Greatest champions since 2000 (WWE)?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by stavros241000, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Let me start off by saying this includes multiple championships and im not steeling relentless1's thread. It is also not about who the best champion for each championship was, it is just who had the best championship runs with any title including tag.

    -HHH 2002 WHC
    -Batista 2005 WHC
    -MVP as US Champ 2009
    -CM Punk as wwe champ (RN)
    -Cena as wwe champ 2006
    -SCSA WWF 2001
    -The Rock WWF 2000
    -JBL WWE 04
    -Eddie Guerrero WWE 04
    -Edge 2007
    -Eddie Guerrero Euro 2000
    -Randy Orton IC Champ 2003
    -Shelton Benjamin IC 2004
    -Cody Rhodes IC Champ 2011
    -Paul London and Brian Kendrick WWE Tag 2006
    -Team Hell No WWE Tag (RN)
    -Jeri-Show 2009 World Tag Team
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    You could say SCSA just for the fact of what he did for wrestling at the time. Put overall he was a success whether or not he was the champion. I don’t think he needed a storyline for around a belt to be up there. So title run or not he was entertaining to watch and we were going to watch him with or without a belt.

    Now for title reign I would have to go with HHH and Edge. HHH I thought was a little more though. With these guys plus the title it made them more hungry and ruthless in the ring. Both guys could tell and enhance the stories to go with the feuds. HHH, I thought was more brutal which is why I would give him the edge. (Ha EDGE).
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    For me it was JBL in 2004. When JBL became the champion, he was like Bobby Roode last year, where he was he just starting out in the main event and he needed to prove himself as a main eventer & build himself up as a credible World Champion, it would be a tough task but he ran with the ball he was given and did an amazing job with carrying Smackdown and turning him himself into the 'Wrestling God' that we know & love today. Like the poster above mentioned for Edge & HHH, it made him hungry & ruthless, he would do anything to keep the belt, he was cocky & brash and was fantastic at drawing heat to the point where he drove fans crazy and they wanted to see anyone take the belt off him, and his promo work became better than ever- he was a throwback to the heels of old. His World Title reign got stronger & stronger as the months rolled by because of the list of estabilished names he plowed through like Eddie Guererro, Booker T, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Big Show, and all the Triple Threat & Fatal 4 Way matches he went through, and the brutal matches he endured like the Texas Bullrope, his match with Undertaker at Summerslam, Last Ride & the Barbed Wire Steel Cage match. A lot of people credit 2004 as Smackdown's best year ever, which I agree with, and JBL's title reign was part of why.
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    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I hate that my hand is going to be hurt slapping the people who think that Smackdown had its best year in 2004. Take JBL out of the equation. Other than Eddie, Smackdown was a whole lot of nothing. Undertaker was slow as usual, Booker T went from average to worse, and I don't even know what Angle was doing. Other than his matches with Eddie, JBL's matches ranged from average to awful and I don't put the blame all on him. JBL is one of my favorite heels of all time but his reign was terrible.
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    This is definitly a tough question to answer, i like these type of threads because they really make you think, but to me, it's a 3 way answer, because these guys made their title reigns mean a lot, i will go with Triple H, Edge and John Cena, when these guys were champions, it meant a lot, the title was very prestigius, and to beat any of these guys you had to be in more than your a game, Triple H was evil and ruthless, Edge was an evil genius and John Cena was definitly tough to beat.......
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    I thought about this for a bit and I have to go with HHH 2002. He really established himself as the top heel of the decade in my mind. He beat so many people durinig this run that people were actually getting sick of him. He basically took out all of WCW, and really dominated with the title. Had a great feud with HBK over the belt as well. Like this title reign or not it really established HHH as a dominate force for years to come.
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    I hate to point out the obvious but I think John Cena’s year plus title reign in 2006-2007 was the best. We hadn’t seen a year long reign in over a decade and Cena defended against a variety of opponents. His title win against Edge at Unforgiven was probably among the top two or three matches of 2006. He ended Umaga’s undefeated streak at Revolution and also beat him in a thrilling submission match at the Royal Rumble. Cena made Mr. WrestleMania tap out in the mania main event. He also successfully defended in four way and five way matches. He then successfully defended against opponents with different styles in Khali, Bobby Lashley, and Randy Orton. If not for an injury that sidelined him for four months Cena’s reign could have just kept going. Cena had already been the top guy but I think that reign brought him to another level.

    This reign is second after Cena's in my opinion. I know a lot of people hated it but I thought it was great. Triple H was head and shoulders above everyone else on Raw at the time and he deserved that long reign. I just he didn't drop the title to Michaels at Survivor Series so we could count his two reigns in 2002/2003 as one.
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