Have some ideas for big changes in 2018....

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    Have some ideas for changes in 2018 that starts with the women and has a domino affect...

    WWE is talking about equality but how are they really showcasing Women? Two matches a PPV? One normally on the kickoff. How about this? MERGE the division and QUIT OVERPROTECTING THEM!! They got into this business to take bumps and wrestle NOT to hug, paint their nails, and play checkers. The plan would start at WrestleMania where would have the very first ever Women's Eimination Chamber with Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley vs. Asuka vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax to determine to the first UNDISPUTED Women's Champion. Imagine the spots. Charlotte doing a Moonsault from the top of a pod, Becky putting someone down on the steel hard with a Bex-Ploder, Asuka turning it into a prison for her opponents, Nia Jax spearing Charlotte through a pod. Carmella cashes in on the winner following a grueling match. Everybody's on separate rosters which is hurting the division. Imagine them doing this at WrestleMania and then having this match also...to crown the inagual Women's Intercontinental Champion Alexa Bliss versus Mickie James (not literally this match as it's been done just using it as an example.) Hell, give them a third match with a losing team disbands match with Riott Squad versus Absolution.

    That's just a start, I feel men and women should be able to work more with each other. I feel the mixed match challenge might just be the start of that. Imagine Bray Wyatt gaining crediblity (would take ALOT of work and re-establishing) and brainwashing a wrestler like Bayley into joining the dark sides and being successful with it? Bray managing a evil Bayley to her matches and vice versa. Maybe, this is where they could do a retry with the Finn Bálor-Bray Wyatt story with Finn trying to save Hayley from Bray.

    How would you fit everyone on one brand and give them enough focus? Take the entire Women's division and put them on RAW, take the entire Tag Division and put them on SmackDown. Make both RAW and SmackDown 2 hours and 30 minutes. What happens with the Cruiserweights? Cancel 205 LIVE! and make the cruiserweights like every other superstar. Treat them like actual competitors and put the division on SmackDown, take the UK division and put it on RAW and same there treat them like actual competitors, treat the belt similar to the European Championship. Maybe retire the men's Intercontinental championship for now.

    What replaces 205 LIVE?
    Replace 205 LIVE with a new show on the WWE Network that airs LIVE on Friday nights. This show would be like an open fight night type deal that allows competitiors to ACTUALLY WRESTLE without the limited movesets. Let this be like a sink or swim situation. Maybe call the show "WWE Friday Night FightNight" or something like that? On this show stars from the main roster would have a chance to both have complete freedom on the mic, and freedom in the ring. This show would allow wrestlers to reach for the proverbial brass ring. They would have storylines that build up to big time house shows instead on PPV's similar to the old skool era. Main roster titles would also be defended. These shows could be done in literal fight clubs to bring a different feel to them.

    Plan for PPV's? Brands?
    I would actually remake the entire PPV schedule for both brands to have separate PPV's the entire year with the exception of WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. I feel like they should be treated like separate companies completely. I would do something like this. Make Stephanie the Chairwomen of RAW in kayfabe. Make a babyface Triple H the Chairman of SmackDown, both in real life and kayfabe. Make them really compete with one another! Hell, I would argue putting them both on Monday's on separate networks to go at it but I know that would never work. One thing that should for sure change is authority figures should only appear WHEN NEEDED! When they appear you should get that "Oh shit!" feeling. Have this start with Vince interrupting Shane on SmackDown and telling him he was given a vote of no confidence and was told to fire him from his role as SmackDown commissioner immediately. Vince would then go on to say that he was announcing his retirement and that RAW and SmackDown would truly be separate before announcing Triple H as the new Chairman of SmackDown. Triple H announces these new changes. Triple H announces one final draft. From there, bring in real life aspects like brief appearances from Mark Carrano on one brand and John Larinautis on the other to appear just to inform wrestlers of their matches. Also, Road Dogg on one brand, D-Vonn on the other appearing to get on wrestlers in backstage segments when they're in trouble WITHOUT turning it into some big time storylines.

