Let's Talk: WWE's 'Other' Titles in 2013

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    2013 Royal Rumble Winner, Mr. Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, these are the 'other' titles the WWE has. Each of these are very prestigious and mean a guaranteed push for the person who receives these honours. Now, it can be too early to tell who should win these titles, but let's give it a shot anyway.

    Royal Rumble Winner

    Ah, the Royal Rumble, it's arguable that this is everyone's favourite match to look forward to every year and why not? 30 guys all compete for that championship spot at WrestleMania. The big question is, who should get the right to point at the WM sign and set off fireworks? Odds are in 2013 it's gonna be someone who is already a main eventer, because let's face it, not many guys ready to move up and the Rumble is a huge gamble on a non-main evener, but in the past, it has paid off and guys have been pushed to the stars! In my opinion, there are 2 guys who can make this look good. Cody Rhodes and The Miz. I also want the winner to go for the WWE Championship and MAIN EVENT WrestleMania, the way it SHOULD be. If they go for the World Heavyweight Championship, they should still end the night as well... It's only right. In this case, I'm gonna have to go with Miz, he and Punk can definitely having a WrestleMania class rivalry, both guys have worked their asses off and have earned their place.

    Mr. Money in the Bank

    There are normally 2 winners when it comes to the PPV, one for the WHC and one for the WWE Championship. This push however doesn't have to be as sudden as the Royal Rumble, it can help a guy progress over time, mould his craft. My choices for these titles, they are Wade Barrett (WHC) and Kofi Kingston (WWE). Why these guys you ask? Well I think Wade can really make it, but he needs to change a lot, the formula he's got is great. Rough guy who can beat your ass and talk guys into doing his bidding, great. But the packaging is, well, s***! I'm a Brit so I'm dying to see a fellow Englishman make it to the top. But his music is rubbish, his entrance is dull and he hasn't been having ANY memorable rivalries. He's had a great rivalry with Sheamus, so have him be WHC and then have those guys go at it.

    As for Kofi, well let's just say, he's more then paid his dues and is a great in-ring guy (minus the annoying celebrations like the 'Boom Drop' and the slow "Boom... Boom.. Boom, *Missed kick). So yeah, he needs to get more charisma going my friend and DEFINITELY needs work on his mic skills. I want 2009 Kofi who feuded with Randy.

    WWE King of the Ring

    Now, the King of the Ring is a very big IF. I have no idea why though, it's prestigious, everyone loves the tournament and it's great way to push mid-carders. The one thing I would change however is to stop the winner coming out in the 'Let's play dress up outfit'. I don't mind them getting the crown and the septor and all of that stuff when they get presented as the winner, but wearing it after the tourny looks a little silly. Maybe they can be presented with a title belt, one that isn't defended but the guys can put in their trophy cabinets... Anyway I'm mumbling, so let's talk winner. I'm feeling Damien Sandow for this one. This title is really only made for arrogant heels, and Damien is one who can back his s*** up, so it would work wonders for him.

    What do you guys think, who should win these prestigious titles?


    - What would you like to change about some of them?

    - Any ideas for different titles and tournaments (not championships)?

    Personally I wouldn't mind them having a Miss WrestleMania back every year, but ONLY if the division had some decent women in and not having a f***ing drag queen win it.
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    Royal Rumble winner: If Ryback is in the Royal Rumble, I could see him winning it.

    Mr. Money in the Bank: I really see this being Kofi Kingston's ticket to being world champion. It is way past time to elevate him to this status. Also, Shelton Benjamin is rumored to return to WWE soon so this may be a chance for him as well.

    WWE King of the Ring: I think this would be great for Wade Barrett.
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    Royal Rumble Winner: Sheamus. Sheamus will be the winner for the 2nd time and in back to back years as well, just to keep his stock rising and push him as one of the faces of the WWE. With Punk/Cena facing Rock and Taker likely getting Cena or Brock if Brock doesn't face Triple H again, he's the perfect choice for the SmackDown portion of Wrestle Mania.

    Mr. Money in the Bank Winners: (WHC) Rhodes (WWE) Kingston Both men have taken different paths to where they are. Cody joined Ted to form Legacy and then joined up with Orton, held the IC title for a while and is with Sandow for the near future while Kofi has held both mid card and tag titles more times than I want to remember. Both are still pretty young, but the time is now to create new stars and these two would be great choices for that briefcase.

