Is Velveteen dream doom to fail on the main roster?

Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Psykohurricane55, Jan 25, 2018.

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    I'm watching this week's nxt and I see that one of the push character of the show right now is Velveteen dream. I watch this guy and see how talented the guy behind the character is but I have the sneaky suspension that this character will be the end of him when he's called on the main roster.

    The thing is, over the top characters tend to not go over to well on the main roster and are kinda buried in the lower comedy mid card. So the question is why are they continuing to create thoses type of characters on NXT if they know damn well that they won't work on the main roster. It's counter productive and you're pretty much dooming those performers before they even get on the main roster.

    The guy behind the Velveteen dream is too talented of a performer to be pigeon hold in a comedy lower mid card role on the main roster but if they continue with this gimmick, I don't give him a lot of chance in making it pass that point on the main roster.
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    NXT is an easy to digest, one hour show. Only so many things can fit into an hour. Pretty much everything stands out.

    Another thing NXT has going for it is the fact that they only have 4, at most 5 Takeover's a year. There isn't this frantic need to start building towards a PPV immediately after the last one ends. They allow themselves to breathe. Gimmicks are allowed to be fully expressed because there's so much time.

    On the main roster, as soon as one PPV ends, you have to start immediately building towards the next one, there's no down time. The only people who are going to get any significant time on the show are the ones who NEED it.

    It's why WOKEN Matt Hardy is absolutely doomed to fail. Impact gave him the time he needed to fully express the gimmick, on RAW and even Smackdown too, there's just way too many other things going on, he gets a 2 minute seg and on a good week he'll get a 6-7 minute match. That's hardly enough time to do anything, ESPECIALLY on a 2 or 3 hour show.

    There's other factors that play a part, but the main reason why they work well on NXT and not on the main roster is just the time given to make the gimmick work.

    As for why NXT keeps "making them", I mean I don't see why they shouldn't. They work for the NXT show and the NXT product, to say that they should get rid of the over the top gimmicks, just because they don't work on the main roster isn't really fair to NXT where they are tremendously popular. And I can't really see the benefit in giving them a more toned down gimmick, as if that'll do better for them when they make the main roster. NXT's track record on call-ups really isn't good, it's not just the over the top gimmicks that don't work, other than the women, the only people to find success on the main roster are those who had an EXTENSIVE background and following in other promotions.
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    In the eyes of many he will fail. It's a given. It's a given that those people will make the determination too quickly and too dramatically. It's silly. It's silly to define success or failure based on some personal notion. Fans seems to think it is about wins and titles where I am sure wrestlers honestly feel differently (Ssh! They think it is about money, longevity, and exposure). It's gotten even more out of control with NXT. It's like fans don't realize that there are only so many titles and so many segments and only one person or team that can win a match.

    Is Dream going to succeed or fail? I don't know. I see his career being somewhere between Adam Rose and Golddust. But I've also only seen his one match with that Black guy that isn't black. It was terrific, but Dream lost so clearly he is a failure in NXT and HHH hates Prince impersonaters.
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    NXT is as much about training guys to handle gimmicks as it is the WWE style... if you can handle an outlandish gimmick down there, then it's good prep for when Vince hotshots a crazy angle at you later.

    In this case, I think it will be the ineviable watering down that will damage the gimmick... how long till he's just referred to as "Velveteen" for example.
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    This is pretty much what I think will happen, unfortunately.

    The Velveteen Dream gimmick is one based on flamboyance and the sheer personality of the wrestler. Dream's not some alpha male powerhouse which, nowadays, is already a strike against him in Vince's eyes because that's very much what Vince is all about these days when it comes to guys making it to the top of the roster.

    That's not to say that we couldn't be wrong, I hope we're wrong because this kid has a ton of talent and he's come such a long way in only a couple of years. It's just that I'd feel a whole helluva lot better if/when Dream makes it to the main roster that Triple H is running the show, which is pretty much the case with most things regarding the main roster.
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    It feels like I reference Black v. Dream a little too much but really, why shouldn't I? It was the perfect match up. Everything from Dream's modern Rick Rude-esque like tights, to his his body language/mannerisms to his almost veteran like psychology, The Velveteen Dream had finally arrived as a strong character in NXT. His quest for recognition was finally recognized by Black and most of all the fans. There was so much that went right in that match. With the WWE's track record, there's really no way they capture that lightning in a bottle.

    I worry for Dream on the main roster. They take NXT characters and multiply their characteristics by a thousand. Bayley is more child like than she is an actual wrestler, Shinsuke Nakamura is a rockstar that makes weird faces and even someone like Tyler Breeze is a mere comedy act that rarely performs in the ring compared to the former workhorse he was in NXT. These NXT prospects have great characters and then make it to the main roster to have a couple of the aspects of their characters turned into something outlandish and ridiculous.

    The Veveteen Dream falls here. Vince's hands will be all over him in the ugliest of ways. Instead of a Prince charcter that can actually perform, how long before he's fainting at the sight of having to face Roman Reigns or crying because he lost a match on Raw or something stupid like that? It's ridiculous but true and like Jackhammer said above, it's all about waiting for Vince to go away before any of these characters have any bit of the slightest opportunity to be successful on the WWE main roster.

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