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    This was one of, if not the greatest PPV of all time. When you look at the card it was really no doubt the Wrestlemania would be decent atleast. I suppose it blew expectations out of the water.

    At this point The WWF was coming off 2 crappy Manias in a row and this was really their saving grace.

    Great PPV.
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    WrestleMania XVII

    The general consensus seems to be WrestleMania 27 was a total bust. People had a hard time buying into a lot of the card and the bigger matches didn’t really deliver. I was very disappointed after watching this live. I watched this again last night to see if it was any better than I remembered after the first viewing. While I did find it a bit more enjoyable I still think this was a pretty weak mania.

    The show starts off with a promo from The Rock that lasted around ten minutes. This forced the US Title match to the preshow so I’m already disappointed. I’m not going to say I was really looking forward to Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan but it’s always been a pet peeve of mine when a scheduled match doesn’t take place. I get that The Rock was returning and was the star of the night but his promo wasn’t even entertaining. If it was I would be more accepting of it. “When The Rock says wrestle the people say mania.” Really? And this guy calls John Cena corny. “When I say yabba you say dabba.” This would have been lame for Raw and I really did not enjoy seeing it at mania. If anything his time should have been cut in half here.

    Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio: It may seem like nitpicking in today’s WWE but I was really disappointed to see the world title match opening the show. Watching it live I barely paid any attention to the match as I was too busy bitching about the asinine booking. While the WWE title has been the top title for most of the brand extension WWE usually did a good job of making both titles seem equal. Never did they seem more far apart than WM27. The match itself was ok but nothing special. Seemed like a typical Smackdown main event. I would have preferred ADR walking out with the title but that’s just a preference not a criticism. As stupid as it may sound I might have liked this match a lot more had it gone on later in the show.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes: I don’t have a whole lot to say about this. It was a nice feud and I’m glad they got the opportunity to have a one on one match at mania. Decent match but nothing too special. Not everything can steal the show so I’m ok with this one.

    Kane, Show, Santino & Kofi vs. The Corre: This was like three minutes. Just one of those matches to get a bunch of guys on the card. It would have been nice to give them a few more minutes but this kind of match is nothing new.

    Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Pretty good match. I think Orton could have done a bit of a better job of selling his knee injury. Kind of slow paced and I prefer that to the usual spotfest that a lot of guys do today. Not bad at all.

    Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole: This got way too much time. Including everything this got thirty minutes with about fourteen from bell to bell. Despite the huge build that’s just too much time for a match between two announcers. I think this would have been a lot better if Cole didn’t get any offense. Everyone wanted to see Lawler kick Cole’s ass and that’s what we should have gotten. I don’t have a problem with the reversed decision to keep a lot of heat on Cole but he should not have gotten any offense. Instead he controlled most of the match. Poor booking in my opinion.

    Undertaker vs. Triple H: I really don’t know what to think of this. I liked the story they told but didn’t care for the match, but the story was a result of the match. Make sense? Probably not but it does in my mind. This was basically thirty minutes of kicking out of big impact moves. That kind of match is good once in a while but after Taker and HBK did it for two years in a row at mania the thrill was gone for this one. On one had Taker kicking out of three pedigrees and a tombstone among other things was overkill. On the other hand it was interesting see Taker escape by the skin of his teeth with his streak in tact. Hunter was pretty dominant and Taker was just lucky enough to catch him in hell’s gate. Taker won the match but Hunter walked away while Taker was carried out and not as a result of any post match attack. It showed that Taker was possibly wearing down and planted the seeds of doubt if he’d be able to continue this streak.

    Morrison, Stratus, & Snooki vs. Ziggler, & Laycool: Many people were upset when this match was announced but I defended it. I figured Snooki would get a quick celebrity mania moment and Morrison and Ziggler would carry most of the match. I was wrong. They weren’t even legal participants during the match. It would have been nice if the guys in this match were given a bit of time in the ring.

    John Cena vs. The Miz: If they put as much effort into the match as they did the entrance videos this would have been a great match. This was a pretty lackluster main event. I wanted to keep an open mind and give them the benefit of the doubt that they could deliver a good show but it just didn’t happen. I’m a Cena supporter but he just wasn’t on his game here. It seemed like they just skipped the first five or six minutes of the match as they were already hitting big moves and overselling after about three minutes. I’ve noticed this is something Cena does once in a while. He’ll take one or two moves early in a match and sell them like he’s been in a twenty minute war. That’s what happened here and it really hurt the match. I don’t think anyone believed the match was actually over when the referee called for the bell after a ten count but it was still pretty lame. Couldn’t they come up with a better way to get Rock out there? A simple ref bump would have been fine. It just felt like Miz and Cena were going through the motions waiting for Rock to come out and the fans could feel it. It was a very disappointing match that didn’t make either man look good.

    I’m not going to say this was a bad show. I certainly wasn’t bored during it. However, when comparing it to other manias it is weak and definitely on the lower half of the list.
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    Great reviews KB.

    I agree that Wm x7 is the greatest show ever in wrestling. Not one bad match, and it had everything.

    I would put my top 3 as.

    1. 17
    2. 19
    3. 10
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    Wow! These are my thoughts exactly on Wrestlemania XV, and 1999 in general. Worst WM of all time. 9, and 11 are epic compared to XV.
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    WrestleMania XXVIII

    After one hour and four matches into the show I was very underwhelmed but the matches that mattered really delivered and turned WM28 into a great show. Here’s the breakdown.

    Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: Once again the world title match is opening the show. I didn’t mind it as much this time as I was expecting it. At first I was disappointed that a title match only lasted 18 seconds but it did make for a unique moment and turned into a nice angle. I surprise even myself by saying I didn’t hate it.

    Randy Orton vs. Kane: Good match but pretty basic. I wasn’t really into the feud. It was ok but this just seemed like something that could have been lost in the shuffle of any ppv. I would have liked to have seen better from Orton at mania.

    Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes: You know I’m old school so I do have a bit of a problem with this match. Someone the size of Cody Rhodes should not be a threat to someone the size of Big Show. I know giants aren’t booked like they once were but this just doesn’t look right to me. Big Show has been around forever so he can’t always steamroll the competition but it’s just a little wrong that he’s only booked as a dominant champion when they need it and other times he is considered even competition for guys like Rhodes and Bryan. At least this match had a little story with Rhodes pointing out all of Show’s WrestleMania failures. I didn’t really buy into a 13 year veteran giant’s big mania moment coming in an IC title win over someone half his size though.

    Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Eve & Beth Phoenix: I get it. WrestleMania has a history of celebrities in matches. I’m used to it. The problem here is this was the most poorly hyped celebrity match ever. I don’t even know what the conflict was. I know Eve and Beth confronted Menounos on her show but I don’t know why. Poor effort here.

    Undertaker vs. Triple H: Business has picked up. I was so against this match at first. Then Triple H said those four words. Hell in a Cell. Once I heard that I was sold. The two men who by far wrestled in more cell matches than anyone were finally going to face each other. That was good enough for me but then Shawn Michaels announced he was going to be the referee just to put the cherry on top. Honestly, the match was a bit corny at times with HBK’s overacting but it didn’t matter. Three of the all time best told a great story and delivered an emotional match. The three of them walking out together at the end was a special moment.

    Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny: This was a little crowded for my liking. Twelve guys was just too much but it was obviously done to get as many guys on the show as possible. Nothing too special here that you wouldn’t expect in this kind of match. Eve’s heel turn on Zack Ryder didn’t mean a whole lot since we saw wrestle as a heel earlier in the night. Whatever.

    CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: Good match here but not as good as I expected. To be fair my expectations were pretty high so it would have been difficult to live up. The stipulation where Punk would lose the title if he was disqualified was not necessary and distracted from what should have just been some good wrestling at the beginning. This was a little slow at times and the crowd was pretty quiet for most of it. I don’t think they were bored so much as they were just quietly enjoying what they were seeing. They popped pretty big at the bigger moments. Very solid match, just not the five star classic match of the year I was hoping for.

    John Cena vs. The Rock: Now this is a WrestleMania main event. I don’t think I need to explain any of the hype and story. I thought the match was very good. I was surprised it went over 30 minutes and the good thing is it didn’t seem that long. I thought both guys did great and Rock didn’t appear to have any ring rust. I just wish he would learn how to do the sharpshooter. Seriously, I know he’s a big star but can’t someone approach him and tell him it looks like shit? Other than the embarrassingly sloppy sharpshooter I thought the match went really well. Except for one thing that is.

    THE WRONG GUY WON THE MATCH. How did John Cena not win this? I know Rock is pretty much a guest celebrity but he should know better. This whole angle that had been built for a full year was designed to have Cena go over. Put your personal preferences aside and think about it. Rock comes out and constantly criticizes Cena, the guy who has been on top for the last several years and will continue to be on top as Rock pops in from Hollywood once in a great while. With every promo the Rock cut he was basically saying Cena and the PG era suck and WWE isn’t as good as it used to be. Cena should have beaten Rock to prove that wrong with Rock graciously accepting the loss admitting Cena and today’s roster is as strong as ever. Instead Rock wins and basically says I told you so. It sends a message that the past is better than the present and that’s never the right message to send in wrestling. I don’t care if Rock was getting more cheers than Cena. Rock of all people should know that doesn’t matter since he went over the far more popular Hulk Hogan ten years earlier in another past vs. present match. This was the time for the Rock to return the favor and he didn’t do it (not that I blame him personally). Rock just got to win and walk and we’re left knowing our top guy isn’t as good as the guys from the past. Not to mention Cena's whole message is be yourself and accept others for who they are while Rock constantly makes fun of Cena and his fans. Not exactly a feel good victory for Rocky.

    Overall I enjoyed the show. The undercard was just that, the undercard. This was all about the three main match and all three delivered. You’re never going to have an entire card full of classics so since the big three matches delivered what they were supposed to (and more) I’d say this was a very good mania. It would have been a lot better with a Cena win though.
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    Having read through most of this thread, I have to say hats off to KB for these reviews. Absolutely amazing job. Can't wait to see WM27 and WM28 added as well.

    I went through and decided to rank both the top WrestleMania's and the top WrestleMania matches based on KB's reviews.

    There's no way I've watched every single match... So I've used the ranking that KB gave each match and each WrestleMania and simply put them in order. For no other reason other than for fun.

    In the case where a match or an event received an equal score, I've ranked them on my own personal opinion, but please feel free to challenge and debate. :)

    This only includes WrestleMania's 1-26 as reviewed by KB.

    Overall WrestleMania Event Rankings:

    1. WrestleMania X-7: A+
    2. WrestleMania X: A
    3. WrestleMania XXVI: A
    4. WrestleMania III: B+
    5. WrestleMania XIV: B+
    6. WrestleMania XX: B
    7. WrestleMania X-9: B
    8. WrestleMania 23: B
    9. WrestleMania 22: B
    10. WrestleMania VIII: B-
    11. WrestleMania VI: C+
    12. WrestleMania 21: C+
    13. WrestleMania II: C+
    14. WrestleMania X-8: C
    15. WrestleMania VII: C
    16. WrestleMania 24: C-
    17. WrestleMania XII: C-
    18. WrestleMania I: C-
    19. WrestleMania V: D+
    20. WrestleMania IV: D+
    21. WrestleMania 13: D
    22. WrestleMania 2000: D
    23. WrestleMania XV: D
    24. WrestleMania XXV: D
    25. WrestleMania IX: F+
    26. WrestleMania XI: F+

    Top 50 Matches in WrestleMania History
    Note: Only based on matches from WM1-26 based on KB's scores. I've only selected from matches ranked a B or higher. And again, in the case where matches received an equal score, I've ranked them on my own personal opinion, but please feel free to challenge and debate. It's by no means perfect.

