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    Wind is howling through the minute pores between the screws bolted to the windows. The sound is amplified to his ears, as the intellectual one, Vee A.D.Z., is leaning close towards it. His eyes are shut, but neither his ears nor his senses; he has been trying to identify the resonance at which the howling passes through the helixes on the screw. Suddenly, a subtle voice alters its resonance. It is not the noise outside, not the turbulence in wind, much unlikely it is the soothing voice of his Girlfriend Sara which alters the resonance.

    Sara: Oh come on Hunny! How long you’ll be trying to hear these inaudible sounds. Look to the outside, how beautiful the city of Vancouver is! The weather, the small frost of snow that’s been trying to disappear and the leaves budding out of the dry branches, it reminds me the autumn of Växjö.

    Vee opens his eyes with a bright smile and glances outside. He notices the roads here and there amid the masses of slightest of snows which are waiting for the sunlight to disappear. Apparently, there doesn’t seem to be any signs of the sun appearing in that overcast weather. But still the city looks bright and beautiful.

    Vee: Do you know why the snow is white whereas its primary form of matter is colourless?

    Sara simply nods her head side to side, gesturing her answer as a blunt No.

    Vee: Because, the refractive index of water is merely 1.33 which doesn’t support any formidable form of refraction. But the snow is a close of pack of ice crystals and each have a different refractive index which makes the lights to blend in together to give snow the bright white purest form of light! Fascinating, isn’t it?!

    Sara: Nerd…

    Vee: You should say something other than this same One-word exclamation every time.

    He growls at her playfully for which she responds with a shrug.

    Sara: I might do comment more about it, but right now, your science isn’t the primacy. I have a huge concern; it’s about something very important.

    The curiosity of the thoughts in her mind is reflecting on her face which makes Vee to wonder how could he not have predicted that before.

    Vee: What is about Hun?

    Sara: Do you remember the night after Kingdom Come? I asked you why you hadn’t used the Coast to Coast Missile Dropkick in the past two years. For which I never received an answer. But how, why and when did you decide to use that against M last night?

    For each question how, why and when that was asked, as soon as it reaches his ears, Vee started to get more fascinated about the inquiry.

    Vee: Ah right, I will tell you. The truth is, I was scared to use that move ever again. But last night, when I was facing M in the ring, it was agonizing to see myself at the verge of defeat in the very first round of the Gold Rush. But one small mistake by M which made me realize, if he can gamble with his injured leg, why couldn’t I? It might be a foolish decision of his to Leg drop, but if a considerably experienced competitor as such him is ready to gamble with his body, a young lad such as I should cross horizon.

    Sara: And the commentators called that as Coup de graĉe?

    Vee: Fascinating, wasn’t that? But I reckon that was more fitting than ever. It means, “Death blow of Mercy”. I wouldn’t want my apparent friend Mr. M to be suffering with that injured leg to compete further in that match. Consider the end to the match as a Coup de graĉe.

    They both share a brief amount of laughter as the bus travels further into the beautiful city of Vancouver.


    Three days before Meltdown 127…

    Winter weather is certainly a bad time of the year for the habitual joggers. But for the perfectionists as such Vee A.D.Z. it has never been a concern; anyhow, not for his Girlfriend Sara. They started to jog together but Vee had taken over her with his agility. He covers quite a distance ahead of her before stopping and waiting for his Girlfriend to join him. She catches her breath and swipes away the tiny trickles of crystal like sweat drops off her forehead.

    Sara: Alright Hun, let me relax for a while… uhh… you know it was announced just a while back that you’ve a Triple Threat Match this following week on Meltdown.

    Vee himself is catching his breath after that jog. He swipes his hands across his nose.

    Vee: Yes, against Noah Ryder and once again, Mr. M. I came to know that too.

    He grabs both the sides of his waist, standing tall and inhales sharply before continuing to talk.

    Vee: Both are such a great wrestlers and had proven to me quite a few times. Obviously M had given me a tough competition in the first round of Gold Rush; apparently he’ll be fuming to prove himself. Noah Ryder, I don’t need to appraise him much, his integrity is the reflection of the KFAD Briefcase he holds at the moment.

    Sara stands straight and stretches her arms upwards.

    Sara: So what’s your plan?

