JBL is Leaving

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Jack-Hammer, Sep 1, 2017.

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    This is a VERY good sign. While it would have been cool for someone like Renee to get a chance, Graves working both brands' commentating teams shows how highly they think of him. Maybe he will go on to become the main announcer. Goodness knows Cole was never good in that role. Still sad to see JBL go as he did offer that heel perspective that's needed froom commentators. Still, this is definitely a good idea on WWE's part. I'm happy for Nigel's new opportunity as well even though I don't watch 205 Live.
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    My only problem with graves replacing JBL is that it make the brand split less special.

    What made the brand split different was that you had a different announce team for both show which meant that you a different take on each product. Now you get a guy doing both show and while I do like graves, it will take the difference that you had between the shows.

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