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    I’ve watched the recent “Star Wars” movies and, despite feeling that they are beautifully filmed, believe that the new pictures lack the ingenuity of the original trilogy. “The Force Awakens” was a retread of the original and didn’t add very many new ideas, while “The Last Jedi” was, in most respects, a marvelously photographed cobbling of the memorable parts of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Return of the Jedi”. I liked the prequels, despite the bad acting and the dismal dialogue, and I see those films as being very imaginative and creative, which I haven’t always found to be the case with the new pictures.
    This is my second idea for Star Wars 9, after receiving some excellent constructive criticism for my first idea. I’ll try to explain every-thing that I write, but if I forget some-thing, then just ask me. All right, here we go.
    Star Wars
    Episode IX
    Victory Of The Force
    The picture starts with Kylo Ren leading General Hux and the First Order in a raid on the planet Kanos, for more children to train for the armada. Ren encounters a group of Jedi rescuing a child with Force-sensitivity during the raid and pursues them, eventually having a brief light-saber duel with an armored warrior named Kan-Ky Mar, so as to allow the Jedi ship to escape. Before Ren can slay his foe, Mar swears that “the fiend” is coming and he wants revenge for what Ren did to him. Mortally wounded, Mar curses Ren for what he has done to the galaxy and leaps from the ledge into the chasm below, to his death.
    On the planet Praetoria, the Praetorian King, Roban Trier, assembles his armada for war, while sending a small set of his guard (these are the same Praetorian Guards from “The Last Jedi”) with a powerful being clad in black armor on the being’s journey to Mustafar. King Roban, who is trained in the Jedi arts by the mysterious being, was aided in claiming the throne of Praetoria by Supreme Leader Snoke long before he died.
    The Jedi ship is captured and the Jedi aboard are interrogated, but will not divulge where they emanate from, while the child is sent with the others to the training camp on Stronnar. During this, the First Order receives a distress signal from Mustafar that seems to be from a TIE fighter that has crashed on the surface. When the First Order arrives at Mustafar, Ren senses a presence strong in the Force on the planet and chooses to investigate himself. Ren follows the feeling to Darth Vader’s castle, where Ren encounters the powerful being named Darth Dread, who is a Sith warrior. Armed with the dark-saber, Dread battles Ren in a fierce light-saber duel that forces Kylo Ren to don a damaged set of Darth Vader’s old armor, just to protect himself from Dread’s onslaught. Dread claims his revenge is complete and leaves Ren for dead, after eviscerating Kylo’s Vader armor in the midst of battle. Ren escapes from the planet after Dread has left and is soon captured by a pirate ship and taken to the planet Noirion.
    Darth Dread, flanked by numerous members of the Praetorian Guard, takes command of the First Order and is taken by General Hux, who is enthused with his new leader, to where a new Death Star is being built. Hux briefly tells the history of the Death Star until Dread denounces such a weapon as “destined to failure, no matter the design” and has it destroyed. Dread then tortures the Jedi on the command ship, whose names are Kon-Tai Rau, Kaen Yune and Dobaq Lyre, into divulging the location of their home, which is the planet called Eliquoth, in the unknown region.
    Mean-while, the “Millennium Falcon” has been captured and loaded onto the pirate ship “Slaughter”, where they are being taken to the planet of Noirion, the epicenter of the criminal syndicates of the Outer Rim. Leia has been put into carbon freeze already and the only remaining members of the Resistance/Rebellion, on account of the attack on the ship to ensure a successful claiming of the Falcon are, Rey, Finn, Rose Tico, Poe Dameron, BB-8, C3-PO, R2-D2, LT. Connix, Chewbacca and the Porg. Once on Noirion, the group is sold to Kiio Nane, a fight promoter who seeks to use Rey in his gladiator league after realizing Rey is trained in light-saber combat. The group soon meets Lando Calrissian, who was undercover on Noirion in an effort to stop a smuggling ring. Kiio Nane discovered Lando’s loyalties to the Republic and kidnapped Lando’s son and daughter, Brock (age 23) and Maxia (age 25) and locked them in a prison, which forced Lando to do the bidding of Nane in return for their safety. Lando agrees to help the group escape and works with the splicer “DJ”, from “The Last Jedi”, to do so.
