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    Mayhem 1999
    Date: November 21, 1999
    Location: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Attendance: 13,839
    Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan

    Since TNA is stupid and had two Final Resolutions in 2008, you get this until I can find a copy. This is WCW Canadian PPV debut so the main event is a tournament final of Benoit vs. Hart for the world title. The title was vacated this time because WCW decided to have the world champion's (Sting) opponent (Hogan) at Halloween Havoc lay down for him and then have Goldberg squash Sting so the title was vacated and we got a tournament. That's Russo for you. Let's get to it.

    The opening video is about the final four in the tournament: Hart, Benoit, Sting and Jarrett.

    Oh and this show is named after a video game, not vice versa.

    We have a double main event: the tournament final and Sid vs. Goldberg in an I Quit match.

    The fans want Flair as Tony and Bobby run down the card. Why we need to hear this is beyond me but I guess it makes sense to the bosses.

    WCW World Title Tournament Semi-Final: Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett

    Jarrett takes him down to start and slaps him in the back of the head which ends badly for him. Benoit busts out a tornado DDT for two. Neckbreaker gets the same as Benoit is trying for as many pins as he can get. Superplex hits for two as well. This is all within the first 90 seconds. I'm not skipping a bunch of stuff. Out to the floor and Benoit chops away. A chop misses and Jarrett crotches Benoit against the post to finally slow him down.

    Back inside and a powerslam gets two for Jeff. They hit a pinfall reversal sequence. This is faster and more crisp than anything I can remember in WCW in years. Jeff grabs a sleeper and Benoit is in trouble. He escapes but Jeff gets it again. This time Benoit hits a jawbreaker and both guys are down. The Canadian hits some Germans on the American and here comes Creative Control (Harris Brothers as the muscle of the Powers That Be).

    Benoit is sent to the floor but Jeff doesn't want the win by countout. That's strangely galant of him. A top rope cross body is rolled through for two for Benoit and when he sits on a Jarrett sunset flip he gets the same result. Belly to back sets up the swan dive but Creative Control pulls Benoit out. The other member beats Benoit down to huge boos. There's the Stroke but Dustin Rhodes comes out to break up the pin and beats up Creative Control. There's the guitar but Benoit gets it and clocks Jarrett (totally against his character) to go to the finals.

    Rating: B-. This was on the path to being a great match but then it's Russo booking a big time match and therefore we must have three run-ins and a weapon shot. When have you ever seen a face Benoit use a weapon? The opening part of this was GREAT though and if they had kept that up for the entire match it would have been an easy A.

    JJ and CC beat down Benoit post match to MONSTER heat.

    Disco says he respects his Cruiserweight Title and the $25,000 he can win doesn't mean as much as the belt. Jarrett and Creative Control pop up to beat him down too.

    Cruiserweight Title: Evan Karagis vs. Disco Inferno

    Title vs. money here. Wait both guys have put up money meaning Evan can win the title and money while Disco can only win the money. That's not exactly fair. Evan also has Madusa with him. Disco has some issues getting to the ring due to the beating. Tony Marinara (Tony Mamaluke from ECW) is with him as his inspiration/lackey. Evan jumps him in the aisle and we start up in the aisle for a bit.

    Marinara sits in on commentary. He's very annoying so far and is talking about how Disco owes him money or something which would go on for about a year and never went anywhere. It did bring in the Mamalukes though. Disco fires away with some kicks in the corner that are so hard Evan is falling down before they hit. The champ hits a pair of suplexes and dances.

    Evan gets two off a crucifix but is taken down by a clothesline. This is a pretty bland match so far. Marinara is getting more annoying with every word he says. A middle rope elbow gets two for Disco. Madusa picks up Evan on the floor and the power of boobies is enough to inspire him to dropkick Disco as he jumps off the apron at him.

    Powerslam gets two for Karagis. The announcers debate what the belt is worth with the value stretching from $150 to 50 grand. There's a LOUD boring chant as Disco hits a DDT. Marinara gets up to hit on Madusa and the distraction causes Disco to grab a chair and put it upside Tony's head. A springboard cross body gives Karagis the title which he would lose to Madusa.

    Rating: D. This was a terribly dull match with neither guy being interesting at all. They just kind of did moves to each other for 8 minutes. I don't think anyone knew who Marinara was and I don't think anyone really cared. Disco was best served as a comedy act but instead they made him a champion because the other Cruiserweights actually had something to do. Bad match.

