MD 127 - S.H.I.T versus Ty Burna

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    Submissions for this match should be submitted before Tuesday the 1st of March at 23:59 EST
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    S.H.I.T walks through the back after advancing to the next round of the Gold Rush Tournament, beating the current KFAD briefcase holder Noah Ryder to move on and already aware of its next opponent, the now dastardly Kagura. As it makes its way back to its habitat, it sees a familiar face, that of backstage worker Bob, a harmless WZCW employee that S.H.I.T nevertheless enjoyed tormenting a long while ago.

    Greetings, backstage worker Bob, do you know who I am? It asked almost carelessly.

    The question clearly throws Bob off balance, as he stumbles over his answer for a while before stuttering "well, yes, you... you are..."

    Now much more menacingly the Machine walks right up to Bob until they are face to face, S.H.I.T's eyes mercilessly boreing into Bob's own. Who am I, Bob? It asked again, each syllable like a blow to the head, with Bob wincing at each one.

    "You are S.H.I.T" he replied, avoiding choking on his words.

    Thank you Said S.H.I.T, before continuing on its way.

    S.H.I.T stares at its own reflection in the glass of an old abandoned cabinet, noting the red eyes and terrible expression it always wore, even this face was a kinder one than the one it had witnessed on that computer screen. S.H.I.T may fight for fun, but it didn't destroy the helpless, well, it never left the helpless beyond recovery at least. It had committed monstrous acts, but nothing like those listed under the other face.

    It inspected its hands, its appearance, it thought about the trials it had faced in its short lifetime. Perhaps this was its penance?

    It immediately shrugged of that notion, it was not the same as that other, the one who had given up his life to become something greater. Men like that were going to bring this Human world down, they were going to bring the apocalypse, one less of them was no bad thing. How many other beings get a second chance? A fresh start? A chance to truly destroy the monster.

    It looked back at its reflection, the red eyes staring back. The face it was staring at started to morph around those eyes, no longer was it stoic and unrelenting, but laughing maniacally, with human features and jet black hair. It was a face it had come to know well, although S.H.I.T wondered if Ty Burna recalled it very much, a man like that makes many enemies. A monster like that makes many enemies. The eyes though, they were the same as S.H.I.T's.

    For too long you manipulated me. S.H.I.T uttered to the reflection, which didn't deign to reply, but instead morphed back into the Machines own more familiar, more comforting design.

    Luckily the Gold Rush tournament could be put on hold, Kagura wasn't forgotten about, she herself embodied traits S.H.I.T was starting to hate, but Ty Burna suddenly being thrown into the Machines crosshairs after years of waiting was too good an opportunity to pass up, it had relished every opportunity it had to get its hands on him, not only because of their shared past, but because Ty was the best of the best, and as long as S.H.I.T could go toe to toe with him, it could do that with anyone.

    I am the freak they all said I am, S.H.I.T said, but I am a freak with a second chance, the chance to do the only thing I was ever good at, the chance to fight, to have fun.

    It turned away from the glass reflection and looked back into its habitat, a derelict building, one that looks only moments away from collapsing, the kind of place it feels most at home in. The chance to have fun on my own terms, perhaps I was the monster once, but where is the challenge in that? It said, its movements becoming jerkier with each word, destroying the monster is the challenge, where the real fun is!

    It picks up a brick, turning and hurling it through the glass of the cabinet and through its own reflection, it walks over to the remnants and stands over the shards, looking down, countless S.H.I.T's staring back at it, each looking more deranged than the last.

    I am the freak you made me, you who would tear your own world down just to spite your enemies, who am I not to embrace that? Who am I not to tear all you monsters down? Who am I not to enjoy myself while I do it?

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    The scene opens to inside the office of Ty Burna, dark mahogany covers the room from top to bottom. Sitting behind a large desk is the aforementioned one half of the Tag Team Champions. He types away swiftly at his keyboard, folders and papers strewn all over the desk. He sighs as he sits back, withdrawing a cigarette and lighting it, exhaling slowly when suddenly his phone rings. He picks up and answers.

    Ty: What do you got for me?

    ???: Nothing until you agree to the usual terms.