    Rey is sent into the Capatheon, a mechanized arena, and put into a death-match with Kylo Ren, where the two have their lightsaber fight. At the climax of the battle, Rey incapacitates Ren and, with his throat at her blade’s end, refuses to kill him. Kiio unleashes his finest (and cruelest) gladiators to kill the pair, in an attempt to appease the crowd. The Rey/Ren conflict serves as a distraction for the heroes to sneak into the control tower of the prison, where they release the prisoners, including Maz Kanata, and lead a revolt on the city. With the revolution being televised to all of the planets left in the galaxy, Rose has “DJ” hack into the television signal, where Rose urges the people of the galaxy to make one last stand against tyranny. The galactic citizens attack the First Order armadas that have colonized their planets until the FO troops retreat. The heroes begin their escape, but not before trying to rescue Leia, who is still frozen in carbonite. Kiio destroys Leia and her soul (secretly) merges with Connix. Lando kills Kiio and the innocents of Noirion flee the planet with all of the ships available and meet with all of the other citizens of the galaxy who have revolted against the First Order.
    Luke contacts Rey telepathically and tells her they need to travel to Eliquoth in the unknown region, which is where the First Order is now going with every soldier they have. To better fight the First Order, Poe Dameron takes Connix/Leia, Brock, Maxia and several others to the planet Mekalokis, home of a large technology industry, which had already built a massive set of armor, weapons and ships for the Republic just before said Republic was destroyed in “The Force Awakens”. After they arrive on Mekalokis, Poe and the crew encounter a hostile droid army who has killed the factory workers and enslaved the planet, led by the mad droid warrior Demethur Krull. The heroes battle the droid army, until they find the old remnants of the Trade Federation droid army from the prequel trilogy and activate them to do battle with Demethur Krull and his army. The heroes win and leave Mekalokis, with the armory now in tow.
    As Poe secures the armor and weapons from Mekalokis, Finn leads Rose, Chewbacca, Maz Kanata and DJ to Carceron, a planet that is exclusively and entirely used as a prison for the most notorious and dangerous fiends in the galaxy. At DJ’s suggestion, the group intends to find and free the Clone army from the prequel trilogy, who were covertly imprisoned on Carceron for waging war on the Empire in the early days of Emperor Palpatine’s reign after feeling guilt for killing the Jedi. After rescuing the Clone army, DJ also frees Boba Fett, who escaped the Sarlacc pit from “Return of the Jedi”. DJ is revealed to be Boba Fett’s son, Guro Fett. The prisoners escape from their holding chambers and run amok on the planet. In the midst of the chaos, they are attacked by one prisoner in particular, General Grievous, who actually survived his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Revenge of the Sith” and was revived, repaired and sold to the warden on Carceron, where he has remained since. Chewbacca battles Grievous and throws him from a balcony. The group and the Clones fight the First Order, who own the prison and the planet, and are able to fly to the planet Stronnar, where they free the pilfered children from the training camp. Before arriving at Eliquoth, Finn and Chewbacca battle Grievous again, who stowed aboard the ship, and jettison him into the cold recess of space.
    On Eliquoth, Rey and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren lead the numerous members of the Rebellion into a meeting with the inhabitants of the planet, who are a clan of Jedi that has been gathered since the Empire claimed the galaxy. Made of Jedi from the old order and the numerous youth who had shown Force-sensitivity during the Emperor’s reign and beyond, their leader, Khalis Vaen, insists they can not stay, for the First Order will eventually track them here and destroy their secret society. Khalis doesn’t trust Ben because he is a Skywalker, a family who he now knows descends from the Prime Jedi himself, Lorcan Neykander, whose quest for ultimate power turned him to the dark side. We also finally meet the Knights of Ren, who fled to Eliquoth after the guilt they have in their part in the destruction of Luke’s Jedi academy. Khalis tells Rey that only one person on this planet will help them and Rey, with Ben at her side, goes to the top of Mount Tano to meet him in his domain. Rey and Ben arrive at the top and meet… Luke Skywalker. Luke did not die at the end of “The Last Jedi”, but was instead transported to Eliquoth by the Force itself, with the task of uniting the Jedi of Eliquoth with the galaxy. (Rian Johnson states in an interview that you never hear Luke’s robot hand clank on the ground after he disappears, which would normally happen as that appendage isn’t actually a part of his real body. This is a good way to imply Luke never actually died if asked by the press.)