    Bret is just getting here.

    The Powers That Be (Russo with his face not being seen), yells at Jarrett and says he has to fix it tonight. Jeff says he'll do it.

    Norman Smiley says he's ready to become Hardcore Champion and is scared by construction going on.

    Hardcore Title: Brian Knobs vs. Norman Smiley

    This is a tournament final to determine the first champion. Smiley comes out in a Maple Leafs jersey. The Hardcore Title is the exact same shape as the ECW World Title. Knobs takes over to start with some weapon shots. He's in an old school Nasty Boys shirt while Norman is in full hockey gear minus the helmet. A middle rope trashcan shot misses so Norman cracks him in the head with it.

    Norman gets the hockey stick and Tony tries to sound like he knows something about hockey. The Big Wiggle is broken up and there go the shin guards. Why are wrestlers so obsessed with taking opponents' clothes off? Jimmy Hart jumps on Norman's back and Norman gets to have his one instance of physical dominance. They head to the back with Knobs hitting him in the head and Norman stumbles back to the entrance.

    There's a camera waiting on them and Norman gets in a chair shot to the ribs. It's your usual hardcore match from the late 90s meaning there's a table set up with Norman going head first into it. Knobs goes into a bunch of boxes which are empty. He screams anyway because he's Screamin Norman Smiley. They get to the food stuff and not yet prepared food is tossed around. They fight into an elevator and the door shuts. Jimmy opens it up but when he swings the trashcan it hits Knobs and Norman gets the pin and the title. Yes, Jimmy Hart just physically ended a match.

    Rating: D+. It's a hardcore match from the late 90s. The problem is that it's Brian Knobs in there instead of someone that means something anymore. In WWF this would have been people like Al Snow or Road Dogg, as in people still relevant at the time. This wasn't anything of note and is the same match you would see a dozen times over the next year on PPV.

    Post match Jimmy is thrown into some hamburger buns.

    We recap the Revolution vs. the Filthy Animals. It's your usual stable gang warfare. There was a pole match involving getting Torrie out of a cage. There was a moment where Rey (Animals) was hung by the leg from the top of a cage and they destroyed his knee so he's not in this.

    The Revolution talks about what if's and Saturn goes into a rant about dinosaurs.

    The Animals say they'll win and they're not worried.

    Disco talks to Tony Marinara and Tony says he's going to get his boys.

    Jarrett has what looks to be a 2x4 and is going to look for someone.

    Filthy Animals vs. Revolution

    This is an elimination match. It's Eddie/Kidman/Asya (Chyna ripoff) vs. Torrie/Saturn/Malenko. Shane Douglas of the Revolution is on commentary. Eddie and Kidman clean house as they're trying to keep Torrie (a spry 24 here and drop dead gorgeous) out of the ring. We start officially with Eddie vs. Dean which works almost every time. They head to the floor so Saturn takes them out with an Asai moonsautl. Kidman dives on them too and then Torrie sets for one. Asya gets her hands on Torrie and it turns into something like a catfight.

    Kidman plants Asya with a Sky High as Torrie has a bad ankle. Eddie shoves Kidman into Malenko as he's checking on Torrie but it lets Malenko roll Kidman up for the first elimination. Eddie is destroyed by Malenko and Saturn, taking a backbreaker/knee drop combo. Asya comes in and beats on Eddie a bit, hitting an eye popping Davey Boy Smith delayed vertical for two.

    Back to Eddie vs. Dean with Dean in control via a suplex. Eddie gets out of it and hits a standing rana for a pin to eliminate Dean and get us down to Eddie/Torrie vs. Saturn/Asya with Torrie having an injured ankle still. Asya comes in and beats on Eddie with another suplex getting two. Saturn accidentally superkicks Asya and a frog splash makes it 2-1 with Saturn vs. Torrie/Eddie.

    It's so weird thinking of Eddie as a Filthy Animal when he left as one of the Radicalz with a lot of the Revolution in two months. Saturn hooks a sleeper hold on Eddie but a jawbreaker gets him out of it. Scratch that as he's right back in it. Now Eddie puts a sleeper on Saturn. Why do people that just easily escaped a sleeper think it's such a good move to use immediately afterwords?

