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    * PYRO *
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    The Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri offers a warm welcome as WZCW Gold Rush has officially begun! After a big pyro display the big titantron shows a few match cards for the event and the appear of hometown boy, Constantine, receives a massive ovation from the excited crowd. The fans are decked in merchandise but the biggest fan favourite is the hometown kid, Constantine. Huge signs are all over the arena proclaiming his victory later tonight. The camera swings around and we find our trio of commentators for tonight’s event; Sebastian Copeland, Cat Connor and Jack Cohen.

    Copeland: What a welcome we have a received here in the Scottrade Center live in St Louis, Missouri! Thank you for allowing us into your homes for what promises to be one of the best night in all of professional sports. We have a huge card lined up for you tonight with every match having a big time consequence. Four title matches, four King for a Day qualifiers, the Gold Rush Tournament Final and a brutal First Blood match. Talked about action packed!

    Connor: This has got to be one of the best cards WZCW has put out ever. From top to the bottom every match has something on the line and lets talk about something you mentioned briefly, King for a Day. By popular demand the chamber match is back and with it comes of the most valuable assets in WZCW, a contract for a title shot, any title, for up to one year. They can cash it in the night they win it at the ten year anniversary show or they can wait until the roulette rounds or they can do what no wrestler has done and cash in at Kingdom Come!

    Cohen: That would be huge if one of them cashed in at Kingdom Come. We’ve also got the huge First Blood match between Tyrone Blades and Xander LeBelle. Of course, Blades lost the Mayhem Championship – FAIR AND SQUARE- on Ascension and now the thorn in the side of Mr. Banks will finally meet his match. I think LeBelle is going to get rid of this rebel for good. He has no place in this company.

    Copeland: We’ve also got the Eurasian Champion Titus Avison looking to extend his record breaking title reign about someone who has already defeated him. Wren has proven that she can beat Titus but can she do it when the moment is biggest? We’ve seen Titus go to new levels when the gold is on the line that maybe he hasn’t reached in non-title matches.

    Connor: It’s also round two for Callie Clark and Batti when they clash over the Elite Openweight Championship. Many said their first encounter was a match of the year candidate and I cannot wait to see what these ladies do tonight. How will the injury and retirement of Gabi Clark influence her sister? I wonder if that will play on her mind.

    Copeland: Another personal rivalry is that between Matt Tastic and Mark Keaton. Tonight, we will find out who is the better man between those two. Will we see the Matt Tastic of old or will Mark Keaton step out from the shadow of his best friend, Justin Cooper, and cement his own legacy? Once again, thanks for bringing us into your home and please enjoy this wild night of wrestling!
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    Harrys: The following contest is a mayhem match and is for THE WZCW Mayhem Championship! Introducing first.....

    Harrys: He is residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Randy Studd does a sexual walk to the stage, he's wearing a silk waistcoat and is clutching a red rose in his teeth. He swivels his way down the ramp, he leans towards a young lady in the crowd and points to the rose in his teeth, the lady shakes her head and laughs. Randy spits it on her anyway. He rolls into the ring and slowly removes his waistcoat, waiting to hear the screams from the women in the audience. Some actually do and he throws the coat over the top rope and waits for his opponent.

    Copeland: Here we go Jack, first contest of the evening and it's the Mayhem Championship! What a way to start Gold Rush!

    Cohen: Randy Studd looks to be in fantastic shape Seabass! You can tell he's been hitting the gym hard in preparation for this big match!

    Connor He also seems to have an extra layer of oil on him tonight, hopefully Akiyama gets in there and wipes some of that off.

    Cohen: That's not oil Cat, the man is sweating, he just happens to sweat in a thick coat of shiny oil.

    Harrys: And his opponent.....

    Harrys: from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds, the WZCW Mayhem Champion....King Obi Okafor!

    Mixed reaction from the fans for the newcomer, the young champion walks out from the curtain, followed hastily by the rose bearers who quickly create a path of roses for Obi to walk on. The Mayhem Champion raises his title in the air as he starts his slow walk to the ring. The rose bearers veer off to the side as he makes it to the ring, he slides in and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. He points to the crowd then slaps the face plate of the belt a few times. He hands his crown and dashiki to a WZCW official then starts his stretching on the ropes.

    Copeland: You have to give credit where credit is due. This young man officially holds a victory over Tyrone Blades, one of the greatest competitors in the company. He is the Mayhem Champion as a result.

    Cohen: I can't argue with that! If he can stay focused and continue his momentum then nobody can take that title off of him!

    Connor: I don't agree with either one of you. Obi was lucky to get that title and if it wasn't for Vis Imperium, Tyrone would still be the champion today.

    Cohen: I think somebody should turn off your microphone! You could get in big trouble for mouthing off towards Vis Imperium like that Cat! Come on, stop being so rebellious, your making me nervous here.

    Copeland: Give me a break Jack!

    Referee Akiyama checks both men for illegal objects, much to the amusement of the crowds. He then points to the time keeper...

    DING DING!!! ​

    Both men fall to their backs and roll under the bottom ropes, they start checking for weapons under the ring. Obi slides in the ring with a kendo stick. Randy Studd slides in the ring, also with a kendo stick. Both men nod then start circling each other, twirling their weapons as they prepare to engage. Both swing at the same time and the sticks crack against each other, they take more swings, countering and blocking each others attack. Obi swings hard but Randy ducks and catches him on the leg with a strike, he swings again but Obi blocks it and counters with a hit right on the cheek! Randy staggers back and gives his face a rub. He roars at the referee that Obi isn't allowed to hit him in the face. Akiyama shrugs. Randy does a wild swinging attack but Obi easily blocks it and counters with a hit to the back of Randy, then a hit in the leg, the shoulder, Obi jumps and spins around and breaks the Kendo stick over the head of Randy, sending the ladies man to the mat and rolling out of the ring.

    Obi throws his arms up and does a fist pump for the crowds. He jumps through the middle ropes, he grabs Randy by the hair and hauls him to his feet, he hits a very fast gutwrench suplex on the padded floor. Randy rolls around in pain, he rolls right under the ring, out of sight. Obi lifts the felt canvas searching for Randy, he has trouble finding him. Randy emerges from the other side of the ring. He has an old 90's keyboard in his hands. He staggers over near the barricade. He turns on the keyboard and starts playing his entrance music perfectly. The crowd laugh loudly at this.

    Copeland: A man of many talents Jack!

    Cohen: Why is this guy wasting his time wrestling? He should have a one man keyboard band out there! He'd be a worldwide sensation!

    Connor: I have to admit, that was sensational.

    Obi runs around the ring at full speed, but Randy watches him out of the corner of his eye, he spins and NAILS Obi with the keyboard! Keys and pieces of plastic fly everywhere as Obi falls to the padded floor instantly. Randy picks up the limp man and rolls him in the ring. He covers him..



    Obi kicks out. Randy complains to the ref to count faster. He jumps up and starts laying boots to Obi. He jumps and drops a knee on Obi's head then applies an armbar. Obi endures the hold for a moment, telling the referee no when he asks him if he's going to quit. He stands up and pushes Randy to the ropes to break the hold, he then Irish whips Randy across the ring, he runs and swings but misses a clothesline, Randy rebounds and nails Obi with a flying leg lariat! He picks up Obi and hits him with a left and right then picks him up and hits him with an inverted atomic drop, then another one, then another one, then one more. Obi rolls right out of the ring. Randy does a mocking hurting motion and climbs the turnbuckle to swing his hips for the ladies.

    Cohen: Obi is going to have all kinds of trouble aiming later Seabass!

    Connor: What do y.....oh my god. (muffled laughing)

    Randy jumps through the ropes and he runs right at Obi recovering on the barricade, he nails Obi with a hard clothesline sending Obi back flipping right over the barricade and into the crowds. Randy climbs the barricade and waits for Obi to get to his feet, security are wedging themselves into the crowds to keep people safely away from the wrestlers. Randy jumps but Obi catches him and nails him with a hard inverted atomic drop! Randy's eyes are wide as he holds up a finger as if to say - wait-. He sways a little, his knees buckling, he tries to take a step but he has a pained expression. Obi runs at him and Randy ducks, he gives him a backdrop and Obi's back lands right on top of the barricade, he doesn't go over it and falls back behind Randy, right on the back of his head. The crowd ohhh at this. Randy picks up Obi slowly, he hits him with a hard chop, Obi spins around and staggers deeper into the crowd. He turns back but Randy punches him with a hard right, spinning him around again to stagger deeper into the crowd. Randy runs and catches Obi with a hard elbow to the face, sending the King falling on his back. He picks him up but then plants him hard with a DDT to the concrete floor! Randy jumps up, he runs and climbs to a metal railing, he balances on a middle rail and does a hip sway for a section of fans. He blows a kiss at an old woman nearby, she throws her pop in Randy's face. The crowd cheer at this and laugh. Randy furiously rubs the soda out of his eyes and curses. He jumps down. He grabs Obi by the hair and throws him towards a maintenance door, Obi crashes through it. Randy walks in after him, out of range of the cameras.

    Copeland: For god sakes, do we not have a camera crew back there?

    Cohen: Why would WZCW put a camera crew where Joe Maintenance does his sweeping and mopping? This match is over Seabass! No camera crew to witness it, so we can't count anything!

    Connor: Nevermind gentleman, I just got word we do have a crew arriving on scene there....

    A shaky camera catches Randy with a mop in his hand, he's cracking Obi over the back viciously, whipping dirty water around as he does. Obi does a quick spin kick to Randy's gut then kicks the mop bucket towards him, Randy steps in the bucket then trips over it, spilling water all over himself. Obi grabs Randy and hauls him towards a golfcart. He slams Randy's head off of the side of the cart. Then throws him in the cart. Obi climbs inside the cart and starts stomping on Randy's head, Studd grabs a handful of chalk nearby and throws it in Obi's face, causing a plume of white smoke to cloud around his head. Randy punches Obi then grabs him in a headlock, Obi's arm hits the controls and the golfcart comes to life and peels off into the distance, out of range of the cameras!

    Copeland: Off camera again! We are having all kinds of trouble keeping track of this match! What is going on back there?!

    Cohen: This is completely out of control and I love it! That's what makes these Mayhem matches so fun to watch, you never know what can happen!

    The golfcart appears on the stage! Both wrestlers still punching each other inside the cart and it's clearly out of control, the golfcart is going full speed down the ramp as the crowds cheer! Both wrestlers fight for control, but Studd kicked Obi out of the front of the cart right as it slams into the ring, crushing Obi in the process!


    The back of the golfcart kicks right up in the air from the impact.

    Copeland: Oh my god!! Oh my god! That kid may never wrestle another match in his life!!

    Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!!

    Randy hauls a limp Obi out from under the golfcart, other referee's have run down with some paramedics to check on him. Randy pushes them away. He rolls Obi in the ring and covers him.



    3 !!!!


    Harrys: The winner of this match, and neeeeeew WZCW Mayhem Champion.....Randy Studd!!!!

    The ring filled with paramedics and officials to check on Obi, the young man stirred now, showing that he was completely knocked out earlier but he would be alright. Randy grabs the Mayhem title and fastens it to his waist, he falls and rolls out of the ring. He raises his arms as he limps up the ramp to the back, battle weary but overjoyed.

    Copeland: New champion, but thank god that kid is alright, that was a very scary crash at ringside.

    Cohen: We have a new champion Seabass! The ladies man is now our new Mayhem Champion! He had to nearly kill Obi with a golfcart to do it, but he's still champion in the end!

    Connor: What a way to start off Gold Rush! Coming up next is the KFAD Gauntlet match.
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    Harrys: The following match is a Gauntlet match! The rules are simple, Two wrestlers begin the match and are replaced whenever one is eliminated. The last man standing heads to the Anniversary show in the King For A Day match.

    Cohen: It's been some years since we've seen a gauntlet match, and what a prize.

    Copeland: That's right King For A Day is a very prestigious prize in WZCW.

    Connor: If match results are going the way I expect them, we might even see a Queen For A Day!

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Xaitlyn Serpiente, from Yonkers, NY, weighing 275 pounds... "The Italian Stallion" TONY MANCINI

    Mancini heads out to the ring to quite a number of cheers. He walks down with Xaitlyn smiling at members of the crowd with a few thumbs up to say thanks. He heads to the ring, praying in corner.

    Harrys: His opponent, hailing from The Pentagon and weighing in at 308 pounds, WAR ZONE!!!

    Cohen: Have you seen the size of him!

    Copeland: Yes but size isn't everything.

    Connor: Speak for yourself Seabass!

    Both men are in the ring. War Zone's 8 inches in height tower over the frame of Anthony Manicni. The Italian Stallion gets a few last words from Xaitlyn Serpiente as referee Keith Morse calls the bell.

    Straight off the bat War Zone goes for the Missile of Death, the Superman punch looks to connect with Mancini who was distracted by Serpiente. War Zone misses! War Zone crashes straight into the turnbuckle and Manicni rushes to the other corner.

    War Zone turns around and out of nowhere Manicni hits Il Siluro Italiano! The Gore must have been hit with some force as Mancini smashes him to the mat. Cover. 1..2..3!

    Cohen: Ouch! War Zone out so soon.

    Copeland: Yes but Mancini almost lost out just as quick. It seems like Xaitlyn's advice distracted him.

    Connor: Who do we have next?

    Harrys: War Zone has been eliminated.

    As War Zone heads to the back, Gino makes his way from backstage. He enters the ring and whispers something to Manicni. Mancini nods and Gino stands outside of the ring next to Xaitlyn.

    Copeland: Manicni has a lot of support, the more the merrier it seems.

    Cohen: YES! Take my money now.

    Harrys: Next! From Dublin Ireland at a weight of 225lbs...VOX!

    Vox walks out, microphone in hand as he walks to the ring.

    Vox: Oh my sweet sweet people! I would like you, if you don't mind, to dig deep into your pockets. Are you saving for a Vox t-shirt? Don't! Donate today. In St. Louis there are people who can't afford to eat the best food so they eat supermarket own brand?

    Dig deep!

    The buckets are passed round as Vox enters the ring.

    Vox: What about you Mr. Manicni? What will you give to the good people of St. Louis?

    Manicni kicks Vox in the mid section and Riposa in Pace is hit. The sitout Spinebuster connects and Vox is covered. 1...2...3! Manicni signals so Gino and Xaitlyn who enter the ring and proceed to give Vox $20 each.

    Cohen: Where the hell did this Mancini come from?

    Copeland: Two very quick victories for sure but Vox had other things on his mind.

    Connor: Gino and Xaitlyn are clearly offering moral support but will that be good enough against the former Elite Openweight champion?

    Harrys: Vox has been eliminated!

    Cohen: Is the bell about to toll for Mancini?

    Richard Goldman steps onto the ramp as Mancini looks physically concerned. Goldman points to the entrance and Logan McAllister makes his way out. He storms to the ring looking the most focused he's been in months.

    Harrys: Next up...weighing in at 275 pounds and being accompanied by Richard Goldman... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

    Cohen: This will surely change things up. Mancini will need to realise he can't just walk over McAllister.

    Copeland: Manicni has never tasted gold and getting to KFAD would be a huge chance but for Logan it gets him back on track.

    Connor: Either way Mancini's yet to break a sweat.

    Logan stands in one corner, Mancini the other. Mancini has Xaitlyn and Gino, Xaitlyn tries to get the crowd to chant for Manicni and they join in. A Manicni chant breaks out but a few voices can be heard chanting “Looooooooooooooooooooooogan! Looooooooooooooooooooooogan!”