    Ty: I thought that was implied. How long have we been dealing with one another Tyler?

    Tyler: Long enough I suppose. Still you know I need a verbal agreement before my services are rendered.

    Ty: Look I'd love to sit here and fire shots back and forth at one another, but time is of the essence in this matter. I'll stop by your office at ten tonight. Clear?

    Tyler: Crystal. Bring the money.

    The call ends as Ty shakes his head, finishing his cigarette and putting it out in the ash tray. He looks at the notes strewn all over and shakes his head, collecting them and organizing them. He tosses the pile back on the desk before standing up, making his way out of the office. Walking downstairs he rubs the back of his neck, cracking it as he walks into the living room. His daughter Skylar comes running into the room and latches onto his leg. He smiles as he reaches down and ruffles her hair.

    Ty: Hey princess, what are you up to?

    Skylar: Oh nothing, I'm just bored. Can you play with me daddy?

    Ty: You know it's almost bed time.

    Skylar: I know.....but just for a little bit please?

    Ty smiles and lifts her up into his arms, sitting down with her. He reaches down and grabs a book, and begins reading to her. Skylar smiles and reads along, when suddenly Arianna walks into the room.

    Arianna: Dear, what show are you on this week again?

    Ty: Meltdown, and I face an old friend of ours.

    Arianna: Oh? And who would that be?

    Ty: S.H.I.......

    Ty stops as Arianna gets an angered look on her face, pointing towards Skylar. Skylar tilts her head a bit, confused at what's going on.

    Skylar: Daddy, who are you fighting this week?

    Ty: I'm facing a robot this week.

    Skylar: Oh! I remember him! What was his name again? It was S.....H......

    Ty: NO!
    Ariannna: NO!

    Both Arianna and Ty quickly cover Skylar's mouth, shaking their heads. Skylar's eyes go wide as tears begin to well up.

    Skylar: Did I say something wrong? Am I in trouble?

    Arianna: No of course not hunnie, it's just that the robot has a bad word for a name, and we don't want you spelling that in school ok?

    Skylar: But mommy, all I was spelling was S.H.I.T. That's his name right?

    Ty winces and closes his eyes as Arianna sighs as Skylar begins running around the room, spelling S.H.I.T.'s name over and over again.

    Arianna: Ty, you're fixing this.

    Ty: Me? You're the one that tells her to spell everything she can.

    Arianna: It's your former Apostle.

    Ty sighs and shakes his head as Arianna walks away, grabbing Skylar as she runs by. He sets her down as she giggles.

    Skylar: S. H. I. T. Wait, daddy what does that spell?

    Ty: Skylar Rose! What did we tell you about spelling that out?

    Skylar: But I'm just saying the weird robot's name is all daddy.

    Ty leans his head back, figuring out his neck plan when he leans forward suddenly.

    Ty: See that's the thing Sky, the robot changed his name.

    Skylar: Robots can change their names? Can I change mine?

    Ty: Yes they can, and no you can't. Listen, he's got a new name now, a name you'd really like.

    Skylar: Really? What is it daddy?

    Ty: Uh.......I think it's S.P.O.T. He changed the I for an O. So call him Spot from now on ok?

    Skylar: He didn't change his name, Spot is a dog's name!

    Ty: How about P.I.N.K.?

    Skylar: He's a color now?

    Ty: Well he's always been kind of a brown box color...

    Skylar: Can I give him a new name?

    Ty: Sure, go ahead.

    Skylar: I'm calling him Bubbles.

    Ty laughs as he shakes his head, good enough he supposes. He brings the book back up and begins reading the book as it fades away, returning to a darkened room, an ebony throne in the middle. Ty sits on it, his eyes glowing red as he holds his half of the WZCW Tag Team Championship in his hand. He leans forward, his elbow on top of his leg as he stares at the camera.

    Ty: The Apostles of Chaos were the most dominant group in WZCW history. Not many of us remain to this day however. In fact there is only two, myself and the robot known as S.H.I.T. We are the remaining remnants of that greatness, the two left standing. It is a shame we have not crossed paths since our time as allies S.H.I.T., though that does not mean I have not kept tabs on you. I have watched from the distance, and you have grown even stronger since I took you under my wing. You have taken Barbosa to his absolute limits, and defeated him no less at Kingdom Come. I applaud your efforts S.H.I.T. but you are still not prepared to face me.

