MD 127 - Gold Rush: Veejay versus Logan McAllister

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    Submissions for this match should be submitted before Tuesday the 1st of March at 23:59 EST
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    A week removed from Gold Rush 2015

    Veejay was sitting quietly in his room. It was hard to tell whether he was meditating, or simply lost in thoughts. His face was as expressionless as it could be. The final bell of his match against Dorian Slaughter in the finals of the Gold Rush tournament was still ringing in his head.

    Veejay (Voice over): So close, yet so far. The WZCW World Heavyweight Championship was mine for the taking. But I tapped out! I gave up! I lost my shot at the title.

    Veejay’s expression changed from nothing to sadness to anger. His inner turmoil was showing up on his face.

    Veejay (voice over): How could I not see it coming? Damn Dorian, damn Ty! Two dirtiest players of WZCW jumped me, and I couldn’t see it coming? How could I not?

    His train of thought was broken by the ringtone of his cell phone. It was Saffron.

    Saffron (over phone): Hey, honey. I was thinking if we…

    Veejay: No!

    Saffron: How long would you keep yourself locked up in your house? You cannot keep shutting me out. I am coming over to pick you up and then we are going out for lunch.

    Veejay: I said n….

    Saffron had already hung up. Veejay looked in no mood to go out and he was ready to tell Saffron off. In around 10 minutes, Saffron arrived.

    Saffron: You haven’t dressed up yet? Come on, we are going out. Hurry up!

    Veejay: I am in no mood to go anywhere.

    Saffron: I am not going to take no for an answer. Look at yourself! What have you done to yourself? For god’s sake, you are a superstar!

    Veejay: Who are you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do? I don’t take orders from you.

    An awkward silence followed. Saffron was bewildered, a little hurt as well.

    Veejay: I… I didn’t mean tha…

    Saffron was trying hard to regain her composure.

    Saffron: Veejay, honey. I understand you lost a very important match, and you’re upset about it; however, you cannot shut people out, at least not those who care about you.

    Veejay didn’t seem much interested. He just walked away, not knowing what to say. Saffron, however, could feel the tumult inside Veejay’s mind.

    Saffron: I love you, Veejay, I really do. I can’t see you like this. Yes, you lost your shot at the title, so what? You’ll get another chance; I am sure you’ll win it.

    Veejay: You don’t understand, do you? You don’t understand what that championship means to me. It’s not about the money, and it’s not about the fame. It’s about proving myself to everyone, once and for all. It’s about proving me to myself!

    Veejay wasn’t succeeding in holding onto his emotions.

    Veejay: Every waking moment of my life, I have been known by my father’s name. No matter what I did, I was always my dad’s son. Mr. Chauhan’s son. Even when I found all this success is the industry, it was still my dad’s name. All these years, everything I did felt hollow because I was Vijay Chauhan. Even after changing my name to Veejay, I was still a Chauhan.

    Saffron: I understand, Veej…

    Veejay: No you don’t! I lost my mother to that guy! I wanted nothing to do with his name, yet everytime I wanted to move on, his name followed me. He didn’t deserve to be my father, yet here I was bearing his name, his legacy, of which I wanted no part. That’s why I came here to WZCW, to escape my name.

    Saffron hugged Veejay tightly. She had seen the pain in Veejay’s eyes. Veejay put his head on her shoulder trying to hold himself.

    Veejay: WZCW is the only place where it doesn’t matter whose son I am, or where I came from. It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to overcome my fears, my insecurities. But I found out I can’t. I failed myself.

    Saffron: You have failed no one, Veejay. You gotta believe that.

    Veejay: I don’t know if that’s true.

    Saffron paused for a moment. Something struck her at that moment.

    Saffron: Come with me.

    Veejay: I told you I am in no mood to go out.

    Saffron: I am not taking you for lunch. We are going someplace else. You need to see it.

    Saffron kind of dragged Veejay to her car. Veejay’s unwillingness wasn’t going to keep her from taking him out. She hopped on to the front seat.

    Veejay: At least tell me where we are going.

    Saffron: Just hold on. You’ll find out.

    Saffron drove away. Seeing no options out of it, Veejay sat there, trying to get his mind straight; however, his mind kept going back to the loss. Lost in his thoughts, he dozed off. After an hour or so of driving, he was woken up with a jerk.

