Jon Jones Should Be Ringside At Summerslam

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Pay Per Ghost, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Face it, Jones Vs Lesnar is probably happening. In this day and age, it's these super fights. There are no losers, only winners Ala MacMay.

    Get him ringside build the fight but still keep Lesnar under contract with the fight in. Jon Jones is a well known Pro wrestling fan and there is a lot of future spinoffs that will prolly give the business the next boost.
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    It'd be interesting if the UFC allowed him to do it. They did it with Ronda Rousey once so it's certainly possible.

    It'd be cool if Jones did a little something, not anything especially dramatic but something to possibly whet people's appetites, to cost Lesnar the match. He and Jones could be talking smack to each other, MAYBE Lesnar pushes him down into his seat, or Jones pushes him a little bit, but before any sort of retaliation can take place, Braun Strowman appears out of nowhere and runs Lesnar over. Strowman tosses Lesnar into the ring where he suddenly eats a spear from Roman Reigns and is pinned.

    The fight may happen, though I'm not sure what Lesnar's status is. Some reports say that he's entered back into the USDA testing pool while the UFC states it hasn't happened. Lesnar himself announced in February that he's retired from MMA for the 2nd time, so that doesn't exactly mean anything. If the price is right, Lesnar will do it.
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    It's a fun idea. I've read some conflicting reports on the main page. Some suggest that WWE are not interested in Brock having another UFC fight while under a WWE contract, whereas others are suggesting that WWE are keen to have more promotional cross-overs, and it can't really get much bigger than this at the moment. Perhaps WWE are anxious based on the last time Lesnar had a fight under a WWE contract, though I'd be very surprised if Lesnar was to be so stupid to get himself caught doing wrong again. Then again, I was surprised the first time. Either way, that WWE have chosen to acknowledge the well-known fact that a fight might be happening, and that they have teased a Lesnar and Heyman departure ahead of the supposed end of contract in April, only gives more sense and logic to have Jones possibly appear. It's certainly not a necessity but I think it would be a very sweet touch to have an interaction. The match is going to be huge, so add something more to it. WWE like to have some sort of celebrity deal at SummerSlam it seems, and while some are terrible (I'm looking at you CeeLo Green), this could be one of the fun ones.
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    It's the sort of thing WWE would love because it'll give them the positive publicity they crave. They also won't benefit from it in the long run. Unless, as part of the deal to let Lesnar have a fight, they get a match out of a UFC star in return. Which ain't happening.

    UFC don't lose anything by allowing it.
  5. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Jones costing Lesnar the match helps nobody besides UFC. It promotes the fight and WWE gains nothing.
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    WWE is desperate for publicity and mainstream attention.. As shown on Youtube Jones makes 1 little comment on Twitter about WWE and they post a Youtube video about it, just like when any celebrity mentions WWE.

    Jon Jones shouldn't be at SummerSlam watching Lesnar have a fake wrestling match. He should be watching old MMA fights with Lesnar studying this man.. Appearing at SummerSlam does nothing for him or UFC.
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    UFC is as desperate for publicity as WWE is, that's why they went all out in trying to get Georges St Pierre to come back to the UFC. They are losing money right now because of how much the new owners paid to buy the company so i wouldn't be surprise if they except to send Jon Jones to summerslam the same way WWE let Lesnar go to UFC last year.

    While this move would benefit both company, UFC kinda owed WWE for letting Lesnar fight last year and this would probably settle that debt. Plus it would get people talking about this bout which quite frankly, i don't see happening unless they can find a way to convince an athletic commission to sanction a fight with fighters from 2 different weight class. But at less it's good publicity for WWE because they get a celebrity from the UFC world and it's good for UFC because they get more exposure from him being at summerslam and maybe even WWE plugin the Next UFC PPV on summerslam. So it's a win-win for both company.

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