    Logan is pumped but Mancini goes straight for the Il Siluro Italiano but the gore misses Logan and Manicni goes straight into the turnbuckle. Goldman shouts to Logan and signals for the Boston Suplex party. 1! 2! 3! Three suplexes hit and Logan goes for the pin. Kick out at 2!

    Cohen: Oh that was almost another quick match for Logan after last weeks decimation of Bandit!

    Copeland: Smart by Manicni to go straight for the power move, but Logan was switched on.

    Connor: A very close kick out too. Manicni may want to regroup.

    Gino shouts for Mancini to focus as the chant from the crowd gets louder at Mancini. He jumps up and a few forearms to the face knock McAllister back. Manicni bounces off the ropes and a hard hitting Lariat. McAllister crashes to the mat.

    Mancini picks him up and does a spinning DDT. CRASH the force makes McAllister bounce off the mat. Mancini goes for a cover but a kick out at 1 gets Gino and Goldman shouting at their clients. Mancini, crowd behind, picks up Logan again and goes for a German Suplex in retaliation.

    Logan hits the mat and Mancini soaks in the crowd reaction. As he heads over to McAllister Goldman pulls him out the ring and has a word with the Son of Boston.

    Cohen: Smart! Logan has been focused but a mistake could cost him, right call by Goldman there.

    Connor: Mancini is more than holding his own. Remember when Logan offered to help Manicni and left Manicni stung? I think there's part of that fuelling Mancini's rage.

    McAllister gets back in the ring and goes for Mancini with a suplex. Manicni is able to reverse it and hits Logan with one. Logan, though, lands on his feet. The crowd shout at Manicni but he's oblivious. He jumps for joy, turns around and is met by a Brainbuster.

    Logan looks to Goldman on what he should do. He picks Mancini again and hits him with a Fallaway Slam. Manicni is lay flat on the mat and Logan climbs up to the top rope. He hits the McAllisault and lands on Mancini. He covers! 1...2...3!

    Copeland: Unlucky for Manicni but it's definitely a new side to him for sure.

    Cohen: It's actually the first time we've seen the McAllisault since Gold Rush last year when Logan defeated Slaughter! Either way he's going to KFAD!

    Connor: You've got to feel for Manicni there, but well done Logan.

    Harrys: The winner of this match, and advancing to King For a Day....Logan McAllister!

    Logan and Goldman celebrate in the ring as Manicni heads back. Xaitlyn and Gino arguing with each other.
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    Backstage we see the door to the general WZCW locker-room and the door swings open as Callie Clark emerges with the Elite Openweight Championship over her shoulder. Dressed as the White Canary, Clark struts confidently down the hall and is nearing the curtain when she is approached by Stacey Madison.

    Madison: Callie, a quick word?

    Clark: Did you not check my snapchat? I just gave a live update. Add me.

    Madison: Just a brief chat, Callie. I’m sure your fans are begging for more.

    The champion begins to nod approvingly as a smirk comes over her face.

    Clark: Yes, they do love me. I got ten thousand more followers on Instagram this week, Stacey. You should see the comments. They think this title looks so much better with me than when Batti had it. So gross, you know.

    Madison: This will be the second time facing Batti for you. Last time you went in as the challenger, so as champion, what changes?

    Clark: Batti is a lost little girl who can’t compete with me. Nothing changes for me. I’ve been the best wherever I’ve been, Stacey. Whether that’s in the ring or cosplaying. I’ve only been in this company since a few weeks before Kingdom Come and I’ve already captured one of the most beautiful prizes in WZCW. It’s only made me even more famous than I already was! Batti isn’t famous. Oh, she wishes but she’s a nobody.

    Standing proudly in her cosplaying outfit, Callie Clark shows complete disrespect for the challenger. Flicking her hair to the side and sneering as she speaks Batti’s name.

    Madison: Any update on the status of your sister, Gabi?

    Clark: Gabi was hurt very badly last week and with all the preparation I’ve done for tonight’s match I haven’t had the chance to truly be by her side. That will change after tonight because once this is done, I’m going to take my title and go spend some quality time with my wonderful, kind, sister. Our family is strong and nobody can break us, Stacey. Not Obi Okafor, not Tyrone Blades and especially not that jealous, ugly, pathetic freak, Batti!

    Madison: Thank for taking the time to speak with us, Callie.

    Clark: The pleasure was all yours.

    With that said, Callie Clark adjusts the Elite Openweight Championship and walks towards the entrance position with her match beginning in just a few moments.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Elite Openweight Championship!


    Harrys: Introducing first the challenger, from Neo Japan weighin in at 115 pounds.... Batti!

    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she clumsily tries to strike a pose. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance.

    Copeland: Tonight Batti has the opportunity to win back the Elite Openweight Championship and there is no doubt in my mind who the fans here tonight would rather see win.

    Cohen: Just because they want to see her win, doesn't mean she will.

    Connor: How exciting. We will see two of the most talented women in the world competing for the Elite Openweight Championship. I can't wait!


    Harrys: And her opponent, the current Elite Openweight Champion. From New York, New York weighing in at 100 pounds, she is The Legend Of Tomorrow.... Callie Clark!

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose. She is dressed up as White Canary. As she walks down the ramp she sees two fans that boo her loudly as they each hold up a Batti sign. Callie grabs both signs and rips them to shreds. She throws the broken sign pieces at the fans and laughs at them. She walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope and poses once again in the middle of the ring to the boo's of the fans.

    Cohen: Legend of Tomorrow indeed. She is well on her way there already. What a great champion Callie Clark is.

    Connor: Both are deserving of their place in this match.

    Copeland: I agree, although our fans are already showing who they would rather see leave tonight as Elite Openweight Champion.

    Both women are in different corners of the ring. The bell rings to signal the start of the match. They run at each other and grab each other in the center of the ring. Batti pushes Callie into the corner of the ring. Callie shoves Batti away from her. Batti tries to punch Callie in the face twice, but Callie ducks to avoid both punches. Callie kicks Batti in the stomach. This knocks Batti down into the center of the ring. Callie approaches Batti who is still down, and kicks her five times as the fans begin to boo her. She stops kicking and looks out at the fans, striking a pose, which makes them boo even louder. She has her back turned so she does not see that Batti gets up. Batti heads into the ring corner behind them. Batti climbs up the ropes to the top of the turnbuckle. Callie turns around just as Batti jumps off hitting one of her signature maneuvers, diving spear from the top rope called the GLOMP! It knocks Callie down and Batti covers for a pinfall. The referee begins counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Callie! Batti rolls over, both are down in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Batti took a really big risk there.

    Connor: Yes she did, and it nearly won her the match.

    Cohen: No it didn't. That was foolish of her. Things like that are why Callie is walking out of here tonight still the champion.

    Callie gets up and climbs to the top of the ropes slowly. Batti is still down. Callie gets to the top ropes and leaps off doing a signature maneuver Spiral Tap onto Batti. She covers Batti for another pinfall attempt. 1.... 2.... kickout by Batti! The each get up. Batti grabs Callie and does a Belly To Belly Suplex! Batti runs toward the ropes as Callie begins getting up. Callie stands up and is hit by Batti's Axe Kick. Callie rolls out of the ring. She quickly gets, out at the ringside area and tries to climb back into the ring. Batti hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick, knocking Callie back out. Batti climbs out of the ring. Both women are out at ringside now. Batti goes to punch Callie in the face, Callie ducks to avoid the punch attempt and grabs Batti. She pushes Batti into the apron. Callie quickly climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and does a Dropkick from the top rope which knocks Batti to the ground. Callie stands up over Batti. She stomps on the back of Batti's neck six times, to loud boo's from the fans. Callie climbs back into the ring after this. She mocks Batti as well as the fans before striking another pose.

    Copeland: Shouldn't she win first and pose later? Why does Callie do this?

    Cohen: She's a Legend of Tomorrow. She can pose all she wants. The fans will learn to like it.

    Connor: I must admit I respect the confidence Callie has in herself as a competitor.

    Batti stands up and climbs back into the ring, while Callie continues mocking her in the center of the ring. Callie makes her way to the corner that Batti is climbing into the ring from. Right as Callie gets to the corner, Batti has made it back into the ring. Callie elbows Batti and does a Step Up High Knee in the ring corner. Callie stands on the bottom ropes, hitting Batti with her knees four times. Callie grabs Batti and drags her into the center of the ring. She quickly climbs the ropes and does her signature maneuver, a Springboard DDT! Batti gets up and Callie then tries to do a Running Bulldog on Batti, but Batti reverses it, grabs Callie and uses her Backbreaker signature maneuver, the Batbreaker! She covers Callie for a pin and the referee counts. 1.... 2.... 3! The ref begins to make a signal to end the match, but then notices that Callie had her foot on the ropes and the match will continue! It is a false finish. The fans are outraged and boo for this.

    Cohen: Yes! What great tactics by Callie. That was such a smart move on her part.

    Connor: Batti had this won. Some may not like what Callie just did, but she saved her title reign. For now.

    Copeland: Listen to those fans. They thought they had seen a title change. Batti hasn't given up yet though.

    Both of them get up. Batti punches at Callie several times with each one successfully hitting the champion. The fans count along with each punch. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! 11! She goes for a 12th, but Callie dodges it and does a Double Backhand Chop. She follows this with grabbing Batti and throwing her toward the ropes. Batti springs off the ropes and runs right into a kick from Callie who covers her for a pin. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Batti! Callie yells at the ref in frustration as she gets up. Batti tries to get back up, only to be knocked back down by Callie. Batti tries once again to get up, she is able to this time. Callie grabs Batti in an attempt to use a Tornado DDT but Batti reverses it and breaks free. She grabs Callie and does a Bear Hug. Callie tries to get away but Batti holds on tightly. Callie punches at Batti four times to help break free of the Bear Hug but Batti holds on even tighter. Callie breaks free. She shoves Batti down face first into the center of the ring and uses a signature maneuver, her Standing Moonsault Double Knee Drop! Callie goes to cover Batti, but Batti pushes her off before the ref can start counting. She picks Callie up above her shoulders and does another of her signature maneuvers a Spin Out Powerbomb called the Bakka Bomb! She covers Callie for a pin and the official begins counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Callie!

    Copeland: What will it take to win for Batti at this point?

    Connor: I'm not liking her odds by this point. She may need to re-think her strategy.

    Cohen: Even that wouldn't help her. This match is Callie's to win.

    Callie is the first to get up. She drags Batti over to the corner of the ring and hits nine consecutive Step Up High Knees to Batti's face. The challenger has begun to bleed. Batti does her Neko Cat Paws taunt, as blood runs down her face. Callie takes a few steps back. Both are now in the center of the ring. Callie slaps Batti in the face and climbs out of the ring. She takes her title belt and begins walking back up toward the entrance ramp. The ref has begun counting for a count out. 1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... Batti runs out of the ring to catch up to Callie. She does a Wind-up Punch to Callie from behind. She drags her as quickly as she can back to the ring. 5.... 6.... 7.... She pushes Callie into the ring and then climbs in herself. 8.... 9.... They are both back in the ring before the ten count. The fans cheer for this. Batti, still bleeding, does her Dio's Villain Pose, which the fans cheer louder for. Callie mocks Batti by imitating the pose sarcastically, the fans boo this.

    Copeland: A pose-off? What's next?

    Connor: Again, Callie's confidence in herself has my attention. I can see Batti and her fans are rather upset by this though.

    Cohen: They are just jealous.

    A "Let's go Batti! Callie sucks!" chant has begun amongst the fans.


    Batti goes to do a Wind Up Punch, but Callie ducks to avoid it and grabs Batti. Callie unleashes her finisher a Small Package Driver called the Lights Out! She covers Batti and the ref begins to count. 1.... 2.... 3! The bell is rung to signal the end of the match.

    Harrys: Your winner and STILL the Elite Openweight Champion.... Callie Clark!

    Callie gets out of the ring and grabs her title belt. She walks up the entrance ramp and poses with the title at the top of the ramp.

    Copeland: Batti put forth a great effort tonight and had the fans behind her every step of the way. Unfortunately, Callie has retained her title.

    Cohen: What do you mean "unfortunately", Seabass? This is wrestling and Callie Clark was the better wrestler this evening.

    Connor: A very good job by both women tonight. I look forward to see what comes next for both of them. For now, let's head backstage for a moment before the next match begins.
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    Meanwhile, in the locker room of Vis Imperium we find three out of the four members discussing their matches for later tonight. Xander LeBelle is being helped by Andrew Adonis, the latter lacing up the boots of the man who will face Tyrone Blades later in the evening. Also in the room is Mark Keaton, he stands having a drink of water while spiking his hair up in the mirror.

    Keaton: Either of you guys ever look into a mirror and think that it should be a damn crime for someone to be as good looking as me? Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the fatties out there, you know. It must be hard trying to get a woman when the likes of the Remarkable One are running around stealing wives, sisters, girlfriends and daughters.

    LeBelle and Adonis simply shake their heads as Keaton turns around.

    Keaton: Come on, lads! Tonight is a night for celebration. Tonight we cement our spots at the top of this company. The locker room has grown arrogant. That lot! Arrogant against us and tonight we send the message that they need to STAY IN THEIR LANE!

    Adonis: I’m confident in our chances tonight, gentlemen. You saw what we did to Tyrone Blades on Ascension. We exposed his affair with Stacey Madison as a sham, a ploy by the genius Mr. Banks and that has surely broken the already unstable individual who once called upon demons and spirits to obtain victory. I’m sorry but there are no spirits, demons or scrolls left to save Mr. Blades from the Rose’s Thorn.

    With his boots now on, LeBelle stands up and examines himself in the mirror.

    LeBelle: Let him bring his demons and scrolls. I welcome whatever it that Tyrone decides to bring. It means nothing now. It’s him and I. First Blood – the rebel against the system. They’ll cheer, they’ll cry and then they’ll beg for forgiveness when I put down their last hope. Tyrone bleeding face first on the canvas is a fight more beautiful than any other and tonight, I want the world to experience it!

    Adonis: And they shall, Xander. You too, Mr. Keaton. After Justin defeated Matt Tastic on Meltdown I believe your chances are even more certain than we had previously expected. Surely you are secured a place in the King for a Day match.

    Keaton: By the end of the night Matt is only going to be able to say two words; No Mas! That is what I plan to do. He’ll beg me to stop just like Mikey did. Then Justin will be proud. He has to be. Doesn’t he?

    Adonis and LeBelle remain silent as Keaton turns back to the mirror. In the reflection we see him rub his face where Cooper had slapped it on their visit to a hospital the day before. A look of doubt enters his eyes but soon fades as he blinks.
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    The Following Contest Is A King For A Day Qualifying Match!


    Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Yemrez appears as heart-shaped lights illuminate the building, her making the hand gesture as she makes her way down the aisle.

    Connor: The quirky Olympian has a big opportunity here tonight, joining Logan McAllister among others for King For A Day at our 10th Anniversary Special.

    Cohen: She can benchpress, but how good could she be climbing ladders? I hear she's afraid of heights.

    Copeland: Must be why one of her big moves has her leaping off the top rope. The Corkscrew Stunner, the Upshot.


    Her opponent, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, Lynx!


    Pyro goes off as Lynx barrel rolls onto the stage. He makes his way down. He frantically asks what time it is to the fans. One can be heard responding "It's clobbering time!". Lynx looks at him exasperated.

    Cohen: The man out of time they call him. Hard believe he can't find a clock, but somehow he's found his way into this important match.

    Copeland: Lynx has been teetering on success. He managed to pick a win in the Gold Rush Tournament. Tonight he can take a second step.

    Connor: Time? Uh, it's 9:38pm....... Guess he didn't hear me.