    During Rey’s time on Eliquoth, she finally learns who her parents really were: her mother, Vanella Eaon and her father, Racen Skywalker, Luke’s son. Racen became obsessed with killing Rey when he foresaw her becoming an agent of evil, but when Rey was sent away before he could do so, he killed his wife, Vanella. Racen kills his own mother, who is Luke’s wife Daina Laina, when Daina tries to soothe her son’s rage. When Racen tried to kill Luke, Ben defeated Racen and let him fall to his death from the cliff they had fought on. Ben’s guilt in the murder of his uncle Racen is what creates the rage in him that Snoke exploits to turn him to the dark side.
    On Mount Tano, Luke also tells Rey of the seven Jedi Knights who, clad in armor and armed with a light-saber of a particular color, fought and defeated Lorcan Neykander, took away his weapon, the Prime-Saber, a light-saber made with a Kyber crystal of pure white light and the black Kyber crystal from the dark-saber, and separated the two crystals from one another. The first Jedi Knights were Rorar Qane, Manatath Kor, Brusius Veng, Varnasas Tror, Alkona Nier, Zakeer Zala and Darth Vader (his armor is almost identical to Anakin’s version, but made completely of sleek, black metal and without the control pad on the chest). Darth Vader was Lorcan Neykander’s son, who had taken his mother’s last name after his father became a tyrant. Vader, corrupted by his own hubris, created his own Jedi order, the Sith.
    Ben meets with Connix in a secluded part of the planet and Connix reveals that Leia resides in her body. Ben and his mother speak to each other and mother forgives son. The souls of the great Jedi of the past surround them, to escort Leia to the Netherworld of the Force. Leia embraces Ben, until Han Solo, his father, is able to appear, where he forgives his son for murdering him. Ben’s guilt is absolved and he is ready to redeem himself in battle.
    The First Order arrives at Eliquoth and prepares their battalion for war. Already contemplating a possible rebellion against their masters for many nights, the Stormtroopers refuse to fight the Rebels any longer. Darth Dread reveals that he has a contingency plan in place. The Praetorian army arrives and now replaces the Stormtroopers in battle against the Rebellion. The battle ensues and the following happens:
    1. Finn kills Hux after Hux tells Finn his real name… Danis Bane. Finn’s family was slaughtered when he was stolen by the First Order. Finn kills Hux when Hux tries to shoot younglings.
    2. Lando dies at the hands of Roban Trier’s son, Prince Nekith Trier.
    3. Poe kills Nekith with a light-saber from a fallen Jedi knight that was killed during the battle.
    4. Lando’s children destroy King Roban’s Star Destroyer.
    5. Darth Dread kills the three Jedi knights who are imprisoned on his ship before the battle starts.
    6. Boba Fett dies after killing the general of King Roban’s army, Kanas Bull.
    7. Guro Fett leads the Clone troopers and destroys two of the main Praetorian Dreadnaughts.
    8. Maz Kanata dies after eviscerating several droid ships.
    9. Chewbacca finally beats the hell out of every-thing… and rips arms out of people’s sockets.
    10. Luke slays numerous Praetorian guards and kills King Roban.
    Darth Dread’s ship lands on Eliquoth and Dread takes the corpse of Snoke to the Jedi temple, where they combine it with the Kyber crystals from the two Sabers (original Light-saber and Dark-saber) and resurrect Snoke, who morphs into a more formidable opponent, Lorcan Neykander. Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren engage Darth Dread, the Praetorian guards and Lorcan Neykander in battle, until only Ren, Dread and Neykander remain. Suddenly, seven armored Jedi Knights wearing the ceremonial armor of the seven first Jedi Knights enter the fray, including Ben Solo wearing the armor of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones is doing the voice in this picture, because if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it). Darth Dread reveals himself as Racen Skywalker and fights Rey, but Ben kills Racen, once and for all. Neykander kills Ben and fights Rey and Luke, who has just arrived at the temple. Neykander reveals that he has lived for centuries in different forms, including as Emperor Palpatine, in order to regain his power and bring order to the galaxy. Neykander willed the Force to create Anakin as the ultimate weapon, a “chosen one”. Luke plunges his light-saber into Neykander’s eternal heart and exhumes the Kyber heart he now has, which is made of the two Kyber crystals. Rey returns the Prime Kyber crystal to its original light-saber chamber and the golden light-saber is reborn. Rey takes her new light-saber and slices the Prime Jedi’s head from his body. Neykander’s soul is captured by Anakin, Ben and the other dead Jedi from all eras and taken to the Netherworld of the Force. The galaxy celebrates the end of the war, while Rey takes her place as a leader in the Jedi, which is now lead by Luke Skywalker. Peace has once again returned to the galaxy and the universe.

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