    King of the Ring: If not Barrett, then McIntyre with Regal as his mouthpiece. Barrett hasn't done much since Nexus/Corre but he's solid in the ring with a decent mic. He's not getting any younger and he could be a force for the next few years if he'd just get the push already. McIntyre was pushed hard then just disappeared but with Regal at his side, he could be a top guy within the next year. Get him out of 3MB and go for it!
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    This is how I see these three titles playing out in 2013.

    #1. For the Royal Rumble match, I predict Daniel Bryan winning in 2013. I think that Team Hell No will lose the titles prior to or at The Royal Rumble event. I think that will mark the end of the tag team. I think with Bryan's popularity, he needs to be back in the WHC picture for Mania 29. I can see Bryan vs. Ziggler at Mania for the WHC. title. I think Charlie Sheen will be in Bryan's corner, and interfer in the match somehow. So I believe Daniel Bryan would be the best choice to win the 2013 Royal Rumble match.

    #2. For the 2 MITB briefcases I see it playing out as follows. For the Raw briefcase, I see who ever is behind The Shield, winning it. Maybe Punk winning for a third time. I could see Ryback winning as well, which would eventually lead to his first WWEC. title reign, possibly.

    As for the SD briefcase, I can see Wade Barrett winning it to finally break out to the main eventer that he should already be.(IMO) I think 2013 will be a break through year for Wade Barrett, seeing him win his first WHC.

    #3. I hope they bring back the King of the Ring ppv in 2013. It was always a great way to put over a rising star. I would have the event in June, and the winner would face the WWEC. or the WHC. at Summer Slam 2013, depending if they are on Raw or SD. As for a winner, I think this would also be a great way to push Wade Barrett if he is not going to win a MITB briefcase. If not wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler to continue building him up, or even C.M. Punk for to give him more reasons as to why he is best in the world.

    When it comes to the Raw MITB briefcase. I can see The Shield interfering and helping out one of the participants, who maybe the secret leader of the group. I just thought that another good choice could be a returning Chris Jericho. Jericho, brought in the MITB match at Mania 21 but has never won. This could be a great angle to finally get Jericho a MITB win and have the Shield following his directions to rewrite the injustices in WWE, according to Jericho, leading to one more WWEC. reign for Y2J.

    So that's the way I see these three titles, Royal Rumble match, 2MITB matches, and The KOTR event playing out in 2013, in the best way for the business.(IMO)
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    Royal Rumble - I expect either Sheamus or Ryback to win this match. I read a report last week talking about how it's possible that WWE will go with Sheamus winning for the 2nd year in a row in order to set up the WHC match for WM. Ryback winning could put him back in contention for the WWE Championship. However, I think Sheamus is far more likely to win. The two scenarios I've read the most buzz about, at least as far as online reports go, involve either Cena vs. Rock for the WWE Championship if Rock takes the strap at the Rumble or Punk defending against The Undertaker if he retains at the Rumble. At this point in time, either of those are much bigger money matches than having Ryback challenge for the WWE Championship again so soon. So, I'm going with Sheamus.

    Money in the Bank - I think Wade Barrett has a great shot at winning this. He was scheduled to win MITB this past WM but his injury kept him out of it, so WWE decided to scrap MITB at WM and keep the MITB ppv. I have a feeling that MITB will return at WM and the ppv will be done with. As a result, they'll go back to a single briefcase winner.

    King of the Ring - If they do this next year, which I'd MUCH rather see than the Slammy Awards, then it's pretty wide open. There are a lot of potential guys that could take this including members of The Shield, Ryback, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Antonio Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, either one of the PTPs, Kane, etc.

    What I'd change: Royal Rumble - The Royal Rumble is one of the few old school traditions left in wrestling. The Rumble is also WWE's second highest drawing ppv of the year. It generally draws anywhere from 450,000 to 500,000 buys a year. So it's obviously still quite popular and the Rumble match is anticipated each year. So I don't think I'd change anything.

    What I'd change: Money in the Bank - I think it's time to put MITB back at WM, do away with the ppv and have a single MITB winner. Having just one winner who can challenge for either the WHC or WWE Championship adds an extra little bit of unpredictability to things.