    1. WrestleMania III: Intercontinental Title: Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat: A+
    2. WrestleMania XIII: Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart: A+
    3. WrestleMania X: Intercontinental Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon: A+
    4. WrestleMania X-7: Tag Titles: Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys: A+
    5. WrestleMania X-7: WWF World Heavyweight Title: Steve Austin vs. The Rock: A+
    6. WrestleMania X: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart: A+
    7. WrestleMania VIII: WWF World Title: Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage: A+
    8. WrestleMania VI: Intercontinental Title/WWF Title: Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior: A+
    9. WrestleMania X-7: Undertaker vs. HHH: A+
    10. WrestleMania XXV: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: A+
    11. WrestleMania XXVI: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: A+
    12. WrestleMania VII: Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage: A+
    13. WrestleMania XX: Raw World Title: Chris Benoit vs. HHH vs. Shawn Michaels: A+
    14. WrestleMania 21: Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels: A+
    15. WrestleMania XXVI: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon: A+
    16. WrestleMania III: World Title: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant: A
    17. WrestleMania VIII: Intercontinental Title: Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper: A
    18. WrestleMania 24: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels: A
    19. WrestleMania 23: Raw World Title: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels: A
    20. WrestleMania 2000: Intercontinental Title/European Title: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit: A
    21. WrestleMania 21: MITB: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane: A
    22. WrestleMania 22: Edge vs. Mick Foley: A
    23. WrestleMania XX: Smackdown Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle: A
    24. WrestleMania XXVI: WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Batista: A
    25. WrestleMania XX: Evolution vs. The Rock/Mick Foley: A
    26. WrestleMania VI: Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown: A
    27. WrestleMania X-9: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels: A-
    28. WrestleMania X-9: Smackdown World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar: A-
    29. WrestleMania 24: Smackdown World Title: Edge vs. Undertaker: A-
    30. WrestleMania XXVI: Smackdown World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Edge: A-
    31. WrestleMania 22: Raw World Title: John Cena vs. HHH: A-

    32. WrestleMania 2000: Tag Titles: Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys: B+
    33. WrestleMania VIX: WWF World Title: Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels: B+
    34. WrestleMania XV: WWF Title: Steve Austin vs. The Rock: B+
    35. WrestleMania X-9: Steve Austin vs. The Rock: B+
    36. WrestleMania X-7: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit: B+
    37. WrestleMania 23: Money in the Bank: Matt Hardy vs. Finlay vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. CM Punk vs. King Booker: B+
    38. WrestleMania 23: Smackdown World Title: Batista vs. Undertaker: B+
    39. WrestleMania IX: Intercontinental Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka: B+
    40. WrestleMania XIII: Nation of Domination vs. Legion of Doom/Ahmed Johnson: B+
    41. WrestleMania IX: Headshrinkers vs. Steiners: B+
    42. WrestleMania III: Can-Am Connection vs. Bob Orton/Don Muraco: B+
    43. WrestleMania XII: WWF World Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart: B
    44. WrestleMania IV: WWF World Title: Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase: B
    45. WrestleMania V: Intercontinental Title: Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior: B
    46. WrestleMania X-7: Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon: B
    47. WrestleMania I: Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff: B
    48. WrestleMania X-9: Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon: B
    49. WrestleMania X-8: Undertaker vs. Ric Flair: B
    50. WrestleMania XII: Undertaker vs. Diesel: B
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    Seriously, stop saying Rock wasn't/isn't on Austin's level. He was/is, deal with it. Both Rock and Austin were the faces of the Attitude Era, they should have done BOTH Rock v Hogan and Austin v Hogan, maybe have Austin v Hogan at Summerslam that year.

    Blah blah blah Austin bigger than Rock, blah blah blah. Every review that you do where Rock and Austin come up you bury The Rock.

    Anyway..........Rock v Hogan did completely kill the main event but yet for people who say Rock v Hogan should have gone on last I disagree, especially when there was only one World title. The World title of a company should be the biggest thing going and be treated as such (WWE has fooked that up now though), but in the glorious days of one World title, that is what EVERY PPV main event should be. The Triple H v Chris Jericho storyline revolving more around Triple H and Stephanie than Triple H v Jericho is another big reason the main event bombed.

    In truth, I would have had Rock v Hogan earlier on the card, like they did for Triple H v Undertaker at WM28, give the crowd chance to recover.
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    You're completely wrong. Do you realize how many "If cena wins, we riot" signs were there that night? Everyone wanted Rock to win, and so we got what we wanted. That's the point of WM. The right guy won the match.

    Yes, it did send the message that the past was better than the present. So what? It's the truth.

    The thing is, they did give cena the rub, because they booked it as him beating himself, rather than the Rock beating him despite cena's best effort. They showed that cena isn't perfect, and is prone to brain farts, when he decided to try the people's elbow on Rock.

    This set up for his temporary loss of confidence, which led to his Extreme Rules match with Brock, where cena found his mojo again. This was all by design, Vince knew what he was doing.

    So cena wasn't buried, because he rebounded on the very next PPV. And his foolishness in trying the people's elbow added another dimension to his character. One that may pay off in his upcoming re-feud with Rock.

    Vince is very Dickensian in that he plants plot seeds as early as years before they come to fruition. i wouldn't be surprised if cena's WM28 brain fart becomes a key theme during this upcoming feud. Vince is always 2 steps ahead of all of us, he's very successful fiction writer.
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    Yet again (assuming I've done this with you before), you're wrong. Well kind of but mostly yeah. Austin leaving was the only thing that allowed Rock to catch up with him. Also, you clearly have no idea what burying means. I bury Ronnie Garvin and Terry Taylor in these things. Rock is the third biggest star ever. He's just a distant third.
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    Your user name and prior posts don't suggest you can look at this objectively but that's ok. You don't have to. You're looking at it from your point of view as a fan and that's fine. I just completely disagree with you.

    I saw the "If Cena wins we riot" signs. I was there. I've been seeing the same signs since 2006. I saw them when I attended WrestleMania 22 when everyone wanted Triple H to win. I also remember another clash of generations match at WrestleMania when everyone wanted Hulk Hogan to beat the Rock but what happened that night? The person representing the present beat the person representing the past as common sense suggests it should have.

    Seriously? You don't see a problem with that? The Rock shows up after a seven year absence and completely runs down the guy that's been carrying the company during that time. He insults the current generation implying that the product today is no good. He then goes on to prove that by winning before leaving again for Hollywood while we're left to watch an inferior wrestler. Common sense says the guy that is going to be on tv every week for the current product should have gotten the win. The Rock should have lost and then shaken Cena's hand to endorse him just like Hogan did for the Rock ten years earlier.