    Referee Katie Shepard checks on the two competitors and has the bell ring.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two circle the ring, crouching, close to the ground and looking for the opening. Lynx sprawls for Yemrez' legs but she avoids being caught. She tries to sprawl but Lynx gets out of the way. They stretch out one hand, trying to reach across for their opponent at the same time. Lynx wrenches one of Yemrez' arms, she replies with the same. Lynx throws his arm over Yemrez' shoulder and applies a Headlock. After a bit of pacing, she pushes herself free and returns the favor. Lynx pops off her squeeze and pulls the arm back for a Hammerlock, Lynx trying to get some time to think with Yemrez close but she turns the move around on him. She Legsweeps Lynx face first to the canvas and then rolls on top of him and applies a front chancery, squeezing his head and performing a series of Gator Rolls. Lynx manages to get to his feet as Yemrez was rolling him and attempts a Suplex. Yemrez avoids it hooking the leg and bends her knees. She tries it too to the same effect.They break off and stare at each other as the fans cheer their efforts on.

    Copeland: These two young competitors showing they're evenly matched here tonight. They're gonna have to rethink things if they want to win, let alone go home.

    Cohen: Oh God. Tecnical wrestling. Who could enjoy that? Hit each other, please.

    The two step forth and tie up in the center of the ring, trying to take advantage. Using her lower center of gravity, she gets behind Lynx and takes him down to the mat with a wastelock. Bouncing off the impact, she rolls on top of Lynx who covers his head, almost in a panic. She hits a big Double Stomp right on the back of Lynx and rolls him over for a cover. 1........ 2....-But Lynx kicks out. Yemrez shrug about the nearfall and then holds him down with a Rear Chinlock but Lynx does not want to stay down. He gets to his feet, Yemrez still attached to his chin and she pulls him down, driving him against her knee for an improvised Backbreaker. She applies the Figure 4 Headscissors and on her knees and elbows, she takes a second to wave to the crowd.

    Connor: Yemrez is rather cheery tonight.

    Copeland: Seems to be happy to be here. Can you blame her?

    Cohen: Actually yeah, because she'd be in a bigger match if she wins here. I'd suggest focusing.

    She starts to toss Lynx over and over while in the Headscissors. Lynx slips off one of those slams and hits a Dropkick to stagger Yemrez and a second one makes Yemrez tumble over the ropes to the outside. He follows it up with a Tope Suicida as Yemrez then tumbles over the barricade and on to the crowd. Some people catch her in the front and help her on to her feet as Lynx waits for her in the ring. 1...... 2............. 3......... Yemrez stands on the barricade as she looks at Lynx who stares back at her defensively. 4........ 5........... 6........... She makes her way back into the ring and enters slowly. Lynx simply waits for her to come in. They measure each other and tie up. Lynx tries a Neckbreaker but is sent dashing across the ropes, being met a Body Block. Now Yemrez runs across the ropes but is met with the Neckbreaker. He applies the Surfboard Stretch holding Yemrez as referee Katie Shepard asks if she gives up. She says no. Lynx lets go and hits a Falcon Arrow and goes up the ropes, leaping off for a Moonsault but Yemrez raises her knees. She gets up and hits a big Backbreaker on Lynx who crumbles to the ground.

    Copeland: Yemrez has been focused on that back of Lynx since early in the match. It's starting to pay off now.

    Cohen: This is more like it. Her focusing on the match.

    Lynx staggers about in the ring and Yemrez hits a kick to the back of Lynx who drops to his knees. She drops a pair of knees on said back as Lynx yells out in pain. She measures the crowd and applies the Elongated Ride To Estonia. She stretches Lynx over her own back. Lynx seems more perplexed than in pain.

    Connor: Half a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier, but Yemrez is bending this professional athlete on her back with total ease. It's scary impressive and Lynx is feeling it.

    Referee Shepard asks Lynx if he's giving up but he's not. So Yemrez drops him on his face and covers him. 1............ 2.......... 3-But he kicks out. Yemrez grabs Lynx, trying to apply the Via Crucis but Lynx kicks her off. He hits a Superkick, knocking Yemrez down in a single shot and giving him time to catch his breath. He climbs to the top rope and measures his distance, flying with the Phoenix Splash for the big impact. He stays on top for the cover. 1....... 2...........-But Yemrez gets the shoulder up. Lynx clutches his back after the Splash and backs off. Yemrez rolls out of the ring for safety as Lynx holds on to the ropes with the referee asking if he's OK. He gets back up and Yemrez tries to snap him off the ropes but Lynx doesn't allow it and flips her over the ropes into the canvas. Lynx wastes no time and hits a Slingshot Senton. He tries the Dimensional Vortex but Yemrez shoves him off and tries the Eerie Blitz but Lynx puts the knees up for the Moonsault, as she did to him. Both stand up and Lynx shoots a Superkick but Yemrez dodges it and hits the Nigh Is Bliss. Lynx staggers backward and bounces off the ropes and hits a Superkick. He hits another one and both collapse. The crowd claps to motivate as they both try to get to their feet and stare each other down. Suddenly...... Lynx hits the Dimensional Vortex and Yemrez falls down. Lynx makes the cover. 1......... 2........... 3!!

    Here is your winner, Lynx!!

    Connor: At first it seemed so even. Then it seemed like Yemrez had the edge but in the end, Lynx was able to pull it out. Now he will compete in King For A Day.

    Copeland: Jack said it himself. She did have a game plan. She was working on the back. But perhaps she did not take things seriously enough.

    Cohen: She has the potential. Just look at that strength. But Lynx has the opportunity now. Lets see if he can make it work.

    Lynx clutches his back as referee Katie Shepard raises his free hand. He celebrates but has to bend his back. Yemrez is assisted to her feet but stands up. She walks over toward Lynx and asks him for his hand. Respectfully, he responds in kind and shake hands before she leaves, letting Lynx celebrate.

    Connor: A nice touch of sportsmanship there.

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    Transitioning to the trainer’s room we find Titus Avison having his back massaged. The Eurasian Championship sits on the chair next to him as the trainer applies pressure on key areas of Titus’ back in preparation for his title defence later tonight. Suddenly, the door opens with a bang!

    Cooper: Hey, I need you to tape my wrists up.

    The trainer does a double take and quickly hurries over to the shelf, grabbing some tape and begins walking towards Justin Cooper. The World Champion stands impatiently, tapping his foot, with the title belt over his shoulder. From the massage table, Titus looks up and looks annoyed.

    Titus: What are you doing? You’re not finished.

    Once again, the trainer does a double take. He goes to begin the massage again but Cooper grabs him by the arm and raises his voice.

    Cooper: My tape, now! He can wait.

    Titus: I don’t think so. Get over here and finish my massage. I have a title defence tonight. You don’t break the record for the longest reign and most defences without proper preparation.

    The Eurasian Champion pushes himself off the table, grabs his title belt and approaches Justin Cooper. Titus is shirtless as he squares off against the World Champion, both holding their ground and displaying their respective titles.

    Cooper: I don’t care about that bit of tin you’ve got on your shoulder, Titus. I am the champion and the champion doesn’t wait. Go lay down on that table, shut your mouth and wait your turn.

    Titus: Listen, you might be a champion but I am the champion!

    Cooper: Some friendly advice, kid. If that title meant half as much as you thought it did than you wouldn’t be playing second fiddle to me every pay-per-view. I’m the ace of this company. I’ve beaten everyone they’ve put in front of me and tonight I’m adding Flex Mussel to that list. A list that includes Mikey Stormrage, Garth Black, Matt Tastic, Eve Taylor, Constantine, Austin Reynolds and Ty Burna. You don’t match up, kid.

    A sly smile comes over the face of Cooper as he adjusts the title belt on his shoulder. Titus eyes the World Champ up and down before stepping closer, they are just an inch away from each other.

    Titus: I don’t play second fiddle to anybody. You can be the ace of WZCW, the face, the eyes, ears and the ass for all I care. I’m not part of WZCW… I am WZCW! I built this place and I have redefined what it means to be a champion in this industry while you’ve been hand picking your opponents. So, let me give you some advice. Veteran to veteran. Lethal Lottery winner to Lethal Lottery winner. Kingdom Come main eventer to Kingdom Come main eventer. World Champion to World Champion. Hall of Famer to… well, not a Hall of Famer.

    A flicker of anger appears on Justin’s face as he stares into the eyes of Titus.

    Titus: You’ve beaten a lot of people. Legends, Hall of Famers, the elite around these parts and that I will admit. However, never ever forget…

    Cooper: What? Never forget what?

    Titus: That you’ve never beaten me!

    The confrontation continues for a few more moments but nothing else is said between the two. Titus holds his ground and it’s the World Champion who cracks first, Justin grabbing the tape out of the hand of the trainer and exiting the room without returning a glance at the Eurasian Champion. With an air of confidence, Titus steps back over to the table and returns to his original position and instructs the trainer to begin his massage again.

    Cohen: Can you believe what we just saw, CC?

    Connor: People you wouldn’t expect to see cross paths often do when it’s a pay-per-view. Titus Avison and Justin Cooper meeting face to face and exchanging a few words. I’m surprised the room could contain the egos.

    Copeland: Speaking of Justin Cooper, fellow Vis Imperium Xander LeBelle is in action next against Tyrone Blades in what is sure to be a brutal match.
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    Copeland: Next is a match that can only be described as brutal. A First Blood Match. The first since Unscripted 2010 by my research. Who are your bets on?

    Cohen: You've got Xander and Adonis who took advantage of Tyrone last week and brutally destroyed him. If they had half the fire tonight then it's game over.

    Connor: He may have lost the Mayhem title but he has chaos in his heart. Tyrone Blades will be with Mr. Jones who has been given the clear from probation services. The numbers are even and Blades' brawn will surely be enough.

    Cohen: Yes but he is against the smartest man in the game. He, in turn, is first up for VI tonight. They'll be hoping for a clean sweep and I can't see why they won't be able to do it.

    Harrys: The following match is a First Blood match. The way to win is to make your opponent bleed.

    Harrys: We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

    The crowd are hardly happy with that request and begin to boo very loudly and only get louder when the tron and music kicks in. The usual wait for the crowd to reach silence is extended but alas nothing changes and they maintain a consistent stream of boos.

    With a lit cigar in his mouth, and gold tipped cane in his hands, Xander enters the arena hands tucked to his side. He is with Andrew Adonis.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from The City of Light, and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, representing Vis Imperium, being accompanied by Andrew Adonis… he is 'The World's Greatest Mind' Xander LeBelle.

    The two head down the ramp and stroll to the ring, dropping off his cane to lean it on the apron as he enters the ring.

    Connor: Not a reaction Xander would want, but one we expect.

    Cohen: Yup they're hicks in this town.

    Copeland: Aren't you from St. Louis?

    Harrys: And now, introducing weighing in at 225 pounds, being accompanied by Mr. Jones Tyrone Blades!

    The arena darkens for a moment as a spotlight begins to circle the arena, looking throughout the crowd for the Blades The crowd all begin to turn and search for him and a few moments later the spotlight comes to a stop. Fans cheer as the Mr. Jones Tyrone Blades emerges and jumps over the barricade behind the announcers and steps onto the announce table. He looks at the two in the ring and points his black baseball bat at them, spitting towards them both as he rips off his bandanna.

    Blades and Jones are stood in one corner, Le Belle and Adonis at the other. Referee Katie Shepard asks the managers to leave. A quick few words from the referee but there's a raucous from the crowd.

    Cohen: Ah knew it!

    The camera shows the crowd to reveal the Mask person. He's kitted in Hollow Ones Gear and jumps the barricade. He waves to Jones and Tyrone and goes straight for Adonis. Security begin rushing out from the back but the Masked person smashes Adonis to the ring post.

    The Masked person then pulls out some handcuffs and proceeds to handcuff Andrew Adonis to the ring post! Security make their way down the ramp and the Masked person runs through the crowd to huge cheers.

    Copeland: Who the hell is that?

    Connor: Does it matter? Andrew Adonis is now handcuffed to the ring post.

    Cohen: I hope security stop this person. They've been a thorn in VI's side for weeks now!

    Mr. Jones makes his way round to the corner of Adonis, he grabs a steel chair from under the ring and sits looking intently at Adonis, baseball bat in hand. Adonis looks worried, Jones in his element but we focus back to the ring as referee Katie Shepard finally calls for the bell.

    Xander lifts his left hand up in the air and it's bet by Blades clasping hands with him. They grab each others other hand and both are going at it. The crowd rally behind Blades and you can feel the electricity in the air. Xander drops to one knee, then to the other. Blades straight away hits a hook kick to the face of LeBelle.

    Blades picks Xander up and hits him to the turnbuckle. LeBelle crashes to his knee with his head on the second turnbuckle. Tyrone runs and hits a stomp on the back of LeBelle's head. He bounces back and crashes to the mat. The crowd are going crazy.

    Outside of the ring Jones applauds Tyrone and then psyches out Adonis with the bat. Blades walks to the turnbuckle towards the top right hand corner and proceeds to remove the guard.

    Copeland: Great start by Tyrone there. A devastating start.

    Connor: That removal of the turnbuckle cover will come in useful.

    Cohen: Don't count LeBelle out though, smartest man in the game.

    With the cover now off LeBelle is still in the centre of the ring. Blades walks towards him milking the crowd reaction. He picks up LeBelle and drags Xander to the exposed turnbuckle. Tyrone smashes his face off the turnbuckle but LeBelle puts his arms out to stop the connection. A swift forearm by LeBelle to the face of Blades knocks him back.

    LeBelle turns around to face Blades who rushes at Xander. He misses and Tyrone crashes into the exposed turnbuckle, his back hits it and no blood. LeBelle gives an Irish whip to Blades who crashes into the other corner. Into an exposed turnbuckle LeBelle smashes Blades face. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Blades holds his face as referee Katie Shephard looks to inspect.

    Copeland: A fast turn around by Xander, this could be over.

    Connor: Nope! The referee has indicated that there is no blood.

    Cohen: Yes but it allowed Blades a respite, something that loses momentum for LeBelle.

    The no blood sign gets the crowd jumping for Blades but LeBelle looks pissed off. He grabs Blades and proceeds to do a headlock to him in the middle of the ring. Outside of the ring Mr. Jones begins stirring and stands up leaving Adonis. He carries the baseball bat and walks round.

    The headlock in place allows confidence to ooze from LeBelle. The crowd are chanting for Tyrone but Xander is in control. Jones is furious so he goes to rush the ring and Shepard proceeds to stop Jones from entering. With her back to LeBelle he proceeds to let go of the headlock on Blades. Blades seems out of it and LeBelle pulls out a packet from his pants. He opens the packet and pushes it in Tyrone's mouth! LeBelle calls for Shephard as blood is coming from the mouth of Tyrone Blades.

    Copeland: I'm not sure what that was but it appears to have made Tyrone Blades bleed.

    Connor: Absolute cheat! That was a blood capsule, it's not blood!

    Cohen: Pssh it's clearly blood from the turnbuckle.

    Referee Katie Shephard inspects Blades then walks over to Harrys. “Katie Shephard has inspected Tyrone Blades and has determined that a blood capsule was used by Xander LeBelle. Therefore the match will continue!”

    A chant of Blades! Blades! Blades! Blades! Goes up about the arena. LeBelle is furious and he exits the ring with Jones now coming in. Jones makes sure Tyrone gets up. LeBelle has started pulling weapons from under the ring. Trash Cans. Stop Signs. Blades and Jones head on the other side doing the same. LeBelle proceeds to pull out some bolt clippers! He uses it to free Adonis.

