MD 130 - Austin Reynolds vs Logan McAllister

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    I wanted to say that I had a lovely time with the girls today. Can you tell them again that I love them and I’ll see them soon?

    I’ve not been around enough and I’m so sorry for that. I should have said it before but I’ll never stop saying it now. I don’t expect your forgiveness and you deserve more than what I can say. I let you down and I’ve let our kids down.

    I took you through some really dark times. I lost track of myself and every ounce of what made you love me disappeared as well.

    For what it’s worth, I’m in a better place. I got another surgery on my neck and I’m back at work. It’s changed but I’m happy to be there. It’s weird not having you around and Dom too and I’ll always remember the fun that we had together.

    We may not be able to get back to the way things were but I hope that one day it will be normal, whatever that is. No supervised visits, no meetings with lawyers. I’ll do anything for that.



    What is this supposed to be? You think that you can crawl back into my life like this? You put me and our kids through hell & back but you hope that you can work past it? I can’t forget this!

    Our oldest friend died because he helped you out! You left me with our twins when they were weeks old! You’ve not been a part of their lives because you were a pissed wreck who couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.

    I’m struggling to keep our shit together because of what you left us with. I cant even say that I’m happy for you right now because at this point, leaving our girls with you for two hours is torture for me.


    I deserve everything I get.

    You’re right and then some. There’s something else I wanted to tell you. I know it’s not much but I’ve been able to pay off the mortgage. I’ve covered the credit cards and given the money back to your parents. There’s also a little bit in the old joint account.

    For everything that you have been through, this is a token gesture and is the least that I can do.


    I don’t know where this has all come from. Thank you I guess.



    Austin barely glances up from the emails on his phone as the door to the limo is opened in front of him. The words in front of him swirl through his head, replaying in Hayley’s harsh tone among the thoughts of his little girls playing happily together. The driver peers in through the door.

    Driver: We’re here Mr Reynolds.

    Immediately self-aware, Austin pockets his phone and gets out. Even in his most cynical, the object in front of him blows him away.


    The gleaming perfection of the charcoal panels of Steven Holmes’ Lear 40 jet leave Austin stunned. Admiration and jealously flow through him in equal measure until both are swallowed up in no time at all by a sinking feeling, nerves and anticipation combining in the pit of his stomach. With a pat-down of his hair and a rough smoothing of his t-shirt, Austin heads towards the open passenger door.

    The interior is every bit as perfect as the exterior with ivory coloured, leather coated seats with ebony styled lining. For a second Austin ponders whether Holmes would have actual elephant tusk or tropical timber in a place like this. The thought didn’t linger as Austin was convinced that Holmes would consider it an entitlement if not a definitive birthright, having spent some time with The Elite. The man himself twirls around in one of the beautiful armchairs to the right of the aisle.

    Holmes: Here he is.

    Steven stays planted but smiles and gestures to an available chair.

    Holmes: Have a seat lad; you’re making the place look positively untidy.

    Reluctantly Austin sits but wriggles around as he tries to get comfortable.

    Holmes: I trust that you have recovered fully after your gruelling match with that cretin, Daggershield?

    Austin: Theron. Yes thanks.

    Holmes: Excellent stuff. Now I know that the higher ups are very satisfied with your efforts but above all I’m in agreement with that and you have another match to further prove yourself. I don’t doubt that this would just be another simple step in your comeback. You have to face Logan McAllister.

    Austin considers the challenge. He only knew of Logan as the guy who lauded his wife around backstage and out in the ring, most recently at Gold Rush from what Austin could recall. It was the kind of gesture that most would find sweet

    Holmes: That is a hefty endorsement of how you are thought of Austin. Logan has just beaten a former World Champion like you did. He’s a dangerous character, capable of testing your neck with all manner of suplexes. He’s also irrationally popular as well, though I can’t imagine of a single reason why because he talks gibberish.

    Austin: When your best friend is Scottish – I mean was Scottish, the Boston accent isn’t that tough to understand.

    Austin catches himself, cursing his slip of the tongue.

    Holmes: We’ll have an additional challenge because Abel has been paired up with a good friend of ours, Mr Constantine.

    Austin’s face is a picture, there’s no way that he can hide his reaction.

