Live crowd never seems to see it coming

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by HeenanGorilla, Jan 30, 2017.

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    I was thinking about how often WWE seems to chicken out of making a tough decision on which two wrestlers should face each other by throwing their hands up and just making it a Triple Threat or Fatal Four-Way match. "This guy or this guy? Oh hell, throw them all in there!" I was thinking of examples when I had another thought...

    So often, Raw will start with--or at least include--a standoff in the ring. Using these names just as an example (not factual), it would go something like this...

    - Roman Reigns is champion and is cutting an in-ring promo to open Raw.
    - Kevin Owens will come out saying he wants a shot at the title.
    - Chris Jericho will come out and say he is friends with KO, but he too wants a shot at the title.
    - Seth Rollins comes out saying he likes Roman but he also wants a shot at the title.
    - Steph or Foley come out and say something like "You all want a match??" Then it will be Kevin Owens..(applause) and Chris Jericho.. (decent applause) vs. Roman Reigns (slightly more applause)...and SETH ROLLINS! (Huge pop)

    My question is...why does every live crowd pop huge for the last, exaggerated name...when he is always the fourth guy in the ring and there should be no surprise where this is going?

    But, again, this seems to be a case of lazy booking. 4 guys all want the same thing? Throw 'em all in the ring and we'll worry about it next week. That's how it seems to me anyway. I have seen some fine multi-competitor matches before, so I agree they have their place. But so often? Feels lazy--what do you guys think?
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    The pop is because the most popular guy (usually announced last) will be in action. They know he will be in action but announcing him confirms it. The crowd cheers as they want to see the person in action. If they tried this with Primo/Epico/Darren Young/Jinder Mahal it would not work as well because the crowd does not care about them.

    Crowds do like logical story progression. Take Bryan at Mania 30. Everyone in the world knew Bryan would win the title. They still popped for him winning because that is what they wanted to see. Different circumstances but same basic idea.
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    Because they are people enjoying the show and are taking full advantage of the opportunity to cheer for their favourite wrestler, instead of sitting at home, reading dirt sheets and whinning all day long.

    Plus because the faces tend to get cheers. Plus because it's better to end something, like a segment or a show with cheers rather than boos.
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    Because tried and true crowd psychology works, even when the crowd knows it's coming.
    People that are good on the mic, know crowd psychology, The people in the current GM/Commissioner whatever you call them now, are all experts at working a crowd, and usually people in this position are, Laurinaitis is the only person in recent memory that had no mic skills whatsoever that made matches.

    Also, knowing somethings obvious and having it become true always elicits a reaction. It's why Boos happen before Roman enters, and get louder when he actually enters.
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    What you really need to ask is, why does teh WWE plan it so perfectly to name the most popular guy last.....It is almost like they are building up to it. like foreplay.
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    It may sound absurd but not everyone knew it. I myself was doubtful about it and I'm sure that there are numerous people who were doubtful like me. Triple H attacked Daniel Bryan after the match using chair on his arm. That's where my doubts were arisen even more. And then Bryan got powerbombed on the announcers table and was almost out of the match. That was a great feud. Classic stuff.

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