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    Post in here until Monday January 22 for a chance to make the main page.

    Today’s Topic: Which Raw 25 Legend Do You Want To Stay?

    This week, Monday Night Raw is holding its 25th Anniversary celebration with a host of legends coming back for some cameo appearances. There are a ton of Hall of Famers and legends showing up, many of which will be there for the first time in several years. It remains to be seen what they'll be doing, but just having them around is a big deal.

    It's also a good place to ask a question: of the names announced (or of any surprises that aren't announced in advance), which would you like to have back in WWE full time? If you could have them back full time at their current status (meaning not Austin in his prime), who would you want? They could be a manager, a boss, a wrestler or whatever. Who would you pick? Let us know and see if your answer is good enough to make the list of legendary picks to make the main page.

    One more thing: the best post of the bunch will receive a special prize. You can get more information about it here:
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    From what I saw of RAW25, there is only one answer.


    Aside from Stone Cold Steve Austin, virtually all of the past 'legends' are really showing their age and/or would be of little use as spokesmen/women for any current star.
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    Does Chris Jericho count?

    You only had to listen to the reaction that the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah got from the fans in the arena to see how much he is missed in the WWE. I don't Jericho has ever been appreciated quite enough for the way he constantly reinvents himself and entertains. His segment with Elias was more of the same from a guy who just gets what it means to entertain a crowd.

    After his match at Wrestle Kingdom with Kenny Omega, every has been reminded just how good Jericho can be in the ring. He's given us some classics in the past for sure. But it was a good reminder that he still has the legs to give us some real quality matches in the WWE.
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    I wouldn't be against Trish Stratus getting one last nostalgic run. With the reaction she received last Monday on top of how respectable the women's division is being treated right now, there's obviously money to be made there. That and she's almost a lock for surprise entrant for the first Women's Rumble. Sure, she's a bit longer in the tooth now, but that hasn't stopped a plethora of notable women from working a match. She's a yoga instructor anyways, which shaves off like ten years.
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    If there is ANYONE on Monday night that I would like to see have a nice final run, it would be Teddy Long as a General Manager or kayfabe "advisor". He was so much fun when he was the GM a few years back. I think he still has some more time left in the tank. As for the wrestler that came out? They would do very little for the current product, except give fans like us ammunition for how badly booked Raw/SmackDown is. And, they would not help the current talent get over or do well.

    As for the Divas? They should just go. The Women's Division has evolved past the Gravy Bowl, pudding, and bra and panties matches that were prevalent in the Divas era. And, yes, that includes Trish Stratus. She was the face of an era that many fans of women's wrestling would like to forget. If someone like Stratus would reappear, she would HAVE to job to the current roster. No way could you allow Stratus to beat an Asuka or Kairi Sane and keep credibility in the Modern Era.

    So, give Teddy Long one last run. It would be a hell of a ride. Okay, player?

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