    Cohen: Now things are even.

    Tyrone gets back in the ring, Baseball bat in hand and shouts “COME ON YOU FUCKER!”. LeBelle almost snaps as he gets his golden cane and enters the ring. Adonis, on the outside, scuffles with Jones. The focus is on the ring but the two managers are fighting.

    LeBelle goes to swing his cane as Blades uses his baseball bat to smash it out of his hand. He then smashes the bat to the back of LeBelle's left knee. CRASH to the mat. Blades drops his bat and picks up the trash can. Smash off the head. No blood. He uses the Stop sign in the same location. No blood.

    Copeland: If I made a list of people not to annoy then Tyrone Blades would be top.

    Connor: Ruthless!

    Cohen: At least Adonis has gotten the best of Jones.

    Outside Adonis has Jones out and then enters the ring. He hits Blades on the back of the head with a chair and Blades turns realising he's now up against two. LeBelle uses this distraction to get on his feet and he grabs Blades from behind. Adonis looks at the crowd and proceeds to invite them to boo him louder. They do. Adonis with a chair shot to the head of Blades! No blood.

    He milks it again and this time takes a full run up. He jumps and swings the chair. DUCK! Blades avoids and it smashes LeBelle straight in the face. No blood still but LeBelle is out cold. Adonis looks on in terror as he's left hold the chair and CLICK CLACK! Adonis has just received a Click Clack whilst holding the chair! Jones pulls him out the ring and deals accordingly.

    Connor: Ouch! How the heck did Adonis survive that? Someone should check he's alive!

    Cohen: Yes but LeBelle is the focus.

    Blades proceeds to set up a pile of chairs, stop signs, trash cans among other things. He picks up LeBelle and gives him the Mo Murda! The Facebreaker DDT onto the pile smashes LeBelle but still no blood.

    Blades then looks at the corner where his baseball bat is. He points to it and the crowd go crazy. Blades lifts up the baseball bat and holds it up. He swings at LeBelle and drops the bat. He's noticed LeBelle's cane! “WITH LOVE” shouts Blades as he smashes the cane into the face of LeBelle. His nose bursts and blood is everywhere. “The Hollow ones!”

    Referee Katie Shephard calls for the bell as Blades looks on at LeBelle in disgust. He leaves with Jones holding his hand in the air.

    Copeland: What a matchup!

    Connor: A bad start for VI but let's see how the night pans out!

    Cohen: To add insult to injury he used his cane against him!

    Harrys: The winner of this match. Tyrone Blades!
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    The camera is following Lynx as he is walking through the halls of the backstage area with a towel around his neck. He looks exhausted from his King for a Day qualifier and victory earlier in the night. As he approaches a corner he comes to a sudden stop. Lynx’s stance changes a little, he readies himself for a possible fight by closing his fist and pushing his chest out.

    Goldman: Steady, young man. You have no need to brace yourself. Well, not yet anyway.

    Revealed to be standing across from Lynx is Logan McAllister and his manager Richard Goldman.

    Goldman: I saw your match earlier and must say it was a very good performance. Beating one wrestler, how impressive. Of course, it’s not as impressive as defeating three like my client did.

    Lynx: It seems you are attempting to rewrite history. I saw that match and it was Tony Mancini who did most of the work defeating two competitors and only after that did your client enter the match.

    Logan scoffs at the notion but remains silent as Goldman wags a finger.

    Goldman: The luck of the draw was in favour of Logan. He could have easily beaten all of them had he been required. Just like inside the chamber if he is required to start the match than he shall. If not, so be it. No matter what position Logan McAllister enters King for a Day he will walk out as the winner.

    Lynx: I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m winning King for a Day. This phase is complete and the next begins and so forth comes the unknown. This world cannot afford to have an unworthy king and I will not sit idly by and watch it implode.

    Before Goldman can respond, Lynx steps towards Logan and stands in front of him.

    Lynx: You strayed from the path but you’ve found your way back. That’s good but your redemption isn’t found at the anniversary show. It isn’t found inside King for a Day. This isn’t your time. It’s mine!

    Logan still does not say a word. Shortly thereafter, his manager signals for them to leave and they do so. Lynx keeps his eyes on Logan as he walks away and then proceeds down the hall after that intense encounter.

    Copeland: Things are heating up for the King for a Day match and we don’t even have all the competitors yet!

    Cohen: Look at that, Seabass. Logan McAllister and Lynx kind of exchanging words, Logan doing so through his manager, and I can’t imagine the action that would happen if they clashed inside the chamber.

    Connor: Speaking of the chamber our next match will determine another competitor who will step inside as Kagura faces Vee ADZ!
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    The following contest is a King For A Day Qualifying Match!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura!

    Kagura makes her way down the aisle as petals fall around the entrance ramp. She's all business as she enter with a serious look on her face.

    Connor: Kagura was in the Gold Rush tournament. She lost in the second round, but then she was able to defeat the #1 Contender to the World Championship Flex Mussel mere days before tonight. By her own math, she shouldn't have to qualify for King For A Day, she should be second in line to that World title.

    Copeland: Unfortunately, that's not how things work, but she's on the right track. The question is if she can ride that momentum to that big win.

    Cohen: Momentum? She beat the #1 Contender on a surprise. That's an obvious sign that "momentum" is not worth much in this business.


    Her opponent, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Vee by his own accord, has not had the best track record lately. Tonight, he has the chance to turn things around.

    Copeland: Vee's always one who seems to be on the cusp of breaking out. Perhaps today is his day.

    Vee makes his way to the ring, pointing to the ring. He enters but as soon as he does, Kagura wastes no time and attacks him. She clobbers him in the back several times before referee Elizabeth Prince orders her to back off. She breaks and backs off, waiting for the bell to start as Vee gets himself ready. He's not pleased.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Right away, Kagura goes back to attacking but Vee fights back. He hits a Hook Kick, dropping Kagura to her knees. Vee throws a series of jabs but Kagura gets back to a vertical base and fires back with chops. Vee goes for the knee to the gut. A second one drops Kagura right back to her knees. Vee takes aim at the head with his jabs again, but Kagura catches one and slaps Vee right across the face. He takes steps back, shocked and stunned by the blow. He goes back towards Kagura and is met with a second slap across the face. Vee backs off again and Kagura explodes with a Clothesline, but flying over to the floor.

    Connor: A lot of frustration blowing over tonight. Vee wants his breakout moment. Kagura feels she deserves better. But only one can win here and take the next step.

    Outside, the two keep going at it, trading blows. Vee ducks a chop from Kagura and pushes her against the ring post. Kagura crumbles down to the floor as Vee gets up. The fans aren't pleased and boo him. He turns around looking frustrated about it.

    Cohen: She attacked him before the bell unprovoked. The bells rings, she throw him outside and the fans are mad that she got thrown against the post? What hypocrisy!

    Copeland: I just think its a case of fans liking Kagura more.

    Vee rolls back to the ring and simply waits for Kagura there. Opting for a Count Out as Elizabeth Prince begins to counts. 1.......... 2............. 3........... 4........... Kagura begins to stur, pulling herself up as the crowd stomps hard for her. 5........ 6........... 7........... Kagura manages to slip into the ring as Vee waits for her to be ready. She gets back up and assumes her fighting pose, ready to go. Vee accepts and the two measure up again. This time they lock up with a Collar & Elbow Tie Up and push each other. Vee pushes Kagura to the corner, forcing the break up. Vee does so, slowly and cautiously, but the crowd boo's it. Vee gets distracted by it and Kagura places him in the corner and hits a series of Palm Thrusts before hitting one to the throat. Kagura follows it up with a Running Knee Strike onto the corner. Vee falls and Kagura turns him around and hooks the leg. 1....... 2....... 3-But no, Vee gets the shoulder up. Kagura brushes Vee with her boot, daring him to stand up and kicks him repeatedly in the temple. She runs the ropes for momentum, but Vee explodes with a thunderous Lariat, twisting her inside out and knocking her down.

    Cohen: See what I mean about momentum?

    Copeland: We we're referring to a figure of speech, Jack.

    Kagura has a hard time getting up and as soon as she does, Vee executes a Tilt A Whirl into an Armbar. Kagura struggles for the ropes, biting her finger from the pain and not really being able to express it. Elizabeth Prince asks if she gives up, Kagura nods no and tries to drag herself to the ropes. Vee tries to hold her down but no dice. Kagura wraps her free arm on the ropes forcing the Rope Break. Vee lets go and gets up, waiting for Kagura who clutchs her arm and looking at him with anger. Vee approaches, Kagura tries to slap him, but this time it doesn't work, as he catches it and Judo Throws her. He wrenches the arm and twists it around as Kagura struggles to break free. Vee doesn't allow her to reach the ropes. He Hammerlocks her, but Kagura Snapmares her way free. Vee tries a Lariat again, but Kagura ducks it and hits a Sidekick, quickly followed by a Saito Suplex.

    Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura!

    Vee landed hard on the back of his neck. This could be the break for Kagura to shake off the damage to her arm, not to mention, that ring post shot.

    Kagura hits a pair of elbow shots to Vee as he stands up. She throws Vee with her own Judo Throw, following it up with a Knee Drop. She applies a Chinlock, Vee gets out of it with a Snamare but Kagura keeps him from going anywhere with a Trapizeous Claw. She tries the Fourth Dance but Vee elbows his way free. Vee hits a Guyver Kick. Kagura staggers and Vee follows it up with a Quebrada and hooks both legs. 1......... 2..........- But Kagura manages to invert the pin. 1........ 2.........-But Vee kicks out. Both get up and Vee manages to hit the Mawashigiri, knocking Kagura down in the center of the ring. Vee see's his opportunity and drags her to the corner and places her in the Tree Of Woe. He goes across and climbs the ropes. He measures the distance and flies with the Coup De Grace but Kagura pulls herself up to avoid impact. Vee crashes as Kagura gets free.

    Copeland: Vee had a chance.

    Connor: I feel Vee sometimes takes the complicated route a bit too often and it might have just cost him here.

    Kagura leaps off the ropes with a Knee Drop to Vee but he manages to avoid it. He tries a Reverse Frankensteiner, but Kagura responds right away with the First Dance and both collapse. The two drag themselves across the ring and on their knees slap each other repeatedly. Vee gets booed, Kagura cheered. Both get to their feet and Kagura charges. Vee tries the Moonsault Slam but Kagura aviods it. She responds with the Third Dance.

    Cohen: She's gonna do it again!

    1........ 2.......... 3-But Vee kicks out of it. Kagura is tired, clutching her arm and hits Vee with the Second Dance, the Wrist Clutch Exploder. She locks the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami. She drives Vee to the ground and bit to bit, Vee passes out, referee Elizabeth Prince calling for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura!!

    Cohen: See? She won with her momentum.

    Copeland: More like her perseverance, fighting through pain. She started with every intent to win as soon as possible, but it unexpectedly backfired on her. Vee put up a great fight, fought fire with fire. But Kagura was able pull it off.

    Connor: The fans were behind her. Firmly behind her. One more match and Kagura has the meal ticket to the top.

    Kagura doesn't bother celebrating, quickly pulling away her good arm from the referee. At the least, she pats Prince on the shoulder before leaving. Focused on the one more victory needed as Vee is helped by attendants.
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    Leon Kensworth is standing in the interview area holding a microphone but does not have an interviewee to one side. Instead he has one to both sides of him as Leon is joined by both finalists in the Gold Rush Tournament; Constantine and Eve Taylor. Both are dressed ready to compete and have their eyes locked on the other.

    Kensworth: As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, I am joined by the two wrestlers who will compete in the final of the Gold Rush Tournament. The winner will face the World Champion at Unscripted in the main event. This is a big moment for both so I want to get some thoughts from each of you. Constantine, this is your final year in professional wrestling. What would this mean to win the Gold Rush Tournament for you?

    Constantine: A great deal, Leon. I’ve held the World Championship before and that’s something I’m extremely proud to have accomplished. However, I held it for a very short time. I barely had time to enjoy the moment before it was taken away from me at the very event I compete at tonight. My last World Title reign ended here and my journey to the next ignites from the ashes. Winning tonight adds one of the few things missing from my accomplishments, a Gold Rush Tournament victory, and would put me in prime position to get my hands on Justin Cooper.

    Kensworth: Same question to you, Eve. Your ability to win the big match has been questioned multiple times now. Is this finally the event when you break through?

    Still, the stares of the finalists have not broken.

    Taylor: Hear how he talks about winning the World Championship like it was nothing. His last and his next… how about my first! That’s the difference between the two of us, Constantine. You’ve tasted the World Championship before and you let it slip through your fingers. I have never had that chance. Sure, I’ve struggled to get to the next stage but once I get there, whether it’s tonight or the next, I’ll die before I let it slip through my fingers like you did.

    Kensworth: Some have said you had an easier run compared to Eve, Constantine. How do you respond?

    Constantine: The draw was random. I doubt Mr. Banks wanted to do me any favours so having what some call an easy run is hardly my own doing. It’s been made very clear that Justin Cooper does not want to face me. He doesn’t want me to win tonight. You’ve seen it all over the media in the lead up to this event. He is firmly behind Eve because he sees her as an easier opponent.

    Taylor: Is that right? In case you’ve been under a rock this entire tournament, I’ve gone through the very best. I beat the current Elite Openweight Champion, Hall of Famer Matt Tastic and KFAD competitor Lynx to get here. Who did you beat, Constantine? This might be your hometown but don’t pretend like you’ve been a victim or had it harder than I did. I went through much tougher competition to get to this spot and tonight, I finish the job. I didn’t fight so hard to fall short against the hometown boy.

    The competitors remain locked in a stare as Leon asks a final question.

    Kensworth: Why will you win tonight?

    Constantine: Because this is my final chance. You keep saying it’s your final chance, Eve. You keep pushing that narrative but in reality you’ll get another shot. You have a long career still left but mine is coming to an end. This will be my last ever Gold Rush Tournament and that is a greater motivator than anything you have. This is my best shot to regain the World Championship. I know. Justin knows it. I look into his eyes and I see fear. He is terrified to face me and guess what? So are you.

    Taylor: If the most powerful man in WZCW wants me to win, what chance do you have at beating me? I don’t know if Vis Imperium wants me to win but if they do, they’re mistaken that I’m an easy match. I’m the most dangerous wrestler in this company. I have stumbled repeatedly and I’m sick of it. It doesn’t start with you. You’re journey may start tonight but mine started the day I lost Lethal Lottery. The day I fell short when I was supposed to win. I’ve been searching for this chance since last October. You’ve made a huge mistake, Constantine. You’re so confident that you’re looking past me and onto Justin. Tonight, I'll make you pay for that.

    Slowly, Eve extends her hand and Constantine responds by shaking it. They keep their eyes locked, the handshake ends and Eve backs up. She never turns around, always keeping her eyes on Constantine, as the camera transitions to the next scene.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will decide the next entrant into the King For A Day match!

    The fans get to their feet quickly as one of the all-time fan-favourites bursts through the curtain and onto the stage. Matt salutes the baying crowd with one hand to his brow and allows a large smile to appear on his face. Amidst the thunderous reception, Matt seems very confident in himself. He struts towards the ring and even stops to slap some hands on the way down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 238 pounds... The Super Saiyan of professional wrestling, MATT TASTIC!

    Copeland: A huge match for Matt Tastic here tonight, folks. Mark Keaton has tapped into the mind of Tastic and seems to taking great delight in making it out like he is finished in this business. Tonight, Matt gets the chance to show him that he can still mix it with the best.

