GOSSIP: Heavyweight Championship To Be Defended On Aftershock?

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    What's up, guys? David Kerms here once again. Bringing you all of the biggest news from inside the WZCW machine.

    And the news coming into us from one of our very trusted sources is that Aftershock will see the Heavyweight Champion defend his new found Championship in the main event. We earlier told you that WZCW would be reincarnating WZCW Aftershock for one night to celebrate the End Of Year Awards. But it seems as though WZCW intends to mark the occasion with a massive encounter between Justin Cooper, the new Heavyweight Champion, and Garth Black.

    Black may have been expecting a shot at the Championship to come at Apocalypse, and it may lead to more verbal sparring from someone so outspoken. But WZCW Management are, apparently, high on the idea of making the match for Aftershock and “getting it out of the way” as they don't see Black as being a competent PPV star.

    What happens next will be anyone's guess...

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