MD 130 - Mikey Stormrage vs Eve Taylor

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    RP deadline is 23/05/16 at 23:59pm
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    Deadline has been extended 24 hours.
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    I had been naked with title belts before, but this was something new and weird even for my standards.

    "Are you ready Mr. Stormrage?"

    I looked around, nervous, my World Heavyweight Title the only thing hiding my shame.

    "Yeah, I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

    I stepped out of my dressing room, making sure to hold my belt tight to my body.

    As I made my way to the photo shoot area, I could feel the room fully of eyes on me. It didn't help that the room was unusually cold. I could feel everyone judging mini Mikey.

    "Okay Mr. Stormrage, just follow the instructions of the photographer and this should go swimmingly."

    "I can't swim, though."

    The assistant laughed to herself as she walked away. I could feel a nearby fan blowing air against my bare ass. I think it was meant to give the effect of the wind blowing my hair, but it did me no favors in the size or comfort department.

    "So this is going to be tasteful right? I mean I've seen some of the photo shoots that Eve did in the past and they were very erotic. I don't think I can quite do erotic."

    The photographer spoke English in a thick French accent, making some of his words hard to understand.

    "Do not worry Mr. Mikey. We will capture all of your natural beauty. Now make love to ze camera for me."

    I did as many tastefully sexy poses as I could, making sure my junk didn't fall from behind my title belt. It was absolutely exhausting to go from pose to pose while the camera clicked away.

    "Man, how does Eve do this for a living? I have a whole new respect for her after this."

    "Ah, but Mr. Brown, your natural sexyness exudes anything Ms. Eve Taylor ever brought to ze table. Now work ze magic and explode on ze camera."

    I did my best to keep up with what the photographer wanted. The cold air in the room at least helped with keeping my junk hidden. That was until I started to think long and hard about Eve during a shoot break. I had the luck to be in a robe, but it was obvious I was fully erect thinking about the love of my life.

    That's right Eve, ever since we had a date back in Canada, I knew you were the one for me. I thought about you day and night, sexy thoughts and thoughts of living in a two story house with a white picket fence with children. It was, in your own words, perf.

    "Now Mr. Mikey, we will show ze Eve Taylor how to truly make love to ze camera. Zat two bit ****e will be ashamed of ze magic we will make."

    "Don't say that about my future wife! She is not a ****e!"

    With that I jumped to my feet, my robe and my belt falling to the floor and I put my fists up ready to fight my cameraman.

    "You think this is the first time I ever fought naked?"

    I swung and knocked the cameraman out with one swift punch. The type of punch that would easily put down a bitch like Garth Black. There were screams coming from the room, and people scrambling around trying to figure out just what to do.

    "Don't ever talk shit about my baby!"

    With that I walked over and picked up my title belt. I strapped it around my waist, not even caring if my equipment was hanging out or not, and walked out of the building to my car and drove away, Eve Taylor's theme song blaring in my speakers.

    I just hoped that senpai would notice me this week on Meltdown.
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    It was a long day shopping for Eve Taylor, spending a majority of her time browsing and searching through every single clothing outlet available. That's the only thing she spent throughout her entire time at the mall: time; her account remained the same as when she arrived. For someone who never left the mall empty-handed, this felt like a whole new feeling for Eve. Not only was she about to leave without anything to show for her time, but she was generally confused as to why she was there. There was no need for Eve to be out shopping today. All the clothes and jewellery she required were in her possession, and with her recent physical changes (through the acquisition of a more muscular body), her selection was becoming limited. Whilst Eve had been in a position before to be outcasted by fashion when she was poor, that was a matter of not being to afford it. This time, she could afford as much as she wanted, but she couldn't fit into anything she desired. Yes, she knew she had recently closed the door on her fashion career, but she wasn't prepared to lose her ability to look her best. It felt like karma for Eve turning her back on being a supermodel, a price to pay for every bad thing she's ever done. It was disheartening to have even inanimate objects turn your back on you. She was used to people doing it, but clothes? That really hurt Eve on the inside.

    Yet, why should Eve have these feelings? This shouldn't be a time for self-depreciation; it was a time for celebration! She had recently cemented herself in history as the longest reigning Elite champion, a feat previously held by two men throughout the championship's near decade long career. To make this accomplishment a reality, she defeated one of the two men responsible for creating the major record. It was a symbolic passing of the torch, even if that man clutched onto it with cold, dead hands, and Eve Taylor having some negative feelings towards him. Breaking this record put her one step closer to becoming the greatest competitor professional wrestling had ever seen, a goal she never really set her sights to achieve until she first solidified herself as the best female competitor. This victory definitely makes a strong case, and although the one woman standing in her way from becoming the best female was no longer active, Eve was looking towards a bigger and brighter future... but that was the future. For right now, in the present, Eve felt surrounded by darkness. Not the usual kind of darkness associated with most WZCW issues, but a darkness of not being able to see anyone else. Everywhere she looked, there was nobody. Eve was used to this sort of darkness, but growing accustom to something doesn't mean she was enjoying it. She still desperately looked for a light, for someone to pull her out of the darkness, but every time she tried...

