side and snaps a selfie with her dog.


    Callie posts the new selfie on all her social media accounts, then stands up as she hears her phone begin to buzz and chime with notifactions. Callie smirks to herself as she walks to the door, opening it to let the dog out and lets out a little chuckle of arrogance at all the likes and comments she's already getting on her selfies as she follows the dog out of the room, and closes the door behind her as we cut to black.
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    That word kept ringing in my head. Days passed. Weeks passed. I kept kicking harder. I kept running harder. I kept taking bumps harder. I would start early in the morning and keep training deep into the night. And yet, it wasn’t enough. I’d been training at Horigoshi’s dojo for 4 years, but everytime I’ll ask her about a chance on one of her cards, she would always have the same answer.

    “You’re not ready yet.”

    I’d keep telling her I was, but she wouldn’t budge. I’d go back, grind some more, sweat some more, but she wouldn’t budge.

    “You’ll get your chance in due time, but for now, you need more endurance, more conditioning, more strength.”

    In my mind, I was as ready as I could possibly be. I was training 9 to 10 hours daily. Somedays, I wouldn’t even be able to move my limbs after the day. Horigoshi would come to me, tend to me, calm me down. She’d sit by my side till I fell asleep. But for the life of me I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let me on one of her cards. JSS had grown exponentially and the roster had grown substantially, yet, she wouldn’t let me on. “Is she afraid that I might get hurt?” I’d constantly think to myself, if just to console myself into believing her actions to be in my best interests. But my frustration was growing. I’d train harder than most, work harder than most, run harder than most, but it all seemed in vain, until that day…


    It was one of the most defining nights for JSS. [FONT=&quot]レスリングスターズ[/FONT](Resuringusutāzu) was JSS’s biggest show of the year, and for the first time, it had come to Tokyo Dome. The arena was sold out almost a month before the show and the pressure was on everyone to deliver a big show. The card was stacked from top to bottom. Everyone was excited for the show, and even though I was a little bummed out because of being on the sidelines once again, I was hoping for the show to be successful.

    Horigoshi would usually let me hangout around the locker room and watch the shows from backstage. Almost every wrestler in the company knew me. Afterall I’d been hanging around them for almost 4 years. I’d even made a few friends. They’ll tell me about their life on the road and how the whole experience was. Some of these wrestlers had wrestled all across the world. On the other hand, some would see me from the corner of their eye, as if I didn’t belong here, but every time someone gave me the cold shoulder, I’d make a note of it. Not that I meant them any harm, but I maintained my own list of people I wanted to beat once I started wrestling for JSS. All of that, however, was a pipedream for the time being.

    I could see everyone going through their pre-match rituals. From stretching to praying, everyone seemed busy with one or the other thing. I was fascinated by these rituals and usually looked at them with googly eyes. I was talking to one of the backstage boys when one of the road agents, Mr Akio, came to me.

    “Horigoshi wants to see you immediately.”

    He sounded a bit worried. I hurried off with him to meet Horigoshi. She was pacing up and down when I reached her. Her face showing clear signs of worry. Mr Akio told her about my arrival. She turned to me, still pretty much in

    “Come, take a seat.”

    She sounded worried too.

    “So, you know Itsuko, right?”

    I nodded in affirmative.

    “You’d also know she was scheduled for a match against Mei tonight. Well, that match is not happening anymore.”

    To be honest, I wasn’t surprised. Mei had a reputation of bad attitude. She had already no showed quite a few shows earlier, but she was always a good hand in the ring. A career that had spanned almost 15 years, she could always be counted upon for good competitive matches. She was matched up with one of our up and coming stars in Itsuko, and while the match was more of a midcard match, it was still billed as an important one due to the whole veteran vs new comer dynamic.

    “Here’s the thing. We need a match for Itsuko as she can’t be left off the card, and there’s no suitable replacement available.” I was liking where this was going. “So here’s the chance you were asking for, but only if you want it.”

    I didn’t need to think twice. This was the moment I’d been waiting for so long. I almost jumped out of joy at hearing her. I could see her being worried for me, but this was one opportunity I wasn’t going to let go. I was shaking in my boots out of excitement.