    Vee: You know the one thing that M taught me in our past few outings together? Plans do fail. It may work like wonders with many others, but certainly plans won’t work against M. All I need to do is find an opening spot just like I did the last time against him. It seems like the same against Noah Ryder as well. He seems to be trying to remember his past days by reading notes? No wonder he is unpredictable. Who would know, when he wakes up in the morning, whether he will be a Cunning Jackal or a Brave Tiger?

    Sara smirks at him and rests her hands on his shoulders and exhales again before conversing with him.

    Sara: What are you going to be? A Cunning Jackal or a Brave Tiger or what? Unnatural Octopus? Ha!

    Vee: Speaking of unnaturally nature of an Octopus, do you know the number of chromosome pairs in the DNA of an Octopus is way higher than that of any living being in Earth? That creates a speculation amongst the biologists, Octopus might can be an alien which can survive only in water. Hmm interesting, now that raises a question of my own! There are no other water forms in any planet in our Solar system, which means, Octopus should be from some other some other solar system!! Or even from some other galaxy!

    Sara curtails his excitation with a sharp glare.

    Sara: Before speculating more, answer my question!

    Vee: I will be just me Hunny. That might sound like an 80s movie catchphrase, but being myself is the best way to lock horns with bizarre personalities such as M and Noah Ryder.

    Sara: We’ll find out in a few weeks, won’t we?

    Vee: Definitely!

    They look at each other’s eyes briefly which exchanged the real meaning of rather small words they both uttered.


    A few hours before Meltdown 127…

    Vee checks his kneecaps before strapping them on, he runs his fingers over his sore calf muscles, checking their stability. If one thing Vee concerned more about his body, is the unreal strength of his legs. He pulls up a pair of long socks on; just as he is tying his shoe laces, he hears some screeching sound from the inside of the Locker room shower. Anticipating the source of it, the fearless Vee walks inside.

    He walks pass the door to see three big mirrors are attached to all three sides of the walls respectively. He is so certain that the screech came from one of those mirrors, but quite surprisingly the room is completely empty. He walks further ahead to see his own reflection in the mirror right in front of him. He turns to the left slightly; again it is his reflection. Perks of having an Intelligence Quotient of over 140, he notices something unnerving in that reflection in the left-side mirror.

    Vee: (voice-over) Strange, I don’t have wrinkles in my forehead, neither do have any dark patches around my eyes.

    Vimal: (voice-over from the left) Oh you don’t mate! But I do. I worry for all of us, quite necessarily.

    Vee alias: (voice-over from the right) Travesty. I never worry, I’m stronger than both of you.

    Vee swiftly turns his head to his right, he finds the own reflection of him in the mirror, but with an uncharacteristic smirk with eyebrows raised in a cocky gesture. The voices that had baffling through his head finally have decided to show up their faces.


    Vee stands stale with his head bowed down, but those voices haven’t shut down yet. He regretted for his uncharacteristic yell.

    Vimal: (voice-over) He is The Necessary Evil. Being said that as an Evil, he still is under your skin, under your control.

    Vee alias: (voice-over) What you’re then, tosser. You’re more of the Evil that I am.

    Vee raises his head up in utter confusion with this inside war. He sees his very own reflection in the mirror ahead of him. He dares to look either side of him but he couldn’t.

    Vee: Hallucinations eh? If under control, why are you both baffling with my head?

    Vimal: (voice-over) You still don’t understand; do you mate?

    Vee alias: (voice-over) And he still considers himself as brilliant than anyone!

    Vee loses his patience and knees on the floor before delivering a hard punch to the bathroom floor.

    Vee: What should I infer from all of this? Just be clear and That’s all!!

    Vimal: (voice-over) Calm down, mate. Temper temper. When we said we are the Necessary Evil, we mean that we’re an integral part of you, that completes you. Consider me being the Cunning Jackal…

    Vee alias: (voice-over) … and me the Brave tiger! You can consider yourself as an Intellect Human, but the verity of it is that, it is just a delusion. You are not intellect as you think without either of us. We deem what’s necessary for you! Just like when you used Coup de grace, or when you knocked down Justin Cooper with Mawashi Geri or even when you used Airbourne end off the podium at KFAD match.

    Vee: It was my decision! I took that with my heart and when it was necessary!!

    After screaming out those fierce words, Vee recollects himself as he finds something peculiar in that statement.

    Vee: (voice-over) Right yes, When it was necessary… Which means…

    Vimal: (voice-over) Yes, when it was necessary.

