Gold Rush 2016: Phantoms of Chaos vs Cooper and Keaton - Tag Titles Chairs Match

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    RP deadline is Friday 8th of April at 23:59pm
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    I cannot say for certain what people on the outside think of me. Those who watch from afar, peaking, glancing out of the corner of their eye. The same people who are too afraid to openly stare but would rather peak without getting caught. I know nothing of how they feel about who I am, or perhaps, what they think I am.


    “Not tonight. I’ve got far greater things to think about than waste time drinking tea.”

    I was rude but Iris should have known not to offer me tea at this hour. Years spent by my side, he knows me better than most, maybe he could speak to those on the outside? Most likely not as even Iris, a kind man, couldn’t bear to deal with the media as of late.

    “Something bothering you tonight?”


    He wanted to continue but Iris’ attention was drawn to the table. On the table I placed a rather large stack of paperwork. The cover, stained with the official logo of my employer, clearly read “Gold Rush: Tag Title Chairs Match Contract.”

    “Have you signed it yet?”

    “Not yet. I thought I’d prolong my trip to the slaughter house. Take in the moonlight, walk on the beach and possibly sing a song or two.”

    “Splendid. Shall I pack a snack for the trip?”

    Funny. I couldn’t help but laugh. Most in this situation would be worried but my time was approaching to face judgment. After everything I’d done and said about people in this business, well, it was about time I faced the ruler of the world. My date with the one true deity in professional wrestling was set. Iris, try as he might, attempted to talk me out of going into battle.

    “What was it you said yesterday? You know, about running?”

    “All I meant was that Mark isn’t one hundred percent right now. He may cover it up when he’s on camera but you and I have both seen this man. Mentally he is broken. The darkness that surrounds Ty...”

    “Stop! Cut that shit out, right now!”

    “But Justin...”

    As much as I love my friend, he is of course my best friend, I will not be disrespected in my own home. That is something I know for sure. In my house I am the ruler of the world just like Ty Burna. Our worlds may differ in size but his rule is far less impressive when you consider that he has lost more allies between him and I. The fall of Ty’s kingdom has lasted years, he is a king without an army, and somehow he still manages to make people fear him. I admire and hate that about Ty all at the same time.

    “I don’t want to hear anything about magical powers. He is not a wizard or a dark overlord, he’s a mortal man and just like any other, he can fall.”

    “As I stand here with you I have no doubt that Ty can fall however...”

    “You dare disrespect me for the third time today? You of all people know that I do not take kindly to being disrespected, especially inside my own house!”

    “I am not disrespecting you, I am merely asking you to acknowledge the price that this conquest has cost us. Look at yourself, look at how you are suffering and look at Mark. Deny it all you want but the powers of Ty Burna are greater than any mortal man you have come up against. His grip on the shadows not only drives fear into the heart of those who dare step into the ring with him but he infects the minds of those same men. Pretending like you don’t feel it will only lead to your undoing.”

    Perhaps he was right. To conquer Ty Burna was no small feat and I was far from the first to try. Many have come and gone, both mortal men and the gods themselves, but nobody has ever truly been able to vanquish Ty. Is it even possible? I had thought about it for over a month as we approached Gold Rush. Do I stand a chance against the greatest of our time or am I preparing for my own death?

    “Mark may have his issues right now but I am fine. You saw what I did on Meltdown. I stood up to Ty and I didn’t back down like some coward. I showed him I am a warrior to be respected, cut from the same cloth as him and all the other legends who dare to shun me. I’m no rookie, I know how to handle myself and this Sunday I’m going to prove it to Ty Burna once again.”

    “You cannot forget about his tag partner, just as you cannot dismiss the troubles of your own. This is no one on one battle, this is a tag team match and your success will be determined not just by your own actions but by those of Mark Keaton. Are you sure this is the type of battle you want to run into head first? To live to see another day, to survive a war which could see you broken, do not think for a second that this would be a sign of a coward, see it as the actions of a smart man.”


    Again, Iris was likely correct. El Caidos Dragon, as annoying as it might be, was going to play a major role in the match. His legacy is far less than that of Ty Burna however Dragon has done something very few have ever been able to do; survive the darkness alongside Ty. Standing in the shadows, the same shadows that poison everyone else who challenges Ty, somehow Dragon remains unharmed. The toxic valley of darkness now his home while he watches men like Mark and I choke as the mist enters our lungs. He watches as I claw my way from the trenches of the valley all the way to the very top. Then, when I’m about to escape, Dragon pulls me back down to the bottom so the shadows can feed on my life once again. That’s his role in all of this.

    Dragon is no saint. He’s no man of God and he certainly isn’t a better man than I. He is, what he appears to be, a servant of evil. A servant to the greatest evil that has ever lived. A mere mortal man with the command of the shadows and Dragon watches from the sidelines as good men suffer, crawling using their bare fingernails, trying to escape the valley of darkness and in the end it’s all for nothing. Nobody ever escapes the valley unless Ty wants them to. For those who reach the top they are dragged back down and the process begins again. Some give up all hope, giving into the darkness that surrounds them, while others are doomed to repeat the same cruel climb to the top of the valley until the end of days.

    “I will not run. A veteran never runs, it would bring shame to my name and I will not have it disgraced. I owe it to my fellow veterans to stand and fight. It’s my duty.”

    “Duty is one thing but to go into a fight you know you can’t win is not your duty!”

    He finally said it; the room fell silent.