    I have one big problem with all of that. I'm talking about WrestleMania. The biggest show of the year and possibly the most hyped and anticipated match of all time. This is where you want your current star to shine. It's not the time to build up Extreme Rules. That could have been done the next night just as easily had Cena won.

    I know you hate Cena but there's no way he should have lost to the Rock.
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    Seeing how we were in "Wrestlemania season", I wanted to kind of get what you meant here. Didn't the new era of Wrestlemania start around Wrestlemania XIV for these periods of time? I mean, it was when the Attitude Era was considered to have started. Wrestlemania XVI was so bland, and even though two matches were solid, it definitely didn't feel like the beginning of a new era. I know these are opinions, but it kind of was just going back to the days of when older Wrestlemanias were stacked with matches, with the exception here being that there was no match between single wrestlers, alone, with a pinfall. Yeah, it was unique, with the Triangle Ladder Match, and the Fatal Fourway Main Event, but I feel that the lack of a regular contest hurt it in major ways, not that it could have helped much.
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    It wasn't the show itself that signified a new era. It was all the new talent. As I said, WM 16 was a poor mania. It was immediately after mania that things turned around in my opinion. Let me repeat the names that made their mania debut that year. Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Christian, The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys. All those guys would go on to play a major role in the WWF and none of them were on the roster at WM15. Not to mention lesser guys like Malenko, Saturn, and Tazz. Returning talent with new and better gimmicks like Too Cool and Rikishi. And a fresh new main event face in Triple H who main evented his first of many manias. Sounds like the beginning of a new era to me.
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    What a terrible, terrible analogy. Hogan coming back today to face Cena?? Ugh! Not even close. What a poor job of illustrating the magnitude of this match for the young readers.

    I am so sick of your "what was the point of that?" bullshit. The point, expert, was to entertain the crowd...which most of the matches you bash did. You watch these tapes and DVDs now and judge it based on today's product.

    I really wish someone better suited would review these old PPVs. A great idea wasted on your negative, unappreciative ass.
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    WrestleMania 29

    This was a good card but a little underwhelming for a WrestleMania. The action was fine but the build was a little weak and there wasn’t enough drama. Here’s the breakdown.

    Randy Orton & Sheamus & Big Show vs. The Shield: Pretty good match here with the Shield getting a nice win at their mania debut. The only problem with it was they beat a better team at the ppv before so this wasn’t exactly a step up for them. Show turning on his partners didn’t mean much since he was a heel going into the match and had trust issues with his partners to begin with. Orton turning might have been a better way to go.

    Ryback vs. Mark Henry: This match was ok on paper but it just didn’t work. Henry dominated Ryback and got a clean win making Ryback look awful. It’s like WWE just can’t make up their minds on whether they want Ryback to be a threat or not. They build him up good going into a match but crush him when the match takes place. There is no reason Ryback should have lost here, especially since he was going to be challenging Cena for the title at the next couple PPVs

    Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston: Decent little match and a fine way to get these guys on the card but nothing special here.

    Chris Jericho vs. Fandango: I like Fandango a lot. He is a good gimmick character that reminds me of something out of the mid 90s and he plays his role well. It was kind of weird that this was his debut match but I guess that was the point. The new wrestler that people don’t take seriously getting a win in his debut match at the biggest show of the year against a veteran star and former multi time champion. I wasn’t really feeling this as the big moment WWE probably wanted but this was a decent match.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger: Nice promo video before the match. I thought this was a pretty good one until the end. The ending wasn’t really bad but it came out of nowhere. I didn’t feel we got the proper climax here. I think if they would have gotten a few more minutes and a better finish this would have been a great match. Another problem was the inspirational champion fighting for the people was back to being a scummy heel right after mania.

    Undertaker vs. CM Punk: Good match here and probably the match of the night. It wasn’t a classic but it was solid. I don’t think anyone thought Punk was a real threat to the streak but that’s ok. A lot of good matches have predictable outcomes.

    Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It was kind of slow paced and seemed to drag at times. One minute I thought the match was boring and the next I thought I was watching a pretty good fight. It didn’t help that we saw this match at SummerSlam a few months earlier. Also the stipulation with Triple H’s career on the line just seemed unnecessary. Even if he lost it wouldn’t have seemed like too big a deal since HHH doesn’t wrestle much anymore anyway. Good match but didn’t capture the drama it was going for.

    John Cena vs. The Rock: This match was nowhere near as good as it was the year before. I thought these two put on a classic at WM28 and this time it was nothing more than ordinary. I was already having a hard time buying into it because it was the same main event as last year and the lackluster performance didn’t sell me on it any more. The crowd was pretty dead for the most part despite it being Rock and Cena in the ring. I think it was because the outcome was painfully obvious. Most of the mania main event outcomes are predictable but this one was worse. It just didn’t work for me and further reinforces my feeling that Cena should have just won at WM28 and ended it there.

    Overall the show was average. The matches were good but none stood out as great. Every year I expect a match of the year candidate at mania and this show did not produce one. The action was solid but the drama was sorely lacking. When it comes to WrestleMania drama is just as important as action, maybe even more important. Just look at the main event entrances. At WM28 each wrestler had their own little mini concert before their entrance. Cena has some kind of elaborate entrance every year. This year the usual music hit for both guys and they walked out to the ring like it was any other night. Other than the big outdoor stadium this just didn’t have the WrestleMania feel. Again, good action but no drama, suspense, or emotion. This card proves that wrestling is much more than just matches. To steal a line from KB, good but not memorable.
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    WrestleMania XXX

    I normally wait a few months after mania to let it sink in a little before posting here but I feel like doing this now. I thought WM30 was a pretty strong mania. The Superdome was a spectacular setting for mania and I really do wonder why it took WWE so long to go there. The set was awesome and this felt like a big show. Also the crowd was red hot during the beginning and end only quieting down a little in the middle during the slower paced matches. It's hard to display non stop energy for four to five hours straight so that's ok.