    Vee alias: (voice-over) We aren’t baffling with your head, mate. We are just trying to help you solve the puzzle. Soon you will.

    Vee stands up on his feet and swiftly glances to either side of the mirror, but he could find nothing but the pure reflection of him. Vee realizes those are neither his alter egos nor his personalities. But they’re something much more important than that, something necessary. The questions of Sara, “why and when did you decide to use that against M last night?” makes all sense now. That decision was taken why and when, because it was necessary. He relishes this brief moment, although it isn’t solved completely, it seems to be all necessary. He tightens his shoe lace before wearing his gloves; walks out of the room with his head up. The voices in his head seems to be something necessary for the very first time.

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    Following his embarrassing loss to Vee A.D.Z. on Ascension, M decided to take a little bit of time to relax in Milan. There, he would meet with a friendly Koala in the cafe section of his hotel to discuss friendly things in a friendly tone of such friendliness that there would be no doubt that they were, in fact, friends...

    Koala: Oi I'm down here ya shitcunt!

    The cafe that M had chosen for the meeting did not happen to have high chairs for the vertically impaired, meaning the friendly Koala had to climb up the side of the chair opposite the sitting maniac and take his place on the table itself while an awkward stare followed his every move...

    M: You better have the stuff or you'll be more than just a marsupial...

    Gleams came from the teeth of M's cuddly wuddly friend as he reached into a pouch and pulled out a zip lock baggie containing 17 Polaroids of windmills and a screwdriver.

    M: Ohhhhhhh baby....

    While M frantically checked the watermarked seal of verification on the screwdriver to ensure that it was in fact purchased from Subway, the Koala flipped onto its back expectantly...

    Koala: Mate don't scrooge me on your side of the deal!

    And the tickle fight began, man and koala enjoying the oldest of rituals as crowds of onlookers viciously applauded until their palms bled...


    M: That's all I remember I swear!

    M sits on a wooden chair in a dark room, a bright light shining on his eyes as he pleads his ignorance...

    ???: So you mean to say you got worked into a screwdriver and windmill image induced frenzy after a tickle fight with a Koala?

    M: Frenzy? What are you on about?!

    ???: Our men had to rip you away from a potted plant you were giving the dreaded M Special! Don't you remember anything?

    M's face pales a shade at the mention of him giving the modified dragon sleeper to an innocent pot plant...

    ???: Do the words "I'm going to murder you right here and make your children watch unless you give me the keys to your Toyota Corolla" ring any bells?

    M scrunches his brow, trying to find some sort of reasoning behind him trying to gain entry to a plant's car through violence...

    ???: Okay then how about this?

    A book slams against M's face and falls into his lap. A horrified M slowly lifts the book as his eyes widen with the recognition of the title, and everything comes flooding back...

    WZCW Booking Final Draft


    M had pieced together the vital parts of information gained from the secret code of the 17 different windmill Polaroids, and gained the location of WZCW booking headquarters. M knew that to achieve his goal he would need more than just his manly charm, so he headed to the nearest Subway with the screwdriver in hand...

    Subway Girl (Eat Fresh!): So, uh, like, what kind of bread do you want?

    The disinterested girl was not expecting the supervillain to come charging into her work, but she didn't really care. She was in that phase of her teens where like nothing sorta makes you go "wow" anymore, y'know?

    M: This screwdriver is faulty! I desire to return it for store credit!

    Subway Girl (Eat Fresh!): Uh, can you, like, prove that it doesn't work and stuff?

    M sensed his chance. He knew that to obtain the necessary number of beetroot slices he would need to pull this off with extra precision, and the beads of sweat flying down his cheeks as he dug into the beets with the screwdriver just served to accentuate the fact.

    Subway Girl (Eat Fresh!): Like, that's totally not how it should work, uhh, here's some store credit stuff and you can like keep those beetroot slices.

    M was fairly happy with the 12 store credits he had acquired in the process, but the main prize was the knowledge that he had more than enough slices of beetroot needed to complete his plan...

    The booking quarters of WZCW were hard to find, but luckily enough those Polaroids of windmills had more than enough clues written in scratchy but clear writing below the images to find the fabled dungeon...

    M had dug in just the right space of grass out the back of a Taco Bell and arrived at his destination - the buried glass ceiling he'd heard legends about in the past. However, he was not prepared for what he would see through the glass...