    “You’re my best friend. I trust you more than anyone and that’ll never change. You’ve stood by me through the worst times of my life and that’s something I can never repay. You were there at the highest point of my career when I won the Elite X Championship and you helped me to my feet the following week when I lost it. When I left the company for the third time I half expected you to leave but you didn’t. We had very little money, nobody wanted to sign me and yet you stayed by my side. Why?”

    “That’s what friends do. I remember the day we first met. It was about a year into my job at Sony Records and you showed up, the biggest name in hip-hop, everyone wanted to work as your manager. I still remember waiting in line, it must’ve been nearly two hours before I reached you, for a quick pitch on why you should pick me. I had no idea what I was doing, I was so young, but at the end of the day you picked me. You gave me a chance, my first client ever, you could’ve had some of the biggest names in the management business but you passed on all of them. You believed in me, so I’ve always believed in you.”

    “You were honest unlike the rest of them. You had no idea what to say so you told me the truth. No bullshit, no spin on anything, just the truth. I liked that. I still like that about you.”

    I stood up from my chair, a pen now in my hand I flicked through the pages of the contract, signing my name in the areas marked as such. Iris grimaced as I did so, at least he was still honest.

    “No matter what happens, do not stop this match from proceeding. Even if Mark does fall victim to the shadows, promise me that you will not interfere during this contest.”

    Iris was left to ponder a question he feared he may have to answer. Without Mark by my side, could Iris let the shadows take me? The bond of friendship is strong but we both know that Iris is no fighter. He’s a manager for a reason and to step into the shadows takes far more fighting power than Iris’ possesses. Struggle as he might it was clear what the answer to the question was. Iris had only one option.

    “I promise.”

    He turns towards the window overlooking the city. It’s night, the lights throughout the concrete jungle make the cityscape look beautiful. An image worth seeing for a man facing his final judgment.

    “This is not your fight. Remember, whatever happens that I wanted this. Respect is not earned by running away from the strongest warriors. Veterans must fight whoever they are asked and this time the shadows are calling.”

    “I’ll pray for you.”

    “Since when are you a religious man?”

    “I’m not. However if someone is watching over us, I’m not going to pass up the chance to ask for some help.”

    In times of need people will often search for something to explain why it is happening or how they can fix the problem. Unfortunately, while this was my time of need, I saw it differently to most. I’m not looking for an explanation as to why this is happening. I know that already, I failed. I failed to protect Mark from himself and now my punishment is just days away. The bell tolls for me and while Mark will stand by my side I hope he will be spared for his sins are far less than mine.

    I’m not looking for a way to fix it either. This cannot be fixed. Dragon and Ty await my arrival and who am I to deny them? They put up the WZCW Tag Team Championships and I put up my soul. The chairs were an added stipulation which at first I wasn’t fond of but maybe weapons will help my cause. To use the chair against the shadows could either help defeat them or anger them even more. Are the chairs giving me false courage? No. I’m not looking to win, I’m not looking for the glory of championship gold, I’m just looking to survive.

    “I’m afraid.”

    I was honest.

    “We’ve angered Ty Burna. Dragon can’t be pleased either after last week. They’ll want blood. They’ll want my blood. I don’t think I can stop them.”

    I turn toward Iris, his eyes scatter around the room, and he won’t make eye contact with me. I never understood how hard it must be for him to watch my battles from the sideline. He is like my brother and I know he wishes he could ride alongside me into the valley on Sunday, no matter the result. Iris didn’t think he could help me win but with Mark mentally unstable as he was, Iris thought it was better than me going in alone. I couldn’t let that happen. Iris would never face the darkness because of my wrongdoings. Just as he had done earlier, this was my promise.

    “Use the chairs. Use anything you can get your hands on.”
    Iris muttered, keeping his eyes focused on the city. “Never stop fighting, keep pushing through the pain, and just keep swinging the chair until neither one of ‘em can get back up.”

    “I’d love to say don’t worry but that’d be a lie. Worry as much as you want because I am. Winning the championships is something I’ve wanted to do since I first arrived in 2010. My first pay per view match was for the Tag Team Championships and now, six years later, I’m standing at the doorstep of them once again. I touched the gold last week, I felt the nameplate and the jewels. I want it. I want it so bad but Ty and Dragon aren’t going to give it up easily. I’ve watched Ty destroy peoples’ lives for far less than wanting to end his title reign. I fear what awaits me on Sunday.”

    The longer I thought about it the worse my fears became. It was time for me to take my leave and hopefully when I returned it would be with gold on my shoulder. Iris and I didn’t say anything else on this night. Feelings on both sides had been made clear. Do whatever you need to survive was the goal, the Tag Team Championships were the forbidden treasure and the Phantoms of Chaos were the curse which protected them. I march towards my judgment on Sunday night not out of fear but out of respect. Do not confuse the two as my actions are not motivated by fear. I fear what is coming but I do not fight because of it.

    I fight for the respect of all those who came before me. I fight for everyone who has ever believed in me. I fight because I am a veteran and we never back down. I took a clueless rookie under my wing and made him a championship contender in mere weeks. I did great things but I failed to teach him everything. Respect is just as important to surviving in professional wrestling as is your ability inside the squared circle. Mark didn’t know that. He pushed and pushed until he angered the shadows. Our date with the valley is set for Sunday night and unlike anyone before us we have a chance to escape. At the top of the valley, through the darkness of all those who have fallen before us, sits the WZCW Tag Team Championships.