    The opening segment was pretty awesome. Hogan, Austin, and Rock all together at mania was fun and the crowd went wild for them. I normally don't like non wrestling segments taking up so much time but when we're talking about three of the biggest stars ever an exception can be made. This was so much better than the WM27 opening and got the crowd fired up before the first match even started. By the way, I really think John Cena is on the same level as these guys. I could totally see him as a fourth man in this segment and he'd fit right in. For as much as I love them Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and anyone else would seem a little out of place but Cena would fit right in.

    I loved the opening match. The video package showing the evolution (no pun intended) of Daniel Bryan and his strugles with the Authority was very well done. The crowd response for Bryan was electric. The match had a great pace and told a nice story with a couple nice move thrown in that we don't see too often. The 27 minutes flew by and the show was off to a great start.

    I wasn't crazy about the idea of The Shield vs. The New Age Outlaws and Kane but The Shield always delivers in the ring so I was looking forward to the match. A three minute squash was a little disappointing but the Shield did look great so I can't be too hard on it. I'm usually not a big fan of squash matches at mania but sometimes they work and I think it worked here.

    The Battle Royal wasn't bad but it would have worked a lot better if it was a 20 man. I know 30 men for WM30 but that wasn't necessary and it ended up being 31 anyway. I don't like the idea of getting every single guy on the roster on mania. If someone barely gets on Raw or Smackdown throughout the year why should I want to see them on mania? There were easily eleven guys in the match that didn't matter so cutting this down to 20 men would have made it seem like a more legit match and made it a better match. Once we got down to the last ten guys the match was actually pretty good for a Battle Royal. Cesaro picking up Big Show and easily throwing him over the top was a pretty cool moment.

    I know some people weren't crazy about the live band playing The Wyatt Family to the ring but I thought it was great. That kind of thing is what gives mania that mania feeling. I don't have much to say about the match itself. I thought it was good, not great. I don't have a problem with the outcome. It seems there are a lot of people that think every main event veteran should just lose to every younger guy to put them over. That's not always necessary. More times than not the newer guy is put over simply by having the opportunity to work with the main event veteran and that's what happened here.

    I was hoping The Ultimate Warrior would run to the ring and shake the ropes. Oh well.

    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. This is the one everyone was talking about after mania. The streak is over and now that the initial shock has worn off I can say I'm glad that it is. It was time. I think Taker has wrestled exactly four matches in the last four years. He's nearly 50 years old and was clearly slowing down. He was really starting to show his age and I didn't want to see a worn down Undertaker continue to beat the top guys in WWE. Three or four years ago I would have said the streak should never end but I changed my mind on that about two years ago. WrestleMania is all about the moments and the end of the streak would be a big moment so why wouldn't it happen? And of course it was a big moment. The crowd reaction was awesome. People didn't know what to do or how to react so a lot of them just sat in stunned silence. When Taker finally got up he walked off to a standing ovation. Great moment. The problem was the match itself was pretty bad. I know Taker got hurt during it so there is an excuse but it doesn't change the fact that it was a bad match. It was way too slow and Taker was pretty much dominated. The end of the streak would have been a better moment if the match was more competitive. My only regret about the streak ending is we never got the obvious mania main event match between Taker and Cena. That is one of the all time biggest missed opportunities.

    What can I say about the Divas match? It was pretty much what I expected. I did like the finish where AJ picked up Namoi's arm and tapped it on the mat for her making it look like she submitted. Too bad the announcers missed that and didn't call it.

    I've said before I don't usually like triple threat title matches at mania. This is an exception. The story was good. Each person involved had a role and some kind of conflict with each opponent. Orton and Batista are such good heels and the perfect opponents against a popular underdog like Bryan. Everyone assumed Bryan was going to win but with the odds stacked against him so much and the shock of Taker's loss fresh in the crowd's minds there was a little doubt. The end of the streak should have made it even more obvious the crowd would be treated to a happy ending but instead it made them realize that truly anything could happen. Of course Bryan did prevail in the end and the pop he got was one of the biggest I've ever heard. The post match celebration was a sight to behold. Oh and by the way, the match was pretty damn good too.

    Overall WM30 was a very good show. It was full of emotion and told some great stories. Seven matches seems like too few for mania so I would have liked to have seen one more squeezed in. Both Cena vs. Wyatt and Taker vs. Lesnar could have been five minutes shorter. But that's what could have happened. As far as what did happen it was mostly very good. It was kind of a changing of the guard with Bryan having his moment, The Shield looking dominant, Cesaro winning the Battle Royal, and Wyatt looking good despite the loss. All the young talent looking good and Taker finally losing makes it feel like we're entering a new era. It will be interesting to see how mania feels next year with no streak on the line. Will this mania be better remembered for Byran winning the title or the streak coming to an end? Time will tell.
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    Austin in 2002 was no where near the box office attraction he was in 1998-1999. He wasn't even a good PPV draw w/o Vince invovled in the storyline. Unforgiven and No Mercy in 1999 drew the lowest buyrates that year w/o Vince invovled in the match and Survivor Series the following year drew only 400,000 buys. Summerslam 1999 drew w/o Vince but I credit that to Jesse Ventura's invovlement as the main event buildup was so poor I doubt that alone was responsible for the PPV buys.
  17. SCrooked1

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    Austin was planned to lose the WM 2000 rematch and then turn heel and join up w/ Vince afterwards, he was going to lose his face spot in 2000 anyways.

    If Austin were around in 2000 the RTWM buildup would've actually been booked better.
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    Savage was the architect of the greatest match of all time in his match V Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3 the fact that Savage planned every little aspect of the match and he and steamboat went out and performed it to perfection at the fastest pace of any match then and since....it also shows that savage revolutioninised the whole wrestling business because now all the big pay per view matches are now pre planed
  19. The Brain

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    WrestleMania 31

    It seems like most people had very low expectations for this show and ended up loving it. I was very critical of the build but had a feeling the show would deliver. Low expectations can make a good show seem great. I thought this was a solid mania but didn't like it nearly as much as a lot of people seemed to. A lot of people have said it was a top five mania. A couple have said second best and I even read one or two people say it was the best of all. I have to wonder how many manias those people have seen. Good show but nowhere near the top. Here's the breakdown.

