Is anyone worried about Wrestlemania 32?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by rge2010, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Wrestlemania 32 is just 5 months away and WWE and they are looking to beat indoor attenance records meaning this needs to be the biggest and best Mania to date.

    2/3 months ago we could have predicted a pretty strong card to accompany the event but over the last month things have really changed. Injuries to Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Cesaro have really hit the card at the upper mid level and I am pretty sure all three will be missed by lots of fans out there.

    Not only that, the hype around a potential Lesnar vs Austin match has died and categorically ruled out by Austin (there was always a chance in the world of Wrestling) and it looks like we can rule out The Rock and Ronda Rousey as well now due to film commitments.

    So how can WWE combat these losses?

    Daniel Bryan
    He needs to be cleared and he needs clearing to return for the Royal Rumble! Get the hype going away and get his road to Wrestlemania started there and then! He can win the Rumble and face whoever is the Champion at the time.

    Another injury but if reports are correct looks like he could be cleared to wrestle any time soon. Lots of fans clambering for a Taker vs Sting. I would be fine with that but I would prefer them to team up this year and then face each other at Mania 33. Having Sting on the card simply 'adds something'.

    His last run was bad, but that wasn't his fault, that was poor booking. Batista is open to a return and now he has got his face into Hollywood it will benefit both parties better than ever. I would love to see him return as a heel and go one on one with Brock Lesnar. They came through development together, they both made bug names for themselves outside WWE and this feud is fresh!

    Kurt Angle

    Kurt Angle needs to finish his career in WWE. That is where it all started and that is where most remember him best. It will be difficult because I believe there is no love lost between him and Triple H but a programme with Albert Del Rio would be great in terms of story and quality of match.

    Hulk Hogan
    I don't care what anyone says about Hogan, yes he is old, yes he is way past his best but him returning to WWE now is $$$. Hogan should have his 'big send off' and go out on his back. Hogan vs John Cena tells a great story and while the quality of match won;t be a 5 star it will still mean something and go down in history.

    The above is all my own opinion and I am convinced we will only see 1 or 2 of the above happen! Mania 32 worries me as I think we will be stuck with a lacklustre card!

    At the moment it looks likely we will get Reigns vs Lesnar for the title (again), Taker vs Cena which is 3/4 years past its sell by date, and then anything else is pretty much a guess at this stage.
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    I'm not really worried at this point because WWE has the talent roster, they simply need to build the talent up and keep them built up rather than initiate pushes that stop once the likes of Cena, Orton, Rollins, etc. return. Wyatt, Rusev, Barrett, Ziggler, Breeze, Ambrose, Usos, Owens, Del Rio, New Day, Reigns, Lesnar, Harper & Rowan, Sasha, Paige, etc. are all examples of a huge amount of talent and potential. What we're seeing right now is little more than Vince getting bitten in the ass because he hasn't bothered to build up anyone on the roster with remotely the same level of strength and credibility as Cena or Orton. Vince McMahon is his own worst enemy because the wrestling world and the mind set of fans has changed but he isn't changing with it.

    As far as Daniel Bryan goes, I agree that a decision needs to be made by WWE officials. Bryan's had several doctors clear him but if WWE's lead physician isn't so certain, then I feel they need to say so in order for Bryan to decide on what he wants to do. If he insists on wrestling but WWE won't clear him, he can be released from his contract. If he chooses to retire from in-ring competition and stay on in some other role, that's understandable but fans want to know what the deal is.

    Sting's injury during his bout with Rollins coupled with his age is going to give WWE pause about putting him in another match. For all we know, Sting himself may very well be having second thoughts about getting back into the ring once again. Sting will be 57 years old by the time WrestleMania XXXII comes about and that's definitely pushing the boundaries.

    As for Batista, I don't think his last run was anyone's fault necessarily but it was a powerful example of what I alluded to earlier about the mind set of fans having changed while Vince hasn't. Batista had been gone for nearly 4 years, people have moved on, tastes have evolved and he suddenly pops back up with the WrestleMania main event served to him on a silver platter? It's a fantastic example of how out of touch Vince is with the mind set of many modern wrestling fans. The problem with Batista vs. Lesnar would be that it'd feel like a clash of two mercenaries and there's no guarantee whatsoever that fans are going to be pleased to see Batista. Personally, I never was a fan of the guy and think he's a classic example of a guy who made it big based primarily on the fact that he had one of the best physical looks in wrestling history. Also, Batista's movie career is taking off and, much like the Rock, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that he has any number of people around him saying he shouldn't wrestle because it's too risky and could jeopardize his film career. Also, he may not even be able to wrestle, depending upon when his next film is set to film and whether or not the studio allows it for insurance reasons, which is why the Rock won't be wrestling at WrestleMania next year.

    I don't know really about Kurt Angle. I get the feeling that WWE officials really weren't all that interested in bringing him back earlier this year because they only offered him a full time schedule. Angle turns 47 in a little over a week, he's not what he used to be and his last few runs in TNA were marred by injuries, so Angle definitely can't handle a full time schedule. There may also be some bad blood left between both sides due to how Angle left the company; Angle says it's WWE's fault for not giving him time off, WWE says it's Angle's fault because they wanted him to go to rehab for alleged problems with painkillers, so we'll never know the full story or the whole truth. Of course, it's possible their opinion has changed seeing as how they have so many top level talent out injured and/or who's career futures aren't all that certain.