    Saturn tries a spinning springboard clothesline but Eddie steps to the side and dropkicks him down. Something like a tornado DDT gets two. Eddie jumps into a Death Valley Driver for two. Shane is losing it on commentary and is more entertaining than anything I've ever heard him say or do. Saturn misses a top rope elbow so Eddie tries the same move he got rid of Dean with but it only gets two. Eddie tries a top rope cross body but Saturn rolls through into the Rings of Saturn to give us Saturn vs. Torrie. Torrie kicks him low and Shane gets on the apron. Saturn hits Torrie low which gets him the pin for the win.

    Rating: C-. Not bad but I really don't get the idea of having the girls in there. This would have been a lot better if they just had a tag match with the four guys or maybe threw in another dude to fight Asya. There wasn't anything great here and the ending was really pretty stupid. I can think of worse ways to kill ten minutes though.

    Jeff and Creative Control are beating up Buff Bagwell now.

    Curt Hennig vs. Buff Bagwell

    This is a career vs. career match and the video package during Curt's entrance doesn't really do much of a good job of explaining why that's the stipulation. There's no Bagwell due to the beating so here are Jarrett and CC. Hennig tries to fight them off but he's outnumbered. Here's Bagwell who is fine and has a 2x4. He runs off the heels who have been in about 5 scenes tonight and the match begins.

    Hennig controls early and we head to the floor with Bagwell going into the railing a few times. As they're getting back in though Hennig is shoved off the apron and into the railing himself. And he still managed to do it perfectly. This is far closer to a brawl than a match which is Russo 101. Hennig is a lot more popular because he's talented and old school while Bagwell is more or less a douche.

    Off to a sleeper (popular move tonight) by Hennig which goes on for a long time. Buff fires off some punches and dances a lot but the fans do not care at all. Why would you think that in an old WWF town in a country that takes wrestling seriously that fans would want to see that dancing stuff? Not that it matters as Hennig controls 80% of the match but walks into a Blockbuster that is as out of nowhere as it sounds to make Hennig “retire”.

    Rating: D. What a boring match this was. The fans were all over Bagwell who was the face in this I think and they gave Hennig a standing ovation after the loss. The match was awful, primarily because Bagwell wasn't any good at making people care or being able to have an interesting match. He had a good finisher and a good body and that's it. Hennig would unretire the next night and had his next televised match in 8 days.

    Sting, the heel in his match against Bret, says he should be champion because he never lost the title. It's Showtime.

    WCW World Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Bret Hart vs. Sting

    Sting is in a t-shirt and tights and has big hair. Feeling out process to start and they stare each other down a lot. Bret slugs away and the fans pop HARD. They brawl to the floor because Bret Hart is incapable of having a wrestling match in a ring right? Sting wrestles like a heel, raking Bret's eyes to break his momentum. This is a very interesting thing to see as Sting is wrestling as a heel in front of a crowd that believes him to be a heel. This has happened all of maybe twice ever.

    Bret gets in a single shot to take over and the crowd explodes. Sting kicks him in the little maple leafs and actually hits the big elbow for two. They go to the floor again and Bret is sent into the announce table. The Stinger Splash onto the table misses and we head back inside. The referee goes down and here's Lex with a ball bat to beat up Sting. Bret beats up Luger and puts him in the Sharpshooter which somehow gives Bret a DQ win. Bret doesn't want it that way but he's stuck with it.

    Scratch that he's not stuck with it as Bret demands we keep going so we keep going. Bret goes off on Sting with the original Five Moves of Doom including the Canadian hitting a Russian on the American. The elbow is blocked by a boot to the chin and Sting limps into the Scorpion which he has some torque on for once. Bret counters that into the Sharpshooter and Bret is in the Finals.

    Rating: D+. This match right here sums up Vince Russo's issues in a nutshell. Sting was past his prime at this point and Bret wasn't great but he still could have a decent match in the ten minutes they had here. Did we need the run-in and the ball bat? No, we didn't. The ending they did here could have worked fine and would have made a good ending kind of like his Summerslam 91 match. However, Vince Russo says no that's not a good idea and we need to have people running in and weapon shots because I guess the fans can't enjoy wrestling. That's Russo in a nutshell: he had no faith in actual wrestling.

    Sting calls Bret back in for a handshake post match.