    Holmes: Now I know what you’re thinking and the truth is -

    Austin: Trust me Steven. You have no idea! I went through hell with that twisted skunk and you expect me to buddy up with him because we’re all in your pocket! Now after that little stunt at Meltdown.

    Holmes: Ah yes where we displayed to John our full support and the sheer potential of power that our collective can offer.

    Austin: I was thinking more along the lines of when you put my family over a barrel and forced me to smile about the whole thing.

    Holmes: Austin, Austin, Austin, John Constantine is a knight who can rule WZCW. That’s what you’re here for, to help facilitate all of this. You don’t have to like this but you need to accept it. Don’t pretend to be the innocent party in all this. You’re more than compliant in this alliance.

    Austin is seething. The reality that he is working with his arch-nemesis, where the scars of Three Stages of Hell match had been freshly carved into his memory thanks to recent events.

    Austin: I’m fully aware of how things work. I’m the pawn, you’re the king and Abel is the wrecking ball.

    Austin thinks, once more he is tempted to snap his agreement and to hell with the consequences. But it’s not about him and there is no alternative.

    Austin: Steven, let me make myself utterly clear. This arrangement has to continue so I’ll play ball. I’ll do whatever you ask.

    Holmes: I had no doubt.

    Austin: Please don’t interrupt me.

    Holmes doesn’t react to the immediate put-down from Reynolds, sensing that he can tolerate whatever Austin has to say for the time being.

    Austin: You realise that in the however-many weeks since we struck this deal, I’ve been recovering from the lowest moments a man could possibly feel. The death of my best friend, losing my wife and kids; all of it happened because I couldn’t control my own downward spiral. I’ve recovered from all of that thanks to you. I’m sober, as physically and mentally capable as I have been in over five years. So as crazy as this is to say, you are a reliable presence in my life. I am in debt for what you have given. You need from me at the moment, a repeat showing against Logan McAllister.

    Steven nods; he turns and twists his hands in almost unbridled glee.

    Austin: That’s fine because I’m itching to get back in the ring. That feels great to say because I don’t remember the last time that I felt like this.

    Holmes: Austin you had some regrets about this whole endeavour. You seem to be changing your mind.

    Austin: You know I’ve spent some time with my little girls recently and it’s only recently dawned on me that it’s all come about thanks to you. Your intervention is what separates me and Logan. He has his family, the fans on his side and I don’t have much of anything like that. But most importantly, he has not been forgotten by WZCW yet. It’ll happen eventually to him, to Theron and maybe one day they’ll understand the position I’m in. Logan thinks he has everything he needs, family, a great career. He thinks he is respected but it all means nothing. His win at Gold Rush means nothing, just like losing to Matt Tastic means nothing. What we did at Gold Rush, after so much time setting up for it; that was something.

    The glee on Holmes’ face fails to dissipate as he revels in Austin’s praise of their relationship. Austin doesn’t feel glee or anything resembling it and the emptiness ties knots in his stomach.

    Austin: Without your involvement, I could be happy to come back here and plod along, just worry about surviving like Logan or satisfied with mediocrity like Theron. But you’ve brought me back and shown me that what I had before isn’t enough. I can still achieve something tangible and I don’t need anything.

    Holmes: We can make you better, better than you were before. The neck surgery was only the start.

    Austin: That’s not why you came to me Steven. The Ratings Winner crashed and burned a long time ago and then he died on the operating table when his neck couldn’t be fixed. I can never be in that place again. The best I can hope is to have no regrets, accept why I am here and just ignore everything else.

    Austin hesitates for a moment. He tries to clear his mind but the tangled history of The Power Trip and The Ratings Winner dominates his thoughts. That Austin could survive this combustible alliance as part of a working relationship, let alone thrive as part of it – the idea doesn’t sit well. Logan McAllister has to take focus, front and centre for now and it cannot happen here and now.

    Austin: Can I go?

    Holmes nods and turns his chair, seemingly dismissing him without a gesture. Austin could care less as he quickly leaves .The overwhelming surge of emotions has bounded up from his gut and momentarily obstructs his trachea as he steps onto the concrete. The explosion from his mouth just misses the steps of the jet but the only thing that Austin can process right now is the remorse over this direct alliance with Constantine. He runs towards the limo and slams the door shut. For all that the alliance with Holmes means for the future and how it entangles with the past, Austin cannot stand the twisted decadence that Holmes represents in his life now.
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