    It will not take both of us to survive to capture the gold. Do not expect both of us to escape the valley. One will remain while the other escapes and hopefully manages to survive what comes next. The shadows will strike on Sunday and because of what we have done, the battlefield has been extended to include weapons. Weapons we used on their flesh but now they have the chance to use it on ours. You would be stupid not to fear them. I fear them.
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    Our greatest fears are often inside our own mind. I had to overcome my fear before I stepped into the ring. My music played, I got the signal, so I closed my eyes and faced the valley for the final time. He traps men inside their own mind, inside the valley of darkness, and it time for me to face the valley just as all those who came before me.

    This way comes the raven.

    I wake, my hands cut, dirt mixed with blood in a thick layer over my palm. The blue sky of yesterday vanished and has been replaced with grey. I see no life in this place; all I see is a wasteland. Dirt lays beneath me, my clothes torn as are my legs and arms. The exposed skin ripped bit by bit as if I was attacked. I don't remember. I see nothing else here with me. Where am I? I begin to stand; it hurts to do so.


    I see it for the first time. Ravens scatter from behind me and attack. I try to run but my legs are weak, I fall to the ground but the ravens do not stop. They seek those who are afraid and afraid is what I am.

    “Stop! Leave me alone!”

    I cry out for help but nobody comes. The ravens feast on my already broken body. It’s the end. I’m going to fade away from existence and leave this place. I can sense it happening until suddenly, without warning, the ravens stop. They circle around me, I slowly lift my head and lock eyes with one of them. Letting me pass would kind compared to keeping me here. The ravens do not know kindness.

    The ravens leave me and I struggle to my feet. Fresh wounds sting my body, I almost collapse trying to walk but I continue. My shirt barely remains on my body so I decide to rip it off completely. Holding it in my right hand I begin tearing a section of it away, throwing the scraps to the ground, using what I need to bandage my hand. The pain remains but the wound is protected.

    I hear noises. The sound of a hound echoes throughout the wasteland. It’s approaching. I’m afraid. This place keeps me unable to escape. I try to run but my legs crumble. I try to hide but my lungs force me to cough. He always knows where I am. This place is his playground. This valley of darkness is his world. Here I am stuck in his ultimate game. A place where the shadows are designed to cause you to lose your mind. Over and over again he plays with my fears and even though I know it’s him, I still fall for his tricks.

    I continue to walk the wasteland, reaching a steep mountain. I lift my head and see its peak. I must reach it. I begin climbing this mountain. It towers over the valley, one slip could end it all. My hands scratch at the rock, I begin to bleed once again, my body barely able to maintain my grip. I must not fail. He needs me. I continue to climb, the mountain only gets bigger as I climb higher. It’s impossible, no, I must not think that, every mountain is climbable.

    “I must climb. I must get to the top.”

    The shadows begin to move. The mountain continues to grow, my hands cut, my legs bruised and my arms beginning to fail. The shadows approach me, I feel them pull. I scream out but nobody hears me. The shadows have me.

    I fall.

    The valley of darkness is a place none have ever escaped. It’s no place for any mortal man. Most don’t understand what the valley is until you step into the ring with Ty Burna. His darkness infects whoever he decides must pay the price. I thought I could win, I thought I could survive but nobody ever survives. The raven always gets his prey. Ty Burna always gets his prey.

    We as mortal men tire. We can only climb for so long until our arms give out. Our legs, our hands and our body only have so much to give. The shadows are immortal. They will hunt us down forever if they have to because they know no limits. The shadows just keep coming and are always able to find you. Nobody can ever escape the shadows and in this place, in Ty’s world, the shadows are always in control.

    The mountain of victory is much harder to climb than any other. Ty is much more than any man to ever step into the professional wrestling ring. He walks like us but he takes bigger steps. He talks like us but his words are gospel. He fights like us but he causes destruction and spares nobody. As I lay here on my back having fallen from the mountain once again, I ask; why do we continue to try?

    Why do people continue to challenge the man who has destroyed everyone who stood in his path? As I look around the valley, I see great men who have fallen. That’s the trick of the valley. You don’t see everyone else around you doing the exact same thing. Men have given up everything, trapped in here forever, continuing to try and defeat Ty Burna. Stuck in a loop, doomed to repeat the same trip up the mountain only to fall all the way down. The fall hurts but due to the nature of the valley never causes any serious injury. Just like everything else in the valley. It only hurts but leaves you with a sense of hope. Just enough for Ty to break it later. It’s our punishment for angering the ruler of the world. It’s what we get for our actions. Some say we deserve it but the beauty of the mountain is just too great for mortal men to resists.

    The valley is a place everyone must walk once in their life. Everyone must face the raven but the lucky ones are able to pass on by without noticing the mountain. If you see the mountain in the valley, you are already lost forever. It will haunt, it will taunt you and it will infect you. I noticed the mountain and so did Mark. Together we saw its glory and the treasures that stands at its peak. Together we climbed and together we have fallen; we have fallen over and over again. I don’t know where he is anymore. Mark is lost within the valley. Sometimes I hear his screams but I hope, I pray, that someday he finds a way out.

    I blame myself for his place in the valley amongst those doomed by the will of Ty Burna. If only I had been a better teacher, if only I had warned him more. I would try to find him but I don’t have time. The mountain calls my name just as it does for everyone. I want to help Mark but when I try, I do try, I just get pulled back. I walk for hours trying to find him but I end up back at the mountain, climbing as I do every single day. I fall and I see men, much greater than I, climbing and they look at me, they see me and know they will be joining me on the ground very shortly. Nobody ever gets to the top, not really. Men may have beaten Ty Burna but to climb the mountain is to gain victory and victory is only achieved through banishing the evil.

    Chris K.O. thought he climbed the mountain but all he did was became a raven. Men who fight beside the evil often become it. A white king turned to the raven and soon enough he would join us climbing the mountain. I haven’t seen him in nearly year, I hope he has escaped. Nobody deserves this punishment. Not even Ty.