    Benoit says it's an honor to wrestle Bret again here and he'll test the Best There Is/Was/Ever Will Be moniker.

    Luger is already in a neck brace and says it'll be a permanent thing. He can't wrestle tonight either so he'll pay the fans something for an apology. The details aren't really clear.

    Vampiro vs. Berlyn

    This is a collar match and Vampiro has Jerry Only of the band the Misfits with him. Berlyn is Alex Wright in something resembling a Neo-Nazi deal. It was rather weird to say the least. Dr. Death Steve Williams and Oklahoma, one of the creative writers making fun of JR. Immediately Berlyn hits the referee. Vampy kicks Berlyn and Wall hits Vampiro. A second referee comes down as Wall beats up Vampiro and Berlyn is on the floor.

    Wall misses a big boot and gets crotched as Berlyn beats up Jerry Only. Oklahoma's impression of JR is pretty good. I think the match has started now but I'm not sure. Oklahoma makes up a bunch of football stats for the three guys as Wall hits a HUGE chokeslam and is tied to Vampiro now. Berlyn yells at the Wall who takes the collar off.

    I have no idea what the point of this is or if the bell ever rant in the first place. Oklahoma: “This Berlyn is tougher than Chinese algebra.” Wall walks out and Vampiro hits a release superplex. Only (not a wrestler) comes in for the double team and The Nail in the Coffin (Michinoku Driver) sets up a camel clutch with the chain for the pin.

    Rating: N/A. The bell never rang so I don't think this was an actual match. As for the match, I have no idea why it's on the card as Vampy and Berlyn were ever chained together at any time. It wasn't a good match or anything either as Wall was the one out there doing most of the work while a singer that most people probably didn't know was beaten up. I don't get the point of this at all.

    Steve Williams comes in and beats down both guys post match. So THAT was the point of it.

    Scott Hall (POP) talks about Rick Steiner not being here for the title vs. title match. Hall is the new TV Champion because Steiner can't defend it. He was already the US Champion. Hall issues an open challenge for later.

    Hennnig is leaving and is congratulated by some guys as he leaves.

    Kimberly is here, an hour and thirty five minutes into the show.

    Meng vs. Total Package

    Luger is the Package for those of you uninitiated. He's in the neck collar and hasn't been wanting to wrestle at all lately so this is a continuation of that story. Luger gets his shirt ripped off quickly and there go the pants too. Again, WHAT IS WITH THE RIPPING OFF OF MEN'S CLOTHING??? Luger goes to the eyes and manages to suplex Meng despite having a bad neck. The suplex isn't sold either so we'll call it even.

    They go outside for a bit and Luger hammers away as they come back in. Meng tries the Tongan Death Grip but he can't get past the neck brace. Instead he steps on the throat while we talk about the main event. Powerslam gets two for Lex. He rams Meng's head into the buckle. I guess when they say Total Package that doesn't include intelligence as YOU DON'T HIT A SAMOAN IN THE HEAD. Meng starts his comeback as this is going in slow motion. Liz has some spray or something but it hits Luger instead. Meng takes the brace off and the Death Grip ends it.

    Rating: D. In other words, Liz was Jimmy Hart, Luger was Brian Knobs and Meng was Norman Smiley. I'll give Russo this: I've seen him go shorter than this between using the same style of an ending. This was another match where I have no idea what the point of this being on the PPV was but I'm sure it made sense at the time. I'm not being serious with that last line but I thought I'd try being nice for a change.

    Bret says he'll win and Luger walks behind him ranting about his loss. Bret doesn't stop talking.

    David Flair is “polishing his crowbar” for his time where he'll try to hold Kimberly down against her will later or make her scream about how she can't take it anymore.

    US Title/TV Title: Scott Hall vs. ???

    Booker T accepts the challenge. Hall is so over it's incredible. Since it was more newsworthy when he was sober than the other way around though, that would never result in a world title run. He says Nash is coming and they're going to have a party later. Hall rams his shoulders into Booker for that signature spot of his. Booker fires off a hook kick and is booed during the cover.

    Side slam gets two. Hall gets knocked to the floor but comes back with a chokeslam for two. Much like any other match with it being thrown together on the fly like this, there's not much to it because there's no story or hatred to it. Fallaway slam puts Booker down and we go to the floor again. Off to a sleeper as the fans are looking at something to the right of the ring. Here are Jarrett and Creative Control AGAIN. They go after Booker, he fights them off, Booker gets caught in the Outsider's Edge and Hall retains.

