Harald Var Krigare

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    Real Name: Harald Ingvar Magnusson

    Gimmick Name: Harald Var Krigare

    Announced As: "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare

    Height: 6"7

    Weight: 303lbs

    Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Billed From: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303lbs pounds, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Dark brown in colour, rather long and scruffy in terms of length and style.

    ----------------Eye Colour: Blue

    ----------------Facial Hair: Dark brown beard, rather scraggly, best seen in the Sample Picture.

    ----------------Ring attire: Blue and gold trunks, accompanied with navy elbow and knee pads, and dark blue boots.

    ----------------Backstage Attire: A casual, navy hoodie with fur around the hood itself, with the Swedish coat of arms as an additional decal on the right side of his chest. Casual jeans and shoes.

    ----------------Physical Features: Muscular, but not to a ridiculous degree.

    ----------------Tattoos: None

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:


    Main Gimmick: A Swedish national, determined to give his country greater representation in mainstream culture.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    Whilst extremely proud of his country and heritage, he is not bigoted; he is very happy to learn more about different cultures and expresses great fondness and gratitude for those who allow him to express his own.

    A infectiously hearty and larger than life presence who tries to get the best out of his allies, but is fiercely competitive towards those who stand against his agenda and interests and will not stand by and let injustice or belligerence happen.

    Brief Bio/History:

    Despite having been born into a upper-class family, Harald never lost sight of the needs of the common man. From a very early age, Harald always fought for what he believed in, and was a firm believer in constant conditioning and improvement of his mental and physical capabilities. A patriotic Swede from the womb, he felt as if it was his duty to represent his nation on a global stage, and with a natural admiration of the strength of both body and mind required for wrestling, he found his calling. He also saw wrestling as a chance to travel the world and learn more about various cultures.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: As Harald's music hits, the gorilla position begins to flash blue and gold, as the screen backdrop displays a lion emerging from flames. Harald, wearing a navy hoodie, with a pair of small Swedish flags attached to the back, emerges, and strolls hastily to the ring, a stern, determined expression on his face. He slides under the bottom rope, and removes his hoodie, throwing it into the crowd. He then roars at the audience, raising both of his arms in the air, much to their delight.

    Fighting Style:

    Harald favours a swift, yet extremely damaging striking style, reinforced with heavy throws and slams in an combined arms approach to wrestling. He has a relatively strong understanding of wrestling psychology, and intends to earn quick and decisive victories.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Harald's main weakness is his reckless nature; he is too much of a risk taker, and often leaves himself open, which usually causes him to lose his flow in the match. He also lets his emotions dictate his fighting style too much, which only adds fuel to the proverbial fire.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    The Kraken (Brogue Kick; preceded with a cry of "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!")

    Reverse Polarity (Overhead belly to belly suplex; often done by holding an opponents outstretched forearms or throat)

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    Carolean Charge (Superman Punch)

    Double-Edge (Spinning Side Slam)

    Fenrir's Howl (Diving crossbody)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Military press
    Fallaway slam
    Inverted front powerslam
    Snake eyes
    Electric chair drop
    Pumphandle slam
    Short-arm lariat
    European uppercut
    Battering ram
    Bionic elbow
    Rolling german suplex

    Sample RP.



    We cut to a lounge both beautiful in terms of its lighting source; a healthy flame from the fireplace cutting through the evening darkness from the off-screen windows, and beautiful from its combination of Renaissance and Gothic aesthetics; a warm, regal carpet design to synthesise with the expertly cobbled fireplace, and a majestic navy wallpaper adorned with portraits and photographs of famous Swedish nationals throughout the ages. On a distinctly maroon armchair, we see a bearded hulk of a man astutely studying a clearly sizeable piece of literature, though the title of the book, let alone the contents, are currently unknown due to the 45 degree camera angle. The man looks up towards the camera and lets loose a gruff giggle, shutting the book promptly and shifting his attention appropriately.

    Harald: Ahh, välkommen! Välkommen till Sverige! Of course, it would not make sense to conduct this tape entirely in Swedish, we'd be beyond the realms of esoteric for the vast majority of you watching, but English is in its own right, an objectively beautiful language. You just caught me brushing up on some essential reading, a fabulous book called...

    At this point, Harald examines the book cover, and a brief look of horror comes across his face. He shakes his head and gently tosses the book onto the small oak table.

    Harald: Umm...'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', by Friedrich Nietzsche, a fantastic read!

    As Harald says this however, the camera pans toward the book on the table and zooms into the spine. The words 'Fifty Shades Darker' are clearly printed in a bold font, clear as crystal.

