I can predict his matches; can you?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Prince Vee, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Ryback is the topic to be discussed here as I don't want to beat around the bush to bring something that isn't going to so much exciting. His matches are quite predictable in one such way that we all must've noticed but ignored as it seems as a disdain.

    When his music hits every time, he comes out with a roar and swings his arms up and down with his head bowed Down. He waits till the music hits a spot where he would yell, WAKE UP, IT'S FEEDING TIME! and that's where you could predict the result of that match! This might sound stupid but it's not.

    During his title win and defences, he walked down the ramp with such energy and his roars are awesome to watch. He interacted with the fans enthusiastically before he steps inside the ring.

    But once on Raw in his match with Kalisto, which the Luchador won so convincingly, I noticed that Ryback's entrance was so awful and it felt like a crap. And that said, i noticed the same on his title defence against Kevin Owens, which gave Kevin Owens the first title in WWE, he entered in a way that he's going to lose anyway!

    I noticed this even further few weeks back on Raw when he had a match against Big Show, which was interrupted by the Wyatt family, he looked like a completely disdain. No energy or whatsoever when he said his taglines, Wake up its feeding time. It sounds like a husband waking up his wife in the middle of the night to feed his cry baby.

    Have you noticed this every before with Ryback? On what extend you'll agree with me on this one? Let's start the discussion, shall we?
  2. Azane

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    Ryback was someone I noticed sandbagging on a job, I remember the community I watch RAW with on Mondays used to Play this game with Nikki Bella, where we'd watch her entrance and knew exactly if she was winning or losing.

    Microexpressions are a scientifically proven thing, that it's hard for someone to hide their true feelings from coming out in split seconds, but it's a unique dynamic when they're acting as the men and Women at WWE are 99% of the time.

    To keep it specific to Ryback though, I've noticed ever since he was Skip Sheffield, that he always expressed himself a bit too obviously. CM Punk talked about it and a few others in shoot interviews about how he couldn't keep it in his pants when he was going for a finish or trying to do a big spot, and it gave away how it would turn out.
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    I have never noticed this and don't think it's true.

    Take the match with Rusev where he did a freaking corkscrew plancha. That match ended in a double countout with Rusev putting him in the Accolade on the floor. That's not a win yet he does that plancha for the (I assume) first time. He was full of energy in that match.

    I think you're reading way too much into this.
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    You sorta answered what he asked in this thread within your answer itself. The fact you pointed out this (in which he didn't emotionally show signs of "knowing" hes taking the fall which leads to less microexpressions) justify's this thread IMO.

    As for what i think, WWE probably knew this when they put the I.C title on him (hence his jobbing lately). Having that strap was Rybacks chance to show the company he can carry the title, not expect it to carry him like how it panned out.

    Ryback to be revealed as the leader behind the Social Outcasts lol, you heard it.
  5. Greg4WWE

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    Zigglers body language lately is very telling I will say that, and he wasn't even on the show last night.
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    Nice notice, buddy. You are pretty right in predicting his matches. It was noticable even in today's match although Ryback wasnot gonna be pinned but he had to lose. :shrug:

  7. Mustang Sally

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    Possibly, yes. When a wrestler performs an intricate routine every time he comes out, it's natural to look for the slightest deviation and try to interpret it. Honestly, I never saw anything during Ryback's introduction that would give away the result of his match; yet in fairness, I'll look now.

    Ryback seems a classic example of a performer for whom great things were planned and.....for the second time in his WWE career.....the push has burned itself out. He doesn't seem to be winning much of anything these days, so it will likely be hard to analyze his pre-match routine and determine much of anything.

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