    Well, there's no need to bore you with this story. It has been told a thousand times and Eve was sure nobody wanted to hear it again, if anyone was listening in the first place. She didn't want to think about it with strangers around, and decided this was the time to make her leave. Eve was ready to go her hotel room, ponder to herself, drink some alcohol, talk to Senshuken and call it a day. When she was in this mindset, it was very hard for her to escape it. Plus, her feet were getting tired from walking around the mall anyway. Stilettos weren't the best option; she should've worn flats.

    As Eve was heading for the exit, she passed by a Gamestop. This wasn't the first time she had passed it, and it freaked Eve out a little that she even noticed passing this sort of store more than once. However, this time something caught her interest, and like the opposite end of magnets, she felt attracted to the store. Something was compelling her to walk inside. Was it because she was wanted to purchase at least something for her time, even if it was a gaming shirt? Maybe she wanted to liven up the experience and try something new? Perhaps, it could be because she knew she was wrestling World Champion Mikey Stormrage in her upcoming match, a notorious gaming enthusiast, a person she had previously gone out on a date? Normally, the thought of someone like Mikey disgusted her, but recently her thoughts had changed on the matter. Despite asking Eve if she would take it up the bum, which infuriated Eve (and rightfully so), Mikey was a genuine person. He didn't have the male equivalent to Eve's physical prowess, but what he lacked in appearance he made up for in personality and kindness. Eve was a little harsh on Mikey in their first encounter, so maybe her attraction towards this gaming store was a way to payback the karma?

    The shop was empty of people, much like her life, so didn't feel as uncomfortable as she once thought she would entering a place like this. Actually, it felt invigorating to be somewhere she didn't belong. Being out of place was becoming a speciality of Eve Taylor these days. Eve glanced over everything the store had to offer: the games; the hardware; the merchandise; the clothes... it was a different world here, and for some reason, was intrigued by it. People dedicated much of their lives to sitting down in front of a television or "monitor" of some description, playing in a world that doesn't exist for entertainment. Eve wasn't one for television series or movies, but she was jumping straight past all those and right into the deep end of the entertainment pool.

    The store clerk, the only other person in the store, could see it was painfully obvious that Eve didn't belong. Instead of watching Eve to her own devices, the store clerk made her way over to Eve, slowly approaching her. This girl was slightly taller than Eve, a rarity for her. Most other women were shorter, only to be matched when they were high heels and Eve did not. However, it was Eve who was the shorter one with tall shoes, and this store clerk, who had the name tag of Abigail, who towered over her - another reason for Eve to self-depreciate. Yet, that was the only thing Eve felt uncomfortable about, as Abigail came over to her with a smile on her face, her big anime eyes glowing through her glasses, with slightly unkept hair and hastily-done make-up. She had a tall body, but from the looks of her posture and physical appearance, she was lucky to be looking as pretty and well-defined as she was... but enough about picking on this girl. She was here to help out Eve, and she didn't deserve the treatment floating inside Eve's head.

    "Hi!" Abigail exclaimed, "You look a little overwhelmed, over here."

    She was spot on. How did she know? Did they sell x-ray vision glasses straight into peoples' brains? No wonder this industry was growing exponentially!

    "A little bit, yeah." Eve chuckled.

    "That's alright. We get a lot of customers who've no idea how to navigate this place. Anything in particular I can help you with?"

    Eve paused for a moment.

    "Actually, I haven't any clue why I'm in this store." Eve admitted. "I was just walking past, looking to go home, and I felt compelled to come inside. I don't have anything I need to buy here, I just needed to be here."

    To Eve's surprise, Abigail nodded as if she understood the situation, not taken aback by her comments. This intrigued Eve, waiting for a response.

    "Yeah, I feel the same way entering some of the more expensive shops when I shop for clothes. I go inside and have a browse, even though I can't wear any of what's available. Got a weird body type that's limited me to shirts and pants. I don't know how you managed to pull off the look with a similar figure."

    At first, Eve thought Abigail was taking a shot at her physical appearance, ready to be annoyed. However, she realised what Abigail meant before any expression showed on her face; she was referring to her height. To this, Eve let out a laugh of relief.

    "Thanks! I've spent every waking second doing my best to look good."

    "And you still do, especially after the beatings you've taken to keep that championship."

    Okay, now this shocked Eve completely. It was visible on her face, catching Eve off-guard. How did this girl know she was a wrestler?

    "How did you know I was a wrestler?"

