Last Chance for All Star Wrestling

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    Firstly, I hope this is in the right category - fantasy booking.

    I started All Star Wrestling when I was a kid, and it just became a thing during high school, and then my gal wanted me to keep it going, and now the kids love it too. It's bizarre, I know, but it sure beats getting drunk every week while the kids watch Idol or something...

    Anyway, I'm getting a bit stale. I've been a bit wwecentric this year. But I have a plan.

    In early May (coz I have foresight lol), I've booked Roman V Cena in a #1 contenders match. It's gonna finish with a run in from the Young Bucks, who are joined by Cody, Ospreay, Castle, Daniels, Johnny Impact, James Storm, Kenny Omega, and ADR, before Chris Jericho comes out at the end of the night...

    Next week, Jericho introduces the faction as Indie Darlings. They say they're taking over, as ASW has been an offshoot for Vince. (I know, it's been done to death). Triple H comes out and says if they can win six of ten matches that night, they can stay (I have ten matches on each card). Jericho agrees, as long as they can choose their opponents.

    Young Bucks go after Tag Titles, ADR challenges Intercontinental Champ (currently Matt Hardy), Johnny Impact calls out The Miz, Christopher Daniels chooses Samoa Joe; James Storm picks Bobby Roode. Kenny Omega goes after the European Title (yep, that's still my minor title) against (currently) Finn Balor. Ospreay calls out Regal for one final match; Dalton Castle tries to make a name for himself against Cena; Cody says he doesn't care about titles and wants Triple H himself; and Jericho, of course, wants the World Title (currently AJ).

    The faction can add Austin Aries, EC3, Chris Hero and Tyrus later; and even have a feud with ex-Indie Darlings like AJ, Nakamura, McIntyre, Joe, Owens, Sami Zayn, Harper, Ambrose, and Cesaro.

    I think it'd be something fresh, and maybe be something to pass on to the kids to start spending an hour of their own week thinking up this stuff lol.

    So, rubbish? Or just stick to Braun Strowman smashing everyone....

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