    What I'd change: King of the Ring - As for King of the Ring, I'd honestly do away with the corny crown & cape bit. It just doesn't fit in this day and age. The WWE could make KOTR feel like something meaningful with just a few tweaks. Personally, what I'd do is that I'd create a KOTR championship belt for the winner, sort of an honorary title, but one that WWE could use as part of a year long build of the winner. The winner of KOTR will carry the title with him and as an added bonus of winning, he'll get a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match on the night of the next KOTR tournament. If the WWE wants to incorporate crows and thrones and capes, just have some put onto the title. This wouldn't mean that the KOTR wouldn't lose some matches sometimes or possibly be in other title feuds prior to having his World Championship match on the night of the next KOTR tournament.
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    Royal Rumble should stay as it is; 30 men is fine and the shot at wrestlemania for either title is fine too. I would, however, do away with or move the elimiation chamber PPV as I feel this just gets in the way and takes the shine off the road to Wrestlemania As for the winner, I think it'll be somebody like Ryback, wouldn't rule out Undertaker or Cena though, obviously it depends on what happens with Punk vs Rock. i'd like to see Punk get a win and challenge for WHC in a possible unification match (yes I said it: there should only be ONE main champion) but hey. I wouldn't have Ziggler as the WHC at the time though. i like him but he's just not high profile enough for a Unification match at Mania yet for me.

    Money In The Bank: I personally think WWE has too many PPVs but this is one I'd keep. I would however, only have one briefcase for a shot at any title. Winner in 2013? I'd say Kofi or if the Shield are flying then whoever is most over with them. John Morrison if he's back would be good too.

    King of the Ring! I miss this as an annual event, please bring it back and yes stop the whole cape and robe crap. Make it what we love it for: a show of endurance where somebody competes in 3 matches in one night to emerge victorious. A possible way to give meaning is make it the Royal Rumble to Summerslam. Whoever wins can challenge for any title at Summerslam. Winner: Daniel Bryan (I see him having a big year in 2013)
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    Royal Rumble: Ryback winning and challenging Big Show at Wrestlemania for the title. No other stars need to win this more than Ryback to save whatever momentum he has left. The PPV itself is the biggest PPV behind Wrestlemania and always drew solid buyrates so I don't think any changes is needed. 30 men or 40 men doesn't really make much differences too so either way is fine.

    Money in the Bank: Depending on whether they keep the previous champion rule for the WWE title briefcase. For the WHC contract I would certainly give it to Cody Rhodes as he and Ziggler were the two prime candidates to win the MITB. For the WWE contract if the previous world champion rule still exist I would give it to Christian as I would like to see him get a solid reign that last more than a month as a fan. If the rule is gone then probably Wade Barrett as he was scheduled to win the contract and he certainly is a main event talent as shown during his leadership of Nexus. I would keep MITB as it's own PPV as it has been solid for the past few years with memorable moments which is of course the CM Punk pipe bomb.

    King of the ring: Firstly I would do away the stupid king gimmick as it does not do the wrestler any good and devalues the competition. When you win the KOTR it's like you're king so what? I would personally put the PPV before Summerslam replacing that stupid Over the Limit PPV and give the winner a title shot at SS. For the winner, depending on how he does at 2013 my first choice would be Antonio Cesaro as he would fit very well as KOTR. If not, if Wade Barrett doesn't win the MITB he would be the next choice. Lastly, I would go for an underdog victory in the mold of someone like Kofi Kingston or Zack Ryder, if done right like Rey winning the Rumble it could be their breakthrough moment to the main event.
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    Royal Rumble: I'm pulling for Ryback on this one. He lost his last 3 PPV matches and he's likely to lose to Punk again on the first RAW of the new year, he needs a Royal Rumble win more than anybody on the roster right now. No matter how hard Ryback is pushed, if he can never win in the big matches, the fans will turn away and Ryback will become a joke. By dominating and winning the Royal Rumble, he can show he is ready and able to carry the banner of the WWE as a world champion. If he does win, he should go for the WHC, plans call for him to Shell Shock Big Show at WM and how doubly special would that one moment be for his career if it were also to get him his first world title. Sheamus is also a good choice but Ryback needs a Royal Rumble win on his resume more than Sheamus needs it twice on his, the Celtic Warrior can just win the Elimination Chamber in February, a match which he has never won before. As for any changes to the match, no. Just don't ever make it 40 men again and don't put the RR winner's title match on first at Wrestlemania and it's all good.