    RAW Titles:
    WWE Universal Championship
    WWE UK Championship
    WWE Women's Championship
    WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship

    SD Titles:
    WWE Heavyweight Championship
    WWE United States Championship
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    WWE World Tag Team Championships

    RAW PPV's
    Jan- WWE Royal Rumble
    Feb- WWE RAW: No Escape

    April- WWE WrestleMania
    May- WWE RAW: Backlash

    July- WWE RAW: Money In The Bank
    Aug- WWE RAW: SummerSlam

    Oct- WWE RAW: No Mercy
    Nov- WWE RAW: Survivor Series
    Dec- WWE RAW: Armageddon

    SD PPV's:

    Jan- WWE SmackDown: Royal Rumble
    March- WWE SmackDown: War Games

    April- WWE WrestleMania
    April- WWE SmackDown: Vengeance

    June- WWE SmackDown: King of The Ring

    Aug- WWE SmackDown: Heatwave (equivalent to SummerSlam)
    September- WWE No Mercy

    Nov- WWE SmackDown: Starrcade
    Dec- WWE SmackDown: Judgment Day

    RAW Announcers:
    Todd Phillips, Nigel McGuiness
    SD Announcers:
    Corey Graves, Mauro Ranallo

    RAW Talent Relations (kayfabe on screen): Mark Carrano

    (kayfabe on screen): D-Vonn Dudley

    SmackDown Talent Relations
    (kayfabe on screen): John Larinautis

    (kayfabe on screen): Road Dogg

    Do you think it could work?
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    So you want the women to do the exact same tiresome spots in an EC match the men have been doing for years? You want to retire the IC title? You want to add another title to a women's division that can't even fill out a thirty person Rumble? You want to put a live wrestling show on Friday night, the worst night of the week for television? You want WWE to add another version of SummerSlam and make it not co-branded?

    Maybe stick to fantasy booking your fed that no one reads.
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    Most of the stuff you wrote about is pretty much fantasy at this point. Nice thought but most of you're idea would make them lose money instead of making them money. The last thing they need right now is more superstars on the main rosters so if you cancel the cruiserweight division and 205 live, these guys are either going to be job guys to the most establish stars or just gonna get release.

    Having the women's division on one show and the tag division on the other make sense but at the same time, that means that some of the women'S won't get tv times because the division is too crowded as it is and with all the NXT womens that will get called up at some point, the last thing they need is to get lose in the crowd. Same goes for the tag teams.

    Haviing a show on friday is always a bad idea, look at how Smackdown was doing when it was on friday as a example. Also making both show 2 and a half hour make no sense because they would lose money on both shows since they make money with the advertizing per the number of hour the show is, by taking a half hour on raw, they won't get as much money for the show.

    As for the rest, nothing really to add, nice idea that again wouldn't work because they would lose money by doing it that way.
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    78,000+ says otherwise and my show has FARR more to work with. Throwing insults because you don't agree with a thread? Yeah, real classy Yaz. Anyways to your points.

    My point was to put them on the SAME LEVEL with the men. That seemed to have went completely over your head though. The point was to replace the IC Title with the UK Title as the equivalent to the US Title on SmackDown, you seemed to miss where I was going there too. You have about 22 main roster women total, and plenty in NXT. That's MORE THAN ENOUGH to have two titles for...MAINLY with them all on THE same brand. The show is for TRUE Wrestling fans and would NOT be on TV. Most big time wrestling fans watch the Network on Friday nights anyways. Why not? It's a minor show..NOT Raw or SmackDown. This show equivalent to a televised house show and simply for wrestlers to be have more freedom to develop more, as well as get over with the audience that watches. As for SummerSlam, why not? We're going to pretend that SummerSlam is viewed as big as Mania to outsiders? It's not! No matter how much WWE says it is. The whole point was to allow more stars to shine WITHOUT having 14 matches on the card. It's also to treat them as completely DIFFERENT companies and making WrestleMania that much more important.
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    I had to rush when I first replied to this but I just finish reading it and I really don't see how any of this would work. I already talk about having raw and smackdown being 2 and half hour long and how having both the women's on one show and the tag team on the other was a bad idea and how adding the cruiserweights with the rest of the roster was also a bad idea.

    Now let's talk about replacing the ic title by the UK title. That's the dumbest thing ever, you would replace one of the most prestigious title in the company with the lineage of the title by a title the nobody knows exist. Really? This make no sense at all. The is title is regarded as the number 3 title in the company under the wwe and UNIVERSAL while the UK is look at as a nothing title.

    As far as your ppv schedule is concern, love your idea outside of 2 things. Having summerslam and survivor series becoming brand only ppv. These are classic ppv and are part of the big four and are regarded by casual fans and fans in general as big shows so having summerslam and survivor series being brand only is dumb. I also would have a ppv in March since you need that month to build toward mania and having a show in March would take away from that build.