    Saffron: Come on, wake up. We are here.

    Veejay rubbed his eyes, trying to get his vision back after that little nap. He didn’t recognize this part of the city at all.

    Veejay: Where are we?

    Saffron: Just walk with me.

    Veejay could see a board on what seemed like a pretty old facility. He didn’t bother reading the full name; the second part of the name had caught his attention. “Orphanage”

    Veejay: Now come on! Are you kidding me? Why am I here?

    Saffron didn’t say anything; she simply led Veejay inside the facility. It seemed in pretty good shape considering how old the whole place looked. The caretaker of the facility greeted them. Saffron left Veejay with her and went inside. Veejay wasn’t interested in talking, so the caretaker broke the ice.

    Caretaker: Hi, I am Sara. I am pleased to meet you.

    Veejay didn’t respond. He was still trying to figure out why he was here.

    Sara: I take it you don’t like talking much.

    Veejay: I don’t see any point to it.

    A silence followed. They just stood there awkwardly. Finally, Veejay decided to break this silence.

    Veejay: I gotta ask. What is Saffron’s relationship with this place? For all I can see, this is just like any other orphanage I have ever seen.

    Sara: I don’t exactly know. I have been working here for last couple of years, but from what I have seen, she has some deep connection to this place. There’s one girl who she spends some time every time she’ll come here. She is our biggest donor as well. I can say that we are still standing because of her.

    Just about that time, Saffron comes back with a little girl. The girl would be around 5-6 years old.

    Saffron: Veejay, this is Nancy. Say hello, Nancy.

    Nancy: Hello.

    That cure girl shied away, locking herself in Saffron’s arms. Veejay couldn’t keep that stern expression up. A little smile came on his face.

    Veejay: Don’t be afraid little buddy. Come here.

    She wouldn’t come however. Saffron let her go and she ran to the caretaker, who lapped her up and took her back.

    Veejay: She is so cute. Who is she?

    Saffron: She is Nancy.

    Veejay: You know what I am asking. What is your relationship with her?

    Saffron: Nothing really. She is a nice little cute girl. I like her.

    Veejay: Come on, Saffron. Come clean with me.

    Saffron took a pause.

    Saffron: I am letting you in on a secret. This is the place I was brought up.

    Veejay couldn’t believe his ears.

    Veejay: That can’t be right! I mean if it was right, it would’ve been all over the news. I even checked your Wikipedia page and didn’t find any mention of this.

    Saffron: It’s a secret for a reason. I am very good at keeping secrets.

    Veejay was still in bit of a shock.

    Saffron: See, I don’t know what you’re thinking. But I wanted you to know the truth.

    Veejay: I don’t get it. Why didn’t you ever tell this to anyone? I don’t see any shame in this.

    Saffron: It’s not about shame. It’s about keeping myself grounded. A reminder of who I am.

    Veejay looked puzzled.

    Saffron: I didn’t grow up rich. I didn’t even see or know my parents. Only I know what I had to go through to reach where I am today. I am not proud of everything I have done. For all the success I have now, I had to see a lot of failures, a lot of decisions that weren’t pleasant. I keep this secret because it’s the only escape for me. It makes me appreciate everything I have today. If I tell everyone, I’ll have no place to escape, no way to feel normal.

    Veejay: I…I am sorry.

    Saffron: I didn’t bring you here for your sympathy, Veejay. You see, I didn’t have a childhood, not a normal one anyway. I had to do questionable things, just so that I can have a bowl of rice to eat at the end of the day. If I held on to all my failures, do you think I could survive?

    Veejay didn’t have an answer.

    Saffron: Look, Veejay. I understand what you are going through. I see that pain in your eyes everyday. As apathetic you are from the outside, the mask that you wear everyday, I see through it.

    She caressed his hair, patting the back of his head.

    Saffron: I know it’s hard to admit about your insecurities, and I really appreciate what you told me today. But all I am asking is don’t hold on to your pain so tight.

    Veejay: Is it that easy? All the hatred that I have harbored all my life, how do I simply let go?

    Saffron: You have to break these walls you have built around yourself. You have to let go of the hate. Let people in. Let me in. As much as you hate your father, at some point you have to forgive him. You have to let go off your past.