    I stand once again at the foot of the mountain. I see men scattered through the valley. They approach, they climb it and they fall. My body aches but I must try again. It is my punishment. I can never stop climbing.

    “I know you can hear me.”

    I lean against the mountain, gathering what little energy I have left.

    “How many more will you banish to this place before you move on? How many more have to suffer by your hand? This valley isn’t a land created by a God; it’s a prison built by a madman!”

    My fist slams into the side of the mountain. It does very little to the mountain, nothing in fact, but it damages my own hand a lot. My knuckles now turn a slight purple and blood begins to escape through the top layer of skin. Frustration can get the best of men in this place. Even the greatest minds turn to violence once trapped in the valley for long enough.

    “I’ve seen men like you before but never one as sick as you. You think you’re a God?! You think that you are all powerful and we are toys for you to play with? You’re no God of mine! You’re nothing more than a leach, a vile creature who only survives by sucking the life out of those it comes in contact with.”

    The sky cracks with thunder and rain begins to fall. In most cases rain is a gift from the Gods but not in this play. Rain is usually good for the fields and growing food but here it only makes climbing the mountain that much more difficult. Losing your grip just became that much more difficult.

    “You bring rain to taunt us? Is that what this game has become? Master of the universe, ruler of the world or would you prefer Harbringer of Chaos? What is it you want to be called great one? You look down from your perch at those of us wanting to defeat you and you bring forth the Apocalypse as punishment. You’re powers are legendary, your mind games have made many men go insane but not me! I promise you that!”

    My hands touch the mountain’s rocks which are now cold and wet.

    “I will not go mad. I will find a way to take you down from your throne. No matter the cost, I will bare it. I will find a way to defeat you and your Dragon. His work from the shadows holds us back but when I’m done I’ll stick both of you down here with everyone you have forsaken. You made one mistake and you don’t even realise it yet.”

    I look up towards the sky as rain pours down onto my face.

    “You put me in here. You wanted to trap me just like you did the rest of them. All of the men you have beaten before they even stepped into the ring with you. Well, Ty, look at who is still standing!”

    With the rain pouring down I turn back and see thousands of shadows watching. Suddenly they back up, I look up towards the top of the mountain and it is hit with a lightning strike. Fire begins to burn at the top of the mountain; it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen! At the same time the ravens can be heard flocking away from the mountain as do the other men trapped in the valley of darkness. It’s me and only me who will make the final climb of this mountain.

    “To underestimate me is your greatest mistake. I will do this on my own” I begin to climb the mountain, “You do not own me!”

    My grip is weak but I kick my legs and advance. The mountain grows as usual but I seem to be making progress. My last chance to do this, I will not have the energy to attempt this again. It’s either reach the top of the mountain now or fall to the will of a madman.

    “So many people fear what you are because they don't know who you truly are. I was one of them. I feared what you were but Ty, as I climb this mountain, I know what you are. I see you as the parasite of this world and you feed of the fears of everyone that has ever stood against you. You enjoy crushing those weaker than you, placing them in this hell and making them relive the suffering you caused. Well not this time!”

    My grip is holding, the mountain tries to shake me off, the ravens try to take me down but I will not give up. I hold on and even the shadows can’t bring me down.

    “All of those people down there have suffered long enough. I will defeat you and I will set all of them free. If you want to cause someone everlasting suffering than do it to me. I’ll stand before your judgment and spit in your face because I no longer fear you. I will not bow to the demands of a madman!”

    The peak of the mountain is in sight. The men trapped below turn their attention to the mountain as the fire burns bright. I pause, taking a moment to turn back and I see it. Thousands of men staring up at me as I climb, it is here that I realise that this climb isn’t just for me, it’s for all us.

    “I have taken down the man who believed he was here to save us all. I have beaten Kings of Mayhem, White Knights, Super Saiyans, Warriors, and World Champions and now,” with one last push I reach the top of the mountain, “I will beat you.”

    I can barely stand, the climb taking every bit of energy I had left. I stumble, nearly falling off the edge but I regain my balance. How many men have ever seen this sight? I stare out over the valley, with the burning fire behind me, rain still pouring and I extend me arms out.

    “I am ready. I have seen the mind of a madman and now you will see my fury! Your games and tricks may work on others but be witness to this, I may fall in our battle but I will take you with me. That is my promise to you!”

    The rain continues to fall as I collapse, escaping the valley of darkness. The mind games were over; it was time to go to war. I open my eyes; my fears are now conquered and soon Ty Burna and Dragon will be.
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    Betrayal. It had become all too familiar to him, lost within his own soul El Caidos Dragon stares down reality. Innocence so swiftly thrown aside, all for the sake of what? As he perches on top The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, he stares down at the building he targets tonight. He had finally tracked down the false El Califa. Now was the night to enact his revenge. Disgust fills him as he watches the masked men below him, nothing more than a dark reflection of what he once was. He runs his hands along his own mask, El Caidos. Regret washes over him, ripping at his throat as he lowers his head, the memory of his righteous soul in need of resurrection. He was hell bound and past death. Nothing could save him, but yet he looked for something beyond his fate. In this holy place, he could feel his skin crawl.

    El Caidos: It ends tonight. El Caidos will make sure of it.