    Finally I already talk about your idea for a Friday show, again not a big fan of that idea especially if it's on the network. Friday is a dead night for pretty much everybody and right now, they have the right idea by doing a night for older wrestling fans by showing older ppv and programming on the network and from what I've heard, it's pretty well receive by the fans watching the network. The last thing they need is more live programming with the current product. Between raw, smackdown and nxt, That's already 6 hours of new programming a week, add 205 live and that's 7 hours if you eliminate 205 live, i wouldn't replace it by anything, just have original programming in that spot instead or show a replay of main event but having another new wrestling show wouldn't bring more fans to the network.

    In the end, I don't see any of you're idea's working because none of them make any sense business wise and would make them lose money instead of making them money.
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    Pure fantasy booking, some of it is pretty fun fantasy booking but fantasy booking all the same.

    For the most part, I agree with putting the women and tag divisions of each brand together to form a single division, there's a lot of talent that can be utilized to its fullest extent there in my eyes. I'd have no real issue with putting them all on one brand as it'd be a means for each brand to differentiate itself a bit. If you're a fan of the women especially, then watch Raw and if you're a fan of the tag team scene, watch SmackDown Live. or vice versa I get the basis behind it and this is something I feel might work. As a single women's division, it'd be pretty damn stacked with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Natalya, Carmella, Tamina, Nia Jax, Ruby Riott, Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan, Paige, Mandy Rose, Naomi, Mickie James, Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan. For the tag team picture, the Usos, New Day, Gable & Benjamin, Cesaro & Sheamus, Rollins & Ambrose, Rusev & English, Breezango, the Bludgeon Brothers, the Hardy Boyz, the Singh Brothers, you could bring up the Authors of Pain and TM-61 from NXT. So yeah, both the women's and tag team rosters would have the potential to be pretty damn stacked.

    Of course, another thing that'd help them when it comes to time constraints and having enough time to focus on the roster would be having a smaller roster. I mean, if you wanna be honest, WWE probably has a main roster big enough to fully support another entire wrestling company; not counting part timers, there's over 100 wrestlers currently signed to WWE's main roster, with another 45 or so working in NXT, and that's simply too damn much, especially when you consider that there's simply not enough time. Besides, everyone can't be a star and that's just how the mop flops.

    As far as replacing the Intercontinental Championship with the United Kingdom Championship, hell no. It's not gonna happen, nor should it happen. If you want to retire and replace a title with the UK Championship, you'd be better off scrapping the Cruiserweight Division entirely and revamping the UK Championship as a brand new European Championship, without it being exclusive to European wrestlers of course. However, then again, if WWE is making money from 205 Live and if 205 Live does become its own successful touring brand, then that guarantees the CW Division isn't going anywhere and, frankly, if it's making money, it shouldn't. You have to remember: WWE isn't a fantasy league, wrestling companies that operate like fantasy leagues don't last long and rightfully so because it's supposed to be a business where the wrestlers are actually able to make a living doing what they love.

    As for a Women's Intercontinental Championship, I wouldn't mind the women getting a secondary championship for the main roster if it was one big division; there'd be over 20 women so there's enough there to support a primary and secondary title.

    As for the ppv idea, I don't think a lot of the wrestlers would be overly enthused on missing out on two of the biggest paydays of the year due to SummerSlam and Survivor Series being exclusive to Raw. Nearly all of the biggest shows will be Raw exclusive while SmackDown Live looks to be getting the, comparatively speaking, leftover crumbs and that only makes the blue brand seem all the more inferior. You can't just make up brand new shows to replace two of the original big four and expect them to come off as anything more than "B shows." That's not to say that they won't be or can't be highly entertaining, of course, but it's simply a well known fact that the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series bring in the biggest paydays of the year for taking SmackDown out of the running for two of those would be viewed by the blue brand as nothing more than a giant pecker slap right in the face and it'd be hard to disagree with them.

    As for some of the ppv replacements, WarGames would be a fun addition. With the success of the NXT TakeOver: WarGames show, and with the slight alterations made to the concept, it MIGHT be something that Vince would be more open to. If reports are accurate, this is one of the few things that Triple H HAD to consult Vince and get Vince's permission to do, and even that was something Trips all but had to plead and beg to have take place. The King of the Ring is something that's nothing more than a novelty and a joke really when you get right down to it; it's 2017 and it's just not really something that fits well with modern times. The show itself would be like it was during the old days it was on ppv: it was primarily a show made up of unremarkable matches that were short, due to time constraints, that culminated with a guy sitting on a thrown, wearing a cape & crown and holding a scepter as part of some outdated, stereotypical western view of a monarchy.

