MD 130 - Flex Mussel vs Kagura Joheki

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    RP deadline is 23/05/16 at 23:59pm
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    Just as Flex begins to stir inside the ring, the lights go down, only an eerie glow left surrounding the ring. Flex tries using the ropes to stand, when a hole opens in the ring and a set of arms pull Flex down into the abyss. Flex fights, but the horror on his face is evident as he is swallowed up, into the hole. As he’s pulled into the depths under the ring he doesn’t see tables, ladders, or chairs. In fact he sees no equipment under the ring at all, he begins to slowly submerge into an almost purgatory of darkness. Throughout all of it however he can see little glimpses of light spread throughout the area, almost like little portals. He begins to see glimpses of the former tag team Kings of Hate, he sees them lose repeatedly. He sees Barrett Stratton losing and being humiliated repeatedly. He even sees Joe Mason being showered in Jew Gold. And finally he sees one last glimpse, this time however it’s one of himself, first being rolled up by Kagura to lose a Gold Rush qualifier, then being given a Tit-Drop off the stage at Gold Rush, and then finally being pinned in the center of the ring by Titus, effectively losing what may be his final championship match. The monsieur of muscle begins to notice that all of these flashes have one thing in common: they’re all among the complete failures of WZCW. Once the bodybuilder comes to this realization he begins to freak out. Still floating in limbo he tries to get away from this black void but he’s trapped. He begins to yell and scream but he can’t even hear the sound of his own voice. He’s alone, no one can hear him, and no one cares….


    The fitness freak is jolted awake by the sound of his number one fan Charles “The Cheesecake” Chesterfield”. He is shocked to find that he’s no longer under the purgatory under the ring but instead in his private gym sitting on a bench.

    Charles: Flex are you in there buddy?

    Flex: Where am I?

    Charles: Flex Fitness of course. I’ve been trying to get you train for the last hour or two but you just keep sitting there with that extremely blank look.

    Flex: What about Ascension? Who pulled me under the ring?

    Charles: Dorian Slaughter…

    Flex: Why? What happened afterwards?

    Charles: Honestly I don’t really know…he just kind of poked his head out and looked really evil. You were pulled out by EMT’s soon after.

    Flex: Let me guess he gave me another concussion?

    Charles: Actually you were cleared medically pretty soon thereafter. Slaughter didn’t really do anything besides pull your basically lifeless body under the ring. Nobody seems to know why he did it though.

    Flex: Don’t know and don’t care, I’ll beat it out of him in our match.

    Charles: You might have to wait a bit…you have to deal with Kagura on Meltdown first.

    As soon as the former Elite champion’s name is uttered Flex immediately flashes back to where his recent failures truly began: The loss to Kagura.

    Flex: Kagura Daikoran….

    Charles: She changed her last name Flex

    Flex: Again? God damnit! Look whatever she’s called now it’s because of her that all this bad stuff happened! I was riding high after ending Showtime’s career and then after one trick rollup and fluke victory she beats me. Before I can even react there Titus is there to assault me. Then Titus is able to few inches and barely score a win, Slaughter decides to pull me under the ring. Enemies just keep coming out of nowhere and they keep derailing my career one after the other. First taking away a potential world title shot, stealing away the EurAsian championship, at this rate I won’t even be able to enter the Lethal Lottery! I can’t let this stand, I need to retrace my steps and make things right. And that starts with Kagura.

    Charles: She’s not the same Kagura you once faced.

    Flex: Well I’m not the same Flex she once faced. Before I said my match against Titus was going to be my once and only time I bend the rules for my own benefit but circumstances have changed. WZCW has changed, and I need to change with it.

    Charles: Does this mean you’re finally going to train again?

    Flex: No, this means I’m going to start winning again. Because from now one it's Trust No One, Clothesline Everyone.
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    A shallow pool of water hides a floor that cannot be seen. Gazing into the abyss casts an illusion that the pool is actually deeper than it is. A fatal mistake would be for someone to dive in head first without testing the water. These foes have all be cautionary. Or so they would think. Inching up to the pool he’d stick a toe in to gauge the temperature. It’s tepid to the touch. Once comfortable he begins to wade into the pool. The water is barely knee deep. The darkness hides the floor so the only way to navigate is by touch. Except that our senses tend to betray us. As he moves to the back of the pool the bottom of the pool drops out, and he’s swallowed by an infinite abyss.
    But me? I can see that abyss coming. I don’t need to navigate shallow pools by touch hoping that there isn’t a deeper end that I can’t see.

    Because I can “see” much better than normal men, my sixth sense; my precognition tells me everything that I need to know.

    And what it is telling me right now…

    … There’s no need to worry.


    From the edge of the pool stands a figure peering over its glassy surface. She stands motionless, watching the water stand still. Its placid features undistorted by ripples.

    “Watching this water reminds me how calm everything you must be feeling right now, Ramparte. I watch you. And while I have nothing to hide, you continue to present yourself as an open book. Are you happy? Because you sure seem like it, you hide behind that scowl of yours, but deep down. The waters of your heart aren’t so shallow, are they? They hide a treasure trove of emotion. The voice I stole from you has left a void within you. But that’s quickly been filled. You may try to mask your true self from others, but I can see. Nothing can escape these eyes.”

    She turns, her eyes glinting in the light.

    “We have unfinished business you and I. As the time ticks down, I know that it is only inevitable that we will face each other in combat. I do not blame you. I hope that you do not blame me when I defeat you. Maybe I will be doing you a favor by allowing you to live the rest of your days as a mute. I have no desire to return your voice. It has granted me knowledge, insight, and passion beyond my wildest imagination. I find myself reading books to pass the time; literature that you have already read, but for me it’s foreign. I was only acting out of self preservation, and I will continue to do so. To a few people I may look like a monster, and maybe I am.”

    She smiles. Her gaze is like ice.

    “I am driven to do things that no normal people are because so few have been in my situation. Even if you manage to defeat me and I do return your voice along with everything that I took from you that won’t stop me from victimizing someone else. For as long as the curse exists, I will always crave perfection for myself. I will do anything to be perfect, even if I have to step over as many people as possible to get what I want.”

    It’s nothing personal. But predators do not feel remorse for the prey.

    “And that brings me to my opponent for Meltdown. I watch you too Flex, as a former ally of Ramparte’s I am obligated to ensure that none of his old allies target me for revenge. You just happened to get in my way at the start of the Gold Rush tournament. You had no idea what you were up against, did you? Watching my success, I know you were jealous. I made it all the way to the semi-finals. I nearly won the whole thing. I know that you wish that had been you. Failed opportunity after failed opportunity has befallen you ever since. And now you wish to take revenge on me.”

    She laughs.

    “You are even easier to read than Ramparte. I am not an opponent that you can defeat any longer, Flex. With my change in appearance, in attitude, and in name comes the spirit of your former partner. When I took his voice fragments of knowledge came with it, phrases that hark back to your glory days as Cerberus. To you these shells of memory are ancient history, but to me they are weapons at my disposal. I could cripple you with a phrase if I so desired. They’d be Ramparte’s words, but the emotion that they’d hold would be too much for even you to overcome. I need to make an example out of you, and that I shall. You are but a mere stepping stone for me, with nothing to offer up to me in my search for ultimate perfection. Gaze upon me and despair as I pin your shoulders to the mat one more time.”

    Kagura Joheki, the shallow waters that surround this moat of mine are as black as a moonless night. Fortified my castle walls with the voice of a once proud hellhound, those that try and cross are eventually swallowed by an unseen and unfelt depth.

    You are the one that should be worrying…
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