Helen Maroulis - The First US Female Wrestler to Win Olympic Gold

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    Not the full match, but still a historic moment:


    The hype going into that match was that Saori Yoshida is considered to be the greatest female wrestler in the world, in that she had earned Gold medals in the Women's 55kg Wrestling events in 2012, 2008 and 2004. Add to that, Saori Yoshida had achieved world champion status in the 55kg weight class 11 times and 2 more times in the 53kg weight class.

    Last year, Helen had earned her first world championship in the 53kg weight class and Saori Yoshida had earned her thirteenth world championship while competing in the 55kg weight class.

    As was mentioned in the title; with this win, Helen Maroulis becomes the first female wrestler from the United States to earn gold in Olympic Women's Wrestling.
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    But, did she do it with a broken freaking neck? Not impressed.

    Actually this was one of the stories I followed today. Between the weight cut she had to make, and the fact that Yoshida has won gold in all her events as an a wrestler, I'd say this is right up there with the US women's soccer teams defeat to Sweden and the US women's volleyball team losing to Brazil for upset of the games.

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    Wonder if he will end up in WWE with the Divas/Women's revolution and all going strong at present.

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