Kurt Angle's Wrestlemania 34 match?

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by mont3818, Jan 31, 2018.

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    One thing that seems to be getting looked over as of right now is a potential Kurt Angle match at Wrestlemania 34. Being that he was officially cleared to wrestle, my curiosity is very high! Here are some ideas and let me know yours:

    Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
    This seems like an obvious fit if The Rock can't (most likely) be able to team with Rousey. We really don't know Kurt physical capabilities these days, he did look slow at Survivor Series, granted he was injured (from over training). So if he can't quite be the amazing performer he once was, this tag match might be a good way to hide those limitations.

    Kurt Angle vs. Triple H
    A big part of me wants to see Kurt in a singles match, especially if he can work anywhere close to the level he use to. Triple H wouldn't be my first choice, since they've already fought plenty of times in the past. But at the end of Survivor Series, this match seemed highly likely.

    Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan
    Classic dream match scenario... granted it's a long shot. But recently there were rumblings about Daniel Bryan attempting to get cleared again.

    Any other ideas that seem like an excellent fit or light up the imagination??
  2. Mitch Henessey

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    I don't want to see Kurt Angle wrestle again.

    At TLC, it looked like Angle was completely out of gas in the first five minutes of the match, and Survivor Series was more proof for Father Time and all the injuries finally catching up with him. I was looking forward to Angle wrestling again, when he returned, but it's clear he's now on that list of aging veterans, who just can't go in the ring anymore.

    I guess if I had to choose, I'd go with Triple H. If the reports are true, WWE will use Strowman in the Ronda match, if The Rock can't do it. Daniel Bryan? Eh, maybe three or four years ago. Now? Not so much. You have the problem with the big hurdle for Vince giving the greenlight, and with Angle's age and a fragile Daniel Bryan, there's a good chance the match just wouldn't live up to expectations or the hype. A match with Triple H is not enough to blow my skirt up, but there's a better chance for a passable or decent match between both men.
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  3. Rainbow Yaz

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    Preach it Mitch.

    It pains me because Angle is one of my top five all time guys, but his last two matches, matches where he had an opportunity to be protected, were fairly average at best. Saying average at best is me being generous. Age, injuries, and substance abuse all take a toll, and all three together really don't bode well for anyone, especially a guy like Kurt who has been involved in contact sports since an early age.

    The Triple H match would probably be the best bet from a "hey let's not cripple Kurt in front of 70,000 people" standpoint, because you know Trips has that weird thing where the key to winning over the crowd for his opponent is him to work a slow paced twenty five minute match. Him working rest holds and his classic Indian Deathlock most of the match wouldn't be exciting, but it would likely keep Kurt from dying.
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  4. BigDaddyKewl

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    The groundwork has been layed for Jason Jordan to have a full fledged turn and turn on Kurt. The could play up Jordan trying to manipulate Kurt for opportunities on Raw and then have him finally Jordan snap and lay Kurt out. Jordan could talk about how Kurt abandoned him and how's he feels let down and like he has no father and Kurt is dead to him.
    However as time goes by it seems less likely that they are going to push Jordan to a high profile match at Mania. You wonder if Jordan could handle carrying this type of storyline heading into Mania with the promos and build up when he hasn't had a major singles feud. It's difficult for mid carders like Jordan to get the spotlight at Wrestlemania with all the returning legends. He'll likely just get clumped in the ladder match or the Andre battle royal.
  5. bjarvis

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    For those saying Angle was out of shape in his return matches, I think we're being extremely tough on Angle.

    He was probably told his return was saved for Mania, he had been building up his fitness slowly over time, and then suddenly he's forced into a situation. Give him some time - if he's in the ring at Mania in a one-on-one, with a competent opponent, and is gased early into the match - then its likely he's done.

    But I still want to see him return to ring, even if its a farewell match.
  6. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I don't know guys.. I too think he seems way out of place at his last two matches.

    If he were to wrestle again I'd like to see him against Seth Rollins. The groundwork is also there. Rollins is currently having problems with Angle son, Jordan. Angle could turn heel and create a dad/son heel team with Jason that gets on everybody nerves. You know, classic dad, praising his son, doing him all the favours and being "full of love" because he feels guilty for not being there for Jason when he was young. Jason of course takes advantage of that and the two could make a very good duo that thinks of themselves being above all.

    Enter Rollins, who has had enough of this. Ambrose also makes his return by then, hopefully. If Ambrose gets cleared to wrestle, give us AmbRollins vs The Angles at Wrestlemania. If not, give us Rollins (w/ Ambrose in his corner) vs Kurt Angle (w/ Jason in his corner).