    He spreads his wings wide and launches himself downward, immediately taking down one of the masked guards. He swiftly spins and knocks out the other with a right hook. He stands before the large building, the door handles make of gold. He reaches out with his claws, desecrating the shine with the darkness inside him. He opens the door as a bright light blinds him and takes over the entire camera shot. It slowly dissipates, the sound of blowing wind can be heard. As El Caidos regains his bearings, he looks around, finding himself in a desert. White sand sifts underneath his feet, the sun blazing down upon him. He squints his eyes as he looks off in the distance, sand as far as the eye can see. His eyes begin glowing red, throwing himself into the throes of rage.

    ???: Do you fear what you have become? Do you feel the grip upon your heart growing ever tighter? The clock shall not turn back on your sins El Caidos Dragon.

    The voice sounds oddly familiar, as if El Caidos himself speaks them. He looks over his shoulder, his eyes fixating on a figure wrapped in a tattered cloak. The figure does not move, its face covered from sight. El Caidos slowly turns towards the figure but it swiftly disappears in the sweeping sand. El Caidos looks around, gritting his teeth as he yells out.

    El Caidos: Demonio! What is this?

    El Caidos's voice echoes through the bleak scenery, the howling wind the only response he receives. He begins walking towards where the figure stood, only a piece of the tattered cloak remains pierced by a stick. He reaches down to pick it up when the voice returns.

    ???: These voices echo so violently. He has seen this congregation of evil before El Caidos. Do you wish to live to see another day?

    Chimes can be heard playing, though the source remains unknown. El Caidos again looks around, the chimes becoming louder with every second. It overcomes all other sound as El Caidos suddenly covers his ears, falling to his knees as he let's out a roar, the ground shaking underneath him. Suddenly the figure appears in front of him, the tattered cloak moving with the sand. El Caidos looks up in anger as he removes his hands, reaching out with his claw towards the cloak, grabbing hold of it, though where he expects flesh, is nothing but air.

    El Caidos: You mock El Caidos. His claws shall rend your skin from your bones!

    El Caidos slashes out, shredding the cloak as the fabric goes flying off into the distance. The figure reappears again behind El Caidos, an arm reaching out and grabbing hold of his mask from the back. El Caidos is yanked back, reaching up trying to dislodge the hand from his mask.

    ???: Will the voices haunt him when the flesh moves on? When the feelings upon a halo, so too will the shell of what you he is inside shatter upon the rocks below. El Caidos, you openly accept the flames of hell, all for what? To fulfill an omen that will deliver the stake within your heart! What have you done? Will hate abide by what truly rests inside you? Open your eyes!

    The figure suddenly pulls back, ripping the mask of El Caidos apart. El Caidos falls forward, most of his face exposed except for some of the lower part of his mask, the mask falling almost like a bandanna. His eyes widen as he reaches up, trying to put his mask together as the figure steps around him, reaching down and grabbing hold of the torn fabric, pulling El Caidos's head straight up. El Caidos stares up, jaw dropped as the hood of the figure falls down, revealing it to be the mask of El Califa Dragon. El Caidos suddenly regains his composure, slapping the hand of this El Califa away as he stands up, his eyes glowing even brighter.

    El Caidos: The blood that shall be spilled here shall start his serenade! You are the false El Califa! You have desecrated his good name!

    El Califa tilts his head to the side as he withdraws his hand back into the cloak, the winds howling even louder as the sun begins to set, while the moon begins to rise on the other side. Another birthing of the duality, one dark, one light.

    El Califa: He believes you have it wrong El Caidos. You have desecrated his name. You chase shadows, hoping to cling to what little hope you have left while you slowly bleed away from the inside. He cannot show one who is blinded to the reality in front of him.

    El Caidos: What is this nonsense you speak of? He has never abdicated his sense of justice! He carries forth the essence of El Califa Dragon even while he struggles with the black heart of El Caidos!

    El Califa sighs as he shakes his head, his hand moving from out of the cloak as he holds out a picture of his sisters Shaylina. El Califa tilts his head as he looks at El Caidos, who reaches out slowly, taking the picture as he stares down at it.

    El Califa: Have you forgotten who you fight for? The withered trees have suffocated your judgement. You have shunned El Califa, and everything he represents. She is your soul, and you have casted away her memory in search of power. This want is menacing and will not leave him be. How did you become like this El Caidos? Kneel down like the dog you have become!

    El Califa suddenly moves and strikes El Caidos, knocking him down with ease. El Caidos moves backwards, his eyes wide as the apparition in front of him materializes. Fear racks his body as he turns and flees, running with no direction. El Califa does not move, the sands suddenly blowing in front of him as he disappears again. El Caidos continues running, the shifting ground becoming unrecognizable. He soon finds himself where he once stood, the dimming sunlight the back drop to his realization. He falls to his knees, breathing heavily as his body begins to shake. El Califa slowly walks up to him, his arms crossed as he stares down at the fear ravaged El Caidos.

    El Califa: When faced with the truth, you run like the coward you truly are. Is this truly what he has become? A quivering mess. Roar with all your might dragon, you are no match for what stands before you. You wanted to bring forth the end of Dr. Zeus, in turn you guaranteed your own destruction!

    El Califa reaches down to grab El Caidos, but El Caidos snarls and grabs hold of Califa in return, dragging him down and begins raining down and lefts and rights. The camera pans up, not showing the decimation at hand. El Caidos roars as he continues the assault, blood begins dripping from both of his hands as his face contorts in rage, survival the only thought in his mind. He would not die here on this forsaken desert. He would fight to regain what was his. He would. He must.

    El Califa: The blood has been spent. A token sacrifice has been made, and your choice made clear El Caidos! Let it pour out and show what has been damaged. Fallen dragon! Speak his name, the needle has turned, for your selfish cries have caused tears to fall on parched earth. You have exhaled your death, for you shall no longer feel life.

