Idea For How WWE Can Use Roman Reigns' Brother In A Storyline

Discussion in 'Trash' started by MattBrady425, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. MattBrady425

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Now, I know this sounds facetious, but hear me out.

    In 1999, WWF did a storyline around the "death" of "The Big Show" Paul Wight, Jr.'s father. While Paul Wight, Sr. actually passed away 7 years before the storyline, the storyline added fuel to the Big Show/Bossman feud, which culminated to their match for the WWF Championship at that year's "Armageddon." The segments of The Bossman insulting Big Show's father and crashing the funeral actually gave Big Show solace in remembering his late father, with whom he was very close. It also allowed for some humorous moments in the feud, which allowed the Bossman's character to develop among the fans. WWE had also done "fake" passings in the past like Torrie Wilson's father. Also, the mentioning of Reid Flair helped to elevate a fued in the Diva's division not too long ago.

    With Roman Reigns' brother's (Matthew Anoa'i) passing, perhaps WWE could use it to further develop the rivalry and maybe possible rematch between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns. Imagine this:

    Monday Night Raw:
    Roman comes out and thanks the fans for all of their support during such a hard time. It's hard to gauge if the fans would boo him or not. Then the gong hits, and 'Taker appears on the titantron. 'Taker stands over a grave with a gravestone reading Reigns' brother's name on it. 'Taker said that he promised to take Roman's soul at Mania, but since he could not do so, he took his brother's instead. 'Taker then says he is not retiring, but his "reign" of terror was just starting, signifying a new heelish 'Taker.

    A creepy, grainy, fuzzy film clip then plays with the 3 Minute Warning's and The Hurricane and Rosey's titantron entrance and music and videos play, with the two entrance musics kind of merged together. When the video ends, 'Taker vows to take care of the legacy of the Anao'i wrestling family, starting with Matthew. 'Taker then says that Roman might have the battle at Mania, but he will lose the war with the Deadman. This would eventually lead to 'Taker turning heel and maybe bringing back his Ministry of Darkness theme.

    Maybe eventually at SummerSlam, Reigns and Taker have their hell in a cell and/or a casket match. It would be a heel 'Taker vs. a face Roman.

    What do you guys think? Also, Bray Wyatt could be substituted for 'Taker in a storyline like this.
  2. Sexcellence of Sexecution

    Jun 9, 2012
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    This sounds like the worst thing ever. Honestly, it's fucking terrible.

    The Undertaker shouldn't ever wrestle again. He clearly retired at WrestleMania, and he looked like shit in the match.

    The Undertaker can't ever be heel at this point, and disrespecting a legitimately dead wrestler isn't something you should try doing with him.

    The fans will not have symapthy for Reigns, and will see this transparent tactic and trying to gain symapthy for him as reprehensible. Because it is.

    Fucking God awful.
  3. Stone Cold Tea

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    Dec 4, 2014
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    I haven't read this I just saw the title and I've just scrolled down to tell you it's bad.
  4. Gallops77

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    Mar 12, 2012
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  5. Slyfox696

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    No. Just No. This thread is Trash.
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