    Ty slowly stands up, lifting his tag team title onto his shoulder as he walks forward slowly, lifting his championship belt up high.

    Ty: I will not fill your circuits with pleasantries S.H.I.T., I am the man that made you who you are today. Without me there would be no murderous robot ready to go on a rampage at a moment's notice. I was the catalyst for your rebirth! And so now I stand in front of the monster I have created. The killing machine perfected by my hands. And the bulls eye is squarely between my eyes.

    Ty closes his eyes and throws his head back, breathing in deeply before opening his eyes once more, his eyes glowing even brighter, a wicked grin on his face as he laughs wildly.

    Ty: I salivate at the thought of this battle S.H.I.T.! Do you not feel the same way? The two remaining remnants of Chaos doing battle for the first time? The electricity is palpable, the adrenaline is rushing through my veins. As I watched you Piston Chop the face of Titus to a bloody pulp so many years ago, I knew full well this day would come sooner or later! And so now we shall finally put down the Epilogue for the Apostles of Chaos, the leader and the most unlikely of prized students! Show me why I picked you so long ago to join my ranks! Force me to bleed and show the mortal frame that I inhabit, for it is only then that I ascend the heights that are incomparable to that of a mere human.

    Ty's laughter echoes throughout the room before slowly ending, his grin disappearing into a sneer.

    Ty: You are more worthy of facing me in battle than those two worms that think they can strip this title away from me. I hope you are watching Keaton, because this is what WZCW is truly about. Two great warriors going to war simply for pride and bragging rights. So keep your eyes wide open. Watch as I eviscerate someone I considered an ally, and watch the destruction that can be left in my wake. I have defeated the greats of the Mayhem division. I have slain the greatest warriors WZCW have ever brought forth, you shall know your place sooner than later boy, and by then you will find yourself broken under my boot. And don't think for one minute that your partner Justin Cooper will save you. Cry for me Cooper. Complain about my actions all you want, it just shows how little you have learned in your time here. The people cheer my name, but know this, I am still the great warrior that does whatever is necessary to win. And I shall prove it once again against S.H.I.T. Your whining does nothing more than to fuel my anger. Respect from you means nothing, respect from a great fighter like S.H.I.T. means the world to someone like myself. Face it....

    Ty lifts his right hand up, curling it into a fist as the darkness completely surrounds him, only his red eyes showing in the darkness. His face suddenly appears, white as if a ghost, the edges of his being swirling in the dark. Laughter echoes throughout once more.

    Ty: Your lives are forfeit at the throne of Chaos!

    Thus it is written.

    So it shall come to pass!

    The scene fades away for several moments before coming back up inside a small smoky office, a man in a suit sits with a smoking pipe in his mouth. The door suddenly slams open as Ty walks in, standing across the desk from the man. The man looks up disinterested.

    Tyler: You got the money?

    Ty: What do you think?

    Ty reaches into his own suit jacket, withdrawing a large stack of bills and drops it on the desk with a loud thud. Tyler looks at the money before slowly moving and retrieving a folder from the other side of the desk, sliding it across to Ty. Ty picks it up and sits down, flipping through the papers. Tyler meanwhile reaches out and picks up the money, flipping through the bills slowly.

    Tyler: Clean or dirty money?

    Ty: Like it really matters to you?

    Tyler: Can't hurt to ask, especially when you're asking information on cartel leaders.

    Ty looks up at Tyler and his eyes go wide for a moment.

    Ty: Cartel leaders?

    Tyler: Third page.

    Ty pulls out the third page, reading through it as his eyes go wide. He looks back up at Tyler, who simply shrugs with indifference.

    Ty: This can't be right.

    Tyler: Hey man, no refunds. You know my information is good.

    Ty: Caidos, what have you gotten yourself in the middle of?

    Ty quickly stands and nods to Tyler, making his way out of the office as he quickly dials his phone as the scene cuts out.
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