Jeff Jarrett, Probably the Smartest Man in Wrestling

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Psykohurricane55, Jul 4, 2017.

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    I just read the news that the GWF episodes that Jarrett taped 2 years ago will be shown on ppv as part of the one night only series. Which got me thinking, Jeff really learn alot from his father about how to take advantage of a situation in the wrestling business because Jerry was that way as far as booking wrestling back in the day.

    But looking back at jeff jarrett run as a promoter, i'm starting to realise that the guy is a genius as far as finding ways to take advantage of peoples with alot of money to help his cause. If you look at the history of TNA, It was Jeff that when to Dixie after his third show and ask if her parents would want to invest in TNA and then he pretty much took advantage of them because they didn't know anything about running a wrestling company. Even when he left TNA because of personal problem involving him and kurt angle over Jarrett dating Kurt ex-wife at the time, it was just jarrett knowing that he needed to disappeared for a while.

    Now move foward to a couple of years ago, he starts GFW, tapes four episode and is not able to get a tv deal, so he start doing house shows and it does work either. Decide to do the GFW invision angle so that he could get some exposure for the company and sale his stock in TNA at the same time which worked. But then his company fails. Then comes anthem and the call Jarrett for help, Jarrett knowing that this could be a great way to get his brand over except the deal and start working for TNA knowing full well that when the time is right, he could sale the GFW brand to anthem and make them use that brand and everything that comes with it while getting probably his money back on the bad investment that was GFW. Now he pretty much still got creative control of the company and gets pay to run the show insstead of using his money. That's why i think right now, jarrett his probably the smartest man in wrestling today, because he found a way to give a second life to his brand while at the same time kill the old one and gets a way to show his old shows on PPV at the same time.
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    I don't think intelligence had a thing to do with it, I think it was just simply 100% luck. If he was "the smartest man in wrestling", he would've been able to think of a way to keep TNA afloat. Panda Energy wasn't an investor so much as it was someone that was essentially buying the company; Jarrett still retained some 27% of the company but that ultimately meant little to nothing because he didn't really have any power. He didn't disappear for a while, he was plainly and simply forced out because he didn't have the stroke to remain working with the company he founded. He had as much influence as Dixie Carter allowed him to have and that ultimately turned out to be none as Jarrett was the minority shareholder; he couldn't be completely forced out because of that, but he could be prohibited from having anything whatsoever to do with the operations of the company, which is ultimately what happened.

    When Jarrett launched GFW, he pretty much found himself in a similar position as he did with TNA. GFW got to the point where it existed only on paper as he had no TV deal lined up and would've continued to lose money if he didn't cut costs by turning it into just another small indie promotion and that sort of defeated the purpose of creating GFW in the first place.

    I do give him credit for, as the OP said, being able to take advantage of this situation as Jarrett is ultimately the one who had the last laugh concerning the Carters, TNA and everything else. However, this isn't something that Jarrett foresaw, it's not something that he predicted would happen and the notion that he did is pretty laughable. Jarrett's lucky, he's not a genius or a prophet.
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    Jarrett is certainly persistent. Most men would have been simply working the senior tour of autograph signings and Bingo hall matches. It's funny, how is Jarrett of all people still in power? Between the Heymans, Mantells, Ross', Russos, and Cornettes that still keep their toes dipped in the wrestling world, how is Jarrett the one running a company? He was never that big of a star. He has failed before. He's like the NFL coach who hasn't accomplished much in years or ever but keeps getting jobs.

    Maybe that is what Anthem sees in him. Maybe he is safe. Maybe they feel like they don't have to worry about him throwing it all away with terrible Dixie level decisions.

    Is he the smartest? I doubt it. But he may be the most married to the dream of building something substantial. That seems to be what I guess Anthem saw in him that nobody else could bring along with the experience he has.
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    Jeff Jarrett is a ten time world champion, let's give him some credit haha.

    In all seriousness, I don't think he's necessarily that smart, but more of a combination of lucky and persistent. He seems to have that never-say-die attitude with regards to starting and running his own promo and seems to be very good at attracting rich investors.

    There is little to suggest, however, that this new deal with GFW and Anthem will end up being any different that what happened to him and Impact. Once the honeymoon period is over, expect everything to revert to type.

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