    Veejay: I am lost Saffron. I am completely lost.

    Veejay kind of collapsed into Saffron arms. Tears that he tried to hold on for so long found their path down his cheeks.

    Saffron: It’s okay to be vulnerable, Veejay. I love you, and I am there for you, always.

    Veejay: I am not a nice person. I don’t deserve love. Bad things happen to people who love me.

    Saffron: Everybody deserves a little love. You don’t get to decide it. It just happens.

    They had forgotten where they were, wrapped in each others' arms. Maybe they had found a place for each other. Somewhere, someone had their radio on:



    Present day

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CA

    Veejay is pacing up and down the hallway. His wife has been in surgery for over a couple of hours. Dilip stands right there with a worried look on his face. They are so much lost in their worry that they don’t hear Mikey and Vee’s greeting.

    Mikey: Hey, Veejay!

    Veejay snaps right out of it.

    Veejay: Mikey, I wasn’t expecting to see you. Vee, you too.

    Vee: We had to come. We are WZCW family; you are one of us.

    Veejay seems pretty overwhelmed by the sentiment.

    Veejay: I don’t know what to say. I really appreciate you guys being here.

    Mikey: Hey, don’t worry about it. Others also wanted to come, but you know with Gold Rush and all, people are busy preparing for their matches. But they all want you to know that she’s in our prayers.

    Veejay: Thank you, man. It means a lot to me.

    Vee: How is she?

    Veejay: She has been in surgery for a couple hours now.

    Mikey: Don’t you worry. Everything will be fine.

    The doctor comes out of the OR. All four of them surround him.

    Veejay: How is she, doctor?

    Doctor: The surgery was successful, but we have to keep her into observation. In case of injuries to vertebrae, we can never be too cautious. We are monitoring her situation, and hopefully, there is no further damage. She is being moved to ICU.

    Veejay: Can I see her?

    Doctor: Not at this time. She is in induced coma.

    The doctor leaves them though Veejay wanted to ask a couple more questions. They see Saffron’s stretcher passing them by.

    Veejay: Hang in there, Saf.

    They don’t wait, however, and swiftly take her to the ICU.

    Mikey: She’ll be fine, man.

    Veejay: I hope you are right.

    Veejay sees Vee a little uncomfortable. He feels something being wrong with Vee.

    Veejay: Vee, is something wrong?

    Vee: No, no. I am fine.

    Veejay: You know you’re not a very good liar? What is it?

    Vee thinks a bit before he speaks.

    Vee: While coming here, I was approached by Vance and Becky. They wanted to confirm if you’re still going to participate in Gold Rush and face Logan.

    Veejay: Of course, I am. What’s to be worried about? I am surprised they didn’t call me about this.

    Vee: It’s because they have kind of presumed that you won’t fight. They are already looking for a replacement.

    Veejay, Mikey and Dilip are stunned.

    Mikey: Why didn’t you tell me about this on the way?

    Vee: I didn’t know what to say.

    Veejay was seemed aggravated, angry.

    Veejay: How dare they? You saw that woman, Vee? I promised her that I am going to fight no matter what. I am fighting for her, whether they like it or not. Did Logan ask them for it?

    Vee: Nah, I am very sure Logan didn’t ask for this. This is their own idea. I’ve heard they think you are not putting in your 100%.

    Veejay: I am not putting my 100%? Yes, I may not have had the success that I had before leaving, but do not question my commitment.

    Vee: I have no questions about your commitment. I am just saying what I heard.

    Mikey: Veejay, you need to keep your cool. We know you will fight. And as far as those two jackasses are concerned, who cares? You just have to show up, and they’ll know what you’re made of.

    Veejay: Just another reason for me to fight. As good as Logan is, I am not going down, not this time. This is one fight I gotta win. For her, for myself, for everything that matters to me, and for everything I believe in.
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    Logan's House

    Logan McAllister is seen on the couch, his triple threat match from Ascension 103 playing on the TV. Logan sits forward as the match gets to the part where he had a chance to use the chair to gain an advantage. Logan pauses it at the moment the chair is in his hands as his girlfriend, Brittany O'Shea walks over, draping herself across his lap, laying on the couch and looking up at her man.