    In Hulk Hogan's case, he won't be in WWE anytime soon because his racist rant is still a pretty significant topic of discussion. Whenever Hogan is interviewed by anyone, it's the primary topic of discussion and Hogan being hired back by WWE while racial animosity is such a frequent topic in the news and so soon after Hogan's own racist comments were exposed would get WWE crucified in the media and, quite possibly, cause them to lose sponsors. Also, even if that wasn't the case, WWE officials can't just clear Hogan to wrestle because he's not medically fit to compete. When he signed with them a few years back, there was obviously talk of having Hogan wrestle at least once, otherwise he wouldn't have undergone the barrage of medical exams that WWE puts all wrestling talent through. Not only was Hogan not medically cleared, but the results must've been worrisome enough that WWE mandated that any physicality with Hogan was kept to an absolute minimum. If Hogan did return, I suppose it's possible that Hogan could be given a clean bill of health so long as Vince and WWE's medical team wouldn't mind breaking quite a few federal laws, set themselves up for massive lawsuits if it ever got out as former talent could come out of the woodwork with claims WWE did the same thing with them and essentially cause WWE's downfall.

    Rather than focus on the short term by giving fans yet another nostalgia moment, I'm of the opinion that WWE's focus should be on building up the talent they have, pushing the young talent, not sabotaging them whenever they get momentum just because Cena, Orton or whomever happens to be returning to action, etc. Vince can't rely on nostalgia forever, especially when so many of the guys who can produce nostalgia moments are unable, for one reason or another, to be involved in actual wrestling matches.
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    You make some good points but with the wrestlers you mentioned the PPV card will look like a B PPV or even a glorified episode of Raw! Lesnar and Taker aside that is. I want to see the big names and I want to see the part timers! It is Wrestlemania!

    I suppose Triple H will wheel himself out for a match as well.
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    I think WM 32 will be fine. I noticed last year the same worries were around. One thing about WM is it's a unique audience unlike any other PPV. People from all over the world will come to see it. Just the fact Taker is wrestling is a huge deal, may be the last WM he'll wrestle at and I'm sure fans are aware of that. Fans also will come to see Cena. If they have somebody like Stone Cold host WM that would be huge. WWE has had the host trend in recent years - Rock (2011), Hogan (2014)
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    I'm more worried that I still can't get a ticket! Checked again this morning ("best available, any price") just to see if they were online and it said sorry no matches available :(

    As for the card itself, everyone thought WM31 was a weak looking card, but it ended up being the best card of the year
  6. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    I'll be worried when the card starts to flesh out more. So far there's zero matches for Wrestlemania and unknown attractions. I'm sure WWE won't screw up Mania, it's pretty much the one PPV that's always good to great IMO.
  7. ShinChan

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    To be honest, I am not really worried about Wrestlemania 32...... Because its their main ppv of the year so i am hoping They will not screw their biggest event and they will do their best to make this event awesome!
  8. Checkmate

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    Not necessarily. The name alone will draw a crowd. One or two headlining matches will do the rest.

    I could definitely see Bryan returning for Wrestlemania, but AFTER the Royal Rumble, and certainly not in a headlining capacity. This guy, for all his popularity, is an injury magnet, which sucks, and though he is useful, I can't see him getting a title shot again so soon. He also needs to stay away from Roman Reigns, as that's only going to make fans sour even more on current plans.

    I think Sting might be done for the near future. Again, it sucks, but we (WWE fans) got something from him when we could have gotten nothing. Let him rest and heal. Maybe next time.

    I don't know when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 starts filming, but aside from cross promoting again, I don't see Batista back anytime soon. I'd be fine with Batista/Lesnar, but some signs point to Lesnar/Reigns II, which I'd rather see, to be honest.

    This is my favorite option of the bunch. Bring in Angle, let him be a big American figure to face this League of Nations, and he can retire after he gets one more Wrestlemania moment, maybe against Rusev, Sheamus, or Del Rio. Don't make it a retirement match, just build a story about the League attacking babyfaces, and have Angle come back and defend them. That's it. Simple stuff.

    Having Hogan back and at Wrestlemania would certainly draw attention, but not in a positive way, and that's not what the WWE wants or needs right now. Hogan needs to disappear for a while and maybe show his face again down the road as a more humble human being. Seeing one more Hogan match was something special 10 years ago. Now, he'd be the reason to worry about Wrestlemania.

    All in all, I'm not worried. I think the WWE can put together something with this League of Nations storyline to build some interesting matches. Lesnar will return. Undertaker will have a match. Cena will be back. Build three matches with those guys and then fill in the rest of the card from there. Maybe use Triple H, too, but I'd rather not see that. As a fan, I'll watch if I'm interested, and for the first time in several weeks, the WWE has done something somewhat new, and that has my interest.
  9. OYDK

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    Not worried in the slightest. In fact, I think these injuries make it kind of exciting. You know WWE is not going to just throw a random show together when it comes to Wrestlemania... Survior Series maybe, but not Wrestlemania, and especially not Mania 32. With Orton, Rollins, Cesaro, and maybe Sting out for the foreseeable future, they will have to find big ways to replace them on the card, and it just might finally force them to pick out a couple guys that they want to start building strong for Mania. Owens, Ambrose, and Wyatt for instance.

    There's also, as OP mentioned, strong possibilities of some surprises heading into Mania, whether that be Kurt Angle for a retirement match, or Bryan for one last run, I think it's likely somebody returns. And there's also NXT. If WWE is really desperate they could easily fill up the card by including both an NXT World and Women's title match at Mania. There's also the very strong likelihood that a few big NXT names debut before Mania (I've heard Balor and Corbin are very close to debuting on the main roster).

    Than there's the very slim possibility that Rollins will actually be able to return in time for Mania which could shake things up in a big way. Overall, there's still Lesnar, Taker, Cena, HHH, and probably Sting to get excited about, along with a probable return and the debut of some new names. I'm looking forward to it. Mostly because Wrestlemania is the one show that WWE has desperately tried not to fuck up over these last few years.

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