    Cohen: I'm telling you, Seabass, Matt Tastic is as good as done now. He's past it, done with! Tonight is the coming of age ceremony of young Mark Keaton.

    Connor: Well, if these fans are anything to go by, he's going to have a tough night ahead of him if he wants to accomplish that feat, Jack. They are on their feet and simply electric for the man from Puerto Rico!

    Matt continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He throws his arms out to the side, allowing the fans to rain down some more love for him. Their response please him as he allows another great smile to creep across his face. He climbs the steps and gets into the ring. He offers the fans one more taunt as the lights go down again.

    Copeland: I'd imagine the reception for Mark Keaton will not be anything like that, folks...

    Almost immediately, the booing starts for Mark Keaton as he bursts through the curtain. He is a ball of endless energy as he bounces around the stage – playing an imaginary guitar in the process. The fans are not happy to see him but he doesn't care one bit. He makes his way down the ramp, sneering at the fans who love to hate him.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds... Representing Vis Imperium, REMARKABLE MARK KEATON!!

    Connor: The contrasts between these two men's entrances tell you everything you need to know about either, quite frankly. Matt Tastic is a man of the people, here to defend his own honour and that of his best friend Mikey Stormrage. Mark Keaton is a horrible and vile excuse for a human being and the fans are letting him know just how they feel about him.

    Cohen: You think any of this bothers Mark Keaton, Cat? He is about to put Matt Tastic through the same hell that he did to Mikey Stormrage. This is going to be a glorious night for the Remarkable One. There's nothing these fans can do to stop that.

    Keaton continues to prance down the ramp until he comes to a full stop at the bottom. He stares into the ring and locks eyes with his opponent for the first time. Suddenly, all of the showmanship is gone from Keaton as he focusses in on what lies before him. He mounts the steps and gets into the ring.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has come down to this. These two men seem to have been constantly at odds for the longest time and now they get the chance to settle the odds once and for all. This is gonna be a whirlwind encounter, so strap yourselves in and enjoy.

    Cohen: This match is being billed as a battle for WZCW's future and I truly believe it. Matt Tastic is a thing of the past, Seabass. And after this match there is not going to be any doubt that Vis Imperium and Mark Keaton are the best future that WZCW has to offer. Mark my words!

    Keaton and Tastic finally turn to face each other in the middle of the ring. There is a palpable tension in the air as both men stare down their opponent – trying to get in the head of the other before the match has truly begun. The referee signals for the bell and we are underway quickly. Tastic wastes no time at all, launching himself towards Keaton with a superman punch that sends Keaton sprawling backwards into the corner. Matt nails Keaton with a few punches to the jaw - the fans willing him on with every strike – before Keaton takes control. He tosses Matt into the corner and begins punishing him with some strikes of his own. The fans are immediately on the back of the VI member, desperately trying to will Matt onto victory against one of the most evil superstars in the entire company. Matt battles back with an elbow out of the corner that makes Keaton recoil in pain. Matt quickly follows Keaton across the ring and grabs him by the arm. He utilises the Irish Whip, sending his opponent across the ring. And upon his return, Matt looks for the standing clothesline. Keaton ducks under the flailing arm of his opponent and hits the near ropes. Returning again, he nails Matt with a diving shoulder block that sends both men to the canvas. Keaton goes for the first fall but doesn't even manage count of 1 before the Hall of Fame superstar has kicked out. Both men blaze to their feet after the whirlwind start and stare each other down once more. The fans are on their feet in appreciation as both men steel their jaws.

    Connor: No surprises about the pace of this start, folks. Matt Tastic and Mark Keaton have been at each other's throats for months now and this is the first time that they've managed to get their hands on the other.

    Copeland: Absolutely, Cat. These two men stand for two different things altogether and they have demonstrated that throughout the build up to this match. Matt seems to have this massive crowd in St Louis behind him though and that could make all the difference.

    Both men finally relax a little after about 10 seconds of just staring right through the other. Keaton offers Matt a derisory laugh in his direction as he begins strutting around the ring. Matt, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be taking things so lightly. He watches Keaton saunter in to the far corner, laughing all the time at the fans who are booing him. But as Keaton turns towards the fans for extra insults, Matt takes advantage. Tastic quickly rushes Keaton and lands a running dropkick that sends Keaton into the corner of the ring. Keaton's chest collides with the turn-buckles and knocks the wind right out of him. Tastic wastes no time at all in getting to his feet and wrapping his arms around the gut of Keaton. Belly to back suplex! The crowd burst into life as Keaton is tossed half way across the ring and onto his head. He shakes the cobwebs free of his mind and begins getting to his feet. But Tastic is already waiting for him and as Keaton finally reaches his vertical base, Tastic nails him with a spinning wheel kick that sends Keaton back into the corner of the ring – his back colliding with the turn-buckles this time. The fans are on their feet as Mark Keaton has no other choice but to roll out of the ring licking his wounds. Matt raises both arms in a pumped up show of adrenaline and the fans react positively. Matt allows a wide smile to cross his face as Keaton bends over on the outside, his back racked with pain.

    Copeland: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't try to mess with these fans in front of Matt Tastic. He has always, in his career, adopted the energy of these fans and turned into something amazing. The momentum he gets from their cheers is utterly astounding.

    Cohen: Yeah, well, he's going to have to be responsible for their tears just as soon as Mark Keaton beats him in the middle of that ring. Let's see just how willing ol' Matt is to be around the fans when he's disappointed them...

    Keaton looks to be really struggling after the nasty bump in the corner of the ring. The fans cannot help but boo him and his plot to get some rest time – especially after the start that Matt Tastic has made. The referee urges Keaton to get back into the ring but the pained expression on the face of the member of Vis Imperium is enough to tell him that it wont be happening any time soon. Tastic walks towards the ropes but the referee urges him to let him control this. Matt shakes his head softly as he walks backwards to a flurry of booing from the crowd. Undeterred, Matt races to wards the far ropes and gets out of the ring, the fans cheering him on. He runs around the side of the ring and finally gets to his opponent. But it seems as though Keaton was playing possum all along. As Matt reaches him, he pulls Matt towards the ring post, causing the head of the Hall of Fame superstar to collide with the metal post. The fans boo as loud as they can but Keaton doesn't care in the slightest. He pulls Matt to his feet and slides him back under the bottom rope. Wasting little time now, Keaton picks Matt up and hoists him onto his shoulders. In a display of arrogance, the remarkable one performs an airplane spin on the former Grand Slam winner – and action that brings more booing down upon Keaton. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Keaton allows Matt to slump the floor and dizzily falls on top of his opponent. He goes for the pin! 1... 2... Kick out with no time to spare from Matt!

    Connor: I hate to say it but Mark Keaton looks like good value for money here tonight. He seemed a little out of his depth in the opening moments and has since recovered really well. What's more, he is using the emotions of Matt and this crowd to his advantage. Matt had that situation in hand but wanted to impress these fans. And he has paid the price for those actions.

    Cohen: And what you are missing out of all of that, Cat, is just how great it was by Mark Keaton to employ that strategy in the first place. He's showing experience beyond his years, ladies and gentlemen, that is why he is the future of this company and the current rookie of the year! Magnificent!

    The crowd seem concerned as a hush falls over the fans at ringside. Keaton slowly gets to his feet, looking down at Matt all the time as he rises. Keaton raises both of his hands out in celebration as a flurry of booing comes his way. Soon after, he adopts a look of disgust as Matt tries his bet to get back to his feet. But Keaton is in no mood now to play games. He immediately gets on top of Matt, locking in the sleeper hold and attempting to put Matt away with the submission. As the hold locks in, Matt struggles with everything he has left in the tank to get out. But Keaton holds on like some sort of crazed bull-rider taming a beast. Finally, the consciousness begins to drain from the face of the Hall of Fame superstar. The fans cannot believe what they are seeing as Matt begins to go to sleep. Keaton can feel the energy sapping out of his opponent as the struggle becomes less and less. Keaton lets out a maniacal laugh as the referee checks on Tastic. The hush that consumed the crowd seems more deafening that ever now as you could hear a pin drop in the arena. But soon, the crowd find their voice again as Matt jerks into life – somehow fighting with everything he has to get back into this match.


    Copeland: Listen to this crowd, ladies and gentlemen! I have never heard such a one sided audience in a long time here in WZCW. These fans know what this match means to Matt Tastic!

    Matt continues to struggle against the hold, his face an illustration of the pain that he is currently going through. Keaton – on the other hand – has not shifted his expression of disgust one inch in the last couple of minutes. In fact, it seems to be getting more pronounced as Tastic, somehow, gets back to one knee with the backing of the fans. Suddenly, he is back on his feet ad back in this match. He nails Keaton with a few elbows to the but to break the hold. Suddenly, Matt pushes Keaton away and into the nearby ropes. This spells trouble for Keaton as nails him with the pop-up gut-buster! The fans are on their feet as both men fall to the canvas one more time. The fans are willing Matt to just make it to his opponent and put the match away with that devastating move out of nowhere. But the going is tough for Matt and he is moving at a very slow pace. Slowly but surely, he crawls towards Keaton and finally drapes an arm over the chest of his bitter foe. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out from the member of Vis Imperium!

    Copeland: Damn it! That was so damn close!

    Connor: You said it, Seabass. You mentioned it previously but there is no amount of words that can properly put into an expression of how much Matt Tastic loves these fans and how much they give him the will, heart and strength to continue to push through pain barriers and pick up victories.

    Cohen: Hey! This match is far from done as of right now, Cat. That was a devastating move, yes. But Mark Keaton has controlled this match from the outset. It's going to take a damn lot more than one move to finish him off.

    Both men lie on their backs in the middle of the ring, the crowd deafening in their support for Tastic and their disappointment that he could not put the match away that point. The referee checks on both men and decides that the match can continue. Matt shakes his head on the canvas and, somehow, begins crawling towards the bottom rope. He looks exhausted but he knows that he has to keep going if he has nay chance of putting Keaton away. His opponent, similarly, is beginning to get back into this match. Keaton rolls towards the nearby ropes and finally finds his way back to his feet. But Keaton finds himself in a world of trouble as Tastic wraps his arms around Keaton and nails him with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex! But the unthinkable happens as Keaton collides with the referee unceremoniously. The referee takes a book to the face and falls backwards into the corner of the ring. The crowd let out a gasp of shock as Matt turns onto his stomach and sees what has just transpired. He lets a look of shock to appear on his face as he struggles back to his feet. He walks over to the referee to check on his but, suddenly, Keaton nails him with a low blow out of nowhere! There is nothing anyone can do as Matt grabs the crown jewels and his legs buckle underneath him. Keaton takes the opportunity to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. He walks over the apron and gets on one knee. He collects a chair from under the ring and holds it up in the air as he struggles to even walk.

    Connor: Oh no! This is a bad state of affairs for Matt now, Seabass. One thing you can always say about Mark Keaton is that he is not afraid to allow a match to get a little hardcore. And now, with a chair in his hand, he looks like he is about to allow that exactly to happen!

    Copeland: Indeed, Cat. Matt might be in the process of getting to his feet but just what await him when he gets there? A chair shot to the face by all accounts.

    Cohen: Now, now! We can all be as nice to each other as we like. But the fact of the matter is that is a referee doesn't see something, then he can't disqualify someone for it. Mark Keaton is just taking advantage of a situation, that's all!

    Matt is almost back on his feet by the time it has taken Keaton to slowly waltz up the steel steps and get back into the ring. Keaton gets into the ring across from Matt and waits for him to get back to his feet fully. Keaton makes a run for Matt and hoists the chair high above his head. He goes to bring it down on the top of Matt's skull but, somehow, Matt manages to roll across the canvas and under the shot. Keaton quickly turns around, much to the delight of the fans at ringside, but only manages to catch a enzuigiri from Matt – the chair coming out of the hands of the VI member and onto the canvas nearby. Matt covers Keaton quickly but there is no referee to make the count. The fans in the arena count along as both men lie motionless on the canvas. Suddenly, Matt raises his head to look at the referee nearby. He knows that he has to rouse the referee is he has any chance of making this the turning point in the match. He slowly gets back to his feet, helped by the amazing reaction from the fans. He pulls at the referee's shirt, trying his utmost to bring back some level of consciousness.

    Copeland: WAIT A MINUTE! LOOK OUT!

    Suddenly, Keaton brings the chair down on the back of Matt Tastic! The crowd cannot believe the depths that Mark Keaton would sink to win a match. He allows the chair to drop to the canvas before picking Matt up and nailing him with THE VOLTRON SUPLEX (Jackhammer) on top of the steel chair! The fans cannot believe what they are seeing as the referee begins to rouse and rolls over onto his stomach. Keaton falls on top of Matt Tastic as the referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3! It's all over!

    Connor: No, no, no! This is all wrong! Mark Keaton has cheated himself to a victory at Gold Rush here tonight!

    Copeland: This is sickening, folks! Once again, Vis Imperium have cheated their way to dominance. When will this level of cheating and misery come to an end? Mark Keaton may have beaten the legendary Matt Tastic here tonight but he should be totally disgusted by the way that he had to do it. Shocking!

    Cohen: Wait a minute, Seabass. The referee didn't call for the DQ, so everything is legal as far as anyone is concerned. He is the authority in this match and he seen nothing wrong with anything Mark Keaton did. This was a match to determine the future of WZCW and it has been decided! What a win!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Remarkable Mark Keaton!!

    With that, Mark Keaton rolls out of the ring – beaten up but victorious in the end. He allows a massive smile to creep across his face as he makes his way towards the ramp. The people in the crowd are shouting abuse at him but he doesn't care one iota. He has won and nothing else matters...
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the final in the Gold Rush Tournament!

    Copeland: We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! The biggest Gold Rush has a fitting finale.

    Cohen: Absolutely! This is a Kingdom Come main event level match. These two have had storied careers. But who will scale the mountain tonight?

    Connor: I can’t wait to find out.

    The audience is waiting with abated breath for the big finale.


    Harrys: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    A chorus of cheering begins, the likes of which is rarely seen, as the arena goes dark signalling the entrance of Constantine. As the lights slowly start coming back on, the cheering just get louder. The spotlight reveals Constantine, chin dipped to his chest, arms wide out, soaking in all the cheering he’s getting. Constantine makes his way to the ring with people still chanting for him. He enters the ring, surveying the whole arena and points towards his waist, signalling for the World Heavyweight championship. He dips his chin again and raises his arm to another chorus of cheering.

    Copeland: Wow! This crowd is absolutely electric for the return of their home-town boy, John Constantine. It's not often we are here and not often that Constantine gets this kind of reception. That must be special for him.

    Cohen: It doesn't matter what these cretins think, Seabass. Constantine has did it all, there's no doubt. But the chorus of cheers for him will mean nothing in that ring.

    Connor: Regardless, it must e a welcome change for The Power Trip after 8 years of being booed to the ring. Let's see if he can send all these fans home happy or not.

    Constantine waits in the ring, his eyes fixed on the aisle as he waits for his opponent. The look of determination in his eyes was terrifying.


    Harrys: And his opponent, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds, Eve Taylor!

    A distinctly mixed reaction echoes through the arena as Eve’s music hit. The spotlight follows the former supermodel to the ring as she soaks in both the positive and negative energy of the arena. Once she steps through the ropes, she climbs up top the turn-buckle. She outstretches her arms as the fans who are booing become more and more prevalent.

    Copeland: A rather hostile reception for Eve Taylor here tonight. Not something that she hasn't encountered in her career, that's for sure.

    Cohen: Remember the days when Eve Taylor was booed out of every building we went to, Seabass? That's when she was at her best. The same malice that she is going to have to unlock tonight if she is to beat Constantine.