    Money In The Bank: Wade Barrett is the only person that comes to mind to win this since he was scheduled to win it last year, and if they keep the PPV and have a second MiTB match then maybe...Cody Rhodes to win the other match, I dunno, I'm just only sure about Barrett. And I agree with Jack-Hammer, I'd like to go back to just having one of these at Wrestlemania cause with one briefcase winner it makes the cash-in more unpredictable than already is. And in the last few months there have been a couple of occassions where I thought they were the perfect opportunity for Ziggler to cash-in on Punk and take the belt off of him instead. Also with there being plans of Sheamus vs. Orton for the WHC, Rock vs. Cena II (doesn't need the belt), Ryback vs. Show at WM, maybe Ziggler could've been the first man to cash-in at Wrestlemania and face Punk for the WWE Title. Sheamus vs. Orton for the WHC just means Ziggler will have to put off cashing-in longer or he'll win the belt then lose it before WM arrives.

    King Of The Ring: Wade Barrett again, he makes the most sense since he is...English. Unless he wins the MiTB match then someone else like Cody Rhodes (unless he wins the MiTB match also) or Damien Sandow should win it, either one of them would be fine choices too. Like everyone else, I'd get rid of the crown and cape also, it's pretty outdated and the last person with the king gimmick, Sheamus, looked right ridiculous in the crown & cape. Maybe they could replace it with a ring similar to the WWE Hall Of Fame ring just with the KoTR logo on it, like how WCW awarded DDP with a 'Lord Of The Ring' ring at Slamboree 96 after he won the Battlebowl match. And they should bring back King Of The Ring as a PPV in the June slot. I don't know why the WWE continue to put on random PPV's in June, the last few PPV's in June have been dreadful with just horrible concepts. But I wouldn't bring back the 'winner goes onto face the champion at Summerslam' stipulation, the WWE has enough gimmick matches where the winners go onto get a title shot at some other event (Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money In The Bank). I'd rather the WWE just have the King Of The Ring tournament give the winner prestige then they build him up into a main eventer & world title contender like how they did with Stone Cold and Kurt Angle after they won it.
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    Royal Rumble: Definitely Ryback. With Punk,Cena, Rock, Brock and Taker taking up the main event spots for Mania, Ryback needs something to do if he is to relevant around Mania season. I'd have him win the Rumble and go on to face Show at Mania, getting his first ever World Title. I know this leaves out Sheamus, but he can face Ziggler at Mania. Hell I wouldn't mind if Ziggler cashed in his MITB on Ryback at Wrestlemania.

    MITB: For MITB like everyone else I would go with Barrett. He needs something like the MITB to propel him into the Main Event, as he is being poorly used right now. I would have him go for the World Heavyweight Title, as he is more suited to Smackdowns main event scene, as Punk will most likely be on top on RAW for a while longer. If they once again elect to have two briefcases, then my second choice would be Christian. I know he is getting old and has already had a brief reign as Champion, but dammit Christian deserves one more match! For all he has done in the WWE they still havn't trusted him with the main event. I think that he should at least get a one month thank you reign as WWE champion and the best way for him to get there is through the Money In The Bank. Plus Christian and Punk could put on some killer matches.

    King Of The Ring: If WWE even decide to hold the KOTR tournament, I think there are 3 people who would do well to win it. Those three are Cesaro, Rhodes and Sandow. All of them play a cocky heel type character in some form, and they all could use the push of being the KOTR. They don't need to be rewarded with a title shot, just have it in the fans mind that this guy was able to beat 3 competitors in one night. This could result in any of them being slowly pushed and put in high profile feuds.
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    ROYAL RUMBLE.- In this PPV, since the winner gets a WWE or WHC, a main eventer should win it, someone like Ryback, Sheamus,The Miz or someone in that area, because they want the Wrestlemania main event to be the best, and it abious they need the top guys in it.

    MONEY IN THE BANK.- I think this should stop being a PPV and go back to having this one only at Wrestlemania, it used to be more special and meaningfull, now it looks like any one can win it, i say that in this one there should be participants that are next to main event, that need that step to main event status, like for higher mid card talent, like in this case, Dolph Ziggler, or Wade Barret, Kofi Kingston or Antonio Cesaro.