    Rating: D+. Again, WHAT WAS THE POINT??? In this case I'm talking about the run-in. This is what, the third match they've been involved with? We get it: he's trying to disrupt things. Can we please have a match that ends cleanly? Is it that much to ask? Oh wait Russo is running things SO OF COURSE IT IS. This gets really frustrating after awhile.

    Midnight, the black Chyna ripoff, makes the save for the post match beatdown.

    Lex can't find Liz.

    We recap Kimberly vs. David Flair. She wanted to sleep with David Flair but got Ric instead. David went insane because of it and wanted to beat her for some reason. I still don't get the point of this.

    Kimberly vs. David Flair

    Let's get this over with. She does look good at least. Kimberly stretches a lot to try to distract David. Within thirty seconds, Flair is kicked low (no effect) and the referee is shoved. David gets the crowbar and she gets on her knees in front of him. Crowd: “SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT!” She reaches for his crotch and pulls his cup out so she can kick him in the balls. The fans are dead.

    David picks up the crowbar but Kanyon comes out to beat him up. Now here's DDP to hit the Diamond Cutter on David. His ribs are killing him though. DDP gets the crowbar but Arn Anderson comes out and takes the bar away from him. David hits Arn with the crowbar and leaves, I guess ending this.

    Rating: N/A. Get me a wrestling match and I'll rate it. Kimberly looked great.

    Arn is taken out on a stretcher to fill in some time.

    We recap Sid vs. Goldberg which is part of Sid's Millennium Man deal where he was going to break Goldberg's record for a win streak which turned into a comedy deal where chokeslamming people counted as wins and all that jazz. They kept having big brawls and the Streak might have been broken. It's not mentioned but who cares about stuff like that I suppose.

    Sid says he'll never say I Quit. It's an I Quit match if that wasn't mentioned.

    Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg

    Sid jumps him during the entrance and the piped in chants begin. You can tell as no one is moving yet everyone is chanting. Sid is knocked to the floor and they slug it out again. Sid is WAY over and there's a cobra clutch slam to Goldberg. Another cobra clutch slam sets up a chokeslam and make that a pair of them. Goldberg counters a choke into a cross armbreaker and is booed out of the building. Back to the arm and Goldberg isn't sure what to do. Off to something resembling a cobra clutch and Sid is out cold in maybe 20 seconds to end it minus saying I Quit.

    Rating: F. Well let's see. In an I Quit match between two monsters, it was a standard Goldberg match with a sloppy looking hold to end it. What was the point of this? I know I've asked that a lot tonight but that's what I leave most of these matches asking: what did that happen for? Nothing match and it does little for either guy.

    Lex blames Liz for the loss and threatens her despite not being able to find her.

    WCW World Title: Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit

    Long feeling out process that leads to Bret hooking an armbar. The fans are for Bret but they're not against Benoit if that makes sense. Benoit tries a comeback with various strikes but a sunset flip is rolled through into a Sharpshooter attempt. Benoit avoids that into a Crossface attempt but Bret grabs the rope. They're still cool though and have a handshake.

    Bret throws him to the floor and a fan jumps out of the crowd in a hockey jersey and face paint to beat up Benoit. It's Malenko so Bret beats up him and mark run-in #1 since Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit in Canada with over 15 minutes isn't enough to have a good match right? Benoit fights back with more basic stuff like a backdrop. Bret might have bad ribs so Benoit starts firing off the suplexes.

    A tombstone looks to set up the swan dive which hits but here's Scott Hall to take out the referee. Nash is here too with a chair but here's Goldberg to fight them off. Hall and Hart fight up the aisle as Benoit is down. The Outsiders leave and we have a second referee. Goldberg jumps the Outsiders and beats them to the back as Benoit starts in on Bret's knee. Since the world title match isn't important enough we go split screen to see the Outsiders get pulled off Goldberg.