    Connor: Eve has been expected to rise through the ranks and win the World Heavyweight championship for quite some time, but she hasn’t been able to. This is her chance to get one more shot at that. I think she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen, Jack.

    Both the opponents lock eyes. An old rivalry was about to be renewed. Referee Akiyama checks both the competitors for weapons and then signals for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Both of them circle each other. The atmosphere inside the arena is electric. They eventually lock into a collar and elbow tie-up. Constantine easily overpowers Eve and pushes her into the corner as the referee tries to separate both of them, but Constantine doesn’t seems to budge. Referee threatens to disqualify which prompts Constantine to back away. Eve looks on, clearly knowing that strength and power is not where she can outdo Constantine. They circle each other again, but as soon as Constantine goes for another collar and elbow tie, Eve kicks him in the gut, followed by a big boot to the face dropping Constantine to the mat. The crowd immediately begins booing the supermodel while she calculates her next move. She looks determined to not give Constantine an inch. As Constantine makes it back to his knees, still reeling from the big boot, he is greeted with some hard kicks to his chest by Eve, who is relentless in her kicks, before winding a big last kick to the chest of her competition, flattening him to his back again.

    Connor: Eve doesn’t want to give anything away.

    Cohen: She knows this might be her only chance. Keep the sure-fire Hall of Fame superstar off his feet to gain an early advantage.

    Constantine is clutching his chest, still feeling the effects of those hard kicks to his chest, still lying on his back. Eve senses her opportunity, and climbs the turn-buckle on the other side of the ring. She points to the crowd, then points towards Constantine, before leaping off the deliver a huge Stiletto Stomp which knocks the air out of Constantine’s lungs. Eve tries to go for the cover, but Constantine bails to the floor, still clutching his midriff.

    Copeland: That stomp might have snuffed the life out of Constantine! That looked very painful. What a start from Eve Taylor!

    Connor: It sure did. He may have a broken rib or two. Eve has scouted out Constantine well and knows what she can use to her advantage.

    Cohen: Sure looks that way. Though to Constantine’s credit, he rolled out of the ring. It’s a very smart move on the former world champion’s part.

    Constantine, visibly still in pain due to the assault on his ribs, tries to walk away from the ring, trying to go to the aisle. While the referee calls for him to get back in the ring, Eve, sensing another opportunity, she takes a running leap over the ropes and delivers a thunderous Suicide Somersault Senton on Constantine outside the ring, leaving him completely motionless. The referee starts the count for both of them.




    Cohen: If she has any brains, she would just slide inside the ring and take the count-out win.

    Connor: I’m not sure if that’s how she wants the win Gold Rush.


    Eve observes what lays in front of her. She tries lifting the 265 pound frame of Constantine and dragging him to the ring, but he proves to be too heavy.



    Eve, thinks for a moment, then slides inside the ring, hoping the win the match by countout.


    Constantine starts moving a bit. Thanks to Eve, he’s closer to the ring right now than he would’ve been had Eve left him there.


    Constantine, still slightly out of it, tries to steady himself on his feet. The fans are on their feet, their hands in front of their eyes as Constantine toils on the outside of the ring!


    He lunges forward, almost diving, to roll inside the ring breaking the count. All at once, a collective gasp of relief goes around the arena. This match continues!

    Cohen: Whoa! That was way closer than I thought it would be. Had Eve left him there, she might have already won the match.

    Without wasting any time, Eve, visibly a little upset, stomps away at Constantine, backing him into the corner. Eve continues stomping and with no signs of stopping, the referee has to drag her back forcibly to prevent her from being disqualified. Eve amps up the crowd, preparing for her next assault. She takes a moment to look around the arena as so many people rain hate down upon her and her aggressive tactics. She shakes her head for a moment.


    Constantine barely makes it to his feet when he notices Eve charging towards him. He sidesteps which leads Eve crashing into the pole. The fans immediately burst back into life, cheering as Constantine finally gets in some offence. Eve backs away, clutching her shoulder, grimacing in pain. As soon as she turns her around, she gets caught into a Flowing DDT, planting her head into the mat. Both competitors lay on the mat trying to recover.

    Copeland: It seems like the opening Constantine would’ve wanted. This hasn’t been an ideal start for him in this match.

    Cohen: But I believe these are the kinds of openings he capitalizes on very well. If he hadn’t been hurting, he probably would’ve covered Eve for the pin.

    Both try to make it back to their feet, knowing full well whoever makes it first would have the advantage. Constantine pulls himself with the help of the ropes while Eve clutches on to her head, still feeling the effects of the DDT. He waits for her to make it back to the feet, and then Irish whips her into a swinging backbreaker. Constantine covers, but Eve kicks out even before the referee could get into the position to begin the count.

    Copeland: After a whirlwind start from Taylor, Constantine has now seized control of the match. The fans love seeing him work his own game against Taylor and that is probably what we are about to see.

    Connor: The last thing you want in a match is Constantine punishing you. He is a master of making every part of you hurt and at a methodical pace, he has the ability to make that hurt grow exponentially.

    The crowd cheers for Constantine who offers them a wry smile as he looks down at his opponent. He picks Eve up and locks in the Sleeper hold. Eve tries to claw her way out of it, but Constantine tightens his grip. Referee checks on Eve if she wants to quit to which he receives a negative. Constantine tightens the grip around her neck even more. The crowd is begging for Eve to give up as she begins to fade in the arms of The Power Trip. The referee asks her once again if she wants to give up, but she again answers no.

    Copeland: At this pace, I can’t see Eve lasting much longer.

    Connor: We’ve seen Eve bounce back before, but yeah, the situations seems grim for her. How much longer can she hold on and keep saying no?

    Constantine tries to further tighten the grip. In a last gasp attempt, Eve powers and backs up to one knee. The crowd immediately begin booing as Taylor shows signs of life. She somehow manages to drive Constantine into the corner which forces him to release the hold. Eve gasps for air. Constantine comes back from the corner to smash his elbow in her back. He tries Irish whipping Eve again, but this time Eve blocks. Before Constantine can react, Eve catches him with a kick to the back of his head. He winces in pain, clutching the back of his head and falls through the second rope out of the ring, much to Eve’s dismay.

    Copeland: That was some kick by Eve. It’s unfortunate for her that Constantine just fell out of the ring, otherwise she had the chance to pin him.

    Cohen: I think it’s more to do with Constantine’s ring awareness, but believe whatever you want.

    Eve steps outside the ring to go after Constantine, but before she could think of anything, Constantine drives her into the barricade. She bounces off the barricade, right back into Constantine who drives her into the barricade again. Eve slumps to the floor, clutching her back, writhing with pain. Constantine doesn’t leave her be though. He picks Eve up and drives her through the Barricade one more time. This time, it has enough force for Eve to break through the barricade into the ringside crowd.

    Copeland: Oh my god! Constantine just broke her in half!

    Connor: Is she alright?

    Cohen: I might have soured on the guy lately but there is no doubt how animalistic Constantine can be when the stakes are high. He is a prize fighter in this business and he is showing Eve what that means.

    Ringside medical professionals rush to Eve’s aid who hasn’t moved, going through the barricade spine first. Constantine points all around the arena, signalling that one was for the fans. The fans are not slow to reciprocate either, cheering loudly for him. He asks the referee to begin the count for a count-out, but referee seems concerned with Eve’s health himself, having not started the count yet. Sensing that his chance is passing him by, he immediately makes his way through the crowd of people and picks up his opponent. Putting Eve on his shoulders to a chorus of cheers, Constantine slowly walsk towards the ring, tossing Eve under the bottom rope when he gets there. He soon joins her in the ring and begins circling her like a tiger circling his prey. He picks her up like a rag doll, and delivers a huge Isolation.

    Copeland: This seems to be the end.

    Referee gets into the position as Constantine covers.



    Kick out. The whole arena looks on in disbelief. The expression on Constantine’s face says it all. Constantine runs his hands through his hair as he asks the referee if he is sure it wasn't a three count. The referee signals that it was only a two count. Constantine gets to his feet, the sweat now rolling off of his body. He struts around the ring, trying to think about what his next move should be. Suddenly, however, Eve catches his leg and rolls him up! The crowd cannot believe it as the referee counts the fall...



    3.. No! Constantine kicks out at the last possible moment. Constantine lands on his knees and looks down at the exhausted Eve Taylor lying in front of him on her back. He shakes his head in disbelief before getting to his feet and picking Eve up. Eve tries to rally, landing a punch to the jaw of The Power Trip but he soon settles her down with repeated back-breakers. After the sixth back-breaker, he allows Eve to fall to the canvas; her face showing an indication of the pain she is now dealing with. The excitement in the crowd continues to grow as Constantine continues to punish his wilting opponent.

    Copeland: It seems the last gasp effort from Eve had almost paid off, but not to be. Constantine seems to be the Gold Rush 2017 winner.

    Cohen: It seems so. There’s no stopping the former world champion today.

    Connor: I just hope Eve’s alright at this point.

    Constantine picks Eve up, holding her by the hair, talking smack to her. Just then, Eve, in yet another seemingly endless last gasp attempts, catches Constantine into a Fashion Statement! However, she just falls to the ground, seemingly doing more damage to her back while delivering the move. There is a collective gasp as Constantine hits the canvas, a dazed look in his eyes.

    Copeland: Where does she keep finding the strength to go on?

    Cohen: I don’t know! But she hasn’t been able to go into the cover yet. She is losing precious time.

    Eve crawls on, almost willing herself into cover. The referee counts.



    3.. No! Constantine kicks out at two and a half. Eve can’t believe it. The crowd are once again on their feet and cheering as their home-town hero rolls his shoulder out at the last possible second!

    Cohen: This might have been the last attempt by Eve. It just took her too much time to cover.

    Connor: You’re right. For all her bravery, she might just have been hurt too much.

    Eve holds on the ropes to get herself back upon her feet. She sizes up Constantine, who barely made it to his feet himself, checking on his jaw, still reeling from that big move of Eve. Constantine toe holds Eve right into the referee who couldn’t get out of the way, resulting him to be knocked out of the ring. Eve turns around, ducks the lariat attempt from Constantine and bounces off the opposite side to deliver a devastating Designer Clothesline! She thinks of the cover, but there’s no referee to count. She looks from the ring apron, trying to check on the referee and see if he has come to his senses. She turns right back into a lariat. Constantine, seemingly very frustrated, looks at the referee who’s still recovering from that bump. He decides to go outside the ring.

    Copeland: The Power Trip realises that he cannot win this match without a referee. It looks as though he is about to remedy that situation.

    Cohen: Or maybe it is something different altogether.

    Once outside, Constantine looks down at the toiling referee. He glances over to the time-keepers area and then makes his way towards it. He moves the time-keeper out of the way and pulls the chair that he was sitting on towards him; closing it as he does. The fans are cheering mercilessly as Constantine begins walking towards the ring again. He slides under the bottom rope and then stands above his prey, looking down at the steel chair in his hands. The crowd are urging him to do it and to win the match but there is a hesitancy in his motions. He hoists it above his head but then stops very suddenly. He looks around the arena once more but then allows the chair to fall out of his hands. He turns around and kicks it out of the ring as the referee begins moving towards the ring. As he turns back around, Eve looks for the Designer Clothesline once more. The fans are on their feet once more, trying everything to warn Constantine as Eve sets him up. But somehow, Constantine manages to duck underneath and immediately nails Eve with the Collateral Damage! He immediately crawls on top of Eve as the referee counts the fall!




    Constantine slumps backwards and lies on the canvas as the fans blow the roof off of the arena. Constantine brings his hands to his face as if he is masking his emotions.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner of the 2017 Gold Rush Tournament, Constantine!

    Connor: Wow! What a truly amazing moment for an absolute legend of this business. Constantine had did it all in WZCW but now he crosses something else off of his bucket list in WZCW. These fans helped him throughout the match and he owes them everything.

    Cohen: I didn't think it would matter in the end, Cat. But these fans definitely tipped the balance in the favour of Constantine. Eve Taylor has choked again but it doesn't matter anyway. When Justin Cooper retains tonight, both of these competitors would just have been the next victim.

    Copeland: Maybe so, Jack. But judging Constantine on tonight's performance, he has so much left to prove to this business and to these fans. He has unfinished business with Justin Cooper. And I seriously doubt Cooper is going to want to mix it with Constantine any time soon. He looks like a man on a mission.

    Constantine slowly gets to his feet as the fans show their appreciation for the match they have just seen. Constantine rests against the ropes and looks down at Eve. Struggling to get to her feet, Constantine walks over to her and pulls her back to her vertical base. The look of disappointment on her face is clear for everyone to see. Constantine mouths some words at her and points to her chest. He signals to her that gold is on the horizon for her and tells her not to give up. He turns around and holds her arm in the air to a chorus of cheering from the St Louis fans. She turns around to him and gives him a nod of her head before rolling out of the ring and giving him his moment.
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    We move backstage to the interview area where a big logo for WZCW Gold Rush is shown. Standing by with the microphone is Johnny Klamor and he is joined by the number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship, Flex Mussel.

    Klamor: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m currently joined by the man who will challenge Justin Cooper later tonight for the World Title; Flex Mussel. Flex, this is a big moment for you. You’ve been seeking this chance since Cerberus imploded and finally, that long journey has come to an end. What’s the feeling now that you are less than an hour away from the biggest match of your career?

    Mussel: I’ve been in main events before so this isn’t new to me. I dragged Cerberus to the top of this company when we were together. I think I’ve proven that it was I who carried that group. They thought it was Ramparte, so I broke him in half and put him in a wheelchair. They thought it was Eve, so I beat her and sent that bitch tumbling back down the ladder once again. Standing here, within the hour of my ultimate triumph, it feels great because when I woke up this morning I knew I’d be World Champion by the end of the night. I’m so close to that. The World Title is almost mine.

    A look of pure intensity comes across Flex’s face as he stares at Klamor.

    Klamor: The big story coming out of Ascension last week was the banning of your Mussel Bomb. You’ve had a few days to think that over; have you come up with a new strategy?

    Mussel: No, I’m going to walk into the ring and mess about for fifteen minutes. Of course I have a new strategy but the truth is I never needed one. I always had more than one and I just added to that long list of ways I can crush Justin Cooper. The Mussel Bomb is the most powerful move in professional wrestling and Cooper had it banned because he fears it. He fears me! He can take away the Mussel Bomb but I have many more moves, some which he has never seen, that can put his arrogant ass away. I will be World Champion, even without the Mussel Bomb.

    Klamor pulls the microphone towards himself for a final question.

    Klamor: Any final words?

    Mussel: You should be asking Justin Cooper that. My reign begins tonight, his will die.

    The interview comes to an end as Flex walks away from the set. Klamor straightens up and gives a nod as the shot fades to black and the pay-per-view continues.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a best two-out-of-three falls match for the WZCW Eurasian Championship!

    Harrys: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Wren enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. Receiving cheers from the crowd. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. While walking to the ring, Wren turns towards the crowd and hugs Horigoshi. She then slowly enters the ring and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Copeland: We are still living in the Avison Era for the Eurasian Championship but tonight Wren steps into the ring looking to change that. She is one of the few to pin Titus during this run he has been on but it remains to be seen if she can get the win on pay-per-view.

    Connor: It’s often said that Titus is a different competitor under the bright lights. When the pressure is highest he will often put on his best performances. Wren has never experienced anything like she has this week. The world has looked towards her to finally dethrone Titus from his spot as Eurasian Champion. It’s a lot to ask someone who is still very new to WZCW.

