I hate being a Republican

Discussion in 'The WrestleZone Symposium' started by FromTheSouth, Mar 6, 2016.

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    ahhh the old obama hasnt done anything. Thats complete horseshit and if i could be arsed looking for it i'd present the facts that completely disprove the myth
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    Uh, Obama has done a TON of stuff. He's ended wars, advanced civil rights, made universal healthcare nationwide, modernized America in many ways, and that's just scratching the surface.

    Oh, and, you know, the fact that we largely avoided a worldwide recession can be attributed to Obama to.
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    ALL those articles from legit media were published BEFORE the New York primary. Similar things happened in Arizona primary as well. The primaries are rigged. Cheating abound. Also keep in mind that those voted in New York primary were Democratic voters ONLY. 3.2 MILLION Independents were not allowed to vote and we all know 70 % to 75% of Independents favor Bernie over Hillary. Don't forget the 123,000 BROOKLYN voters purged from voter files so they couldn't vote either. How convenient that ONLY Brooklyn voters were purged and not other places! Guess who was born and raised in Brooklyn? You have 1 shot. Yup, it's Bernie. They'll do anything to stop Bernie from winning.

    And is any of that drama in the Republican portion? No.
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    I didn't read the articles but the voter needs to know the rules before they go to vote. This shouldn't be difficult in the information age. It's not like Hillary had the rules changed the day of the election. If someone wants bad enough to support Bernie they could register as a Democrat, vote and then go on with their lives. This seems like sour grapes.

    Isn't USUNCUT the website you can go to to meet men who are uncircumcised?
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    To be honest, our politics in general have devolved into something to be ashamed of. I tend to be in the middle of the right. I think we should have a small government and more power to the states rather than to the federal. But this time around, you're left with few options.

    On the left, you have Clinton, who's opinion on any given subject changes with the tide. One minute, she's against gay marriage and the next, she's all for it. Bernie i kind of like. But his policies aren't feasible and even if they were, I can't see Congress passing any of them.

    On the right, you have Trump. Need I say more? He's a circus attraction but at this point, unless you're voting for Hillary (which I refuse to do), he's your only option.

    You can shout for a Libertarian candidate until you're blue in the face, but unless the mainstream media talks about it, most of your uninformed voting populace won't even know who that is or what they stand for.

    That leaves us with two options so pick your poison ladies and gentlemen but either way, we're fucked.
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    Very fucking embarassing. The two party divide and conquer system by the big money ********ers that run this country is what has brought us to this point. You must be republican or democrat. A third party is essentially throwing your vote in the trashcan in the presedential elections.

    You think conservatively but you also think gun control is a must? Tough shit, vote Republican and you're indirectly supporting all the NRA and the Archaic bs they stand for. You're for universal healthcare but you want cuts to certain programs like Welfare and EBT? tough shit! Vote democrat and you're indirectly supporting increased taxes and give govt more power policies.

    The Republican party has made their bed by continuing to push the leave it to Beaver 1950's way of thinking, no rights for Women to make important life decisions regarding their own bodies and Gays are Satan who elect people who want to take your guns away and sodomize you. Hence people like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Donald Fucking Drumpf representing the Party.

    The Democratic party is just as guilty of making their shitty bed they now lay in. Flip flop if you must and completely abandon the principles you "fought for", but for the love of God be politically correct and win the minority votes. Complain about Wall Street and big industry lobbyists at your campaign rallies but continue to protect their interests because ya know... $$$$$. As Ted said "everybodies gotta price, everybodies gonna pay, cuz the million dollar man....ALWAYS GETS HIS WAY MAAAHaHahahahHAhahaha!!!"

    I hope our Canadian friends are ready for a mass migration of terrified Americans because this years election is just one giant spiked ***** lubed up with HIV positive fluids.

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