    “I’ve already arranged ring gear for you. Change up and be ready because your match would be the opener.”

    I rushed to the locker room and changed up as soon as possible. As I got in my gear, which wasn’t much to see, I started receiving a few congratulations from some of the wrestlers. I couldn’t feel any prouder.

    It was time. I could hear the announcer making the announcement.

    “(Japanese) Due to unforeseen reason, we wouldn’t be able to bring Itsuko vs Mei match tonight. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have a match for you. Making her way to the ring, weighing at 140 pounds, Shisuta!”

    I had no entrance music. I entered the arena to pin drop silence. While it was a little disheartening, I wasn’t really perturbed by it. I wasn’t a star; in fact, I was a nobody. And they hadn’t paid to see a nobody. At least they were not booing me. I made my way to the ring and went to the opposite side of the corner, climbed up the turnbuckle and bowed to the crowd in the traditional Japanese way. I could see some of them reciprocating, which felt good.

    As the music hit complete with her pyro across the arena, and the fans went wild. They knew who was on her way.

    “(Japanese) And her opponent, weighing at 275 pounds, Itsuko!”

    In all the excitement of my debut, I had almost forgotten what I was in for. Itsuko was a physical specimen. At 6’2”, she dwarfed everyone else on the roster. She was almost double my weight and size. As she walked inside the ring she straight walked up to me, standing face to face with me. I was considered pretty tall for most girls and she stood almost half a foot over me.

    I could feel the confidence slipping away from within. “I am not ready! I’m not ready at all!” was the only thought going through my head. Before I could even think, the bell rang and she charged into me, driving me to the turnbuckle. It was almost like a pickup truck driving squashing me in the corner. I could barely catch my breath before she ran into me again.

    “(Japanese) Ohh! That must’ve hurt. She looks to be in some pain.”

    She was hell-bent on destroying me. I now understood how she had been destroying her competition left, right and center. In fact, within matter of months, she had become a strong contender for JSS world championship.

    She pulled me out of the corner and hit me with a short-hand clothsline. I hit the canvas hard. Before I could recover, she picked me and delivered another short-hand clothsline. I lay there all groggy from her vicious attack. And she wasn’t even trying to pin me. She picked me up once again and irish-whipped me right into the opposite turnbuckles. I bounced off the turnbuckle right into a big boot that almost took my head. I hit the mat hard. I had been in pain before, but all the hours of training and pain looked nothing in front of what I was going through right now. I had not mounted any offense, and I was being mauled by her.

    “(Japanese) This match seems nearing its end. I don’t see Shisuta coming back from that.”

    I was hoping and praying for her to pin me so that I can be put out of this misery. But she wasn’t done yet. She picked me up and body-slammed me with all the force she had. Pain shot through my spine on contact. Before I could even hold my back, she picked me up again and slammed again.

    Itsuko! Itsuko! Itsuko!

    The whole arena was chanting her name. It was like everyone wanted to see me die in the ring. And she wasn’t even trying to defeat me. From my head to neck to ribs to spine, everything was hurting and she wasn’t going to stop. In most matches, by now she would hit her big running powerslam and finish the match, but she had taken some special liking to me.

    “(Japanese) Itsuko has the match won. But she doesn’t want to end it just yet it seems. She is circling the falling Shisuta. She wants to punish her more!”

    “(Japanese) What can you expect from a ruthless monster? I feel for the girl who had to debut like this on the biggest show of the year.”

    She picked me up and carried me to the turnbuckle on her shoulder. Then she started prepping me by tying my hands around the rope. I could sense the malice in her intentions. As she walked all the way back to the opposite turnbuckle, I could see the end coming. She went all the way back, looked at me one more time, and charged.

    “Oh my god!”

    Somehow, I managed to sidestep her which meant she ran chest first into the turnbuckle. As I tried catching my breath, I saw her winded at the turnbuckle. That was my opening. I gathered whatever strength I had left, and ran from the opposite turnbuckle to deliver a thundering enzuigiri on the turnbuckle to the back of head. This had disoriented her as she stumbled to the middle of the ring before hitting the mat.