    Cohen: It’s impossible to ask! Titus has defeated everyone who has been put in his path. He is the greatest champion we have ever seen and Wren is out of her depth. Sure, she defeated Titus before but that was a non-title bout. Meaningless and a fluke. She doesn’t have the stuff to end the greatest title reign professional wrestling has ever seen.

    Harrys: And her opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the Eurasian Champion...Titus Avison!

    Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and laughs at the crowd who boo him. The Eurasian Championship tightly clipped around his waist and sparkling as he begins to walk down to the ring. He climbs into the ring, throwing a dastardly look towards Wren before climbing the turnbuckle and slowly extending his arm in his trademark point. The boos are loud as Titus delivers his million dollar smile, undoes his belt and lifts the title high into the air.

    Cohen: The image of a professional wrestler right there! Titus is exactly what we need around these parts. He is the constant professional; Titus was made for this business. A man who has a title reign exceeding any other before in the history of the company. He has defended the title more times than any other champion. Nobody has had the reign that Titus Avison has and we need to show him the respect he deserves.

    Copeland: By hook or by crook, Titus Avison has retained the Eurasian Championship repeatedly. He now finds himself in the ring with someone he knows can beat him. That’s rare, especially for this reign. Titus knows for a fact that in a one on one match that Wren can defeat him. I wonder if that’ll play a factor in this encounter?

    Connor: Titus has been in the game for a long time. He has seen every trick in the book, in fact he wrote some of the book himself. This guy has held the title for so long and defeated a long list of talent who have all trained for him. The entire roster is gunning for him now but somehow Titus keeps fighting them off. Tonight could be the end of the line for him, I think.

    The referee takes the Eurasian Championship and holds it high in the air. Wren remains in her corner while Titus walks freely around the ring, spouting taunts and stretching in a very animated fashion. The title belt is handed to a ringside worker, the referee moves into the middle of the ring and gives both wrestlers a nod. With a flick of his hand, the bell sounds, and the referee orders this match begins!


    The start is slow as Titus steps out of the corner and beckons Wren forward. He extends his arm for a test of strength and Wren meets him, they struggle for a moment until Titus strikes with a stiff kick to the stomach. A hard punch to the face is fired by Titus as he steps forward and shoves Wren against the ropes. Following up, Titus hits a knee to the stomach and then slings Wren across the ring. On the rebound Titus ducks his head, Wren leaps over the top of him and counters with a spinning heel kick when Titus turns around. It stuns the champion, sending him stumbling backwards into the corner. Wren charges and hits a dropkick, Titus staggers forward a little until Wren hits a kick to the gut and goes for a DDT.

    A struggle occurs and is broken when Titus wriggles free, rakes the eyes of Wren and slips to the outside of the ring. The crowd boo loudly as Titus paces back and forth, gathering himself, and leans against the barricade at ringside. Titus turns back towards the ring and is shocked to see Wren come flying off the turnbuckle with a moonsault right on top of him! The crowd cheer as replays are shown of Wren leaping from the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring.

    Copeland: Wren flying high in her attempt to win the Eurasian Championship. You’ve got to take risks to win a match as important as this one.

    Connor: I think she has Titus on the run.

    Cohen: Keep doing all those flips because sooner rather than later she’ll screw up.

    Wren is the first to their feet as she leans against the steel steps. The referee up to a four count as she approaches Titus, grabbing his trunks and throwing him back into the ring. She climbs the apron of the ring now, waiting as Titus pushes himself to his feet and then uses the ropes to springboard herself into the ring and connect with a tornado DDT! A wild cheer as Wren hooks the leg for the first cover of the match. 1… 2… Kick Out! Momentum on her side as she looks for the first pinfall on her journey to the title, Wren grabs Titus by his hair and slings him into the turnbuckle. Again, she runs forward but this time Titus sticks his boot up and catches Wren right between the eyes. She doesn’t go down immediately but does once Titus executes a northern lights suplex and goes for his first cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! Unlike Wren following her failed pin attempt, Titus turns to the official and argues the call. He demands that it was a three count and stomps his feet right in front of the referee. Slowly, Wren begins to crawl towards Titus, not due to an injury but because she wasn’t to remain silent, and the crowd remain hushed as she does so. Titus is still arguing about the call when suddenly he feels a pull on his tights and Wren rolls him up!

    Connor: Wren with the roll up!

    Copeland: One! Two! Three! She got the first fall!

    Cohen: No, Seabass! Titus’ shoulder got off the mat at the last second. Look at the referee.

    The referee signals a two count but it was so very close. Both competitors get to their feet quickly and Titus gets the first shot off with a forearm to the face. He pulls Wren forward and hits a European Uppercut which backs her up and into the ropes. Continuing his attack, Titus charges forward and clotheslines Wren to the outside of the ring. He takes a moment to step into the middle of the ring and bow, receiving huge heat from the audience.

    Moving to the outside of the ring, Titus walks down the steel steps and approaches Wren. The challenger facing the announce table as she uses it to get to a vertical base. A stiff kick to her knee slows her pace as Titus grabs hold. They struggle, Titus gaining the advantage and he drives her into the edge of the ring apron to a sickening thud. Wren crumbles to the floor as Titus slides into and out of the ring for a new count of ten. Arrogance oozing out of his body, Titus shouts at Wren before slapping her across the face. He begins to lay in the boots to the body, Wren trying her best to block it and does a decent job as Titus changes his attack up, grabbing Wren and going for a neckbreaker but she counters and shoves Titus across the announce desk and into our trio of commentators. Wren rolls into the ring and out onto the apron to start a new count, taking some time to rest up.

    Copeland: Titus crashing into our good friend Jack Cohen at ringside. Hopefully Jack is alright.

    Connor: It looks like Jack softened the fall as Titus is right back up.

    Titus emerges from the mess, crawling over the announce desk and towards the ring. He gets halfway, now standing, when Wren launches herself from the inside of the ring onto Titus with a suicide dive! The crowd cheer as Wren stands, having taken a lot of punishment, but now back in the drivers seat for this contest. She punches Titus’ in the back repeatedly and hits a quick DDT on the outside of the ring. The referee’s count is at three as Wren grabs Titus by the arm and twists it, allowing her to move Titus around. She approaches the barricade and is setting up for something when Titus kicks her right in the knee joint! Wren buckles for a second, Titus pokes her in the eye with his thumb, blinding her, before lifting her up in a powerbomb position and slamming Wren right onto the barricade – at which point her body falls to the side opposite the ring. The count from the referee now at seven as Titus staggers towards the ring, slipping underneath the bottom rope and demanding the referee hurry up!

    Copeland: Titus is back in the ring and Wren is nowhere near it! The count is at nine… I don’t think she will… ten! That’s it! Titus has won the first fall by countout following a powerbomb on the barricade.

    Harrys: The winner of the first fall – Titus Avison!

    Inside the ring, Titus has a huge smile on his face as he pulls himself to a vertical base using the ropes. The referee raises his hand as the crowd boos and Wren remains on the wrong side of the barricade from the ring. The Eurasian Champion now just one victory away from retaining his title and keeping the longest championship reign in history alive.

    Connor: For those who may not have seen a match like this let me explain what is happening now. Titus has won the first fall and therefore needs only one victory to retain his title. It’s back to a normal match for him now. Wren cannot afford to make any mistakes should she be able to reach the ring in time. As far as Wren goes, she must win the next two falls otherwise this match is over.

    Cohen: I’m back. Fear not my people. You mentioned it, CC. If Wren makes the count. That was a harsh powerbomb by Titus and Wren fell to the wrong side of the barricade. Titus isn’t going to get her. If Wren can’t make it back into the ring before the count of ten than Titus will be declared the winner.

    That’s exactly what is happening as the referee begins to count once again. Titus is in the top left corner, leaning back, a smirk on his face as the camera shoes Wren barely moving on the other side of the barricade. At a count of two, Wren begins to raise her hands up and pulls herself up against the barricade. The fans all cheering her on as Titus shakes his head and laughs at the attempt. The referee reaches a count of six as Wren climbs over the barricade and falls to the ground, clutching her back as she crawls. Titus begins to take notice, stepping forward and watching as the challenger refuses to quit! He begins to yell at the official to hurry up with the count.

    Copeland: The count is at eight and Wren has her fingertips on the bottom rope.

    Cohen: Count faster, referee! Where’s the referee who counted Tyson out against Douglas? We’d be up to thirty with that referee.

    Connor: We’re at nine!

    A second to go, Wren has both hands on the bottom rope and pulls with all her might… making it underneath right as the referee lifted his hands! Wren has beaten the count and this match will continue. Titus cannot believe it and he grabs the official, yelling right in his face that the count was complete bullshit. The referee warns him not to get physical but Titus begins pushing the referee around demanding that he explain himself. The fans are booing loudly, Titus is irate with the decision and fails to notice that Wren has recovered and is moving towards him. Wren grabs Titus by the arm and spins him around hitting a combination of punches before slinging him into the ropes. On the rebound, Wren nails a shinning wizard which knocks Titus down to the mat for a pin attempt. 1… 2… Kick Out! She must score the next fall and Wren knows it.

    A little frustration is shown from her as she slaps the mat. Titus begins to roll away from her but in the process he gets closer to the turnbuckle. While her back still hurts, Wren quickly moves to the apron of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle closest to Titus and leaps off with an elbow! Titus moves out of the way but Wren tucks her in and rolls with her own momentum, recovering safely and meeting Titus as he stands - Michinoku driver! Wren hooks the leg for the pin. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Copeland: I thought she had it. I truly thought Wren had got the pin on Titus.

    Connor: So very close.

    Wren stands up and leans against the ropes as Titus is still down. He is right there for the taking but Wren cannot put him away. The champion begins to crawling towards the ropes and the fans are standing as Wren points toward him. She approaches, grabbing his trunks from behind and tries to lift him up when all of a sudden Titus reverses into the ankle lock! An expert counter from Titus who twists and turns with the ankle held firmly. Wren is in all sorts of trouble as Titus looks for the finishing blow to this match. The crowd are chanting Wren’s name as they watch the challenger look for a way out of this hold. Up and down, across the ring, anywhere she turns, Titus keeps hold of the ankle. Her hand goes up and down, never touching the canvas, but it’s awfully close and Titus can see it. His screams for her to tap are as loud as those of the audience begging her not to give up.

    Pushing herself up, Wren suddenly rolls forward and Titus’ grip is broken and he stumbles into the ropes. He catches himself before falling to the outside and quickly marches back towards Wren and grabs the ankle. One moment he has it, the next Wren wriggles free and executes a small package much to the surprise of the champion. 1… 2… 3!

    Harrys: The winner of the second fall – Wren!

    The crowd cheer like mad as the referee separates the two wrestlers into opposing corners. Titus is utterly shocked at the result and is nearly pulling his own hair out in disbelief. Wren was finished, it was over and now the scores are tied. It’s now a normal match. It’s one fall to the finish. Whoever scores this next victory will be the Eurasian Champion.

    Connor: We are set for a big finish here with the scores tied 1-1. Both have had a fair deal of punishment done to them but Wren is easily the most damaged right now. It’s going to take everything she has left to walk away with this title.

    Cohen: This is the time for the brightest to shine, CC! This is what Titus Avison lives for and what he has done his entire career. The next fall wins it and that will be Wren.

    The referee moves out of the way and the match begins for the final fall. Titus jumps first and pulls Wren out of the corner. He goes for a suplex but Wren blocks it, gets behind him and goes for a neckbreaker but Titus elbows out of it and hits a swinging neckbreaker of his own. No cover is made as Titus backs up into the corner, aims and hits a knee drop across the head of Wren. He delivers a few quick kicks into the body of the challenger before climbing up the turnbuckle. There he waits until Wren stands, Titus leaps with a flying clothesline but Wren ducks and Titus crashes to the canvas! He gets up, possibly from adrenaline very soon after and Wren fires back with a springboard stunner!

    Titus goes down as Wren falls into a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The crowd cheers as Wren rolls to the side, finishing up on the apron of the ring and she rests her head against the top rope. Titus hasn’t moved following the crash and burn from the flying clothesline and the stunner afterwards. Wren turns towards the turnbuckle, then towards the fans, a wave of applause are heard as Wren begins climbing the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: We’ve seen this before. From east, with love this is called and it’s a devastating move from the air.

    Wren is perched and ready to strike, she stands up and as she is about to go – Titus rolls further away. Halfway across the ring and further than Wren has ever hit before. The crowd all sit down as Wren grabs the top rope whilst squatting down. Titus sucking in air as he just lays still safely across the ring. He has been through a war tonight in yet another amazing title match. Wren eyes her opponent, halfway across the ring – the Eurasian Championship halfway across the ring. Slowly Wren begins to stand up on the top rope, being careful to maintain her balance and her eyes remain locked on the champion very far away.

    Cohen: What is she doing? Titus Avison is halfway across the ring. Wren has never dived that far, Seabass!

    Copeland: This place sat down because they thought there was no possible way Wren could hit this move from that far away. Now look, thousands upon thousands are standing in awe as Wren is aiming what could be a championship winning shot.

    Connor: If she hits this move you’ll hear the roof come off this building!

    Time stands still as Wren stares down at Titus Avison. It’s all or nothing for the challenger, the scores tied at 1-1 and the Eurasian Championship in the balance. Wren uses all her strength to leap into the air and contorts her body as she flies across the ring. It’s an amazing sight, the challenger risking everything to be the one who dethrones the greatest champion we’ve ever seen. Further than she ever dove before but Wren makes it! Only thing is… Titus got the knees up.

    The air is sucked out of the building as Titus scrambles to his feet and grabs Wren by the arm. He gives it a twist before kicking her in the stomach and connecting with the Tit Drop! It may not even be needed at this point but Titus rolls her over and ascends the top rope himself, the crowd booing loudly, as he leaps high into the air for the Red Comet – which he executes perfectly. It’s academic at this point, the referee slides into position and Titus hooks the leg. 1… 2… 3!

    Copeland: Wow. You want to talk about a finish to a match like I’ve never seen before. That right there is one of them.

    Connor: This entire building was standing, waiting to see what was going to happen and if Wren could make that leap. She did. She dove halfway across the ring, further than ever before but Titus got his damn knees up. All that work and he got her right at the finish line.

    Cohen: I told you those high flying antics were going to cost her!

    Harrys: The winner of the final fall and therefore STILL the Eurasian Champion – Titus Avison!

    The people are not happy as Titus Avison is handed the title once again. His reign extended once more and yet another challenger defeated. He holds the belt up high and refuses to have his hand raised by the referee who he had argued with throughout the contest. Instead, Titus ascends the turnbuckles, all four of them one by one, and poses with the title and his trademark point.
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    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen here we are! Finally at that point of the show we've all been waiting for....the main event of the evening for Gold Rush! The Champion, Justin Cooper defending his WZCW Heavyweight Championship for the second Pay Per View in a row after winning the title off of Mikey Stormrage at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: That's right, the leader of Vis Imperium also fought off Garth Black multiple times afterwards. Black himself a former world champion, I might add! This time he faces a completely new beast in Flex Mussel. The most powerful man in the company, but with his greatest weapon BANNED in this match up!

    Connor: How can you call that fair Jack? How come Cooper doesn't have his Final Verse or Remix banned from the match?

    Cohen: Well, it's a simple answer Cat. See, there used to be this guy called Will McKay. One Mussel Bomb later and NO MORE Will McKay! You can't have a hulk like Mussel going around putting every wrestler into retirement can you? I mean that's just bad business Cat!

    Copeland: Mr. Banks has the Mussel Bomb banned after he used it to put the GM of Meltdown out of commission as well. Let's go down to ringside for Harrys introductions!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is for the WZCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first........