    El Caidos stops his attack as he keep his right hand raised, the blood dripping as he grins maniacally, his fangs flashing through his sundered mask. One can finally find what's left inside this masochistic personality. There is no redemption for the deranged. He slowly sits up and begins laughing out of frustration. His voice echoes throughout the desert, the laughter becoming more crazed with every moment. He looks down at his blood soaked claws, and where the body of El Califa should be. Instead he finds nothing but sand, the mirage of his futility becoming more apparent. The cloaked El Califa stands behind El Caidos once more, his arms crossed and not a blemish showing.

    El Caidos: El Caidos sees it now. He was never meant to reclaim the title of El Califa. It was held in front of him like a carrot on a stick. Dance for them, the strings are sewn in tight into him. Are you entertained now? Are you satisfied with what you have created? The time has come for El Caidos to purge his lungs of your voice. He no longer needs to search deeper for what his actions have cost. Where he has failed is believing his own worth is much more than this. A vigilante, he shall never escape where the light is much clearer.

    El Caidos slowly stands up, his claws protruding out as the blood continues to drip down silently, pooling underneath him like shards of his humanity. He stares forward into the mask of what he chooses to deny, but cannot ignore. El Califa slowly steps forward, El Caidos growling ferally.

    El Califa: Then so be it El Caidos. This calling was for your humanity, and he will not be part of this in the end! El Califa shall become a moment of a distant memory, and you shall long for a taste of what stains the murder of your conscious red. Wander the earth blind, you shall never see the path of righteousness again. You shall meekly reach out, broken in mind, and stripped of all empathetic feeling towards a world that has grown absent of your own existence!

    El Califa withdraws a dagger from his cloak and brings it towards the neck of El Caidos. El Caidos lowers his head and drops his arms to his side, his breathing becoming more labored.

    El Caidos: Then so be it.

    El Califa presses the dagger to his neck, but suddenly El Caidos grabs El Califa's arm and spins up, and around, holding the bloodied dagger as the moon falls behind the black clouds swirling ominously above. El Caidos breathes heavily as he holds the dagger up as El Califa suddenly collapses and melds into the sand, only his mask remaining. El Caidos turns around and sees the mask as he turns around. He kneels down and begins stabbing wildly into the mask, the link severed as logical thought fades to instincts. He growls loudly as he continues stabbing, blood smearing over the El Califa mask as he continues breathing heavily, rage enraptured in his mind.

    Ty: Caidos!

    El Caidos does not look up as he continues stabbing the mask before slowly lifting it up, cradling it in his arms as he begins laughing once more, a mind shattered. Ty appears through the black night, standing in front of El Caidos, his own black cloak eerily still in the howling wind. He watches silently as El Caidos lifts up the El Califa mask.

    El Caidos: Give me a reason.

    Ty: Give you a reason for what?

    El Caidos laughs once more as he suddenly pulls the El Califa mask completely in two, shredding it right down the middle as he drops it into the sand. He looks up Ty, his eyes glowing red once again and his fangs protruding from his mouth as he yells out.

    El Caidos: Give me a reason to make them bleed! Come on, I'd like a reason just to help them bleed.

    Ty blinks a few times, taken back a bit by this new demeanor. He looks around the desert for anything really, the man with a silver tongue unable to find the words upon hearing this request. A smirk slowly forms upon his face as he unfurls his arms.

    Ty: Who do you want to make bleed El Caidos?

    El Caidos lowers his head for a moment, as he reaches up and rips the remains of his own mask off, holding it up for Ty who reaches out and takes it. He looks down at the mask for a few moments before looking up to see El Caidos's face completely covered in blood, his features indistinguishable. All except for his fangs as he lifts up his soaked claws.

    El Caidos: Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton.

    El Caidos looks up slowly at Ty who grins even wider, reaching his hand out to his teammate. He helps him to his feet as he beckons to the shadows. El Caidos walks swiftly towards them as Ty holds the El Caidos mask in his hand. He reaches down and picks up what remains of the El Califa mask Graveless is the one that has already experienced death and rebirth. Ty looks over his shoulder and sees the old shaman sitting there, his long pipe in his hand. Ty looks down at the two masks before turning towards the shaman, throwing the destroyed El Califa mask at his feet. The shaman looks down at the mask, slowly reaching out and picking it up. Ty smirks, his eyes flashing red for a moment.

    Ty: He won't be needing that anymore old man. The Fallen Dragon has joined the Wolf in his conquest. Thus it is written after all.

    Ty winks sarcastically as he holds his hand up as flames erupt up around him and just as quickly dissipating, leaving no trace of The Harbinger of Chaos as the scene fades away.
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  6. Ty Burna

    Ty Burna WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

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    I am fear.

    I am sin.

    I am the destruction.

    The scene opens to a dim room, candles providing the only illumination one can see. The ambiance is palpable with dread as the sound of metal scraping across metal can be heard as the camera zooms in to Ty Burna, standing over a decrepit wood table. He appears to be wrapping something around another object before picking it up, moving into the shadows and disappearing. The blackened room suddenly erupts as a swirling red miasma appears overhead, the ground littered with broken bones and skulls. The sounds of horrific cries of pain begin to pierce through the veil of silence as the ground begins to break open, a large staircase begins to emerge made of obsidian. The smooth glass like rock leads up to a more sinister image, that of a large wooden throne, the Chaos Symbol perched atop it as it's Harbinger sits, the shadows concealing the destroyer of dreams. Laughter escapes from within the shadows, haunting in it's echo and melody. His voice calls out, domineering the realm he has lorded over.