    Harald: Hey...HEY! Eyes on the subject matter!

    The camera quickly snaps back onto Harald, who looks past the camera towards its operator, muttering under his breath directly to his focus.

    Harald: I told you we needed a more authentic prop. At least give me something intellectually stimulating to work with, Jacob.

    Harald then faces the camera once more and beams with pride, brushing off his potentially egregious humiliation with ease.

    Harald: Sweden is a country rich with all manners of culture. From our days as feared Nordic warriors of the seas, to the rise of the Swedish empire under brilliant military commanders and leaders such as King Gustavus Adolphus, the man who modernised warfare, and was perhaps the biggest influence on the military genius of Napoleon...edit that part out in Britain and Austria maybe Jacob...to our...thinking about it, Russia probably think Napoleon is an idiot, edit it out there too...to our transition into a diplomatic arbitrator and distributor of the Nobel Prizes.

    A mild, softly spoken voice with an American accent chimes in from beyond the camera with his input when Harald finishes his sentence.

    Jacob: Don't forget Felix...

    Harald: No...we agreed to this, Jacob. I will not give my second cousin any more spotlight than he already has. He's embarrassing.

    Jacob: Come on Harald, the kids the world over love him. Put aside your sanctity for this one time, it'll be great for optics.

    Harald groans profusely at this suggestion, his eyeballs almost rolling out of their sockets, before continuing, with a less passionate voice.

    Harald: And of course, who can forget PewDiePie, the biggest star on YouTube, and also a proud, native Swede...happy?

    Jacob: And he's also Harald's second cousin!

    Harald: Stop.

    The look of dejection on Harald's face is immediately replaced with one of delight as the scene cuts to a beautiful hilly vista, overlooking the shallow and frothy ocean breaking against the base of the cliff. The sunlight from the now midday setting protrudes onto the water below, creating a glistening effect. Yet, despite the vivid environment, it is Harald who commands the most presence and attention, grinning from ear to ear to the point of virtually shattering the metaphor with the reality presented on screen.

    Harald: But the beauty of Sweden is not limited to our historical tapestry. The environment that surrounds us is in equal parts awe-inspiring and diverse, from the cliffs and coastline you see behind me...and the tranquillity of our forestland...to the blood-warming tundra...and our urban centres.

    As Harald lists off these locations, he appropriately transitions to each location until he reaches his final destination, the streets of Stockholm. Against the brick wall in the background, a man is initially slumped against the wall with a glass bottle in his hand. Upon noticing Harald and his one-man camera crew, he promptly stands up and hurls the bottle vehemently at Harald's head. Moments before collision, the scene immediately cuts to Harald speaking at a podium, addressing a large audience in the city centre, though they remain unseen due to Jacob's camera angle focusing on Harald.

    Harald: But despite the beauty Sweden has to offer, we are a country divided and disheartened. More now than ever, we are divided by politics, and our global influence and significance has diminished more and more. Norway even stole our Nobel Peace Prize!

    A portion of the audience gasps at that final claim, but Harald laughs heartily.

    Harald: I'm only joking! Hahaha, I have nothing but respect for my Norwegian neighbours. I have respect for every nation despite the pride I have in my own people, heritage and nation.

    The audience erupts into applause as Harald identifies the common ground his audience can all meet on. Harald nods approvingly, and begins to raise his voice as his stirring speech reaches its climax.

    Harald: Irrespective of the details of those divisions, Sweden is a nation disheartened and at war with itself. And as a patriot, I cannot bear to see the fine citizens of this fine country tear each other apart. We Swedes must find something we can all unite on, something that offers us at least a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of pride! And I offer to rise to the occasion, and offer myself as a beacon of hope for every citizen, to do my duty to make Sweden a nation to admire and respect the world over once more. And I'll do that doing what I do best, fighting for what I believe in, on the international stage, in WZCW, for everyone the world over to see!

    The crowd is positively estastic, each sentence from Harald earning more and more applause. Harald, their metaphorical lightning rod, brings his rally home.

    Harald: For my name is HARALD! And who am I to you, the people of Sweden?

    Audience: VAR KRIGARE!

    Harald: And what will we do once we reach WZCW?


    The audience's approval reaches thermonuclear levels, some electing to solely screech with excitement at the top of their lungs, others chanting Harald's name, but all in unity over the prospect of Harald's success in WZCW. Harald then looks directly at the camera Jacob is holding and ends on a challenging note.

    Harald: Your move, WZCW.
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