    KING OF THE RING.- This one should have mid card participants that are on their way to upper mid card or better, so they can have more exposure, someone like Heath Slater, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger ( i think is the least this guy deserves ) or Cody Rhodes ( he has to get something as a thank you since this could be as far as this guy is going to get ).

    That is how i would put these titles, or PPVs.......
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    Royal Rumble- I think the only realistic choice is ryback at this point. I cant see anyone else winning and having a valuable storyline. I can see ryback winning and going teasing going after the wwe belt, but then choosing to go after the world title belt, with the champ being either sheamus or big show. I could see ziggler cashing in on the winner here.

    Mitb- I agree with most everyone on here. Kofi kingston deserves to win this one. This is a guy who the fans get behind, he is good in the ring, and he has earned respect. I want to see him go back to the kofi that was feuding with orton in 09, cause he was a badass back then. I would rather he win the wwe belt, cause i want to see kofi and punk feud.

    As for the world title mitb, i think it should be the miz. With his face turn, the fans will get behind him and he would be a great world champion. when christian comes back, i think a feud between new champ miz and heel christian would be golden.

    King of the ring- My first choice for this would be damien sandow, cause it would feed his gimmick of cleansing the wwe, and he wants to do that by gaining power. A second choice would be mark henry when he comes back. If he goes back to the hall of pain gimmick, what better ways to induct more people then king of the ring
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    Rumble match - I have two picks... 1st is Sheamus who will face a returning heel orton who took the WHC at Elimination Chamber.
    2nd is John Cena. This will set up a triple threat with punk and rock for the WWE title.

    I wouldnt change the rumble match in anyway btw

    MITB - I'm not going to pick Barret like everyone else on here because I believe he will win the WHC without it! For the WHC briefcase I pick Antonio Cesaro or Damien Sandow.
    For the WWE briefcase I pick Kofi (if they continue the push they are giving him)

    If I could change the MITB I would only have one ladder match for one briefcase for either championship to make it even more unpredictable. Also I would scrap the ppv and have the match at Wrestlemania.

    KOTR - god I miss this ppv... If they did bring this back then I'd pick Wade Barret or Miz to win. I'd also have the winner challange for the WWE or WHC at the survivors serries ppv as it seems fitting since the KOTR winner is a 'survivor'
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    Royal Rumble: Ryback should win after being 1st entrant. It would be a great defining moment for a wrestler who needs to catch on really quickly.
  14. King Patrick Star

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    Great thread!!

    Royal Rumble Winner – Chris Jericho
    Mr. Red Money In The Bank – Chris Jericho
    Mr. Blue Money In The Bank – Chris Jericho
    King Of The Ring – Chris Jericho

    Now I know this can’t happen, but one can wish. Considering Jericho never won any of these is a whole other question itself. Conspiracy!! Now let’s get into my actual picks.

    Royal Rumble Winner – Big Show
    Why hasn’t the Big Show won the Royal Rumble yet?? He’s the largest athlete in the World. It only makes sense. Here’s the scenario. No one is named number one contender for the World Title at the Royal Rumble. Big Show decides to enter the Royal Rumble match. He wins the Royal Rumble and challenges The Rock for his WWE Championship, and is willing to put his World Title on the line at WrestleMania. CM Punk says he gets a rematch against The Rock and wants to make it a Triple Threat match. The stage is set for the WrestleMania XXIX Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship Unification match and John Cena vs. Undertaker for the Streak is the Co-Main Event. Oh and keep in mind, Dolph Ziggler still has his Blue case.

    Mr. Red Money In The Bank – Cody Rhodes
    The longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in 2012, Cody Rhodes should be next in line for a WWE Title shot. I know he’s about to have yet another Tag Title run, but I think Damien Sandow would be fine with another partner. Maybe go back to his singles career. Maybe even have the Genius return as his manager.

    Mr. Blue Money In The Bank – Santino Marella
    The longest reigning United States Champion in 2012, Santino Marella should be next in line for a World Title shot. Plus, how fun would it be to have Santino tease cash-ins for a full year??

