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    Even though Triple H has been gaining more power as of late, his favorite WWE Superstars often don't get pushed as much as Kevin Dunn's favorites. Anyways, can you think of which WWE Superstars that Dunn was known to have a soft spot for ( I can think of a few: Roman Reigns, John Cena, Big Show, Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly)?
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    Why do you have such a boner for Kevin Dunn?
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    Kevin Dunn isn't just an executive for WWE, he's also a member of the Board of Directors, which means, he has even more power than other executives. He's a member of the board, an executive and a minority owner just like Triple H. Some of the reasons why he has so much influence is because he's genuinely good at his job, he's essentially the head of all television production in WWE and it can't be denied that the production aspects of WWE television are outstanding. If rumors are true, Dunn is also Vince's chief yes man and is basically someone who's vision of what WWE is supposed to be meshes well with Vince's.

    As to someone Dunn has had a soft spot for, one that springs to mind was Rosa Mendes. She's not with the company anymore but that's due to choice rather than being fired. There have been a lot of reports stating that Dunn and Mendes were very close and there have been rumors of a secret sexual relationship between them for many years. I don't know if that's true or not, but it might explain why Rosa Mendes, who ranks pretty high among the least talented members of the roster in its history. She looked great but that's about as far as it went and the last 4 or 5 years she was with the company, she spent much of it off the road dealing with personal issues that included drugs and alcohol and an abusive relationship with her boyfriend at the time. This was quite a bit before the Women's Evolution and I'm of the opinion that the only reason she was kept around was because of the pull she had with Dunn. It certainly wasn't because of her abilities as a wrestler because the woman was terrible and I can probably count the number of times I saw her wrestle on one hand in the last few years she was with the company.

    IF reports are to be believed, Dunn was close with a lot of the women during the Diva days, especially the sex pot types like Kelly Kelly. Kelly banged pretty much half the locker room, according to Randy Orton, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dunn had himself a piece every so often.

    Whenever Vince McMahon is gone, whether he steps down as head of WWE voluntarily or has to for other reasons, I suspect Dunn won't be around for long afterwards; either that or he'll not have remotely the sort of influence he once did because Triple H & Stephanie have their own "guys/gals" when it comes not only to the wrestling talent but behind the scenes as well. Vince listens to Kevin Dunn a lot and, allegedly, there have been times in which Dunn has hamstrung Triple H by going to Vince behind Trips' back so, again, allegedly, there's a good deal of tension there. However, once Vince is gone, I have little doubt that some significant aspects of WWE will decidedly change and Dunn's influence over the direction of the product will be among those changes.

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