    There are some interesting ideas, some of which I think could have some genuine merit if WWE took the time and energy to plan things out, particularly putting all the women onto one show and the tag teams onto another. However, some ideas just aren't at all practical, especially the proposed ppv set up as all it really does is take money out of the pockets of the SmackDown wrestlers by taking them off two of the biggest shows of the year, which also furthers the notion that SmackDown isn't as important.
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    The Cruiserweights are screwed in your scenario. They've been around enough that we can establish them as the low card, low weight little guys who would get demolished by big heavyweights like Finn Balor. They'd need a serious invasion angle and not lose any of their matches against heavyweights for a year straight before anyone would forget they're little guys. If they stopped w05 Live, the stigma of little guy would swallow most of them if they tried to mingle in the tag division or be taken seriously vs heavyweights like Aiden English.
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    Great reply and I definitely can see your points here. Two things I would love to go over is:

    1.) King of the Ring- Over the years it's definitely been treated as a joke. However, if you have someone like Triple H running it, the tournament would be taken serious. Vince ruined the tournament trying to turn it into a cartoon gimmick. I feel in the hands of Triple H the tournament would be treated like a BIG deal and very serious. I'm thinking winner of the tournament gets a title shot at Survivor Series.

    2.) Starrcade and Heatwave becoming Big 4 shows- Starrcade was WrestleMania, before there was a WrestleMania. I'd actually say there wouldn't be a WrestleMania if it wasn't a Starrcade. I think that could easily be taken as a MAJOR event if WWE treats it as such. I feel Triple H definitely would. Same could be said for Heatwave, which was one if ECW's biggest PPV's if I'm not mistaken. Triple H treats the Takeover shows BIG! Imagine what he could do with a main roster PPV if he had full control.
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    King of the Ring Raw
    King of the Ring Smacdown
    Winners face each other at PPV winner gets a title shot next ppv

    Beat the clock tournaments sometimes to determine number 1 contender for some title those were always fun to watch dont know why wwe stopped doing them.
    At least 2 titles need to be defented at any Raw or Smackdown

    Have storylines wheres Gms try to steal supperstars from other brand
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    1) Push Women's rosters on both brands to 14 Total. Then add Women's tag titles to both brands.
    2) Have 205 Live Cruiserweight Division only fight on 205 Live and PPV's. Take them off of Raw. The 2 cruiserweight matches on Raw get hardly any heat at all. Make it unique and more exclusive if your going to keep it going.
    3) End the McMahon Authority angle crap. It's played out and needs to stop being the central focus. Shane was an awesome face and he's a horrible bad guy. You want Steph to be the face of the company yet she is booed more than cheered???
    4) Have a superstar shakeup the night after Mania. Then you can start fresh feuds immediately after the big show.

    To Raw
    1) AJ Styles - What more can he do on Smackdown? Time to go back to the A Show
    2) The Uso's - The new gimmick works and they could use new competition as well
    3) Charlotte Flair - The top woman belongs on Raw (imagine Charlotte vs. Asuka)
    4) Ember Moon - she will be ready for the call up
    5) Baron Corbin - another "big" opponent for Roman
    6) Owens & Zayn - their feud with Shane should be finished at Mania
    7) Authors of Pain - nice added depth to the tag division

    To Smackdown
    1) Finn Balor - he could be the lead face on Smackdown
    2) The Hardy's - they could be featured much better on Smackdown
    3) Sasha Banks - isn't getting proper booking on Raw for sure
    4) Bailey - same as Banks
    5) Undisputed Era - Cole could be top heel on Smackdown
    6) Cass & Enzo - put them back together and move them to Smackdown
    7) Neville - give him a nice heel singles run.
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    Your idea on the women is trash.. Let's leave it the way it is. Women's wrestling is boring in WWE, maybe because all the women are so unlikable. It's great in Japan and the indy's, but in WWE, it's terrible.
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    Superstar Shake-up
    Have two SS take place. The first one takes place in June and the second one takes place in November. Their nature changes, because now, they last for a month like a transfer period. So the first one lasts for the entire June and the second one for the entire November. The furst one ends at June's MITB PPV and the second one at the Survivor Series PPV. That way you have some suspense, as you don't know at which brand the briefcase will end up or which superstar will jump ship during the 5vs5 SSeries Raw vs SD match.
    NXT is also eligible to the two shake ups. So you can have some mystery spots in the Series match. Also, main roster stars should end up to NXT as well.
    Two shake ups also solve another problem. Women's feuds and tag team feuds tend to get stale after a while, because each roster on its own does not have depth, so it runs out of feuds. A second shake up could help stir things and keep the year interesting. Also, being closer to WM, you can use it to create a more compelling card by making the necessary changes.