    Booker No.1: And with the binding of the spine, it shall be known that at the Gold Rush Pay Per View, Dr Zeus must defend his WZCW World Championship against both Mikey Stormrage and Constantine!

    Bookers 2-7: Let it be booked!

    M was careful to lay flat on his stomach to cover up any glimmer of light that may alert the seven bookers, but it seemed that was for naught as they were too preoccupied spraying whipped cream on leather body pillows featuring prints of Eve Taylor, and their eyes were focused on Booker No.1 watching intently as he hammered the spine of that particular book into place...

    M watched for hours as they deliberated, even getting a little into the whole shindig during the arrangements of Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper's tag title match, but he knew when he should pounce...

    Booker No.1: And now our last match up! Guys how cute are M and Vee A.D.Z. together??

    Bookers 2-7: They are pretty freaking cute!

    Booker No.1: I know right! We should totes have them in a match again!

    M wasn't exactly prepared for the things he was hearing. M didn't particularly want to hear the details explaining how these white robed men were full on Tumblr-ing him and the other guy in some sort of "shipped" real life fan fiction week in week out since he came back. M just wanted his space. M would decide on his own whether or not he would fall for the guy he'd been stuck with. M knew they were incompatible. Stuck up psychos with a very loose grasp on the English language were never his fetish, and he wasn't going to just ditch his beloved Teru just because he's been "booked" that way again...

    Booker No.1: How adorable will it be when they lock eyes in the three way with Noah Ryder?!

    Bookers 2-7: Kyaa~ it's too cute!

    Coincidentally, the monotone "Kyaa~" of the bookers pushed M over the edge, causing him to smash through the glass just as the spine of the book was being brought out. Before any of the bookers could react, M had thrown the beetroot slices onto their white robes, staining them indefinitely. His plan to then steal the book from the now defeated bookers and prevent the match from ever happening, however, hit a snag when their guard plant raced onto the booking table, scooped up the book with its spine, and sped off in its Toyota Corolla...


    ???: Oh god... I probably shouldn't have hammered in that spine myself...

    M looks at the freshly hammered spine deciding his fate and sighs to himself...

    M: Yeah... Well there's nothing we can do about it now... Am I allowed to leave? I've, uh, got a match I've got to prepare for...

    ???: Ahh yes, let me get the lights...

    A click is heard and the interrogation room is now fully seen in all its grey box-y goodness. The figure standing in the centre of the room shines with a bright blue aura, his royally blue military outfit matching the indescribable blue sheen of both his hair and the katana hanging on his blue belt. Without one shadow of a doubt, M recognises this man as Prince Purple.

    Purple: So... Wanna train for this match you have?

    M: You're on, Princeypants.

    They walk through the corridors of the Prince's Milan headquarters and exit onto a transformed tennis court, four nets enclosing a makeshift ring...

    M: Wrestling on this? Think of the skinned knees! That's a tad macabre for a training session don't you think!

    Prince Purple throws his katana to the corner and backflips into the court/ring/thing, beckoning M to follow...

    Purple: Nawww is my little M too scared of a wittle boo boo? Tell you what, beat me and I'll give you the location of General Green.

    M tries to hide his excitement at getting his straight man back into his comedy three piece, but he knows that as second in command for the organisation, the Prince would definitely know Green's whereabouts. Grumbling to himself, M shuffles himself over to the net and does his own backflip into the arena...

    Purple: Okay, watch out because I'm not gonna hold back here!

    Prince Purple's blue aura expands hugely, forcing M to shield his eyes as he gets used to the light. Purple uses this as an opportunity to attack and M is struck with two punches at the same time...

    Staggering to his feet in confusion, M sees the source of the double punch - a duplicated Prince Purple standing alongside the original!

    M: Oh come on that's cheating!

    The Purples laugh in unison...

    Purples: Hahaha! But that book says you're up against two opponents! I'd get used to it if I were you!

    M: Yeah, but it's not a handicap match! I'd get massacred!

    One of the Purples appears next to M's face with a deathly grin...

    Purples: Do you think Noah's going to remember that? The guy is the holder of King for a Day, and if I were someone who markets themselves as a mastermind I'd surely have a plan to get him on my side...

    The Purple smacks M flying into the net...

    M: But tricking a guy like that is just... Evil...