    Ok NOW we can get into the title match, 12 minutes into it. Benoit hooks on the figure four and Bret's knee has been worked over. Bret grabs the rope and goes to a comeback, hitting a backbreaker for two. A top rope superplex hits and both guys are down. Benoit's back is getting messed up quickly here which means it's Sharpshooter time soon. Benoit falls on top of Bret in a slam for two and goes to the outside to try to clear his head. He counters a suplex back in and hits the Rolling Germans. He goes for the Crossface but Bret rolls out. Bret grabs the legs into the Sharpshooter and Bret wins the title.

    Rating: C+. Pretty good match but the run-ins crippled it just like the rest of the matches tonight. I mean seriously, you have two of the best ever out of Canada and this is what you decide to do to them? The match was kind of a mess on top of that as different parts were worked on until the ending where Bret picked the back which made sense. It's a good match but it was running with an anchor.

    Tony calls this “just another chapter in Bret's career.” Nice way to sell this as a huge moment.

    Overall Rating: D. I have no idea what they were going for here. The CONSTANT run-ins aren't redeemed by a long and fairly good main event. How many times have you heard that about Impact in the past say two years? Two matches, as in the main event and the elimination tag are over ten minutes long. The idea is to have short matches on TV to set up the long ones on PPV. Russo never quite gets that, but there are a lot of things he doesn't get. Nothing to see here for the most part.
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    The saddest thing about this show? It's easily one of the better PPVs WCW put on that year, because you actually had two matches on the same card worth watching (Benoit/Jarrett and Benoit/Hart), as opposed to the usual WCW PPVs at the time where you'd be lucky to see a single match on a PPV that cracked anywhere close to even **1/2 stars or a C rating on your scale KB. There's a ton of the typical Russo bullshit all over this show, constant run ins, gimmick matches for no reason, comedy that isn't funny, other dumb shit that Russo made his name off of. But it was actually REALLY well received at the time just for the simple fact that Bret Hart won the title and a lot of people thought that WCW had FINALLY gotten something right and was going to turn the corner into having good shows again. Of course that didn't happen, but for a brief period we actually thought Bret was going to get a great lengthy title reign before dropping it to Benoit down the line, it felt like someone was finally going to push the guys that deserved it. Of course Russo, Benoit, and Bret Hart were all gone within 2 months though and things got even worse. But for a brief period after this PPV, there was actually some damn HOPE for WCW fans again, however miniscule. It was a nice feeling at the time. Too bad it didn't go anywhere.

    Worth checking out for the opening and closing matches, but everything in-between is completely skippable and sometimes awful crap. Which sadly still makes it better than most WCW PPVs of the time.
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    Mayhem 1999 is kind of a mixed bag while its not bad,its not good either. The Bret/Benoit and Benoit/Jarrett Matches are worth checking out. I too didn't get the point of Luger/Meng, Vampiro/Berylyn, or why they needed to put David Flair against Kimberly other than just to insult our intellgence. However again this PPV was hampered with Run-Ins and Gimmick Matches which Russo seems to love.
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    I would change this ppv have Hart go in the event with the title after he won it from Nash back in July (in my booking) and have Benoit win a tournament to get to Mayhem to face Hart whilst still being with the Revolution at this point but portraying a face whilst the rest of the group start to become heels, my card would be:

    1) Shane Douglas (C) Vs Eddie Guerrero
    Tv Title No Dq Match. Have this as an opener with Douglas retaining the title and making the Revolution look dominant.

    2) Sting Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs Goldberg Vs Kevin Nash
    Number 1 Contenders Match. Make this a match at the ppv with Goldberg winning the match and getting a match tomorrow night on Nitro.

    3) Booker T (C) Vs Buff Bagwell
    Wcw US Title Match. Take Hall out and add Bagwell in and have Booker win the match.

    4) Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko (C) Vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr
    Tag Team Title Match. These 4 could put on a decent match with the Revolution retaining the titles.

    5) Bret Hart (C) Vs Chris Benoit
    World Heavyweight Title Match. Keep this the same with Benoit losing and coming up short, afterwards they embrace each other and the crowd.

    these 5 matches would of been decent had they been added to the card.
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    I think you summed it up pretty accurately:

    Two of the best ever wrestlers to come out of Canada!
    The PPV is IN Canada!
    For the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!
    You couldn't screw it up!

    But cue the n.W.o. and Goldberg and :banghead::banghead::banghead:

    Bret Hart is a Canadian hero, if his pop wasn't enough proof. He single handedly sold this PPV in Canada. Unfortunately it was about 1 year too late.

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