    Equal Brands
    I'm tired of not seeing The Usos on the main card, or watch Jinder become a world champion. The brands need to be equal. They must be equal. Compare the two divisions for the women for example. Raw has every marketable woman while SD only has Charlotte, Becky and Naomi.

    Have two women main event Summerslam. Charlotte vs Ronda could easily achieve that, even Charlotte vs Trish. Go all out.

    Scrap gimmicky PPVs
    They are not necessary any more. Only Mitb matters. Why have gimmicky PPVs, when only the main event is a gimmick match and not the entire PPV and you can easily just sell the match instead of naming the entire PPV after the gimmick, also taking away the surprise factor?

    Bring back King of the Ring
    But make it serious. Network tournaments are awesome. And what's more awesome is WWE's capability of signing certain wrestlers to those, big time wrestlers, only for them specifically. So imagine an international open tournament, with the entire WWE roster competing against wrestlers from all over the world and against themselves. This can end up being the Champions League of wrestling.
    Now you have the big Six. Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Money In The Bank, Survivor Series and King of the Ring. A big event taking place every couple of months. Of course KoR is not an one night only thing, but has a duration, since it's a long tournament, but the final 8 take place at a PPV.
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    Outside of maybe changing the ppv schedule to 5 co branded ppv (the big 4 + mitb), 2 brand on ppv in February (fastlane and elimination chamber), and the rest would be one brand only ppv per month. Outside of that I wouldn't change a thing. Raw is and always will be the a-show so it's normal that they get bigger startup, smackdown is the show they use to create new stars and if you change that format, a lot of the guys and girls that have became marketable stars because of smackdown wouldn't have become stars mostly because raw just focus on the main event and upper mid card guy. Alexa bliss, the miz, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn,shinsuke nakamura, all became bigger stars because they we're or are on the smaller show. Owens, Zayn and nakamura wouldn't even be close to the main event scene on raw and while Owens was universal champion when he was on raw, he always felt like a afterthought, on smackdown, he fell like a star.

    Another example of this is Charlotte, I fell like she fell like a fresher character on smackdown then her whole run on raw mostly because on smackdown they don't booked the women's division to be a promotional tool for the whole women's revolution gimmick they have been doing for the last 3 or 4 years. Charlotte became the poster child for the women's revolution and it got boring real quick at less on smackdown, she's not as much of the focus all the time and their able to hide her limitations better.

    The point is, I feel like while it fun to fantasy book wwe, in reality,they don't need to make a lot of drastic changes, in fact they are doing really well with the business model they have right now. Continue to do the one superstar shakeup a year and continue to use smackdown as a proving grown for the main roster while you use raw as the big show.
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    The issue with this is that WWE recently his an all-time high stock price. That's what's important at the moment. Top WWE shareholders do seem like the kind of people to not care about the price first, but they kind of have to. With the price that high, that means things are working. That means more things, not less. If anything, you would probably see an additional title and an additional show. Anything that adds value to the Network is a benefit.
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    Why would there be a women's elimination chamber match? You can't just announce something and expect people to care.

    You can't change the run time of Raw and SD. They have contracts.

    You want to retire the Intercontinental Championship, one of the most prestigious and best titles in WWE for over 20 years?

    We don't need yet another show on Friday night. 5 hours is enough.

    SummerSlam should be dual-branded. Period.

    And Stephanie's the GM of Raw? Dear Lord...

    We don't need 2 women's titles on Raw. The current champion Alexa doesn't even have a storyline... you think they could now write for two champions?