    King Of The Ring – CM Punk.
    The King Of The Ring Tournament should be an 8 man, one night tournament featuring the “Best” the WWE has to offer at that given time. As I’ve said in prior threads, I think the participants should consist of the 6 Champions and the 2 Money In The Bank winners. Currently, I believe CM Punk should win the WWE Crown. He said it so many times, that I do believe he is the Best In The World!!
  15. MINISTRYrising

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    the only person i can see winning the Rumble is Ryback. WWE have done a great job building him as a unstoppable monster and having him win the Rumble will cement his place on the roster.

    If C M punk dose drop the Title to the Rock at the Royal Rumble then I can see him going on to win another Money in the bank match. I would have said Daniel Bryan, but with Team Hell No riding high at the moment I don't see WWE splitting them up by then.
    If WWE do decide to stop punishing him, then I would have to say Randy Orton. The guy is still one of the best wrestlers that they have on the roster and with there not being that many great heels in the main event scene at the moment, turning Randy and having him win the money in the bank could be a good move for both Orton and the WWE.

    Like so many others, I would love to see KOTR return next year and the man to win it would have to be Wade Barrett. I have always liked the guy and while he still needs a better finisher, he would be a great choice for King.
  16. Trill Co$by

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    Royal Rumble

    What I would Change
    Pretty much nothing. It's a pretty epic match, and its legacy stands to the testament of its epicness. Although, I would have to say that having the Royal Rumble be a match where the WWE or World title is defended as well would be a great way to add depth to the championship. Seriously, it's an old stipulation that has been done since, I think, 1995... if not later. I think the "WWE Universe" could use a rebirth of an old stipulation.

    Who should win?
    Hard to say, really. Some people think it should be Ryback, but really, I think he's too big for a Rumble win, much like Big Show or even Kane. With that said, I wouldn't pick some schmuck like Sandow or Cody Rhodes... and definitely not Ziggler. Ziggler is not a schmuck by any means, but he's definitely on the right track to championship gold as it is. Although, I've always believed that it would make for an excellent debut if someone were to say enter the Royal Rumble as their debut, win the match, and then go on to Mania. They don't even have to win at Mania... just a debut like that could really help put over a new guy. Maybe Xavier Woods could do it. And yes, I know that it ruins my "No Schmuck" philosophy but there are always exceptions.

    Money in the Bank

    What I would Change?
    Pretty much a Universal feeling here... I'm not entirely peeved about the whole PPV concept, as I quite like it. It's one of my favorite events of the year... ever since Kane won his fourth World title in the WWE. But I have to say that having two briefcases is kind of lame and decreases the value of it. Okay, I get it, having two briefcases gives you two chances of making big name stars. But really, it's a flawed concept. Or at the very least, if you DO have two, don't make them strictly for one title.

    Another cool concept, would be to adopt the Feast or Fired concept from TNA. For starters, the "fired" briefcase always works best because you can either use that to truly get rid of someone or even take them off tv for a while. They could even have the WWE, World, Tag, and Fired briefcases.

    Who should win?
    Sticking to the current concept, I would say that while the Rumble isn't the schmuck winner pay per view, giving the briefcase to someone like say Cesaro or even a Rey Mysterio would work wonders. For starters, you're not entirely constricted with a 3 to 4 month span. Instead, you have until the next MITB event to come up with something. With that said, I would give the WHC Briefcase to Tensai and the WWE Briefcase to Dolph Ziggler.

    For Tensai, as I said before, it's not entirely impossible to build a credible contender within the span of a year. He's got the size and the physical presence to work... he just needs his "day in the sun" so that he can really shine.

    As for Ziggler, I realize that people are wondering why I chose him when he already has the WWE briefcase and really it's very simple. WWE Title > WHC Title. I'm firmly confident enough in Ziggler to believe that he can, in all seriousness, run the show for Monday Night Raw... at the very least for a few months. His cash in can even be a quick one considering how lengthy his reign with the briefcase has been this year.

    King of the Ring

    Who should win?
    Christian. Not because I'm a fan of his or anything like that, but moreso because it would be a great way to ease him back into the main event scenario. I've always been amazed by Christian's in ring abilities, and he was a decent world champion... even if he did say "it goes like this" just a little too much. This could also help to put Christian back into the heel role if WWE really needs to. And it's not like he has to do it for Raw. He can easily just win the SD KotR and be happy with that.

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