    That's the story I'd like to see.

    The turn of Jason to Kurt can come after that.

    HORRORHOLIC Pre-Show Stalwart

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    I don't think there is gonna be a Kurt Angle match. There probably shouldn't be anyway. It was cool to see him have a few matches and all, but those matches just proved he's nowhere near wrestling shape anymore. I think it's best to save that spot for something else.
  8. Spencesc11

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    What about an Angle/Jordan match with The Bar for the Tag Titles???

    Rollins could be in a fatal 4 way for the I-C Title (Miz vs. Balor vs. Rollins vs. Sampson)

    HHH & Steph could challenge Rousey & Stroman

    This is how I would go with it....
  9. #hamler

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    I with the majority here in saying Kurt shouldn't be wrestling anymore. Perhaps Angle waited about five years too late to have his big sendoff in the WWE. Doing it now is just sad. Kurt Angle was one of the most athletically gifted professional wrestlers ever. He had chemistry with nearly everyone and he just moved so smooth in the ring. That's how I want to remember Kurt. Not this broken down old man who can hardly perform a decent looking German Suplex. There's really no one capable of carrying Angle to a Wrestlemania worthy match.
  10. Y 2 Jake

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    He isn't having a match after how they booked him in his previous two multi-man matches where they let him do very little.
  11. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I was really shocked when Angle did not appear in the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant. I totally expceted him to be #30. Then, they could have added him and Rollins on the generation vs generation showdown and we would have: Rollins, Reigns, Balor and Nakamura vs Angle, Cena, Mysterio and Orton. Definately not bad.

    Plus, there are rumors that they want a mixed tag match between HHH/Steph vs Ronda/someone and what again shocked me was that Kurt Angle's name was never mentioned as a possible Ronda Rousey partner. Rock was mentioned, Batista and Braun.

    At worst they should at least use his name on the Wrestlemania card, even as a special guest referee or something like that.

    To be honest, Angle/Ronda vs HHH/Steph will end up being so fucking terrible. Angle is limited in the ring, Ronda is limited in the ring, Steph is limited at best in the ring and Triple H isn't someone like Styles who can make a stick look like a champion. He's old man Triple H and his in-ring speciality I believe it's the psychology of a match. So, I really hope that mixed tag doesn't happen, because on Ronda's side there need to be a guy who can actually wrestle.
  12. Vanilla Midget

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    Rousey in a mixed tag makes more sense than Rousey vs Steph at Mania. Steph has really only had the one televised match in the last 15 years. Ronda hasn’t wrestled in WWE yet. It makes sense to roll in the rumoured Triple H vs Angle here.

    But what if the Rock makes himself available? Do you leave Kurt off WrestleMania? The short answer is no.

    Kurt Angle just turned 49 and does not have many matches left in him. Despite his health, athletes his age have a heightened risk for career ending injuries. You want to go out on your terms. You don’t want to wind up like Sting, or worse like Droz or Dynamite Kid.

    Kurt Angle wrestles at Mania whether we like it or not. He’s a hall of famer, a legend, and one of the most gifted pure athletes in wrestling history. He’s also very entertaining, whether he’s wrestling machine Angle in 2006 or corny blissfully unaware he’s a heel Angle in 2001.

    Part timers holding Mania spots is a massive issue, leaving Angle in a suit backstage isn’t the answer here either.

    Given Angles age and what happened to Sting, I could see WWE sticking with safer opponents. The matches that seem to make the most sense are vs the mixed tag with Rousey, a match against Jason Jordan, Braun Strowman, or Seth Rollins.

    Braun isn’t exactly the safest guy. Neither is Rollins (see Sting), though Rollins gets a bit of an unfair rap.

    A match with Rollins would spin out of the Jordan angle, or the Jordan Angle angle, if you will. It’s too soon to pull the trigger on Jason vs Kurt. Rollins needs a match though and daddy could eventually snap depending on how Rollins treats his baby boy over the next week few weeks.

    The match with Rollins wouldn’t require Angle to turn heel. Jordan could retain most of the heat and then Rollins and Angle come to blows.

    The match with Braun makes little sense now that Strowman is a face. They could turn Kurt heel, because otherwise the fans are supposed to cheer Braun demolishing a beloved legend with a history of neck issues?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kurt and Jason team up to face Chad and Sheldon, but I don’t see a Mania spot being spent on that match, though I do see Chad and Sheldon moving over to Raw in the shakeup and that match being in the cards in the future.

    Despite injuring Sting, Angle vs Rollins makes the most sense should the Rock come through and participate.
  13. thebarber

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    Pretty clear he's teaming with Rousey vs The Authority

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