    IC Ladder Match: From 2005-2010 there was a MITB ladder match at WrestleMania. I thought it had run its course by 2008 so I wasn't overly thrilled when this practically identical match was announced. I was happy though that the IC title had a prominent spot at mania again and since it had been five years since this kind of match took place I wasn't too disappointed by it. There were some hungry guys involved so I was looking forward to see what they would do on the big stage. Unfortunately the match didn't deliver. It was pretty forgettable. There weren't really any big spots that stood out. Only two days later and I can't think of anything that jumps out. Pretty disappointing.

    Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins: I thought this was going to be the match that stole the show. Watching it live from Levi Stadium I didn't think much of it but I did like it better when I watched it on tv. It wasn't the show stealer I was hoping for but it was definitely a solid match.

    Triple H vs. Sting: First of all, awesome entrances. Over the top, yes, but that's what makes mania stand out. As for the match...confusing. Despite Sting's age and time away I thought this match would deliver. Especially with HHH as his opponent. These are two great pros so I thought their experience and psychology would overcome any physical shortcoming there may have been. I thought it started out great but went downhill fast when the interference started. IT MADE NO SENSE. Why was the nWo helping Sting, their number one rival? Why were Nash and Hall against their buddy Triple H? Sting made it clear that this wasn't about WCW vs. WWE but it became just that. Worst of all we got robbed out of what was turning into a good match. I get it. Everyone always dreamed about DX vs. nWo, but that was nearly 20 years ago and it had nothing to do with Sting. It was kind of cool seeing all those guys in the ring together (even though they were all looking pretty old) but DX and the nWo pretty much hijacked Sting's moment.

    AJ & Paige vs. The Bella Twins: Not much to say here. Went about as expected. It was fine.

    John Cena vs. Rusev: More great entrances and this show was turning into a spectacle. In a good way. As usual a lot of people thought the younger guy should have gone over the veteran. As I always say, just working with a top guy like Cena at mania, win or lose, is a big moment for a young star. Good match.

    The segment with Steph, HHH, Rock, and Rhonda was pretty good but went way too long. The old school guy in me says it would have been better to squeeze another match into that spot but I understand why WWE would want Rock and Rhonda to have that spot over some of their mid card guys.

    Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: More good entrances. Kind of weird but that's ok. These are weird guys. Five years from now a top star will be talking about how he made his first mania appearance as one of Bray's scarecrows. No idea who those guys were. Just seems like something that will happen. The match was a little slow paced but that fit the style of both these guys. Not bad considering Bray was supposedly working on a pretty badly injured ankle. I envisioned the spot with the spider walk and sit up a little differently but I liked the way it turned out. Not to be hypocritical considering my comments about Cena and Rusev, but I thought maybe Wyatt should have won this one since they were talking about him being the new face of fear and Taker is all but done at this point. I didn't mind the outcome though.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (eventually): I really don't know what to think about this one. I get that Lesnar is supposed to be dominant but I'd like to see more of a competitive match than him just plowing through the guys that are going to presented as the top wrestlers while he spends months off between matches. Going back to that old school guy in me I wasn't too crazy about Rollins entering the match at the end but I guess it worked out and served a purpose. When looking back at WM31 what is the main event? Was is Lesnar vs. Reigns, or was it Lesnar vs. Reigns vs. Rollins? I guess the answer should be who cares as long as you enjoyed the show. The WrestleMania nerd stat guy in me cares though. I guess I need to get with the times and accept the MITB gimmick for what it is but it just seems wrong to me that a guy can come out and insert himself into the end of a match that he wasn't advertised in and get the win. While it wasn't ideal I didn't hate it and it was probably the best option to protect everyone involved.

    This was an enjoyable mania but as I mentioned before I don't rate it as highly as most others. All the matches were good, except maybe the ladder match, but nothing jumped out to me as great. There wasn't a mania classic here in terms of in ring action but the entrances and visuals helped make up for that. I think when I look back on this show the first things I'll think of are Triple H with the robots, Rusev on the tank, and Bray with his scarecrows before thinking of any actual matches.
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    I don't see the show holding up all that well over time. As you said, the lack of expectations really helped the show as it completely exceeded expectations. However, those low expectations will be forgotten over time. I gave the show an A overall, but I really don't see that lasting next year.
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    WrestleMania 32

    Once again I felt the build to mania was relatively weak. Unfortunately, unlike last year this one did not exceed my expectations. It wasn’t a terrible show but it wasn’t really a good one either, and it went way too long. Here’s the breakdown.

    IC Ladder Match: Here we go again. I’m just over having these matches on mania. I understand the purpose is to get more guys on the main card and fans usually pop for the high spots, but these just seem like reruns to me. The spots aren’t that impressive when we see them every year. The matches are painfully choreographed even for pro wrestling. In a crowded match like this a guy lays on the floor for five minutes selling a clothesline while everyone else takes their turn doing their spots until it’s his turn again. Considering the battle royal was on the main card, and some of the guys that were in that, this match didn’t even need to take place. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn would have been fine and would have made the IC title seem more important. I would have even been ok with a four way with Owens, Zayn, Miz, and Ziggler. It doesn’t surprise me that Stardust got in the match even though he’s been pretty much ignored since SummerSlam but how in the world did Sin Cara and Zack Ryder make it? And to top it off Ryder wins. What were they thinking? Enough with the “give guys their moment.” Are these professionals or marks? Sadly, I think a lot of today’s pro wrestlers are just as much of a mark as the fans are. Despite my negative thoughts about the match even taking place I could have overlooked it all if the least deserving guy didn’t get the win. Either Owens or Zayn should have won.

    AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho: I would have been a lot more into this match if these two didn’t already wrestle each other three times in such a short span. It would have been really exciting going in if this was their first meeting. To their credit though, WWE did develop the story nicely and Jericho being full-fledged heel added an extra element. As far as the match, I thought it was really good. There were a couple minor slips, including a bit of a sloppy finish, but I enjoyed the match very much. Jericho winning was a surprise but I didn’t mind it.