    "I shoulda used that chair Britt. That was an opportunity for me to get a big win, and I shoulda swung that chair at Titus. Had every reason to do it. He disrespected me. He questioned my parenting skills. I shoulda cracked his head open and sent a message."

    Brittany sits up, grabbing Logan by his cheeks and looking at him.

    "No, you did the right thing babe. You don't need to use a weapon to win. That's for scum like Diabolos. You just stay true to yourself, and you'll be okay. Plus next is the Gold Rush match. It's you versus Veejay. He also had an opportunity to take momentum into this match, and he also failed."

    Logan kisses her lips softly, before standing up, and looking at the tournament brackets. Logan had teamed with Veejay before, back when Men of Mayhem was still a thing. They hadn't gotten along then and considering the circumstances, they probably wont' get along again come Meltdown.

    "It doesn't mattah that I lost last week. I'm focused on this tournament. Everywhere, fans were clamoring that Flex was gonna run through the comp and coast to a victory, yet he lost in the opening round. Don't people realize that in tournaments like these, the favorites rarely win? It's the one that's the hungriest, and wants it the most. Nobody is talking about Logan McAllister making it far, but Brittany, we're gonna show the rest of the roster."

    Logan is pacing back and forth, hyping himself up for his upcoming match as Brittany listens, until she sees Hayden sneaking down the hall, ready to pounce on his unexpecting father.

    Hayden runs and jumps on his dad, but Logan had seen him coming, and playfully reversed it into a powerbomb onto the couch. Hayden starts laughing loudly, Brittany shaking her head and trying not to laugh too hard.

    "Well I'm gonna staht packing our stuff babe. The sooner we get to Vancouvah the bettah. Don't you worry Logan, the othah wrestlahs will take notice of you at Meltdown. They'll have to as you begin your mahch to the finals. Hell, maybe you can win the tourney AND take the Eurasian title from Titus in the same night? Haha, you boys have fun."

    Brittany gets up from the couch, rustling Hayden's hair before giving Logan a quick kiss and heading down the hall.

    After it's clear she's gone, Hayden looks at his dad and smiles cheesily.

    "So....did you ask her yet dad? Did she cry and say yes? Can I call her mom yet??"

    "Chill son haha. I haven't asked her yet. I will soon though, just gotta find the right time and place. You know Brittany, she's gonna want it to be all romantic and memorable buddy."

    "Duh dad! she's a girl, of course she wants the super romantic stuff! Just ask her already! I wanna call her mom."

    Logan grabs his son, putting him in a headlock and playfully giving him a noogie.

    "Patience pal, It'll happen soon. Let's focus on the Gold Rush for now though okay?"

    "Fine dad...wanna play Guitar Hero with me?"

    Logan grabs the guitar controller and looks at his boy.

    "Let's get our rock on buddy."

    Parking Lot at Meltdown 127

    Logan gets out of the car, Brittany and Hayden right behind him, and is met by a crowd of waiting fans.


    Logan smiles and walks over to the crowd, immediately signing autographs for each kid that's there, and takes a few pictures with some other fans. Brittany walks over and the crowd starts whistling, a couple fans giving Logan the "Atta Boy" pat on the back.

    "So, you guys ready for my Logan to start his run towards the Gold Rush finals? All of you are in for a treat tonight. My man is more focused than evah, and he's gonna make sure Veejay has a Boston Suplex Party before putting him down."

    Logan is still mingling with the crowd, as Brittany hypes him to the fans. One fan walks up to Logan and poses a question for him.

    "Hey Logan! Seemed like you and Titus had some tension last week, and it looked like more than a "it's because we were opponents" type of deal. What if he decides to interfere in your match?"

    Logan stops and looks at the fan before nonchalantly replying.

    "If he does, I'll handle him. Titus is too afraid to come at me like a man, so he would take a cheap shot, or try and question my parenting skills. If i have to take out Titus to ensure I move on, then he can be like Veejay and it'll be a Boston Massacre for them both."

    Logan checks his phone and sees the time, putting it back in his pocket and looking at the crowd.

    "Sorry guys, but I gotta go get ready. Got to go over last minute plans and details. When I win, drinks are on me at the nearest bah!"

    Logan high fives the kids as him, Brittany and Hayden all walk towards the locker room, where Logan will start to prepare for what's easily his most important match of his young career.
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