    “Is she going to pull an upset here? Is she going to win this thing?”

    “I don’t know! But this is the first time I’ve seen Itsuko in this kind of predicament.”

    She laid on her back, holding the back of her head, probably still shaken from the enziguiri. I had no time to waste. I quickly went to the top rope and measured the jump I had to make. Without any delay, I hit her with a high frog splash!

    “Wow! This could be huge! Itsuko is in world of trouble.”

    I went for the cover.

    Everyone was waiting with abated breath.

    “She kicked out!”

    It wasn’t just a kick out. She threw me away pretty far. I got back upon my feet as quickly as I could and started elbow shots to her jaw before she could get back upon her feet. She showed me away, but I jumped on her again, delivering a few more shots to her jaw before she shoved me away. My confidence was growing.

    “This little girl is showing a lot of heart here. Standing up to Itsuko isn’t the easiest thing to do.”

    “I agree! But she might be angering the wrong woman here.”

    She somehow pulled herself back upon her feet. I wasn’t going to wait around though. I charged into her, pushing her into the turnbuckle, delivering some rights and chops before she shoved me back again. I knew I had to be relentless. I charged again but this time I was caught by a big boot to my face! It knocked the wind out of me. Before I could even make it back to my feet, she hoisted me over her shoulder and delivered a huge running powerslam.

    When I came back to it, I didn’t even know where I was. I just remember a few words from the announcers.

    “The winner of this match via pinfall, Itsuko!” I lay there, defeated. However, as I got up to get out of the ring with my head down, I could hear the crowd applauding for me. As I made my way back up the aisle, there were quite a few impressed faces, including Horigoshi. I was a bit surprised by all this reaction because honestly, I was still defeated under 5 minutes. Horigoshi put her hands around my shoulders, guiding me to her office. For some reason, she was elated.

    “You did very well today. I didn’t expect this from you.”

    I felt a bit insulted. “You didn’t expect me to last even 5 minutes against Itsuko?”was all I could think. I let her know it as well.

    “No, you misunderstand me. I know you’re capable of much, much more and today you gave a good account of yourself. You went into this match unprepared, fought against a monster who has defeated every single one of her competitors under 2 minutes, and somehow almost won. Yes, the match still ended pretty quickly by a standard match length, but for debut you were great.”

    Her words were comforting, but I was still smarting from the loss. She came close to me.

    “This was also a lesson for you. We saw how quickly things changed inside that squared circle. One mistake and everything you did comes undone. And that’s how you learn. We make mistakes, but the point is not to repeat them. Plus, never underestimate your opponent even at their weakest. You saw how she gave you an opening for you to make a comeback, as did you. No one is down and out until the final bell has rang.”

    My disappointment aside, she was right. I did make that mistake. She, however, didn’t let me ponder for long.

    “After the show, when we return to our dojo, we have to finalize a lot of things, including your contract and wrestling persona. I don’t want you to continue wrestling this bland beige color attire!”

    Yes! I was finally going to be a wrestler! A full time wrestler!


    8 years on, how times change? Here I am today. WZCW superstar as they call me. 2 matches in, I’m still trying to find my feet here. It feels like I’m starting all over. As I sit here in the locker room, I see all the superstars. It’s all different, yet somehow it all is same. Some are genuinely pleased to see me here, and some don’t like me. On the other hand, Leon has been trying to setup and interview with me and wants someone to be my mouthpiece. I’m not sure if I want a mouthpiece for me, or if I even want an interview. I don’t want anyone to know what I am, who I am. All that matters is what I do inside the squared circle.

    And then there’s my next opponent. Callie Clark. Don’t know much about her, or her sister. What even are they? Celebrities? I don’t know. All I know is she’s new here, just like me. Unknown quantity for me personally. But over the years, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. She and her sister. I have to be careful. I have the experience. All I have to do is use all of it.

    Yes, the company has changed, but I haven’t. The ring is still the same.

    I am still the same.
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