    Ty: Death looms over those that bring forth the cacophony of insurrection. Do you feel the eyes burning into your memories? Your every will and testament prepared for the wish of desecration. Crossed desires become broken wires, your false bravado shall become their grieving. Empty plains shall echo with empty screams. Your blood shall become the stripped emotion, the sins of your insolence read out like a thousand lies. The soul shudders at the mere thought, the presence of the undivine cascading around your humanity. Woe Icarus, tempting fate once more. The wax wings shall erupt in the heat of battle, Chaos ever consuming what once was. Fall back to earth, I shall have the grave awaiting your descension. There will be no path to find faith, for only your faith is in my complete annihilation of your very being. Rise up and strike me! This is your only opportunity to defy the fates!

    The shadows disperse, revealing the Harbinger of Chaos. He sits in his throne, his hood up and covering his face, his red eyes perpetuating the abyss of despair to his enemies. His laughter echoes throughout the land once more, the screams of agony return the call of the beckoning. Spirits rise out from the shattered earth, rising up and swirling around their tormenter. The Harbinger does not move, merely sitting with his hands clasped together in front of him.

    Ty: So it has come to this. The petulant believe that their saving grace is the cold harsh steel of a chair? Is this truly the most you two can come up with? I am the embodiment of Chaos! I am the one that has conquered Mayhem and made it his personal slave. And so you come for the Phantoms, hoping to dethrone the monsters that have been born from a personal vendetta. Foolish is the one that believes their own aspirations is enough to avoid the pestilence that has come to strip them of their skin and bones. The Dragon flies once more, only there is no more benevolence, there is only violence in his lust and desires. Your dreams reduced to ash, as this new Dragon of mine burns them asunder. There will be resistance, I know this all to well. I have been here before, fighting against the inevitable, you will shut your eyes and ignore my words of warning. I am talking upon deaf ears, your ego refuses to let you heed the reality of your situation. You fail to learn from past lessons, pushing forward further into becoming the ensnared prey I have prepared for this blood letting.

    Ty slowly unclasps his hands and spreads his arms out wide, lifting his head up to look towards the red miasma, his eyes glowing an even more intense shade of red. He curls his hands into fists before suddenly standing up, the Chaos Symbol behind him bursting into flames, spreading down onto the wooden throne. The Harbinger turns towards his throne before reaching into the shadows, withdrawing a chair as he sits back down, the shadows withdrawing around him as only the flames lick out at the atmosphere.

    Ty: Justin Cooper, we share former allies. The difference is, you looked down upon one and refused to learn from the other. Constantine and Alex Bowen, your former empire while the elite and the Apostles lorded over WZCW. Stare down your past filled with mistakes, and where you failed to capitalize, I grew greater for their tactics have become part of my own. While Constantine fell into the darkness I inhabit, he has emerged as once again a proud warrior. Alex and I have had our battles, and while I emerged victorious every time, and if there's one thing I've taken away from our battles is this....

    Barbed wire makes everything better!

    The shadows disperse again as Ty stands, holding the chair behind him before tossing it down the obsidian staircase, the chair landing with a thud at the bottom as it cracks bones littered around it. The camera returns to Ty who stands with his hood down, a sinister smile upon his face as he slowly lifts up a chair, wrapped in barbed wire. He leans forward, running his tongue along the barbs, the sensuality of violence overcoming him as he stares directly forward, a look of excitement forming on his face. Blood drips from his mouth though The Harbinger pays it no mind.

    Ty: Tear apart the flesh, the veins underneath shall crumble. The inner lust for violence grows greater with every waking moment. Walk into this decay, I shall become the instrument that leaves you both in a coma. Your minds will try to protect you from the misery The Phantoms shall bring forth, there will be no reprise. Victims have fallen in vain, frozen hearts and empty eyes, we have seen it all before. Your mockery hides your fear, strike out at the elements of no consequence, for you shall simply hide from the cold truth of your situation. You have worked your way into the wolf's den. His fangs shall tear your throat out and consume your essence. You have tried to drag me down to your level, only now I will be the one to pull you under instead.

    Ty lowers the barbed wire chair, descending the obsidian stair case, with each step the rock cracks underneath the weight of his presence. As he reaches the bottom of the staircase, he picks up the other chair he threw earlier, now wrapped in barbed wire as well. From the shadows appears El Caidos Dragon, wearing a fresh mask, his fangs protruding from his lips and his claws still covered in blood. The Phantoms look towards one another before Ty holds out one of the chairs, El Caidos accepting it gladly.

    El Caidos: The blood of Mark Keaton shall forever stain this world. My claws shall be quenched, and the tongue of Justin Cooper cut from his mouth. I shall make sure of it, Demonio.

    Ty: Then so be it Caidos. Take up your arms, we shall no longer let this insult lay upon us both. Rise up and strike down our enemies. They want to take our prize, they shall find nothing but regret. Dig deep the scars of anguish, they shall be brought into our world.

    El Caidos: They will stare into the light, their final glimpse of compassion shall be rendered undone. The insolence of disrespect shall become the nail in their coffin.

    El Caidos lifts up the chair and stares at the barbed wire, his eyes fixated on each small barb, the thought of tearing apart his enemies literally filling his mind. Ty watches in silence before walking forward, a large marble altar rising slowly from the ground. On top are the WZCW Tag Team Titles. He sets the chair down on the altar as he lifts up the belts, turning towards El Caidos and motioning for him. El Caidos turns and nods, walking over to the altar as well.

    Ty: Has your business concluded Caidos?