    New Day vs. League of Nations: I’m not sure why Wade Barrett was pulled from this match but a six man tag made more sense. What didn’t make as much sense to me was New Day losing. They are the champs and arguably the most over guys in the company. They probably should have gotten the win here. I suppose I know why they lost and this is where the grumpy old man that doesn’t like fun in me comes out. New Day lost so League of Nations could run their mouths and Austin, Michaels, and Foley could come shut them up. I’m sorry but I did not enjoy that segment. There was just no reason for it other than the easy pop. I know what you’re thinking. If the crowd enjoyed it isn’t that reason enough? Not to me. I’m sick of WWE constantly reminding us how much better the past was than the present by having old retired wrestlers beat up their current roster and then wonder why guys have such a hard time getting over. Not to mention this was so random and none of these guys had anything to do with each other. I wonder how HBK would have felt if Pedro Morales came out and beat him up at WM8 for no reason.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar: Major disappointment. When this match was first announced I didn’t think Ambrose was a big enough name to work with Lesnar at mania. As the weeks went on I tried to sell myself on it thinking Ambrose could do some pretty crazy stuff and probably take a good beating in a street fight. I finally talked myself into thinking these two would deliver and it could be a breakout moment for Amrose. I was wrong. This was nothing special at all. The usual Lesnar and his dozen suplexes with Ambrose getting a few shots in here and there. Never once did I feel like Ambrose may win. Never once did I feel like Lesnar was in any danger. There was zero drama in this match and felt like more of a waste of time than one of the bigger matches on the card.

    Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch: Fantastic. This was the best match of the night. I guess that may be partially because almost everything else under delivered but it’s not a tallest midget award. This match was good. First of all, I’m surprised WWE was able to hold off until mania to have a triple threat with these three. It seems like that may have been the plan since they all got called up at the same time last summer, but WWE often hotshots things these days instead of having the patience to let them play out. Secondly, WWE did a great job making this match seem like a big deal. This was not your divas piss break match. This ended up being the highlight of the night and it was presented that way. Finally, as mentioned, the match delivered. Great job by all three women. Too bad the show has peaked and we’re only about halfway through.

    Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker: This match was clearly done out of desperation. I doubt we would have seen Shane at all had so many guys not been injured. Instead of giving a major rub to one of his full time wrestlers Vince felt he had to call in his 46 year old son who never was a full time wrestler and hadn’t wrestled a match in ten years. And to top it off he created a story that didn’t make any sense. Well I guess the story made sense but why did Taker care about it? They had six weeks to give me a reason to make Taker care and they didn’t do it. Oh wait, I guess he cared because Vince said if he didn’t win it would have been his last mania. Too bad Vince wouldn’t have been in position to enforce that if Taker didn’t win. So putting the story aside I could only hope the action delivered. Shane has stepped up before when he wasn’t expected to and this was Taker at mania so there was hope. Hope is all there was as this match was a bore. They looked old, they were selling like they had been in a war after just a couple minutes, and I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be rooting for. Take the stunt from the top of the cell out of it and tell me if this match had any excitement. And they got 30 minutes? It was probably almost an hour from the time their video package started until the time Shane was carted out. I don’t mean to disrespect a legend but it’s time to say goodbye to Taker. His last few manias have been underwhelming and I’m afraid the fans may turn on him soon if he can’t deliver anymore. Hang it up next year Taker.

    Battle Royal: Is Shaq the only reason this got on the main card? And doesn’t making a celebrity a surprise completely defeat the purpose of having a celebrity in a match? What a weak battle royal. You know what would have helped at least a little? Putting Miz, Ziggler, and Stardust in it. I’m afraid this year has set a precedent. Next year we’re going to see Flo-Rida, Scott Hall, and The Honky Tonk Man in the battle royal. Really, who besides Corbin could have possibly won this? If they want to pretend the battle royal is a big deal by attaching Andre’s name to it they are going to have to put better people in it. If it’s just going to be like the usual battle royals take Andre’s name off it and keep it on the pre show.

    The Rock vs. Erick Rowan: Should I even have bothered to type that? This was a forty minute segment with a six second unannounced match. I would have much preferred Rock come out, announced the attendance, and left. I hate when people use the term buried around here but this felt like a Wyatt burial. Two years ago people said Cena buried Wyatt by beating him at mania. That was ridiculous. It was a good feud and a competitive match. This was just destroying the Wyatts for no reason. Is there a point in having a six second match when there wasn’t a match announced ahead of time? People have been saying for a while now that Wyatt doesn’t mean anything because he is all talk and never wins. I’ve held out hope but why should we take him seriously anymore? Wyatt vs. Rock could have actually been a really interesting angle but since Rock handled him so easily I guess Wyatt wouldn’t be a threat. If they wanted to do something like that they should have used the Social Outcasts. Better yet they should have just had Rock announce the attendance and Cena could have come out and they could have had a friendly battle of wits on the mic before shaking hands and leaving. And it didn’t need to go forty minutes.

    Triple H vs. Roman Reigns: Like HIAC this was too long. The match wasn’t bad but it didn’t need to be 27 minutes. Keeping it around 20 would have made it much better. It’s too bad the fans aren’t behind Reigns. The mania main event barely had any heat because of it. I think this was a planned match for mania for a while but it probably wasn’t the planned main event or title match. The injuries kind of forced this into the main event. I think the fans would have reacted better had it been just another match in the middle of the card.

    I know most of my post was negative but the show wasn’t terrible. I just think it could have so easily been so much better. Taking about an hour off would have helped too. The show itself was ok, but I thought it was pretty bad by mania standards and I’d probably put it in the bottom third.
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    WrestleMania 33

    After a couple years of lackluster builds to mania WWE got things right on the road to WrestleMania this year. This show had a great build and was one of the better hyped manias we’ve ever had. Just about every match on the card had a story that had built over time and I was pumped for this show. Despite the tremendous build, there was one problem keeping this from being one of the best manias ever. I’ll get into that in the closing after the match by match breakdown.

    AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon: I don’t mind Shane getting some feuds once in a while but I’m not crazy about him getting big matches at mania. AJ just didn’t have an opponent though so a story vs. the GM (or is he the commissioner?) was the best they could do to get AJ into a big match. And to his credit, whether I want him there or not, Shane usually does deliver and he delivered here. This was a pretty damn good match. I’d prefer if AJ got a better name to add to his WrestleMania resume but it’s hard to complain about the quality of the match. I felt it could have been a few minutes shorter. Not that the length hurt the match. They just didn’t need 20 minutes and in a five hour show I’m looking to cut time where I can.

    Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens: A good old fashioned feud with a good build and a slow burn (by today’s standards). When KO turned on Y2J it seemed obvious they would go to mania against each other, but these days it’s hard to get a one on one mania match if you’re not at the very top of the card. I’m glad they got what they deserved instead of being thrown into some multi man match. The match itself was fine but it felt kind of off to me. It was slow at times and the crowd wasn’t into it. This is one of those matches where even though the match was good it didn’t seem to fit the story. It would have been fine under most circumstances but I think we should have seen some more aggression here and maybe more of a brawl for this one.

    Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax: Not a bad match here, and while not as good as the women’s match from last year, the women still felt like a big deal here. When the revolution began it was easy to think it would last a couple months and things would go back to the way they’ve always been. So far I’m happy to say that hasn’t happened and the women put on a good showing here.

    The Club vs. Enzo & Cass vs. The Bar vs. The Hardy Boys: The match was fine but this was all about the moment. I don’t follow much wrestling outside WWE but I know the Hardy Boys revolutionized themselves in other promotions over the past couple years. Even though I don’t understand the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick at all I know most people were really into it. The fans that were begging the stale Matt Hardy to just go away in 2010 were begging for him to come back in 2017. They got what they wanted as the crowd popped big time for the surprise return. The announcement was well done by the New Day too. It looked like they were going to announce themselves as the fourth team in the match, which would have been expected, before the familiar Hardy music hit and everyone lost their shit. Not much to say about the match. It wasn’t anything great but it was fine. Like I said, this was more about the moment.

    John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. Miz & Maryse: I wasn’t crazy about this match when I first heard about it but they sold me on it during the mania buildup. Miz and Cena always work well together and they did their best work here. The match itself was kind of odd. The crowd was really behind Miz. Not just in a cheering Cena’s opponent way. They seemed to actually like Miz..a lot. Miz pretty much controlled the whole match before going down pretty easily at the end. This was another one where they were more focused on the moment and the match was secondary. This whole feud and match was to deliver the moment where Cena proposed to Nikki. I just wasn’t feeling it though. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch Total Divas but I don’t care about Cena and Nikki as a couple. Macho Man and Elizabeth they ain’t. I think WWE wanted this to be a really big deal and it just didn’t come off that way.

    Seth Rollins vs. Triple H: I’m glad we got this match as there were a couple times it looked like it might not happen. This was a solid match but I think it could have been better. I’m shocked we didn’t get a surprise run in from Mick Foley here. It was no DQ and they way HHH and Stephanie treated Foley during the build to mania made it obvious he was going to get some revenge at mania. I guess obvious isn’t the right word since it didn’t happen. That was a missed opportunity to put a big spot into the match. I thought the match was good as it was but it’s hard to look past obvious missed opportunities. This is another one that could have been a few minutes shorter to help the time on the show as a whole.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton: Well this one was a disappointment. These two just didn’t seem to click. This should have been an intense and violent match and instead we got the dullest match of the night. This was just a paint by numbers match with a quick and disappointing ending. The images of the maggots on the ring was a cute little idea that ultimately meant nothing. It may not have been so bad if this was just another match on the card, but it was a real disappointment as the WWE title match. Even though I would have rather had the entire show be shorter, the five minutes I said to take off the last match could have gone here. It really seemed like the WWE title match was the match WWE cared least about on the whole card.

    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar: I guess good things can happen when you lower your expectations. We knew it wasn’t going to last long and given what we know about these two in 2017 this was about as good as we could have expected. I have to give them credit though. They sure do get the crowd going for not doing much.

    SDL Women’s Match: That revolution I was talking about earlier took a small step back with this one. Nothing against any of the women in this match but just throwing them all together in one match is a throwback to the days where the women’s match was the automatic bathroom break match. At least there weren’t any pillow fights, evening gowns, or models that couldn’t wrestle. This was just a matter of trying to get too much on one show and not stretching out the already too long show any longer.

    Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns: I was pumped for this one. I thought these two were really going to deliver but I hate to say they disappointed. The match was just sloppy. I don’t mind a missed spot here and there but there was just too much of it for a big match like this. Honestly, I think it was mostly Taker that was off and it was definitely a good time for him to call it quits. I don’t think the match was that bad but it’s hard to look past some of the sloppiness. A few too many superman punches too. The sloppy match was pretty quickly forgotten by the moment that came after. Taker got a deserving sendoff after more than a quarter century of playing one of the most iconic characters in wrestling history. No one thinks of Undertaker as a silly gimmick now but before Mark Calaway made the character legendary it seemed like it could have gone in the trash bin along with several other failed gimmicks. It’s a credit to his talent and commitment that Calaway made that gimmick work so well for so long.

    Going into this show I thought WM33 could have been one of the best manias ever. I think it fell short of those expectations but it was still a good show. Like last year it was too long but this show had a much better flow. We’re just going to have to get used to 5+ hour manias for a while it seems. The real problem for me that I hinted at earlier was I didn’t think there was a real main event. I said it was one of the best built manias and every match had a good story but there wasn’t one match that I felt was the true main event. Taker vs. Reigns closed the show to give Taker his sendoff and I thought it was a great match on paper for mania but I didn’t feel like it was the main event. Lesnar vs. Goldberg felt kind of big but given their part time status they didn’t feel like the main event. Wyatt vs. Orton certainly didn’t feel like the main event. Even though WWE has told us several manias have had multiple main events there is almost always one match that feels like the real main event. I just didn’t have that feeling here. Good thing everything was built up so well that they were able to get away with it here. Overall this was a good mania and a big improvement from WM32.
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