    Harrys: The challenger...from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    A healthy amount of cheers from the fans as Flex emerges on the top of the stage in his Flex Fitness track suit with the hood pulled over his head. He lifts it momentarily out of curiosity of the cheering fans. He pulls in back down and walks to the ring, he throws his gym bag to the side and rolls in the ring. Harrys is about to announce the next competitor but Flex holds the microphone down from Harrys mouth and tells him to wait. He takes off his tracksuit and walks slowly to the center of the ring. The lights dim and Flex slowly holds up his arms in a flexing position but not flexing his muscles yet. He looks side to side, then flexes his right bicep and a bright blue pyro shoots from the ringpost to the roof and explodes. He repeats the action with his left bicep and a pyro shoots from the left ringpost and explodes up high. He starts flexing his right and left bicep faster, sending pyro shooting from the ring posts, he starts flexing his chest too, sending red pyro up from the side of the ring until he stops and the lights return.

    The crowds respond with a good cheer for his pyro flexing.

    Harrys: And introducing second.......

    Harrys: From Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    A chorus of boo's as the unpopular champion walks out to the top of the stage in his glittery rainbow robe. Cooper has a disgusted look on his face as he looks towards the ring at his challenger. Long comets of light swirl through the capacity crowds, they drain towards the stage to where Cooper is now on his knees. He closes his eyes as the graphics of serpents battle under him. He raises his arms as the winning serpent emerges, Cooper opens his eyes and whispers to it as he stands up. He makes his way to the ring, he yells at a nearby fan as he climbs the steel steps. Cooper climbs the nearest turnbuckle and yells at the crowd, he then removes his rainbow robe, displaying the WZCW Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He removes it and looks directly at it, deep in thought before referee Akiyama takes it off of him.

    Copeland: This is it, weeks of talking and warnings are over, the battle is now! One man, struggling to reach the top of the mountain against all odds has finally reached the summit. This is his shot at greatness!

    Cohen: And standing in his way, the leader of the greatest faction in the history of WZCW, Justin Cooper. As you can clearly see, the man doesn't need Keaton or Xander at ringside. He can take care of his own business!

    Connor: Cooper has managed to get that Mussel Bomb banned though Jack. That's a huge advantage for the champion. You seem to keep forgetting that one big factor here.

    Cohen: It doesn't matter anyway Cat! Flex won't be able to apply it even if he was allowed to, Cooper is too good for him!

    Referee Akiyama watches both wrestlers stretch and prepare in their respective corners. He nods then points at the time keeper....

    DING!!!! DING!!!!!​

    Cooper wipes his nose and holds out his hands to engage with the challenger. Flex Mussell holds his hands higher, suggesting a test of strength. Cooper yells no and backs off. Flex smiles. They get closer, a collar an elbow tie up happens and Flex easily pushes both men to a turnbuckle. Referee Akiyama gets in between them. Flex lets go and holds his hands up for a clean break. They get into another elbow an collar tie up, Flex pushes Cooper to the turnbuckle, Referee Akiyama gets in between them again. Flex holds his hands up for another clean break, Cooper slaps him in the face then jumps through the second ropes. Flex shakes his head and holds his cheek. Cooper laughs on the outside of the ring as he casually strolls to the steel steps. Flex backs off, keeping his anger in check. Cooper climbs in the ring slowly. Both men circle each other slowly in the center of the ring, Cooper fakes a collar and elbow and switches to Flex's back, Cooper tries to lift him but takes an elbow to the face. Flex turns and punches Cooper with a left then a hard right uppercut sends the champion right over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! The crowd respond warmly with that move.

    Copeland: Flex not wasting any time unleashing some hard strikes on the Heavyweight Champion! That uppercut sent him right over the top ropes!

    Connor: What a shot! The echo from that smack is still heard around the arena!

    Cooper slides in the ring, visibly upset. He yells something at Flex then runs at him. Cooper throws a punch that Flex blocks then grabs Cooper in a bearhug, he flips the champion back with a belly to belly suplex! Cooper lands but jumps to his feet, he runs at Flex but gets kicked in the stomach, Flex pushes Cooper hard, sending the champion tumbling backward and under the bottom ropes. Cooper jumps up and kicks the steel steps out of frustration. Flex walks over to the ropes, he flexes his muscles at Cooper.

    Cooper: Tell him to stop flexing Ref! Do your fucking job!

    BOOOOOO!!!! BOOOOOO!!!!!​

    Cooper turns and yells at the fans to shut up. He takes his time climbing the steel steps and enters the ring at the count of 5. Flex waits for him in the far corner. He mouths something to the champion and walks to the center of the ring, waiting to engage again. They tie up in a collar and elbow, Flex easily pushes Cooper towards the turnbuckle but the champion falls back and pulls Flex's tights sending him face first into the second turnbuckle. Cooper jumps up and quickly starts laying stomps to Flex's chest and stomach. Cooper grabs the top ropes and presses down hard on Flex's neck with both of his boots. He grabs Flex's legs and hauls him to the center of the ring, he positions Flex's arm in a backwards bent position and stomps on his elbow hard, bending Flex's wrist at a painful angle. Flex lets out a loud yell from the pain. Cooper grabs the same arm and drops a hard knee right on the forearm, he doesn't let go of the arm and falls back into an arm triangle. Akiyama dives down next to Flex asking him if he wants to give up. Flex shakes his head. He slowly starts to stand up, still locked in the submission move. Flex is now standing but Cooper still has the arm triangle applied, Flex uses his other arm and grabs the champion, he does a half giant swing, throwing Cooper right over the top ropes! Flex falls to his knees, trying to shake off the effects of his arm and take a breather. Cooper rolls into the ring, they meet in the middle of the ring. Cooper fires off a European uppercut, Flex answers with a hard right, Cooper hits him again with another European uppercut, Flex kicks Cooper right in the kneecap! Cooper immediately screams and rolls around on the canvas. Flex jumps down and covers him....



    Cooper grabs the ropes and hangs on for dear life.

    Copeland: You had to know somebody was going to attack that bad knee sometime. A smart tactic by Flex here.

    Cohen: Flex is like a predator now, he just kicked Cooper in the knee and got a two count. This could be the beginning of the end for Cooper's title run Seabass!

    Flex grabbed Cooper by the legs and hauled him towards the turnbuckles, he dropped down to the outside and hauled his legs out around the steel post. Flex grabbed Coopers bad leg and slammed it hard off of the side of the ring post! Cooper screamed in pain, Flex grabbed his leg again and repeated the vicious attack on the ring post! Cooper was pulling at his own hair now, in extreme pain from the attack. The champion crawled on his belly away from the turnbuckles to the center of the ring, he held his knee in pain. Flex rolled in the ring, he kicked Cooper's bad knee then dropped an elbow on it. Flex lifted both of the champions legs, he then started a giant swing! Spin and Win!!! The crowd counted the rotations as Flex spun around and around with Cooper! 1...2....3....4...5.....6....7.....8.....9......10....11.....12....13....14...15..16...17...18...19....20....21....22....23....24....25....26....27.....28.....29....30....31....32....33.....34.....35.....36.....37....38....39.....40.....41.....42... Flex let go in mid swing, sending Cooper flying towards the turnbuckle as the crowds cheered, Flex staggered and fell through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring, completely dizzy.

    Cohen: Unbelievable 42 rotation Spin and Win!!!

    Flex crawled in the ring after a 4 count by Akiyama. He staggered over and picked up Cooper by the hair, but Cooper grabbed Flex's arm and jumped over the top ropes! The rebound of his sore arm knocked Flex right off of his feet. Cooper rolled back in the ring, he limped over and picked up Flex, he threw him shoulder first into the turnbuckle then hit him with a European uppercut followed by a hard chop. Cooper nails Flex with a hard elbow to the face then hits him with a tilt-a-wirl backbreaker right on his own bad knee. Cooper fell to the mat in pain as did Flex. Cooper rolled over and covered Flex...



    Kick out by Flex. Cooper picks up Flex, he throws him off of the ropes and hits him with a powerslam, he jumps up and hits him with three stiff kicks to the back then off of the ropes and a dropkick right to Flex's face.


    Cooper has a shocked look on his face as Flex jumps to his feet vibrating like crazy. The fans explode as Cooper punches him but there's no effect at all! Flex grabs Cooper and gorilla presses him over his head, he throws Cooper head first into the ringpost, Cooper rebounds back and Flex grabs him before he falls, he lifts Cooper into a vertical suplex turned into a sideslam! Full body fitness V2! Flex quickly grabs Cooper and hauls him to his feet by the hair, he whips him into the turnbuckle then nails him with a running European uppercut, then a running forearm smash then a shotgun kick! Body breaking diet!



    Cooper puts his foot on the rope. He wearily pulls the bottom ropes and rolls out of the ring. Flex steps through the ropes and follows him. He hits Cooper with a hard forearm shot to the back of the head, Cooper goes headfirst into the protective covering on the commentary table. Flex slams his head off of it and Cooper falls back sending the protective covering flying off. Flex lifts Cooper and rolls him on to the table.

    Copeland: Whoa! We better get out of here Jack!

    Flex stands on the table. He stands a weary Cooper up, he positions his arm through Coopers own legs, Gutwrench bomb but Cooper blocks it, he spins Flex around and nails him with REMIX!!! The violent clothesline sends Flex upside down and he lands headfirst on the table! CRACK!!! BOOM!! Both men fell as the table collapsed.

    Holy shit!!! Holy Shit!!! Holy Shit!!!​

    Copeland: Remix! Remix right through the table!

    Connor: That was a horrible landing by Flex! Right on his head! Let's watch that replay....oh my god! He might have a broken neck!

    Cooper slowly stands up. Referee Akiyama has stopped counting at 8 and is outside of the ring now, yelling at the champion to get them both inside the ring. Cooper picks up Flex, but the crowds ooohhhh as he emerges, his whole face covered in blood from a bad gash right across his forehead. Cooper drives a hard left right on the cut. He then rolls Flex into the ring. He crawls in after him and covers him...



    Flex kicks out! The crowds cheer louder than ever now. They start chanting his name....

    Let's go Flex!! Let's go Flex!! Let's go Flex!!!!

    Cooper picks up the blood covered Flex, he grabs him by the arm and gives him an arm wrench, he smiles, knowing what is coming.....another REMIX!!! NOOOO!!!!! Flex ducks and Cooper wails referee Akiyama with the hard clothesline, dropping the man to the mat and sends his red shoes falling right off of his feet! Cooper can't believe his eyes, he pulls at his own hair, he turns......

    Flexicution!!!!! the hard spinning lariat by Flex Mussel makes Cooper do a complete backflip and bounce off of his stomach! The crowds cheer again. Flex can't follow up though and falls to his side, blood still rushing down his face from the gross gash in his forehead.

    Copeland: Everyone down! The referee! The challenger and champion!

    Cohen: Get UP Cooper! Your championship is slipping out of your grasp! Where is Keaton and Xander! Somebody call them!!

    Connor: This capacity crowd is chanting Flex's name again! They can feel it!! Come on Flex!!!

    Referee Akiyama puts his shaky arm on the bottom ropes, beginning his recovery. Cooper and Flex stagger to their feet at the same time. Cooper punches Flex in the face, then hits him with a European uppercut, but Flex is unfazed! He kicks Cooper in the gut, he pulls Cooper into a powerbomb position!!!!! He stands there, blood covered face, waiting for confirmation.....

    Copeland: This crowd is calling for it. Listen the them, this place is going wild and the referee is knocked down. The referee has no idea what is going on right now. Flex's face is a crimson mask and this is it. The moment he has been waiting for. The one chance to change his career forever, take it!

    Connor: He can't be thinking about it, can he? If he gets caught using the Mussel Bomb he'll be fired!

    Cohen: Get up, Akiyama! Stop this idiot! He's about to cheat!

    DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!!!

    Flex hoists Cooper up, then extends his arms and hits THE MUSSELL BOMB!!!

    Cheeeer !!!!!!! ​

    Cohen: He cheated! That move is banned! Somebody stop this match, right now. This isn't fair, where the hell is security? That move is banned!

    Connor: The referee never saw it, Jack. Vis Imperium are nowhere to be found by Cooper's own orders.

    The crowds lose their minds as Akiyama reaches the top ropes, he slowly turns around, rubs his jaw...Flex falls on top of Cooper and hooks his leg....




    Copeland: He kicked out!! He kicked out!! Everyone on this planet thought that was it!!!!!

    Flex falls to his side then rolls to his back in disbelief. His blood is all over his face and chest now, he can barely remain conscience. Referee Akiyama starts a count as both men aren't getting to their feet. Cooper reaches his feet first. Flex throws a punch that Cooper blocks, he then kicks Flex in the stomach, he pulls him into position!!!!

    Copeland: Wait a second!!! He's not doing what I think he's doing!!

    Cooper picks up Flex in a powerbomb position, then extendes his arms!!! Flex kicks Cooper right in the face to break the hold!!! He bounces off of the ropes and spins....FLEXICUTION !!! NOOO!!!! Cooper ducks and hits FINAL VERSE (Mic Check)!!!!




    BOOOOO!!!! BOOOOO!!!!

    Harrys: The winner of this bout and stiiiiiiill WZCW World Heavyweight Champion....Juuustiiiin Cooooooper!!!!

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen Cooper has done it! What a fantastic match that went back and forth! Flex busted wide open, hitting the Mussell Bomb, avoiding getting hit with his own Mussell Bomb!! Just a crazy main event and an amazing Gold Rush!!!

    Cohen: I told you but you didn't listen! Cooper didn't need anyone out here to help him, he did it with his warrior spirit! Long live the champion and Vis Imperium!!

    Connor: That was soooo close guys, the crowd were all standing in the final moments, we were all standing from the carnage, but I believe we would've been standing anyway, what a dramatic few final moments!

    Inside the ring, Justin Cooper rolls off Flex Mussel and grabs the ropes to help himself stand. The referee walks over to help but Cooper shoves him away and demands his title be given back to him. While the referee scrambles to the outside of the ring, Flex Mussel slowly rolls to the opposite side, his face covered in blood, and collapses near the steel steps. His head in his hands, devastated by the loss.

    Finally, the referee enters the ring again and has the World Championship ripped from his hands by Cooper. With a smile from ear to ear, Cooper holds up the title belt to a chorus of boos. Soaking in all the hatred from the crowd the reigning World Champion clips the title belt around his waist and climbs a turnbuckle. The booing continues as pyro goes off all around the area, the big screen showing replays of the finish to the match before cutting back to Justin Cooper standing proudly on the turnbuckle with his championship safely in his possession. The show comes to an end with a shot of Cooper jumping down from the turnbuckle and going to his knees in the middle of the ring as the crowd curse his name.
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    Well done to our match writers:

    Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel (World Title) - Jeff
    Callie Clark (c) versus Batti (Elite Title) - Dagger
    Titus Avison (c) versus Wren (Eurasian Title) - Prophet
    Obi Okafor (c) versus Randy Studd (Mayhem Title) - Jeff
    Tyrone Blades versus Xander LeBelle (First Blood) - Lee
    Matt Tastic versus Mark Keaton (KFAD) - Dave
    Constantine versus Eve Taylor (Tournament Final) - Cyberpunk
    Kagura versus Vee ADZ (KFAD) - KJ
    Yemrez Reqonic versus Lynx (KFAD) - KJ
    Tony Mancini versus Logan McAllister versus Vox versus War Zone (KFAD - Gauntlet) - Lee
    Segments - Prophet.

    Rep these fine men. Next up is the anniversary show with boards going live Saturday!
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