    El Caidos: It is finished. Culiacan cannot be saved, and I have killed off what remains of El Califa Dragon. What remains is the monster you see before you.

    Ty: Good. Then it is time to focus on what we started.

    Ty holds one of the Tag Team Titles to El Caidos, who accepts it as well. He drapes it over the barbed wire chair, holding it over his shoulder as the two Phantoms remain silent for but a moment.

    Ty: Now is the time for Chaos to burn brightly through this dark night. Now is the time for The Wolf and The Dragon to ascend to the upper echelon. We have watched as Cooper and Keaton try their little tricks. Our tolerance for such nonsense has been filled, and so now we show them what happens when you disturb the monsters. Devour them Dragon! Let your fangs pick apart their bones, and your claws filled with their sinew.

    The Harbinger's words fuel the hatred inside the Dragon, who's eyes widen in delight as his reptilian tongue extends out, as if licking his lips at the thought. A guttural growl escapes the former dragon caliph as he runs his claws along the gold, caressing it and staring at it with a hint of obsession.

    El Caidos: This is mine. This shall never be taken away from me. So much has been torn from my life, its time I start taking things away from others. Cooper and Keaton wish to take this from me? I will take away their consciousness. I will take their blood, and I will take away their happiness. They have crossed a dragon reborn. This is mine. This is only mine. Nothing shall stand in my way.

    The dragon drops to a seated position, cradling the WZCW Tag Team Title and dropping the barbed wire chair as he begins laughing loudly, the dark reptile like sound echoing throughout as he looks at the chair, running his claws over the barbed wire. Ty watches silently, almost as if he is disturbed by the chane in El Caidos himself.

    El Caidos: This is my trophy, and this will be my instrument of destruction. My weapon of choice. The scales of this dragon will be my armor, your attacks have no effect against that which bends steel and iron. These shall be my fangs, digging into you and ripping out what little hope you have. Do you see it Cooper? Do you see it Keaton? Just see your own blood covering the ground, the disturbed faces of those at ringside. This is not the Dragon they once knew, but the monster that has had too much taken from him! The mourning will end quickly, for there will be nothing left for them to take solace in. I sit here, preparing for the travesty of your demise, and my question answered. Demonio! Is this the reason I make them bleed? This title, this is why I will make them bleed. Suffering is all I have known, suffering is all I shall provide. Weep for this is their final night. Weep for the lost souls who refuse to see past their own minds. This dragon, he shed tears for so long, he has been in pain. No more! Demonio! Tell me the reason. Tell me the reason why I have not lashed out from this misery sooner. Tell me. TELL ME.

    Caidos suddenly gets up and grabs Ty by his cloak, the deranged eyes of El Caidos staring directly into the eyes of the Harbinger. Ty takes a step back, witnessing the final evolution of what he has created. His jaw dropped for but a moment, even the great strategist taken back by what has transpired. He slowly reaches out and grabs his WZCW Tag Team title, and holds it up as his other hand slowly wraps around the wrist of El Caidos.

    Ty: Know this El Caidos. I have opened this gateway that you closed off. I have lead you down this path, and it has forsaken who you once were. You are far greater than what you have been told. I have saved you from the life of meaningless accolades and I have given you purpose! Chaos flows through your veins, you have embraced what I have offered you. You want a reason? The reason is these titles. These are what we have wanted since we joined forces, and now they will be your lifeblood. Jealously guard these, they are your symbiote. Your symbol for your greatness. Come hell or high water we shall hold these. They call us monsters. They are spooked by our mere presence. Our words carry more weight than their actions. And our actions are the finality of it all. Destroy those that underestimated you. Spread Chaos through the company that held you down. Become what they ultimately fear. You saw what Zeus and myself have accomplished. You are the next step in that evolution. Now become what you are destined to be!

    El Caidos nods in excitement, releasing his grip on The Harbinger as he throws his head back, roaring loudly through the Chaotic Dimension. The heavens shall quake in fear of the rise of the dragon, the gods themselves shall drop to one knee in reveration. And behind it all stands the tendrils of Chaos, invoking the wrath of the unstoppable. A sinister grin forms on the face of Ty Burna, the master puppeteer once more spreading his influence and creating his ultimate weapon. A dragon with no remorse, willing to slaughter just to keep the Tag Team Titles, what more could one want. The superior Apostle, the time had come for all to pay for their sins.

    Ty: The time has come El Caidos! Lift up your sword, and we shall sever the necks of Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton. They shall atone for their indiscretions, and we shall stand over their broken bodies, lifting up our chalices as we toast to the beginning of our reign of terror.

    El Caidos: This title is mine. It shall be mine still when we are through with them Demonio. Chaos shall spread like a virus, all shall come under our gaze. Genuflect at the altar, the sacrifice has been chosen. Justin Cooper, Mark Keaton, you belong to me now. Bow before the dragon that stands before you, my fangs are ready to bring forth your ruination!

    The Harbinger and The Dragon both lift up their WZCW Tag Team Titles in one hand as well as the barbed wire chairs in the other. The obsidian stair case suddenly collapses, and all that remains is the fiery throne of Chaos, burning brightly through the miasma. Darkness had finally corrupted the light. Chaos has crucified the light, and now, the unenviable Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton shall become the first in the line of many victims. For those with sympathy, shed a tear for them, they will know soon enough what awaits them as they become the first to be judged and executed.

    Ty: Thus it is written.

    The scene fades to black, with only the Chaos Symbol on screen, blood dripping from the arrows, pooling underneath it.

    El Caidos: So it shall come to pass.

    The feed cuts to static.
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