    Eve asking the hard questions, everybody. Her brain was so shocked, that it spilled out the first question running through her mind.

    "Besides the Elite championship on your shoulder being a dead giveaway?" Abigail slyly responded.

    Abigail pointed to her shoulder. Eve looked across and saw Senshuken there, resting after a long reign by Eve's side. She felt like an idiot, and her cheeks blushed bright red in embarrassment... yet Abigail paid no attention. Instead, she went over to the shelves full of figurines, pulling one out from the bunch.

    "Well, we sell you as a pop vinyl for our WZCW range." Abigail gave the package to Eve. "It's apart of the special Cerberus edition, though. Sorry if that offends you or anything. The current arrangement is to sell you as a collective with Flex & Ramparte, as they don't see any money selling the three of you buy yourselves just yet. Too many people are still obsessing over Cerberus... I advise you not to search up Cerberus on Tumblr or deviant art."

    Eve continued to stare at herself as a figurine, wearing the outfit she wore when faced off against Aubrey at Kingdom Come. It even came with the wolfs head cloak, and her very own Eurasian championship.

    "Don't apologise, I understand the merchandising aspect."

    "There is some good news though! I've heard through the grapevine that they're going to give you you're own separate pop vinyl, along with the title. They're even going to call it Senshuken as well! That's so cool, don't you think?"

    Eve didn't know how to feel that the name she gave a championship would start making money for the company. How does one feel great about profiting on a name Eve made up so she wouldn't feel as lonely?

    "You really think it's cool?" Eve queried.

    "Sure do! Then again, anything Eve Taylor I'm always super excited about. You're the only reason I watch WZCW, or own any merchandise, or play the WZCW '16 game. Hell, I've even cosplayed as you..."

    Eve stared directly at Abigail, who immediately stopped.

    "Gosh, look at me fan-girling over the place. You probably don't want to hear my story."

    "No, no." Eve pleaded, "Please, go ahead. I'm a really vain person; I love hearing other people take about me."

    Eve laughed in a friendly manner, making Abigail feel a bit comfortable, pulling out her phone.

    "The last convention I went as you. Current you, not Cerberus you. Got a lot of complaints about that, but I still had some fun."

    Abigail showed the photos to Eve, and she was thoroughly impressed. The slouching, nerdy girl standing in front of her looked worlds apart from the cosplay she witnessed. Eve couldn't believe how detailed and gorgeous she looked.

    "Wow!" Eve exclaimed. "You look amazing, and that's not me saying it because you're dressing up as me. This is some serious quality work. I don't even recognise you."

    "Yeah, nobody ever does." Abigail replied. "When I go to work or go shopping or just out in general, nobody bats an eye at me. However, when I go to these conventions dressed up as you or someone else, everyone loves me and I feel alive, y'know? Like, outside of that world, nobody pays attention to me..." Abigail stops for a moment. "Ah, I'm rambling now. You probably don't want to hear me or my boring life. I've complained about it a thousand times before, if any-"

    "-one is listening at all." Eve interrupted, finishing the sentence.

    Abigail and Eve looked at each other, surprised they know about the struggles they are personally affected by. There was a long pause between the two, not knowing what to say.

    "It's difficult." Eve said, breaking the silence. "You learn to live with it. People don't realise it exists until they experience it, and even then, some people don't care about what you've got to put up with. They go as far to say that the problem isn't even a problem; it is nowhere near as intense or important as other problems. I understand why people might think it, but it doesn't help. I mean, out of all people, I shouldn't be complaining. I'm a rich, famous and successful person. Yet, I can shake this feeling that doing the thing that makes me rich, famous and successful isn't appreciated. I know it sounds very selfish, and I should be grateful, but after years of going out there and doing what I do best, I'm no happier than I was before all of it."

    Eve shook her head.

    "I mean, I just became the longest reigning Elite champion in history, and cemented myself in the history books. I have a legacy as a supermodel and now as a wrestler... so why does it feel like nobody cares? Why does it feel like after I defeated Constantine for the title, people are still more interested in him? It was like my victory and celebration was overshadowed by a couple of dudes staring each other down."

    Abigail really doesn't know what to say. She understands, but she doesn't know how to respond. Eve tries to continue, but she can't.

    "Who are you facing this week?"

    "Um... Mikey Stormrage, why?"

    "Have you thought about his struggles, too?" Abigail asked. "I know you probably feel the same as me with this whole situation, but sometimes we just can't be selfish, y'know? It's great to vent and get it off your chest. However, what makes us tougher than other people is to think of what others might be going through."

    "But why Mikey?"

    "You said you didn't know why you walked in here today. Mikey is your opponent, an avid gamer who you went out on a date once."

    Eve looked at Abigail with confusion.