    Look I'm sorry, but this wouldn't work. I appreciate the effort and do enjoy posts like this, but I disagree with most of your points.
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    I think the biggest changes need on raw. They desperately need to switch Strowman to smack down. He is one of the most popular superstars on the roster of either brand but he’s been given the back burner because of Lesnar and Reigns. They’re never going to give him a title run on raw as long as Reigns and Lesnar are there. I don’t necessarily say that Owens needs a brand change but I’d like to see him as a much bigger player for either brand he might be on in 2018. I wouldn’t mind seeing a long term tag team title run for him and Zayne before they turn again. Raw desperately needs help with the tag team division and letting Rollins and Jordan win the belts aren’t helping any. Hopefully thry’ll Bring in at least the authors of pain to help out.
  17. Psykohurricane55

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    Won't happen because strowman is Vince next project now that reigns is where he want him to be. After mania, I wouldn't be surprise to see strowman be put on the fast track to the universal title and I wouldn't even been surprise if he beats reigns for the title at summerslam.
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    I'd love to see 205 Live go away replaced by the women. They could still be on both Raw and Smackdown but the headline match for that week would be on their own program.

    I tend to hate superstar shakeups. Let's just have either GM appear on each program to propose a trade of one wrestler for another. If they wanted to move Strowman to SD for example, have him get "traded" for Owens and Zahn.
  19. Pika

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    I support the first point on the women because I literally quit watching heavily due to their treatment of them on the roster. Disagree strongly with the women competing with men more thing. I get wrestling is fake and sports entertainment/WWE is a live-action soap opera and circus, but it's extremely hard to have women compete with men and do it right. I'd love WWE continuing to put out bad content because more people would continue to switch to watching pro-wrestling, but those aren't new fans really. Maybe to pro-wrestling, but not the idea. I rather WWE continue the path they're going down slowly improving and remaining safe instead of really throw a wrench into it. I want new fans to come in slowly over time rather than destroying a century+ of great buisness like the Attitude Era did.

    *Not like a single Male competitor versus Female competitor bout would do this, but anything really edgy or different I rather not happen at all due to an elongated track record of booking & televised failures cause by WWE Creative.

    I feel like it'd be easier to keep 205 Live considering they tape it next to Smackdown, but it is a bit of a waste of time & talent. They can't really retcon it with all the time already put into it, but no one really watches it or is a die-hard fan. I'm sure they exist, but that number is nowhere near providing a monetary benefit or even keeping eyes and wallets on the WWE Network and brand. I know they're running kind of test live shows with 205 Live, but I'm not sure when those were or if they already happened. They have Broken Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt on them facing off for some reason. I guess they're not too confident in their 205 Live talent drawing a relatively small crowd (Even by ROH, TNA, etc. standards) in a series of historically good wrestling towns. They could simply just want reassurance as well and figure since they have so much talent they can spare two guys with a relatively large audience in the world of pro-wrestling to guarantee at least breaking even. It wouldn't be a bad formula to do something like that with niche brands in regards to live events or one-off ideas like the U.K. tournament and Mae Young classic. Considering it's carried NXT for quite awhile as well as the Main Roster I assume it wouldn't be too hard to apply to a brand like 205 Live.

    Keep the IC title, but put it back on Smackdown within the next superstar shakeup however you have to do it. Move the U.S. back to RAW. It really just kind of doesn't fit a lot of Smackdown has been portrayed as within the time it's been both a separate and live brand. Put them into a feud where the title actually matters and people want to compete for it whether it just be playing into a grudge or be the actual prize. I'm not sure in regards to the WWE U.K. title, but I think it's fine where it's at for now although I'd enjoy seeing Bate versus anyone really on a WWE PPV and maybe a little bit of a stretch, but the Wrestlemania after 2018's.

    The PPV schedule was revised a few months ago I thought due to this year being a complete mess and to an extent disaster. In comparison to this year I believe what I saw if it was legitimate was a lot better and a major improvement. I believe they cut a few PPVs and altered usual patterns of the length of time leaving just enough time in between to really let storylines play out and have a bit more time to create quality content. They should really just do 4 for Smackdown, 5 for RAW, 4 Dual brands including Wrestlemania. Then with all the Takeovers in between and other events like the CWC, MYC, U.K. Tournament, etc. you have plenty of content to keep all of your fans content. That's just straight in-ring action as well so if you really take in all of the other content they produce that makes them so much more than just wrestling it wouldn't hurt as long as they got their buisness straight. Which probably won't happen, because it's generally awful right now in all aspects. You never know though because in recent years times have been changing so rapidly it's nearly impossible to gauge anything that isn't blatantly obvious. WWE definitely isn't that even if you want to pretend they are has a knack for taking people by surprise for what is worth.

    Note: Idk. Some of this is a bit nonsensical and a bit of a deep dive, because I just woke up. My apologies, but I think it conveys at least how a part of me feels.
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