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    What do the Trump Administration and their pro wrestling's very own MAGA-adoring pro wrestling outfit have in common? Turnstiles, apparently.

    I've made no bones about how utterly burned out I am on authority figures, having suffered the likes of Carter, Richards, Foley, Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett (both Jeff and Karen), Dutch Mantell, Dusty Rhodes, Vince Russo, Larry Zbyszko, Billy Corgan, and so many more over these last ten years (give or take). But this one was actually working, which is what makes his early departure such a shame. Cornette already was, arguably, the best authority figure in the company's history (certainly the most entertaining), so it's a real shame to see him exit over such unfortunate circumstances.

    Still, the door seems open to a return once they've completed their television tapings/airings from Ottawa for BFG. Perhaps by the time that point rolls around they'll have either eliminated the need for him (or anyone like him), or the ground will be paved for his return.

    I suppose the silver lining here is that the current creative team sans Jarrett is said to be moving away from authority figures in general, which given this last year, is a blessing in disguise. It might even make sense to simply not bring Cornette back at all, entertaining as he is.
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    I'm not surprised,espically given with bound for glory in Ottawa, TNA/gfw is seriously looking at the Ontario market again
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    Cornette did mention on his podcast when he made his return that his stay would be temporary, and also stated that he was working specifically for Anthem and not GFW. I knew that he wasn't going to last, and so did GFW. At this point, to IDR's point, maybe they can now move away from all the on-screen authority figures. The good thing is that they made sure not to make Jim an integral part of any program, so they could easily move on from this.
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    Another Authority figure I was liking enough since he wasn't overshadowing the wrestlers and there he goes. I seriously liked what he did on screen as he helped a bunch of wrestlers with some credibility. I hope that he does come back as it was working well.
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    That's what they get for assuming Corny was going to go to Canada. I'm sure it took an act of congress to get him to drive to Orlando to tape TVs temporarily.

    Listen, I've been a huge fan of TNA since day one. But this is getting ridiculous. I haven't watched a taping in almost a year now. It's not enjoyable to me, it makes me sad considering what AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Raven, Sting, and all these other guys did to build this company and carry it on their backs. It's a spit in their face and I think Cornette realizes it.
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