    "I'm a really, really big fan." Abigail clears her throat to continue. "You might be feeling sad, but you subconsciously walked into this place. Why would you be here? You wouldn't be caught dead here... but you still came. Maybe it was because you've been thinking about Mikey, in a similar way you've been reflecting on yourself?"

    "Well, I guess Mikey has had it rough, too." Eve began. "He's been wrestling for a very long time, much to the hatred of most people. I've seen and heard many people denounce him as a person who doesn't belong here, and yet, time and time again, he proves them all wrong... but the cycle continues. Even though he's won almost every title there is to win, especially taking the World championship, people still are quick to ignore or dismiss Mikey as a credible talent. It's taken him years of blood, sweat and tears to achieve his dream of becoming World champion. However, his opponents are the ones who people seem more interested about. People care more about Matt Tastic and Garth Black, with their fights over who won the Gold Rush tournament. Even James Howard gets more attention, a pathetic person who does nothing but complain to get his way. He's just so bitter and people prefer him over Mikey?"

    "See what I mean? We can't keep hating ourselves for these things, as everyone has got their own problems to deal with, even us." Abigail puts a hand on Eve's shoulder. "We've just got to be the strong ones."

    Abigail gives Eve a smile. Eve cannot seem to look away from Abigail. The physical features she once demonised are now seen in a different light, almost as if her beauty has come through on her face. It was inspiring to see for Eve, and all she wanted to do was hug her. Without warning, Eve wrapped her arms around Abigail and gave her a big hug, catching Abigail off-guard.

    "Thanks." Eve said. "I needed that."

    Abigail wrapped her arms around Eve, too.

    "You're not alone, Eve. There is someone always out there with problems similar to you, and there is someone out there who is willing to listen. Don't push them away."

    Abigail and Eve split up the hug, with Eve smiling at her. Abigail gave a small smile before turning around, heading straight to the counter with purpose. She pulled out something, staring at it for a moment before back over to Eve.

    "Here." Abigail said, handing over a game. "This is Overwatch, a new game that got released. It's really addicting and fun, but I'm giving you this not because of the game, but the message it says: 'the world needs heroes.' I know superheroes are fiction, but people like you, role models, are real. Maybe you should go out there and make a difference in the world. Don't wrestle for success, wrestle for everyone else. Wrestle for a reason for people like me to escape reality for one second, and watch the beautiful craft you can have in that ring. Take someone like Mikey Stormrage, someone forgotten like you, and make something special."

    Eve examines the case, reading what it says. She nods at Abigail, still with a smile.

    "You're a really good store clerk." Eve remarks, sharing a laugh with Abigail. "You're too good to be here, and you're too good of a person to be selling video games. Someone as beautiful and lovely as you should try reaching for the stars. You'd make a great model, or even an actor or singer. People need to see someone like you out in the world."

    Abigail blushes, not knowing how to respond to the words.

    "Thanks..." Abigail trails off.

    "I mean it, you're really beautiful."

    Eve smiles once more at Abigail before looking to take leave, but stops, pulling out her phone.

    "Come here." Eve wraps an arm around Abigail. "Smile for the camera."

    Eve takes a photo, saving it and posting it to her social media sites.

    "Hope you like being bombarded with tweets." Eve smiles.

    "Wow! That's awesome. Hey, if you ever actually get around to playing video games, here's my account name. I'm on most nights. Hit me up and we can play & talk together."

    "You free tonight?"

    "Sure am!"

    "Great. See you on the line."

    Abigail laughs. "It's a date!"

    With that, Eve takes her leave, walking out of the store with a sense of accomplishment. She went into the mall to buy clothes to soothe her soul, but it was a trip to a games store and a talk with a nerdy girl that got her the desired outcome. A different perspective was all Eve needed to feel again, and it felt great. Someone else took the time out of their day to listen and help Eve, just because Eve was her favourite celebrity in the world. It blew her mind to think this was possible, and now that person had become... her friend. Yeah, Eve considered her a friend, and she hoped one day she would consider Eve her friend as well, just like Eve would hope someone like Mikey would see her for someone more than just the longest reigning Elite champion. Whilst she was proud to hold Senshuken in her hands, she had completely forgotten about him the entire time she was talking to Abigail. It was almost as if the accomplishment she set out to achieve didn't matter in that moment of social interaction. Maybe there was something out there for Eve after all. Maybe there was something more than success and glory. Maybe that something might happen with Mikey in their match. She was prepared to tackle the biggest threat that she's had in a long time, but she didn't want to hurt him or make a statement. Hell, Eve didn't care if she were to win or lose. All she wanted to do with Mikey was wrestle an amazing match, and put on a performance that the rest of the world would take notice. Create a beautiful piece of art that'll warm the hearts of many people, and inspire those to look up to people like Mikey and herself.

    It was this day that Eve had realised a new dream, and her dream started with Mikey Stormrage.
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