Impact, AAA Expand Partnership: Includes Co-Branded Events, Talent

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    Impact's vision under Jarrett is becoming clearer by the day — in effect, a modernized NWA-style of globalization, fit with multiple partnerships in multiple countries as well as talent exchanges.
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    Might as well call Impact Global Force Wrestling. That's exactly what GFW's working model was supposed to have been.. that is if it wasn't actually some gold selling pyramid scheme
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    I think any form of merger can only be good for the companies involved. I think Impact Wrestling could really make an impact by doing everything in their power to form alliances / working agreements with every single promotion not named WWE. Then dub themselves as the Federation of World Wrestling, and become the modern day version of the NWA.

    FWW!! FWW!! FWW!!
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    I would love for Anthem to outright buy the NWA actually. I don't know what it would cost but you could see a major rebirth of the NWA. You merge the Impact title with the NWA World title. Then you could have the NWA Champ travelling to the big events of all these promotions. Hell each of these promotions could have a NWA belt. The NWA Japan belt, NWA US belt, NWA Mexican belt, etc...

    I always thought the barrier from people to really enjoy TNA compared to the WWE was the lack of tradition. Unlike WCW, people saw TNA as this little brother that tried to beat his better older brother and some viewed it as pathetic and annoying(such as younger brothers often are). If you bring the NWA into the mix and book the shows in a more traditional manner, a lot of nostalgia may come into play and a lot of traditionalists may want to take a look. Have Harley Race or Bary Windham do the color for a big event.
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    Werent the NWA originally involved in TNA? Granted I dont follow TNA at all but how the fuck can Jarrett be back after he sold it and still running GFW? Seems like a disaster waiting to happen

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