    M rebounds off the net into a kick that sends him into the corner where he crumples into a seated position...

    Purples: You of all people should know that sometimes even the good guys do something evil to win...

    A Purple leaps from the opposite corner to deliver a dropkick to M, but as he's in the air, M starts thinking...

    Maybe he should be evil.
    Evil... In a good way...
    Not to get what he wants.
    To get what the fans want.
    Right now, the fans want his god damned comedy buddy General Green back, and so he's going to get him back any way he can.
    But is he really a villain?

    M reaches desperately behind him...

    M: I think we're done here...

    M stands up, Prince Purple's blue katana in his hands pointing at a shocked Purple who luckily tumbled down and stopped himself from being impaled.

    As M slowly walks out of Purple's complex and back on to the streets of Milan, he thinks a little about what Purple talked about during the "practice"...

    M and Noah Ryder aren't so different.
    A loss of memory is surely similar to a struggle with identity.
    Both of them are doomed to search for answers.
    M could use that.
    They could destroy the letter man, make a meal out of his alphabet soup.

    M doesn't care for revenge, and Noah surely can't remember if he does himself, but to give his fans their happy ending he might need to convince Noah that he does.
    Is that evil?
    Is wanting to make the fans happy evil?
    What ends justify what means?

    M won't care about those things when he's in the match, but he sure as hell will every other second.
    Noah doesn't care at all, why care when you can't remember, right?
    M is a tad more tragic than that.
    M is fairly simple in his complications.
    M just misses his friends.
    M just misses himself.
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    1... 2... 3...

    The sound of the bell ringing and the fans cheering plays. Noah Ryder sits by himself in a locker room, untieing his boots. His KFAD briefcase sits prominently beside him on the bench. Sweat pours down his face and he pants tiredly as he pulls off his last boot. Noah tosses it to the side, and in the process knocks over some cardboard tubes that fall onto him. Unexpectedly, Noah snaps, grabbing his briefcase and smashing the flimsy cardboard. Victorious, Noah puts down his briefcase and continues getting changed. Steven walks casually into the locker room and surveys the situation.

    Steven: Did a storm just pass by in here?

    Noah doesn't reply back immediately. He continues taking off his ring gear and putting on some clothes.

    Ryder: We need to get home and record the events of tonight.

    Steven: Come on Leonard. Can't we just go out and forget about tonight?

    Ryder: Nope, not happening.

    Noah grabs his bags and briefcase and heads to the door. Steven throws his arms up in the air.

    Steven: Leonard just let it go. Let yourself reset and forget. You know you can.

    Noah opens the door and mutters quietly.

    Ryder: Yea, and that's why she left.

    Noah wakes up. He's standing backstage in his wrestling gear ready to compete. Beside him is Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Leonard did you here me? I said, she's not quite ready for an online relationship. She says that's the one thing keeping us from dating. Can you believe that, 21st century and she doesn't want to date online. She's created a profile on 5 different dating sites according to her profile.

    Ryder: Yea that's strange.

    Kensworth: Enough about my steamy dating life. We should be talking your match tonight against Vee A.D.Z. and M.

    Noah takes the mic from Leon's hands.

    Ryder: At least you can have a dating life.

    Ryder motions Leon away and goes solo with his interview.

    Ryder: I've always wanted to do something like this, but who am I kidding. I'll always want to do something like this. I could feel incredibly different about things, but only if I chose to, only if I plan to. If I leave things to spur of the moment I'm repeating myself. I don't want to be the same person each and every week. I want to change, I want to evolve. Every since I won this briefcase I've been caught doing the same things, repeating the same mistakes, forgetting why I was so successful in the first place. I've gone from wrestling the best, to wrestling a bunch of letters. V.A.D.Z.M? What the hell is that? I wake up and the first thing I see is not only am I a WZCW wrestler, but I am KFAD. That I defeated 5 other wrestlers to win this. To learn then that things haven't gone well since is frustrating, frustrating because no matter how detailed the notes are I can't quite figure out what went wrong. Tonight I have to stop the wrong, tonight I have to turn a page where the result is positive, where I can look at my progress and say to I'm ready. Whoever the hell the champion is, I want them to fear when my music hits. Tonight's match against Vadzm needs to set that tone. Or else I'm just going to continue repeating my mistakes.

    Noah hands Leon the mic and leaves.
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